A Gift From Santa

By Sissy and Friends

"Daddy, Daddy, c’mere, c’mere." Angela grabs his hand the instant he steps inside the door, tugging him to follow her into the living room.

"What is it, sweetheart?" He shuts the door and takes his hat off, tossing it in the direction of the coat tree, and remarkably, the hat settles over a peg and, with a rocking motion, finally comes to a quiet rest.

Taking a quick swipe with his boots on the mat in front of the door, he lets himself be pulled along by his daughter. She stops in front of the television and excitedly gestures to the jolly old man, dressed in red, on the screen.

Walker smiles, as he sits down on the edge of the coffee table, pulling his daughter in between his legs. "Santa Claus! You know what that means."

Jumping with excitement, she screams out, "Christmas!"

"That’s right. So you better be good if you want Santa to stop by here."

"I will, I will," she cries with an exuberance only a child can show at the prospect of the coming holiday. "The babies, too." She turns around between her father’s knees and with a look of intense scrutiny, waits for his response.

"Of course, the babies, Santa wouldn’t forget them, now would he?" He picks her up and sits her on his knee. "And that means," he says as he begins to tickle her in the ribs, "that you need to get your letter to Santa written."

Angela’s face sobers instantly, "Daddy," she says with stern indignation, "you know I can’t write, can’t I just tell Santa," she turns then, pointing to the television screen, "like those kids are?"

Walker thinks back to the previous years at how Angela had fought tooth and nail to keep from getting on Santa’s lap. "You want to go talk to Santa, to sit on his lap and tell him what you want?"

"Yes, yes, can I, Daddy, please?" she says bouncing on his knee.

Suddenly feeling a warm glow spread through his body, he turns to find his wife of five years, coming through the door way.

"I thought I heard someone down here," she says as she moves up to stand beside him. Leaning over she places a warm soft kiss to his lips, a kiss that ends abruptly by the demanding hands tugging on her arm.

"Mommy, Mommy, I get to go see Santa!"

Slipping her arm around Walker’s shoulders, she lifts her head, parting their lips but letting her eyes linger on his, her blood beginning to sizzle just being close to him.

"Oh, you do, do you?" She says finally bringing her eyes around to take in the bouncing child on her husband’s knee. "And what are you going to tell Santa? What do you want for Christmas this year?"

"Well, I don’t know yet, I’m thinking."

With an arm around Alex’s legs, Walker pulls Alex closer, as he continues to balance Angela on his knee. "How about we go see Santa this Saturday, will that give you enough time to think of something?"

She nods her head as she climbs down from her Daddy’s lap and with her face showing the seriousness of deep thinking, she plops down on the floor in front of the screen. Forgetting about her parents behind her, she lies down on the floor, her chin propped on her hands as she begins the task of what to ask Santa when she sees him.

As Angela slides down to the floor, Walker turns and pulls Alex between his legs, resting his head against her abdomen, his arms holding her close. "Everything go all right to day?" he mumbles against her loose shirt, as he breathes in her scent. With his nose he parts her shirt enough to press his lips against the bare skin of her belly. Aware of the slight tremble that seizes Alex, he looks up into her face, flushed with the same desire that is washing through him.

"Yes," she murmurs softly, wishing they were alone. "The babies were exceptionally good today, must be the season."

Walker smiles and pulls her down to sit on his knee, "Maybe they know it’s time to be on their best behavior."

She circles his neck with her arms, lowering her head to his, her eyes lock on his mouth, as her lips touch his, she mumbles, "Could be." A tingle of electricity jolts through her as the warm touch of Walker’s hand, coming up under her shirt, closes over her breast, unencumbered by a bra his fingers toy with the tiny nubbin that swells immediately at his soft caress. The kiss is soft, slow and deeply sensuous, his tongue slips into her mouth, stirring the embers of emotions that have no way of being satisfied at this time.

With a deep sigh of regret, Alex pulls away, but holds his hand against her breast, not wanting to break the contact of his touch just yet. His other hand slips down between her legs, cupping her, squeezing gently through the denim material of her jeans. Alex feels a rush of moisture at his touch and her body reacts as it usually does with expectation and a shiver running up her spine. Her hand drops to cover his, pressing it tightly against her before reluctantly pushing it away. Moaning softly, she presses his head to her breasts, and whispers softly, "Do you know what you’re doing to me?"

He nods, his beard rasping against the soft swell of her breast, "We could … run upstairs for a quickie, Angela wouldn’t miss us."

Alex giggles and pulls herself up from his lap, and noticing that his jeans are stretched tight with the swelling of his manhood, she knows she isn’t the only one who will be hurting through the evening. "You know what happened the last time we tried that, don’t you?"

He stands, keeping her in the circle of his arms, "Yes, it was a disaster."

Kissing him again, "So we won’t try that again, will we?"

A groan escapes his lips as he turns to look at Angela, still engrossed in the Santa on TV, "No, at least not for awhile."

As Alex starts for the kitchen, she says, "Why don’t you go upstairs and check on the babies, they should be waking up soon."

Knowing that his appetite won’t be appeased till later in the evening, he kisses her and starts up the stairs to check on his two young sons.

As he makes his way to the door of the nursery, he hears the soft chatter from the boys and knows they are awake. Peeking around the door, he sees both of them standing up in their crib chattering to each other in a language only they can understand.

As Walker steps into the room, their heads turn and upon seeing their father, the excited babble of "Dada, Dada," erupts and they begin jumping up and down with the excitement of seeing their daddy.

"Hi, big guys," he gushes, rocked by the pure love he feels for these two tiny combinations of his and Alex’s love. Twins, shocked when he had received the announcement, he couldn’t begin to imagine life without them or Angela, now. His cup runneth over. The joy he receives from watching his children grow multiplies daily. Overwhelmed at their birth almost two years ago and the added responsibility that had come with them had knocked him for a loop. But with the support of his wife, their life had become richer and their love had grown stronger. He still enjoys, with total delight, the rambunctious actions of his sons, Nathan and Lucas and the special love of his first-born daughter, Angela. And although his house is sometimes the scene of total bedlam they have given him more peace than he’s ever known in his lifetime.


Saturday rolls around and Walker still hasn’t gotten Angela to tell him what she’s going to ask Santa to bring her for Christmas.

"Has she said anything at all to you, Alex?"

"No, honey, she hasn’t. We’ll just have to listen in on what she tells Santa today."

"I guess," he starts to call Angela so they could leave for Dallas when she comes running into the kitchen to get him.

"C’mon, let’s go, I don’t wanna miss Santa."

When they get to the department store Santa, there is no way they can get close enough to hear what she asks for. The place is packed with kids with at least one parent and sometimes two. On the ride back home, Angela tells them what she had asked Santa to bring her brothers but wouldn’t tell them what she had asked for, for herself.

With two weeks left before the big day, they figure they’ll have plenty of time to wheedle it out of her. But, if nothing else, Angela is very resistant to any cajolery when she is determined to keep a secret.

The day before Christmas finally arrives, it’s cold, windy and the forecast calls for snow throughout the day. As the day progresses, the temperature drops, and the snow piles up, a day not fit for man or beast to be outside.

Walker is standing by the front door looking out in darkening twilight at the swirling, blowing snow, wondering if anyone would be able to get out to the ranch tomorrow. He doesn’t want anyone taking any chances, thinking maybe he’d better call and make sure no one tried to come out if the roads weren’t plowed.

Before he can turn Alex comes up behind him and circle his waist with her arms. He leans back slightly, letting his head fall back next to hers. Turning their heads, they kiss and Alex murmurs softly, "Do you think Dad and the others will be able to get out here tomorrow?"

"I was wondering the same thing myself. Maybe I ought to call the Trivette’s and Gage and Sydney and tell them not to worry about coming if the roads aren’t plowed."

"Okay. When you finish, help me get the kids ready for bed and then we can have a little Christmas time to ourselves before the kids dive in tomorrow morning.

Walker makes the calls to the Trivettes and to Gage and Sydney, and to Grandpa Gordon. Then with delicious anticipation of spending an evening with his wife, he rushes upstairs to help get the boys and Angela to bed.

Bathing of the boys is the undertaking of the year, as they seem to be wound up tight, maybe from Angela’s excited ramblings that Santa Claus is coming. At any rate he finally gets the boys into bed as Alex is trying to calm Angela down enough so she’ll close her eyes. Finally the lights are out, the boys are quiet except for a few mumblings and giggles and Angela says her goodnights.

They start downstairs as a noise is heard from the nursery, "Go on down, hon, I’ll see what their problem is." Walker turns back and after taking care of the boys again, he lowers the hall lights to a soft glow. As he makes his way past Angela’s room he hears her talking softly. "Please, please Santa, don’t forget my pony, pretty, pretty please."

Walker flattens himself against the wall, muttering softly, "Oh, God, no!" There is no way he can disappoint his daughter, his mind quickly assesses the situation as he dashes down the stairs.

Grabbing the telephone, he dials a number, and after informing the person on the other end of the line of the situation, he finally hangs up with a very pleased look on his face.

"Walker, what is it? What’s wrong?"

He grabs her and pulls her tight against him, "Nothing now, but I’ve got to go out."

"Go out! Are you crazy? The snow is hip deep out there! What is so important that you have to go out in this weather?"

"Angela! I overheard her talking to Santa, begging him not to forget her ‘pony’."

"Her pony? She wants a pony? That’s her big wish?"

"Yes, and there’s no way I could stand to see that disappointment on her face in the morning."

"But … where are you going to find a pony at this late date? Everyone is snowed in for Gods’ sake!"

"I had a pony picked out over at Crenshaw’s but wasn’t going to get it until her birthday. I called him and he said he’d help me load it if I could get over there."

"Walker the roads are deep in snow, you could slide off and get stuck out there." Alex is holding on to his arms now, trying to convince him not to go.

"Alex, I have to go. If I can go out in bad weather to chase bad guys I can go out for our daughter as well. It’s only five miles, honey, I’ll go slow, and with the 4-wheel drive I shouldn’t have any problem."

He takes her by the arms, looking into her eyes, "Could you explain to her why Santa didn’t bring her the one thing her heart desires?" Seeing the slow nod, "I couldn’t either."

She watches him put on his snow boots and a parka and after giving her a soft kiss and telling her to wait up for him, he pulls on his gloves and steps out into the cold, blowing snow.

Keeping her vigil at the door, she watches as finally the Ram appears from the direction of the barn, the horse trailer hitched behind it, slowly make its way past the house and down the drive.

Alex stays at the door, watching for his return, leaving only once to get the afghan off the back of the couch to wrap around her body as she waits. It is almost two hours later when she sees the headlights of the Ram making its way down the drive. Heaving a sigh of relief, Alex makes her way upstairs to check on the children. Knowing that Walker will take the time to get the ‘Christmas present’ settled in a stall with fresh straw and a slab of hay and grain in the feed box, she quickly takes her shower and positive that he will be near frozen, she fills the tub with hot water, hoping it will be just right when he finally comes inside.

When Walker opens the front door and steps inside, Alex is waiting with a hot cup of coffee. Helping him to take off the heavy coat, she feels his ice-cold hands and wraps them around the hot cup of coffee and pushes him toward the stairs. "You’re half frozen, go upstairs and take a nice long hot bath, and … when you get warm, come on down, I’ll be … waiting for you." She gives him a come hither smile and moves into the living room and sits down on the couch to wait for him. Glancing up at the clock, she sees that it is well after midnight. She smiles, and whispers, "Time for Santa."

She gets up and goes to the closet and begins to take out the hidden cache of gifts, taking them into the living room. Taking the last armful she sits down on the floor and begins to arrange them under the tree.

She looks toward the stairs then grabbing a pillow from the couch she lays down in front of the fireplace staring into the dancing flames. The next thing she knows she is brushing at a tickling sensation on her face.

She slowly lifts an eyelid and sees a face shrouded in white. As her eyes open farther a coat of red fills her vision. Her voice thick with sleep, she questions, "Santa?"

Walker had gotten the Santa suit as a surprise for Angela but after he had gotten out of the tub, he was scrounging in the closet for a pair of his exercise pants and saw the Santa outfit. Thinking of Alex downstairs waiting for him, an idea had filled his mind and his eyes darkened with desire at the prospect of making love to Alex as Santa Claus.

She hears a deep husky whisper, "Ho, ho, ho!"

She giggles and raises her arms to circle ‘Santa’s’ neck, pulling him closer. "Have you … seen my husband any where?" she purrs at him.

"No," the husky voice says, "Do you want me to see if I can find him?" Stretching his large frame beside her on the floor, one arm slipping under her shoulders, while the other fumbles with the tie of her robe.

"No! No, you’ll do … just fine." A grin spreads across her face when her nose burrows through the white beard as her lips fit themselves to his. Her lips part with the probing of his tongue and as it searches the depths of her mouth, she feels the coil of desire beginning to tighten deep inside her.

Pushing the robe aside, his hand closes around the warm fullness of her breast, swelling to fill his hand. His thumb brushes over the tip, bringing it to a hard peak as her body arches up, pressing her quivering flesh more firmly into his hand. Hearing a soft moan, he leaves her mouth, to trail soft butterfly kisses down her neck, down her body till his lips close over the hard nubbin, nibbling, licking small circles around it before drawing it deep into his mouth as his hand moves in caressing circles over her flat stomach, down … down to cup her mound.

Alex cries out as bolts of fire streak from her nipple down her body to the very core of her desire. Flooded with a raw need she begins to writhe beneath him, her knees clamping together, her hips rising, and twisting as her body cries out for more. Wanting to touch him, she begins clawing at the huge belt around his middle, and as she pulls it loose, a trembling sigh escapes from her throat as her fingers begins to softly caress the soft, still slightly damp hair on his chest. Coming in contact with a tiny pebble hidden in the soft fur, she catches it between her thumb and finger, rolling it, tugging on it, then gently pinching it, bringing a soft moan from this man that is giving her so much pleasure.

Just when she thinks she can’t stand it anymore, he releases her breast and his lips follow the path of his hand, leaving a trail of moisture. She gasps when he nuzzles his nose and mouth into the blonde curls of her groin and, in anticipation her legs involuntarily open, baring herself to his gaze. With his tongue he parts the soft folds of flesh, seeking the little nubbin that is the center of her desire. Once found, his tongue teases the sensitive bit of flesh, lightly touching, nipping with his teeth, before moving away only to come back to repeat the sensuous play on her body.

In desperation, Alex catches his head in both hands and thrust him to her. "Oh, God," she breathes, mindless now in her wanting. "Oh, God, Walker, please…"

Pushing his hand beneath her hips, he lifts her up and buries his face in her. His tongue spears deep, then returns to caress the soft nubbin again, licking, biting, stroking, and then stabbing deep into her again and again. The tightening coil of desire deep inside her springs to life, as the air leaves her body in an explosion of incredible sensations, spreading throughout her in spasmodic jerks that rob her of time, that dries her mouth and curls her toes.

Walker gives the pulsing flesh one last kiss, then swiftly removes the Santa suit and pulls off the beard then moves up over her. She is so hot and moist that he has no trouble slipping into her. He begins moving slowly, taking his time, thrusting deep and pulling back as if in slow motion, giving her time to regain her senses and join him.

When her body begins to move with his, he steadily increases his pace. Wrapping her legs around his waist, locking her ankles behind his back, she begins to urge him on with words of impatience, "More, Walker … faster … faster … harder, Oh, God…" until gasping for air, they convulse, simultaneously, in a soul-shattering, mind-numbing orgasm.

Two bodies, glistening with perspiration, lie in the glow of the fire and the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. When Walker starts to lift off of her, she tightens her arms around him, not wanting him to leave her. He murmurs something, and she catches the word heavy, and answers with "No." Feeling as though someone had drained him of all his energy he manages to roll to his side, taking her with him. Completely satisfied, they lay in each other’s arms, as their hearts and their breathing strive to return to normal.

Walker stirs as the clock in the hallway chimes the hour. Realizing that Christmas morning is almost upon them, he rises up on his elbow, leans over and after kissing Alex, whispers softly, "Honey, we need to get up. Our friends and your father will be here before long."

Alex stirs against him, and finally getting her eyes open, she looks up at him and murmurs, "What … what happened to Santa Claus?"

Chuckling softly, "Oh, he’s been here and gone. And we need to get up too, or our company is going to find us … ah … a little indisposed."

"What time is it?"

"About 7:00."

Alex sits up so fast she almost catches Walker under the chin with her head. "Oh, my God! Walker let me up. They are supposed to be here by nine." She gets to her feet and grabbing her robe from the floor, struggles into it as she starts up the stairs.

Half way up she stops and looks back at her husband who is still reclining on the floor. "Are the roads open do you think?"

"I don’t know." He stands; completely comfortable in his nakedness, and moves to look out the front door. "It’s too dark to really tell, but let’s assume they’ll be here any way, okay?" he turns to look up at his wife who is grinning broadly at him. "What?"

"Did I tell you how much I enjoyed … Santa Claus … last night?"

He smiles at her as he makes his way up the stairs to join her. "You did, did you?"

By the time he stops in front of her, his manhood has already reached a massive size. "Walker," she murmurs as she begins backing up the stairs, "We don’t have time for this."

"We’ll make time," and he hurriedly follows after her into the bedroom.


Alex is making her way down the stairs when she sees the flickering of headlights through the front door. She turns and yells back upstairs, "Honey, they’re here!" Starting for the door to greet them she notices a splash of red on the living room floor. "Oh, God."

Moving swiftly, she picks up the red coat and pants and the belt, but she can’t find Santa’s beard. Hearing footsteps on the porch, she quickly tosses the outfit into the back of the hall closet. She turns toward the door, just as Walker is coming down the stairs, with the twins in his arms and Angela holding onto his pant leg.

There’s a rap on the door just seconds before it’s pushed open. When Angela sees her Grandpa, she lets go of Walker’s leg and leaps into Gordon Cahill’s arms. He picks her up and moves farther into the room letting Jimmy and Erica come in behind him. Sydney and Gage move quickly through the door, pulling it shut against the cold.

When Angela sees the gifts piled up under the tree, she exclaims loudly, "Santa’s been here!"

Trivette volunteers to pass out the gifts and is enjoying the role immensely. Soon the front room is busy with children opening presents and the laughter and squeals of surprise and joy.

Eventually the noise dies down after the last gift is opened and with gaily-colored paper scattered in pieces around the room, the kids settle down to play with the toys. Trivette is helping Nathan play with a game and Gordon and Lucas are occupied with stacking up building blocks. Walker sits with Angela, as he hands her the box with a beautiful baby doll that she had opened but hadn’t taken it out of the box. He notices that she is not real enthused with it although she had voiced before Christmas that she wanted one. Walker is sad to see his daughter so unhappy but knows that will soon change. Standing up he moves out into the kitchen where he whispers something to Alex, then putting on his coat, slips out the back door.

Within twenty minutes he is back with no one the wiser, except for Alex. As he sets back down with Angela he picks up the baby doll and speaks softly to his daughter. "Honey, are you all right?"


"Why are you so sad, sweetheart?"

She turns to look at him her eyes glistening with tears that she is trying hard not to let fall. "Daddy, have I been bad?"

"Oh, baby, what makes you think that?" He picks her up and sits her in his lap, holding her against his chest.

"Because … Santa … didn’t bring what I ask for?"

"Bring what, honey?"

Before she can answer, Jimmy looks up at the window and says, "Hey, I think it’s snowing again!"

He moves to the window and rubs the frost away to look outside. "Hey, man, I think someone or something is out there!"

Walker picks up Angela and stands, moving to the front door. As he looks out, his daughter peaks out too. Suddenly she is a whirlwind in his arms as she tries to get down, "It’s here, he brought it. It’s here." She is dancing around, crying, laughing so excitedly that everyone is drawn into the foyer with her.

"Outside, Daddy, wanna go outside." Walker is frantically trying to get her coat and boots on and looking up, sees Alex with the camcorder, recording the whole thing.

Angela runs outside, stumbling and falling in the deep snow, Walker trying hard to hold on to her hand, "Be careful, baby, slow down, don’t scare her." As they near the animal tied at the fence, Walker picks her up and places her on the pony’s back.

Leaning over she wraps her arms around the pony’s neck, "Oh, I love her, Daddy, isn’t she pretty?" Then looking very intently into her father’s eyes, "Is she really mine, Daddy?"

Walker’s heart is near to bursting at the happiness he sees on his daughter’s face. "Well, lets see what this tag says." He pulls a small piece of cardboard from the bridle and reads what he sees. "It says, ‘To Angela, from Santa’. So I guess that makes the pony yours."

With laughter bubbling out of her she exclaims loudly, "Make her go, Daddy, wanna ride!"

Walker laughs and says, "Okay, but just to the barn, it’s too cold to stay out very long."

Alex keeps the camera running until the threesome disappears into the barn, and then quickly steps back into the house. "She will be cold when they come in. Come on, Erica lets make some hot chocolate."

The rest of the day is spent inside, and while Alex, Erica and Sydney are preparing the Christmas dinner, Walker enlists the help of Gordon, Trivette, and Gage to collect the scattered pieces of Christmas wrap from the living room floor.

Early afternoon finds everyone getting ready to leave, not wanting to be caught after dark on the treacherous roads, although they had been plowed, they would be slick.

Gordon, Sydney and Gage are the first to leave after wishing the Walker’s a Merry Christmas. Erica starts out the door but Jimmy stops in front of Walker and Alex, "Oh, I almost forgot." He opens the sack that holds his gifts and pulls out a white object and hands it to Walker. "I can only imagine the reason that this was lying among the gifts under the tree."

Walker takes the beard, and his face turns a light shade of red, remembering the night by the Christmas tree.

Trivette chuckles, leans over and kisses the flushed cheek of his hostess, wishes them both a Merry Christmas and follows Erica out onto the porch, pulling the door shut behind him.

Walker slides his arm around Alex’s waist pulling her close. Looking down into her eyes then at the beard, he lifts his eyebrow in a silent question.

"I couldn’t find it this morning when I picked up the rest of the Santa suit. Didn’t really … have time to look for it." She stretches up and kisses his softly on the lips, "But don’t lose it, I … think Santa should come back for a visit later … tonight."

He tightens his arms around her lowers his lips to hers in a deep, lingering kiss. "I’ll … see if I can find him."

Alex begins giggling and they turn to join their children in the living room. The kids are content, playing with their new treasures, even Angela is smiling as she plays with her doll, knowing that the Christmas gift she had asked for from Santa was safely tucked outside in the barn.

There is a Santa Claus -------------- just ask Alex.

The End