This is a story of Alex trying to convince Walker that she loves him through thick and thin and .... dirt. Enjoy

A Cowboy's Love

By Sissy and Jennifer G.

Alex gathers her papers and puts them in her briefcase and turns, joining the masses making their exit from the courtroom. The halls are jammed with witnesses, spectators, and lawyers making her walk to the elevators an experience in the art of dodging jostling bodies and jabbing elbows

The trial was a precedent setting case of high profile so there were attorneys of the highest caliber sitting in, to offer their expertise and valuable experience to the prosecution as well as for the defense. Men and women of the bar association bore that prestige like no other in the realm of the wealthy. Their clothes were the finest made, regardless of the cost. The only thing missing in their meticulous makeup is their lack of feelings for the common man. Granted not all lawyers are like this but there are always one or two that gives the profession a bad name.

Alex can barely see the elevator, so when the door opens and there’s the sudden parting in the mass of bodies, she thinks it has to be the President of the United States that is getting off. But when she finally sees the reason for the stunned reflective action, her eyes sparkle with love and her heart begins to beat wildly.
All she can see is the man who holds her heart, his eyes a beacon, guiding her into his arms. She moves toward him in what seems like slow motion, oblivious to all around her. As his arms wrap around her pulling her close, he murmurs, “Alex, honey, I’m awful dirty.”

And dirty he is, having been trailing a known killer through the Brazos, he is covered in dust, muck and grime, wearing clothes that haven’t been changed in a week, carrying as many days of body sweat as well. So he stands out, very pronounced, from the watching crowd of prominent, richly dressed citizens. He had been on his way to the gym to clean up and change clothes before seeing Alex, so when the elevator doors opened he is as surprised as the waiting mob on the other side of the door. But when the crowd had parted and he saw Alex all he could think of was holding her in his arms.

“Dirty? You look wonderful to me,” she whispers, as he covers her mouth with his in a soft tender kiss. She can taste the hunger in him as his lips press against hers and the kiss turns to fire between them. How can she explain the way Walker makes her whole body react just by being in the same room with him?
Walker raises his head and looks into her eyes, and at the same time notices all the suits standing around watching them.

But now, as he looks up into the faces around them, he feels totally out of place. Feels like he is embarrassing Alex. He pushes back from her, “I’d better be going. I’ll see you … at home.”

She grabs his arm, “Walker wait, I’ll go with you.” Without looking back she follows her husband into the elevator. The doors close and as the car continues downward, she throws her arms around his neck and embraces him to her. “Darling, I’ve missed you so much.”

Walker kisses her gently then steps back away from her, “Alex, please, I’m gonna get dirt all over you. The terrain up there is dry, very dusty.”

“Walker, I’m not worried about getting dirty, I’ll wash. I haven’t been with you for a week, and I missed you.” She leans into him and lifting up on her toes, touches his lips with hers again. “I wish I could go home with you now but … I’ve got to be back in court at 1:00.”

“I … I’m going to shower and change before I go home, maybe I’ll come by and catch you in court before I go home.” He keeps edging away from her.

She looks puzzled at him, “Walker, what is the matter with you?”

“I just don’t want to get you all messy. I probably smell pretty ripe, too.”

She grabs Walker’s hands and pulls him up close to her. “Honey, don’t you know by know that that doesn’t matter to me. I missed you, and I love you, smell and all.”

“Alex … I…” He feels her soft hands in his and says, “Oh, hell … come here.” He pulls her in to his chest, kissing her deeply, hungrily. When he finally pulls back, “I missed you so much. I … I didn’t mean to embarrass you upstairs.”

A confused look crosses her pretty face. “Embarrass me? Walker, you didn’t …”

He kisses her quickly and steps out of the elevator, “You better hurry, don’t want to be late,” then quickly hurries down the hall to the doors of the gym as she stands at the back of elevator, mouth slightly open in surprise.

When he pushes into the gym, he stops suddenly, realizing that he was too brusque with his wife. He hadn’t been embarrassed, he could have cared less what those stiff shirts thought of him, but he didn’t want to cause embarrassment to his wife. She has to work with those … stiff shirts.

Actually all he really wanted to do was pull his wife into the nearest dark closet and make love to her. He grins thinking of the way it would be when they get home tonight.

Alex rides the elevator back up to the floor where her office is and sits quietly behind her desk, still wondering if Walker had been embarrassed by his appearance or embarrassed for her seeing him like that. She could care less what he looks like when he returns to her, just as long as he returns to her, and in one piece.

When Alex returns to the floor of the courthouse where it all started, her mind is on Walker and how to make him understand that she is not impressed by the appearance of people, it’s what’s inside that matters. A snide remark brings her out of the pensive mood, and she turns to look at the man that made it. Her eyes flashing fire, she stares him down, as she walks up close to him. “That crude cowboy, as you called him, just spent the past week in some of the roughest country in Texas, chasing down a killer so people like you can sleep at night without worry. And I happen to love him…very much!” She turns away from him, leaving him staring after her. With her back ramrod straight and her eyes forward, she pushes her way into the courtroom.

Walker does show up in the courtroom about an hour later, but he doesn’t stay long. When he catches her eye, he smiles and winks at her, and with her back to the judge, she returns his smile with a larger one. From where he is sitting in the back row, even he can see her love for him sparkling in her eyes. But he also notices that others have seen her look and turn to see who was the recipient. Rather than cause her any more embarrassment, he gets up and leaves.

When she sees the heads turn toward her husband, she isn’t surprised when a few minutes later, she looks for him, and he is gone. Not married long enough for him to be used to the crowd that she associates with, she puts a grim look on her face and vows that they will have a long talk tonight.


The judge, having decided that the case can be finished within the hour keeps the proceedings running. He has plans for a vacation and he is eager to get started. But it takes almost two hours before the trial ends and the judge sends everyone home.

When Alex gets home, the sun has set and the house is dark. Stepping inside the front door, she stops, listens and faintly hears water running. The shower. Walker must be taking a shower. She quickly climbs the stairs and pushes the door open to their bedroom. It’s dark, too, except for a small narrow strip of light coming from the slightly open bathroom door. She reaches for one of the small lamps on her dressing table and turns it on. Moving over to the bed, she sits down, and takes off her shoes. She flexes her feet and toes, enjoying the freedom from the shoes she had had on since early morning.

Shutting the water off and stepping out of the shower, Walker knows immediately that Alex is home. He grins in anticipation, grabs a towel and begins drying off haphazardly before wrapping it around his torso, and walks into the bedroom where he sees Alex undressing. Sensing his presence, she begins reading him the riot act the instant she sees him. She undresses, with her back to him, as she is giving him all the reasons why he should never be embarrassed for her.

He gives a “Yes” and a “You’re right” where it sounds appropriate but is absorbed in watching her undress.

When she turns and sees him gazing at her, “Walker, are you listening to me?”

He looks up into her eyes and murmurs, “Yes, ma’am, please go on.” He then turns back into the bathroom. He whips the towel off from around him and uses it to wipe the steam off the mirror so that he can shave.

Walker finishes trimming his beard, rinses his face, and then turns to face Alex like a proud warrior. Her words stop in mid sentence as her eyes drop down his body. She can’t look away, even if she wanted to. Her eyes are fixed on the rising, swelling shaft of his manhood.

“Walker…” comes out in a croak.

He walks up to her, his eyes raking over her body, nude except for her bikini panties. He lowers his head, brushing his lips across hers, his hands caressing the soft swells of her breasts. Walker bends his head, and nips at one aching nipple with cautious teeth.

Alex draws in a sharp breath as a shaft of searing pleasure darts through her, so powerful that she nearly convulses. A soft moan escapes her, and she tilts her head even farther back, so that her breasts are more vulnerable to the plundering of his mouth. This man, that she is trying to talk to, is feasting brazenly on her breast.

With an unerring hand, Walker finds the crux of her passion and strokes it to a wanting that Alex has never experienced before. Then, still suckling greedily at her nipple, he deftly works aside the bit of cloth separating Alex’s womanhood from total exposure.

She gasps as he catches the hidden nubbin between his fingers and begins, rhythmically, to massage it.

Walker leaves her breast to nibble at her earlobe, chuckles hoarsely when the tender invasion of his fingers elicits a throaty cry. “Come on, baby …”

Alex is soaring, sightless, mindless, and conscious only of the stroking of his fingers and the exotic force inside her building toward something she has only felt with him. “Oh,” she gasps as he works his wonderful magic, her hips undulating gently.

Mercilessly, he intensifies her pleasures, by pressing her legs wide of each other with one knee, plunging his fingers deeper inside her, and caressing her breast with his other hand. “Come for me, baby,” he murmurs huskily in her ear.

A savage trembling begins deep within Alex, causing her breath to quicken to a soft, lusty whine. “That’s it, Alex…let it go, baby.”

Suddenly, Alex’s entire body buckles with her tenacious response. His mouth closes over hers covering her final cry of release, as she convulses again and again, helpless in the throes of ecstasy that’s raging through her body.

When the violent clenching and unclenching ceases, Alex’s senses gradually return. Forcing wide eyes to Walker’s face, she sees him grinning at her, as pleased as if he’d been sated himself.

“You have one large ego, cowboy,” she murmurs.

“Only with you, baby, only with you.” But he isn’t done. His body is demanding more. More for her. More for him. His voice grows deeper and more husky as his lips continue their erotic movement, spreading moist fire over the firm roundness of her breast, fastening with provocative motion over a nipple that is already hard and erect, tantalized by his touch. He stands back, his hands fondling her breasts, his gaze upon them, his grip caressing as his hands wallow in the soft silk. “God, honey, it’s been so long…” Taking a breast into the hot wetness of his mouth once again, he presses her body close and moves a hand to her bottom, pressing her dripping center of desire against his throbbing erection as his mouth moves to the other breast.

“Oh, stop!” Alex gasps. “No, don’t stop…” she wails in wonder. “Oh, please … don’t … don’t stop,” she pleads breathlessly, digging her fingers into his hair and almost crying out with wanting him.

He continues to mouth the flesh of her breasts, her throat, her shoulders, her arms, with his lips nipping, nuzzling gently, then with words barely lucid, “Tell me that you love me, Alex. Tell me that you want me…” His fingers brush along her upper thigh; she whimpers as they tease ever closer to the center of her delirious heat and need, “… tell me that you will always be mine. Because I don’t ever want to…”

“I love you,” she murmurs with a catch, arching against him. “And I want you.” Strong fingers dip into her and she gasps, then she’s groaning as pleasure builds within her. “Forever.”

His lips came back to hers, plundering her mouth with his tongue. He forgets his train of thought as her hands, caressing his back, trail a core of liquid fire with her nails grazing down the small of his back to his buttocks.

“Because you don’t ever want to … what?” Alex persists, suddenly struck by his words.

“What?” he asks distractedly, as his tongue flicks against a pulse beating rampantly along her collarbone. “Oh, Lord, you do taste delicious.”

“Walker!” Alex groans, pleading with him. “Because … what?”

“Lose you …I don’t want to ever lose you!”

Hearing his words she tries to push away from him.

“No, baby,” he pulls her back and takes her into his arms crying hoarsely, “it’s been so long. One whole week. Do you think we could hold off any further serious discussion for a while?”

Alex’s frustration fades, and a smile slips slowly but radiantly across her features. She stares at him for several seconds, absorbing all his words and suddenly, thinking that all the gold in Fort Knox couldn’t possibly rival the incredible power of his desire. “You stopped,” she said simply.

“What?” He murmurs. “What are you talking about now?”

She slides more snugly into his arms, arching against him, letting him know how much she wants him. “You stopped,” she repeats. “I’m absolutely certain that I told you just moments ago not to stop…”

“Oh. Ohhhhh…” Walker groans as he kisses her mouth fully.

His arm around her almost crushes her in their embrace, but Alex loves the feeling of being enveloped by him, touching flesh against flesh from head to toe. He was right; it had been an excruciatingly long time.

She backs toward the bed and pulls him down with her. Lying beside her he traces her lips, her chin, the moist length of her neck with his tongue. Small explosions of light flare within her as her pulsing senses begin to awaken to new demands.

When his mouth comes down to her breast again, Alex arches her back and whimpers, “Walker … Walker…”

He circles the straining nipple with his warm tongue, his voice raspy, “What, babe?”

No coherent words comes to Alex’s beleaguered mind, “Please,” she finally breathes out, “Now…”

“Yes … now,” he murmurs as he suckles her deeper into his mouth.

Powerless under the demands of her own body, Alex gives herself over to the sensations. It seems that no part of her is left untouched, unloved.

When at last Walker poises himself above her, strong and fully aroused, his face reflecting the strong desire bent on claiming them both.

Alex draws him into her with quick, feverish hands. She gasps his name, whispering then sobbing when he thrusts his searing magnificence inside her.

He begins to move slowly at first, and the restraint shows on his face. “Alex,” he pleads, “Oh, God … I can’t wait…”

She thrusts her hips upward in an instinctive motion that shatters Walker’s control causing his great muscular body to convulse once, and then he seems to regain a semblance of strength, hanging on with sheer will-power as his pace accelerates and his passion is unleashed, Alex moving in rhythm with him, moving one with him.

Their bodies move faster in their quest, each glistening with the sheen of sweet exertion, each straining toward the final release, this time to consume them both.

Wild ecstasy explodes through them carrying them to heaven, then bringing them back as one. Alex cries out at the hot glory of her release and hears an answering cry from Walker. He falls to her side and pulls her back against him, both of them still quivering from the multitude of sensations that are slowly easing from their bodies. Temporarily sated they drift off in sleep, their bodies slowly recovering from the tumultuous exertion of making love.

Several times during the night, one touches the other in need and that need is answered, as if to make up for the seeming eternity spent apart.


After making love most of the night, Alex is in a rush the next morning because of an early court date and speaking to Walker about his comment of ‘losing her’ has to be shelved till later.

By the end of the day, the hectic pace of trying to get caught up with work that was put on hold because of the special trial, has taken most of her thoughts and time. She knew that Walker had the next two days off and she was looking forward to getting things straightened out about his feelings of causing her embarrassment with his looks or his actions.

When she arrives home she sees his truck parked in front of the barn, knowing he had probably spent the day getting caught up on the barn chores. Which, after a week, would be plenty. She leaves her car parked by the house and after putting her briefcase on the porch, walks down to the barn.

She steps inside the barn, letting her eyes adjust to the dimmer light, and spots Walker, busy spreading fresh straw in the stalls. Glancing around, she sees that all the stalls are clean and from the looks of the horses standing in the aisle, he has washed each and every one of them. Their coats are gleaming, hooves trimmed and mane and tail flowing beautifully, knot free.

She looks up and finds him watching her. She smiles and begins to walk toward him. He’s shirtless, sweaty, muddy, and chaff adheres to his moist skin and hair. She had never seen him look more beautiful.

He holds up his gloved hands, motioning her to stay back. “Alex, don’t come any closer, I’m sweaty, dirty and look like the devils own spawn.”

She stops, but smiles her own special smile for him, her voice soft, “I … think you look beautiful.”

“You would. Honey, why don’t you go on up to the house, I’ll be up in just a few minutes, I’m almost done.”

“No, I want to talk to you.”

“It can’t wait for a few minutes?”

“No, I think this is the perfect time.”

He stares at her for several moments, realizing she isn’t going to leave. He takes a deep breath, and crosses his arms over the handle of the pitchfork. “Okay, what’s so important that it can’t wait?”

“Well, something you said last night needs to be settled?”

His voice husky, “I … said a lot … of things last night, honey. What did I say that stayed with you?”

She moves closer, and murmurs softly, “It all stayed with me, but one thing especially.”

Puzzled, he cocks his head and stares at her.

“The part about … losing me?”

Walker started fidgeting, “Oh!”

“What did you mean when you said that?”

He shrugs his shoulders and looks away from her.

“It’s all about what happened yesterday, isn’t it?”

“Alex, I…”

She moves right up in front of him, separated only by a thin space of air. “Darling, when you walked out of that elevator, you were the only thing I saw. Not the stuffed shirts, not the dirt, just you.” She circles his neck with her arms, “I … love … you. And if it means that sometimes you get dirty and smelly, I’ll love you then, too.” She reaches up and kisses him lightly on the lips and he drops the pitchfork and slides his arms around her waist.”

“But, Alex, I looked and smelled pretty gamey.”

“Did you? I never noticed. I was just so glad to see you that nothing else mattered. Your kiss and your arms felt the same as always.”

“But … you must have been embarrassed having me look that way. What will they think of you, having a husband that…”

“Walker, stop it! I don’t care what they think of me. Do you think I’m such a snob that I’d ever turn away from you? I love you and … and,” she brushes her hands down over his arms and across his chest, covered with a thin layer of chaff and dust, and tenderly touches the scratches on his arms, “all the dust and dirt in the world is never going to change that.”

He pulls her tight against him, and lowers his lips to hers, in a sweet, penetrating kiss. When he lifts his head, he murmurs, “Okay, point taken. I understand what you’re saying. I don’t care what they say about me, but I do care what they say about you. You are one classy lady, and I don’t want you to ever regret marrying this plain ole cowboy.”

She buries her head against his neck where it joins his shoulder. “I could never regret marrying … this cowboy, and there’s definitely nothing plain about you. But don’t you ever be ashamed of being my husband. She raises her head to look into his eyes, “Don't let what they think about you ... or me ... ever come between us, because all that should matter is how I feel about you...” she pauses to kiss his lips lightly, “and how you feel about me.”

“I love you Alex, and I’m very glad I’m your husband … especially on nights like last night.” He begins caressing her back in slow deliberate strokes. Then as desire begins to stir, he moves back a step, “Now, will you get out of here and let me finish, before I take you right here, in this pile of straw!”

Having felt the hardening in his pants before he moved away, she feels desire building in her as well. Instead of moving back she follows him. “Alex,” he moans breathlessly, “please … we’ve got … a perfectly good bed … in the house.”

“We … aren’t in the house … and I want you … now.” With a mischievous grin and a wicked gleam in her eyes, she keeps moving toward him until he’s backed up against the wall, then she slides her arms around his neck, and pulls his head down for a deep, consuming kiss. After several minutes, they part, take a deep breath then their mouths come together again. One kiss after another, tongues tangling, probing, tasting until both are weak and breathless.

They slowly sink down into the fresh bed of straw, Walker laying Alex gently on her back, his left arm under her shoulders, his right leg bent, lying across her thighs. His voice husky, “You’re going to get straw all through your clothes.”

“I don’t care, I want you to make love to me. Here. Now,” and she pulls his head down, tracing her tongue over his lips, and as he parts them, her tongue dashes inside, plundering his mouth, enjoying the warmth, tasting him.

He draws her tongue deep into his mouth as he pushes her jacket to the side, then realizing he still has his gloves on he quickly pulls them off, tossing them away, and begins to unbutton her blouse. He pushes her shirt open and reaches inside, letting his fingers brush lightly over the swell of her breasts above the lacy fabric of her bra. He deftly unclasps the front closure, pushing it aside as well.

Feeling the cooler air on her breasts, Alex begins to quiver in anticipation of his touch. And when it comes, she whimpers softly into his mouth as she arches up into his touch. As his hand reshapes and lifts the swelling globe, his thumb begins to tease the nipple until it is stiff and hard.

She moans aloud when his mouth leaves hers, and she throws her head back, giving him greater access to her throat as he nibbles and kisses his way down her neck to the valley between her breasts. His tongue tantalizes one nipple while his fingers tease the other one. He suckles it deep into his mouth, his teeth nipping gently before laving it with his tongue and moving to the other one. Alex is on fire. Every touch, every kiss, sends her deeper into the agonizing heaven of wanting more. His hand drops down to the waistband of her slacks, locates the button and zipper, and in seconds, them and her panties are sliding down her legs where she kicks them away.

Then his hand is caressing its way down over her flat stomach to cup the mound of curly blonde hair between her legs. His fingers slip between her thighs into the crevice where her feminine secret hides. He parts the soft flesh, and as his thumb locates the already swollen nubbin his fingers find the moistness that is flowing from her entrance and, coating his fingers with it, he inserts one, then two inside her.

When she feels his fingers enter her, she breathes out his name in an indrawn breath, “Walker.” Then she begins undulating her hips against his hand, her senses bombarded with electric jolts of passion as he swiftly brings her to climax. While her body is still in the throes of ecstasy, he quickly lowers his jeans and briefs, and poises over her. Taking the steel length of his manhood in his hand he rubs it through her juices and places it at her entrance and begins to push his way inside her.

She spreads her legs, making his penetration easier and lifts her hips to accept him deeper, and then deeper still. Wanting all of him.

Her mouth opens to cry out but he covers it with his, his tongue mimicking the movements of his body as he withdraws then thrusts into her deeply once more. His hand is upon her mound, kneading her as he takes her. She clings to him tightly, arching her hips to meet each powerful stroke as he takes her to the edge of consciousness. As she slips over the edge, Walker shudders convulsively, bucks against her, and buries his head against her shoulder, his breath coming in harsh gasps, his heart hammering against her own as he spills himself inside her.

They lay in the sensual afterglow, hearts resuming a normal rhythm. Alex lay half on top of him, snuggled into his side, using his shoulder as a pillow, and his hand traced lazy circles on her bare back, the other resting sedately, possessively, over the roundness of her buttocks. Spying a blanket on the top railing of a stall, a wickedly erotic idea flashes into his mind. Alex cries out in surprise when, in a smooth quick motion, he shifts her body until she is on top of him, sits and then stands with her in his arms, her legs around his back.

“What are you doing?” she asks, desire rising and her heart beginning to pound again at the look in his eyes as he carries her across the barn. Her mouth opens slightly in surprise as he carries her to a stall and sets her bare bottom down on the blanketed rail, and she lets out a high pitched gasp as he spreads her legs wide and his mouth moves immediately to nuzzle the dark blonde curls covering that which he seeks. “Oh God…Walker,” she moans. Her fingers twine in his hair and her mouth opens with a passionate cry, arching her back, as his tongue caresses her swollen feminine lips and then delves beneath to have her. She holds his head hard against her dripping center and she continues to cry out at the glorious sensations rioting through her flushed body. Her cries become louder when his tongue moves to the swollen bud of passion and when he enters her with two of his fingers, she screams and grabs the post with one hand, the railing with the other as her orgasm slices through her unexpectedly. Her back is arched, her head thrown back, her legs spread wide, bracing herself on the post and railing as she rides the wave of sexual completion.

With his hands on her thighs, Walker takes in his wife’s appearance, the highly erotic pose she struck as her climax pounded through her body. It was too much. Grabbing her by the waist, he slides her off the post and lays her down on the hay next to the stall, and without giving her time to recover from his loving assault, he sheaths himself inside her still pulsing sweetness with a loud guttural moan. Unable to stop and enjoy the feeling of being sheathed inside the tight wet warmth as he usually does, he begins to thrust deeply immediately.

His deep thrusts into her still climaxing body bring her more intense pleasure and she arches up off the floor, crying out at the intensity of the orgasmic shocks running through her. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she meets him thrust for thrust. He prolongs the lovemaking as long as he can, enjoying the feel of his swollen member thrusting in and out of her tightness, until the desire for a climactic release becomes overpowering. Walker moves one hand to grip her buttocks, pulling her even further into his body as he gives one final deep thrust and comes with a violent tremor, spilling his seed forcefully, deeply into her accepting body. His hips continue their rolling motion as his climax seems to go on and on, his seed continuing to spill forth. When he feels the last drop spent, he collapses bonelessly onto her quivering body, burying his face in the curve between her shoulder and neck.

Long minutes pass before he finds the strength to move, then he rolls over onto his back in the straw beside her. “God in heaven,” he sighs deeply, “That was…”

“See,” she murmurs, her heart still pounding. “I told you … there’s nothing plain about you cowboy.”

The End