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A Flash From The Past

By Sissy

"I love you very much." He says as he pulls her close, savoring the softness of her skin against his. The bedroom is dark, except for the moonlight filtering through the curtains.

"I love you, too, honey." She snuggles against his warm body, melting into him.

He rubs his hand over her slightly rounded tummy, "You're starting to show." Then moving down, he lays his head on her belly.

"Darling, what are you doing?" She giggles as she runs her fingers through his hair.


"It's to soon, honey. It'll be a couple of months before he even moves." Pulling gently on his hair, bringing his head up, level with hers. Touches her lips to his.

"I know. I just want him to get use to my touch." Kisses her again, while his hand is slowing massaging her belly.

"Him? Maybe him will be a her?" They kiss again. "Would it bother you if our first is a girl?"

"Alex, you know I don't have a preference. I say him because I don't want to call it an 'it'."

She traces his lips with her finger, "How about you say him and I say her, then we'll have both contingencies covered." She giggles and kisses him.

"Good idea." His hand moves higher, his thumb caressing the underside of her breast. His mouth covers hers in a deep searching, penetrating kiss. His knee comes up over her legs, rubbing her mound.

"Honey," she gasps against his lips, "isn't it … time to … to get ready … for work?" Her breathing is uneven, ragged as the flame of desire is fanned awake.

"I'd rather play." His mouth leaves hers, touching her ear, nibbling down her neck, his lips kissing her shoulder tracing down to her breasts. "Maybe I'll plant another one in there … then we'll have … twins." His mouth seeking her nipple as his hand caresses the soft roundness of his first born before moving lower. His fingers seeking, finding, a touch, then a moan as his fingers bring her sweet pleasure.

She arches up against him, wanting more. He swiftly enters her and the joining of two souls, with soft cries of pleasure mingling, then sweet rapture as both share the explosive passion at the summit. Then bodies, sated, fulfilled and renewed, drift slowly back to earth, as breathing and heartbeats once again return to normal.

Later, after showers, both are getting dressed to start another work day, "Alex, you know our one year anniversary is fast approaching don't you?"

"Yes, I know. Two weeks." She circles his neck and kisses him tenderly. "The has been the happiest year of my life."

"Is there anything special you want to do?" He sits down on the bed to pull on his boots.

"Just as long as I spend it with you. Why? Have you come up with something?"

"I've been thinking about it. I've come up with an idea, but it's not written in stone, so I can change it if you want."

"Well, tell me, don't keep me in suspense."

"The opera will be in Dallas that week, so first we go to the opera then to Ft. Worth to the Country Connection for dinner and dancing. What do you think of that?" He stands and Alex throws her arms around his neck bringing him close.

"Walker, that's really sweet, but I know you don't like the opera. We can do something else instead, I wouldn't mind."

"I know, but wouldn't you like to see it?"

"Yes, … but…"

"No buts. It's settled. If you're happy then I'm happy. The opera first, then we'll go to Ft. Worth for dinner and dancing. Okay?"

"Oh, darling, I love you."

"You'd better. And don't you ever stop." He kisses her softly and draws her close in a tight embrace.



The two weeks before their first anniversary drags but the day finally arrives and they are on their way to the opera. Walker in a black suit with a string tie and Alex in a black dress, with a scoop neck, that shows off her, as of now, still slender figure, showing only a slight roundness of her pregnancy, that's only noticeable when she is viewed from the side. "Walker, are you sure I look all right? I'm not…"

"You look beautiful. Now come on, the opera's starting."

Following the opera, Walker guides Alex out through the crowd with a hand on the small of her back. "Darling, I'm proud of you. I didn't once see you yawn."

"My mind was on other … more pleasant things."

"Oh … what … things?"

"Dancing close to you, for one and two, making love to you when we get home."

"Honey, you are incorrigible."

"It's your fault. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be thinking this way."

She gives him a warm smile and a quick kiss, then they get in Alex's car and head for Ft. Worth for a night of dancing.

Giving the car over to an attendant, they make their way inside. The place is crowded but not packed. Walker gives his name to the maitre d and they are escorted to their table. They're given menus and left alone.

"How hungry are you, Alex?"

She smiles and answers with, "I'm starved."

"Okay, do you want an appetizer? Or go straight to the main course?"

"The main course, naturally."

He looks at her with a soft smile, knowing she is eating for two. "How about a steak, baked potato, or would you like a large salad?"

"That's fine."

"Which Alex?"

"Oh, a steak, baked potato and a small salad." She hesitates, then, "Maybe dessert, later."

He chuckles softly and places their order when the waiter returns. Waiting for their dinner, he picks up Alex's hand and brings it to his lips, kissing her fingers, glancing beyond her shoulder, he sees two familiar eyes staring at him.

"I don't believe this."

"What, darling? What is it?" She starts to turn around but he places his hand on her arm, stopping her.

"It's Trivette and Josie. Of all the places … I thought coming to Ft. Worth would eliminate the chance of running in to someone we know."

"Oh, honey, don't get upset. I imagine they want to be alone as much as we do."

Walker glances at his partner again, nods and receives one in return but when Trivette doesn't make a move in his direction, he sighs deeply, and looks back at Alex. "Maybe you're right."

Their dinner is served and they eat with little conversation but with lots of poignant looks at each other. When the table is cleared and coffee is served Walker withdraws a small box tied with silver cord, from his pocket and places it in Alex's hand. "Happy Anniversary, honey."

She in turn picks up her purse and takes a slightly larger box from it and hands it to Walker. "Happy Anniversary to you, too, darling."

"You open yours first." His eyes lock on her face as she unties the cord around the small box. She takes the top off and pulling the tissue paper to the side, her breath catches and a tear forms in the corner of her eye. Nestled in the paper is a smaller size of an exact replica of a Texas Rangers badge, with the exception of the cupids arrow through the middle of it. Silver with delicate filigree surrounding it with 'Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger' etched around the outside edge of the star. Turning it over, she reads the engraving: Alexandra - my love is yours forever - Walker

She raises her eyes, moist with tears, to meet his, "Oh, Walker, it's beautiful." She leans over and touches her lips softly to his. "Help me…?" She holds the delicate necklace out to him and turns around.

"It'll clash with the pearls." He says as he pushes her hair to the side.

"I don't care. Just unhook the pearls then." He does and she catches them, putting them into her purse. With her fingers touching the necklace, "You designed this didn't you?" He nods his head and again she says, "It is so beautiful." She kisses him again. "I'm afraid mine is not as exquisite as yours.

He unties the gold cord, then gently hefts the small box. Too heavy to be a necklace, but as he removes the tissue paper he is somewhat surprised by what he sees but with a closer look, his heart fills with love anew for this woman he chose as his wife. A belt buckle with the scales of justice, in three dimensions, in the center of the buckle. The tray on one side of the scale holds the name 'Alex' in block letters and the other tray holds the name 'Cordell' also in block letters. The difference is that the scales are balanced, unlike the original Scales of Justice. Turning it over he reads the engraving 'Cordell - you make my life complete - Alex'. He looks up into Alex's eyes, smiles and murmurs, "It's beautiful, Alex. I take it you designed this also?" She nods and he leans over and kisses her. "Would you do the honors for me?"

She looks at him stunned, knowing he would normally blush, blood red, if she did such a thing to him in public place like this. "Walker … are you sure?" He nods and she murmurs, "I'm willing if you are. Scoot your chair closer." Getting as close as possible, he holds his jacket open as she reaches down to his belt works to unhook his original buckle, lying it on the table she drops her hands below the table again to refasten the new buckle. As she works to fasten it in place her eyes move up to see him intently watching her. Letting her fingers slip behind his waistband she gently caresses his belly through his shirt, then feeling the beginnings of an arousal she quickly brings her hands to the top of the table.

He glances down at the buckle and letting go of his coat, he takes her hand in his, "It's perfect." Kissing her hand he says, "Let's dance." Pulling her chair back he takes her hand and guides her to the dance floor.

Unbeknownst to the happy couple, a man from the past, is sitting at the bar, alone. His eyes scan the crowd, not looking for anyone in particular but it was better than looking at the bartender. Suddenly, his eyes jerk to a halt then begin hunting again. Not sure if his eyes are playing tricks on him or not. His stance stiffens, as his mind digests what his eyes have just seen for just a split second. There she is again. This time his eyes don't lose her. 'She's just as beautiful as ever.' 'Who is she with?' When she turns sideways he knows. 'Walker!' He starts toward them then stops as he sees another man he recognizes, Trivette and a lady, come up to Walker as the song ends.

"Hi, partner, Alex."

"Hi Jimmy, Josie. Fancy meeting you here."

"Well, this is Josie's birthday, so we're splurging. This is a great place isn't it?"

"Yes, nice music, and good food."

Trivette leans in close to Walker, "Don't worry man, you stay at your table, and I'll stay at mine."

"Walker smiles at him, "I have no problem with that, this is our first anniversary, so we just want to be alone."

"I can understand that, partner. We're outta here." He turns, takes Josie's arm, starts to walk away, pauses, gives Alex a kiss on the cheek, and whispers softly, "Happy Anniversary, Counselor." Then he guides Josie back to their table.

He watches as the two couples laugh over something that's said, then they part, heading for their respective tables. When Walker turns back to Alex, his hand slides down to palm her belly for just a split second, before wrapping his arm around her. Dalton Reed realizes then that she is pregnant. And judging from the way Walker is hovering over her, he is very protective of her. Keeping his eye on Alex and moving parallel of them through the crowd so as not to lose them, he stops when they arrive at their table and sit down. 'Hmm … wonder if he would let me have one dance with her?' 'She hasn't quit smiling once. Must be a special day. Her birthday, maybe.' Taking the chance, he moves through the crowd to their table.

When he stops at their table, Walker is the one that sees him first. His face shows no emotion as he stands, still holding Alex's hand, looking at his past rival, "Hello, Reed." At the mention of the name, her eyes leave Walker's face and looks up into Dalton's.

"Dalton!" The one person she thought she'd never see again, is standing there, smiling at her.

"Hello Walker, Cahill. It's been a long time." His eyes never leave Alex's face.

"What do you want, Reed?"

"I don't want to intrude, but I thought I'd see if I could have one dance with Cahill." Walker stares at him for several long seconds, then his eyes look down at Alex.

"You have to ask her, not me."

"I'm sorry, Dalton, I don't think so."

"Not even for old times sake?"

"A dance won't change anything, Dalton." Her grip on Walker's hand tightens.

"I don't want to change anything, Cahill, I just thought a dance for old times sake … sorta like a final chapter, maybe?"

Alex looks up at her husband, receiving a look of understanding she stands and, squeezing his hand, she lets Dalton lead her to the dance floor.

Turning to take her in his arms, she stiffens, keeping him from holding her tight against him. "Well, Cahill, you look happy."

"I'm very happy, Dalton."

"I can tell." His finger touching the ring on her finger, "Marriage agrees with you. How long?"

"One year … today."

"Ah … I knew it was a special occasion, thought it might be your birthday."

They dance in silence for a few minutes, "Couldn't wait for me, huh?"

"Wait for you? You do have a funny way of putting things, Dalton."

"I really didn't stand a chance anyway, did I?" Seeing the question in her eyes, "I noticed the way you always went to him when you were scared. I'm not blind."

"He loves me, Dalton, he did back then, too. But he was willing to put his feelings aside and let me go with you if it made me happy. That's how much he loved me."

"But not enough to give up the Rangers for you, though."

"I didn't ask him to. It's his life. Just like the law is my life. We work well together."

"In more ways than one." Glancing down at her belly, "When's it due?"


The song ends and she turns to go back to Walker but Dalton stops her with his hand on her arm. "You made the right choice, Cahill. I'm still on the rodeo circuit. Probably will be till I die. I wish you both the best." Then he leans over and kisses her soundly on the mouth, looks into her eyes, then quickly walks away as Walker comes up to her.

Looking into his face, she knows that he saw Dalton kiss her. "No, Walker, let him go. It was just a goodbye kiss." Taking his arms she pulls him back to their table.

He looks deep into her eyes, she murmurs softly, "I love you, only you. You know that don't you?"

"Yes, Alex, I know that. I just didn't like his hands on you or him kissing you." The anger slowly subsides, his voice softens, "I just … didn't want him … touching you, never did, but even more so now."

Dalton loses himself in the crowd, but still keeps Alex in his sight. 'God, I've been a damn fool. Now I know why I've never found a girl. I still love her. If I hadn't been so stupid that could be my child she's carrying.' He stays out of sight until they leave then he follows them outside. Hiding back in the shadows, he sees them embrace and kiss and when their car comes up, they get in and drive off. A soon to be family. Something he will never have.


Lying in bed with Alex wrapped in his arms, "Seeing Reed tonight was a surprise, huh?" His hand softly caresses her arm.

"Quite a surprise. I feel sorry for him, in a way."

He murmurs, "Why is that?" as his hand leaves a trail of fire wherever he touches.

"Forever chasing the rodeo circuit. Never having a chance at what we have."

He begins kissing her ear, then trails the kisses down her neck, "Mmm … and what do we have?" His hand closes over her breast, squeezing, caressing the nipple to a sensitive peak.

"Everlasting love, a love that … burns inside constantly."

"Think so?" His hand slowly makes its way down to her belly, his fingers spread out over the roundness, as if cradling the unborn child.

"I … know so." Her breathing uneven, as desire floods her senses.

"No … regrets?" His fingers moving lower, tangling in the thatch of hair that covers the sweetness within.

"No … regrets." Her body arches up against his fingers.

"I … think he still … loves you." His fingers dip inside her, lingering.

"Walker … shut up … and finish what you've…"

Silence only broken by heavy breathing and soft cries.


Several long minutes later a soft, "Happy Anniversary!" is spoken simultaneously.

The End