A Coming Together


Alex is sitting in her office, trying to work through the many files that have piled up on her desk. The murder trial of Bascom and then Jocobsen’s had put her way behind on her paper work. She lays the folder down, brings her elbows up on the desk and rests her chin in her hands. She smiles, thinking of the times her husband had let his paper work pile up. The difference being, he hated paper work and her problem was time.

She has only to think of him to feel her body start to heat. Remembering his soft touch, his hands caressing her body, his lips and tongue bringing her pleasure. A shudder tears through her and the gush of dampness in her underwear startles and embarrasses her. She stands to go into her washroom, just as she hears a light tap on her office door. Darn. "Yes?" Her shoulders stiffen, and she turns to face her visitor.

Her face brightens, as she sees the man she was just thinking of, push the door open. "Darling, I thought you were in Ft. Worth." She moves around the desk to meet him as he comes toward her.

He takes her into his arms and kisses her softly on the lips, "Getting a late start, just wanted to tell you I’ll probably be late getting home tonight." Touches his lips to hers again.

"Very late?" She slides her arms around his waist.

"I don’t really know, honey. But I’ll be home as soon as I can, okay?" He brings her head down against his chest, and holds her tightly to him. Needing to feel her closeness before he leaves.

He gives her another light kiss, and not wanting him to leave so soon, she pulls his head down, deepening the kiss. When she releases him she looks deep into his eyes and murmurs, "Walker, you take care. I know why you’re going, so don’t go taking any unnecessary risks, okay? Jimmy will be with you, right?"

"Yes, Alex, Jimmy, Jerry Willis and Greg Anderson, too. Okay?"

She smiles at him, kisses him, then turns him around and gently pushes him toward the door. "Okay, smarty, get going. The sooner you go, the sooner you’ll get home." She hears a soft chuckle, "Darling?" When he turns, "Be careful … I love you."

He smiles at her, and in a husky voice, "I love you, too, baby." Blows her a kiss and pulls the door shut. She stands, staring at the closed door then turns back to go to the washroom.

She works diligently for almost two hours, then glancing at the clock, gasps, "Drat" drops her pencil, picks up her purse, digging inside for her car keys as she hurries out the door, to keep her doctor’s appointment.

It is a different person who returns to the ADA office an hour later. She has a soft glow to her face, and a warm feeling inside of her. The doctor said … he’s says … but I can’t tell him yet, the tests …tomorrow … oh, God, Walker, we’re going have a baby! Our baby! She has a hard time getting through the rest of the day, but she finally manages to clear out all her paper work, and telling her secretary, good night, heads for the ranch.

She turns on the radio, finds some soft music, and her mind turns to how and when to tell Walker, after she finds out for sure. She knows he’s going to be thrilled, but she wants the time to be perfect, special. She is jarred out of her dreamlike state when she hears about a shooting in Ft. Worth. She turns the volume up, and when she hears the words, Texas Rangers, her heart leaps into her throat. She pulls to the side of the road and listens intently to the broadcast.

‘A drug bust that went down on the south side of FT. Worth was a scary time for a young mother and her baby who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Amid flying bullets Ranger Cordell Walker managed to get to them and move them out of harm’s way, before joining his fellow Rangers to bring down the largest drug bust in this city in ten years. The mother and child were not hurt, and only a slight injury to one of the Rangers and the bad guys all ended up going to jail. Stay tuned for further…

Alex turns the radio off and reaches for her cell phone. Unable to get Jimmy she hangs up. She lays her head down on the steering wheel and takes several deep breaths trying to get her heart to slow down. Only a slight injury, maybe it wasn’t even Walker.


The place is dark when Walker gets home and upon entering the silent house, he stands just inside the door listening to the quiet when he hears soft breathing coming from the living room.

Entering the room, he finds Alex on the couch where she had fallen asleep, while waiting for him. A whisper, "Alex?"

Startled, she bolts up, "Walker?"

"Come on, honey, let’s go to bed." He kisses her softly and helps her up and they move out of the room to go upstairs.

"Honey, are you all right? They said one Ranger was hurt. Did you…?"

"No, Alex, I’m fine. Willis got a slight scratch, but he’s fine."

"Walker, you told me you’d be careful. From the news report, you went dashing through a rain of bullets to…"

"Alex, I’m all right. And the bad guys are all in jail." He turns the light on in their bedroom then turns her to face him. "Alex, this is my work, you know what it’s like. This isn’t like you. What’s wrong?"

With a chagrin look on her face, "I’m sorry, darling. I guess I went a little crazy when I heard about you running through all those flying bullets. You’re my husband now, and I love you so much. And it’s just that now…" She bites the word off, knowing this is not the time to tell him her news, besides she hasn’t heard from the doctor, yet.

He notices her hesitation, " ‘And it’s just that now,’ … what, honey?"

"Well, it’s just that now, we’re married, I … guess I worry more about you."

He smiles softly and pulls her in close to him. She watches his gaze dip down to her mouth, linger then slide slowly back up to her eyes. She could almost taste the kiss, feels the spirit of it on her lips. How is it that he can set her thoughts ablaze just by looking at her like this?

He lowers his lips to hers, brushes across them, teases them, and then lightly nibbles. His lips slide to the corner of her mouth and her breath begins to hitch. His hand cups her breast, and he murmurs against her ear, "It’s alright to worry," he tongues her ear, "I worry about you, too," feels the tremors flow through her, "but no worrying allowed tonight."


The next morning the doctor calls Alex at work and confirms his diagnosis. She is definitely pregnant, almost three months. The news makes Alex deliriously happy. Tonight! She’ll tell Walker tonight. A special meal with candlelight or maybe just the two of them cuddled up on the swing, if she can wait that long. Just married barely a year, but still she’s sure he’ll be happy about it. She knows that if he should walk through her office door right now, he could tell something was up by the look on her face. But he is in Ft. Worth again and no bad guys this time. He is at a fund raising event for the KDOOA. She’s hoping to join him there as soon as she finishes up the depositions scheduled for this afternoon.

When she arrives at the arena, she makes her way to the grandstands and the first thing she hears is the loud speaker blaring out, "The next rider out of the bull riding chute is none other that Texas Ranger, Cordell Walker."

She looks over at the chutes and sure enough, when the gate swings open, her husband is on the bull. He promised me! Her heart is in her throat as she watches him being jerked around on the back of the bull then when the buzzer goes off and he jumps off the bull, she lets out a sigh of relief. Until she sees the bull turn and come at him and with a sling of his head, tosses Walker a good fifteen feet through the air.

She screams, and watches in horror as Walker hits the ground and lies still. The clowns get the bull out of the ring and Alex races around to where he is carried out of the arena. When she gets to him he is already in the back of the ambulance. The paramedics try to stop her, "You can’t go in there!"

"The hell I can’t that’s my husband!" She climbs in and sits down beside him and picks up his hand. "Walker," she says tearfully, "Oh, God, Walker!"

She stands at the foot of the bed while the doctor checks him over, "You’re a lucky man, Ranger. You have a multitude of contusions and you’ll be pretty sore for awhile from hitting the ground after your flight through the air. You can get dressed now and after you sign these papers, you can leave."

Walker sees the fire in Alex’s eyes, and knows she’s really upset. She hasn’t said a word to him since he woke up. She hasn’t really even looked at him. He had seen the relief on her face when the doctor said he was only bruised but the fire was still in her eyes.

She had asked Jimmy to bring her car to the hospital and when he is safely seated on the passenger’s side, she makes the trip to the ranch with eyes straight ahead.

After several tries to get her to talk to him he finally gives up, hoping that they can clear the air at home. She parks in front of the house and without waiting for him she storms inside leaving him to make the walk by himself.

When he enters the front door he can hear her upstairs in their bedroom. He stands at the foot of the stairs, wondering if he should let her calm down a little before facing her. No, I’m in the wrong and I need to face up to it, now. I deserve whatever she throws at me.

Entering the bedroom quietly, he finds her pacing around the room like a tiger in a cage. "Alex, I’m sorry. I …" When she turns to face him, the fury he sees, almost makes him want to back out of the room.

"Sorry! Sorry! Walker, you promised me no more bull riding. You promised me! What if you had been really hurt? What if you had been killed? First you go dashing out into gunfire with no thought of your safety, then bull riding after you’d promised me you wouldn’t. What’s it going to be next? When are you going to start thinking before you act? Don’t your promises mean anything?"

He moves up to her, realizing she is really upset with him. He can’t remember ever seeing her this angry.

"No!" She moves back and keeps her arms out to push him away. "Don’t come near me. You know I can’t think straight when you touch me." She turns and begins pacing around the room.

"You can’t just go risking your life on an impulse, any more, you’ve got responsibilities now. When are you going to realize it’s not just you anymore, you’ve a family now, you can’t just go running helter-skelter into danger without a thought to the consequences. We need you now more than ever." The words are out of her mouth before she can stop them.

He places his hand on her arm and when she turns around to look at him he sees the emotional turmoil on her face, the angry glint in her eyes, just before he crushes her angry words under his mouth. It’s like kissing a lightning bolt – the heat, the jolt of her emotions, the sizzling sting of anger.

The kiss leaves them both weak and breathless, and as Walker releases her, one word she had said flashes in his mind. We? His eyes lock on hers, looking deep, a breathless whisper, "Alex … we?"

Her anger’s gone, now, and tenderness fills her voice and with tears filling her eyes, she nods her head, "Yes darling, we!"

His eyes start misting over, "Oh, God, Alex. Are we having…?"

"Yes, darling. We’re going to be three by the spring."

Her soft answer hits him like a load of dynamite. He envelops her in his arms, resting his head next to hers, he feels like his heart is in overload. He turns his head and kisses her softly on the cheek, then leans back, looking deep into her eyes. "Alex, you’ve just made me the happiest man in the world and I love you." The joy that pierces through him almost rocks him from his feet.

He moves his hand up to cup her chin in the palm of his hand and lowering his lips to hers gives her a soft lingering kiss.

Holding her and kissing her, she responds as she always does with him—immediately, utterly and completely. Again and again he kisses her, his touch sending her into higher and higher levels of ecstasy.

She tugs at his hair, and lets her tongue mingle with his until she is trembling with desire. When he lifts her hips, pressing her hard against him, she moans softly into his mouth.

With an urgency that surprises them both, he carries her to the bed, with clothes being discarded in frenzy. His need is like liquid fire that races through every inch of his body and spreads out to include her, too. He cups her breast and tightens his grip slightly, capturing the warm fullness in his hand. Then as he leans over her, he presses the sides of her breasts together, tasting first one then the other.

He’s stirring a fire deep within her with his touch, she moans once more and begins to move her entire body in a rhythm against him as he sucks gently at the tender flesh.

Alex groans, arching against his mouth, feels his hand caressing her belly, his fingers sliding into her, finding her hot and ready for him. Knowing his control is hanging by a thread, he parts her legs with gentle tugs and rolls between them, hearing her soft cries as his fingers leave her.

When he drives into her, her body sways to meet his. She feels his body grinding against her, feels him driving into the depths of her, flaming her need. Fulfilling her need. He pushes deep into her and feels her arch to meet him, her breasts flattening into the hardness of his chest.

As he moves inside her, she holds his shoulders tightly, pulling him closer with all her strength.

He pushes into her once more and feels all reason shatter in his mind.

Suddenly her legs stiffen as an incredible spasm of pleasure crashes through her, embracing her for an endless moment.

He wraps his arms around her tightly as they both drift back to earth, their hearts pounding wildly against one another.

"I love you," he whispers into her hair, "I love you more than I've ever loved anything or anyone, in my life."

Snuggling her head into the curve of his neck and shoulder, "Now, do you understand why, I was so upset? Why the chances you take sometimes scares me beyond reason?"

He kisses the top of her head, "Yeah, I do now. I guess I just never thought of it like a father. Father. Daddy." He tightens his arms around her, "I can’t believe it."

She feels a teardrop fall onto her hair, and her eyes mist over, "I know. It’s kinda overwhelming isn’t it?"

He shifts slightly, just enough to tilt her head up so that he can see her eyes, and with a voice husky with emotion, he murmurs softly, "Honey, I know you think I do things without thinking, but that’s the way I am, the man you married. I couldn’t do my job if I had to weigh the consequences of my actions before I made a move." He touches his lips softly to hers, "But I can promise that you and our children will always come first."

"I guess I can understand that." She sniffs a couple of times, "But promise me one more thing."

"What’s that, baby?"

"Promise you’ll stick around a long time, because I want a lot more babies after this one."

Tears fill her eyes as she hears him murmur softly, "You have my promise on that, honey."

The End

No hassling now, a sequel is already in the works.