By The Knight Writers

Alex stood aside as Walker delivered a final blow to the intruder.  He fell down on the ground - silent and motionless.

Alex moved carefully toward Walker, placing her hand on the side of his chest.  Walker responded by placing his arm around Alex.  "Is he out?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah!" Alex responded.

"You okay?" Walker then inquired.

"Of course," Alex replied as she looked up at Walker with loving eyes.  "How about you?"

"I'm fine," Walker attempted to ease her concern.

They both enjoyed a moment of closeness before Walker broke the silence. "We better get these guys tied up until the police come.  Alex, go get some rope hanging to the right of the door - in the barn.  I have a couple of pair of handcuffs in the house.  I'll get them."

Not wanting to lose their embrace, but knowing this had to be done, Alex replied, "Okay" and hurried toward the barn.  Walker headed toward the house.  Once they exchanged their gatherings, Alex applied handcuffs on two of the men, while Walker confined the other two by securing their hands behind their backs by rope.  Alex held Walker's gun as an authoritative voice as they gathered all the men, now groggy by the early signs of consciousness, and had them lie down in front of the house.  Walker eliminated any notions of escape by tying their feet, then anchoring them to trees in the front of the house with the remaining rope.   Once this was completed, Alex backed her herself toward her car to retrieve her cell phone and call for assistance.


When Trivette arrived at the ranch, the police had already taken the intruders into custody.  Men were busily erasing the signs of intrusion left on the house, replacing windows and fixing doors.  Trivette quickly located Walker and Alex sitting in the living room.  Walker had his arm around Alex as she rested her head on his shoulder stroking the side of his beard with her hand.  Trivette interrupted their silence.  "You guys okay?"

Alex and Walker both sat up - queued by his words.  "We're fine, Jimmy.  It was scary for a while though."

Walker remained silent - listening to Jimmy, Alex and all the sounds around him.  "Well," Trivette added, "we got Gezall.  Looks like this case is closed."

A soft "Yeah," was all Walker could add to the conversation.  The case was over, but he still sat there blind.  Sight or no sight, he knew on some level, this case would become a part of him.

Trivette and Alex both picked up on Walker's surrender to the situation.  They glanced at each other before trying to engage Walker in further conversations.  "You should have seen him, Jimmy," a proud Alex spoke. "Even with his eyes bandaged, Walker managed to flatten them all."

Still sitting stiff, Walker spoke little words, "Couldn't have done it without you, hon."

"Oh yeah, right," Alex responded.  "I got caught, you didn't."

"Never would have known how many there were without you.  You kept one occupied while I could get the other and by the shouting, I knew where your guys were."

Jimmy tried to help out, "Wish I could have seen it.  Bet it bugged them….being flattened by a blind man."  Once his words met the others' ears, he knew they were they wrongs ones.  They all knew.  But, he couldn't take them back.

Walker sighed. 

"Hey, Walker," Trivette tried, "why don't I stay here with you tonight?"

"Thanks for the offer, Trivette," Walker replied, "but Alex is staying over."  He tilted his head in Alex's direction "that is - if it is okay with you."

"Okay," a stunned and tearful Alex began, "it's more than okay.  Are you sure, Walker?"

"Oh yeah," he said.  "Unless, of course we go to your apartment.  But I feel more comfortable here."

"Here's fine," Alex began to reach out to Walker, but pulled back her hand for fear of taking away his needed space.

"Well then," Trivette said.  "I have a ton of paperwork to get to.  How bout I stop by tomorrow?" 

"Great," Walker said. 


Soon, all commotion around the house faded as the last worker left.  Alex saw him to the door, locking it after he left.  She returned to the living room sitting beside Walker on the couch.  "At last," she said as she placed her arms around him, "we're alone!"

"Feels good." Walker said as he slowly began to relax his body to Alex's embrace. Although they spoke no words for sometime, their embrace, their closeness illustrated their need and desire to face an uncertain future together.

"Well," Walker stood up from the couch.  "I'm getting a bit tired."

"Okay," Alex appeased him.  "I'll finish picking up a few things here.  Anything I can do for you?"

"No, Walker replied.  "See you in the morning?"

"You bet," Alex leaned over to give Walker a kiss on the lips. "You will let me know if you need anything?"

"Promise," Walker replied.

Alex smiled, "Okay."

As Walker reached the entryway of the living room, he stopped and turned back toward Alex.  "Alex," he began.

"Yeah," Alex froze as she focused on Walker.

"I love you." Walker said, then began walking toward the stairs.

Alex's smiled response "I love you, too" caught up to him before he completely disappeared.


Walker had been lying in bed for about an hour or so.  First he concentrated on the noises downstairs…imagining what Alex was doing.  But, once Alex had gone in the extra room downstairs to sleep, the silence left him alone with his thoughts. 

He was relieved the case was over.  He had no doubt about that.  And, he was confident of the lessons that White Eagle left him.  Yet, some things still disturbed Walker.  He tried to race them down, but he could not seem to grasp what was wrong – like trying to capture fog with one's own hands.

"I can do things on my own," he thought.  "That is what I needed to prove."  But, his efforts and triumphs seemed secondary.  In his attempt to understand what was bothering him, Walker's mind started to drift back a few days prior, when Alex first brought him home.  It was an awkward night for both of them.  Walker was fumbling his way through the house and Alex, trying to help him, seemed to be another obstacle for him to master.  Or maybe he was just embarrassed - having spilled the water at dinner.  For whatever reason, Walker threw her out of the house. 

Their words echoed in his mind:

Walker:  Alex, I've got to do this alone.

Alex:  Why are you being this way?  I can’t leave you; I don’t want to leave you.

Walker:  I’ve got to find out if I can handle this, Alex.  And, I can’t do that with you leading me around by the arm.

Alex:  Okay, I won’t.  But, don’t push me away.  I love you and want to be here with you.

Walker:  Good night, Alex.  I love you, too.

Alex:  Don’t you do this to me!  This is just your stubborn pride!

Once inside he stood against the closed door.  He listened as Alex’s voice trembled, “Don’t you do this to me!” before breaking down to a cry.  

As he continued to think of that moment, pangs in this stomach grew bigger and bigger.  "Maybe this is it," he thought.  With signals coming from deep inside, Walker continued to think about these days.  He knew Alex stayed on the porch for a long time.  He settled himself by the door.  The sounds of her cries still echoed in his mind.  He wanted to call her back, but something seemed to stop him.  Was it his pride?  Was it his stubbornness?  Was it his fear?

Walker knew he had to keep focused on those days and those events.  White Eagle opened his "mind's eye" through counseling and meditation.  He knew his battlefield in this fight went beyond mastering his surroundings.  His fears were not limited to conquering daily tasks.  White Eagle did show him that keeping his eyes covered did not shield him from seeing the world.  Perhaps now he saw it all too clearly.

Walker's thoughts traveled back to Alex and keeping her from him that first night.  The next morning Walker seemed even more unsure of himself.  Anything he touched seemed to turn against him.  He spilled hot coffee over his already burned hands.  He couldn't move around the house without furniture blocking even the smallest path.  "Alex was there," he thought, "as I stood in the bathroom.  I pushed her away, yet she was right back there the next day - almost as if I summoned her somehow or she knew I really did need her." 

Walker had wondered how Alex appeared so quickly.  Her presence beside him at the mirror never startled him.  It was as if she was meant to be there.  When she placed her hand on his shoulder, he felt a presence of strength from her that was unfamiliar to him. "It is not like Alex has never been supportive," he thought.  "She has always been supportive and understanding.  So, if it wasn't her, was it me?"

He had struggled with the notion that she slept on the porch.  He had stayed by the door for hours and never heard the sounds of her car engine.  He wanted to ask Alex the next day where she had slept, but the fall down the stairs shifted his focus on more of his inadequacies of being blind.  And, Alex never said anything to him - never offered explanations, never hinted at a complaint.

Alex never asked to stay the next night.  She seemed to either maneuver herself carefully around the subject to avoid being hurt again or was trying to second-guess and respect Walker’s needs.  Walker, himself, struggled with her leaving, but did not want to force her to stay, either.  So, the subject never came up.  He relived his conversation with Alex then following morning:

Walker:  Hello, Alex?

Alex:  Walker, what is it?

Walker:  White Eagle is here.

Alex:  Oh.

Walker:  I need to spend some time alone with him.

Alex:  Oh, okay.  When should I come back?

Walker:  I’ll let you know.

Alex:  Okay.  Walker….

Walker:  Yeah.

Alex:  I love you.

Walker:  I love you, too.

He knew Alex supported his request, but he also knew she was disappointed at not being able to come – being kept again at arms’ length again.  He kept his need for Alex from her.  When White Eagle left, Walker’s first thoughts and action was to call Alex – have her come back.  But, he also knew that he kept this from Alex.  Walker began to drift asleep.

Dreams quickly took charge of Walker’s mind.  He saw himself, as he was, a few nights back when he had Alex leave. He was sitting beside the door listening to her cry.  Walker watched as he stood to tell Alex to come back, but the doorknobs on the door were gone.  He had no way of opening the door. 

Walker started to sweat as his dream continued.  He tried to bang on the door - call out Alex’s name, but she just sat there crying.  He tried to grab a chair and toss it through the door’s window.  It just bounced off.  Walker’s breathing increased as he saw himself trying and trying….and failing to reach Alex on the other side.

White Eagle’s face soon appeared in his dream echoing words from their visit.  “You overcome it by first learning to accept it.”  His words and the power of his presence brought Walker to an anxious consciousness.  Walker sat up in his bed trying to control his breathing and his fears.  Once he felt a bit calmer, he got out of the bed and started down the stairs.

He entered the bedroom where he could hear the soft, steady breathing of Alex sleeping.  He carefully moved toward the bed, listening to the location of these sounds to signal to him which side of the bed Alex was sleeping.  Once Walker knew this, he carefully moved toward the other side of the bed.  He slowly placed himself on top of the bed, covers and all.  He inched his way carefully toward Alex – to not disturb her sleeping.  Once his body was positioned next to hers, Walker gently placed his arm around her waist.  Alex remained still as she opened her eyes to assess her surroundings.  She smiled, placed her hand on Walker’s and returned to a peaceful sleep.

When sunlight ushered in the new morning, Walker and Alex found themselves embraced in each other’s arms.  The night’s rhythm of sleep managed to eliminate the blanket barrier between them and their bodies naturally fell together.  Walker was lying on his back – with his right arm around Alex.  Alex had her head on Walker’s chest with her arm resting beside it.

Although both were awake, neither one moved for fear of awakening the other.  Soon, Walker gently began to stroke Alex’s hair.  Alex felt the warmth and love of each movement and remained still enjoying his touch.  Soon she began to react to Walker’s movement.  She moved her head up toward Walker to place her lips over his.  Walker let out a sigh as his lips began to move in rhythm with Alex’s.  He embraced her tighter as their kiss grew in intensity and passion.

His need for her was more than just physical.  His heart cried out for the closeness of her body.  He wanted to communicate without words, to show her with his touch and response to her touch, that he loved and needed her.  Walker felt a burden leave as he knew he finally reached acceptance, acceptance that he needed Alex in his heart and in his life.

Walker’s hand glided up and down Alex’s back.  She was wearing an old T-shirt of his.  Walker’s hand soon located the bottom of her shirt.  He placed his hand beneath it to feel the warmth of Alex’s skin.  Alex stopped for a moment before returning to Walker’s lips to signal her approval.  Walker continued to stroke her back.  Alex's skin felt so soft and warm to him.  He kneaded her back possessively, seeking comfort in the feel of her.

Alex moved her body – angling it slightly away from Walker to expose more of her body to him.  Walker accepted this queue to begin to move his hand toward Alex’s side, then to her breast.  Alex sighed with approval as Walker’s hand started to send chills throughout her body. 

Alex began to entangle her fingers in the soft fur on his chest. She inched her way to his nipples where she began to encircle them with her fingers, massaging them lightly until Walker gasped out her name ever so slightly.  His hand slipped as he stopped to enjoy Alex’s attention to him.

His breathing became ragged.  Moving his hand back to her breast, he began to slowly massage her nipple with his thumb, trembling at the intense desire that was building in him....

Alex broke off the kiss.  At first, Walker frowned with disapproval, but soon felt surges of excitement through his body as Alex began to shift her attention. Alex parted her lips from his lips only to slowly move down his neck giving tiny butterfly kisses. Walker stiffened in desire as she moved to replace her fingers on his chest with her lips.  Her hot tongue encircled his erect nipple.  Slowly Alex kissed her way to his other nipple to give it equal attention. Walker moaned even louder as Alex continued this gentle seduction –her tongue continuing its love dance around his erect nipples.

Alex began to ascend down his body, but Walker gently stopped her momentum.  His heart cried with desire to see his beautiful lover. He pulled clumsily at Alex's shirt, and she sat up. Walker began to push her shirt up to fully expose her milky white breasts.  Slowly, Alex took control and pulled the shirt up and over her head.  She slipped the shirt completely over her head so that her body could be fully explored by his nimble fingers.  His mind’s eye opened up to the fullness of her beauty – his fingertips providing him pictures of his lover.  Her breasts were perfect to Walker; he felt his body stiffen with desire.

Alex’s breast fit into his palm perfectly as he cupped her breast in his rough, yet gentle hands.  He marveled at the softness - peaked with the firm intensity of her erect nipples. Alex slowly lowered her now trembling body to Walker's waiting lips.  Walker gently took one firm nipple in his mouth and began to nurse it until Alex cried out in sheer ecstasy - calling his name over and over again.

Walker then gave equal attention to the other nipple - which was reached out crying for his affections.  She tasted so sweet.  Walker marveled at the sensations as his tongue explored and suckled at her breast.  Her responsive cries drove him to hold her tightly, wanting to give her maximum pleasure...

The fire in Alex was growing with intensity with each stroke of Walker's tongue. Her hands ran through his hair.  She rested her weight on his chest feeling his arousal against her.  Her fingers began to search for the waistband of Walker's pants. She could stand it no longer.  She had to be fulfilled - her prayer being that his desire for her was just as strong at this moment in time.

Without breaking contact with her breast, Walker reached down and pulled his sweatpants down and off.  Alex responded by dancing her hand down Walker’s body until she found his excited manhood.  She gently cupped him first, then began to move her hand lovingly along his erect shaft.  Her hand continued to massage his manhood, up and down, again and again – moving ever so slowly.

The heat from Alex's body and the excitement of her hand claiming his manhood penetrated through to Walker's very soul.  The only thing that stood between them and complete fulfillment were Alex's lacy underpants - which Walker deftly discarded.

To her astonishment, Walker quickly, but gently rolled Alex onto her back.  Moving his hand to the center of her desire, he felt her readiness. Walker began to massage Alex’s entry.  He knew they were about to become a single body, a single soul.  Their breathing grew heavier and heavier.  Alex placed her hands on top of Walker’s head and gently guided him lower and lower.  Walker’s lips did not leave any part of her untouched.  Alex spread her legs further as Walker’s beard teased her inner thighs.  His lips and tongue began to explore further and further up her thigh finding the warm, moist calling of her center.  Finally, his tongue found her opening and entered her. He reached up with both hands and grasped her breasts, increasing the pleasure.  Walker gently sucked until Alex couldn't control her desire.  Her back arched against his tongue and her hips lifted off the bed begging for release...

Alex began to whisper his name.  “Walker, Walker, Walk….Cordell.  Oh God, Cordell,” she sighed.

“Please….please, Cordell!” she implored. Upon hearing her call his name he continued to kiss, lick and suck with such intensity.  His tongue reclaimed her over and over again.  Walker’s breathing grew louder and faster as he indicated a new excitement and acceptance of Alex calling him Cordell.  His tongue entered her again and again.

Feeling his excitement and sensing something new, Alex needed to touch, kiss her cowboy. She reached to put her hands on either side of his head, pulling him up to meet her mouth with his.  Then, she reached down to caress his manhood.  He groaned against her ear,  “Yes….oh yes, Alex!!!!”

She felt the softness of his beard pressing against her face, as she caressed the hardness of his manhood.  Walker's face was consumed with passion as he moaned and bucked against her hips. Alex smiled when she felt his wetness.  He was so ready she knew that she needed to slow things down for a moment.  She moved her hands up to his face for another deep kiss.

Suddenly she understood that this was more than the giving of pleasure to him.  He needed for her to know that he was giving his whole self, his whole being to her.  Cordell Walker loved Alex Cahill, there was no longer a barrier, a reserve to him.  The last wall had finally fallen.  They would now be unconditionally one.

When she could tell he was more than ready, she spread and lifted her legs.  Walker could feel the sides of her legs caress the side of his body calling him inside her.  Her long, shapely legs encompassed him as her moist heat beckoned his erect manhood.

Slowly, with great care, Walker sank his hardened length within her.  Alex's breath caught in her throat as he completely filled her.  For the first time, he understood what love encompassed.  His enjoyment of her warmth filled his eyes with tears that were caught in the bandages around them...

She tightened the muscles of her womanhood around his shaft. God how he loved this woman!  "My love," he whispered.  "My Lexi."  Her heart began to pound faster, the love for him flowing through her body intensified at the loving nickname he bestowed upon her. He pulled smoothly back only to push forward, filling her again.  He smiled at the gasp she uttered.

For a moment they remained motionless, savoring every luscious moment of this union.  Walker had never dared to believe he could ever experience a love and oneness such as this.  Alex's legs tightened around his strong back signaling her need to feel him move.

This could not be happening to him, Cordell Walker, yet it was.  Alex, his Lexi, his love, his life wanted him, unconditionally.  There was no doubt that she was his woman, heart and soul mate for life.  He briefly wondered how he could have been so "blind" as to not realize this before now.  Walker now gave himself so completely to Alex that time stood still. There was only the two of them. That is all that mattered. All the past years of friendship and love were now culminating in the most perfect of loves.

They began to move in perfect unison, her hips rising and falling with his thrusts.   Alex accepted his full length with moans of pleasure. She felt him grow harder inside her, his thrusting becoming more insistent, desire apparent in his movements and face.  She felt the subtle beginnings of her orgasm begin.

The warm, pleasurable feeling spread through her loins from where they were joined to her breasts and down her legs.  Walker’s heart and soul reached out to Alex as he intuitively knew that she was climaxing.  "Now," she whispered. 

"Oh, Lexi," he moaned as he felt himself going over the edge in an explosion of emotion and pleasure.  As he filled her with his love, he pulled her close and kissed her with tenderness.  They stayed locked in the embrace until their hearts slowed.  Alex enjoyed the feel of Walker’s skin against her, the smell of his sweat, the taste of his lips, and the sound of breathing as it began to slow down. 

As each of them started to catch their breath, Alex said, “Well, good morning.”

Walker responded, “It is now….”

They clung to each for the few hours, breaking their embrace periodically only to exchange a kiss.


"Walker, are you about ready to go?  We're going to be late?" Alex shouted toward the barn.

Two days had passed since the intruders were caught, and during that time, Walker and Alex developed an even greater rhythm of living and existing together.  His blindness became less and less the focus for them and rarely presented itself as an obstacle.  They both had learned to accept it.  Alex had brought a laptop from work to spend much of her time preparing for some upcoming cases.  Walker spent his time tending to the horses and the ranch - as best he could.  Alex no longer took the initiative to lead Walker around, and Walker seemed more and more relaxed to ask for help when he needed it. She did, however, stop her work periodically to just glance over at her cowboy - partly to reassure herself that he was okay and partly to remind herself how much she loved him.  In the afternoons, Walker and Alex spent time together in the sweat tent, which was still standing from White Eagle's visit.  Walker shared with Alex some of his Cherokee customs. 

"I'm coming, Alex.  Okay, Amigo, Angel….be good until I get back!" Walker began to emerge from the barn.  He stopped about half way to the house, where Alex met him.  They no longer needed words to communicate what their next moves would be.  Walker extended his hand slightly as Alex slipped her arms next to Walker.  He grabbed her hand and the two of them walked toward the car.

Walker and Alex arrived for his first week's eye check-up.  They knew not to expect many changes as Walker had not noticed many during the few minutes the bandages were off each day during which Alex would apply eye drops.  The doctor carefully checked his eyes.  "Looks like the swelling has significantly reduced," he observed.

"Why can't he see, Doctor? Alex started her own interrogation. "When will his vision return?"

"Calm down," the doctor warned.  "This is exactly what I expected. I warned you that the process may be very gradual.  Ranger Walker, I want you to stop the eye drops now, but keep the bandages on for another week.  We will know more then."

"Okay, Doctor," Walker got up from the chair to move toward Alex. 

"Then, we'll see you next week?" Alex added.

"Yes," the doctor said, "and Ranger Walker, be sure to keep your eyes covered.

"I will," Walker promised.

As they stepped on the elevator, Alex tried to lightened up the situation, "Well, cowboy, looks like you are stuck with me for another week."

"More like a life time," Walker leaned over to give Alex a kiss, "but I wouldn't call it being stuck."


Walker and Alex stopped by the courthouse so Alex could catch up on a little bit of work. 

"I'll go check on Trivette," Walker said.  "Can you take me to my office?"  Alex smiled and led Walker to Ranger Headquarters.  She dropped Walker off at his desk, exchanged a quick kiss with him, and headed to her office.

Walker spent a few minutes feeling around his desk gaining a mental picture of what rested where.  Soon he heard Trivette's voice coming from the front of the office.  "Walker? When did you get here?"

"Just a few minutes ago," Walker replied.  "How are things going?"

"Okay," Trivette responded.  "Just pulled in a suspect for the recent carjackings.  Won’t talk though."

"Why don't you fill me in," Walker picked up a pencil from his desk, leaned back on his chair and began to twirl the pencil as he very often did when the two discussed their cases.

"Have you recovered any of the cars?" Walker asked. 

"Just one," Trivette responded.

"Take me to it," Walker requested.

"Sure, sure," Trivette picked up the phone to tell Alex where they were headed, then offered Walker his arm.  The two partners headed out of the office.

Walker took his time to feel his way around the car.  He sat in the driver's seat, sat in the passenger's seat, guided his hands around the inside and outside of the car.

"See," Trivette said., "like I told you…'s clean."

"Hmmmmm," Walker responded.  "Has anything been moved around?"

"No," Trivette responded.

Walker turned on the radio for a moment, then turned it off. "Read me off a list of items left in the car at the time it was stolen."

"Let's see," Trivette opened a file, "Purse that had wallet with all her credit cards, keys, checkbook, some cash, brush, and lipstick.  In the back seat there were some road maps and some assorted gifts bought at the mall - some really expensive stuff.  Nothing unusual in the trunk."

"Anything else listed missing?"


"Any property returned to the victim, yet."


"Where was the victim driving from?"

"The Galleria."

"Do you have a list of the stores she visited."

"No, but I can get it." 

"How long was the car missing?"

Trivette looked down again, "Only about two hours.  We found this one fast.  Some others haven't been recovered yet." 

"What do these say?" Walker felt the signs of decals stuck to the windshield.

"One is a national park permit - the other a parking permit for Cramer Industrial Park."  He started to grin, "You're having a Cherokee moment, here, aren't you?

Walker remained serious, "I’d like to talk to the suspect now."

Trivette clenched his hand in a fist and swung it in an arch in front of him.  "All right!" he exclaimed, "Walker is back!"

Walker stood as Trivette brought the suspect in the interrogation room.  Before he could sit, Walker began.

"Who is this guy?" the prisoner demanded as he walked in staring at a badge less Walker.

"So, what is your name?" Walker continued.

"What's it to you?" the prisoner snapped.

"Humor me." Walker's head tilted in a concentrated effort to gain a mental picture of the suspect. 

The suspect turned to Trivette, "I don't need this."

"Just answer the man," Trivette ordered.

"James…..James Kincaid.  But, guess you didn't read that in the report," he laughed. 

"Sit down," Trivette forced him into a chair.

"Well, James Kincaid, I know you didn't act alone…..In fact, I know you picked up someone right after the carjacking and that someone took over the driving."

"What?  You have no proof of that…." Kincaid began to stutter his words.

And, James Kincaid……you also phoned ahead to someone else. 

The suspect turned to Trivette, "Is he kidding?"

"Sounds like you are just the chump - gonna take the fall of something much bigger than you realize," Walker continued. 

Kincaid was showing signs of anger, "Shut up!"

Walker didn't miss a beat, "Come on, Kincaid, can't you read the writing? I sure can even with these bandages on.  Not bad for a blind man, huh?  I can prove you didn't drive the car after the carjacking and I can prove a phone call was made from inside the car.  Should be easy enough to trace calls from that area…may take a day or two.  I suspect further investigation will find some calls coming from around Cramer Industrial Park.  No need to help us Kincaid, you have already left us a great trail.  And when we do get them, they will know you led us to them."

"But, I didn't….." Kincaid pleaded.

"Won't matter, they will think you did." Walker responded.

"So what choice do I have?"

"Well," Trivette chimed in, "you can help us and stay alive or become a hunted target."

"All right, all right," Kincaid broke down. "What all do you want to know?"

Walker headed to the door, "You can take it from here, Trivette."

A stunned Trivette looked up for a moment, "Yeah….right."

As Walker left, Kincaid turned to Trivette, "Who was that man?"

Trivette looked toward the door, "That," he paused, "is the real lone ranger."

Once out in the hallway, Walker began to feel his way toward the elevator, then back to his office.


Alex and Walker enjoyed a dinner at CD's that night.  They snuggled together in their favorite booth feeding one another and exchanging kisses between bites.  Jimmy soon joined them.  "Man, Walker, you really got him to spill everything."

Walker took a sip from his coffee.  "Good."

"Seems this was a part of a planned operation to smuggle some counterfeit money out of an office front located in Cramer Industrial Park - didn't want to use a visitor's card that would require the guard to look at the registration.  They only stole cars that had those parking stickers and used their cards for one day before the victims had time to report the cards missing.”  Trivette continued, “But, what I don't get is how you knew.”

"Easy, Trivette," Walker said.

"I knew the driver's seat was set for a man about 6' 3' or 6' 4".  When Kincaid came in the room and talked, I could tell he was way under 6 feet tall.  That indicated that he had a partner.  They abandoned the car and its contents after two hours.  That means they were on a mission."

Trivette was studying every word.  "Go on…"

"Well, the car lighter was also placed between the seats.  There was no listing of a cell phone missing.  If it was in the victim's hands at the time her car was taken, the cord connected to the lighter would have still been there…doubt it would have been taken out of its socket.  Plus, I couldn't smell traces of smoke in the car.  So, she is not a smoker.  So, my guess is she didn't take the lighter out of the socket.  With the light out of its socket, my best guess was that the carjackers used the lighter socket to power their own cell phone."

"But I still, don't get the connection," Trivette interrupted. 

"There was no listing of the card key for the gate at Cramer Industrial Park.  I could not locate one in the car, between the seats, on the dash or in the glove compartment and it wasn't on your list.  They must have kept that.  So, why would they leave new items just purchased, a purse with credit cards and money?  They wanted something else?   

Trivette continued for Walker, " To get in and out of the park."

Walker responded, "Exactly!"

Trivette smiled, "Don't know how you got that so quickly."

"Just seeing what was there," Walker replied.

Alex smiled as she placed her hand on Walker's arm and began stroking her hand up and down.  "Well can you see what I would like to do right now?"

Walker let out a partial laugh and turned toward Alex, "Dance?"

"Yep," she followed as Walker slid his way out of the booth.

Trivette watched the two walk toward the dance floor, grabbed Walker's plate and began to eat the fries left on it.

Walker and Alex enjoyed the closeness of dancing together.  Walker held her left hand across his chest with his right hand.  His left hand was wrapped tightly around her waist.  Alex rested her head on his shoulder while keeping her right hand arm over his shoulder. 

Walker and Alex continued to move to the music - setting their own slow pace.  They continued through a second song during which a man from another table approached them.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but would you like to dance?" the stranger said.

"Sorry," Alex smiled, "But, all my dances are taken." She placed her head back on Walker's shoulder and continued to dance.

Once the music stopped, Walker and Alex walked back toward their booth.  They passed by the gentlemen who had interrupted their dance.  They could overhear part of his conversation, "It's a shame to waste that kind of beauty on a blind man."

Alex started to respond to the man, but Walker pulled her toward him. “Let’s just go,” he said.

Realizing they heard his comment, the gentleman stood up and turned toward Walker and Alex.  He looked genuinely disappointed, "Look, man, I am sorry.  I didn't mean…"

Walker interrupted him, "Don't worry about it."


The next few days found Walker and Alex in a comfortable, yet quiet routine.  Walker stayed focused on tending to the ranch.  He asked Alex more and more for help - even on tasks that he had mastered the previous week. 

Alex grew more and more concerned as the days sped past them.  She needed to talk with Walker. She knew that. She also knew there was something burdening his mind and his heart.  Alex feared that Walker took to heart the comments made at CD's.  She tried to excuse them as silly and irrelevant, but suspected that Walker thought differently.  She knew that she had to approach Walker with care wanting to avoid his natural tendency to shut her out - like he did on their first night at the ranch after the explosion.  They made love each night.  He was very attentive to her, but did not respond with the level of passion they were enjoying days before.

That morning she found Walker standing in front of the hall mirror.  He stood there - ready to take off his bandages.  She slid behind him, placing her arms around him, her body against his.  "Just a few more days, darling," she said. "Wait, like the doctor said…just a few more days."

She began to kiss his neck, stoking his chest.  Walker remained still, not responding to her touch. "I guess…maybe you're right," he responded.  Breaking her embrace, he then turned to go to the door.  "I need to brush the horses.  Not sure I can get there.  Will you take me?"

Alex's eyes began to fill with tears.  She was watching Walker take huge steps backward.  It was no longer about his blindness, but his confidence in himself and in their relationship.  Her voice, now a whisper, tried to disguise her emotion.  She swallowed heavily, then moved toward Walker to give him her arm.  "Sure," she replied.  "And how about afterwards, we spend time in the sweat tent?"

"If we have time," Walker responded.

Somehow, they never found the time.


That night Walker and Alex cuddled in bed.  Walker placed his arms beneath Alex while she rested her head on his chest.  She kept stroking his fine hairs, encircling one nipple, then sliding her hand to the other.

Walker remained silent.  She moved her head to begin kissing and licking his chest.  She moved up toward his neck where her kisses grew longer and longer - her left hand never lessening its attention to his chest.  As she made her way along Walker's neck, she whispered, "I love you."

Walker kept his right arm around Alex, turned, then lifted his head to face hers and responded, "I love you, too."  He placed a quick kiss on her lips, then positioned his head back on the pillow.

Alex continued her attention on Walker.  She returned to kissing Walker's neck, then glided her lips and tongue down to his chest.  Her hand began to wander further down. Alex could see and feel the tension in Walker.  His body was tight, and his muscles didn't relax and respond to her tender stroking as they usually did. She took a deep breath and continued. 

Alex placed her hand beneath the waistband of Walker's jockey shorts.  She looked up at Walker only to see no response or reaction.  She continued until her hand found the warmth of his manhood.  It felt so soft, so desirable.  She couldn’t wait to feel it react to her touch, grow in strength.  She imagined the feel of his hardened length entering her and thrusting against her walls.  Alex began to feel moisture between her legs.  Her heartbeat grew stronger and her desire began to throb. She needed them to become one in body and soul that night.

She repositioned her body beside his.  Her hand continued to stroke the length of his shaft; her fingernails tantalizing his sack, then ever-so-lightly moving along his shaft to its head where she would encircle it again and again with her thumb.  "I love you so much," she responded as she placed her lips over his.  Her tongue slid between Walker's lips to explore his mouth.

Walker responded to her kiss to offer her some assurance that he welcomed her kisses and her touch. His arms moved to surround Alex; he brought her closer to him, the skin of his chest welcoming the feel of the satin of her negligee. His hand moved to cup her breast through the fabric, her nipple hardening immediately.

As Alex began to bring her hand up toward Walker's head, Walker's voice stopped her.  "Don't stop," he begged - his breathing becoming heavier and heavier.  Alex looked up to offer her cowboy a reassuring smile.  She knew he couldn’t see it, but it didn't matter to her.  It was an extension of her heart, and that was all his.  She continued with excitement.  Walker’s words meant he wanted her as much as she wanted him. 

Alex's hands returned to his manhood – stroking its shaft .  At the same time, she moved her head and began kissing his chest.  Her hands continued to move up and down his shaft in smooth yet tender strokes as her lips descended on his chest. She moved her tongue around one nipple, catching it between her teeth as her hand gently cupped his sack and her fingers brushed his manhood.

As she was about to move to his other nipple, Alex could feel that he was not responding to her touch.  His manhood was not hardening. This was the first time he had not responded with an outstretched, hard member aching to release its juices.  It tore at her heart.

She could tell from his heavy breathing and the way he held her tightly that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. Instead of moving across to his other nipple, she slowly kissed her way down his chest, down the line of hair running to his navel and beyond.  She circled his navel and dipped her tongue inside before moving further south.

When her tongue found the waistband, she moved slightly to pull his underwear down, just enough so that his manhood was released. Once his manhood was free, she dipped her head and placed a kiss on the head.  Her lips closed over the head and her head dipped ever so slightly to take the entire tip and more in her mouth.  Her tongue circled the head as her hand resumed its tender stroking.

Walker's desire for Alex was strong, but his body didn’t respond. 

With a deep groan, Walker reached down and placed his hand over Alex's, stilling her actions.  Alex knew deep inside that he wanted to make love as much as she did.  She could tell from his heavy breathing and intense look of frustration on his face.  And, she knew his body wasn't responding to her advances, and it frustrated her.  But she also knew the reason why his body wasn't responding. So when his hand closed over hers, she lifted her lips from his manhood, and after placing a small kiss on it, she sat up and removed her negligee, casting it to the floor. She then laid down along the length of his naked body, pressing her naked body to his.

Her arms wound around his torso as she leaned in to kiss his neck, murmuring "I love it when we lay together like this.  This is my favorite moment of the day.” She hooked her legs over his, pressing herself even closer to him.

Walker embraced her tightly as tears escaped his eyes, tears of frustration and heartache at failing to be able to satisfy Alex in the manner in which she wanted, they both wanted.  They lay together in silent tenderness, Walker keeping his arm around Alex.  Alex stroked his beard, stopping periodically to offer him a kiss.  A tear escaped Alex's eye only to find its resting place on Walker's chest.  Its presence felt heavy to Walker, echoing in intensity.  Walker remained still as he struggled to control his own tears.  But, with the bandages on, this sign of pain and disappointment remained his secret.


Alex awakened the next day at the first signs of daylight brushing across the room.  She leaned over to nestle against Walker, only to find his side of the bed empty.  Her eyes widened as she surveyed the room.  She grabbed her robe from the floor and went to check the bathroom.  No Walker.  She ran down the stairs.  She immediately found him in the kitchen preparing breakfast.  It wasn't one of Walker's usual famous egg breakfasts.  There was no toast in sight.  Instead, Walker had placed two boxes of cereal on the table along with a container of milk.  Two bowls were placed at their settings, along with spoons.  Alex could smell the aroma of coffee.

"There you are," Walker said jokingly,  "Wondered if you were going to sleep all day." Alex peeked at the clock in the kitchen.  It read 6:00.

She stumbled over her words, "Uh yeah, guess I was tired.  How long have you been up?"

Oh, maybe an hour, hour and a half.  Don't really know," he responded.

Alex went to join Walker in the dining room.  She sat down at her usual chair.  Walker stood at the doorway.  "Alex," he asked, "could you pour the coffee for us?  Don't want to spill anything."

‘Another task he won't do anymore,’ Alex thought to herself.  She ran through a quick debate in her mind - was helping Walker enabling him to transgress?  She decided that she needed more time to figure out how to approach him. She blurted out, "Sure," got off her chair and stopped in front of Walker before going to the kitchen.  "After a kiss," she added as she placed her lips over his. 

Walker pulled her close and responded with an attentive, yet guarded kiss. "I'm glad you are here," he said with honest affection.

"Me, too," Alex responded.  She grabbed one more quick kiss and entered the kitchen.  Her thoughts returned to Walker. She knew the bandages were coming off in two days.  Yet, she felt she couldn't wait until then because this cloud forming over them was not just about Walker's vision.  It traveled deeper than that.  She needed to prove to Walker that her love, and more important, his manhood, was not determined by his sight. Her mind further deduced that if she did not resolve this and his sight didn't return, she would forever lose him.


That evening, Walker and Alex sat on the porch swing - enjoying the quiet of the end of the day. 

Alex slid her way toward Walker.  He immediately placed his arm around her and pulled her in close.  The silence between them began to echo in both their minds creating an uncomfortable barrier.  Alex took a big breath. Trying to ease the tension, she moved her hand between two of the buttons on Walker’s shirt to caress a small portion of his chest hair that was within her touch.

Alex could feel Walker’s body growing tense as he turned slightly away from her.  As he readjusted his position, Alex removed her hand only to feel Walker’s body return to relaxation. She placed her hand on top of Walker's shirt and broke the silence.

“So,” she began, “just finished preparing for the Fisher case.”  Alex moved carefully to rest her head on his shoulder, taking extra precautions not to crowd or rub him in anyway that might scare him.

"That's good," Walker replied.  "You have been preparing that case a long time."

She reaches down and holds his hand.  Then Walker took the lead. "You know…" he began.

Alex tried to encourage the conversation.  "Know what, darling?"

"Well, I mean…," Walker's breath almost sounded louder than his words.  He started to speak as he inhaled, "If….you," only to stop again to breathe.  All his words finally flowed, "If you want to call off the wedding……..I mean, I would understand it."

Alex pulled herself up, away from Walker.  She let go of his hand.  Her voice was soft, but assuring, "Walker, you are still not thinking about what that jerk said at CD's?" Her eyes locked on Walker's face.

"Maybe he was right, Alex."

"What?" her voice grew stronger.  "That our love and our marriage can only survive if you can see me?"

"You are an incredibly beautiful woman." Walker's voice began to back down.

"So that is why you are marrying me?" Alex’s voice remained strong and sharp.

"No…..that is not what I meant…….I mean."  Walker's sentence was cut short by the feel and sounds of Alex standing up from the swing.

She turned to Walker.  Her mouth opened to speak, but no words came.  She then turned toward the front door and with confident, energetic steps, went in side the house.

"Alex?" Walker called out.  “Alex, where'd you go?” He was struggling to assess the situation. “Alex!”

Walker heard the opening and slamming of the screen door.  He remained alert…his head moving to the sounds of Alex's foot steps.  She sat down beside Walker.  Walker extended his arms, his hands trying to feel her presence.  Alex offered him no response.  On the contrary, she placed his hand back on his lap. 

Alex unfolded a cloth napkin she brought out with her, then proceeded to fold it lengthwise again and again.  Walker tried again, reaching out to touch Alex's shoulder.  She turned her body away from Walker concentrating on the napkin now folded in a long strip.   Walker pleaded again, "Alex, I didn't mean it the way it sounded."

Alex remained silent.  Walker again concentrated on the sounds that offered him no clues to decipher Alex’s actions.  He heard, but could not identify the sounds of Alex tearing off some long strips of tape. 

"What are you dong?" he asked.

"Does it matter to you?" she responded. "Remember, you can't see."

Alex continued.  She placed the very tips of these strips along the swing armrest making them convenient for her to retrieve.  Walker grew still and silent as Alex continued.  She placed the napkin around her eyes to form a blindfold.  Then she felt for a strip of tape, picked up the first one she found and used it to secure the back of her blindfold around her.  She continued until all strips were used….testing the security of her work once she was done.

Alex sat there for a moment trying to get a perspective of her environment.  She took a deep breath, then reached for Walker’s hand.  Walker reacted with alertness with Alex’s first touch…not knowing what she just did or what was on her mind.  She felt his arm and guided her hand downward using it as a road leading to his hand.  When she reached his hand, she grabbed it in hers assuring the security of her control.

Alex placed Walker's hand on the blindfold, "Okay, Walker, now I can't see.  Shall we just call it quits because both of us are in the dark?"

Her words cut to Walker's very core.  "That's not what I meant," he began.

Alex would not let him finish, "Sure it is!"

Keeping a firm hold on his hand, she began to pull it away from the blindfold.  Walker's body remained alert.  His concentration heightened by Alex's words and mystery of her next move. 

She lowered her hand with Walker's hand still within her grasp.  She placed Walker's hand on her breast.  She placed her hand on top of his.  They both reminded silent.

Alex removed Walker's hand from her breast only long enough to use her other hand to open her blouse, then placed his hand back so it could rest on her silky skin.  She kept her hand firmly on top of his. "So," she began, "does this hold no meaning for you because you cannot see?"

"No," he responded with a quick voice.

"Well, let me tell you, Cordell Walker," her voice remained strong and direct, "it looks the same as it always has.  It responds to your touch, not you looking at it."

Alex continued - not allowing Walker time to respond, "My heart responds to you, the whole you.....your heart, your soul, your spirit, not just your eyes."

She felt his hand beginning to relax on her breast.  “And, Cordell, you cannot see my heart with your eyes see it with your heart....or at least you used to.”

Walker remained silent.  Alex continued, “I sit here blindfolded and I see you perfectly….just not happy to be looking at you right now.”

Walker felt Alex’s breast react to her deep breath, “I love you, Walker.  I love you with all my heart.  I used to think that was enough.  I am sorry it isn't - more sorry for you, than for me.”

She removed his hand from her breast and stood up. As she turned to walk away, Walker reached out, waved his hand side to side until it located her arm, then grabbed her wrist.

“Alex, wait!  I do love you, Alex....It is just that...well.....what that guy said about your beauty and not being able to see it.  He’s right you know, you deserve a man who can see you….who can…”

Alex stopped and turned back toward Walker.  She pulled him up – off the swing.  “See this,” she murmured placing her arms around Walker moving forward until their lips met. They both began responding to the feel of each other’s lips.  They moved up and down.  Walker’s lower lip moved from side to side just enough to caress the part of Alex’s lips that it touched.

Walker’s words escaped as they continued to kiss.  “But, last night, I couldn’t…..”

Alex responded with a deepening of her kiss.  After she felt that her response stopped Walker’s desire to speak, she responded.   “Last night?” she whispered.  “I don’t care about last night.  We’re here now.  I want you now.”  

Walker stopped the momentum on their kiss.  “I......I.....” he began.  But the words did not matter any more.  Walker held Alex tighter and tighter against his body.  He placed his lips over Alex’s to begin an intense and slow exploration of her mouth with his tongue.  His desire, his concentration needed no words.  He just needed Alex. Alex knew this and knew she just needed him – with or without his sight.

Their tongues continued to dance in each other's mouth signaling a new beginning of their sacred communication between one another.  They both knew they wanted and needed to make love to one another.  And finally, the barrier was broken.  She felt the passion of their kiss, and she felt his manhood begin react to it.  Their breathing began to get louder and louder as their hands began to wander over each other's body.

Alex, the blindfold still covering her eyes, ran the tips of her fingers over the planes of Walker's rugged face memorizing the feel of his beard, the shape of his nose...his lips.  Her fingers traced his jaw line as his hands wandered from her back to her sides, then up toward her breasts.

Walker cupped the fullness of her breasts through the cotton of the shirt she wore, his manhood continued to harden, screaming for Alex’s attention.  His hands found the buttons on her shirt left closed as her hands wandered to his shoulders. At the same time, Alex's hands gripped the sides of his shirt and pulled them apart roughly, succeeding in ripping every button from its secured place.

Walker begins to joke, “I’m glad you can see to find all the buttons on the floor.”

Alex responded, “Shut up!” as she quickly yanked the shirt from his arms and brought her hands back up to his shoulders, proceeding to stroke his muscles with firm, yet erotic strokes.  She dipped her head to tenderly kiss each shoulder as her hands found their way to his equally muscular chest. Her hands begin to memorize the feel of his chest, and the fine hair covering it, as his hands caress her back, wandering down to the hem of her shirt, to creep underneath, then to the warm skin of her bare back.

Alex’s hands dipped lower and to find his navel.  She ran her finger from his navel to the waistband of his jeans.  Her fingers dipped between the denim and his warm skin. Walker sucked in air as his manhood became even harder, his hands reaching up Alex's back to the clasp on her bra. His fingers deftly unhooked the clasp, and he emitted a groan as his hands reached around to cup her bare breasts, savoring their feel.

Desperately needing to feel her naked breasts against his naked chest, Walker reached for the hem of her shirt, and just as she had done, he ripped the sides apart, tearing each button from its secured place, discarding the shirt on the floor of the porch with his own shirt.  As Walker grasped her body tightly to his, Alex placed her arms around his neck.  Excitement seemed to erase some of her words, “Walker….we’re…..porch. Someone could come by.”

“Who cares,” Walker replied as he lowered her body to the porch floor. His desire for her was so intense, he was beyond caring about who might decide to pay them a visit. As her back reached the floor, Alex rolled, placing herself on top of Walker. She began to place kisses down his chest as she did the night before, starting with his nipples.  Alex’s lips and tongue, alternating actions, traveled down that line of hair to his navel.  She dipped her tongue into his navel, eliciting a moan from Walker's lips, signaling her to continue. And continue she did, south to the waistband of his jeans.

Alex leaned up slightly as she unbuttoned his jeans, sliding them and his underwear slowly from his body.  With her hands on his hips, she leaned over his lower body, her breasts coming into contact with his steel-hard manhood, his hips bucking in response to her action as he moaned loudly.

Her lips moved back to the place just below his navel where her lips last kissed, and she began to kiss lower.  Her tongue worked its way to the juncture of his pelvis and the base of his manhood, and worked its way around to his sack. He moaned again as her tongue then made contact with the head of his pulsing staff, immediately tasting the moisture there. He began to shake when her mouth dipped further, engulfing him, her lips closing around his erect shaft.

With a move so fast she didn't have time to react, he pulled her from his manhood and rolled her, entering her as her back once again touched the porch floor. She cried out at the extreme pleasure of it. His moan mingled with her cry as they both savored the feel of being one body, one soul, again.

Then Walker began to move in firm strokes, in and out, completely leaving her body before plunging back home again.

Alex cried out at the glorious feel of him filling her to fullness each time he re-entered her body.  She grasped his muscular arms as she wrapped her legs around his waist, her hips meeting each thrust.  Walker increased the pace as her cries filled his heart; he dipped his head to take a breast into his mouth, his tongue teasing her nipple before he gripped it between his teeth. Walker felt the beginning of her explosive climax when his teeth applied the slightest of pressure to her nipple.

Alex arched her back, and screamed out as the climax spread throughout her body. Her climax still hitting her senses, she brought her head up to place her mouth on his own nipple.  Walker continued to thrust and thrust as Alex returned the gesture of closing her teeth around the nipple, and he too climaxed explosively. “Lexi!” he breathed as he continued to empty his seed into her body, his thrusts continuing; it seemed like he couldn't stop.

Walker and Alex continued to embrace her other, communicating only with the sounds of their hearts beating in unison and their loud breathing keeping in rhythm.  As Walker’s pace began to slow, he placed his elbow on the porch’s floor to give him stability and balance.  As his shaft began to ease out of Alex’s body, Alex grabbed it to place it once again inside her.  She was not ready to let him go.  Alex contracted her vaginal muscles around his shaft, delighting it into a renewed hardness.  Walker began once again to thrust his rod in and out of her, bringing both of them back to a state of delighted ecstasy. 

As both Walker and Alex began to regain control of their breathing, Walker broke the silence.  “Alex,” he began, “I love you.”

Alex’s voice began to tremble with emotion.  “I love you, too!”

They moved to sit beside one another – huddled together, still naked.  Walker reached up to remove Alex’s blindfold.  “You don’t need this,” he smiled.  Alex strengthened her embrace.  Walker reached over to place his thumb gently on Alex’s cheek. He moved it upward to wipe the tears that began to fall. 

“I guess I can see you pretty well,” Walker whispered.

“You sure can, Cowboy!” Alex whispered as she leaned over to kiss Walker. “You sure can.”


After leaving the porch, Walker and Alex locked up the ranch.  They went upstairs to shower – delighting each other with their attention to kiss and touch every part of each other’s body, as the water offered tingling bursts of excitement against their bodies. 

That night they lost track of time as they brought each other to climax again and again.  Their barrier was in fact broken and with it brought renewed passion and a stronger love between them.


The morning dawned to find Walker leaning up on his elbow, envisioning the beauty of his Lexi as she slept. Alex began to stir, and her eyes fluttered open. She looked up at Walker to see him still.  A pleasant smile filled his face.  “You’re up, aren’t you?” Alex whispered.

Walker smiled and began stroking Alex’s arm, “Yeah, I am.”

“What are you thinking,” Alex asked.

“About whether to extend this house – build you a den,” Walker responded. “That way, when you want to work at home, you don’t need to use the dining room table.”

Alex smiled as she leaned over offering Walker a long, passionate “good morning” kiss.

“You hungry?” she asked.

“Starving,” Walker responded.

“How bout I make us some breakfast – eggs, toast, whatever you want,” she offered combing his chest hair.

“Eggs sound great, but how ‘bout I cook ‘em and you just keep me company?” Walker began to swing his legs over the edge of the bed.


Walker and Alex spent another day of comfort, warmth and affection with one another, but now it was time to learn the fate of Walker’s vision.  Alex drove Walker to the hospital.  Neither of them offered much conversation.  No words were really needed.  Whatever the outcome, Walker and Alex would face any challenges together.


As the doctor removed the second bandage, he stood, “Can you see anything, Ranger Walker.”

Walker kept his head still – moving with the motion of his entire body.  He remained silent as he stood away from the chair, turned to his right and took a few steps toward Alex.

Alex stood there nervous, her hands clasped in front of her.  Walker stopped right in front of Alex.  They stared at each other.  Alex moved her eyes’ focus from one eye to the other, then back again.  She said nothing, waiting to hear Walker’s voice.

Walker moved his eyes away from Alex.  He looked down at her hands and reached out to hold them.  He bent over to place a tender kiss on the back of her hand.  He straightened his body up, looked directly at Alex and said, “Thank you for being there for me.”

Alex released all her nervousness with an emotional smile, “You can see me!”

Walker offered a slight nod, and with great emotion, said  “I have to be able to see your finger when I put the wedding band on.”

Alex’s tears began to fall and she leaned in to hug Walker.

They stood in a tight embrace as Alex continued to release her emotions.  Walker fought his, to remain true to his symbol of strength, but tears soon began to fill his eyes.  As their embrace continued, Walker heard the assurance of Alex’s voice, “I love you.”