A Misplaced Symbol of Love

By Swoopes

"I'm a dead man! I'm given one responsibility, to watch over a chunk of gold and I lose it. When Walker finds out, I'm dead. No avoiding it this time. I'm DEAD!" Charlie Brooks was now pacing up and down the sidewalk in front of the church.

"'Help with the wedding Charlie and we'll knock some community service hours off.' I think I would rather take kids white water rafting again then face Walker now. He is going to kill me. I've got to find that ring."

After searching the area outside the church. Charlie headed back into the church to once again look for the wedding ring.

"Alex, don't worry. Everything is going just as planned. This is going to be the perfect wedding for the perfect couple," assured Josie as she finished up the final touches on Alex's hair.

"Josie I can't believe this is happening. In an hour, I will be walking down the aisle to become Mrs. Cordell Walker. I thought this day would never come."

"Today is the day to begin a new life together. You two were meant to be together. Why it took you this long I will never understand. Alex stay here and remain calm. I have to go check out things downstairs. I'll be back soon. Do you need anything before I go?"

"No. I'm fine and thank you Josie. I wouldn't be able to do this without you," Alex said as her and Josie embraced in a hug.

"Cordell, stop that pacin'. You just about have a path engraved into that carpet."

"Sorry, C.D. I'm nervous. What if she changes her mind? What if..."

"What if you sit down and relax, son?" C.D. hollered. Walker did just that although he still wasn't relaxed. "By the way Cordell, who has the ring?"

Looking up Walker had a question in his eyes. After C.D. repeated the question again he replied, "Trivette." Just then, as if on cue, Trivette entered into the room along with Josie.

"What did I do?" question Trivette after hearing his name mentioned.

"Oh nothing, Jimmy. I just got finished asking Cordell who had the wedding ring. I was double checking that everything was under control. After getting the two of them this far, I don't want anything to go wrong," C.D. spoke as Trivette got Josie a chair.

"Well C.D., I...I don't have the ring anymore."

All heads turned, "WHAT???"

"I gave it to someone else to watch over it."

"WHO?" Walker asked as he came over to his partner. Anger was already present in his eyes.


"Spit it out, Trivette!"

"I gave it to Charlie."

"You did what? You gave Alex's ring to Charlie...Why in the h..."

Trivette was able to interrupt before Walker could finish. "Sorry, Walker, Charlie wanted to have an important job so I let him carry the ring."

"Trivette come with me," Walker ordered dragging Trivette behind him. "We’re going to find Charlie and make sure he still has it."

"Where could it be? I've looked everywhere three times. Let's go back through this. Trivette handed me the ring, I put it in my coat pocket, and I go and help with...with the bird seed to throw. Yeah, yeah that's what I did next."

Charlie was now pacing up the hall, on his way to check the bird seed when he heard a familiar voice that stopped him dead in his track.

"CHARLIE!" shouted Walker as he came into the hallway.

"Hi there Walker," Charlie stuttered. "'s the groom?"

"I'm fine. Just came to get my ring."

"Oh the ring? Well its," Charlie didn't know how to tell Walker. He didn't even have to tell Walker anything for him to know something was wrong Charlie was staring down at the floor to avoid Walker's eyes.

"You lost it!" Walker said with frustration.

"Sorry man. Oh golly...please...please don't kill me, Walker."

"Charlie! That ring symbolizes my love for Alex," Walker shouted with anger as he walked towards Charlie. "This is our wedding day. How do we have a wedding with no ring? You're dead Charlie!" Walker's hand shoot out and gripped Charlie's neck, squeezing tightly.

As Trivette turned the corner he saw Charlie struggling to catch a breathe of air. "Walker! Walker, its okay. Let Charlie go."

Walker didn't release his grip, but Trivette was able to loosen the grip as Charlie fell to the ground.

"Trivette! He lost the ring! Alex's ring! How am I going to explain that to her?" Looking down at Charlie who was breathing rapidly, "Charlie, you ruined our wedding day!"

"Walker, take it easy. I found the ring. Somehow it got mixed with the packages of bird seed. Josie found it when she was cleaning up. Here you keep it," Jimmy said as he pulled out the small golden ring from his pocket. Relief came over Walker as the ring was placed back into his hand.

"Thank you, Trivette! You're a life saver," Walker said as he carefully placed the ring in his pocket for protection.

"I told you, your best man had everything under control. Now, come on. Alex is waiting."

"She's been waiting eight years, Trivette. She can wait another ten minutes so I can calm down."

Reaching into his pocket, Walker looked at the engraving on the ring: One Love, Always Forever, For Life. This ring symbolized his love for Alex. Without it he would be lost.

"Okay lets go," Walker said as the piano music started up. "This old man is ready to settle down!"

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