A Friend In Need

By Sissy

Walker is sitting at his desk with Trivette standing in front of it, leaning over, looking through papers scattered over the top. He doesn't notice a tall, dark haired, man standing at the door, watching him.

"Walker, are you sure this is the one Alex picked out?"

"Yes, Trivette, I'm very sure. See, she drew a circle around it."

"Well, it looks … like it will be comfortable." Trivette remarks giving his partner a sly grin.

"All right, Trivette, knock it off." Blush creeping slowly up his neck.

"Isn't this going to be the first new piece of furniture since you got married?"

"Yeah, so what?"

"Well, it's only appropriate that it be a bed. A very big bed." Trivette begins to giggle, and Walker's face just gets redder.

Suddenly a hunting knife stabs into the papers. Trivette immediately turns, grabs the man's arm, twisting it behind his back, at the same time putting a choke hold on him. Trivette turns to see Walker, who looks completely undisturbed, pull the still quivering knife out of the desk. Turning the knife over in his hand, he suddenly stands, and says softly, "Let him go, Trivette."

"But, Walker…?"

"Just let him go." Trivette reluctantly lets go of him but stands ready if he's needed.

As the knife thrower turns around, Walker's face lights up and he rounds the desk and throws his arm around the man, "Michael Gray Wolf! Man, it's good to see you."

Michael returns the embrace, "Still as stoical as ever, I see." Pushes him at arm's length, "Damn, it's good to see you, too, Walker."

The stand apart, starring at each other as if remembering the past that brought them together. "Michael, what are you up to, now. The last I heard you were studying to be a doctor."

"Well, I've finished with studying, I'm a bona fide medicine man now. And I've heard all about you. The great Texas Ranger, Cordell Walker!"

"Don't believe everything you hear, Gray Wolf." Then turning towards Trivette, "Oh, Gray Wolf this if Jimmy Trivette, my partner. Trivette this is Michael Gray Wolf, we grew up together on the reservation."

Thrusting his hand out, "Glad to meet you … Michael Gray Wolf."

Michael gives him a warm, firm, handshake, "Just call me Michael. Glad to meet you Trivette, how do you manage to put up with this guy day in and day out?"

"Sometimes it ain't easy."

"Come on, isn't there someplace where we can talk, get a cup of coffee?"

"Sure, come on, it's almost time for lunch anyway. Are you ready, Trivette?"

The three walk out of the office, conversation flowing easily between the two old friends.

* * *

When they arrive at CD's Walker introduces Michael to C.D. then the two of them take a booth, with a promise from CD that he'll bring over the coffee. Trivette backs off saying that Walker and his friend had lots to catch up on and he would join them later.

Michael, with dancing eyes, looks at Walker, "How are things with you, Washo. Are you still the daring, do all kinda guy, like you were as a boy?" As his eyes take in the solid build of his childhood friend, he notices the ring on his finger. "Walker! What's that? Are you married?"

"Yes, it's been almost a month. She's…"

"Finally took the plunge, huh. Well, since I've never taken the plunge, how is married life?"

"It's couldn't be better, Michael. Took me a long time to make the commitment, but I don't ever regret it. Should have done it sooner." A light flush rises in his face, from speaking of his life, something he is usually very private about. "What about you Michael, don't tell me you came all this way just to see me."

"Well, why not, it's been what, Walker, twenty years, right? But you're right, We're having a problem on the res.

"Oh, what kind of problem?"

"We're having a little problem with …" Michael lets the rest of the words hang, his eyes looking toward the door. A soft whisper, "My God, she's beautiful. What I wouldn't give for a chance to be in that woman's life." His eyes never leave the beautiful woman. "Who is she?"

"She's the deputy District Attorney and she works with me. Her name is Alex Cahill Wa…"

"That is one classy lady. But I would bet a lady like that would have nothing to do with half-breeds like us, huh?"

"She's not like that, Michael."

"You don't think so? If I ask her out, reckon she'd accept?"

"You don't have a chance." That pulls his eyes back to Walker.

"Why not. You already said being a half-breed wouldn't bother her … and you're out of the picture since you're already married." He turns to look at the lady in question again, to see her heading his way, with a beautiful smile on her face. "Walker, she's coming over here, man, I'm going to ask her out."

"You don't stand a chance."

"Yeah, well, just don't get in my way." Both men stand as she nears the booth; Michael's eyes dancing with expectation and Walker's full of love.

Alex looks at Michael intently as she walks across the floor wondering about the man with her husband, but as she nears the two men, her eyes move to Walker's, flashing him her warmest smile, she slides her arm around his waist and kisses him softly on the lips.

Walker, seeing Michael's mouth gaping open, introduces his wife. ""Michael, this is Alex Cahill … Walker, my wife." He proudly says as he slides his arm around her shoulders, holding her protectively against him. "Alex, this is Michael Gray Wolf, we grew up on the reservation together."

Clamping his mouth shut, he gives Walker a hard look, "That was dirty Walker. Why didn't you tell me this beautiful woman was your wife." He takes Alex's small hand in his and says, "It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Walker. I never thought any woman would ever hog tie this old warrior, but I think he did himself proud."

"Alex … please. And … thank you." She slides into the booth as Michael sits down and Walker slides in beside her.

"Ahh … a voice to soften the heart of the devil. Walker I may never forgive you for marrying this angel before I even had a chance to meet her."

Walker picks up her hand, "Alex, Michael is another one like me, both with red and white blood in our veins, raised in the Cherokee tradition. He's a doctor now, and he's here wanting my help for what, I'm not sure."

"Maybe I should leave you two alone, I don't want to intrude."

"No, Mrs. Walk … Alex, it's all right. I was just telling Walker a little about my problems and since you're involved with the legal side of the law, I think you might be able to help, too." Looking at the Ranger, "If that's all right with you, Walker."

Walker looks at his wife, "Not my call. Alex?"

"I'll be glad to help anyway I can." She takes Walker's hand in hers and smiles in appreciation of leaving the decision to her. The smile she flashes at her husband is not lost on Michael. It is no wonder his old friend fell for this woman.

"Well, I know both of you have to return to your jobs, so how about we table this until later, we can meet somewhere, have dinner, then talk, someplace where we won't be interrupted, it's quite … complicated."

"Okay. But I've got a better idea." Glancing at Alex and receiving a nod, "Why don't you come out to the ranch tonight, join us for dinner, and we'll talk afterwards."

"Are you sure? That's awful short notice."

"We insist. Please, we'd love to have you join us." With Alex smiling at him like that, there was no way he could say no.

"All right. It's a deal. How do I get there?" Walker gives him directions and then the Walkers leave to return to work.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Alex leaves work early to pick up the makings for dinner wanting to arrive at the ranch before her husband. She takes the groceries to the kitchen, puts them away, and then heads upstairs to get a shower and change before starting dinner. Not wanting to dally, she knows what will happen should Walker find her in the shower. It's not that she doesn't enjoy the little tête-à-têtes in the shower, but she knows they always blossom into longer indulgences. And with company coming and a dinner to fix she knows she can't give into these feeling even though she would like to. Just thinking about him finding her in the shower has started a fire in the pit of her stomach. She shuts the water off, grabs the towel and pushes the door open, stepping out … right into Walker's arms.

"Walker … please." She sees the desire in his eyes, as they take in her nakedness still glistening with dampness. His hand reaches out to delicately touch her breast, and moaning softly, he takes her into his arms. "Alex..." His fingers brush over her lips, her cheek and down her throat, as his mouth covers hers, his tongue gliding over her teeth, darting inside, tasting before mingling with hers.

His hands slide down her sides, moving behind her to cup her bottom, pulling her up against him, letting her feel how much he desires her. His mouth leaves hers and nibbles its way down her neck, as she breathlessly whispers, "Honey … we have company … coming. Please, I need…" Her knees turning to rubber with the onslaught of his mouth on her skin, with his hands on her breasts, squeezing, his thumbs rolling the nipples making the hard peaks even harder.

"I need … too," he murmurs as he dips his head and takes a passion filled nipple into his hot mouth, sucking it deep. Moving his hands down over the soft skin of her belly, then lower to cup her, his fingers searching, parting her flesh, a touch to the sensitive bud brings a moan from her lips and a gently thrusting of her hips. He drops to his knees, and as his arms circle her hips, he lays his head against her stomach, kissing his way down. When his tongue slides into the juncture of her thighs, she feels a flame of fire surge upward through her, eliciting a cry, "Walker … oh, God, please…" Desire rages through her, sapping her of what little strength she has left, and as her legs buckle, Walker scoops her up in his arms and carries her to the bedroom. With one hand holding her and bracing her on his leg, he uses the other to pull the spread back then gently lays her down. Quickly removing his clothes he stretches out over her, kissing her belly, her breasts, then her mouth again and again. The velvety tip of his sex is already pearled with moisture when he enters her. He stretches into her, stroking, reaching deep.

Alex gasps as he totally possesses her, driving deep with each thrust, her body rising to meet him, her legs wrapping around his hips, bringing him still deeper. Her body feels close to bursting, she begins to tremble, her body stiffens, then she screams out his name as spasms of ecstasy rush through her. Walker buries his face in her hair and surrenders to the explosion of his release, his body collapsing on top of her, then, as he is able, he withdraws and rolls to her side.

Their bodies a tangled pile of arms and legs on the sheets, she turns her face into his chest. She kisses it softly and combs her fingertips through the soft fur. Lying against her husband in the lethargic aftermath of love, feeling his arm around her, she crawls up his chest until her lips can touch his. "I love you," she murmurs softly.

"I love you, too, but I think we should get ready to greet our guest, don't you?"

It takes a second for his words to sink in then she bolts upright in bed. "Oh, God, I completely forgot." She dashes in the bathroom, takes a ten-minute shower, then dressing in jeans and a silk shirt, tucked in, she dashes down stairs to the kitchen. Getting the steaks out of the fridge, she glances out the back door to see Walker, firing up the grill.

She picks up the platter of steaks and pushes out the back door. He forks the steaks onto the grill, then turns to face her. She moves close and he slides his arms around her waist, "Sorry about throwing you behind … but…"

She silences him with her fingers on his lips as she murmurs, "It was my pleasure, darling."

"Hey, anybody home!" They jump apart just as Michael Gray Wolf comes out the back door. "I couldn't raise anyone at the front door, so I just followed my nose. Something sure smells good."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Folks, that was the best home cooked meal I've had in ages." He declines a second helping of desert when offered, "Oh … no way. I can hardly breathe now."

"Well, shall we go to the living room, and get comfortable, I'll bring the coffee." Alex follows her husband and Michael with the coffee. Walker and Alex sit together on the couch and Michael sits in a chair across from them.

"Now, Michael, you were saying something about needing help on the reservation?"

"Walker do you remember what it was like when you first came to the reservation? How hard it was for you to fit in. How you carried a chip on your shoulder until Uncle Ray had a long heart to heart talk with you? Your Uncle Ray took you under his wing and taught you what it meant to be a Cherokee."

"Yes, I remember, all to well." He looks at Alex then back at Gray Wolf. "Where does the drug problem come in?"

We've had an influx of single parents returning to the reservation, with …teenage children. They've really had it rough in the white man's world." He glances apologetically at Alex, "I didn't mean anything…"

"No, don't apologize, Michael, kids, and adults, can be pretty callus to mixed blood children. But, for every one that behaves badly you'll find 50 that don't."

"I know, Alex, but one bad apple can spoil the whole bag. And these kids have been tromped on pretty bad. They think drugs are the answer to everything. Prestige … power … and of course, money, for selling the stuff. If we can get just one away from this gang, I think the others will topple."

"I take it that the one to topple it, is the instigator."

"Well, he is the one that seems to be the ringleader."

"How old is this boy, Michael?"

"They are all about 15, 16, but this one seems to have more chutzpah, and is more daring than the others, Alex. And what's really bothering me is the younger ones are starting to get interested."

This leader, takes bigger chances?"

"That he does, you wouldn't believe some of the scraps he gets himself into. Some are downright dangerous."

"Maybe he just doesn't care anymore."

His eyes bore into Walkers, "You maybe right. I never thought about that. If he is that's all the more reason to get him out now.

"I would think the first thing to do is find out who is this kids supplier."

"Well, that's what I thought, too. But I've have no experience in detective work." He eyes meet Walker's then Alex's, then back to Walker's. "That's why I've come to you."

"Gray Wolf you know I have no jurisdiction on the reservation, I would have to be asked by the Tribal Council for help, before I could do anything."

Grinning, Michael reaches into his shirt pocket, and produces a letter. "I'm way ahead of you, Walker." Walker takes the paper from the envelope and scans it quickly then hands it to Alex. It's a letter from the Cherokee Council, asking for his assistance in helping the youth and clearing the reservation of drugs.

After reading the letter Alex look at her husband with a small grin, "Well … I guess all that's left is to ask Captain Price for the time off."

Walker knows this will not be done overnight, and the thought of leaving her for an extended period of time bothers him, immensely. He knows the same thought has occurred to her, and when he sees the lone tear in the corner of her eye, he takes her hand in his trying to convey his thoughts to her.

Michael, noticing the silent looks between his friend and his wife, "Walker, I didn't know you were married or I would have had her included in the letter. But I'm sure she would be welcome, especially if they know she has worked with troubled kids before. You two would go a long way in promoting acceptance between the two worlds.

Gray Wolf … I don't…"

"Look, Walker, the kids are living on the reservation with their surviving parent, a Cherokee, because they weren't accepted, in the white man's world. At least that's where their thinking has taken them. I have to convince these kids that being part Cherokee doesn't keep them from succeeding in becoming a useful citizen in either world." He looks at Alex, "And I think you can show them that love knows no boundary. A white woman can fall in love with a half-breed."

"I didn't fall in love with a half-breed, I fell in love with a man who happens to have Cherokee blood in him."


The love in his heart for this woman knows no boundaries as well. "Alex," he says softly, "do you think you'll be able get off?"

"I … don't know. I have a trial coming up on Monday that I can't postpone." She turns her head to look at Michael. "How soon would we have to leave?"

His face shows the pain he's feeling for them, when he says, "As soon as possible."

"Alex, I haven't talked to the Captain yet, let's wait till I do, then we can go from there, okay?"


Soon after that, Michael Gray Wolf takes his leave. Standing on the porch watching his car disappear from site, Walker turns his wife around in his arms, "Don't worry, hon, things will work out, you'll see."

"I don't want you to go without me."

End Part I

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Before you read this part you might want to make a trip to the refrigerator. Written with Jen's help. Enjoy

A Friend In Need Part II
By Sissy & Jennifer

"I thought we agreed not to worry about it till I talked to the Captain. Come on it's late, we have one more work day left, then we'll have the weekend together."

Opening the door to go inside, he hears a soft whisper, "Maybe."

After quick showers, they lay in bed nestled together in each other's arms. He knows what she's thinking he can feel it in the tenseness of her body.

His hands begin to caress her back, letting his fingers move lightly up and down her soft skin. Cupping her buttocks he pulls her in tight against him, letting her feel his manhood coming alive, letting her know he wants her.

She sucks in her breath, one minute it is lying soft and limp against her belly and the next it has swollen to full capacity, huge and hard. His size has always been a great pleasure to her, filling her completely when he sank into her.

Reaching down she circles him with her hand and guides him between her legs, where, to her delight, it swells even larger.

Walker moans softly, moving his hips slightly, the grip of her thighs around him sends shivers of delight flowing through him. He stops his action, knowing all to well what will happen if he continues. Moving his hand up to cup her breast, reshaping, lifting it to his mouth, where his tongue plays with the nipple, then nibbling gently with his teeth, her body responding by arching against him. He pulls at the tight bud with his lips then sucks it deep into his mouth. After attacking her other breast with the same intensity, he moves back up to cover her mouth, filling it with his taste. She meets the thrust of his tongue eagerly as a liquid fire pools in her most feminine parts.

Feeling the fire in that gem that brings her immense pleasure, she begins to slide her hips over his manhood, back and forth. He pulls back away from her, not wanting it to end like this. He slides one hand down between her legs letting his fingers play through the soft golden curls until he finds the moist heat of her center, sinking inside, stroking deep, then deeper, enjoying her gasps of pleasure.

He begins moving downward until his mouth replaces his fingers, continuing the heated strokes with his tongue until she's lurches up, choking out, "Walker, oh, God."

Sensations coils inside her like a spring, building toward what she knows will be an earth shattering release.

When she slumps back, quivering as the aftershocks of that wild pleasure continue to careen through her, he comes inside her, deep inside, until he's fully imbedded in her.

He rises up to plunge in again, and freezes, for in that instant, he is hit with the knowledge that he is finally where he belongs. She is his wife and lover and will be until they both leave this earth. He's always wanted Alex, but he never realized there could be such a binding force in the world as the deep bond he is feeling now.

But one thing he knows for sure, he never expected he would be this consumed with love until there was nothing inside him but Alex and what she is making him feel.

He looks down into her eyes as they open at his hesitation, eyes glazed with desire but they gaze intently into his as if feeling the same profound sense of being truly soul mates. He plunges deep into her, then leans down and kisses her with a deep love.

Passion is gathering in them like a tidal wave. He feels it in his loins. He draws back once more as Alex raises up to him with every nerve and muscle tight. He surges into her, reveling in the pure sensual pleasure of burying his proud manhood completely in her hot nest of pleasure. They strain together; Alex suddenly jerks and stiffens, pulling his hips to her as she cries out his name. Walker pushes into her once more and spews his seed deep into her, filling her.

He wraps his arms around her tightly as they both drift back to earth, their hearts pounding wildly against one another. Kissing her soundly, he tastes the passion he loves so dearly in this woman. His lips brush through her hair, his warm breath filling her ear with a whisper, "I love you."

"I love you, too, honey."

He hears the sob in her voice, "Alex, you're letting yourself get upset over something that we're not even sure will happen."

Alex sits up, her manner showing distress, "The Captain will let you go in a minute, Walker, and you know it."

"Honey, don't be so sure, I'm still working on the Jamison case."

"Oh, I thought you had that all wrapped up?"

"Well, there's still a few loose ends yet … but … I guess, essentially it is."

"See, you're going to be free to go … while I have to stay here." She collapses against him, tears threatening to spill.

"Alex … honey, I just won't go if you can't."

Alex sits up then, wiping the tears from her eyes, feeling foolish with the ways she's been acting, knowing full well that there will be times that they will have to be separated. But being married a little less than a month, their love still so fresh, that she couldn't stand the idea of not spending every night with him.

"I'm sorry, darling, forgive me for behaving like this, I … don't know what came over me. Of course you'll go. Maybe I can join you later."

Walker pulls her back down in his arms, and tucking her head under his chin, he softly murmurs, "It … kinda makes me glad that you're acting this way." She lifts her head to look at him, he smiles at her and presses her head back down, "because then I don't feel so bad about my not wanting to leave you either."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Alex was right, Captain Price told Walker he could leave anytime since most of the work was done on the Jamison case. "Trivette can finish up what loose ends still remain."

Walker turns to see Michael Gray Wolf looking at him, a large smile covering his face. "That's great, man. How soon can you be ready."

But Walker's eyes don't reflect the same joy that Michael's does. "I've got to go see Alex." He turns away from his boyhood friend heading out the door of Ranger Headquarters. He finds Alex just entering her office.

When she sees the look on his face she knows the news isn't good, but she keeps her emotions in check as she enters her office. She goes to the back of her desk as Walker shuts the door, then follows her around the desk. When she attempts to sit down, he stops her by taking her arm and turning her around to face him. "Alex … I'm not to going to go away so it won't do any good to ignore me."

As his arms circle her, she leans into him, "Oh, Walker, I'm not ignoring you. I'm ignoring what I know you're going to tell me."

"Do you want me to wait until you can go?"

"Don't be silly. You're needed up there now. I'll follow just as soon as this trial is over." She kisses him softly on the lips, and looking deep into his eyes, "How … soon do you have to leave?"

"Monday morning?"

She smiles at him, "You're staying the weekend for me?"

At his nod, she touches her lips to his again and as her arms circle his neck he deepens the kiss little by little until both are breathing heavy, their bodies straining together. Their lips finally separate and he softly whispers, "Maybe we'd better save this for later." He kisses her softly on the tip of her nose and reluctantly steps back. She stops him with a hand on his arm and reaches up with a tissue to dab at his lips.

She smiles, "Jimmy would notice." He nods, she drops her arms, and then he backs up, turns and walks out of the room.

Returning to Ranger Headquarters and Michael Gray Wolf, Walker finds his friend chatting easily with several other rangers. Seeing Walker enter the room, Michael excuses himself, turns and walks over to stand in front of his desk.

"Well, Washo, you gonna tell me when you'll be ready to leave?"

"How soon are you heading back?"

"I have to leave tonight, I've got patients I need to see. Was kinda hoping you'd be going with me."

"I'll be there early Monday morning, Gray Wolf. Will that be all right?"

Michael grins wickedly at him, "Takes you all weekend to get ready for the trip, huh?"

Red begins to creep up Walker's neck as Michael leans closer, lowers his voice and adds, "I don't blame you, old friend, if I had a squaw in my bed like that I wouldn't be in any hurry to leave either. Monday morning will be fine." He slaps Walker on the back and turns to leave, hesitates, then faces Walker again.

"I'm going to go ahead and leave right away then, but I'll expect to see you on the reservation Monday morning early." With a wink, "May I have your permission to say good bye to your wife?"

"Sure … I'll show you where…"

"No … that's all right, I'll find it. I … may want to kiss her goodbye, and I don't want you knocking me on my a… my backside." Grinning like a lecherous wolf, he quickly leaves the room.

Minutes later, he is knocking on Alex's office door. Hearing a soft, "Come in," he pushes the door open to see her working at some papers on her desk.

Alex smiles and stands when she sees Michael and reaches her hand out to him, "Michael, I've already said he could go, you don't need to come to me begging to let him go."

Softly, "I know, Alex. I just left him. You two are still on your honeymoon, and here I am separating the two of you. I'm real sorry about that, maybe I'll find some way to make it up to you."

"No, Michael, it's alright. Really … it is. Are you going to wait till he leaves, if you are why don't you stay at the ranch and leave together?"

Michael lets out a whoop, "No way, Lady, that old warrior would shoot me for sure if I crowded in on his weekend with you. No, I'm leaving in a few minutes, got patients to tend to."

"Well, Michael, I'm real glad to have finally met someone from Walker's past."

"I think some things in Washo's past he doesn't want to remember."

"I know … but you are one of the nice things he remembers. And maybe if I'm lucky, and this trial doesn't drag out, I can join him in a few days."

"You would be welcome." He stares into her shinning blue eyes, "Alex, I'd kiss you goodbye but if I did I probably wouldn't want to stop, so…." He leans over and gives her a quick touch of his lips to her cheek and backs away. "It was a real pleasure to meet you, Alex Cahill Walker."

"I hope to see you again, real soon, Michael." With a nod and a smile he leaves her office.

At five o'clock Walker leaves his office, walks out of Ranger Headquarters, and sees Alex walking toward him. "All done, baby?" She smiles and nods and turns to match his stride as his arm slides around her waist guiding her toward the elevator.

On the ride home, Walker turns to look at Alex, "Come here, Alex, sit next to me." She unfastens her seat belt and slides over next to him, straddling the console on the floor, then refastens the center belt. She leans against him turning her head for his kiss, then rests her hand on his thigh.

At her touch, his manhood jumps and stirs to life, as he knew it would. He could stand that, just her coming in contact with his body does that to him. That he can take without a problem, it's when she absent-mindedly spreads her hand, letting her fingers brush over his thigh that is getting to him. With his erection starting to press uncomfortably against his jeans, he lowers his hand to hers, stilling her fingers.

She meets his eyes then, "I'm sorry."

"I'm not. But if you keep that up we won't make it home … very soon." She removes her hand, lying it in her lap, then leans her head against his shoulder.

"Did Gray Wolf come to see you?"

"Ummm … yes. I like him, honey. He must have been a good friend when you were younger?"

"He was. We went through the same growing up pains." He didn't elaborate and she didn't press him further. The rest of the drive home was quiet, with each lost in the subsequent future when they will be separated.

Arriving home, he opens the door and pulls her out after him, slams the door shut, then slides his arm around her waist and they walk slowly up the steps and into the house, locking the door after them.

Since they've gotten married the return home at the end of each day, especially if they arrived together, has always been a race to get into the house and upstairs to the bedroom. The love and desire they had felt for each other all day increases tenfold on the drive home so that by the time their destination is reached, the anticipation of what awaits them is so overwhelming that at times the never make it to their bedroom. They've always made it into the house but not always up the stairs.

Today is different. The desire is still there, stronger than ever, but knowing in a couple of days that they will be separated, for an undetermined amount of time, has made them slow down. Wanting to keep every kiss, every touch stamped indelible on their minds, to bring it forth when their time of separation becomes unbearable.

Upon reaching the bedroom, Walker follows his wife into the bathroom, where they begin to undress each other with a very deliberate slowness. When the last article of clothing drops to the floor the desire between them is blazing so hot the air seems to sizzle around them. Their eyes meet as Walker reaches out to take her hand pulling her after him into the shower.

Alex turns the water on and adjusts the temperature, while Walker takes the nylon scrunch, already soaped, and begins to caress her body lightly with it. She feels like liquid fire is flowing through her veins, and it all seems to be pooling in her femininity where the fire is the hottest.

Walker's watches the fire build in her eyes, his hand trembling as he leaves a thick cover of suds on her breasts, her stomach, then down to gently caress the blonde curls at the joining of her thighs.

Alex moans softly and sways against him feeling his steel hard erection pressing into her belly. Her body shifts slightly giving his hand better access to that part of her that is dying for his touch.

She tenses, waiting for his touch, but even knowing that it's coming doesn't prepare her for the overpowering response that her body takes when his fingers finally touch that small bit of flesh that brings her so much pleasure. She feels like her whole body is on fire and blazing out of control as his fingers sink inside her, pushing deep, only to retreat and push in again.

Her breathing harsh, her voice almost non-existent, as she murmurs, "Walker … I need … I need…" as her hands close around him. Hearing her whispered plea, he lifts her up as she guides his throbbing manhood to the lip of her fire, his hips thrust once to make entry, then again driving all the way to her womb.

Alex's legs circle his waist, moving her body in rhythm with his, her head lying next to his, his breathing fast and raspy in her ear as he furiously pumps into her. She gasps "I … I can't wait…"

"Don't … wait," he gasps between thrusts, "Don't … wait." Suddenly her legs tighten around him and she screams out as the orgasm plows through her system. Then as the climax roars up through his body, he cries out, in a tight voice, "Alex!" as he drives deep once more, then holds her tight as he releases his sperm deep inside her.

When Walker feels Alex's body go limp in his arms he withdraws, and pulls her close to him, letting the water, that has turned slightly on the cool side, wash over them as the tide of ecstasy slowly fades away.

As his breathing quiets and his legs steady, he takes her from the shower and wraps a towel around her as he sits her on the toilet seat. He turns back and shuts the water off, then grabs another towel to wrap around Alex's hair.

She reaches up to take his hand in hers, pressing it down over her mound, her fingers twining with his, looks up into his eyes, and murmurs softly, "fire, I'm … still on fire."

Walker grabs a towel and quickly dries himself off, then pulling the towel from around her, and off her hair, he takes her hand and places it at his crotch, wrapping her fingers around him. "I'll take care of your fire, baby."

Her eyes still glazed with passion, she lets him guide her to the bed and stands impatiently while he tosses the bedspread and blankets back. Then as he turns back to her, she wraps her arms around his neck, her lips moving over his in a sensuous kiss. As her tongue darts into his open mouth they fall sideways down onto the bed, her knee sliding up between his thighs, gently pressing against the soft sac nestled there.

As his hands move over her breasts he finds her nipples still as hard, still as delicious, drawing one deep into his mouth as the other is pleasured with his hand and fingers. She moans and arches into him, her mouth gnawing at his, as rapturous sensations begin to build within her. Her lips wander over his face and down his neck as she presses her hips against his and feeling his rigid manhood, she takes it in her hands, enjoying the softness of the skin that covers the warm hard shaft. She puts one hand above the other, and moves them firmly up and down, and Walker feels a surge of pleasure that is magnified beyond belief when he feels the warm wetness of her mouth sheath him.

He forces his body to lie still as she lowers her mouth down over him, then letting out an explosive sigh, he closes his eyes as exquisite sensations begin to course through him. He opens glazed eyes to watch, and he can't help but reach for the soft golden hair that fills his lap. As his mind drifts into an almost semiconscious state his hand moves to find her. Her motions pause momentarily at his touch, then her tongue resumes its delicious play over and around him as her mouth continues its seduction.

Instinctively he moves his hand, stretches out, seeking her softness, his fingers dipping into the silkiness of the deep well of her pleasure. He moves his fingers but slightly to elicit little shivers of excitement. The ball of his thumb gently rotates over the small exquisite nub, a touch that draws from her soft moans, moans that he can't hear, but he can feel, as vibrations inside her mouth are transmitted back to him.

The buildup between them begins deliciously slow, but as gentle touches and caresses change to a faster pace, with frantic jerking of the hips the tide of ecstasy moves through them swiftly as an orgasm erupts from one, blending with the other, carrying them in the flow into oblivion.

This living dream, this oblivion is so sweet, it leaves him feeling as though he has melted. It's several long minutes before he is able to move. Opening his eyes he sees Alex collapsed across his abdomen. He runs his fingers through her hair, and hearing a soft moan, he gently pulls her up along side of him, wrapping her in his embrace. He reaches down and pulls up the blankets then nestles her head beneath his chin, he closes his eyes, and lets sleep come over him. The last thing he remembers is her soft sigh and his name on her lips.

Alex is pulled out of the light sleep, by the bed giving, causing her to roll slightly. She softly whispers, "Walker?"

"Shh … I'm going to go take care of the horses, then I'll be right back."

"What time is it?"

"Hmm … 7:30."

Sitting up and glancing at the window, "In the morning?"

He chuckles softly, "No, it's still Friday evening."

The bed sways again as he stands, "I'll be back in a little while, why don't you go back to sleep."

"No … I'll get up and fix dinner. I'm not really that sleepy." Her eyes meet his, "Are you?"

"No … but I've got a powerful hunger."

She throws the blankets back and gets out of bed. "I'll try and have dinner ready when you come in."

Reaching for her robe on the foot of the bed, Walker slips his arms around her waist before she can put it on. "Okay … although that isn't what I meant," he murmurs as he nuzzles the back of her neck.

Alex ducks her head at the tickling sensation he causes, then playfully pushes him away. "Yeah, right. I can hear your stomach rumbling loud and clear. Now go take care of the horses before they kick the barn down."

He places a quick kiss to her cheek than starts out the bedroom door, "Thirty minutes then I'll be back."

She smiles then goes into the bathroom for a quick shower before heading downstairs. As she turns the water on in the shower she hears the distant rumbling of thunder. "Good, hope it storms all weekend. Then we'll have to stay home."

True to her word Alex has a candlelit dinner on the table with wine in an ice bucket when he returns. They sit across from each other, enjoying a meal of spaghetti, with bread, minus the garlic. Walker pours a little of the red wine in each of their glasses and they eat quietly making small talk about things that needs to be taken care of before he leaves.

After the meal, Walker helps Alex clear the table, then refilling their glasses with more wine, they move to the living room to sit on the couch. Hearing the rolling rumble of more thunder that is definitely closer, Walker gets up to shut the front door.

When he returns to the living room, "Darling, why don't you fix a fire in the fireplace, with a storm outside, it will make it cozier in here."

He turns toward the fireplace, "Good idea."


~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Enjoy Ladies

Friend in Need Part III
by Sissy & Jennifer

While he builds the fire, Alex takes the quilt off the back of the couch and spreads it on the floor in front of the hearth, then sitting down with her legs tucked underneath her she reaches up for Walker's hand and he kneels beside her. He kisses her softly, then stretches out on the floor pulling her with him. They snuggle together in the glow of the fire, mesmerized by the dancing flames as the storm outside creeps closer. The two lovers drift off to sleep only to wake several hours later to appease the storm that is raging in their bodies. Their hands touch and caress over hot skin, and lips entice, tongues explore and teeth nibble as desire rises, begging to be released. With bodies moving together, heaven is soon found and again the lovers drift off to sleep.

When Alex wakes to the morning light, she finds herself snuggled up against Walker, a blanket thrown over both of them and dying flames in the fireplace. She vaguely remembers him getting up sometime during the night to add more logs, which must have been when he had gotten the blanket. Her fingers splay out over his chest and with a soft sigh she shuts her eyes to sleep again.

The next two days seem to fly by, with taking care of the mundane chores of maintaining a home and taking care of the livestock and then the planning to have things taken care of while he is gone. Not to mention, spending hours together in each other's arms making love.

Sunday afternoon they take a long ride, then in the late afternoon they have a light meal then move to the swing on the front porch, sitting close, words aren't needed as the dark descends and clouds begin rolling in. When he pulls Alex closer, she can feel his breath blowing softly through her hair and know he is going to say what she doesn't want to hear. When she hears an intake of breath, "Darling … don't … not yet."

A soft whisper, "Alex…"

"No … wait … please. I just want this time with you to last a while longer. Let's don't think about tomorrow … not yet."

A sudden whinnying of the horses in the barn brings them up straighter in the swing. "I'd better go see what it is."

"I'll go with you." Taking her hand they leave the porch and walk out to the barn to see what is disturbing the horses. Off to the south they see flashes of lightening and hear soft distant thunder.

Walker reaches around the corner, and flips the light switch, flooding the barn with brightness. Moving into the center of the aisle, looking for the problem, they are startled when four cats tear out of one stall making a wild run across the aisle into another stall, causing the horse to sidestep around the small furry animals and whinnying his displeasure.

Walker laughs, "Cats, having their nightly play. Storm must have them skittish." Just then a loud bang of thunder, followed by a brilliant flash of lightening and everything goes dark as the electricity goes out.

"Walker?" He tightens his arm around her as they head for the door, but are driven back inside as heavy rain begins blowing in the doorway. "Well, I guess we're stuck in the barn until the rain stops." Moving back inside away from the blowing rain.

With his arms holding her close, he touches his lips to her face searching for her lips in the darkness. When they touch the corner of her mouth, he feels her tongue probing, and quickly moves his mouth over hers, trapping her tongue then sucking it deep into his mouth. Her arms circle his neck, holding it tightly in place, the kiss deepening, desire springing to life, as his hands move up under her sweater, brushes lightly across her bare stomach. At his touch on her skin she sways against him feeling the hard length of his manhood against her leg.

One kiss ends, a deep inhaling of breath, and another one starts, breathing is fast, hearts are pounding furiously. His hand unclasps her bra, then covers her soft mound of flesh, feeling it swell as his fingers move over her with butterfly touches, before stopping at the nipple, rolling it between his thumb and finger, feeling it harden.

Alex shifts her hips slightly, bringing the bulge of his manhood into the cleft of her thighs then rubs her feminine mound over him, bringing tremors and moans from both of them.

Together they stumble blindly toward the stall with the fresh straw. She draws her sweater over her head, taking her bra, too, exposing her breasts. They fall into the mound of straw, where caressing becomes a wrestling match. Reaching for her shorts he unbuttons them and slides them down along with her panties.

Then he touches her. Her hips arch up, as his fingers slide deep inside her.

His touch is like a lightening bolt, all sizzle and heat. Moaning with pleasure, she readjusts her hips to accommodate his caresses. His lips move against her stomach, kissing it lightly. Licking her skin with his tongue, he nibbles his way back up to her breasts. She lays her hand against his cheek as his lips seek and find her nipple, his tongue caressing it wetly before he draws it deep into his mouth, even as his fingers are working their magic in her hot moistness.

The movement of his stroking fingers inside her is bringing the orgasm quickly to the surface. Feeling it break free she flattens her hand over his, pressing it deeper into her, grinding her body against it, squeezing it hard between her thighs as a thin scream breaks loose from her lips

Walker watches her face as she slowly relaxes, her eyes peeking through the slits of her eyelids, dazed, feeling deliciously spent.

Seeing Walker watching her, she smiles shyly and murmurs softly, "You're always doing that."

"Doing what?" He asks as he begins to nuzzle his lips against her neck.

"Always pleasuring me first before taking care of your own desires."

With his lips lying against hers, "Pleasuring you pleases me."

"Let me pleasure you now," she says as he rises up and begins to do away with his jeans and shorts, then pushing him down on his back, she unbuttons his shirt and pushes it aside. "No interference now," she murmurs as her lips move softly over his chest, leaving a trail of wet kisses behind her. Letting her hands brush through the soft fur as her lips find his nipple, a small pebble. She grips it with her teeth, tugging gently, he moans as the sharp pricks of pleasure ripple through him, his body heaving upward as she begins to suckle it. Feeling the nipple harden, she moves to the other one, giving it the same attention, before her mouth begins it's seductive trek following the line of hair over his belly down to where it becomes thicker and coarser surrounding the rock hard erection, that's jutting out from his body. She hesitates as she nears the lethal projection, watching it throb and jerk as if anticipating her encroachment. She reaches out to circle it with her hand, feeling the soft warm skin encasing the steel shaft, pulsing, waiting.

She shifts her position till she is kneeling between his legs. Holding his shaft in both hands, one atop the other, she leans over and touches her tongue quickly to the end, licking away the few pearly drops gathered there. She then swirls her tongue around and over the head, much like licking an ice cream cone, before lowering her head, taking him into her mouth, sucking gently.

When her mouth closes over him, his breath explodes out of his mouth in a rush, his hips drive up. She moves her hands away from him and sucks him deeper, her head bobbing as she moves up and down on him. Walker grips hands full of straw as she moves over him, his eyes just slits in his face as he watches, unable to take his eyes off of her head as she works over him.

Feeling the eruption beginning deep inside him, he wants to stop her, but his body is already in the throes of the orgasm and it's to late to try and pull away. When it bursts forth from him, he screams out Alex's name, his hips thrust up as his hands clamp around her head, pulling her away from him.

Moving up his body, she straddles him and guides him inside of her while he is still hard. Lying down, her breasts flattening against his chest, it's her turn to watch his face, serene, placid but his eyes are still glazed with passion. Sensing her over him, he turns his head to find her. He raises his hand to the back of her head and pulls her down, licks her lips and kisses her softly, tasting himself on her lips, then wraps his arms around her holding her gently.

Alex lies still, feeling him grow soft inside her, his breathing slowly returns to normal, and as his arms regain their strength they tighten around her.

His mouth moves seeking hers, his tongue probing, finding hers waiting, dips inside, tasting, then playfully nudging hers awake. They twine together, the touch gentle, then she begins to suckle his, and then she in turn lets hers move into his mouth where he returns the pleasure.

She tightens then releases her inner muscles around him, then again. She feels a small jerk. She continues to tighten around him as she begins to move lightly in an ebb and flow manner. As she feels him respond she lengthens the motion. Rising higher on him until his body begins to move with hers.

It doesn't take long for fresh needs to awaken in both of them and their hips work together in that age-old rhythm of lovers. Then with screams of rapture, he feels it coming, it surges within her, then bursts forth in that final overwhelming rush of energy and pleasure and release.

Pulling her up and off of him he snuggles her into his side. Listening to the rain falling softly outside the barn, he murmurs, "I think the storm has slowed, you want to try and make a dash for the house?"

Reaching up to touch his lips with her fingers, "I think we'd better. This straw … is loosing it softness. It feels … prickly."

He stands and pulls her up and after locating their clothes and dressing they close up the barn and make a dash for the house.

Shutting the front door they turn together and make their way upstairs in the dark, discard their wet clothes and after showering they crawl into bed. Walker pulls her back against him, his head next to hers on the pillow.

"Alex…" he murmurs. "We need to talk about … while I'm gone, baby."

"I know … I'll listen now. Darling, I know I'm being silly about this, I'm not a teenager with her first crush, I've got responsibilities to my job, just like you have. When this trial is over I'll join you on the reservation and help anyway I can."

"That's my girl. I know you think I waited till tomorrow to leave for your benefit. But I delayed leaving, for me as well as you. I'm gonna miss you very much."

They lie still in each other's arms, not speaking for several minutes, then Alex turns around facing him. "What time do you have to leave?"

"If I leave here by 4:00 I should get to the reservation by daybreak. I've got the alarm set for 3:00." She buries her face in his neck, lying still for a long time. He would have thought she was asleep but her body was to tense.

She takes a deep breath, "This trial shouldn't last long, so when it's over I'll call and let you know I'm on my way."

"No … call me, I'll come to get you."

She sits up and looks at him, "Walker that's silly. Why should you drive all the way back here to get me, when I have a perfectly good car."

"If I come to get you, we'll only have one vehicle to worry about on the drive back."

She snuggles back down against him, "I see your point, but I still think I can drive."

"It's settled now. Okay?"

A soft murmur, "Okay." Then slowly her body relaxes and he feels the tension drain from her body as she falls asleep.

Walker slowly opens his eyes, knowing instinctively that it is time to get up. He reaches out and hits the switch on the alarm clock before it can make its ringing noise. He lies still listening to the soft breathing of his wife, wishing he wasn't going to be leaving soon.

He whispers softly, "Alex."

"I'm awake." She murmurs, lying still, not wanting the morning to come. Then she turns in his arms, and moves up his body, pulling his head into her breasts. Her mouth against his hair, "I'm going to miss you."

"Shh…" His hand caresses her back, pressing her closer, his mouth hot with desire begins kissing the soft swell of her breasts, his lips nibbling at the nipple bringing it into his mouth. He sucks gently at first, but when she pushes herself up to him he increases the suction. Her breathing becomes ragged, moaning softly, she brings her knee up between his thighs, the coarse hair on his legs brushing against the soft smooth skin of hers feels strangely erotic sending delicious little shivers coursing through her.

Stretching out against the length of him, she opens to him, her mouth and her thighs. She wants him, wants to feel his fullness inside her. He closes his mouth over hers, tightens his arms and rolls her under him. She feels him hard against her, then she's helping him, guiding him and he slides in to the warm moistness.

When her softness encloses around hem, he feels a surge that brings him close to that delicious edge. It backs off and he plunges in again, and again, and again. He wants to draw it out, make it last. But the forces of desire have taken over, and both are being carried on a tidal wave to ecstasy.

Alex lies with her arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders, holding him against her softness. "Alex."

"I know. Just a few more minutes." She slowly releases him, letting him pull away, to sit on the side of the bed, he leans over and kisses her softly, tenderly and sweetly.

He slips into the bathroom for a quick shower, and when he returns to the bedroom, Alex has a suitcase open on the bed, filling it with his clothes. He watches her silently as he dresses, thinking she looks so beautiful, and how much he's going to miss her. 'I've known this woman for years' he thinks to himself, 'and I've never had a problem with leaving like this … not until after we married.'

Moving up to her after she closes the suitcase, he turns her around to face him, kissing her softly, "Remember, call me when the trial is over, and I'll come for you." She nods, not willing to trust her voice. "Stay here, you don't need to come downstairs."

She tightens her arms around his waist, lying her head on his chest, "I love you," she murmurs softly.

"I love you, too. Very much." He releases her then and picks up his suitcase and turns for the door. "I'll call you when I get there." She nods and he leans in and kisses her again then walks out the door without looking back.

Hearing the front door shut, she moves to the window to watch him walk to the truck. He opens the door, turns and waves at her, then shuts the door and starting the engine drive down the drive.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Walker just barely has time to stow his gear at Michael Gray Wolf's before his friend is taking him around getting him acclimated to the situation. When he sees the group of young people in question he knows the reason for Michael's concern. The elders take great pains to ignore the teenagers but there are several younger kids watching from a distance wanting to join the older group but still a little hesitant.

As Walker watches the actions of the older kids he can see a little of him when he first came to the reservation. Belligerent, a chip on his shoulder, and if it hadn't of been for his Uncle Ray he could very well have ended up like them. But he felt like these young people still had a chance.

Being new to the kids he uses the first few days just letting them get use to his presence, then he begins working his way into their confidence. They are just starting to open up to him, when they find out he is a lawman.

The leader of the group, Joseph Red Dog, with a snarl on his lips, "A lawman? We don't need a lawman here." And he turns to leave, the rest starting to follow.

"I'm not a lawman here. Here, I'm just like you, half Cherokee, half-white. You sound just like the ones you say won't accept you, now who's the bigot."

Joseph turns around angrily, "We don't hide who we are. Why didn't you tell us you were a cop?"

Walker's voice is hard, forceful, "Because it shouldn't make any difference. My parents were just like yours, my father was full Cherokee married to a white woman. And it was hatred against the Indian that killed my parents and I learned first hand what that hatred can do to a young mind." As they stop and listen, his voice softens, "I came to this reservation, hating both white and Cherokee, because I felt unwanted by both sides. But I had an uncle that taught me to believe in myself. He gave me the courage to face the hatred and bigotry. He turned my life around." He watches them looking at each other, debating, wanting to believe but still skeptical. "There are people here to help you, like I was helped. All you have to do is want the help." He turns and starts to walk away, when Brenda Stanton, touches his arm, stopping him.

"You live in the white man's world?" He nods and she continues, "My mother married a white man, and he was good to us. But it tore him up the way his 'friends' treated her and me. And when he died they wouldn't even look at us let alone help. I know what it is to be called names. Are you telling us they don't call you half-breed?"

"No, I'm not saying that. It does happen, I won't lie to you. But people that love you and respect you will accept you for what you are. What you've made of your life. Think about it." Walker watches the kids for a minute, "I've got a phone call to make, I'll be back in a little while." He turns and walks away, the kids watching him until he disappears into the general store.

"Yeah, I bet he's never even dated a white girl!" Brenda turns to look at Michael, "Have you seen what happens a girl's reputation just because she went out with an Indian? Or a white boy after his friends get done with him just for talking to an Indian girl?"

"Walker is married to a white girl." When everyone starts laughing at him in disbelief, Michael pushes forward. "I've seen her. He is married … to the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and she's the deputy District Attorney in Dallas. So it doesn't make any difference what blood flows in your veins, but what you make of yourself. Cordell Walker is a Texas Ranger. Rumor has it that he is the best of the best. The best are the only ones who can get into the Rangers. There are only 100 Rangers and they take care of the whole state of Texas." When he sees Walker returning he brings the attention back on him, "And then there's me. I'm a doctor. I worked my way through Medical school. If I can do it anyone can. It just takes a commitment." Turning to face his friend, "Call made?"

"Yeah, she must still be in court."

Seeing the disappointment in Walker's eyes, "Well, you have their undivided attention, don't lose them now."

He turns and moves into the middle of the group, "How many of you have a dream? Do you want to live your life on the fringes or do you want to make something of yourself. What would you like to be Brenda, a housewife, doctor, or maybe a teacher? And you, Joseph, maybe you'd like to become a lawyer to help your people. You can be anything you want." He searches the faces and sees the hope coming to life in their eyes and continues, "But you can't do it with drugs. Drugs will rob you of your self-control and your self-respect. You have help here, all you have to do is ask."

After much whispering among themselves, Joseph turns to face Walker and Michael Gray Wolf. "We're … asking, Walker … Michael. What can we do, where do we start?"

Walker grins and says, "You've already started, by asking for help. Will you help me get rid of the drug dealer that is keeping you supplied?"

The next couple of days, Walker and Michael, sit with the kids and set up plans to catch the drug dealer. Once it is set, Walker convinces Michael to say with the kids while he flushes out the gang that is bringing the drugs onto the reservation.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

When the jury returns with the verdict, Alex gathers up her papers and shoves them into her briefcase, slams it shut and quickly leaves the courtroom. Running into Jimmy just outside the door, he grins broadly at her, "I bet you are on your way to be with your husband."

Returning with a smile of her own, "You win, Jimmy, I'm on my way now to call him."

When she enters her office, she drops her briefcase on the desk, digs in her purse for the number that Walker had left with her, then sits down and dials the phone. She hears the ringing on the other end, looks at her watch, 10:00, 'come on Walker', she silently pleads. She starts to hang up when she hears the breathless response, "Hello!"

"Yes, this is Alex Cahill-Walker and I'd like to speak to Cordell Walker, please."

"Alex? This is Michael. Walker is … kinda tied up right now, can I take a message?"

She hesitated for a moment, but didn't want to delay Walker coming for her as soon as possible. "Yes, would you tell him that the trial is over, and I can leave anytime."

"That's great, Alex. I'll tell him and knowing him, he'll be leaving right away. Glad to have you join us."

"Thank you, Michael. I'll see you … later then. Goodbye."

When Alex arrives home, she dashes upstairs and begins packing her suitcase. She knows it will take him at least three hours to make the drive so she decides to take a leisurely bubble bath, wanting to fresh for him when he arrives. Lying back in the warm bubbly water, her mind wonders to thoughts of her husband, his touch, his kiss, which she has been without for the past week. She smiles, knowing the trip back will be delayed, and when her body starts heating up with the thought of making love to her husband, she climbs out of the water, wanting to shake the thoughts of lust that has come over her. She dries off and slips on a pair of worn jeans, and a tank top with a loose shirt over it, then begins digging around in her drawer for the negligee that is Walker's favorite. Lying it in the suitcase, she closes it and takes it downstairs, leaving it by the front door.

She looks at the clock, time is crawling for her, moving into the kitchen she makes a sandwich and gets a glass of ice tea, and goes to the living room. After eating her sandwich, she leans against the back of the couch, shuts her eyes and immediately thinks of her husband. Her body relaxes with the memories and she dozes off.

She wakes to hear a pounding on the front door. "Who … Walker wouldn't knock…" She sits up, wiping the sleep from her eyes, stands and walks to the front door. Pulling it open she's surprised to see Michael standing there. "Michael, is something wrong … Walker's not hurt…?"

"No … he's fine, Alex. He's on a stakeout for the drug dealer and since I couldn't find him, I thought I'd do him a favor and come and get you myself." His smile is contagious, and Alex returns it as he says, "Maybe surprise him?"

"It will be a surprise won't it. Would you like to rest maybe get a bite to eat before we start back?"

"No, I'm fine. So if you're ready?" She steps back inside and slips on her Levi jacket and picks up her suitcase and steps out on the porch. "Here, let me take that." After depositing it in the back seat, he opens the door for Alex then getting behind the wheel he starts the engine and they are on their way to the reservation.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


This will be divided into two parts. A trip to the frig might be needed. Enjoy.

Friend In Need Part IV
By Sissy & Jennifer

"You kids have been a big help to me in capturing this drug gang and to show my appreciation, how would you all like to go on a trail ride and maybe we can talk some more on … your future?"

"Hey, that would be great. When can we leave?"

"Well, it's kinda late for today, we can start first thing in the morning."

"Let's go now. We could make the lake by night fall, then have an early start to Wailing Falls in the morning."

Walker smiles at their eagerness, "All right, get the horses saddled, round up provisions, and get the gear loaded and I'll see if I can locate Michael and let him know."

Leaving the kids running in all directions to get everything together for the ride, he begins his search for Michael. After looking at the hospital and general store he goes back to his friends house.

Getting no answer when he knocks on the door, he steps away, wondering where his friend could be. Just as he starts to leave, he sees Michael's car coming down the street. He stands waiting for him to get out of the car but the passenger door opens first. And he forgets all about Michael when he sees the woman he loves step out of the car. She's still for just a moment, watching him, then starts running toward him. His face lights up and he moves to meet her in the center of the street, oblivious to everything else. She rushes into his waiting arms, feels the possessive embrace and melts against him. Their lips touch, they part and she looks up into his face through eyes filled with happy tears, then slowly their lips come together again in a hungry kiss.

As they end the kiss, quiet chattering breaks through the haze of their world, and stepping apart they turn to see they have an audience of young teenagers. An embarrassing flush quickly colors their faces as the youngsters continue to stare at them.

Joseph takes a step in front of the others and timidly inquires, "Does this mean our trail ride is canceled?"

Alex sees the disappointment in the young man's face and as she glances around she sees the same look on the rest of the young people gathered in front of them. She turns to look at Walker, and he softly murmurs, "I … promised them a trail ride to Wailing Falls … for their help in the capture of the drug gang." He sees the question in her eyes, "But that was before I knew you were coming. We can … go later."

She turns to look around at the somber faces then looks back at him, "No … a trail ride was promised, so you'll just have to add another rider."

Before Walker can protest, a rousing cry of "All right" is heard and Joseph is delegating the finding of another horse and gear among his followers.

Alex watches the kids take off then looks at Michael who is just standing there smiling at them, and then realizing he is an intruder, he jumps, and says, "Oops, I'm outta here."

Finally alone, Alex turns in his arms, sliding hers around his neck, and looking into his eyes, sees his desire for her, "I know honey. But … we're together now, that's what really matters." She brushes her lips across his lightly and murmurs, "Besides … who knows what can happen on a trail ride."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Michael looks at the group of riders and wishes he was going to, but with patients in the hospital, all he can do is watch them leave. Looking up at Walker, "How long are you going to be gone, Washo?"

"Well, we'll spend tonight at the lake and leave for Wailing Falls in the morning, so we should be back by late Sunday afternoon."

He reaches up and shakes Walker's hand, "I want to thank you for what you did to turn these kids around, and … also for following through with the trail ride. They are really looking forward to it." He smiles up at Alex, "You've got a good man there, Alex."

She smiles and softly replies, "I know."

Michael stands back, "Have a good time, guys, and don't give Walker any trouble on this ride."

Good-natured laughter rings out with replies of 'Okay, Doc' and 'You know us, doc.' Michael waves them off and Walker and Alex lead the group out of town.

At the lake, Walker sends the kids all out to find firewood and when they all disappear out in the brush and trees, he pulls Alex into his arms, lowers his lips to hers, murmuring, "God, I've sure missed you."

"I've missed you, too, honey." She murmurs, rolling her hips against his. He deepens the kiss, filling her mouth with his taste. She melts against him as his hand cups her breast through her shirt, his thumb stroking across the hardened nipple.

Laughter from back in the trees pulls them apart, and with a quick kiss to her cheek, he drops to his knees and begins to clear a place to dig out for the fire.

With darkness surrounding them they sit close around the fire, chatting easily. Alex draws up close to Walker's side, both listening to the musings of the teenagers. With four boys and two girls the talk invariably turns towards boy-girl relationships and the best way to handle the negative remarks made by their peers on their heritage. When the voices become heated, Walker tries to calm them down. "It's kinda late to be getting into a deep discussion, why don't we turn in and we'll have a long bull session after we get to Wailing Falls. That'll give you all plenty of time to think about what you want to say." He looks at each face and finally receives nods in agreement.

The kids move back away from the fire and begin to spread their sleeping bags out. Walker moves his and Alex's to the far side of the camp, making the two bags into one. One of the boys begins to open his bag close to theirs, but before he can get it spread out, Joseph hollers at him, "Hey, Bill, move your bag away from the man and his woman. If I had a woman like that sleeping with me I wouldn't want a bunch of half-breeds crowding my space." A little giggling follows the remark but the boy moves his bag over with the others.

Thankful that the darkness hides their faces, Walker slips his boots off and quickly slides down into the bag with Alex. She just barely gets the bag zipped up around them, when his mouth claims hers in a desperate need. She gasps against him, her lips opening to seek air and finding him instead. His tongue takes possession of her mouth and she sags against him, feeling his hands at the waistband of her jeans, she works to help him. As she pushes them free of her legs, he pulls her tight, stopping her movement, when he hears a giggle, suddenly remembering where they are.

They lie still, but the desire between them continues to build. Their hands play over each other, touching, caressing struggling to hold their bodies still. His hands play over her body, up under her shirt, down over her stomach, then his fingers begin to tremble as they comb through the soft patch of curls that hide her feminine treasure.

She arches her back and begins to thrusts her hips against him as his fingers probe into her sending delicious sensations throughout her body. She cries softly and his mouth covers hers stifling their love noises. He pulls her close, holding her still, listening to the quiet; finally … the teenagers are asleep.

He whispers into her ear, "I want you." Then, burning with desire, he unbuckles his belt, unzips his pants then pushes them down to the bottom of the bag. He kisses her deeply as he brings her leg up over his. . With a sudden plunge he enters her, driving deep as she arches to meet him, his body quivering, unable to control the desire that is consuming him.

Their union is quiet but swift, their bodies moving in the ageless rhythm of lovers. Her climax comes first, violently slamming to the surface. Feeling her inner muscles spasm around him brings his release quickly to the surface. He thrusts into her once more then stiffens, spilling his seed deep within her. As the ripples of pleasure lessen, they relax in each other's arms, kiss then he withdraws, "I'm sorry, honey."

Her mouth moves softly against his, "It's all right, sweetheart, we needed this." she sighs, glad to be back where she belongs, in his arms. They snuggle together, sated, letting sleep take over.

Later into the night, Walker wakes to Alex running her fingers lightly over his chest. She had unbuttoned his shirt while he slept and now she is letting her fingers comb through the hair on his chest, nibbling at his nipples with her teeth. When her hands slide down his belly and curl around him, he groans helplessly as her fingers caress the length of his steel hard shaft. He covers her lips with his, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth, tasting, touching, wanting all of her. Dragging his mouth from her lips across her cheek to her ear, he hears her soft whisper, "Walker … please."

Shh…" He whispers, brushing his lips tenderly against her temple, letting his hand slip down between them, covering the golden curls, his fingers spreading the flesh, dipping inside. She moans softly and begins rubbing herself against him in a sinuous caress, desire running hot through her veins, wanting him, wanting all of him inside her, now.

Sensing her need for him he rolls on top of her, and with her guiding him, he plunges deep into her. He begins moving slowly, easing in and out of her, gaining speed and strength with each thrust, desire quickly riding the crest. He feels her climax, hears her cry his name against his neck, then his senses go numb as he explodes inside her.

Slowly, sluggishly, he withdraws and rolls to his back, his chest heaving and his heart pounding. Feeling Alex's head on his shoulder he wraps his arm around her pulling her in close to his side. She brings her hand up, lying it over his heart, feeling the soft beat, then bringing her knee up across his thigh, she sighs and closes her eyes. He turns his face into her hair, lays his hand on top of hers, and in total contentment, drifts off to sleep.

The next morning, the teenagers wake with the smell of coffee drifting through the air, and find breakfast ready and waiting for them. With everyone pitching in with the cleanup, they manage to get back on the trail in very short time. They arrive at Wailing falls just after 12:00 and soon have camp set up.

When Alex starts the preparation for lunch, Brenda stops her, "Mrs. Walker, please … you're a guest on the ride, this should be our responsibility."

"A guest?" She smiles at Brenda, "Maybe … but since I'm enjoying this ride I insist on doing my share."

The young girl, somewhat startled at Alex's friendliness, "Well … maybe we can do it together, then." As they work to prepare the noon meal, the silence among them soon gives way to open camaraderie and the talk is soon flowing smoothly among the girls and Alex.

After cleanup, Alex, seeing Walker with the boys deep in conversation, moves over by the edge of the pond, finds a clear grassy spot and sits down, enjoying the view of the falls. Hearing the snapping of a twig, she turns to see the two girls watching her. "Please … join me. This place is so beautiful and peaceful."

The girls sit down and Brenda looks at Alex, "Can we … ask you a personal question, Mrs. Walker?"

"Call me Alex. And if the question isn't to personal…"

"When you started dating Ranger Walker, did you … feel … self-conscious being with him. I mean … him being a half-breed, didn't you…"

"Wait a minute. I didn't date a … half-breed as you call him, I dated a man of Cherokee heritage. And no, I have never felt self-conscious being with him."

"No one ever shunned you when you began dating him?"

"I don't doubt I got some … looks … from people that didn't know us, but I never let it bother me. Most people that know Walker accept him for the man that he is, not for the blood that's flowing in his veins."

"How do you handle the derision from people, I mean, it has to hurt?"

Looking at the young girl next to Brenda, "Sarah … isn't it?" Receiving a nod, "I won't say I haven't heard snide remarks, but they only bother me when I hear them directed at Walker. That's when it hurts the most. But … we've learned to just consider the source, and not dwell on it. Most people will accept you, for the person you are, it won't matter that you're half-white or half-Cherokee. If you stop and think about it, everyone is half of one heritage or another."

"You have no … doubts about … of having a baby … with him?"

Looking up at the falls, a soft smile lights up Alex's face, "I'm looking forward to it."

The two girls look at each other, "Thank you, Mrs. … Alex. Ah … you wouldn't know where we could find … other men like your husband would you?"

Alex laughs and says, "No … I'm afraid not… he's one of a kind." Her eyes, seeking the man in question, see him and the boys walking toward them.

"Ladies, can we … join you?"

Alex looks at the two girls and receiving their okay, "Sure … we're just … chatting."

Walker hands Alex a can of soda then sits down next to her. Joseph hands Brenda and Sarah, each a can of pop then sits down on the ground with the other boys. "Chatting…?"

Brenda looks at him, "Yeah, about … life and problems."

"Did you get any good answers?"

"Yeah," they look at Alex and, smiling look back at Joseph, "Yeah, we did."

Joseph looks at Alex, back at the girls then at Walker. "Maybe you could answer some questions for us, Walker."

"Well, depends on the questions."

"They're questions to fairly common problems, ones that all of us have had to face."

"What kind of problems, Joseph?"

"Well, for instance, what do I do when someone gets in my face, spouting their hatred of half-breeds?"

Bill moves forward, "Yeah, we need a way to handle these people."
"And ... and … what do we do ... when jobs are given to someone less qualified just because we have Indian blood running through our veins?"

"Whoa … whoa! Let's take one question at a time. Now … These people … have you thought of how you come on to these people? Surly, maybe … almost daring them to say something about you being an Indian? It just might be your attitude that brings this hatred out in people. Like you're almost daring them to say something."

"You think we provoke these people?" He turns to look at the other boys, and back at Walker. "That's what you think?"

"I don't know, but I remember how you were when I first met you. You had the elders afraid of you, does that tell you anything. I never once saw them come down on any of you."

"We … I … don't think … that's…" He stopped then, realizing that Walker was right. They had gone out of their way to instill fright in everyone that had tried to get close to them.

"Maybe you're right. I … guess we could try being a little nicer to people."

"It may not always work but I think you'll find that in more cases than not, you'll make friends, not enemies." He watches them mulling over the idea, "And I think that will work for the second question, too. If you go looking for a job with the idea that they are already against you, most likely they will be. Come in with a friendly attitude, eager to learn and willing to take directions and you just might be surprised. You give these people a chance and they'll give you one, too."

"Ranger Walker, is this going to work with girls, too?" One of the quieter boys speaks up.

"It probably won't hurt."

"But how do you get them to look past the Indian?"

Walker reaches for Alex's hand, looking to her for help, his hand completely hiding hers, his thumb stroking the back, and when she smiles at him, his heart melts a little. "Maybe Alex can best answer that question for me."

"Well, the first thing to remember, is that just because you ask a girl out, doesn't necessarily mean she can or should accept it. There might be all kinds of reasons that she turns you down. Maybe you came on a little strong or maybe she's already going out with someone else. If I had come here and you didn't know I was Walker's wife and you asked me out, would you automatically assume I didn't like you because you were of Indian heritage?" She pauses to let her words sink in. "Whatever the reason, always treat a woman with respect. It … gets around. Next time, she may change her mind. It might help to get to know the girl a little before asking her out. You can make a big impression just by being polite and friendly. Good manners will go a lot farther than belligerence." All eyes are glued to her, hypnotized by her soft voice. "Take your time, one of these day, you'll all find the right mate."

"She's right." Walker meets Alex's eyes, "There are women out there, and men, that will love you, unconditionally, no matter what your heritage is" Then adds, "When you find someone like that, your life will be complete."

The kids sit there for awhile thinking over the things that Walker and Alex has told them, then quietly, one by one, they stand and wonder over to the campfire. They sit down and begin discussing what Walker and Alex had told them.

"Well … I think we gave them a lot to think about don't you?" Alex leans back into Walker's arms, "not sure how much we helped but at least they're thinking."

"Hmm … maybe we've cut through some of their bluster. But … only time will tell." Walker turns his head, his eyes touching hers, then slide down to gaze hungrily at her mouth, their bodies swaying closer together, their lips touch, Walker hears a soft moan leave Alex's lips as he captures it in his.

"Ranger Walker."

The separate quickly, looking up he sees Joseph looking at them with a warm smile on his face. "What is it, Joseph?"

"Well, we've been talking amongst ourselves and we would like to pack up and head back to the res. If we don't poke around we should be back by dark."

Walker stands, and pulling Alex to her feet, "What … what brought this on? Why are you in a hurry to get back?" He looks over at the other kids and sees them starting to break camp.

"We … ah … really appreciate you and Ms Alex talking to us and well … we're kinda anxious to get back and put it into practice. We've all got ideas and we just want to try them out. Is it all right, I mean … going back early?"

Walker glances at Alex then back to Joseph, "Well … yes, I guess it's all right, if you're sure that's what you want."

"It is." Joseph turns and runs back to the others, shouting something that Walker couldn't understand and in less than an hour, the campsite is clean, gear is packed, the horses saddled and all are mounted and the ride back to the reservation is underway.

The ride back was anything but leisurely, not the way the teenagers kept pushing. It wasn't five o'clock yet when they stop the horses in front of the general store. Walker dismounts and as Alex steps down, Walker takes her hand, turns to go in the store and hears, "Walker! What's the matter, the kids give you a hard time?"

He turns to see his boyhood chum walking toward them, "Gray Wolf, believe it or not, they wanted to come back."

"Really? Why?"


~*~ ~*~ ~*~

This is the last part. Enjoy

Friend In Need Final Chapter
by Sissy and Jennifer

"I'm … not really sure. But … that's what they wanted."

"Humpf … Don't make sense. They wanted to go on this ride, then they end it early? Don't make sense." He stands there pondering what could have happened, then suddenly turns back to the Walkers. "Hey … ah … I'm pulling duty at the hospital tonight, so why don't you two go on to my house. Make yourself at home."

"Why … thank you Michael, that's awfully nice of you."

"Well, it's … just a small payment for your help for turning these kids around. I knew they were good kids they just needed someone to care. I get off at 6:00, maybe we can have coffee before you have to leave."

"We'll count on it, Michael." He waves at them at he gets into his car.

They watch him drive away, then Walker slips his arm around her waist and starts walking down the street toward his friend's house. "You want to go to back to Michael's place now?"

"Oh, I don't know. You got some other place in mind." She realizes that he has left the sidewalk and they are moving back through the trees.

"I thought we could go for a walk … if you aren't to tired?"

"No … no, I'm not to tired. Where are we going?"

He tightens his arm around her, "Oh, just want to show you something."

"Oh … something special?"

"Maybe." He grows quiet as he guides her down a little worn path back through the wooded glen. When he breaks through into a small clearing he stops, takes a deep breath and pulls Alex close, "This is it … I wasn't sure it would still be here." On one side of the clearing ran a small

"This was a special place when you were growing up, wasn't it?"

"Yes, this was where I came to get away when everything started closing in on me." He walks over and sits down on the ground next to a tree, and pulls her down on the ground so she's facing him. "I've never brought anyone here before, I wanted to share it with you."

"Did you come here often?"

"At first it was almost every day, but as things got better, I just came to think about the future. What I wanted to do with my life and … who I wanted to share it with.

"When was the last time you came here, I mean, before tonight?"

"About a week before our wedding."

Alex lifts her eyes to his and seeing the question in them, he answers softly, "I came to thank the spirits for bringing you into my life, and to ask them to bless our marriage."

A soft murmur, "Oh, Walker, I love you so much."

"Alex," he breathes as he takes her in his arms. She reaches for him as he leans in to touch her soft lips with his in a firm, unhurried kiss. He runs his hand down her back, feeling her respond to his soft caresses with instant desire.

She melts against him, lying across his lap, his warm mouth moves down to kiss the hollow of her throat while his fingers begins to undo the buttons on her blouse. Unhooking the clasp on the front of her bra, he pushes them aside, letting his fingers brush lightly over the soft rounded mounds of flesh. She quivers at his touch, his caressing fingers so erotic her body is aflame with desire and when he lowers his head she gasps as he draws her nipple into his mouth, and he feels a flush of heat throbbing in his loins. With his free hand, he yanks his shirt from his jeans and opens it. Then, gradually he lowers his bare chest over her, pressing her breasts against him.

His chest hair feels crisp against her sensitive nipples and she rubs herself against the lush mat, savoring the erotic sensations it causes. He gathers the fullness of one breast in his hand and pushes it up and gently strokes the pink tip with his thumb, drawing slow repetitive circles around it.

His mouth moves up to take hers again and her fingers plow through his hair, moaning incoherently as his tongue explores her mouth, tasting, touching, inviting her tongue into play with his. He unbuttons then pulls down the zipper on her jeans letting his hand caress her belly before he slides her jeans and panties down over her legs where she kicks them away never leaving his arms. He cups his hand over her mound of dark gold curls and feels a sudden damp warmth. The answering jolt in his groin catches him by surprise as he fights for control, and he almost loses it when he feels another surge of wetness in his hand. His mouth leaves hers and circles her stomach and her navel. When he reaches her mound, he looks up at her. Her eyes are closed, she's whimpering softly, arching her back in anticipation. She's ready. He kisses the top of her mound and inches lower. She's quivering, and when his tongue finds the top of the juncture, Alex cries out sharply when his tongue dips into her throwing her into a world of ecstasy. Her body is pierced with so many jolts of pleasure that she sobs. Small delicious spasms follow one after another and continue to ripple through her long after the initial eruption.

As she lies trembling in his arms she feels his hot rigid organ straining behind his jeans. She reaches for the button, then the zipper, pulling it down quickly. He moves just enough to work his jeans and shorts down, kicks them away and then moves back beside her. His manhood is throbbing eagerly, impatiently, as he shifts position to slide down between her legs. Then he spreads open her folds and takes a long, loving taste. She feels her body responding again as a flood of exquisite sensations begin coursing through her as his tongue explores every fold, every ridge.

He finds the nub that is her small but erect center of delight, and rubs it firmly. He almost loses his self-control when she begins to writhe and sob with ecstasy. With two long fingers he enters her moist passage, stroking deep.

Suddenly she arches her back and cries out and he tastes a new wetness. Her hands clench and unclench convulsively as the sensations in her body build to a feverish pitch. "Oh, God," she groans "Please … Walker!" She arches up into his hand, then feels his hot rigid organ pressing against her, then pushing into her warm moist depths, feeling her drawing him deeper, sheathing him fully. He draws back and plunges into her again. She wraps her legs around him to pull him even deeper. He withdraws again and as he penetrates once more he feels her wondrous passage caress his full length. He drives in again and again, his control completely gone.

He feels the wave gathering within him, carrying him in a wild ride to the crest. He draws back once more, and plunging deep, hears Alex cry out his name as she rises to join him in their climatic journey. He surges into her, feels her inner muscle close around him as they careen wildly over the edge.

Her body is still trembling in the aftermath of their loving encounter, when he attempts to rise off of her. "No," she says in a soft voice, "don't. I don't think I ever want you to get up."

He bends down to nuzzle her ear and kiss her neck. "I don't want to get up either, but I think I should." He disengaged himself slowly, then lies down beside her, fitting an arm under her so that her head is resting on his shoulder.

"Honey?" Letting her fingers comb through the hair on his chest.


"What you told the kids, that's what Uncle Ray did for you, didn't he?"

"Pretty much, yeah. When he brought me to the reservation, I had a chip on my shoulder and just dared anyone to knock it off."

"Your Uncle Ray would have made a good counselor for these lost kids that come back to the reservation."

"He always knew the right time to say the words that helped the most."

"I wonder why they don't have someone from the reservation to work with these kids? Even the ones that live here would probably benefit."

Walker sits up, bringing her with him, "Alex, I think you've come up with the answer. Come on, let's get dressed and go hunt up Gray Wolf."

"Walker … what…?"

"Come on, I'll explain it on the way."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

They find Michael in the cafeteria drinking coffee, surprising him as they sit down at his table."Walker … Alex … what are you doing here? You were suppose to be at my house … being newlyweds again."

Too hyper with their idea to be embarrassed, they quickly tell him of their idea. "Gray Wolf, if someone is trained to handle the problems these kids face, maybe they won't get drawn into the drug scene."

"You mean, have someone to start working with the kids as soon as they get here? Well, it might work. But it wouldn't be full time job we don't have that many come here." He rubs his chin, thinking of what would be involved, "If I'd had the time I could have helped these kids, but the work load has been tremendous with only three doctors here. I might be tempted to try it when the two new doctors get here." He smiles looking at his old friend, "I'll tell you what, first thing in the morning, we'll take this before the council. I've got a feeling they'll go for this if they think it will keep from repeating what happened to these kids."

The next morning, standing together beside the Ram, Michael grabs Walker's hand, to thank him for solving the problem that kids have when facing a different world and for getting rid of the drugs on the reservation. "I knew the council chiefs would agree to it, so now we'll be prepared if anything like this comes up again." Letting go of Walker's hand, he pulls Alex into a warm embrace, "Listen, if you ever get tired of this warrior, just let me know, and I'll try to fill his shoes."

When he backs away, Alex just smiles at him and wraps an arm around Walker's waist.

He kisses Alex on the cheek and helps her into the truck. Then turning to his childhood friend with a grin, "Fat chance, Gray Wolf." He chuckles, "I told you, you didn't have a chance." Hugging him he continues, "Keep in touch … old friends are treasures." Then he climbs into the Ram and the truck heads for the Reservation exit.

As they drive slowly down the long dirt lane, Alex snuggles up to Walker's side, "What … doesn't Michael have a chance at?"

"Oh," he smiles, sliding his arm around her shoulders and kissing her cheek, "At C.D.'s before he knew you were my wife, said he was going to ask you out."


"I told him he didn't have a chance with you."

"Oh! That sure of me, huh?"

Taking his eyes off the road for a moment, he turns to look deeply into her blue eyes, whispering simply, "Yes," then turning back to the road, his hand drifting down to lie pleasurably, sedately, on her thigh. Alex smiled, knowing without a doubt that he knows how deeply she loves him. Planting a kiss on his shoulder, she snuggles back against him, covering his hand on her thigh with her own.

Gray Wolf watches the Ram leave with a smile on his face ... he knew his old friend would come through for them, just as they had come through for him so many years ago.

The End.