A New Love?

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex and Walker were lying together in their bed in the early morning hours the day after Christmas when Alex asked her husband "Walker, would you mind if we didn't go out this New Year’s Eve?"

"No, just as long as I still get my New Year's Eve kiss from you." Walker answered his wife who smiled and replied, "You can count on that dear."

Walker pulled her close and asked, "Why don't you want to go out and celebrate this year?"

"Now that we have five children I just think that we should stay home. There’s no sense in our taking a chance of something happening to us on our way home from a New Year’s Eve party. What do you think?" Alex questioned Walker.

"It's fine by me Alex. That way we'll be in the privacy of our bedroom when you give me my New Year’s Eve kiss and we'll need it." Walker teased. Teasing right back Alex said to him "and why do we need the privacy of our bedroom for me to give you a New Year’s Eve kiss? We've been known to kiss on New Year’s Eve in public before."

"Not this kind of kissing, because lady right after you kiss me I'm going to take you straight to heaven." Walker promised Alex.

"Straight to heaven, that does sound pretty good. Are you sure that you can do that? Maybe we should practice our kissing just to make sure that it will lead to heaven?" Alex said to Walker who pulled her even closer and said "We don't need to practice our kissing or anything else because we're perfect when it comes to this. And yes I can and I will take you straight to heaven."

"You got that right." Alex said as they began kissing. When they were done Walker got ready for work while Alex tended to the children.

As Walker was headed to the door he got a phone call from Sydney Cooke requesting that he meet with her outside of the office, that she had something important that she wanted to discuss with him. Walker agreed and after hanging the phone up said to Alex "I wonder what's so important that Sydney can't wait until we're at work to talk about it?"

"Sydney will tell you but Walker I think that you should react as her boss and not her friend." Alex informed him and Walker asked her "You know what she wants to talk to me about, don't you?"

"Sydney said something on Christmas Eve but I was hoping that she was just blowing off steam and wasn't serious but I guess that she was. Walker please let Sydney tell you what she has to tell you in her own way. I'll tell you what she said to me later when I see you at the office." Alex told him.

"You're still bringing Angela and Ray to my office this afternoon, right?" Walker questioned and Alex replied "Yes, if that's still okay with you. They are so looking forward to seeing where their Daddy works. Plus I think that it would do the both of them some good to have our undivided attention for a while. The babies have been taking up so much of my time."

Walker kissed her on the cheek and said "Okay, see you about three." Then he left for work.

Chapter Two

At the restaurant Sydney Cooke quickly got to the point "Captain Walker, the reason that I asked you to meet me outside of the office was because I wanted you to know before I put my request in."

"What request is that Ranger Cooke?" Walker asked her.

"I would like to transfer to Houston as soon as possible. I already have the papers filled out and I have them here." Sydney answered her boss as she handed him the papers. Without looking them over Walker shoved them into his jacket pocket and replied, "I would hate to lose the both of you but I will approve the transfer Ranger Cooke. When do you and Gage want to transfer?"

"Captain Walker, the transfer is just for me, Ranger Gage will be staying here. Is it possible for me to be transferred by next week?" Sydney asked Walker who answered her "Yes Ranger Cooke, as soon as the paperwork is finalized you can go."

"Thank you for being so understanding Captain Walker." Sydney said.

"Sydney, I don't understand it. Are you very sure that this is what you want to do?" Walker questioned her not understanding why she was transferring away from her husband and friends.

"I'm very sure about this Captain Walker, Gage and I have already come to an understanding about this. He knows that I will be transferring to Houston as soon as possible. Captain Walker I have some vacation time, can I be on vacation until the paperwork is done?" Sydney requested.

"Yes Ranger Cooke, as of this moment you will be on vacation until you're transferred to Houston. I'll have the Houston office inform you of when you should report there." Walker answered her and then added "Sydney, you'll be missed."

"Thanks Walker, I'll keep in touch." Sydney said as she got up and left the restaurant. Walker went to work where he opened the morning briefing stating "Ranger Cooke will be on vacation until the paperwork for her transfer to Houston is complete."

             Trivette asked, " Gage are you going to?"

"Just Ranger Cooke will be transferring to Houston." Walker answered Trivette and then moved on to Ranger business " Ranger Gage, you will take over the training of Ranger Leeds. Trivette would you mind leading the search for Ranger Cooke's replacement? Also Trivette, Alex is bringing Angela and Ray by later to see where I work at. Can you execute the warrant on O'Malley's pub?"

"Okay but I'll need to borrow a car from someone, mine's in the shop." Trivette answered Walker who told him "Take my truck, you should be back in time for me to leave and if you're not I can get a ride home with Alex. Then you can pick me up in my truck tomorrow morning."

"Okay Gage and I'll execute the warrant on O'Malley's but we'll have to take Leeds along with us." Trivette agreed. Gage nodded okay to Trivette's plan and they started to leave Walker's private office when Trivette asked, "What's going on Gage? Why is Sydney transferring to Houston? Aren't you going to join her?"

"Ranger Cooke is transferring to Houston because she wants to. I'll be staying here, this is Sydney's choice." Gage answered and Trivette still questioned him "What about the fact that she's your wife?"

Gage replied, "Not for much longer, after Sydney gets to Houston she will be divorcing me, I won't contest it."

"Why not?" Trivette asked him.

"Trivette please let it go." Walker said to Trivette. " It's okay Captain Walker, Ranger Cooke is transferring because she wants a fresh start away from me and our marriage. We've agreed about this, now can we drop it?" Gage asked and Trivette nodded okay and they left Walker's office.

Chapter Three

          When Alex was feeding Angela and Ray their lunch the doorbell rang. Angela said, " I'll get it." Then Angela went and answered it before Alex could stop her. Entering the dining room Angela told her mother " Mommy, Aunt Sydney is here." Then she asked "Can we go play in the living room now? Miss Betty is there watching the babies." After Alex nodded yes Angela and Ray went into the living room to play where nanny Betty was watching the sleeping triplets.

Sydney sat down at the dining room table and Alex asked her "Did everything go okay today?"

"Yes it went fine. Walker's agreed to let me be on vacation until my transfer is approved." Sydney answered. Concerned about why Sydney was taking such a drastic step Alex questioned her friend "Sydney, are you really sure that this is what you want to do? Leave your husband and friends behind and move to another city?"

"Yes, I'm very sure about this. Don't get me wrong, Gage is a great guy but.." Sydney answered.

"But what?" Alex again questioned her friend who replied "He's not the love of my life like I thought he was."

"You've fallen for someone else, haven't you? Or at least you think that you have. Sydney are you sure that it's love and not lust?" Alex asked her.

"Yes I'm sure, Alex I care for Gage but he doesn't make me feel the way this other man does. When I'm near this man I feel like Gage is just another man and this man is everything that I would ever want in a man and so much more. That's not fair to Gage so it's better that I end our marriage and move away." Sydney explained to Alex who suggested, "Why do you have to move away?  Why don't you just tell this other man that you have feelings for him?  Maybe he feels the same way."

"Alex when I saw him on Christmas I realized that it would be a waste of time because he's a married man. He's unaware of my feelings and I want to keep it that way. He was out buying his wife a Christmas present and he told me that he hoped that she loved what he was getting her, that he would do anything to make her happy. I would do just about anything to get him interested in me but I know that he will never be interested in anyone other than his wife." Sydney said.

Trying to lighten things up Alex teased "Anyone that I know? From the way you describe him it seems like I should." Sydney didn't answer and gathered her things to leave when Alex said, "It's Trivette, isn't it?"

"No it's not Trivette and please don't ask me again who it is. He's a very happily married man who's crazy about his wife and that it all that I'll tell you." Sydney replied as she headed to the door. Alex grabbed her arm to stop her and questioned Sydney "My god it's Walker that you think you've fallen for, isn't it?"

Sydney didn't answer so Alex told her "Sydney maybe you've mistaken feelings of lust for a man that you work with for love?"

"No Alex I know the difference, I'm in love with your husband and not mine. It's love trust me." Sydney said to Alex who replied, "Sydney, Walker will never feel that way about anyone but me and I will never let him go."

"I know, that's why I'm transferring to Houston. Even when the two of you were fighting before Christmas I knew that you were the only one for him. I'm sorry but I can't help the way I feel, I wish that I could. Goodbye Alex."  Sydney told her and then left the house.

Chapter Four

Alex entered Walker's private office with Angela and Ray; after they greeted their father he sat them down at his desk with Ranger coloring books and some crayons. Walker then took Alex aside and asked her "Okay, why is Sydney transferring to Houston and leaving Gage behind?"

Alex checked to make sure that the children weren't listening and then answered, "Because she thinks that she's in love with another man and not Gage."

"So why does Sydney think that she has to transfer? Gage and she can work it out to where it shouldn't affect their work, I'll just put them with other partners." Walker told his wife who informed him "Sydney has convinced herself that she is in love with a married co-worker."

Walker questioned "Co-worker? Do you know who it is?"

"Yes, I figured out who it was when we were talking earlier today. Walker I simply think that she's confusing lust for love. Sydney can't possibly be in love with this man. Maybe she'll come to her senses and put her transfer on hold or something. Although most likely her marriage is over and I don't see how her and Gage could ever work together after this." Alex said.

"Alex you still haven't told me who this man is. I need to know if a co-worker is leading her on or she's leading him on. What if he's in a position to coerce her into being with him or vice versa?"  Walker asked his wife who answered him "He's not coercing her, as a matter of fact he's completely unaware of her feelings."

Walker then demanded, "Alex for the last time, tell me who he is."

After taking a deep breath Alex very reluctantly replied, "It's you Walker."

He protested, "No way, I have never been anything more than her friend and her boss. I'm not interested in anyone but you."

"I know honey, I'm just as shocked about this as you are. Sydney insists that it's love and not lust. Walker I think that it's best if you approve this transfer." Alex told her husband who said "I already approved it but don't you think that I should at least talk to her about this?"

"Don't you dare.” Alex said and then softening her tone added "Walker you can not ask a subordinate if she has feelings for you. You could cause yourself and her all kinds of trouble. Just for all of our sakes act like you don't know who this other man is, please."

After looking at her for a while Walker nodded okay and then they got the children and took them for a tour of Ranger headquarters.

Meanwhile in Walker's truck Trivette was looking for a piece of paper when he found a receipt and forgetting about Leeds being in the back seat said to Gage "I knew it, Walker's cheating on Alex."

Gage answered "Come on Trivette you know that Walker's devoted to Alex unlike my wife who's apparently forgotten what devotion means."

"Yeah if Walker's so devoted to Alex why does he have a receipt from the 'naughty nightie' store?" Trivette asked him.

"To buy Alex something, why else?" Gage asked back and Trivette said "In a plus size?"

"I guess cheating on your spouse is going around right now." Gage bitterly replied and Trivette asked him "Is that why Sydney is transferring to Houston?"

"Yeah right before Christmas she told me that she didn't love me anymore like she should because she had fallen for someone that we both knew. She won't tell me his name. Sydney says that she hadn't done anything with him; she claims that this man is unaware of her feelings but if that's the case why does she feel the need to transfer all the way to Houston?  I'll bet that something did happen and he then rejected her or something, that's why she's running away." Gage angrily answered Trivette as they pulled over to the curb and got out of the truck.

When Leeds got out of the backseat Trivette told him "What we said in this truck stays in this truck, got it?"

Leeds quickly answered, "My lips are sealed."

Chapter Five 

About an hour later Alex started to get Angela and Ray ready to go "Come on children give your Daddy a kiss goodbye, I need to get back to the triplets. Nanny Betty has plans to see a movie with her friends later and I'm sure that she would like to relax a little first." Angela and Ray kissed their father goodbye and Alex said to Walker "I'll see you later cowboy."

"Wait a minute Alex, I may need a ride home with you. Trivette has my truck because his car is in the shop. Let me call him and see when he'll be back." Walker told Alex who asked him "Okay while you're doing that would you mind if I stop in the D.A.'s office and see a few of my friends?"

"You go ahead, I'll keep Angela and Ray here with me." Walker assured his wife who then left his office. Walker then called Trivette "Trivette, its Walker how are things going?"

Trivette somewhat formally answered him "We have several more hours of work to do on this case Captain Walker. I still need to use your truck."

"Okay I just get a ride home with my lovely wife." Walker said and Trivette snapped at him "Yeah your wife, the one that you're so devoted to. Tell me another one Captain Walker."

"Listen Trivette I don't know what your problem is but we will discuss your attitude tomorrow morning after you pick me up in my truck." Walker informed his friend.

"You bet we will Captain Walker." Trivette said and hung up on him.

A little while later Alex came back into Walker's office and asked him "Well Walker,  are you coming home with us? "Walker picked his son Ray up and answered "You bet that I am but I'm driving."

Alex then said "No way, it's my van so I'm doing the driving." Walker teased as they left his office "Okay dear but I still can backseat drive, can't I?"

Smiling she answered "Do it and you'll walk dear." Walker kissed her on the cheek and said "Okay, no backseat driving because I won't want to be deprived of my goodnight kiss for bad behavior."

Angela told her father "Daddy, Ray still gets his goodnight kiss when he's been bad, he's tells Mommy that he's sorry and she kisses him. You should do that Daddy."

Winking at Alex, Walker answered his daughter "Okay honey I'll do that later."  They went home.

Chapter Six

The next morning when Trivette picked Walker up instead of going into the house Trivette stayed in the truck and honked the horn until Walker went outside. Getting into the truck Walker asked "Okay Trivette, do you care to tell me what your problem is?"

"Cheating spouses always bother me."  Trivette answered and Walker said him "They bother me too but that still doesn't explain what your problem with me is. Since when have you taken to calling me Captain Walker?"

Trivette snapped at him "Since I realized that you were cheating on Alex who happens to be a very good friend of mine."

Stunned Walker responded "How in the hell did you get such a stupid idea like that?  I would never cheat on Alex, there is no other woman on the face of this earth for me. You know that Trivette."

"Yeah then do you care to explain the plus size 'naughty nightie' that you bought on Christmas?"  Trivette questioned Walker who replied "No I will not explain it. I am not cheating on my wife and you had better get that through your thick head."

             Meanwhile Erica, Trivette's wife was visiting with Alex and she asked her "So Alex, are you okay?  Do you want to talk to me about Walker's behavior on Christmas?  I know that it must have upset you."

A puzzled Alex said "Erica, exactly what are you trying to ask me?"

"I'm sorry Alex, but Jimmie told me about the receipt he found in Walker's truck from the 'naughty nightie' store. It was bought on Christmas and there's no way that Walker bought it for you because you're not a plus size." Erica explained to Alex who told her "Erica, I know that you think that you are being a good friend but you're not. You have no idea what you are talking about. My husband has not cheated on me nor will he ever cheat on me. I think that you should leave now before I forget that you're just trying to be helpful."

Erica tried again "Alex, Walker is cheating on you. Why else would he buy that plus size "naughty nightie'?"

"Okay Erica that's enough, as for the 'naughty nightie' I know who Walker bought it for and believe me it met with my approval. I'll tell Jimmie myself just how wrong he is about this, goodbye." Alex said as she showed Erica the door.  Alex then called up Walker "Walker, it's me Alex put Trivette on the phone now." Walker handed the phone to Trivette.

Alex blasted him "Just why did you have your wife come to my house to tell me that my husband was cheating on me?"

"Because I know that he is and I don't want you getting hurt." Trivette insisted. Alex answered him "Walker isn't cheating on me and he never will cheat on me."

"Alex I know about the plus size 'naughty nightie' that Walker bought on Christmas when you thought that he was working but he wasn't." Trivette replied.

"Listen and listen good James Trivette, my husband is a decent honorable man and if you ever again suggest that he's cheating on me I will make you regret it. As for that 'naughty nightie, I've known all about it since Christmas. Trivette, you're a good friend but you are dead wrong about this, now drop it." Alex said and hung up the phone.

Walker asked Trivette "So what did my wife want?"

"To tell me that you never have and never would cheat on her and that she's known about the 'naughty nightie' since Christmas.  Alex also told me that you were in her words an honorable decent man and that if I ever again suggested otherwise she would make sure that I regretted it. She told me that I was a good friend but dead wrong on this, am I?"  Trivette said.

"Yes you are wrong about this Trivette, now can we drop it?" Walker asked him and Trivette replied "Sure thing Walker. I'm sorry but I just didn't want Alex to get hurt."

"I'd rather die than hurt her." Walker answered him and trying to lighten things up Trivette teased "Besides the Alex that I know would castrate you if you did something like that."

"You're damn right she would so I would never do it." Walker answered.

Chapter Seven

It was now New Year’s Eve and Little Jimmy was staying over at the Walkers while his parents went out. Erica asked Alex "Alex, are you sure that Little Jimmy's staying over isn't a problem for you?  Because if it is we can stay home ourselves."

"It's fine Erica. I set up a bed in Ray's room for him, the triplets are starting to sleep longer now and I have more time to spend with Angela and Ray. One more won't make a difference." Alex explained to her.

"Okay but Jimmy has told me that you and Walker have a tradition where you meet at midnight for a kiss on New Year's Eve and that you've never missed it." Erica said to Alex who smiled and answered "Yes we do but we had already decided that we weren't going out this year. Besides we can always meet for that kiss at midnight right here in our home." Alex then added "Erica about that day Trivette sent you out here to tell me that Walker was cheating on me, I'm sorry if I sounded harsh that day but I knew that Walker wasn't cheating on me. If I upset you that day I'm sorry."

Erica answered "I know, I would have gotten pretty upset myself if someone came to my house and told me that Trivette was cheating on me. Besides when Jimmy got home that day he explained that he had been wrong about it and in Jimmy's words' if Walker ever cheated on you, you would castrate him.' At least that what Jimmie told me."

"Well I probably would but Walker never has to worry about that because he'll never cheat on me. Erica go on now, you and Trivette enjoy your evening out and the two of you can pick your son up tomorrow." Alex told Erica so they left.

At eleven o'clock Walker got a phone call "Ranger Walker, this is Jake down at the Gentlemen's club. We have a Ranger Gage here who's had a little too much to drink, he's not disorderly yet but I think that someone should come and get him before he gets himself into trouble."

"Okay, I'll be there in an half an hour.  Thanks for calling me." Walker said and hung up the phone. Walker told Alex that he was going to get Gage and she said "Okay honey but please be careful, there are a lot of drunks out on the road. Bring Gage here to sleep it off, I'll make up the couch for him." Walker agreed and then left.

Chapter Eight

It was now one o'clock in the morning and Alex was beginning to get worried because Walker hadn't returned home yet. Hearing the doorbell ring Alex hurriedly opened the door to find Sydney Cooke standing there. "Sydney, what are you doing here?"

"I got a call from the police department telling me that Gage was in a accident." Sydney was answering when Alex interrupted her and questioned "What about Walker? He went to get Gage."

"Walker was hurt in the accident. I'm here to watch your children while you go to the hospital, there's a squad car waiting outside to take you to the hospital." Sydney explained and Alex left in the squad car to go see how her husband was.

Once at the hospital Alex spotted Gage and asked him "Where's Walker?  How is my husband?" Gage answered her "I'm so sorry Alex."

"No, oh my god Walker can't be dead." Alex responded and Gage quickly told her "No, he's not dead. Walker is being looked at by the doctors. He hit his head pretty good and passed out."

Alex then demanded "Tell me exactly what happened and why you're so sorry about it Francis Gage." Gage replied "The accident was my fault. After Walker picked me up I started to fight with him about Sydney and him cheating on you. I know about the 'naughty nightie', Trivette told me."

"What about Sydney? Walker has nothing to do with her wanting to leave you. As for that 'naughty nightie' Trivette has a big mouth." Alex said to Gage.

"Alex, I know that your husband Walker is the other man and that they met on Christmas to cheat on us." Gage told Alex who then said to him "Where your wife Sydney was at on Christmas I don't know but the only place my husband went to was to get me a Christmas present. Walker is not cheating on me, as for Sydney's feelings for him I really think that she's confused about her feelings right now. Walker doesn't return whatever feelings that she thinks that she has for him. The best thing Sydney could do right now would to be see someone to help her sort things out."

Gage said "Come on Alex admit it Walker is seeing Sydney, Leeds showed me the receipt for the motel room that they spent a hour in on Christmas cheating on us. Sydney left headquarters that night and it wasn't for a case. It was probably to wear that 'naughty nightie' for her lover Walker."

"Enough Gage. Someone showed you what he said was proof of your wife seeing my husband, so without checking the facts you got drunk and fought with Walker who was bringing you to our house to sleep it off. Tell me now Gage, what did you do to cause my husband to be hurt." Alex said to Gage who answered "When Walker denied it I got mad and took a swing at him causing the truck to veer off of the road and land in a ditch. He banged his head pretty good."

"Francis Gage, I'm telling you for the last time Walker would never cheat on me with anyone and as to that motel room he was meeting the woman who was making him a Christmas present for me. They met in a motel room because she was passing through town and it was easier that way for her. This charm bracelet was what Walker got me there." Alex told Gage and then showed him the charm bracelet, then she added "It was custom made for me by her at Walker's request. Gage, Sydney is not a plus size, she's a petite size, so the 'naughty nightie' wasn't bought for her. I saw it on Christmas and I approved of it and that is all you need to know about it. Did you ever think about any of that before you got drunk and hurt my husband?"

"But Sydney loves him and not me." Gage whined to Alex who told him "Walker is not responsible for anyone's feelings but his own. He is not now, nor will he ever be interested in anyone but me." Alex then took a deep breath and informed him "Gage, if Walker dies because of your drunken behavior so will you."

Just then the doctor came our and said to Alex "Mrs. Walker your husband has a slight concussion and we'll release him tomorrow. You can go see him now." Alex said "Thank god." Then turning to look at Gage Alex asked him in a softer tone of voice "Gage will you be all right?"

"Yes, I'll be fine. Would you mind if I go out to the ranch?  I could help keep an eye on your children." Gage asked her.

"Sydney is there." Alex pointed out and Gage replied "I know but we really need to talk to each other. Alex, Walker's truck is in the parking lot, it wasn't damaged. Here are the keys." Gage handed Alex the keys and she nodded her okay for him going out to the ranch. Alex then went to see her husband.

Entering the room Alex saw Walker trying to yank down the hospital gown he was wearing. Smiling she told him "Don't bother, I've seen it all before."

"Yeah but I don't want anyone else seeing it. "Walker answered as he gave up on yanking the gown down and instead asked "When can I get out of here?"

Sighing Alex replied "The doctor said in the morning."  Smiling Walker said "It is morning, get me my clothes I'm leaving."

"Okay, I'll go tell the doctor that you're leaving. Put your clothes on while I get you discharged. I'm driving and no arguing because if you do you're staying here." Alex said to her husband and then went and told the doctor that Walker was leaving. As they were headed to the truck Walker said "I want to drive."

Getting into the driver's seat Alex answered him "Only if you took the hospital gown and will model it for me later darling." Glaring at her Walker got into the passenger's seat.

Chapter Nine

When the Walkers got home they heard the triplets fussing so they hurried up the steps to take care of them. Sydney who was holding Michaela wistfully said to Gage "I would give anything to have a baby of my own."

Gage replied "Syd, I'm sorry that I can't seem to give you a baby, lord knows I want one too."

"I know Gage and I'm not blaming you, it just wasn't meant to be." Sydney told her husband as Alex entered the nursery and picked up Sam. Alex turned to Walker and told him "Walker, why don't you and Gage go downstairs?  Sydney and I will take care of the babies."

After they left the nursery Alex asked "Sydney is that why you think that you have feelings for my husband, because he's fathered five children and you think Gage can't?"

"No oh...I don't really know. Alex I don't know what to think right now about anything." Sydney replied on the verge of tears and Alex suggested "If you are so unsure about everything right now maybe it's not a good idea to move away from the people that know you and love you. Maybe you should just stay here and see someone to help you through this. It can't hurt."

"I can't go to Houston, Captain Belcher who's in charge of the Houston office said that he didn't need or want another female Ranger. That he already had the one that he was required to." Sydney told Alex who asked her "So what are you going to do?"

"Stay here, I like being a Texas Ranger and I'm not giving that up for anyone." Sydney replied.

"What about your professed feelings for my husband?" Alex questioned.

"I would never let my personal feelings interfere with my work." Sydney vowed to Alex who then asked her "Sydney did it ever occur to you that you think that you have feelings for Walker because it's safe to do so?"

Sydney questioned back "What do you mean by that Alex?"

"By saying that you care for my husband who has fathered five children when you think that Gage can't father any, you won't have to admit that he let you down however unintentionally. Walker is also unattainable therefore you know that you would never have to worry about anything happening in that regard. So it's perfectly safe for you to think that you have feelings for Walker. Sydney I advise you to think long and hard about your future." Alex told her.

Changing the subject Sydney said as she laid Michaela in her crib "Alex thanks for not threatening to kill me like you did to Gage." Placing Sam in his crib Alex replied "Yeah, well he's lucky that Walker's okay otherwise you might be a widow."

Pausing at the door Sydney told Alex "For now I'll rescind my transfer request and just worry about work and let the future take care of itself.  I'll go now because I'm going to work in a few hours to replace Gage who's in no shape to work."  Sydney left the nursery and a little bit later Walker entered it and said to his wife "Alex, Sydney isn't going to be transferring to Houston. Captain Belcher said that he didn't have an opening at this time so Sydney will be staying on here and as a matter of fact she'll be going to work in a few hours to replace Gage."

"I know Sydney and I already discussed it but enough about them. I believe my dear husband that you owe a New Year's Eve kiss and then a trip straight to heaven." Alex said to Walker as they went to their bedroom, pulling her close he said "You got that right beautiful." Then they closed their bedroom door.

Chapter Ten

Several hours later all the Walkers were awake and Angela went into the living room where she discovered Gage on the couch. Angela yelled "Uncle Gage is here." Then she ran and jumped on him. Walker who had just entered the living room hurriedly picked Angela up off of Gage who was holding his hand to his mouth and looking queasy. Walker then pointed upstairs and Gage ran up the steps. Walker took Angela into the kitchen and asked her "How about we make breakfast?"

"Okay Daddy, I'll make the toast while you cook the eggs and bacon because Mommy says that I'm too young to use the stove." Angela answered her father and that's what they did. As they were eating Gage entered the dinning room and sat down at the table holding his head. "Uncle Gage, why are you holding your head?  Does it hurt. Uncle Gage if you have a boo-boo on your head Mommy can kiss it and make it better like she does for Daddy and Ray but not me because I'm a big girl." Angela said to Gage.

As Walker tried not to laugh Gage replied "No Honey, I'm fine." Walker then changed the subject by asking "So Gage are you feeling well enough to go to work later?  Sydney is going need to be relieved later."

Gage answered Walker "Yeah, just give me another hour and I'll be fine."

"Great I'll drop you off at your apartment on my way to work. Be ready to go in a half an hour." Walker told Gage. Alex then protested "Walker, what about your own headache?"

"It's fine Alex. When Trivette gets here to pick up his son, tell him that I said that he has the day off." Walker said to his wife who answered her husband "Okay, I'll tell Trivette that he doesn't have to work today. I won't bother to tell you that you should really stay home today because you're too bull headed to listen." Walker and Gage got ready and left for work.  As they were riding in the truck Gage apologized to Walker "I'm really sorry about last night, taking a swing at you while you were driving."

"Just don't ever let it happen again." Walker responded and Gage vowed "I won't, believe me not after Alex threatened to kill me last night."

Walker questioned Gage "When did Alex do that?"

"When we were waiting for the doctor to tell us how you were, I explained what had happened and Alex told me that if you died because of my actions so would I. Let me tell you that bought me to my senses rather quickly. Walker, I'm sorry for accusing you of cheating on Alex with Sydney, I was wrong. Alex explained to me just how wrong I was about it in no uncertain terms and then Sydney told me the same thing. Walker, Sydney is just so confused about things right now; she misunderstood what she was feeling." Gage explained to Walker who said "Alex is very protective of her family, she didn't mean that part about killing you. As for the rest of it given time I think that you would have come to your senses."

"Actually I do think that your wife meant that part about killing me but thank god I'll never have to find out for certain." Gage said to Walker who smiled and then replied "That's my wife, one hell of a woman."

Gage teased "You know Walker I'm beginning to think that you and your wife really do deserve each other." Walker didn't answer Gage he just grinned.

Chapter Eleven

When Walker got to work Sydney asked to speak with him and after Walker agreed they went into his office when Sydney went to close the door Walker told her "Leave the door open Ranger Cooke."

"Okay Captain Walker." Sydney answered and sat down by Walker's desk and then said to him "Captain Walker, I'm sorry about everything that has happened recently. I never meant to cause all of these problems. I would understand if you refused to let me continue to work here. I want to assure you that I will be completely professional in my approach to my job if you allow me to stay."

"Ranger Cooke, there is a counseling program for Texas Rangers, I firmly suggest that you look into it. As for your working here, you will be assigned to work with Ranger Cooper who will be replacing Ranger Hunt who as you know transferred to Austin awhile back.  Ranger Cooper will be starting Wednesday morning at nine make sure that you are here and ready to show him how we do things around here. I want him trained right." Walker told her.

"Thank you Captain Walker, I look forward to helping Ranger Cooper become part of this Ranger squad. I'll be here Wednesday morning." Sydney said to Walker and left his private office. As she was leaving the main office Leeds sneeringly asked her "So Cooke, did you and your lover Captain Walker make arrangements to meet at a motel later?"

Walker who had heard the question snapped "Ranger Leeds my office now.  Ranger Cooke you are off duty leave." Sydney left and Leeds went into Walker's office where Walker quickly got to the point "Ranger Leeds you are to confine yourself to Ranger business, is that understood?"

"Why should I?  Are you ashamed of sleeping with Cooke?  I wouldn't, she's a hot little babe." Leeds answered Walker who told him "That's enough Ranger Leeds. I don't know where you got such an idiotic idea but if I ever hear you voice it again you will regret it.  Leeds you would do well to remember that I'm your boss and you had better start acting like that if you know what's good for you.  Keep to Ranger business and not mine.  Respect that badge that you are wearing if nothing else."

"Yes Captain Walker I will remember that you are my boss at least until I'm lucky enough to transfer to a office that has a decent Captain in charge instead of one who would sleep with a subordinate." Leeds disdainfully answered.

Now mad Walker said to him as he got in Leeds face "Ranger Leeds you have already been told once not to voice that lie again. Don't make me repeat myself because if you do it won't be my mouth that's doing the talking, understand?"  Leeds quickly stepped back from Walker and nodded okay. Walker then asked him "As for transferring, do you have anywhere in mind?"

"Yes sir Captain Walker, I would like to transfer to Houston." Leeds answered and Walker picked up the phone and called Captain Belcher in Houston. Several minutes later Walker hung up and told Leeds "You're in luck, there's a immediate opening in the Houston office. You are to report there on Friday, you'll need the rest of the week to clear up things here so clear out your desk now and take the rest of the week off."

Leeds left Walker's office without a word. When Gage came to work later Walker said to him "Ranger Gage, Ranger Leeds is transferring to Houston at the end of the week. Ranger Cooke will be training Ranger Cooper and you will be working with Trivette in going over the applicants who want to become Rangers in addition to your regular duties, any questions?"

Gage replied "Okay Captain Walker."

Chapter Twelve

Later on that evening Alex and Walker were in the barn grooming their horses when Alex said to her husband "Walker, I would like to take Angel out for a ride. Can you keep an ear out for the children?"

"Alex, it's a little late to be going for a horse ride." Walker pointed out to her. "I know but it's been so long since I've had a nice relaxing horse ride. I've missed riding my Angel." Alex lamented.

"Okay how about a short ride now and a nice long one on Saturday?" Walker suggested to Alex who questioned him "How with five children? Angela can't ride her pony for too long yet and you would have to have Ray ride with you on thunder.  Then what would we do with the triplets?  And don't even suggest rigging up something for them to ride with us, they are way too young."

"Yeah, you're right about the babies. Okay on Saturday you can take a nice long ride by yourself and I'll watch our children. Trivette said something about stopping by because Erica is taking their son to see her father yet again." Walker replied.

"Okay we can do that and maybe on Saturday I'll have a nice long chat with Trivette about his big mouth." Alex said to Walker as she got on Angel.

"Alex, Trivette has learned his lesson about his big mouth believe me." Walker answered his wife who replied "Okay no lecture then."

Alex rode her horse for a short while and when she was done they took Angel into the barn and settled her in. Walker hugged Alex as they walked into their house and she said to him "I have missed riding Angel so much, thank you."

"Anything to make you happy my lady." Walker told Alex as he gathered his wife closer and began to kiss her, just then the babies began fussing and Walker said "Darn I really have to teach the babies about their timing."

Laughing Alex replied "Give them a few years yet before you even try, Angela and Ray haven't exactly learned that one yet. Besides I don't have my riding muscles back yet and I'm a little sore." Alex kissed him and then added "But you know after my ride on Saturday night I'll be all excited from my ride and you'll have to find a way to calm me down so that I can sleep."

"I think that I have a idea on how I can do that Mrs. Walker, Saturday night then. Although I could probably take care of your sore muscles for you tonight, what do you say?" Walker asked Alex who answered "Cowboy I know exactly what your version of taking care of my sore muscles is and I'm not quite up to that just yet."

Getting concerned Walker asked "Alex, are you okay?  Is there something wrong with you that I don't know about?"

"No honey, I'm fine really. It's just that I've haven't ridden a horse in close to eight months and it's only natural that I would get a little sore after riding for the first time in so long." Alex reassured Walker.

"Okay but on Saturday if you're still sore I get to take care of it for you. Actually I get to take care of you whether or not you're sore." Walker informed Alex who smiled and said "You got that right cowboy."

Chapter Thirteen

Saturday afternoon Alex was out riding Angel and Walker was watching the children when Trivette showed up, after saying hi to Angela and Ray he asked Walker "Where's Alex at?"

"Taking a nice long ride on Angel."  Walker answered as the babies began fussing so Walker told him "Come on Trivette, since you're here you can lend a hand with them." Trivette objected "Helping with babies is not in the job description of a Texas Ranger."

Maybe not but Alex wants to have a nice long talk with you about your big mouth. Trivette if you help out with the babies I'll put a good word in for you with Alex and then maybe she'll drop the idea about talking with you about your big mouth." Walker told Trivette who followed him up the stairs to the nursery while muttering "Nothing like blackmailing someone."

After the babies had been tended to and they went back downstairs Trivette started grinning and Walker asked him "What's so funny?"

"You as Mr. Mom, man Walker when I was partnered up with you by C.D. I never expected you to be surrounded by children. Then to have them be all yours." Trivette explained to Walker who told him "Yeah it was never in my plans to get married and have children at least not until I met Alex.  She's a great mother and I'm lucky that she wanted me and all of these children that we have. Trivette you should have at least one more, I recommend it."

Trivette said "Not likely." Just then Angela said to her father "Daddy, Mommy's back."

"Okay, you and Ray stay in the house with Uncle Jimmy while I help Mommy put Angel away." Walker said and went to the barn to help Alex. As he was taking the saddle off of Angel Walker said to his wife "Trivette's here."

"Okay but I thought you didn't want me to talk to Trivette about his big mouth." Alex said to her husband who replied "No I don't but I made him help me with the babies in exchange for your not talking to him about keeping his big mouth shut." Alex winced then and getting concerned Walker asked her "Alex, are you really okay?  Just how sore are you anyhow?"

"I'm fine but back to Trivette and his big mouth, most of what happened this past week is your fault anyhow." Alex told him.

Puzzled Walker questioned "My fault?  How do you figure that?"  Smiling Alex put her arms around Walker's neck and answered "Well darling, if you had just let me take a picture of you in that 'naughty nightie' on Christmas like I wanted to none of this would have happened. When Trivette decided that you had bought it for another woman all I would have had to do was pull the picture out and show who wore that nightie on Christmas."

"Alex, I thought that you promised me that you would never bring that up again? It was strictly a one time thing and I am never ever doing anything like that again, it was too tight." Walker protested.

"Oh honey, I was just teasing you. I would never tell anyone how my so very handsome husband dressed up in a 'naughty nightie' for me on Christmas to get out of the doghouse. That is one image that I want to keep to myself, you already have way too many women interested in you as it is." Alex assured Walker who replied "Good, keep it that way and I was never in the doghouse to begin with."

"Yes, you were and you deserved to be there." Alex responded.

"Okay you're right about that but it's all behind us now." Walker said.

"Yes it is Walker, now let's go into the house before we use these hay bales for something other than feeding the horses." Alex suggested as Trivette entered the barn. Seeing the grin on Trivette's face Alex quickly left the barn as Walker asked "Okay Trivette, what's so funny now?"

Stifling a laugh Trivette answered "Nothing, I just came in here to tell you that I was going into the office. Sydney felt faint and Gage took her to see Dr. Halpern."

"Okay call me later and let me know what's going on will you?" Walker asked and after assuring Walker that he would Trivette left.

Chapter Fourteen

Gage was pacing outside of Dr. Halpern's office when Trivette arrived and asked him "How is Sydney?"

"I don't know Trivette, we were talking about going to see a marriage therapist together when Sydney fainted.  After she came to Sydney was still feeling light-headed so I brought her here. Man Trivette, this past week and a half has been something else. Sydney doesn't really love Walker, she just wants a baby so bad that she got all confused about things, I mean Walker does have five children." Gage said to Trivette who replied "Yeah and I didn't help matters any when I mistakenly said that Walker bought that 'naughty nightie' for someone other than Alex, it turns out that he actually bought it for her. Then that jerk Leeds showing you that receipt for the hotel room where Walker met with the woman who made Alex's charm bracelet but Leeds told you that Sydney and Walker met there."

"I figured that out about the nightie after Alex's threatening to kill me New Year's Eve when I caused the accident. I know that Walker would never cheat on Alex and Sydney said that while she was confused nothing had happened between the two of them and I believe her, neither one of them would ever do anything like that. I really think that after we go to therapy for a while because we can't seem to have a baby we'll be okay. Sydney wants to put our separation on hold and I've agreed with her, Trivette I want to save my marriage and I think that we can." Gage answered Trivette.

Awhile later Dr. Halpern came out and said to Gage "Ranger Gage, it is not unusual for pregnant women to faint or feel light-headed. You should make an appointment with a O.B.-G.Y.N. as soon as possible."

"I'm going to be a daddy." Gage said as he went into the room that Sydney was in. Trivette called Walker up and told him "Sydney is going to be fine."

"What's wrong with her?" Walker asked and Trivette replied "The baby flu but don't say that I told you that in case they want to tell you themselves."

"Okay Trivette, thanks for calling." Walker said and after he hung up the phone turned to Alex and told her "Sydney has the baby flu but we're not supposed to know, okay?"

"Okay Walker. Now about my riding muscles, I believed that you promised me that you would take care of them for me later." Alex said to her husband who answered "Later lady."

After the children were in bed the Walkers were in their bedroom and Walker said to Alex "Just show me where you're sore and I'll kiss it and make it all better."  Smiling Alex took his hand and placed it between her legs as Walker laid her down on the bed. About an hour later Walker asked "Do you feel better now?"

"You always make me feel better, in fact you made me feel so good I think that I should return the favor and make you feel better. Now lay back cowboy." Alex told her husband as she pushed him onto his back and made him feel better.

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