Based on "A FATHER'S PLEA" on fan fiction.

I never gave birth to a kid of my own.

Never regretted it.

Always wondered though what it would

Be like to hold a newborn baby in my arms

And know it was mine.

Until I met you.

You are my second and youngest child.

May sound confusing to one who doesn't

Understand that blood doesn't make you


The love I have in my heart for you makes

Up for that.

When I first knew you, you were defiant:

Trying to prove you weren't scared.

Others admired your bravado.

I recognized it for what it was, a shield

For your fear.

I've heard you cry yourself to sleep and

Wake yourself up screaming when you

Thought I wasn't listening.

I've listened to you rant and rave and my

Heart's bled for you when life dealt you

One devastating blow after another.

Sometimes you asked me what the purpose

Of living was and I never could give you a

Good answer.

Other times you seemed as happy as could be,

Crackin' jokes but I saw through the facade.

I saw the hurt and pain in your yes even as

You tried to cover it up with another laugh

And smile.

One of these days I'm gonna leave and you'll

Explode but I won't be there to pick up the


You'll decide not to love again and cut yourself

Off from those who care about you and who can

Help you.

Don't do this to me, Gage. 

Don't hurt me like this. 

It hurts worse than you can ever know watching

You struggle to stay alive, to find a reason to live.

A good reason is sittin' in front of your nose but

You're too afraid to grasp it.

I wish I could undo the past, make the pain go


But I can't.

For my sake, Gage, for my sake, my son, live.