A New Beginning



June, 2000


Walker found himself daydreaming as he tried to figure out just how many times over the years, he had driven down this very same road. Hundreds? Probably more like thousands he decided. Sometimes the trip had been made with only the thought of hurriedly getting to someone’s aid. Other times he had been so tired that he couldn’t even remember making the trip, let alone actually driving it.

Past the same houses. The same barns. The same fields. He had seen the view so many times in his travels that he couldn’t even remember the last time he had actually paid attention to what he was driving past.

But today it was totally different. It was like a new beginning. He was noticing everything. Every newly painted barn. Every freshly plowed field. He even noticed the live stock that lazily roamed the pastures. Everything seemed so new and exciting to him. Almost as if he were seeing the world around him for the very first time and he knew without a shadow of a doubt he owed it all to the beautiful woman beside him...his wife Alex.

Casting a loving glance down at her, Walker smiled happily. She looked just like an angel to him as she slept so peacefully all curled up on her side; her head and one hand laying possessively on his right thigh. He chuckled softly at the fact that, even though he had known she was tired from their flight back from Paris, she had denied it energetically when he had said something about it, but as soon as they had picked up the Ram, she had found her current position, closed her eyes and hadn’t moved since.

‘She is such an amazing woman’, he mused as he reluctantly returned his eyes to the road ahead of him. She is so full of love. So full of life. She opened up a whole new world for him; a world he had all but given up hope of ever having. A world that he would fight to his dying breath to keep from losing now that he had finally seen that it could be a reality for him.

In just the one short week that they had been married, she had taught him more about love and life than he ever imagined was possible. She had taught him the true meaning of love by showing him how it felt to be totally and unconditionally loved by someone; body, heart and soul. She had also shown him how to enjoy the little things that life has to offer and how to enjoy them to their fullest.

Even now; as she lay sleeping, Walker could feel her love surrounding him. It was astounding in it’s immensity. Almost as if her love itself was the very air that he breathed. It filled him so completely. It made him whole for the first time in his life. And with every moment that passed, he found himself falling deeper and deeper in love with the woman by his side.


The steady hum of the Ram’s engine, cut threw the thick fog of sleep that had wrapped it’s tender arms around her. The melodic sound continued to rouse her senses, as Alex snuggled closer to the warm body of her husband as she slowly became aware of her surroundings. Without opening her eyes, she could tell by the thumps of the tires as they hit numerous pot holes, that they were on the road that would take them home.

She had relished their six glorious days in Paris and in having Walker all to herself. In Paris they hadn’t been an Assistant District Attorney or a Texas Ranger. They had been just Cordell and Alex Walker, newly weds. Just two people deeply in love, amidst a sea of strangers. It had been the first time in their seven year relationship that they had been able to experience and enjoy each other with out any interruptions or fear of the danger that was associated with both of their jobs. It had been an wondrous and dreamlike experience for both of them. So much so, that she and Walker had both become misty eyed when they had stood for one last time on the balcony of their hotel room and said their fond farewell’s to the city that would hold so many beautiful and precious memories for them.

But even though their time in Paris had been so extraordinary and filled with memories that they would reflect upon for the rest of their lives, they both had admitted to the other, that they were more than a little anxious to return to their own little world and the people and surroundings that were familiar to them.

As Alex’s mind journeyed back to the present and their impending homecoming as husband and wife for the first time, she continued to feign sleep; wanting to be unobserved as she enjoyed the masculine heat and feel of her husbands body where it touched hers. His right hand rested protectively on her shoulder. His touch was gentle as he unconsciously caressed the bare skin that he found there. The texture of his pants was soft against her cheek and she could feel the erogenous tightening of the muscles in his upper thigh when he would place his foot on the brake to press and release it. The back of her head rested against his tight stomach and moved ever so slightly with each breath he took. His male scent was intoxicating as it fanned the sparks of desire that were springing to life deep inside of her.

A smile crept onto Alex’s face as she shifted positions slightly; sighing contentedly as she continued to pretend to be asleep. Pausing a few seconds, she determined what her next playful action would be. Trying to act as though it was done unintentionally, she brought her hand to rest on top of Walker’s dormant manhood. As soon as she touched him, she heard his sharp and swift intake of breath and the spontaneous twitches of his own awakening desires. Fighting to keep her own breathing under control because of the seductive game she is playing, Alex lightly runs her nails up and down the length of him several times before she firmly grasps and squeezes it through the material of his pants.

The quivering of his member, increases ten fold as he murmurs huskily, “You’re playing with fire lady.”

“I am?” she questions innocently as she promptly changes positions; wanting better access to him. As she continues to trace the outline of him through his pants, she looks back up into his now passion darkened eyes. “I happen to enjoy playing with fire Cowboy,” she states matter of fact as she smiles coyly at him.

Walker can see the devilment sparkling in her eyes as her hands move teasingly up to the top of his pants and begins to undo them. He immediately slows the speed of the Ram, subconsciously realizing that his wife’s playfulness while he is driving is quickly becoming a dangerous situation.

A moan of pleasure escapes from him and echoes throughout the truck as her hand cautiously begins to creep inside the now open front of his pants and slowly removes his fully engorged manhood. As soon as his full length is revealed and he feels the glorious sensations of her soft and tantalizing stroke around him, Walker pulls to a hasty stop along the side of the road; throwing the truck into park.

His heart is beating furiously and his breaths are coming in ardent gasps as Alex continues to move her hand firmly, up and down the length of him. Fighting to keep a tight reign on his rising passion, he tries unsuccessfully to stop her movements just as she places a tender and very unexpected kiss on the tip of his throbbing manhood. Inhaling sharply, he closes his eyes momentarily; snapping them back open as Alex seductively lowers her lips to him once again and begins to pull his length into the warm and inviting wetness of her mouth. 

Walker can feel the pressure of his imminent orgasm building deep inside of him; threatening to explode at any moment, as the unbridled sensations she is creating shoot threw out his entire body. His low growl of ‘Alex’ permeates the air as he tangles his fingers in her silken hair. Tugging gently, he draws her up until he can cradle her face with his hands. Looking into the depths of her passion filled eyes he whispers, “I love you,” as he captures her lips with his.

Alex molds her body against his as she feels the gentle touch of his tongue against hers. Their kiss deepens, and she feels Walker’s hands move to the buttons of her shirt to slowly unbutton her. As soon as the last button was undone, he cups both of her breasts gently. Finding her nipples through the lacy bra she wore, he begins to roll them both between his fingers, bringing moans of pleasure from her. As his lips leave hers to begin a slow and tantalizing journey down her neck, Alex arches her body, wordlessly begging him to continue.

Suddenly, Alex saw something out of the corner of her eye. “Oh my God...Walker...someone’s coming.” she shrieks as she pushes away from him to quickly move to her side of the Ram, straightening her clothes and fixing her hair as she moves.

Walker nervously looks in the rear view mirror and sees the patrol car that is just now pulling up and coming to a stop behind the ram. “Damn,” he swears under his breath, as he tucks his stiffness uncomfortably back into his pants. As he hurriedly pulls the zipper up, he thanks his lucky stars that he is wearing a pair of baggy dress pants instead of a pair of his tighter fitting jeans. Casting a nervous glance at Alex to make sure she is presentable, he takes a deep and calming breath, trying to compose himself.

Looking back into the rear view mirror again, Walker had hoped that the patrol officer would be someone he didn’t know. But as luck would have it, the man that emerged from the cruiser was indeed an old friend of his, Matt Brandon.

Walker could feel the heat of embarrassment that was already flushing his face, as he put his window down and greeted his old friend somewhat shakily. “Hi Matt, it’s been a long time.”

“Well I’ll be damned. If it isn’t Cordell Walker. It sure has been awhile. How have you been?”

“Good thanks. How about yourself?”

“As mean and ornery as ever.” Matt replied with a chuckle.

“I didn’t know you were back in the area Matt.”

“Well me and the Mrs. just moved back into this area about a month or so ago. You still liven’ around here Walker?”

“Yea. About twenty minutes from here as a matter of fact.”

“We’ll have to get together sometime. Who’s the pretty lady Walker?” he asked as he cocked his head in Alex’s direction.

“Oh sorry Matt, let me introduce you to my wife Alex. Alex, this is Matt Brandon. We worked on some cases together when we were both just starting out in law enforcement.”

“Nice to meet you.” Alex responded with a smile and a nod of her head.

“Nice to meet you too.” he smiled back. “Kate told me just last week I think it was, that she had seen in the paper that you had finally gone and got yourself hitched Walker. I told her it had to be someone else...the Cordell Walker I knew was too damn stubborn and set in his ways to ever get married.”

Walker laughed. “Well, up until I met Alex, I had just never found the right woman is all Matt.”

“Well finding the right woman sure can change a man. Me and my Kate have been together going on twenty years now. Luckiest day of my life when I found her. Yes sir. Well anyway...I just stopped figuring you two were a couple of teenagers sitting here making out, necking or what ever it is they are calling it these days. You wouldn’t believe some of the situations I have pulled up on. Can be pretty dog gone embarrassing if you know what I mean.”

Walker and Alex both blushed crimson as they glanced at each other, and Walker mumbled, “I can imagine.”

“Well, I best be getting myself back to work and let you all get on your way. Congratulations you two and keep in touch.”

“Thanks Matt, we will.” Walker replied as the two men shook hands. Rolling the window back up Walker leaned his head back and breathed a huge sigh of relief as Alex turned her head towards her window. Looking over at his wife, Walker could see by the subtle shaking of her shoulders that she was over her embarrassment and was trying to keep from laughing.

“You had better not be sitting over there laughing Alexandra Walker.” Walker said in a firm, yet teasing voice.

“I’m not.” she answered threw the hand that was now covering her mouth.


No longer being able to control herself, Alex started giggling as she coyly peered over at her husband. “I’m sorry darling. I didn’t...I mean...Oh Walker, you should have seen your face...I don’t mean to laugh but you have to it admit it was funny.”

“Funny? Alex...we almost got caught...”

It was no use. Walker knew he was fighting a losing battle. Alex’s laughter was contagious. Shaking his head, as his laughter joined hers, he started the Ram and pulled slowly back onto the road. “I think I had better get you home before you get us into any more trouble.”

Placing her hand high up on his thigh, Alex replied, “I think that is a very good idea.”


A short time later, the newlyweds pulled into the driveway of the ranch. Shutting the engine off, Walker exited and moved to open Alex’s door for her. Deciding that they would unload their baggage later, they walked arm and arm towards the house.

As they neared the steps, Walker could feel Alex hesitate, before coming to a complete stop. Turning towards her questioningly, Walker could see the tears that were building in her eyes. “Honey, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.” Alex looked up into his puzzled eyes as her tears began to flow unchecked down her cheeks. “I mean, I have dreamed of living here with you for so long, but now that it is a reality I guess I’m just so excited I’m a little bit overwhelmed by it. Oh Walker...I’m just so happy.”

Walker pulled her against him to cradle her head to his chest, as he rubbed his hand up and down her back in a soothing motion. “I’m happy too Alex.” he murmured as he tilted her head back until their eyes met.

“I guess I’m just being silly.” she sniffed.

“No...you’re not being silly. In fact, I know how you feel.” Walker brushed her tears away as he continued, “Until today this has always been nothing more than where I lived. It was just the ranch. A place to hang my hat. Oh I love it here, I always have. In fact I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. But now...now it is so much more. It’s not just the ranch anymore. It’s a home. Our home. Yours and mine. So what do you say Mrs. Walker? How about we make our first official homecoming as man and wife a memorable one?”

Smiling up at him, Alex brushed his lips in a soft kiss. “I think it sounds wonderful. Come on.” she said as she tugged on his arm anxiously, pulling him behind her up the steps.

When they reach the front door, Walker moves forward to unlock it and pushes it open. As Alex moves to enter he asks, “Aren’t you forgetting something Alex.”

“I am? What?”


Alex squeals with delight as Walker scoops her up into his strong arms. Lowering his lips to hers, he kisses her soundly as he carries her over the threshold, kicking the door shut behind them. Slowly lowering her feet to the floor he whispers, “I love you Alex. Welcome home.”

“I love you too.” she replies joyfully, wrapping her arms around his neck. “So Cowboy, since we did what I wanted to our first night in Paris, why don’t you decide what we do our first night at home.”

“OK. You go freshen up and I’ll start a fire.”

Nodding her head enthusiastically in agreement, Alex gives him a quick kiss on the cheek before she turns and heads up the stairs. Walker keeps his eyes on her retreating form until she is totally out of sight, before turning his attentions to the job at hand.


Alex silently enters the living-room, stopping short as she gasps softly at the welcoming and pleasurable sight before her. The fire is crackling loudly in the fireplace, filling the room with an enticing warmth. The soft, gentle hues of yellow light from the flames make the other wise unlit room glow with intrigue and romance. Vases of long stem red roses are placed everywhere through out the room, their amorous aroma filling the air. An open bottle of champagne rests in an ice bucket on the coffee table. Beside it, a bowl of freshly washed strawberries sat invitingly along with two crystal goblets that were already filled with chilled liquid. The coffee table itself was now positioned off to the side of the fireplace, where a thick blanket has been painstakingly spread on the floor. Placed lovingly on the blanket were pillows of all shapes and sizes. When Alex’s wandering eyes finally find her husband; who was just moving out of his hiding place in the shadows, she sighs fervently, “Oh Walker...”

As he extends his hand to her, silently beckoning her to join him, she slowly begins to move towards him; letting her eyes have the pleasure of caressing every inch of him that is revealed for her viewing pleasure. And what a pleasure it was. He was so handsome and virile as he stood barefoot beside the fireplace. He had made himself even more comfortable by removing his shirt and Alex could feel herself becoming breathless as she saw how the firelight was dancing so seductively across his muscular chest and down onto his firm stomach, highlighting the soft red hair that covered them.

When Alex reaches his side, she places her hand in the palm of his. Almost as if she is in a trance, her eyes follow her hand as he raises it languidly to his lips; kissing it lightly. As their eyes lock, Walker produces a long stem rose from behind his back, offering it to her.

Accepting the rose from him, Alex places it up to her nose, inhaling deeply of it’s intoxicating fragrance. Raising her eyes back to his, she reaches out and touches his cheek delicately. “Thank you darling.”

Smiling his response, Walker turns to lift the two goblets of champagne from the table. Turning back, he hands her a glass as he raises his slightly in a toast; his eyes locking with hers.

“May I always see your love shine as brightly in your eyes as it does right now. I love you Alex.”

“And may you always know that you are my destiny. My life. My one true love. Now and forever. I love you Walker.”

Touching their glasses together, they raise them and each take a sip of the chilled liquid. Smiling warmly Alex surveys the room around them once again. “This is all such a surprise Walker. I really love it. The roses. The fruit. All my favorite things. It’s like a dream world and you and I are the only two people in it. How did you ever manage all of this?”

“I enlisted Trivette for the help. Told him exactly what I wanted and when to have it here. He did a great job.”

“Yes he did, and so did you. Thank you.” Alex kisses him on the cheek. “But I have a question.”

“A question?”

“Yes, a question. I think you’ve been holding out on me Cowboy. When did you get so romantic?”

Walker throws his head back and laughs heartily as he wraps his arm around her waist. Pulling her close to his side he places his lips against her ear as he whispers, “I guess I have just been saving all that romantic stuff for my wife to bring it out of me.”

“Hmm. That sounds like fun.” Alex replies, as she lazily trails her finger tip down the middle of his chest. She can feel his swift intake of breath and the muscles rippling underneath her soft touch. “It will be my pleasure bringing it out of you.”

 “And it will be my extreme pleasure letting you.” Walker smiled. Stepping back slightly, he looked closely at what she was wearing. “How come I didn’t see this in Paris?” he asked. “Were you holding out on me too?”

“Yes, I have been holding out on you too.” Alex giggled lightly as she continued, “This was my favorite of the negligees that I got from my bridal shower. I saved it especially for our first night here at the ranch.” Slowly, she turns around several times before stopping to pose directly in front of him. “So...what do you think...do you like it?”

Walker smiles coyly as he cocks his head and lets his eyes roam the entire length of her slender body. She was so gorgeous. Her hair was hanging lose in the style he preferred, with soft curls delicately framing her face. The pale lavender negligee she wore sparkled in the fire light, accenting her curvaceous figure, clinging tightly to it in all the right places. Thin, tiny straps held the gown in place at her shoulders, with the front of it dipping dangerously low across her bosom. Walker eyes were drawn to her already hardened nipples which were barely covered by the silk material that she wore. He groaned softly as he noticed how with every breath she took, the material lowered itself a little more each time; threatening to let her breasts spring forth.

Alex shivers with desire and a growing anticipation as she feels the intrinsic caress of his eyes upon her. Even though he wasn’t physically touching her, the sensations he was creating began to smolder; fanning themselves into a sensual flame of desire and need.

Letting his eyes wander slowly away from her chest, Walker continued his pleasurable journey down to her flat stomach. The tightness of her negligee left nothing to his imagination; from the small indentation of her cute little belly button, down to the soft nest of blond curls that covered the junction of her womanhood and even further to her slender hips and the soft, tempting swell of her delicious bottom, ending with her long and shapely legs.

“Mee-kah-wah-diz-ee ee-quay.” he murmurs huskily as he returns his eyes up to her passion filled ones.

“What does that mean?” Alex asks breathlessly as she tries to calm her racing heart.

Silently, he takes her drink and places it along side his on the table. Offering her his hand, he moves them both to the center of the blanket where he immediately sits, drawing her slowly down beside him. Leaning in close to her, he cups her face between his rugged hands, letting his thumbs lazily brush against her cheeks as he looks deeply into her eyes. “Mee-kah-wah-diz-ee ee-quay” he whispers as he lowers his lips to hers, placing erotic little kisses against them as he continues to talk, “means ‘beautiful woman’ in Cherokee. And you are the most beautiful woman in the world to me Alex. I love you with all my heart and soul.” Capturing her lips totally, Walker kissed her with abandon; letting his kiss say everything that he wants to say but can’t put into words.

When Walker finally releases her lips, Alex can barely breath. Not giving her a chance to regain her composure, he moves his hands to the straps on her shoulders. Slipping a finger under each of them, he slides the straps down her arms, watching tenaciously as her breasts break free from their clinging confine of material. Dropping the straps of her negligee, Walker slowly snakes his fingers back up her arms, smiling as he feels goose bumps of anticipation in his wake. When he reaches her breasts, he places his hands underneath them, letting them rest in his palms momentarily to savor the feel and weight of them before lowering his lips to them.

At the first sensuous touch of the tip of his tongue on her nipple, Alex gasps as she arches her back, offering herself to him. Slowly, his tongue circles first one hardened nipple, before moving teasingly across to the other. After he had made the trip between the two several times, he changed tactics by beginning to nibble on her hardened nubs, tugging and pulling gently on them with his teeth, as his hands squeezed her firm breasts.

Just when Alex thought she would explode from his seductive titillation, Walker stopped and pulled away. Alex moaned her dismay, only to have him kiss her softly.

Laying her gently back among the pillows, Walker reaches over and picks up one of the goblets of champagne. Raising the glass to his lips, he takes a cool and soothing sip of it. Smiling coyly down at her, he then tips the glass just enough to dribble the cool liquid over each breast. Placing the glass beside him, he leans over and begins to meticulously lick the cool wetness away, the tip of his tongue following the paths it had created.

The mixture of the taste of the champagne mixed with the taste of her velvet skin was like an aphrodisiac to Walker, spurring his imagination onward. Moving down to her waist, Walker begins pulling the negligee down over her stomach, hips and finally off of her legs, tossing it carelessly on the floor beside them.

Alex raises her head slightly, watching his actions as if she were in a dream like trance. Stretching out along side of her, Walker gives her a seductive wink, as he picks the glass back up and begins pouring champagne down the middle of her stomach, continuing the trail down to the junction of her thighs. Drinking what remained in the glass, Walker reached back to the table once more, picking one of the large strawberries out of the bowl.

Alex’s breath catches in her chest. Her heart is beating wildly as she watches him dip the tip of the strawberry into the small amount of liquid that had filled her belly button, before lifting it to his waiting lips, popping it into his mouth with one fluid motion. Chewing slowly, Walker grins at her as he reaches for yet another strawberry, repeating the procedure. This time he moves the wet fruit to her lips. Taking his time, he lightly outlines them, before offering her a bite. Placing the rest in his own mouth, he lowers his lips to hers, kissing her hungrily.

Their tongues duel against each other as the mixture of champagne and strawberries add to their enjoyment. Pressing their bodies tightly together, their hands begin to caress, touch and tease the other as the rising desire between the two of them escalates with intensity and desire.

Alex can feel the amazing hardness and length of Walker’s manhood against her thigh as her own warm wetness of arousal begins to flow freely, mixing with the champagne to pool unhindered beneath her legs. When her hands move downward to touch his length, Walker captures them with his, pinning them carefully to the floor by her sides. Raising his lips from hers, he sighs thickly, “Be patient ‘Mee-kah-wah-diz-ee ee-quay’. I want you to know the true depths of my unconditional love for you. Tonight is for your pleasure and yours alone.”

Walker languidly begins to kiss and lick his way away from her mouth, down the middle of her body. Reaching her breasts, he suckles them greedily, drawing as much of them into his mouth as possible, before continuing his captivating journey down ward. Stopping next at her sweet little belly button, he tediously laps up the remaining liquid that had gathered there, making her squirm with delight.

Pausing a moment to catch his own breath, Walker releases Alex’s arms and sits up. His arousal now painful because of its confines, he stands and hurriedly removes his pants and briefs, tossing them off to the side. Sitting back down, he grabs several pillows and lays them beside Alex’s hips. Gently slipping his arm under her upper thighs, Walker lifts her high enough to slide the pillows beneath her lower back and bottom; elevating the lower half of her body.

Gazing up into her now dark, passion filled eyes, he runs his hand up the inside of her thighs, nudging them open to make room for him between them. When they were parted enough, Walker places his body between them. Turning slightly, he begins to massage her right upper thigh, starting at the very top; working his way painstakingly down to her knee and then all the way to the bottom of her foot. Kissing her instep playfully, he bends her knee and guides her leg up into the position he is seeking before he turns to do the same to her other leg.

Alex has no idea of what Walker has planned for her as she watches him tenaciously. She only knows that she trusts him and that the intense sensations he is creating are quickly driving her crazy with a wanton need for the ultimate fulfillment that she knew that only he could bring to her. She can feel her muscles contract tightly as her body prepared itself for it’s ominous climax. The chaos that her lover had inflamed with in her was growing so rapidly that she knew that, in the instant that he did touch her, she would explode in rapture.

After positioning both of her legs the way he wanted them, Walker sits back to gaze at the magnificent sight before him. With her knees drawn up and her feet placed wide apart, her womanhood was laid open for his viewing pleasure. Her soft golden curls were wet with the champagne that he had poured there, and he could see the trickle of her love juice that his attentions had initiated. Placing his hands on the inside of her wide spread thighs, he slowly begins to move his thumbs in circles through her golden hair. Moving them ever closer to her center, Alex’s soft whimpers fill the room, as she squirms and arches her lower body, urging him to end his torturous game. “Oh Walker...please...,” she begs lustfully, as she raises her head from the pillows to look pleadingly down at him.

Walker locks his eyes with hers as he decides to impishly ignore her pleas, and slowly begins to trace her moist center with his finger tips. Taking extreme care of not touching her swollen bud of arousal, a sudden look of devilment appears in his smoky gray eyes and his hand snakes out and grabs another strawberry.

Alex’s eyes widen with astonishment at his totally unexpected, yet pleasurable joviality. Watching with a sexual fascination she had never before experienced to this magnitude, she sees him lowering the fruit to her womanhood and gasps loudly as he firmly strokes her opening with it. Raising it to his mouth, he licks the juices from it, before eating it in a deliberate and highly erotic manner.

Over and over again, Walker repeats his actions, careful to only touch her with the firmness of the strawberry. Knowing her climax is now only a mere touch away, he picks up yet another berry as he moves from between her legs to lay beside her. Lowering his lips to hers to kiss her deeply, he purposefully touches the fruit to her throbbing nub; rubbing it hard against it, instantaneously sending her into the throes of her orgasm.


Her body glistened with the sweat of her lingering excitement, as the last of the intense spasms finally subside deep within her. Her breathing is labored and her heart feels as if it is trying to pound it’s way out of her body. Turning her head to look at her husband, she meets his handsome and smiling face. Reaching out she touches his bearded cheek, then moves to brush a small piece of strawberry from the corner of his mouth. Trying desperately to find words to describe what she had just experienced because of his love for her, she finally manages to emotionally whisper, “I love you.”

Silencing her by touching his fingers to her well kissed lips, Walker murmurs, “I know you do,” as he starts kissing and caressing his way down her heated body. Moving back between her legs, he immediately inserts first one finger, than another, into her hot, wet opening. Her body jerks at the jubilant invasion, her muscles automatically clinching themselves tightly around them. When his fingers begin a slow and steady cadence of moving in and out on their own accord, Walker places a tender kiss on top of her love button.

Grabbing two handfuls of his hair, Alex holds his head firmly in place, savoring the feel of his lips against her in such an intimate fashion. As his tongue begins a strong and steady dance of it’s own, she throws her head back against the pillows, moaning with undeniable pleasure as the waves of desire begin to build rapidly deep within her once again.

Licking and tasting her feminine juices as he feverishly works his fingers in and out of her, his takes her swollen nub between his teeth, biting and sucking it gently until her orgasm explodes making her shudder and cry out beneath him uncontrollably.

Not giving her a chance to regain her composure at all this time, Walker moves up to plunge his hard member deep into her with one powerful stroke. Holding perfectly still, he waits patiently until Alex finds the strength to urge him onward by sinuously moving her hips up against him. 

Moving provocatively, Walker withdrawals almost completely before sinking back into her ardently. Reaching up to manipulate one of her hardened nipples between his finger tips, he lovingly watches the craving for him to join her in their ultimate fulfillment splay across the face of his wife as her moans of pleasure build in pitch.

Knowing he will be unable to hold back any longer, Walker increases his momentum radically as Alex wraps her legs around his waist, clutching his shoulders tightly with her hands. Adamantly they work, seeking their goal. Two bodies joined together. Two hearts beating as one to climb the steep mountain of desire, seeking the elusive pinnacle of it.

Walker thrusts hard against her one last time, as he feels his seed spew forth from him aggressively. His low, throaty growl of climax mixes with Alex’s cry of ecstasy as their world explodes in unadulterated and simultaneous grandeur, sending them both to whirl tempestuously over the edge.

When Walker feels himself slowly floating back to reality at last, he rolls them both gently to their sides, without withdrawing from Alex’s still quivering depths. Holding her close against him, he waits for the after shocks of her own orgasm to subside. Brushing her damp hair back off of her face, he begins to soothingly kiss and caress her as he whispers of his love for her.

Finally feeling her tremors end and as she was beginning to relax in his arms, Walker slowly removes himself from inside of her. When she moans her disapproval of his actions, he kisses her lips fleetingly as he murmurs, “I’ll be right back.”

Not even having the strength to open her eyes to see where her beloved husband was going, Alex rolls back onto her back, stretching lethargically. Total exhaustion begins to slither it’s way through every inch of her body, as she fights to keep peaceful slumber from over taking her just yet. Sensing her husband beside her moments later, she sighs her contentment at his return. Feeling the soft touch of a cool wet cloth against her body, she mutters her gratitude as Walker sensitively begins to bath her; cleansing her of the lingering signs of their lovemaking.

When Walker finishes his task, he lays down beside her, pulling the blanket over them as he draws her into the protective circle of his strong arms. Kissing the top of  her head that was now positioned on his chest, he whispers, “Sweet dreams my love.”

Closing his own heavy eyelids, appeased smiles appear on both of their features as sleep embraced them both instantly.


Several hours later, Walker awoke from his slumber. Moving stiffly from laying in the same position for so long, he stands, taking care of not waking Alex. Running his hand through his hair as he stretches his cramped muscles, he sees that the fire in the fireplace is now nothing more than a few glowing embers. Glancing down at his wife, he notices her own restless movements as she tries unsuccessfully to find a comfortable position to continue sleeping in. Deciding they both would rest better in their bed upstairs, he effortlessly scoops her sleeping form up into his arms and heads towards the staircase. As he slowly climbs the stairs, Alex wraps her arms drowsily around his neck as she snuggles her nude body closer to his. Nuzzling her face against his bearded cheek, she asks with a yawn, “Where are we going darling?”

“Upstairs so we can go back to sleep in our comfortable bed.” he replies as he reaches the landing and moves towards the door of their room. Entering the moonlit room, Walker places Alex on the bed. Giving her a quick peck on the lips, he’s surprised when she pulls him back down; kissing him deeply.

When they are both breathless from her kiss, Walker pulls back slightly as Alex’s hands begin to play with the hair on his chest. Smiling innocently up at him, her hands wander even lower and begin to stimulate his limp manhood. “Do we have to go back to sleep right away?” she purrs wantonly.

Chuckling affectionately, Walker shrugs his shoulders as he answers, “Well, not if you don’t want to I suppose.”

“Well I don’t want to,” she replies, anxious to start another incredible excursion of trying to fulfill their mutual and insatiable hunger for the other. Scooting over into the center of the bed, she crooks her index finger at him. Moving it in a beckoning manner she says, “Come here Cowboy.”

Grinning broadly, Walker replies, “Yes Ma’am” as he dives at her playfully, their joyous laughter filling the silent night air.


Stirring, Alex’s hand automatically reaches out beside her trying to find Walker’s warm body. Finding only the empty bed beside her, she slowly sits up to search the still dark room for him. Not seeing him anywhere, she frowns. Moving off of the bed, she staggers sluggishly to the bathroom, needing to use it. When she is finished in the bathroom, she looks down the stair case to see if any lights are on downstairs. Not seeing any, she walks silently back to the bedroom wondering where in the world Walker could possibly be this early in the morning. Deciding he may be out in the barn for some reason, she walks to the closet, planning on grabbing something to put on to go in search of him. Just as she reaches to open the closet door, a movement outside of the window catches her eye. Cautiously moving to the window, she pulls the curtain back, shaking her head in awe at the beautiful sight before her.

Outside the window, the sky was just beginning to take on a soft glow as the sun stretched its loving arms towards the horizon, preparing for the birth of a new day. The quiet stillness of the air was the last lingering sign of nature’s night of peaceful slumber. It was so picturesque. So serene. And sitting, surrounded by it all, was Walker.

‘He is so magnificent.’ Alex thought adoringly, as she gazed upon his nude, muscular body.

He was sitting on a blanket in the middle of the small roof. His one leg was stretched out in front of him. The other was bent, his hands and chin rested comfortably on top of his knee. She could tell he was lost in thought by the way he intently watched the horizon in front of him, never moving a muscle.

Before she could decide whether or not she wanted to interrupt his solitude, he turned his head in her direction. Capturing her eyes with his, he silently extended his hand to her.

Without hesitation; or a thought of being naked herself, Alex climbed out the window and moved carefully the short distance to his side. Accepting his outstretched hand, she let him guide her down onto his lap and into his welcoming arms.

The kiss he pressed immediately against her lips was filled with unspoken emotions and she could feel the ardent tremble of his body as he held her tightly against him.

When he ended the kiss, Alex leaned back, tenderly wiping the tear away that was sliding down his cheek. “Is something wrong darling?” she asked worriedly.

“No...nothing’s wrong,” he sighed, cupping her face in his hands as he continued, “in fact everything’s perfect...especially you.”

Alex beamed graciously at his compliment. “So what are you doing out here on the roof? Do you sit out here in the nude often?” she asked with a giggle.

“No, this is the first time.” he replies with a laugh of his own as he kissed the tip of her nose. “I couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to wake you. I saw that it was almost time for the sun to rise, so I climbed out here to watch it and do some thinking.”

Looking out at the horizon and the soft colors that were beginning to peek up and over the top of it, Alex smiled softly as she turned back to him. “This is the perfect place to watch the sun rise. There isn’t anything to block your view.”

Nodding his head affirmatively, Walker repositioned her between his legs and nestled her back against him. As they both fell silent, Walker rested his head against hers to enjoy the overwhelming feeling of holding her in his arms once again, while they both watched the miraculous start of a brand new day.

The lustrous colors grew more and more vivid on the skyline, as the sun edged it’s way higher, finally allowing it’s first brilliant rays into the lovers range of vision. The soft gentle breeze carried the first sounds of nature as it awakened to start the day. Birds ruffled their feathers and exercised their wings before taking off in search of their first meal of the day, as their babies crying anxiously. The different animals in the fields and barns called out their good mornings in their various sounds. The leaves on the trees danced gently, drying themselves of the early morning dew drops that clung to them precariously, as they sparkled and glistened in the suns early mornings rays. The air was fresh and clean, carrying the pungent fragrance of already bloomed flowers that swayed back and forth gently in the meadows.

“Oh my God Walker,” Alex sighed profoundly, “this is the most peaceful and heavenly sight I have ever seen.”

“Want to know what the most heavenly sight I have ever seen is?” Walker whispered huskily in her ear.

“What?” she questioned as she turned her head to look at him.

“You.” he replied simply.


“Yes you.” Walker paused to cup her face tenderly in his hands. “Every time I look in those twinkling blue eyes of yours I see a little piece of what heaven must surely be like.”

Fighting back her tears of pure joy, Alex murmured with emotion, “There you go getting romantic on me again Cowboy.”

Walker kissed her affectionately. “I intend to do a lot more of it too.”

Laying her head on his chest, Alex ran her fingers through the fine red body hair that grew so abundantly there. “Walker? What were you thinking about before? You seemed kind of upset.”

“Not upset, just happy.” Moving her away from his body, he held her at arms length as he smiled warmly at her. “I was just thinking about you Alex. About how very much I love you. About us and our future together. About how your love has changed me by making me complete for the first time in my life. And about how very much I am praying that you get pregnant right away.” he finished as he laid his hand on her flat stomach, rubbing it gently.

“Really? I mean...I know we talked about it briefly in Paris, but you have always looked so nervous and even a little scared when I have mentioned starting a family before.”

“See...your love has changed me. I am really hoping you are already pregnant.” With the excitement of a child he asks, “How soon will we know for sure?”

Alex laughed merrily as she replied, “I guess we’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks. That’s when my next period is due.” She could see the blush rise on his cheeks at the mention of her period, making her laugh even more. Becoming more serious she added, “Don’t get your hopes up too much though darling. What if I don’t get pregnant right away?”

“Well,” he said as he gathered her back into his arms, “in that case we will just keep practicing until we get it right.” Slowing his hands caress their way down her back to grab her buttocks, squeezing them lightly. “Let’s practice some more now,” he winks teasingly.

“Oh no. I am not making love out here on the roof.” Alex quipped as she pushed herself away from him and his very tempting offer. “We get a little too rambunctious at times for that.”

“Us? Rambunctious?” he questioned playfully.

“Yes us. Tell you what, you build a nice little balcony out here and I will make love to you on it anytime you want to. But until then Mr. Walker, it’s in the house or not at all.”

“The house or not at all. Right?”


Moving quickly to his feet, Walker grabs Alex’s hand and the blanket pulling them both hurriedly towards the open window, laughing merrily.


It was almost eleven, when Alex made her way down the stairs. After watching the sunrise together, she and Walker had gone back to bed and made love yet again. Laying in his arms afterwards, she had drifted off into a blissful sleep, only stirring when Walker kissed her gently saying he was going to go take care of the horses and for her to sleep as long as she wanted too. Several hours later when she had finally awakened for the day, she showered and dressed in jeans and a tank top, refreshed and very anxious to spend their first full day at the ranch together as husband and wife.

Hearing movement in the kitchen, Alex followed the sound and found Walker pouring himself a cup of coffee. “Good morning,” she says as she moves to his side, taking the offered cup from his hand.

“Morning sleepy head. I didn’t think you were ever going to get up.”

“Well if my husband wouldn’t have kept me up most of the night I wouldn’t have slept in.” she replied happily, kissing him on his cheek as she rubs her hand down the middle of his bare chest.

“It was a fun way to spend the night.” Walker chuckled, drawing her into his arms.

“Yes it was. So...what have you been doing while I was sleeping?”

“Well I worked out. Took care of the horses and I started making some plans for that balcony you suggested.”

“Really? Walker I was only kidding about the balcony.”

“Well I’m not kidding about it. I think it would be the perfect way to start making this our home. Come here, I want to show you what I have so far.”

Moving to the dinning room table, Walker begins to show her the rough sketches that he had been working on. “See Alex, it won’t take anything to do it. It’s really a simple layout. In fact, I thought that maybe we could go and look at doors this afternoon and pick out the kind we want and get it ordered. A neighbor down the road does home construction projects like this and on the way home we can drop our ideas off at his place. So...what do you think?”

“I think you certainly have been very busy this morning.”

“Well...” Walker teased as he wrapped his arms around her waist, “I had to find something to occupy my time while you were being a sleepy head.”

“Oh you.” Alex giggled, smacking him on the arm. “Walker, I do love the plans for the balcony. But I don’t want you to...”

“No buts about it Alex, well...unless it’s this one that is.” he replies as he grabs the cheeks of her bottom in the palms of his hands, giving them a firm squeeze as he draws her hips tightly against him.

Leaning down Walker begins to nuzzle her neck, kissing, licking and nibbling his way all around it’s smooth surface, before moving lower onto her shoulders and around the edge of her tank top. Moving back up the path he had just made, he captured her lips, kissing them with a enjoyable fierceness.

Alex can feel his amazing length beginning to harden against her stomach. Moving her own hands to his buttocks, she mimics his actions. She can feel the heat of desire begin to flow through out her body as her eyes met and lock with his lust filled gaze.

“Damn Alex, I can’t get enough of you.” he growls huskily as he ends the heated kiss, moving his hands to her thighs, urging her to wrap her legs around him as he lifts her from the floor. “It’s only been a few hours, but I need to be with you again. Right here...right now.”

Moaning loudly in response to his decree, Alex quivers with excitement and anticipation as she wraps her arms around his neck, molding herself to him fervently, as their lips heatedly find each other’s once again.

When Walker’s lips leave hers to begin their erotic wandering, Alex leans back in his embrace, giving him free and unconditional reign to do as he pleases with her and her body.

Stimulated beyond belief by her total and uninhibited submission to his sexual desires, Walker lets his untamed hunger for her erupt. With the look of a renegade Cherokee warrior in his eyes, he turns with her suddenly, using his muscular forearm to powerfully sweep the papers they had been looking at off of the table, sending them flying around the room. Placing her bottom firmly on the table’s edge, his hands move hurriedly to the bottom of her tank top, removing it in once fluid motion; hurling it to lay with the papers on the floor. Dropping his head immediately to her voluptuous and now bare breasts, he cupped them both with his callused hands; kneading them firmly, as he ravenously suckled first one nipple before moving quickly to the other.

Urged on by her wanton wails of pleasure at his uncommon, but very pleasurable savageness, Walker abandons her breasts to rid her of the confines of her jeans. When his hasty and fumbling fingers refuse to co-operate, Alex’s own hands join his in their endeavor; the expectation of being joined with him physically spurring her on. When the fastenings where finally undone, Walker presses her back to lay on the table, as he swiftly pulls them off of her body.

Left with only her silk panties to contend with in his unquenchable thirst for completion, Walker pauses to catch his breath, as his eyes caress her aroused flesh.  Her sky blue eyes are glazed over with desire, her lips swollen from the force of their kisses. Her breasts and nipples are red from the attention of his lips and hands.

Fighting her own bodies raging desire’s, Alex watches her husbands eyes roam the length of her body, waiting anxiously until they returned to lock with hers once again. Blowing him a kiss, she licks her lips provocatively. Wanting...no needing, to feel the same uninhibited freedom he was, Alex takes a ragged and uncertain breath as she shyly touches her own breasts. Seeing nothing but pure love and passion in his eyes, she joyously relinquishes the last of her own inhibitions. Grasping her nipples, she pinches them playfully and arches her back alluringly up at him. Gaining momentum, she lets her hands move teasingly down the length of her torso, stopping when she reaches the elastic top of her underwear. Hooking her thumbs in them, she slowly pushes them down her hips as she wiggles and squirms tantalizingly for his viewing pleasure. Lifting her legs up into the air, she finally removes them totally. After twirling them as a stripper would do, she flings them at him; hitting him in the middle of his chest.

Snarling low in his throat, Walker moves between her legs as he unbuttons his jeans and unzips his zipper. Not even taking the time to remove his pants completely, he lowers them just enough that his throbbing manhood is freed. Pulling the junction of her thighs towards him, he immediately thrusts into her hot, wet depths. Pausing only momentarily, he then begins a powerful rhythm of burying his full length into her vigorously. Over and over he thrusts, letting the wave of their combined desires build quickly as they move as one towards their goal of an earth shattering climax.

Alex’s torrid wails of pleasure echo through out the room as Walker’s movements became even more frenzied. Clutching him tightly with her inner muscles, she rides the wave of flaming sensations that course through out her body in a fevered pitch. When she feels the mind numbing spasms of her body’s explosive climax erupt, she screams one word... “Cordell”.

Thrusting hard one final time with a thunderous groan of satisfaction, Walker’s own body joins hers as it shudders violently, forcefully shooting his seed deep into her welcoming depths. Collapsing exhaustedly on top of her, he immediately gathers her still trembling body securely into his arms. Stroking her damp hair he whispers words of love to her as he tenderly kisses her quivering lips. Rolling gently, so that they are on their sides, he sighs happily as Alex buries her head against him as they both wait for their orgasmic after shocks to subside.

Several long minutes pass before Walker feels the warm wetness of tears falling silently against his chest. Thinking that he had hurt her, he starts to apologize. “Oh God Alex...I so sorry...I didn’t mean to be so rough...”

Pulling her head from his chest, she places her finger tips against his lips to silence him. “Shh my darling. You didn’t hurt me. You could never hurt me.”

Cupping her face in his hands, he looks deeply into her eyes. Brushing his thumbs lightly across her tear stained cheeks he asks, “Why the tears then?”

“Because I love you so much. And because no matter how many times we make love, each time is more profound and amazing than the last time was. Do you think it will always be like this between us Walker?”

“I know it will. Every time I touch you it feels like the first time and even though I don’t think I can possibly love you anymore than I already do, I fall deeper in love with you ever second that I am with you.”

Leaning in to kiss him passionately, Alex murmurs, “You’re getting pretty good at this romantic stuff.”

Chuckling softly, he replies, “I have to admit, it is getting easier. But it’s all because of you. You bring out the best in me. But don’t tell anyone. I wouldn’t want to ruin my reputation.”

“You got it Cowboy.” she laughed as they continued to hold each other, basking in the after glow of their love making.


The days that followed flew by for the newlyweds. They were days filled with many new and even more wonderful discoveries about each other. They were days filled with long leisurely walks. There were hours of nothing but holding each other as they made plans for their future together. They were days filled with laughter as they recanted stories of their lives, before and after they found each other. And they were days filled with making love endlessly, neither seeming to ever be able to get enough.

But as all good things do; their days of total solitude with the other were rapidly coming to an end, as the last day of their two week honeymoon was now at hand. The next day they would once again be back in the real world of being a Texas Ranger and an Assistant District Attorney.


When Alex awoke that morning, her first thought was of how she was more than a little disappointed that tomorrow they would have to go back to work. Not wanting any dismal thoughts to cloud their last day of total isolation from the outside world together, she immediately decided she was going to make today the most memorable day of their honeymoon for her husband.

With her mind whirling with plans and surprises for the day, she turned her head on the pillow to look at the man beside her. She was pleasantly surprised to find Walker still sound asleep beside her. Usually finding him already awake and watching her as she slept, she took this rare opportunity to gaze lovingly at him and his masculine body.

Turning slowly onto her side, she propped her head up on her hand as she looked at his serene and peaceful face. ‘God...He is so handsome.’  she thought, as she gently brushed a piece of his auburn hair off of his forehead. He was so relaxed, with out the smallest hint of worry on his brow. Tentatively touching a finger tip to his full and kiss-able lips, she smiled softly as he sighed, puckering his lips as though he was kissing her in his dreams.

Letting her eyes wander down onto his chest, she watched as her breath stirred the soft red hair there, making it dance enticingly. She could see the scars of his life, scattered across his muscular and well defined torso. Some were faded with time and barely visible, while newer ones pulled your eyes right at them. Each one could have stolen him away from her, but by the good Lords divine intervention had been thankfully denied the opportunity. Not wanting to think of ever losing him, Alex shook her head to rid it of it’s disheartening thoughts as she continued her adoring inspection of him.

When her eyes moved over his firm stomach to be stopped by the satin sheet that covered him, she moved cautiously down to the foot of the bed. Her eyes twinkled brightly with the glorious memory of the morning they had shared in Paris when Walker had aroused her still slumbering body, as she carefully tugged the satin material off the lower half of him.

Her breath caught in her chest as the ever present craving to be joined with him encompassed her as she surveyed the rest of his magnificent and virile body. His still sleeping manhood laid proudly on one of his thick, tight thighs, tempting her to awaken it with her loving caress. Responding to it’s silent plea, Alex positioned herself to place a butterfly kiss on the very tip of it. In total awe of her ability to arouse him so easily, she watches as it twitches first once, then again as it begins to spring to life. Cupping his sack in the palm of her hand, she squeezes it softly as she places yet another quick kiss on it’s head. Again it jerks as it grows thicker and longer, quivering with excitement as it rises up from it’s resting place. Using only her tongue, she licks it’s length over and over again until it is fully erect, standing proud and tall from his body.

When Alex hears her lover’s low, throaty moan, she raises her eyes up to meet his now open ones, as she lowers her lips down around the head of his shaft; flicking her tongue erotically against it’s tip. Feeling the gentle thrust of his hips to urge her on, she engulfs as much of his length as she can, savoring the feel and taste of him in her mouth.

Watching his eyes grow dark and stormy with desire, she continues to please him in the most intimate of ways as she uses her mouth to recreate the act of making love to him.

Sensing his climax was approaching rapidly, she kisses his red and engorged head one last time before letting it slip from her mouth. Slowly crawling up his body, she stops when his manhood is laying nestled between her firm breasts. Swaying back and forth in a tantalizing motion, she lets his manhood caress her breasts with it’s heat; circling the head of it over her nipples temptingly. When each breast had received equal attention, she slithered up further, letting his length trail lazily down the middle of her body. Reaching her nest of blond curls finally, she quickly moves to straddle his hips, positioning his manhood against her own quivering and wet entrance. Locking her eyes with his once again, she slowly lowers herself down onto him, welcoming his impressive length into the tightness and warmth of her womanhood.

Contracting her muscles around him even more, only to release them suddenly, she smiles mischievously at him, knowing she is driving him wild with her deliberate playfulness. Slowly she begins to move her slender hips, riding him in the fashion she knows he gets the most enjoyment from. Leaning forward she licks and nibbles his nipples, as she massages his chest muscles enthusiastically. Feeling his zealous throbbing deep inside her, Alex sits up and increases her rhythm, driving them both up to the top of the summit before sending them spiraling over the edge in orgasmic climax.


As their bodies continue to float languidly back to reality, Alex melts into Walker’s  powerful, yet tender arms. Touching their lips together softly, they whisper ‘good morning’ to each other as they settle back to wait patiently for their breathing and heart rates to return to normal.

Their euphoric silence is finally broken some ten minutes later, when Walker asks huskily, “So Mrs. Walker...what other delectable little surprises do you have planned for the rest of our day?”

“Well Mr. Walker, I thought we could take Ranger for a nice long ride down by the river. We can take a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine with us and spend the entire day there. What do you think?”

“I think that sounds like a great idea.” he replies with a kiss on the tip of her nose. Giving her one of his cute little winks he asks, “So...do we shower together to save time?”

“Well now...that’s a very tempting offer Cowboy.” she says as she moves off of the bed. Stretching at a leisurely pace, she turns suddenly and grabs the pillow off of the bed. Smacking him impishly across the head with it she laughs, “I’ll race you.”

“ALEX. I’m going to get you for that.” Walker yells as he jumps up from the bed to chase her down the hallway and into the bathroom, her squeals of laughter drifting through the morning air.


“Are you ready Alex?” Walker called over his shoulder as he straightened the blanket on Ranger’s back.

“Yea. All set.” Alex replied as she moved to his side, carrying the picnic basket that she had packed.

“I still don’t understand why you don’t want to ride Angel.”

“I told you darling,” she replied, wrapping her arm around his neck, “I want to be as close to you today as possible and riding bare back together, on the same horse, is a very good way to be close.”

“All right, that I can understand.” he answers skeptically before he continues, “But... can you explain to me why you are wearing this?” He asks as he tugs gently at the strap of the long summer dress that she is wearing.

“I thought you liked this dress?” she replied pouting.

“I do. But it isn’t something that most people would wear to ride a horse.”

“I’m not most people. Besides, it is long, comfortable and very pretty.”

“Why do I get the feeling you are up to something Alex Walker?”

“I wouldn’t know.” she says with a smile on her face and a sly lift of her eyebrow.

“Yeah right.” he chuckles as he swings himself up onto Ranger’s back. Offering her his hand, he helps her up to sit behind him. Waiting until she is seated comfortably; with her arms wrapped firmly around his waist, he nudges Rangers sides to begin what he knows will be another ‘interesting’ and memorable day.


“Alex? Alex...come on honey, it’s time to wake up. We need to get started back to the ranch.” Walker coaxed, kissing her ear playfully. Chuckling softly, he watches as she grumbles and rolls to the edge of the blanket as far away from him as possible.

“I don’t want to wake up.” she mumbles drowsily.

Scooting back over beside her, he nuzzles her ear once again as he whispers, “If you don’t wake up, you will force me to use drastic measures to wake you up.”

“No you won’t.” she sighs confidently, as she curls up into a ball.

“Oh, I won’t huh?” he replies scooping her up into his arms. Rising to his feet as she wiggled and squirmed trying to get out of his arms, he strode over to the river bank.

NO...Walker you wouldn’t dare.”

“Wouldn’t I?” he says, as he swings his arms like he is going to throw her in.

Alex squeals loudly as she wraps her arms around his neck, holding on for dear life.

“You ready to head back to the ranch now?” Walker laughs as he places her feet onto the ground.

“I guess I have to be.” Alex giggles merrily as she walks over to the blanket, shaking the grass from it before carrying it over to where Ranger was grazing. After placing the blanket on his back, she rubs his sleek black neck as she leans over and whispers something in his ear.

Walker curiously watches the exchange between his wife and his horse as he approaches them. When Alex leans away from the animal, Ranger nods his head and whinnies loudly as if he was agreeing with whatever she had said to him. As she turns and sees him, Alex flashes him an angelic smile.

“Now what are you up to?” Walker asks, seeing the glint of devilment in her sky blue eyes.

“Who? Me? I’m not up to anything.” she says nonchalantly, as she turns back to Ranger and begins rubbing him behind his ears. “Are you ready to go?” she asks over her shoulder.

“Yeah I’m ready. But I still say you are up to something.” Walker answers as he moves to her side, taking the reigns from her hands.

“Oh Walker, you are so skeptical.”

Throwing his leg over the horse’s back, Walker laughs, “I’m not skeptical Alex...I just know that when you get that look in your eye you are up to something. Come on, let’s go.” Offering her his hand, he helps swing her up onto the back of the horse. “Ready?” he asks.

“Just a second.” she says as she places her leg around his waist. Slowly, she  swings around him until she is seated facing him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leans in and kisses him softly. “Now I’m ready.” she purrs, snuggling up to lay her head on his chest.

“Alex we can’t ride all the way back to the ranch this way. Ranger will get skittish.”

“There you go again Walker, being skeptical.” Raising her head she smiles and looks deeply into his eyes, “Ranger and I had a little talk. He’ll be fine. Would you please just trust me?”

Shaking his head Walker chuckles and replies, “I don’t have a choice in the matter, you know I can’t refuse you when you look at me that way.”

“Good. Just remember that when we have our first big fight.” Alex laughs as she lays her head back on his chest.

“I’ll try.” he laughs as he clicks his tongue, giving Ranger the signal to start the journey home.


Walker and Alex had ridden several miles in complete silence, each lost in his or her own thoughts. Walker tightened his arm around her, as she continued to rest her head on his chest, her slow and even breath warm against him. His gray eyes watched as the sun slowly dropped in the sky, blanketing the skyline in beautiful pastel colors. Dropping his eyes downward, he smiles lovingly when he sees Alex looking up at him. 

“I thought you were sleeping.” he says as he brushes his hand through her hair.

“No...I was just thinking.”

“About what?”

Sitting up, Alex grins and begins to unbutton his shirt. When the last button was undone, she lazily runs her fingers through the hair that covers his chest. Leaning forward she gives him a gentle kiss as she sighs, “Actually, I was just wondering whether or not it was possible to make love on a horse.”

Laughing heartily, Walker replies, “I can’t say I would know if that was a possibility or not hon.”

“Well, I think it is time we found out, don’t you Cowboy?” she purrs giving him that ‘look’ of hers. Lowering her lips to his once more, she kisses him with a fiery passion. When they were both breathless, she begins kissing her way around his neck and shoulders as her hands work at undoing the front of his pants.

At the first gentle touch of Alex’s hand against his manhood, Walker slows Ranger’s steps, wanting to focus all of his concentration on her loving attention. As she begins to stroke his length firmly, he groans huskily. Closing his eyes in ecstasy, his member immediately comes to life as it grows and thickens with each proficient touch of her delicate hand.

When he was at his fully aroused size, Alex leans back to lock her eyes with his. Taking one of his callused hands in hers, she kisses each fingertip teasingly, before placing it against her left breast, urging him to caress her. Removing her hand from his, she places her own hands on his chest, mimicking his actions. 

As Alex’s moans of excitement rise, Walker’s hand travels down her back to her bottom, squeezing and massaging it tantalizingly through the silkiness of her dress. Drawing back slightly, Alex places one hand on his shoulder to steady herself as she uses his booted feet to stand on. Cautiously, she raises up just enough to begin working the length of flowing material from underneath her with her other hand.

While Alex is trying to arrange her dress to her satisfaction, Walker takes advantage of her chest being elevated before him. Wrapping his hand around her breast, he quickly leans in, grasping her nipple firmly with his mouth. Hungrily he begins to suckle upon it.

The tingling sensations of his loving mouth mixed with the provocative texture of her dress against her bra-less breast, instantaneously sent shock waves coursing through out Alex’s body. Quickly sitting back down; not wanting to take the chance of losing her footing and falling, she touches his luscious lips apologetically with her own for having ended his enjoyment so unexpectedly.

Flashing her a tender smile, Walker winks his acceptance, as his hand moves downward. Working his hand up underneath her dress, he sensuously caresses his way from her thigh towards her waiting womanhood. As his hand makes it’s way closer and closer to her femininity, he arches his eyebrow suspiciously at her when he realizes she is not wearing any underwear.

Shrugging her shoulders as she smiles devilishly back at him, Walker chuckles low in his throat as he shakes his head, turning his attentions immediately back to pleasuring her. Putting his arm behind her, he maneuvers his hand underneath her buttocks until he can cup her warm mound. Finding the right position he places his forefinger between her folds, caressing her nub several breath taking moments before sinking his finger deep inside of her warm moistness.

As her inner muscles spasm at his welcome intrusion and grip him tightly, Alex moves gingerly as she places her legs up and over his thighs, wrapping them loosely around his waist to give him better access to her center. Placing her own hand between them, she once again begins to stroke his incredible male length.

With every loving stroke and tempting touch, their passions soared higher and higher, urging them onward. No longer able to fight the need to be as one with his soul mate, Walker drops the reigns, confident in his horse’s ability of getting them home safely. Grasping Alex’s buttocks firmly with his hands, he lifts her impatiently. Catching her eyes with his, he sees a burning desire that mirrors his own. Waiting until she had positioned his manhood against her entrance and nodded her head in readiness, Walker growls heatedly as he thrusts into her with his full length.

Clutching his head with her hands tangled in his hair, Alex claims his lips with hers amorously. As their tongues touch each other and her sighs of pleasure urge him onward, Walker begins a slow and meticulous thrust of his pelvis as she does the same with hers.

The amiable motion of the animal beneath them, joins with their own sexual movements, creating an erotic rhythm that heightens their passion even more. Preparing for the onset of their climax, Walker instinctively tightens his legs around Rangers sides to steady them both as he increases his thrusts. When their simultaneous orgasm begins, Walker captures Alex’s lips hard with his, suppressing her shrill cries of ecstasy as they both reach a rapturous fulfillment.

Waiting until his own tremors of gratification had subsided, Walker cradled Alex’s spent but still quivering body against his chest. Kissing her hair, he intimately whispers his undying love to her the rest of the way home.


Shutting the door to the Ram, Walker leans back against it with his arms folded over his chest as he waits for Alex to park her car beside him. Moving to her door as she shuts the engine off, he opens it and offers her his hand. As she accepts his offer, he feels his heart instantly accelerate at her touch. Watching her swing her long shapely legs out of the car, he immediately draws her up and into his arms; giving her a long, passionate kiss.

When the kiss ends, Alex leans back just enough to look up into his eyes. Trying to catch her breath, she sighs, “You sure know how to start a new work day out on the right foot Cowboy. Especially one that I wasn’t looking forward too.”

“I guess we just have to look at it as another new beginning for us Alex. It’s our first day back at work since becoming husband and wife.” he replies, kissing the tip of her nose.

Pausing to think about what he had said, Alex smiles. “Another new beginning for us. You know what darling, I really like the sound of that.”

“So do I hon. So do I. Come on...we don’t want to be late on our first day back, Trivette would never let me live it down.”

As they both laugh merrily at the truth of his statement, Walker takes her brief case from her. Placing their arms around each other’s waists, they move towards the building that holds their respective workplace’s.

Unobserved by Walker, Alex drops her hand to her stomach. Lifting her eyes to heaven above, she silently prays...

Dear Lord,

Please grant us yet another


One created by Walker’s and my eternal love for each other.

And God,

if you find us worthy of this special gift,

Please let it be growing here...

Very, very soon!



~The End~

Well...until I do a sequel that is.



Author's notes:

The words Mee-kah-wah-diz-ee ee-quay do actually mean 'Beautiful woman'. But...they are not from the Cherokee language. They are actually from the Minnesota native American tribe of the Ojibwa Indians. I took the liberty of making them Cherokee words for the soul purpose of using them in this story. I hope I didn't offend anyone by doing this and if I did, I apologize.