A Love Lost

By Sissy(

&Alex looks up from her desk when she hears a light tap on her office door. Her husband pushes open the door and walks toward her with a warm smile on his face. "Hi Honey," he leans over and kisses her lightly on the lips. "About ready to go home?"

"Just been waiting for you." She shuts off her computer, grabs her purse and taking his arm precedes him out the door.

Sitting in the Ram on the way to HOPE center, "I need to stop and pick up something for supper after we pick up Jessie. What would you like?"

He turns to look at her with a smile and says, "You know what Jessie will want? So lets just cut to the chase and settle on a pizza."

"I was hoping you would say that. I feel like a pizza, too."

"That's the third time this week." He chuckles, "Is that the craving for this month?"

"Oh ... well ... I guess it is." She looks at him, then slides in closer to him. "This pregnancy is so different than the first."

"Well, maybe that means this one will be a boy." He picks up her hand, bringing it to his lips, kissing her fingers before placing it on his thigh.

"Hmm ... that's a possibility, I guess. I had morning sickness with Jessie, but not with this one."

Arriving at the HOPE center, they both walk in to get their 21/2-year-old daughter. When Jessie sees her parents she comes running and takes a leap up into her fathers arms. Gives him a kiss and a hug, then with Walker still holding her she leans over to wrap her arms around Alex's neck for a hug and kiss.

"We'll see you tomorrow, Josie. Good night."

"Come on, princess, let's go home."

When they stop to get the pizza, the restaurant is across the street from the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Alex notices the billboard advertisement for their entertainment. She gasps when she reads the name, causing Walker to look at her. Following the path of her eyes he also sees the billboard. Looking back at Alex, "Yeah, I know. That's something I need to talk to you about when we get home."

Alex gives him a puzzled look but doesn't push it, opting to wait until they are at home. With Jessie firing one question after another, her mind has soon forgotten all about the billboard.

Later after the pizza and Jessie has had her bath and tucked into bed, they listen to her prayers then decide to sit on the porch in the swing.  Sitting snuggled back in his arms with his hand tenderly caressing her swollen belly, watching the stars overhead, and listening to the night sounds, Alex is almost lulled to sleep.

"Come on, honey, let's call it a day." He stands and offers her his hand to help her up. They go inside the house and upstairs to their bedroom.

Alex takes her turn in the bathroom first, while he makes sure the house is locked up. She comes out of the bathroom as he returns to the bedroom. Giving her a quick kiss, he takes his turn in the bathroom.

When he comes out of the shower with only a towel around his torso, Alex is sitting at her dressing table brushing out her hair. Hesitant to disturb the tranquility of the evening but knows it's necessary, he moves behind her to watch her reflection in the mirror.

"Alex, the Captain called me into his office today for an assignment. It will last about four days."

Her hand on the brush stills as her eyes fasten on his in the mirror. "You're not going undercover, are you?"

"No, it's here in Dallas." At his words her hand resumes the brushing.

"You don't sound to happy about it."

"I'm not. Because it means I'll be away from home the whole time."

"What's the assignment, honey? If you can tell me." Watching his face in the mirror.

"I've been specifically asked to handle security for ... Merilee Summers." Her hand stills and she lays the brush down on the table.

"Merilee Summers." A name she had hoped she would never hear again.  "Specifically asked? By Merilee Summers?" She opens a jar of night cream and begins spreading it on her arm.

"I'm not sure but ... probably." Moving up behind her he takes the jar and scoops some out with his fingers and begins spreading it where she had left off. "Alex if you would rather I didn't take it, I'll..."

"No, I'm fine with it. I just don't understand why you can't come home at night, especially with you being right here in town." Alex has no doubts concerning his love for her; but this just reminds her of a time she would just as soon forget ever happened.

"I know, I don't like that either. But she has had some threats against her, from what the Captain says." He pushes her robe off her shoulders, slips down the straps of her nightgown and begins to massage the cream into skin so smooth that the cream is not really necessary.

"I hope ... it's not another deranged ex-husband."

"The Captain says it's a stalker, some guy who fancies her as his girlfriend, I guess he's followed her everywhere she's gone on this tour. So they want her closely guarded at all times in case he makes a try for her here."

"Four days?" Alex bows her head and moves aside her hair so he can rub the cream into her neck.

"I'm afraid so honey. I don't like that part either." As he continues to rub the cream in, his attention is diverted from the explaining of his assignment to watching the woman in the mirror.  Her eyes close and her body sways to the delicious sensation that is coursing through her.

Her voice husky with desire, "When does ... this security detail ... start?"

"Next Friday. But I need to have everything set up ... on Thursday." His eyes glance down and he sees that her gown is clinging to her very erect hardened nipples.  With a brush of his hand it pools in her lap, her breasts completely bare.

Her breathing ragged, "Is there any reason ... I can't come to see ... the show ... with you maybe?"

He leans over and murmurs softly in her ear. "I'm counting on it." Both hands reach around to caress her. He watches his hands reshape, lift, stroke and massage her breasts. When her breathing becomes harsh, gasping, his desire increases. "What did the doctor say today?"

"Baby and I are doing fine." She voice raspy, "I'm a full ... five months."

"Everything is all right then?" His hands smooth over the rounded mound of her abdomen, massaging gently. Looking up, his eyes meet hers in the mirror as his hand covers her lower body.

He pulls her up to her feet, turns her around and kisses her as he slides her gown down over her hips. He drops the towel, then pulls her against him, letting her feel the hardness of his erection. She sighs against his lips and murmurs, "Let's go ... to bed ... darling."

Groping their way to the bed they lay down together, he spreads her legs, and kisses her there, then with the tip of his tongue he tastes her for moisture, probing, then spearing deep into her, once, twice, her hips arches up frantically seeking release. He kisses her there one more time then begins kissing up her body, pausing first to place kisses across her rounded belly, then moving higher to her breasts, enlarged from her pregnancy, drawing a darkened nipple into his mouth. At last he reaches the heat of her mouth, his lips cover hers, and as he thrusts his tongue deep, he thrusts his manhood into her moistness, her hips arch up, matching thrust for thrust. Their years of marriage hasn't dimmed their passion for each other, it burns hotter than ever. It's only minutes before their passion is spent and their bodies are satisfied.


Walker spends all of Thursday, checking out the area where the floor show will be plus the dressing rooms, then assigning Rangers at strategic points.  He has a table reserved where he can sit and observe the entire area surrounding the stage.

Friday morning, lying in bed, sated after an early morning of lovemaking, "Walker, hold me tighter."

"What's the matter, honey. Do you feel all right?" He pulls her closer, her belly pressing into his.

"I'm lonely!"


"Yes... I'm already dreading this assignment. I don't want to wake up without you. Can I come by and see you?

He kisses her hair, "You'd better, or I may go AWOL. Maybe you could come in and have dinner with me. You and Jessie."

"Jessie ... how will I explain where her daddy is. She will really miss you, ... probably as much as I will."

"Have dinner with me tonight. See if Josie and Trivette would like to spoil her for an evening."

"I'll call them. Keep your cell phone, handy, I've got a feeling I'll be calling you often."

His kiss lets her know that he will miss her every bit as much as she'll miss him.  Even though she'll get to see him every day it's not the same, not being able to spend their evenings as a family, going to bed together, and waking in each others arms every morning.


Walker is talking to the manager when Merilee walks in the lobby with her entourage following. Catching sight of him, Merilee stops, watching the man she had walked away from. He looks much as he did then, a man very much in charge of his life, still as virile and desirable as he was eight years ago. When he doesn't approach her, she takes the initiative and walks up to him.

"Hello, Cordell. It's been a long time."

He picks up the papers and turns to see the woman he had lost his head over, years ago, and feels ... nothing. "Hello, Merilee. It has been. It looks like you've done well for yourself."

"Yes, I've been very lucky." She searches his face, his eyes, looking for that spark that was between them before, but ... she senses that it's gone. 'Well, it has been eight years, but maybe I can change that ... I'd like to change that.'

"Well, we've taken tight security measures so there shouldn't be any problems, but if anything arises, we're prepared to handle it. Is your daughter with you?"

"No, I'm afraid not. She's away at school."  She starts to move closer, but a man with a star on his chest walks up and begins talking to Walker. "Merilee, it's good to see you again. I've got some things to take care of, but I'll be here for your show tonight."  He walks off and leaves her standing there looking after him. 'Still on the quiet side, I see.'

When Merilee comes on stage to start her show, she glances around for Walker and when she finds him he is sitting in the shadows off to the side. And there is a woman with him. 'A date, probably. A man like that wouldn't have been celibate for eight years.'  As the last song ends she turns to see Walker lean in to kiss his date, then standing, he escorts her out of the room.


When Alex enters the hotel, her husband is waiting for her, and after a light kiss, he guides her through the crowd to his reserved table. They order and while eating, Alex brings him up to date on his daughter's accomplishments as well as her questions about the new baby coming to their house. Then the lights dim and Walker moves her chair as close to him as possible. They are hidden in the shadows, which makes it easier for Walker to keep an eye on the surrounding area but also to steal a kiss now and then. "I've missed you, darling." She whispers, "this is going to be the longest weekend in history."

"Hmm ... I know," he murmurs as he kisses her on the cheek letting his hand finds its way down to cover her swollen belly. A habit he has started since he first felt the baby kick, a habit he also had when she carried Jessie.

Then Merilee comes on stage and the spotlight catches her. "She's just as beautiful as ever, isn't she?"

"I guess, I've been to busy to really notice." He looks at her now in the spotlight, "She is beautiful." He leans in and kisses her cheek, "but not as beautiful as my wife."

When the last song ends, he kisses Alex, then stands and walks with her out of the room. "When you see Jessie, tell her I love her, will you? I'll miss our nightly story telling hour. Tell her I'll make it up to her when I get home." Standing outside, waiting for them to bring her car up, he pulls her back into the shadows and kisses her deeply, passionately. "Be careful, I don't like you out this late by yourself."

"I'll be all right. I'll pick Jessie up and go straight home. I'll call you after I have Jessie tucked in, okay?"


After seeing Alex on her way, he returns to the dining area, making sure that everything is still secure. He stands at the bar watching out over the crowd that's just now starting to leave.

When Merilee sees him standing alone at the bar, she begins weaving her way through the crowd toward him. "Ah ... the girlfriend is gone." She muses to herself.

Touching him on the arm he turns toward her, "Merilee ... that was quite a show."

"Thank you." Then in a soft voice, "It's really been good to see you Cordell." She puts a hand on his arm, "almost like old times." The crowd is starting to leave and Walker is being gently shoved into her, which she uses to her advantage, by putting her arms around him pulling him tight against her, but his arms remain at his side.  Eight years ago, when he kissed her she could feel his desire pressing against her belly, but tonight there is nothing. She turns her head, her eyes fasten to his, her lips seeking his, but he turns his head and she connects with his bearded cheek.

When the crowd thins out, Walker steps back from her, "It's been a long day, Merilee, you must be tired."

"Yes, I am." She smiles, expecting Walker to escort her to her room. 'If I can get him in my room...?'

"Dave ... would you escort Ms. Summers to her room?"

A tall good-looking man with a star on his chest steps up with his arm out, "It would be my honor." And before she can protest, she is quickly walked out of the room.

After checking with his men to find out if they've seen anything suspicious, which they haven't, but he decides to makes the rounds himself, checking out the hotel completely, making sure that all is secure before turning in. Not having Alex waiting for him, he is in no rush to return to an empty room.  Not able to find any more excuses to delay his return to his room, he finally gives in to fatigue and makes his way upstairs, opting to take the stairs, maybe to tire him out even more.

Leaving the lights off, he takes his shirt off and wanders out onto the balcony just as his phone rings. "Walker."

"Hi, honey. It's me."

"Hi baby. Did you get home all right? Is Jessie already in bed?"

"Yes, to both questions. But I did have a time with Jessie, trying to explain why you couldn't read to her tonight. She finally agreed to let me read a short story after which she promptly fell asleep."

"I'll make it up to her, I promise. I like our time together as much as she does."

"I know, and it won't be long before another will demand an equal amount of your time."

"I can't wait." He lapses into silence, then in a soft murmur, "Alex, I want you to come in tomorrow and stay the night with me."

"I've just been waiting for you to ask. If you hadn't I would have. Jimmy and Josie have already promised to keep Jessie if I wanted to come in, I'll call them first thing in the morning."

"Come in for dinner, too." His voice softens, "We'll make a night of it."

"I'll be looking forward to it. Good night darling."

"Good night, baby, I love you."

"I love you, too."


On Saturday, Alex spends the day doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and at noon, she fixes up a lunch and takes Jessie out into the back yard and under the large oak tree they have a picnic, just the two of them. Alex also takes her out to the barn, letting her pet the horses then showing her a nest of baby kittens.  Which proves to be a big mistake because Jessie wants to take all of them into the house with her. Finally convincing her that the kittens are to young to leave their mother, Jessie finally relents and leaves the kittens in the barn. While Jessie takes a nap, Alex takes a luxurious, lingering bath using scented bath oils in preparation for the night in her husband's arms.


Merilee comes down early with Walker as her prime target. Scanning the room she finds him in conversation with one of the other Rangers at his private table. As she watches him, the smile, his laughter, stirs up past memories, memories that she would like to make more of. When Walker is finally alone, she walks over and sits down beside him.

"Hi, I hope I'm not interrupting any thing."

"No, not really. Just trying to make sure all contingencies are covered."

She reaches out and lays her hand on his, and he gently pulls his hand back.

"What's the matter, Cordell. At one time you wouldn't have pulled away from me."

"That was another time, Merilee, a different man."

"We could change that. Why don't you have dinner with me tonight in my room? Maybe we could find that ... other man."

He stands, "I'm sorry, Merilee, but I'll be ... busy." He turns and walks away.

Merilee stares after him, wondering how she can draw this man out of his indifference to her. Maybe if I catch him later tonight or early tomorrow when he isn't working.


After delivering her daughter to the safe keeping of Josie and Jimmy Trivette, she drives to the Hyatt Regency Hotel to meet her husband for a romantic rendezvous. 

When Alex comes in the front entrance, Walker is just coming out of the dining room. Seeing his wife standing framed in the doorway, his heart fills with love. Striding toward her, his face lights up in a smile that shows her just how much he loves her. She smiles at him in return and moves into his arms. He gives her a soft kiss on the lips, circles her waist with his arm and guides her into the dining room.

Merilee enters the lobby from the manager's office just in time to see Walker and Alex walking into the dining room. 'That woman again. What's with her?' She follows them at a discreet distance, watching the loving way Walker treats this woman, the tenderness, being so completely entranced with her that all else is insignificant. 'Why, what has she got that's so special?'

The sit together to watch the floor show, then afterward when people start leaving, he escorts Alex to the elevators, slips his room key into her hand, murmurs softly, "I'll be up as soon as I check with the others. I'll try not to be to long."  He smiles as the doors close shutting off his view of her.

While waiting on Walker she changes into the black sheer lacy negligee that he likes so much. Then places the two candles that she brought with her on either side of the bed then shuts the lights out and lays down in the center of the bed.

It's close to an hour before Walker gets back to his room and finds Alex asleep on the bed. The soft light from the candles illuminates her classic beauty and his eyes feast on her, his heart filling to the brim and threatening to spill over with the love he feels for this woman.

He removes his clothes and stretches out beside her on the bed. He lays his hand softly on her belly, then leans over and kisses her softly on the lips. Then again and again until she begins to respond. "Hi baby," he murmurs.

"Oh, Walker, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep." She brings her arms up and circles his neck, her fingers brushing through his hair.

"I though about letting you sleep, you look so peaceful."

"You don't mean that, do you?"

"No, baby, I don't mean it. How are you feeling?" He says as his lips begin to nuzzle her neck, then probing her ear before finally claiming her mouth in a soft tender sweet kiss that quickly deepens as desire that has been put on hold blossoms into life with a vengeance.  The kiss ends only to have another start, tongues twine together as if in a mating ritual of their own.

Walker pulls back, panting, gulping in air, wanting to slow down, wanting it to last. As he looks down into her eyes, he knows it going to be a losing battle. He reaches down and pulls her gown up and over her head. Groaning he lowers his lips to hers again, catching her lip between his, sucking hard, as if his life depended on filling his senses with her taste.

Alex's hands roam up and down his back, caressing, kneading her fingers over the hard muscles, clutching his bottom, pulling him against her, feeling the rock hard erection, that adds more fuel to her desire.

As his mouth eats at hers, his hand grazes down her neck to her breast, feathering over her soft flesh, teasing her with his light touch. She arches up against his hand, wanting him to touch her, suckle her, taste her. She moans into his mouth as his hand closes around the soft flesh, then taking the nipple between his thumb and finger, he gently rolls it, tugs on it gently and as he feels the nipples harden, he lowers his head and draws it deep into his mouth. As his mouth brings pleasure to one, his hand brings pleasure to the other.

Alex feels like she has molten lava running through her veins and it's all pooling in that which defines her as female. Her hand in his hair, then down over his back, unable to keep them still as he moves to the other breast laving it with the same attention as the other received.  His hand splays out over her swollen belly, softly caressing, before moving lower, letting his fingers nestle in the blonde patch between her legs. Feeling his hand so close, she spreads her legs, pleading for more, her hips arching up off the bed wanting him to touch her, to take her.

He cups her soft mound letting his fingers part her flesh, touching that sensitive bit of flesh, then a cry escapes her lips as his fingers slip into her, then out before plunging deeper, settling into a gently rhythm as she thrusts her hips up against his hand.

Walker moves down between her legs, and slipping his hands under hips, he raises her up. He kisses her then spears his tongue into her. As the sensations of pleasure plow through her, she screams out, her body stiffens as her body runs through the gauntlet of ecstasy. As the spasms course through her, he lowers her and, with his hands on either side of her to keep his weight off her belly, he slips into her moist heat, feeling her undulating muscles grip him carrying him along in her climb to the top. He remains still until the seizures ease then he begins to move slow, waiting for her to join him. As her body begins to move in time with his the pace increases and, wanting to bring her with him, he reaches down to where they are joined and touches that small nub bringing a frantic grind against him. Feeling the swelling of desire, the pace becomes frantic as they both strive for the ultimate high of their lovemaking. Walker cries out as he buries himself deep, his body jerking as he empties into her. Alex moans softly as a second orgasm erupts through her, sending her spiraling after her husband.

He falls to her side, curling against her, is arm resting just beneath her breasts. When his breathing slows enough where he can speak, "Did I hurt you? The baby...?"

He voice still coming in gasps, "No ... no ... we're both ... fine." He pulls her back against him in spoon fashion, her back to his front, and they fall into a sated sleep.

When he wakes up without her in his arms he knows she has left the bed. Seeing the light on in the bathroom he smiles, thinking of the many trips she will make before the baby arrives. He stands and walks to the window. 'Be daylight soon and she'll have to leave to get Jessie.' Hearing her soft footsteps, he turns from the window seeing her silhouetted in the bathroom doorway, he draws in a deep breath and whispers, "You're beautiful."

"Right, a beautiful whale."

He crosses the room to stand in front of her, bringing her close against him. "Yeah, but you're my beautiful whale and I love you." He kisses her and then sits down on the edge of the bed pulling her in between his knees. Looking at her, his gaze alone causes her nipples to swell and harden. Begging to be touched, his fingers brush over them softly caressing.

Watching his fingers move over her flesh, Alex moans and draws his head forward then presses her nipple against his lips, which open to enclose it in its warmth. The heat, the wetness and the sucking action, is almost more than she can stand.

Parting her thighs with his hand, he gently rubs her swollen flesh. Alex gasps as his fingers delve into her warm moist center, causing a tingling sensation to ripple through her. When his tongue touches her, she softly cries his name as her hips begin to move back and forth against him. Feeling on the verge of a climax, she pulls back and drops down to her knees, folding her hand around him. She kisses the moistness from the tip of his manhood, before lowering her mouth over him. As her velvety softness closes around him, he shuts his eyes and groans softly at the glorious feeling that is engulfing him. "Alex ... oh God..." He drops his hands down to her hair, his fingers tangling in the golden tresses, as her head bobs at his groin bringing him to a swift climatic release.

He pulls her up with him onto the bed, bringing her on top of him and she raises herself slightly and impales herself on his still hard erection as his hands grip her by the hips. As she begins rolling her hips in a grinding motion, he reaches up and covers her breasts with his hands, bringing her nipples to peaks with his thumbs gently caressing them, before raising up on his elbows to take one in his mouth. At each tug of his mouth on her breast, she feels contractions deep inside of her. Stroking her senses with delicious pressure, building to an unbelievable height, until finally, she plunges over the crest, bringing a soft cry of his name from her lips as ripple after ripple of ecstasy flows through her body. 

Feeling the undulating spasms careening through her, the contractions of her muscles, griping him then releasing, sends him following her with a violent release of his own.

Some minutes later, they lay in a tangled heap of twisted sheets and naked limbs, their bodies slowly reclaiming a semblance of their calmer state. Stirring slightly, their bodies meld together in an embrace of love and they drift off to sleep.


After the show Merilee tries to find Walker but he has disappeared. "Probably securing the hotel." She finally tires of looking and returns to her room, which is right next to Walkers. She undresses, showers and slipping on a gown slides into bed. But sleep is elusive, with her mind on Walker she spends the night tossing and turning in bed, the idea that he is so close ... in bed ... right next door, is driving her to distraction. Never having him before, she wants to know him that way now. Finally unable to stand it any more, she leaves her bed, slips on her robe, then quietly leaves her room.  The lights in the hall have been dimmed slightly and the place is as quiet as a tomb. Stopping in front of Walker's room she takes a deep breath, and raps her knuckles on the door. Waiting, the buildup of having him has her nervous, excited.


Coming out of the bathroom after one of many trips, she hears the light rapping on the door. Completely naked, she goes to the door and peaks through the eyehole. Completely taken by surprise at seeing Merilee on the other side, she turns to find something to cover herself and picks up Walker's shirt lying on the chair. Slipping it on, she clutches it together at her breast, and turns the knob, pulling the door open.

"Merilee, what is it?"

Merilee's eyes widen, and her mouth gapes open, shocked at finding a woman in Walker's room. A woman that still shows the telltale signs of a vigorous loving. Swollen lips, whisker burns near her mouth, and the look of a woman that is completely satisfied. And also has the unmistakable shape of being pregnant.

"Oh ... I  ... was ... I didn't know ... I mean..."

Just then, Walker who had heard the talking, slips on his jeans, leaving the top button undone, moves up behind Alex. "Who is it honey?" When he sees Merilee, he stares at her a few seconds, knowing full well, why she is there, says, "Alex, this is Merilee Summers. Merilee this is my wife. I'm sure you remember her. She was the District Attorney who issued the restraining order against your ex-husband."

Merilee feebly nods her head, "Yes, I ... do remember ... now."

"What are you doing here, Merilee? Is there a problem?" Taking this as a sign that it's business, Alex backs away from the door leaving Walker to handle Merilee by himself.

"That bitch!" Alex says, more to herself than anyone, because she knows exactly why Merilee had come to her husband's door. Alex stands by the window seething, when Walker comes up behind her and slides his arms around her waist. Feeling his arms around her, the tensed up muscles relax and she melts back into him. "She has some nerve. Doesn't she know that you're married now?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure it would have mattered. I do know that she's seen you with me." He pulls her hair to the side and kisses her neck softly, several times, trying to calm her down. "Forget about her, I think she's finally got it through her head that I want nothing to do with her. You're my wife, my life, for all of eternity. I hope you believe that, honey."

She turns into his arms and places her hands of either side of his face. "Darling, I have no doubts about your love. None what so ever. What did you tell her."

"I told her that whatever we might have had back then would never have worked because I've been in loved with you from day one, I just wouldn't admit it."

"You told her that?" At his nod, she says, "I guess I can't hate Merilee to much. In a way I feel sorry for her."

With an incredulous look on his face, he says, "You do!"

"Yes, honey, because she is wanting something that she'll never have. You!"

He feels himself swelling with a love so strong for this woman that he is close to bursting. "Alex, I love you more than you'll ever know." Then he kisses her softly, sweetly, then buries his face in her hair, hiding the moistness that has come to his eyes.

"Honey, your love of me is shown every time I look at Jessie and every time I feel this baby of yours move inside of me. These children are an extension of your love. And of mine for you."


The last night of the show, Merilee is standing in the shadows watching as the people arrive. Smiling, knowing it will be another packed house, the same as each night before has been.  A movement from the corner of her eye causes her to turn her head. Sadness fills her as she watches Walker enter the lobby. A squealing cry of "Daddy" whips her head around to see a small child race across the floor, her arms out to him as he kneels on the floor and scoops her up into his arms. Then a beautiful, radiant, pregnant woman joins them as hugs and kisses are exchanged, then carrying the little girl in one arm and his other around his wife, he escorts them into the dining room.

Tears fill her eyes, as she watches this beautiful family. The question she had asked herself earlier... 'What has she got that is so special?'

She has Cordell Walker, and he is definitely SPECIAL.

The End