A Happy Weekend

By Leire

It was a sunny day in Dallas, a spring morning and it was Saturday. Walker was in the barn with the horses feeding them, while Alex was sleeping. It was 9:30 a.m. and the sunshine came through the window straight into Alexís sleepy face. Suddenly, she realized that her husband wasnít beside her, so she got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. While Alex was showering, Walker came into the house and went to their bedroom searching for his wife. When he heard the sound of the water from the bathroom, he went down and started to cook breakfast. After 15 minutes, Alex was ready and she went to the kitchen...

"Hi, honey," she said. "Good morning, darling" he answered and then gave her a sweet kiss. "How are you feeling today?" he asked while he put their breakfast on the table. "Iím fine, tired but fine, and Iím starving," she said. "Youíre always hungry, honey," he laughed. "Iím not the only one who is hungry, you know,Ē putting her hand on her distended stomach, ďthis is the reason Iím always hungry." "Alex, please donít make the baby feel guilty..." he teased her.

They ate their breakfast and talked about their plans for the day. Their friends were going to come to the ranch for lunch and the girls were going to help Alex with the nursery. When they finished having breakfast and clearing the table, they went to the porch to sit and relax together. It was about 10.30 a.m. when they saw Jimmyís car coming up the driveway. He had Erika and C.D. with him. After greeting each other and talking, Gage arrived with Sydney. The women sat for a while on the porch, everyone asking about Alexís pregnancy and how she was doing. After 20 minutes, the women went inside the house to organize the nursery.

Sydney was amazed by the tiny baby things. She asked Alex, "Now that youíre far enough along to find out the sex of the baby, why donít you want to know it?" Alex answered, "I donít mind if it is a little boy or a little girl I just want him or her to be healthy." "Yes I can understand that, but Iím so excited about having a little niece or nephew that I canít wait any longer!!" They all laughed at Sydís comment.

When it was the time for lunch the men walked in and found C.D. preparing everything. Gage said, "It smells really good, C.D.!" "Yeah, Big Dog, Iím beginning to believe that you are a good cook," Jimmy said. "What took you so long?Ē C.D. grumbled. While C.D. and Jimmy were teasing each other, Gage and Walker left to go in search of the ladies. When they arrived at the nursery, everything was finished and the girls were taking turns placing their hands on Alexís abdomen to feel the babyís movements. Walker went to his wife to stake his claim and he kissed her and placed his hand protectively on her belly. Not to be outdone, Gage walked over to Syd and placed his arms around her waist. Finally, Walker managed to say, "C.D. is waiting for us to go down and start eating.ĒBefore he finishes the sentence, Alex is running out the door, down the stairs, and the others started to laugh very loudly watching how Alex runs the stairs to get in the kitchen and start eating. One of the best foods that C.D. prepares is the famous ĎTexas Chilií.He is putting everything on the table while Jimmy sets the table.

Everybody was now in the kitchen it smelled so good that they couldnít resist and they sat down immediately and started to eat. They talked about the last case that they had just finished and which Alex was going to prosecute. When they finished eating, they all went out to sit on the porch and around the table that they had put in the garden. It was a really beautiful day, a perfect weekend that the gang was having without bad guys interrupting. Erica and Jimmy went for a walk with Walker so he could show them the new horse that he bought the last week. It was in one of the fields that he had at the ranch. Walker asked Alex if she wanted to go with them. "Walker, Iíd love to go, but since I canít ride, I think Iíll stay here with C.D., okay?Ē Okay, but are you sure that you donít want to come?" "Go on honey, C.D. and I will have a great time here. Enjoy!" "MmmÖ C.D., Alex; Syd and I are going to the barn, okay?" Gage asked hesitantly, not wanting to leave his hostess behind. "Perfect!" C.D. and Alex said in unison...and they started to laugh. They knew that something was happening between Syd and Gage and they were all for it. They enjoyed playing matchmaker to the young couple. "Finally, I think that weíre going to have another wedding soon...Iím sure that those two are hiding something," C.D. told Alex. Alex didnít answer, but she was thinking the same thing. "Darliní weíre going to be a big family; this is what I always wanted." "Yes, thatís true C.D."

Meanwhile, Gage and Syd were in the barn, "Syd..." "Yes?" "MmmÖ there is something that I want to talk about..." "And what is it that you want to talk about?" He didnít say anything, but just stood there for a while and then he nothing, he suddenly planted a sweet kiss on her lips! It was so sweet... that both wanted more. "I love you," they both said at the same time!

It was getting late and they decided it was time to get back to the ranch house before the others started to search for them and found them kissing in the barn. Before they left, Syd said, "Gage, this was marvelous...and I think that Iím falling in love with you... you are the man that I dream of every night, the man that Iíd love to have in my bed next to me while the moon is shining...Gage... I love you." "Syd, what youíve said are the most beautiful words that Iíve ever heard. I feel the same way. I want to be with you day and nightÖ I love you too, Syd.Ē They kissed again and then they left the barn to go find the others.

Everyone was in the living room, relaxing on the sofas when the two lovebirds walked in. C.D. announced loudly, ďAinít love grand?Ē Both Syd and Gage were starting to blush and they didnít know what to do. Finally, Syd said, "Does anybody want coffee?" "Yes, please Syd," Jimmy said, "and Iíll help you." Alex followed to make sure that no one messed up her kitchen. C.D. was the only one she trusted in her kitchen alone.It had been a really fantastic day. They were all together and something was begun that day... A new love....