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Dallas, Texas


“Hello, Cordell,” C.D. said jovially then his smile faded when he saw Walker, Trivette, Sydney, and Alex’s serious faces.

“What’s wrong?” the older man asked. “Where’s Gage?”

“I don’t know,” Walker replied, “but if I find him I’m going to give him a good bawling out.”

“What happened?” C.D. asked reluctantly.

“We went to arrest a drug dealer today only when we got there we found him beating up his ten-year-old daughter. Gage went ballistic and nearly killed the guy. I can understand him getting upset but he put the guy in the hospital! They’re saying he might not even live long enough to have a trial,” Walker explained.

“Cordell,” C.D. growled. “How long did you yell at Gage?”

“He only yelled at him for ten minutes before Gage got upset and ran out,” Trivette piped up.

“Cordell,” Walker had never seen C.D.’s face get so red before. “You are going to find that boy and you are going to apologize to him.”


“I can’t say. I promised him I wouldn’t tell but before you start passing out judgment maybe you better be quiet and let him talk.”

Dallas Martial Arts School

Walker entered the small, unassuming building and walked down the halls until he saw a small room. He entered the room and found Gage there, pounding a gray punching bag as hard as he could. Walker walked across the room and stood to the side where he was out of range before speaking.

“You’re going to kill that punching bag,” Walker warned.

“So what? You’d rather I kill the punching bag than a child abuser,” Gage retorted, taking another swing.

“I never said that.”

“You implied it.”

“All I said was that you were overstepping your bounds.”

“What about you?” Gage stopped punching long enough to ask. “From what I’ve heard you’ve overstepped your bounds far more than I have so you don’t have any reason to say anything.”

“I will admit I have gone a little farther than I should have once or twice,” Walker said guardedly, “but why are you so passionate about abuse cases anyway? All somebody has to do is tell you a story about being abused and you’ll fall for it hook, line, and sinker!”

“Maybe it’s because I understand what abused people are going through.”

“You were abused?” Walker said gently.

Gage nodded. “In my first foster home.”

Walker did a quick mental calculation. Gage would have been about eight. “How long did you live there?”

“Three years. When I got out I swore I’d do anything I could to make sure nobody else went through what I did. That’s why I joined the Rangers but if I’m going to get yelled out just for trying to prevent abuse then there’s not much use.”

“Gage, I don’t mind you trying to prevent abuse. It’s when you nearly kill somebody else that I start to get a little concerned.”

“I’m sorry,” Gage said sarcastically and threw another punch.

“No, I’m sorry. It was wrong of me to pass judgment before I knew the whole story and I apologize.”

Gage stopped mid punch and hugged the bag. “You’re one of the few people in my entire life to apologize to me for anything.”


“Really and you’re forgiven. You didn't know.”

“Want to come with me to C.D.’s?” Walker offered. “I’ll buy you a drink.”

“Give me ten minutes,” Gage said and headed toward the showers.