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                               ATTACK OF THE KILLER BUBBLES


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Rating: GAGE AND SYDNEY SHIPPER Summary: Inspired by the last Star Trek movie with Troy and Riker shipper moments.


Ranger Frances Gage and Ranger Sydney Cooke walked to the front desk of the hotel listed on their itinerary the Pocono Lake Preserve Motel. There was a long line of people waiting for their room assignments.

"Oh, darn this clasp," Gage muttered.


"What’s wrong?" Sydney asked.


"The clasp on my watch is going bad, keeps coming undone"


"Looks like a tour bus?


"Wonder what is going on in town?" Gage walks up to the front desk clerk for their turn.


"NASCAR race this weekend at the Speedway" The front desk clerk smiled at them.


"I am Ranger Gage and my partner Ranger Sydney Cooke. We have two rooms booked."


"Oh, dear sir, we gave your rooms away, it was after our late arrival time of 6pm and with all the people in town we couldn’t hold it much longer. I am sorry. We have nothing left."


"Great now what?" Sydney says annoyed. " I was hoping for a shower after driving all day and walking around the woods at the investigation sight"


"I can call around town and hope there might be another motel with a vacancy. I can’t guarantee anything, with the race in town."


"Thank you." Sydney replied.


The desk clerk came back and smiled. I found one room at the Inn of the Dove. They got the directions and proceeded to the Inn, about a mile down the Preserve. They were greeted by the next desk clerk and were taken to their room. " You

are lucky, the Frederick’s decided not to get married." The desk clerk smiled.


"What?" Sydney and Gage both said together.


"The Frederick’s, they decided not to get married and cancelled their reservations" she explained. "This was to be their honeymoon week."


"Please tell me this is NOT the honeymoon suite" Sydney fretted.


"I am afraid it is."


"Great!" Gage rolled his eyes. " Let me guess a heart shaped bed and all the trimmings?"


"This is the Pocono Mountains. Honeymoon Capitol of the East." She laughed opening the door to their room. "Have nice visit, if you need anything let us know."


Sydney and Gage entered the room and yes there was a heart shaped bed with red satin sheets, already turned down with a chocolate on each pillow. "You can have the bed this time fly-boy." Sydney grinned at him heading towards the bathroom. "I am going to hit the shower."


"How about dinner first?" Gage asked.


"Yeah, let’s go" Sydney said opening the door to the hall.


Gage and Sydney had a very enjoyable dinner laughing about these current room accommodations. Gage put the key in the door and turned it. The first thing that they saw when the door opened was a room full of flowers, roses to be exact a bottle of champagne and a large box sitting on the bed. "Syd?"


"Don’t look at me! She said picking up the card off the box. She read: To my bride, the new Mrs. Frederick, I love you!

Your husband, Dan…. How sweet!"


"Yeah I guess, the staff forgot to cancel the flower order." Gage mused. "Should we see what is in the box?"


"You do it if you want to know so bad, I am going to take that shower, I have been waiting for. Sydney went into the bathroom and shut the door. "Hey Gage look at this bathtub." Sydney called from the bathroom.


"Looks like a two person heart shaped tub with bubble jets. Just what would you expect in a place like this." Gage said holding up a white negligee had retrieved from the box.


"What did you expect a mink coat, it was suppose to be their honeymoon."


"Nice, I can’t wait to see you in it.!!!" Gage said smiling waiting for a flying object to be thrown across the room. Nothing.


Sydney smiled. " I didn’t think you would even noticed."


"Well uh, well"


"Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to relax in this tub." She said motioning him to leave and then turning on the water.


"What happened to the shower?" He said with a smile.


"I can’t resist bubble jets."


"Well, if you need any help reaching anything.." Gage stopped then turned to leave the bathroom. As he did, he was hit in the back of the head with the cap of the bubble bath. He turned around to see Sydney dumping in the liquid bubble bath.


The water in the tub filled slowly. Sydney lit a few candles and turned off the lights, leaving the flicker of the candles and the lavender scent permeated the bathroom. Sydney undressed and slid her self into the steamy water, making the water

level raise above the jets. She reached over, turned on the bubble blower, then laid back against the tub pillow, and stretched out, closing her eyes. Ahhhhhhh relaxation.


Gage took off his jacket, then had flopped down on the bed, and started clicking through the channels on the TV. Noticing that there was not much on the TV, he left it on the HBO movie channel. A commercial came on announcing that the next

movie was ‘STAR TREK: Insurrection". Gage was just about to click the TV off when he heard Sydney scream from the bathroom.


Sydney with her eyes closed did not realize that the tub was still filling with water and that the blower was making the bubbles expand excessively fast. She felt her head drop and woke herself up. Too late the bubbles and water had gone over the sides of the tub, making the floor wet and covered with bubbles. The bubbles were everywhere. She managed to turn the facet off but the bubbles were higher then her and the bubble blower was still on, swirling the waters and the bubbles increased.


Gage ran over and began franticly knocking on the bathroom door. "Sydney, Sydney are you alright!" No answer.


Sydney was unaware of his knocking because she was squealing and laughing so hard. Gage listened. He kept hearing Sydney scream. He decided he had better take the risk and make sure she was okay. He opened the door of the bathroom and saw a gigantic cloud of bubbles where the bathtub used to be. "Sydney, where are you? Are you okay?"


A last a hand reached out from above the cloud of bubbles, "Back here, I was attacked by the ‘Killer Bubbles’." She was laughing so hard as she said it. Then with a swipe of her hand she pushed the bubbles down an away from her face.


When Gage saw her face he busted out laughing. She had bubbles on her nose, in her hair and on her face.


"You think this is soooo funny, Frances?" She threw some bubbles at him. A few landed on the front of him.


"Not very good aim for a Ranger. This is how you get someone with bubbles" He scooped up some bubbles off the floor and flung them at her with his left hand. The bubbles hit her squarely in the face but when he flung the bubbles, the clasp

on his watch broke away and flung the watch into the tub with the bubbles. "OOOOPPPPS!" He said looking at Sydney’s face, not a very happy looking lady. Then she smiles a seductive playful smile.


"Uh huh, now, you expect me to find your watch for you, Smarty." As she wiped away the bubbles from her face.


Gage kneels down next to where she is sitting, places his arms on the deck of the whirlpool tub, and looks her squarely in the eyes. "Well, it would be nice since the I don’t think you want me to go fishing for my watch while you are still sitting

there do you."




"Right now,… the only thing between you …..and me is this tub deck ….and a lot of bubbles" Gage let out a breath.


"Yeah, you’re chicken?"


"Nope, Hot!"


"Really? I am making you hot?"


"Are you trying to?"


"I didn’t think you noticed."


Gage leans over closer to her and flashing his best fly-boy grin "I noticed.".


Sydney leans over even closer to him. They are now just inches away from each others’ faces. "So what do you think we should do about it. I mean… How should we cool you down."


"Who says I want to be cooled down." He says smiling his best All-American boy grin. He leans over the tub and kisses her lightly, then pulls away to look at her face.


"Now I am hot!" Sydney says reaching over to put her arms around his neck.


"And I am very hot" Gage says and again leans forward and kisses Sydney, deeply this time. Sydney slides her hand down and firmly grabs his shirt (What did you think it was going to be…get your minds out of the gutter…okay back to the story) and gives it on quick tug to pull him into the tub with her. SPLASH!!! They both start laughing. Gage was sitting there with his shoes hanging out over the edge of the tub.


"Well are you cooled down yet?" Sydney asks.


"No way" he replied "You are one BAD girl."


Gage adjusts his position in the tub so he can kiss Sydney. They kiss playfully then deeply and he gently pushes her head back against the tub pillow. When they stopped Sydney looked up at Gage and said.


"You know, one of us is a little overdressed."


"Yeah, I was thinking you could take off a few of those bubbles."


They smiled and Gage kisses her again.


The End

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