Authors Note:

I tried to have this done for the Christmas holiday, but some how the time got away from me and I didn't have it finished. I am sending it now...I figure it is better late than never.

Hope you enjoy it.


A Very Special Christmas



December 1999

“Walker? Come on Cowboy. It’s time to get up.” Alex purred as she snuggled up to him and began kissing her way up to his lips.

“Hmmm.” Walker moaned as he awoke to the heat of her passionate little kisses. Wrapping his arms tightly around her soft body, he once again savored the joyous sensations of waking up each and every morning since their marriage; seven months before, in her loving arms.

“Come on sleepy head. Wake up.”

“Mmmm...I don’t want to wake up. This feels too good.” Walker replied as he pulled her even tighter against him.

“Oh no you don’t Cowboy. I want you up and out of this bed.” Alex giggled as she tried to pull away from him.

Walker opened his eyes as he grinned slyly, “I don’t want to get up, BUT...I do want you.” With one swift movement, Walker had her pinned helplessly beneath him. Alex’s laughter rang through out the room as she tried in vain to free herself.

“Walker. Let me go. You promised that we would go and get our Christmas tree this morning. I’ve already had my shower, so now it’s time for you to get up.”

Walker glanced at the clock on the night stand. “Alex, it is only 7 in the morning. The Christmas tree lots don’t even open till 10. We have plenty of time.” Walker’s lips slowly descended towards hers.

“Walker.” Alex pushed against his chest with a soft moan as she felt his desire growing against her thigh. “I don’t want to go to a Christmas tree lot. I want us to go out and cut down our own tree. It’s more special that way.”

Walker continued to seduce his wife as his hands began to gently explore her body threw the t-shirt of his she wore to bed, as he replied, “A tree is a tree Alex. Why do we have to go out and cut one down ourselves?” Walker raised his head, to look at her, as he awaited her reply.

Alex frowned dejectedly. “Oh Walker...just any tree won’t do, not this year anyway. This year is very special to us. It’s our first Christmas together being married and I want everything to be absolutely perfect. I just thought it would be romantic if we took Ranger and Angel and went out to find our own Christmas tree...together. Besides there are only six more days till Christmas eve and the lots don’t even have any good trees left.”

Walker reached up to caress her cheek. “It really means that much to you, doesn’t it?” he asked, even though he knew what her answer would be.

“Yes it does. Please Walker?” she replied, giving him her very best pout; the one she knew he couldn’t deny.

“You are sure something Alex Walker. You know I can’t say no to you when you give me that look.” Walker said, with a warm smile on his face. “ win. We will go out and cut down our very own Christmas tree.”

Alex squealed with delight, as she began to rain small kisses all over his face in her happiness. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You go and take your shower now and I’ll get breakfast ready.”

“I have an even better idea.” Walker said as he pulled her close against his aroused body once again.

“And just what is this idea of yours?” Alex asked, as his skilled and gentle hands began to roam over her body, sending tingling sensations shooting through her.

“I say we skip breakfast this morning and stay here just a little while longer.” he said huskily, as he looked deep into her eyes.

“You know I can’t refuse you when you look at me like that.” she sighed as their passion took over; consuming them both.


“Alex...come on. What is taking you so long?” Walker yelled.

“I’m coming...I’m coming.” Alex said as she exited the house pulling the door shut behind her. Hurrying down the steps to where he waited with the horses she handed him the picnic basket and blanket that she carried.

“What’s this for?”

“I fixed us some bagels and brought some juice for us. Someone here made us miss breakfast. Remember?” she giggled as she stroked Angels nose softly.

Walker laughed as he threw the blanket across his saddle and hung the basket off of it’s horn as he moved to help Alex to get mounted. Placing his hands on her slender hips, he kissed the tip of her nose. “I didn’t hear you complaining about missing breakfast when we were missing it.”

“No, I defiantly wasn’t complaining,” Alex replied as she kissed him tenderly. “On the contrary, but I do know that we will both get pretty hungry by the time we get to where the tree is, cut it down and get it back here.”

“Just where do you think we are going to find a tree anyway? I can’t remember any being big enough anywhere here on the ranch.”

“I already found it; just last week as a matter of fact. It was the day I took Angel out for that long ride. You know, the afternoon I was home so early. Anyway, we rode down to the southern most border of the ranch. There is a grove of beautiful trees down there and right in the center of the grove is our very own, first Christmas tree.” Alex smiled with satisfaction.

“So, you have it already picked out?”

Alex nodded.

“Well if you already know where it is, and you already have it all picked out, what do you need me for then?”

“What do I need you for? Well, to cut the tree down silly.” Alex giggled playfully.

Walker grinned. “ you just need me for my body then huh?”

Alex leaned into him; rubbing her body against him sensuously as she proceeded to kiss him with a burning desire. When she finally pulled her lips from his, she whispered breathlessly, “I always need you my love...body, mind, heart and soul. Everyday...for the rest of all eternity.”

Walker pulled her lips back to his as he murmured, “I need you too...I always have, and I always will.”


Walker and Alex had been riding for almost an hour in the crisp December air. They were taking great pleasure in being alone together; just enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful landscape that surrounded them. They rode leisurely side by side; holding hands as Alex talked none stop about how she wished they would have snow for Christmas day, but knew that it was highly unlikely that they would. She talked in detail about exactly how she wanted the tree to be decorated and how she wanted to put lights and garland around the railing and posts on the front porch.

Unexpectedly, Alex broke free from Walker’s side; as she nudged Angel in the sides to race across the field, to a small grove of trees that stood on the other side. She dismounted, just as Walker stopped Ranger beside her.

“What’s the rush?” he asked as he in turn dismounted. 

“This is it Walker. This is the place. Our tree is just over there. Come on.” She excitedly grabbed his hand; pulling at him to follow her.

“Woo Alex. Don’t you think we should tie the horses up and grab our stuff first? It would be an awfully long walk back to the ranch if they got spooked and took off on us.” Walker chuckled. She reminded him of a small child with her excitement.

“Oh...yeah...I guess we should.” she giggled as she grabbed the blanket and picnic basket off of his saddle; waiting anxiously while Walker hobbled the horses and grabbed the small ax he had brought along.

“Ready now?” she asked; already heading off towards the center of the grove.

“After you my dear,” he replied laughing, as he hurried to catch up with her. When he was beside her once again, he shifted the ax to his other hand as he placed his arm around her waist; matching his steps to hers. Giving him a loving smile, Alex continued swerving through trees into the grove where she stopped suddenly.

Walker heard her swift intake of breath as she dropped what she was carrying; pointing to the tree that stood off by itself. “There it is. What do you think Walker? Isn’t it the most beautiful Christmas tree you ever seen in your entire life?” She wrapped her arms around his waist laying her head against his chest as she gazed at the tree.

Walker had to admit that it was a fine looking tree. It stood about six and a half feet tall and it had a nice round shape to it. Kissing the top of her head he replied, “It sure is honey. You picked out one fine looking tree. I guess I will get busy and get it cut down.”

“Do you want to eat something before you get started?” Alex asked looking up at him.

“No. I’ll eat and have something to drink when I am finished. Why don’t you sit down on the blanket back here out of the way.”

Walker picked up the ax and walked over to the tree. Just as he was about to take his first swing at the tree’s trunk, Alex’s call of “WAIT!” stopped him dead in his tracks. Turning around he saw her hurrying towards him.

“What’s wrong Alex?” he questioned.

“I’ve changed my mind.”

“What do you mean you’ve changed your mind?” Walker was totally confused now. “I thought you said this was our perfect tree? You were so excited about it just a minute ago.”

“I know. I am excited about it. Or I was. I don’t know. Maybe we shouldn’t cut it down. It’s just so beautiful and well, maybe it isn’t right that we take and kill it just for our enjoyment.”

“Alex. It’s a tree for heavens sake. Make up your mind.” Walker said gruffly. As soon as the words left his mouth he regretted them, as he saw the tears welling in Alex’s eyes. Drawing her into his arms quickly, he held her tight as the tears made their way down her cheeks. “Honey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you like that. If you don’t want to cut the tree down we won’t.”

“I know I’m being silly and I don’t know why,” she sniffed as she pulled back and swiped angrily at the tears. “It just seems like such a waste of this beautiful tree that’s all.”

“It’s not a waste if it makes you happy Alex.” Walker thought for a moment before he continued, “Tell you what. How about we go ahead and cut this one down, then come spring we go and buy another one to plant and replace this one? We can bring it back to this very spot to plant it even. Would that make you feel better?”

She nodded her head enthusiastically. “ makes me feel much better. I don’t know why you put up with me.”

“I do...It’s because I love you.” Walker said, as he gave her a peck on the cheek.

“I love you too.” Alex smiled.

“So. Do I cut the tree down?”


“OK...back over to the blanket you go.” he said as he turned her around, guiding her back to the blanket. Once she had re-seated herself, he returned to the job at hand.


Almost four hours later, Walker and Alex both flopped tiredly down onto the couch in the living room. It had taken them well over two hours to get the tree back to the ranch without damaging it. Once they had accomplished that, it had taken them the remainder of the time to get it in the tree stand and squeezed through the front door and into the living room. But somehow they had managed. The tree now stood straight, tall and proud in the corner of the room. 

“Well Mrs. Walker, what do you think now? Are you still pleased with your choice of trees?”

“It was a lot more work than I expected but, yes...I am pleased.” Leaning over to kiss him lovingly she whispered, “Thank you darling for helping me. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, so it was my pleasure. Besides, I love to see your eyes sparkle with excitement. So, what’s next on your list of things to get down this weekend?” Walker asked, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

“My, my. You certainly have gotten into the festive spirit. Well...I guess the next thing to do would be to get the decorations and lights gathered up. I have the decorations already carried down from the attic and they are sitting in the spare bedroom upstairs. And I bought all new lights for the tree and the porch railings; which are in bags in the back seat of my car.”

“OK then, I’ll go get the decorations and you can go get the lights.” Walker said, kissing her cheek before he rose and headed upstairs.

Alex sat for a few moments longer, just staring at the tree. A tender smile crossed her face at the tremendous amount of happiness and joy that filled her heart. This Christmas was truly going to be the best she had ever had. It would be a Christmas to be remembered; perfect in every way. Saying a silent pray of thanks, she then rose to retrieve the Christmas lights.


C.D. and Jimmy could hear their two friends laughter as soon as they stepped onto the front porch of the ranch. After knocking and not getting a response, they opened the front door and walked in. There in the living room stood Walker wrapped in Christmas tree lights from head to toe as Alex was throwing tinsel at him. They both burst out laughing at the site; announcing their presence.

“What in sam hill are you doing Cordell? Don’t you know the lights are supposed to go on the tree?” C.D. yelled over top of their robust laughter.

“Tell that to Alex. SHE’S the one that did this to me.” Walker retorted, a broad smile on his face, as he struggled trying to free himself from the strands of lights. Looking at Alex, he continued, “You just wait Alexandra Cahill Walker. I will get you for this.”

Alex giggled and moved out of his reach to stand behind C.D., as she stuck her tongue out at him playfully.

“Cordell, I just want to know how the devil you got yourself in this kind of a  predicament?” C.D. asked, as he held his side from laughing.

“Alex cheats, that’s how. SHE doesn’t play fair.”

“Well I thought we were coming out here to help you two decorate the house for Christmas. I didn’t know we were going to be decorating you.” C.D. laughed.

Jimmy was laughing so hard he had tears running down his face as Alex threw another handful of tinsel at his partner from over C.D.’s shoulder. “You know though C.D., Walker does make a pretty good Christmas tree. All he is missing is the ornaments. Hey we can hang them off of his ears.” Trivette picked up an ornament out of a box that was sitting on the coffee table as he walked over to his best friend. Looking closely at the ornament in his hand; then to Walker’s ear he continued, “Of course we’d have to pierce his ears first. Oh man...Where’s your video camera Alex? They would love this down at headquarters.”

“TRIVETTE! Don’t even think about it.” Walker growled.

“Oh come on Walker. This is priceless. The mighty Texas Ranger Cordell Walker looking like a Christmas tree. At least let us take a picture of it.”

“Forget it Trivette! Now get over here and get me out of these things?”

Trivette continued to laugh as he started to help untangle his partner.

Alex linked her arm with C.D.’s. “I think it’s time for me to make my retreat now C.D....BEFORE Walker gets out of those lights. Let’s you and I go make us all something to snack on.”

“I think that’s a good idea honey.” C.D. replied with a roar of renewed laughter, as Alex threw the remainder of the tinsel at Walker as they strutted past him and headed towards the kitchen.

“You just wait Alex.” Walker grumbled good-naturedly as Trivette tried; and failed, to contain his laughter; continuing to work on the tangled lights as he asked, “Geez Walker...your hands are even tied up in these things. Just how did Alex manage to do this to you?”

“Never mind Trivette. Just keep untangling.” Walker replied.

As his partner concentrated intently on his task, Walker felt his face redden just thinking about exactly how Alex had diverted his attention long enough to do this to him. 


“Is it safe to come back in here yet?” Alex called out as she and C.D. entered the living room, carrying a tray of sandwiches, chips and cups of hot chocolate for the four of them.

“Yeah it’s safe. Trivette and I have the lights all on the tree....where they belong I might add.” Walker replied as he walked slowly towards his wife as she turned her back to him to sit the tray down on the coffee table. As soon as the tray was safely in place, Walker grabbed her as he said, “But as for you Mrs. Walker...It is far from being safe in here.”

Alex’s squeals of laughter filled the air as Walker effortlessly and efficiently picked her up; slinging her over his shoulder.

“Walker! You put me down right this minute.” Alex said as she struggled trying to get out of his hold. Turning towards the other two occupants of the room, who were trying unsuccessfully to hide their laughter, she implored, “C.D.? Jimmy? Come on you two. Stop laughing and help me.”

“Oh no. I’m not getting involved in this. I have to work with him.” Jimmy replied as C.D. added, “Well now Alex honey. I think this here is one of those married couple things...something just the two of you need to work out.”

Walker chuckled softly as he spun her around in a circle a couple of times before placing her back on her now unsteady feet. Quickly he moved to the coffee table and reached for the can of whipped cream that was supposed to be used in the hot chocolate. Slowly, he began to shake the can threateningly; pointing it in her direction.

“Walker...You wouldn’t dare.” Alex gasped, as she slowly began to back away from him. 

Walker gave her a big grin and nodded his head as he began to move towards her.

C.D. and Jimmy’s laughter grew in intensity as Walker began to stalk Alex’s every move around the room, as he threatened her constantly with the whipped cream. Their taunts of “Ugh oh are in for it now,” spurred Walker on in his pleasurable game of cat and mouse. Every avenue of escape that Alex tried, Walker would block; all the while getting closer and closer to her. When Alex tried to hide behind C.D. and Jimmy, they immediately stepped aside to give Walker a clear and unhindered shot at her. Alex’s disgruntled, “Thanks a lot you two” brought even more hoots of laughter from the pair. Walker took careful aim at his beloved wife as she pleaded with him playfully. Giving her a sly little wink, Walker hurriedly turned on his two unsuspecting friends; catching them completely off guard as he proceeded to spray them with the cream.

When the can was empty, C.D. and Jimmy both looked like they were snowmen. Their faces and shirts were covered in the white substance. Alex; who had moved to Walker’s side during his friendly attack on their friends and now stood wrapped in  Walker’s arms as they both laughed hysterically. They couldn’t believe that during the entire time Walker was spraying his two friends they hadn’t moved an inch; they had just stood there as if they were frozen in place. When they did finally react to Walker’s actions, instead of the expected hollering and carrying on about what a mess they were they just smiled as they moved quickly towards the couple to embrace them both; leaving Walker and Alex as messy as they were.

After they all enjoyed the good-natured laugh and were able to get themselves cleaned up, they spent the remainder of the day and early evening decorating the tree and the rest of the house and porch to Alex’s specifications. When the last empty box was placed back into the attic and Alex was totally satisfied with the placement of everything, the men sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee and some cookies Alex had made.

As C.D. and Jimmy bickered over who got what cookies, Alex moved over to the tree. Walker watched silently as she stood gazing at it. Rising to walk to his beloved wife’s side, he immediately saw the tears glistening in her sky blue eyes. Wrapping his arms around her gently he whispered softly, “What’s wrong honey?”

“I don’t know. I’ve felt weepy all day. I just want this Christmas to be the best that we have ever had. I know you probably think I am being overly emotional and silly, but I can’t seem to help it.” she replied softly as Walker kissed her on the tip of her nose; wrapping his arms more tightly around her.

As he held her close, he remembered he had in fact noticed several times through out the day the tears in her eyes. Placing his finger tips on her chin, he tilted her head back so he could look into her eyes. Brushing the tears away he replied, “No I don’t think you’re being silly.”

The tears continued to trickle down her cheeks as she sighed, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” he responded as he captured her lips in a slow and tender kiss. Before they could get carried away by the desires that were building within them, Walker reluctantly broke off the kiss as he whispered breathlessly in her ear, “I think we should pick up where we left off just now...AFTER C.D. and Trivette leave.”

Alex nodded as she hugged him to her tightly.

Jimmy nudged C.D. in the side as they both turned their attention to the couple by the tree. C.D. smiled brightly as he said, “You know does this old heart good to see those two finally together and so happy.”

“Yeah I know what you mean C.D. It was a long time in coming, but it sure was worth the wait.”

“Yes it was. A love like theirs doesn’t happen too often in this world. It’s a rare thing that’s for sure. Yes sir...a rare and wonderful thing.” C.D. said as they both sat there grinning from ear to ear.

“All right you two.” Walker said as he moved over to the recliner, settling Alex on his lap. “What are you both grinning about?”

“Well Cordell...I was just sitting here telling Jimmy how nice it was that you and Alex are finally together. And I was just getting ready to say that I think we need to really combine our efforts and concentrate on getting him hitched up with someone who is as special as our little Alex here is.” C.D. replied with a broad grin.

“You know C.D. I think you’re right. We do need to find and set Trivette up with someone.” Walker said; joining in on C.D.’s playful spoofing of their friend.

“Woo...wait a minute you guys. I....” Jimmy stuttered. He was never really sure when Walker and C.D. ganged up on him, whether they were being serious or not.

“Oh now Jimmy, you don’t have to thank us. We are more than willing to help you out.” C.D. laughed. “Hey Cordell...How about that little filly down in warrants? You know...the one that gets all excited when Jimmy here walks in the room. The blonde one...Susan I think her name is.”

“SUSAN. Big dog...her hair isn’t’s gray. She is as old as you are for crying out loud.”

“And just what is so bad about being my age? Age has nothing to do with it son. The older you are the more experienced you are that’s all.” C.D. bellowed as Alex and Walker tried to keep from laughing out loud. “I think you need to be told some very important things about life Jimmy Trivette.” C.D. stated firmly; enjoying his little game of torture. He looked hard at his friend and saw the confused and questioning look on the younger man’s face as he went on to say, “Yes...I mean to tell you some of the little know facts of life.”

“OH MY GOD! The facts of life! Alex? Walker? Help me!” Jimmy pleaded as he tried to rise from the sofa, only to be pulled firmly back down by C.D.

“Oh no you don’t. You just sit right back down here and listen to what I have to say.” C.D. said as he kept a firm grip on Trivette’s arm and tried hard to contain his own laughter. “I hate to break it to you son but just because there is snow on the roof” he paused to pat the top of his head dramatically for emphasis, before he continued, “don’t mean there ain’t one hell of a fire burning in the old fire place.”

Fervent laughter filled the room as Jimmy yelled “OH my god...he’s talking about ...I’m out of here!” He then quickly broke free from C.D.’s grasp; grabbed his coat and headed out the front door as fast as he could.

C.D. rose slowly; holding his aching side from all the laughing. Picking up his coat he chuckled, “Wonder if he remembers that I rode out here with him? Or do you think he is going to make me walk all the way back to town?”

Before Walker or Alex could stop laughing long enough to answer, Jimmy stomped back into the house. Pointing and shaking his finger at C.D. he stated, “Not one more word out of you Big Dog or you WILL be walking back to town. I mean it. I’ll handcuff you and gag you if I have to. Not one word. Now come on...let’s go.”

C.D. opened his mouth, only to immediately shut it once again as Jimmy reached behind him; pulling out his hand cuffs and a handkerchief to use as a gag. With a swift wave and a nod in the laughing couple’s direction, C.D. and Trivette turned and left the ranch house.

Walker shook his head with merriment over his two best friends and about their playful sparing with each other. He turned to look lovingly at his wife; seeing the tears that once again, trickled down her face. With puzzlement in his voice he asked softly, “Honey...what’s wrong?”

“Oh Walker...I’m just so happy that’s all.” She sobbed, as she clung to him and buried her head on his chest.

“You sure are happy a lot today.” Walker murmured softly, as he held her to him tightly; running a comforting hand up and down her back.


The remainder of the week went by quickly for the newly weds as it was filled with the hustle and bustle of not only work but also with last minute shopping errands and the numerous Christmas parties that they had commitments to attend. One night was spent with the KDOOA kids; one night at H.O.P.E. house and their Christmas gathering. The next day was the annual Christmas party at Ranger headquarters followed by the big shindig that C.D. always threw for his closest friends on Christmas Eve.

By the time Walker and Alex had helped C.D. clean up from the party; said their goodnights and arrived back at the ranch, it was almost midnight. Both were tired from their exhausting week of work and parties and decided to head straight upstairs.

When they reached their room Alex kissed Walker quickly on the cheek before she grabbed a mysterious package from on top of the dresser and headed off towards the bathroom. Walker had a sneaky suspicion that she was up to something as he watched her move hurriedly down the hall way. A small smile of anticipation appeared on his face as he pondered what she could possibly be up to this time. On more than one occasion since they had been married, Alex had surprised him by doing something totally unexpected; which in turn, had led to some of the most amazing nights of passion they had ever experienced together. Because of this fact; and the building hope that this was what would happen tonight, Walker decided to light several candles that were placed through out the room.

When the room was finally illuminated with the soft glow of the candles, Walker undressed and immediately crawled; naked into their warm, king sized bed as he waited for Alex to emerge from the bathroom.

Folding his arms under his head, he gazed up at the ceiling. He was really looking forward to tomorrow morning. C.D. and Trivette weren’t coming out until 4 to exchange gifts and have dinner with them, which meant he and Alex would have the biggest part of the day to themselves.

A smile appeared on his face as he let his thoughts turn to his beautiful wife. As long as he has known her, she had always got excited about Christmas. But this year her excitement surpassed any that he had ever seen before. He thought about all the fun they had decorating the house and the tree and about when they had gone shopping for presents for Trivette and C.D. He remembered how her eyes sparkled with merriment as they had lovingly found the perfect gifts and how she immediately sat down to carefully wrap them as soon as they had got back home. He loved seeing her this happy. Closing his eyes, he prayed silently to the great spirit that tomorrow turned out to be the ‘Special’ Christmas that she wanted it to be.

“A penny for your thoughts Cowboy.” Alex said softly, as she stepped into the bedroom.

Walker opened his eyes. A low growl of desire escaped from him as his body instantaneously became aroused with passion. Alex was a vision of loveliness, as she posed seductively in the door way before him, wearing a beautiful, low cut red satin negligee that clung to her slender body.

Rolling over onto his side as she slowly approached the bed, he propped his head up on his hand so he could get a better look at her. Languidly, he let his eyes roam freely over her sensual body from head to toe.

The negligee certainly left very little to his increasingly stimulated imagination. It was cut high up on the sides; completely exposing each of her long, shapely legs with every little step she took. The satin clung erotically to her tight and perfectly shaped buttocks.

As his eyes continued their pleasurable journey upwards, he realized that the top of the negligee proved to be just as enticing; there was barely enough material to cover her firm breasts for his viewing pleasure. Starting at the swell of her breasts, he followed the path of the garment down as he discovered that it was cut all the way down to her delicious navel. Letting his eyes linger there for the briefest of moments, he let them caress their way back up to her nipples that stood taunt with excitement as they seemed to be screaming out to him for his immediate attention.

When his eyes touched upon her angelic face, he saw the heated flush of desire that kissed her soft skin. He could see further evidence of her own growing excitement at her little game of seduction as her tongue darted out of her mouth to quickly wet her luscious lips with confident expectation of what they both knew would follow.

As their eyes locked together in the gentle candle light, Walker could see the undeniable fire of desire that shown brightly in the blue depths of her eyes. He saw her smile of anticipation as she stopped to stand expectantly at the side of the bed as she purred, “How do you like the first of your Christmas presents darling?”

“I love it. Do I get to unwrap it now?” Walker grinned slyly.

“Yes you can. But only if you start with the bow.” she laughed timidly.

“Start with the bow huh?” Walker replied, as he sat up to swing his legs over the edge of the bed; throwing the covers off of his nude, muscular body. His heart raced with abandon as his manhood stood proud and hard. Placing his hands gently on her waist, his eyes hurriedly scanned the length of her body once again. When he found no bow, he turned her delicately around to survey the back of her. Now totally convinced that he hadn’t missed seeing a bow anywhere he stated disappointedly, “But Alex...I can’t find a bow.”

Without saying a word, Alex turned back around as she began to let her hands caress their way down over her breasts and even further down her flat stomach before she grasped the material of her negligee. Taunting him, she began to pull the garment upwards; stopping every few inches to tease him with her torturously slow movements. Just before the junction of her thighs were to come into total view, she hesitated momentarily. Hearing Walker’s instant moan of carnality, she smiled wickedly as she pulled the garment up above her waist.

Walker’s breath caught in his chest as he viewed the matching satin bow that covered the triangle of downy hair of his wife’s femaleness. Unbridled passion surged through his body as his hands touched the velvety smooth skin of her hips as he briskly untied the strings that he found there. As the bow fluttered to the floor, Walker gently leaned forward to place a kiss on her belly button. Lifting his eyes up to hers, he let his hands stroll down her thighs before moving quickly back up to squeeze her shapely buttocks as he coaxed her closer to him.

With a cunning little giggle, Alex placed her hands in the middle of his softly furred chest as she gingerly pushed him onto his back in the middle of the bed. When he was lying where she wanted him, she moved onto the bed beside him. She reached out, letting her hands begin to roam the broad expanse of his muscular chest. Her feather like touch brought small moans of longing from Walker as she continued with her tormenting seduction of him. Moving slightly, she climbed upon his prone, willing body; placing a knee on each side of his hips. Leaning down she let her body glide up the length of his until she could capture his lips with hers.

Walker wrapped his arms around her tightly, loosing himself in her passion filled kiss. Their tongues touched; exploring the other. Alex’s perfume filled his senses. The feel of her satin covered breasts against his chest, heightened his desire to bury his manhood deep inside of her. Running his hands down to her waist he pulled her firmly against him; rubbing the length of his swollen shaft against her stomach.

Alex lifted her lips from his as she murmured, temptingly in his ear, “Is there something you need darling?”

“Yeah...I need...the rest of my present.” Walker replied huskily.

Alex smiled as she sat up; pulling the negligee up and over her head, tossing it quickly onto the floor beside the bed. Raising herself, she carefully positioned herself above his waiting member. Tantalizingly; she brushed his proud staff against the opening of her moistness.

Walker’s moans of fervor at their slight contact, made Alex’s heart race with excitement. No matter how many times they had made love, it thrilled her beyond belief to know that she could have such an affect on this wonderful and complex man.

When she felt the soft, urging motion of his hips begin, she gently lowered herself onto him inch by inch. When their joining was finally complete she paused to savor the feeling of his size that was now buried deep inside of her. The exquisite sensations ran wild through them both as she intentionally squeezed her muscles firmly around him and began to softly wiggle her hips back and forth.

Walker gasped with pleasure at her playful actions; letting the tide of rapture build to a fevered pitch with in them. When he could stand her torturous game of seduction no longer, he grasped her hips with his callused hands; imploring her to begin the rhythmic dance of making love.

Their eyes locked with heated passion as they began to move as one. Tender and slow at first; letting the billows of desire build rapidly. Their combined moans of happiness filled the air as they let their hands roam and caress each others bodies uninhibited. They both knew all the secret little spots that would evoke the most enjoyment for the other.

When the swells of delight rapidly threatened to end their enjoyment, Walker rolled them over; placing Alex securely beneath him. Slowing the motion of his hips down slightly; not wanting their pleasure to end quite yet, Walker lowered his head to kiss her tempting lips languidly. Placing his hand on her breast, he rolled her erect nipple between his finger tips. Her sigh of delight prompted him to move his lips down to replace his fingers as he began to thoroughly suckle first one breast and then the other.

Alex entangled her hands in his hair; holding his head firmly to her as she arched her back. The intensity of the sensations that his mouth and lower body were evoking deep inside of her, electrified her entire body. No longer being able to wait for their supreme satisfaction, she pressed her hips up hard against him; her body begging for release. 

Knowing that he himself could not control his own release much longer, Walker reluctantly abandoned her breasts with a final kiss to each as he increased his loving movements inside of her womanhood.

Their bodies shone with perspiration from their sexual heat. Time stood still as their undying love called out to each other; urging them on wilder and faster as they soared ever higher on the waves of ecstasy together.  

When the first of the always magical spasms of climax began to course through their straining bodies simultaneously, they clung to each other; crying out the others name. They became one body. One heart. One soul. One love. They continued to ride the wave of passion to it’s highest point of rapture, before it suddenly crested; sending  them both spiraling back to earth in total gratification and fulfillment.

They whispered cherished words of love to each other as they waited patiently for the last of the spasms of joy to subside and their breathing to return to normal. They gloried in the intensity of their unconditional love for each other as their arms and legs; still entwined in the aftermath of their love making, moved softly to gently caress the other. With a lingering kiss, Walker reluctantly withdrew from his wife’s warm body to roll them both onto their sides; cradling her lovingly against his body.

“Merry Christmas Cowboy” Alex murmured drowsily as she gazed up into his eyes and snuggled tighter against him; placing her head against his firm, muscular chest.

“Merry Christmas my love.” Walker replied in deep throaty voice, as he watched his beautiful wife’s eyes flutter shut as she drifted off in contented and fulfilled slumber. Smiling happily; Walker kissed the tip of her nose before he too closed his eyes to surrender to the waiting arms of joyful sleep. 


Christmas morning Alex awoke to butterfly kisses being placed against her cheeks and lips. Smiling softly as she slowly opened her eyes, she sighed blissfully and  stretched; placing her arms around Walker’s neck to delicately pull his lips down to meet hers in a pleasant kiss. “Good morning darling.” she said as the kiss ended all too soon.

“Mornin’ sweet heart.” Walker replied with a bright smile as he continued, “I figured as excited as you’ve been for this day to get here you would have been up long ago, but instead you have nearly slept the entire day away.” he teased.

Alex turned her head to look at the clock on their night stand. Swatting him playfully she retorted, “Slept the day away? Walker it is only 9:30 in the morning for heavens sake.”

“Yeah it is. But I have been up since before 6.”

“Well I can’t help it if someone we know doesn’t know how to enjoy sleeping  later than that.” she stated as she yawned and snuggled deeper under the covers. “And besides, it’s all your fault I slept so long. You’re the one that kept me up so late last night.”

“Me? Wait a minute.” Walker paused as he stooped to lift the negligee and bow off of the floor; placing them on the bed beside her as evidence before he continued, “If I remember correctly Mrs. Walker, it was you; not me, that came waltzing in here wearing these tempting little things.”

Alex giggled as she replied, “Well I don’t know...”

Walker growled as he unexpectedly yanked the covers off of her nude body as he grabbed her by her sides; proceeding to tickle her unmercifully. As she wiggled and squirmed trying to get away from him, her squeals of laughter echoed through out the room. “Ahhh...Walker. STOP IT! OK! OK! I give up. I’ll admit was all my fault.”

Walker laughed as he released her sides; raising his hands to brush the hair from her eyes as he then cupped her face gently. “Now that you have admitted your guilt...are you going to get out of this bed, or do I have to resort to a more drastic tactic?”

Alex smiled devilishly up at him as she replied, “And just what would that more drastic tactic of yours be?”

“Well there are several I could use, but I think the one that would make you move the fastest would be to just not give you any of the gifts that I got you. It would really be a shame too, because I know you are going to love them and I know how much you love presents.”

“You wouldn’t do that to me.” Alex laughed with confidence.

“Oh wouldn’t I? I guess I will just have to start with this one.” Walker replied as he stood; pulling a small box out of the pocket of his Levi’s. Tossing it up in the air and catching it several times, he began to walk slowly out of the bedroom.

“You know...we could skip breakfast this morning.” Alex purred sensually.

Walker turned to gaze adoringly at his wife as she smiled seductively at him. He felt the familiar stirring of desire begin to build deep inside him, but; for the moment he knew he needed to fight it and deny them both that particular pleasure. There were just too many things that had to be done. Taking one final look at his beautiful wife, he started to toss the box in the air again. He smiled at her regretfully; turning to leave.

“Walker wait! Look I’m up.” Alex said; moving hurriedly to get out of the bed.

Walker continued to walk out of the room as he said over his shoulder, “Breakfast will be ready in twenty minutes. If you want this,” he tossed the box up into the air once again as he finished with a serious tone of voice, “you had better be down stairs by the time I put it on the table.”

Moving to descend the stairs, Walker laughed out loud as he heard Alex moving quickly around their bedroom, before hurrying into the bathroom to get her shower.


Walker was just placing Alex’s breakfast on the table as she entered the kitchen buttoning her shirt. “Phew...I made it just in time.” she said as she placed a kiss on his cheek and sat down at the table.

“Yes you did.” Walker said as joined her at the table. “And because you did, you get to open your first present of the day.” Handing her the small box he had teased her with upstairs he leaned back in his chair as she picked it up; looking at it with a smile so bright it reached all the way to her eyes.

“I thought we were going to wait and open our gifts to each other when C.D. and Jimmy got here?” she inquired.

“Well since you gave me a gift to open last night, I decided you could open this one before they got here. Besides I don’t think what you gave me last night would have been...‘appropriate’ to open in front of them.”

“ wouldn’t have been.” Alex blushed at the thought. She looked down again at the small box in her hands.

“Sweetheart...are you going to open it or are you just going to look at the box all day?”

“Oh.” she laughed as she began to open the package. Lifting the lid slowly, she suddenly let out a squeal of delight. “OH’s that beautiful bracelet we saw on our honeymoon. When did you ever manage to sneak away and buy it?”

“I have my sources.” Walker chuckled as she rushed to sit on his lap and began to rain little kisses all over his face.

“Thank you...Thank you...Thank you. I love it.”

Capturing her lips in a passionate kiss; Walker held her tightly. When they were both breathless, he cupped her face between his hands as he whispered, “You are very Welcome my love.”


At exactly 4 PM, Walker heard the familiar sound of Trivette’s vehicle pulling into the drive way. Calling up the stairs to Alex that C.D. and Trivette were there, he moved to the front door; opening it.

“Merry Christmas Cordell.” C.D. bellowed happily as he walked in, giving Walker a big fatherly hug.

“Merry Christmas Pard.” Jimmy said, placing the stack of gifts he had in his arms on the foyer table; before returning outside to bring in the rest of the gifts that they had brought.

“Danged if there ain’t a pretty good nip in the air today Cordell. You know we just might get us some of them snow flurries later on.” C.D. said as he took his heavy jacket off hanging it on the coat rack.

“I sure hope you’re right about that C.D. Alex has been really hoping that we would have snow at some point today.” Walker replied with a smile on his face as he patted him on the back as Trivette entered the house once again with another arm full of presents.

“Here Trivette...let me help you with those.” Walker said as he relieved his partner of his burden.

“Thanks Walker. Geez C.D. How come I always have to carry everything?”

“Don’t whine’s Christmas.” C.D. laughed as he then asked, “Where’s Alex?”

“I’m right here. Merry Christmas.” Alex said as she glided down the stairs to kiss and hug both C.D. and Jimmy before moving to Walker’s side.

“Alex honey you are as pretty as a picture.” C.D. stated as she smiled at him warmly.

“Why thank you C.D. You look mighty fine yourself. You too Jimmy. Why don’t you men take these gifts and put them under the tree while I go get dinner on the table. Everything should be ready.”

“Sounds good to me.” Jimmy replied. “I’m starving.”

“You’re always starving.” C.D. chuckled.

“That’s because you always make me do all the carrying Big Dog. I have to keep my strength up somehow.”

“Oh hush your mouth. Here...take these and put them under the tree.” C.D. retorted as he piled gifts into the young mans arms.

“See what I mean.” Jimmy moaned.


“Alex, that was one mighty fine spread you had here. You are turning into quite the little cook.”

“Why thank you C.D., I have you to thank for all those cooking lessons you have given me over the years.” Alex replied as she sat down beside Walker who immediately put his arm around her shoulder. “So who’s going to play Santa and pass the gifts out?” she asked with excitement as she rubbed her hands together. “I have been waiting patiently all day to open presents.”

“Patiently? Alex...I have been keeping you out of those gifts all day long. Every time I turned around you were shaking one of them.” Alex smacked him playfully on the chest as she replied defensively “I have not.”

Jimmy laughed as he rose from the chair and volunteered to pass out the gifts. Moving to the tree he asked, “So who should I start with?”

“Well I think you had better start with Alex before she bursts with excitement.” Walker stated as Alex swatted him again.

As they all laughed happily, Jimmy began to hand the presents out one by one. When all the gifts were distributed, they decided unanimously that C.D. would open all of his gifts first. By the time he was finished he was surrounded by all new fishing equipment; a new top of the line rod and reel for both bass and fly fishing, new tackle box, all new fishing lures, plus a new fishing vest and hat.

Placing one of the new lures on his hat, he placed it on his head as he said, “You all sure went all out this year and I wanna thank you kindly. The only thing I am missing now is the fish.”

“Well Big would have had some fish too, but Alex wouldn’t let me go to that little store to get you some. You know...the store you go to when you don’t catch anything when you do go fishing...where you buy the fish to put in your cooler and try to tell us that you caught them.”

“You hush your mouth Jimmy Trivette.” C.D. scoffed; trying to keep a serious look on his face. “I won’t be having no need to stop at that there store any more. Not with this fishing gear. I’m gonna caught me some trophy fish with this stuff. You can count on that.”

“I say Alex goes next.” Jimmy said.

“Agreed.” Walker and C.D. said simultaneously.

“Sounds good to me.” Alex replied anxiously, picking up her first gift. Within seconds her shrieks of delight filled the air after each and every gift she opened. C.D. had got her a beautiful, fawn colored leather jacket. Jimmy; who had been with C.D. when he bought the jacket, had found her a leather purse and brief case that matched the jacket exactly. Walker surprised her tremendously with the matching ring, earrings and necklace that matched the bracelet that he had given her earlier and a gorgeous dress the exact same color as her eyes. With tears of happiness, Alex hugged and kissed each of the men in her life with enthusiasm as she thanked them from the bottom of her heart. After wiping the tears of joy from her eyes, she looked at Jimmy. “OK’s your turn now.”

Picking the biggest of his gifts up, he weighed it in his hands before he shook it playfully.

“Good Lord it would ya.” C.D. said with exasperation.

“All right...all right...geez...give me a chance.” Tearing the paper off of the box, Jimmy exclaimed when he saw what was inside. “Ohhhh man...Ohhhh man. Wow! Look you guys.” Raising the box he turned it in Alex and Walker’s direction, “it’s a digital camera and it has all the extras I could ever want. Wow! I have been wanting one of these so bad. Oh man. Thank you Big Dog, Thank you.”

C.D. smiled brightly as Jimmy hugged him; pleased that his young friend was happy with his choice of gifts.

“Open our gift Trivette.” Walker said as he handed the package to him with a big grin on his face.

“This ones sure a heavy sucker.” Jimmy said as he placed it on the floor in front of him. Pulling the paper off of it hurriedly; he stopped and became utterly still, as he looked at the beautifully carved and hand painted box that was revealed underneath. “Oh my God you guys...this is beautiful. Thank you.”

“Walker had it special made out at the Cherokee reservation just for you Jimmy.” Alex smiled.

“It’s a gun box partner. It is big enough for your revolver; plus two others and even has room for extra ammo. It even has a hidden lock on it...right there.” Walker said as he showed Trivette exactly where the lock was because it was so well hidden in the intricate carving on the front of the box. As an after thought Walker added, “The key should be inside of it Trivette...maybe you should check inside and make sure that it is.”

Trivette nodded his head in acknowledgment as he lifted the heavy lid. His eyes widened as he saw the new pistol that lay on the padded lining. Raising his eyes to first Walker, then Alex, he tried to say something but only succeeded to open and close his mouth a couple of times before letting his eyes drop back down to the box again.

C.D. chuckled loudly as he proclaimed, “You know, I do believe that this here is truly a day to remember. It is the only time I have ever seen Jimmy Trivette at a loss for words.”

Trivette snapped out of his trance as he finally murmured, “Thank you so much Alex...Walker. I never imagined...woo...this is the best gun I ever hoped to own in my life.”

“That’s because nothing is too good for the best partner in the world.” Walker stated proudly.

“Thanks man.” Trivette said humbly as he shook his best friends hand firmly before kissing Alex on the cheek. “Thank you both.”

“You’re welcome Jimmy.” Alex said with a bright smile. Turning to look at Walker she said; as she handed him a gift, “Well Walker...looks like it’s your turn now. Start opening Cowboy.”

Turning the package over in his hands a few times, he looked up and said, “Thanks Trivette. I needed a new holster.”

Trivette couldn’t believe that Walker had figured out his gift so easily. “How the heck did you know it was a new holster Walker?”

“I didn’t...but I do now.” Walker laughed. “Honestly I just took a wild guess Trivette.”

“Sure...a wild guess. It’s that dang Cherokee intuition of yours. Man...I hate when you do that to me.”

“I’m sorry Trivette.” Walker said with a smile, as he finished opening the gift. “It sure is a beauty though. Thanks Trivette.” Walker shook the younger man’s hand.

“OK Cordell, open mine now. Jimmy’s present was easy to guess. Let’s see how good you are at guessing this one.” C.D. said laughingly as he handed the gift to him.

Walker took the offered gift and held it for a few seconds before he started to chuckle. Looking at Alex, he winked slyly as he turned to C.D. and responded. “You’re right C.D. This one is harder to guess. But I will give it a try. I would say it is a leather jacket that matches the one you got Alex....except....a darker color.”

It was now Trivette’s turn to laugh as C.D. began to spit and sputter. “Dog gone you Cordell. How in blue blazes did you figure that out?”

Walker shrugged his shoulder’s; grinning from ear to ear. “Sorry C.D.” Pulling it out of the box he stood and put it on. “Thanks C.D. It is a perfect fight.”

“You’re welcome Cordell...even though you guessed it.” C.D. mumbled.

Alex nodded to Jimmy and he rose and left the room. Turning her attention back to Walker as he sat back down on the couch she said, “Well...One of my gift’s to you isn’t wrapped because there was no way to wrap it. So you won’t have to worry about guessing it.” 

Jimmy returned carrying a brand new saddle, placing it on the floor beside Walker. “Alex this is beautiful.” he said as he gazed lovingly at her. “I can’t wait to put it on Ranger and try it out.”

“Well that will have to wait cause I have one other gift for you.” Alex kneeled on the floor in front of him as she produced a small package she had hidden under the couch. Placing it in his hands she waited nervously for him to open it.

“Do I have to guess what this one is too Alex?”

Alex smiled confidently as she replied, “Oh you can try if you want to. But believe me, you won’t figure this one out...not until you open it anyway.”

Looking at her suspiciously, Walker undid the paper on it slowly; knowing that his beautiful wife was up to something. Lifting the lid of the small box, he blinked; not quit believing what he saw. Looking into his wife’s blue eyes he whispered, “Alex?”

Alex smiled on the verge of tears, as she nodded her head affirmatively.

The world ceased to exist around them as they became lost in their joyous news. Walker closed the box and laid it and it’s hidden contents on the couch as he stood mechanically; as if he was in a trance. Offering her his hand, he helped her up from the floor. Placing his hands of her cheeks, he looked deeply into her eyes; questioning her silently. As she answered him by nodding again, he smiled as he hugged her tightly to him and whispered in her ear emotionally, “I have never been happier than I am right now...except for the day I married you. Thank you Alex for giving me the most precious gift in the whole world.”

“You are very welcome Cowboy.” she sighed as the tears flowed unchecked down her cheeks. Brushing them away with his thumbs, Walker kissed her fervently; not stopping until he heard C.D. clearing his throat loudly. Leaning back he smiled brightly at Alex as his excitement surfaced full force. Placing his arm around her shoulder, they turned; as one, to face their dearest friends.

“Are you two going to let us in on your little secret now?” Jimmy asked anxiously.

“You both look like the cat that ate the canary. What are you hiding? Just what the devil was inside that box Cordell?” C.D. chimed in.

Silently Walker scooped up the box, tossing the lid onto the floor. Pulling out a tiny t-shirt, he dropped the remainder of the box on the floor beside the lid.

“Looks a little small for you partner.” Jimmy laughed happily, as it suddenly dawned on him what exactly their little secret was.

C.D. was a little slower at figuring things out. “Alex honey...why would you buy Cordell something that small? Or did you try washing it first and ended up shrinking it?”

Turning the tiny shirt around, Walker said chuckling, “It’s not for me C.D. Read what it says on the shirt and you will understand who it is for.”

C.D. squinted at the lettering on the shirt as he read out loud,

If you think I’m cute...

you ought to see my daddy!

“Oh my good Lord...” he gasped as he looked first to Walker and then to Alex. “You mean....”

“Alex and I are going to have a baby.” Walker replied proudly.

The room erupted with exultation of the wonderful news. Alex cried tears of happiness as C.D. and Jimmy congratulated her and Walker. Both of them were so excited of the prospect of finally being a Grandpa and an Uncle.

Walker beamed with delight as he thought of what a wondrous surprise their love for each other had created. He was going to be a FATHER and Alex was going to be a MOTHER. It was a fact so marvelous and astounding to him that it threatened to knock him right off of his feet.

“Are you OK sweet heart? You look a little light headed.” Alex said as she moved back into his waiting arms.

“I’m fine. I guess I am just a little over whelmed with excitement. I can’t believe that we are going to have a baby. How long have you known about this special little ‘present’ of ours?” Walker asked out of curiosity.

“A little over two weeks. It was so hard not to tell you about it as soon as I found out, but I decided to wait until today. That’s why I have been acting so crazy wanting today to be as special and perfect as it could be. You aren’t upset I kept it a secret from you are you?”

“No, not at all. I am too happy to be upset about anything. A baby!” he exclaimed with excitement as he pulled her tightly against him as he kissed her deeply. When they could both catch their breath after the kiss ended, Walker spoke from deep down in his heart, “Thank you for making this the most special Christmas of my life Alex. I love you more than I ever imagined I could ever love anyone.”

“I love you the same way Walker.” Placing her hands; and his, on her flat stomach, she continued, “And now we have this tiny miracle that is growing inside of me that we can share our love with also.” As their lips ascended towards each others once again, they were brought back to the present as Trivette yelled from the front door, “Hey you two. Come and check this out.”

They both smiled at being interrupted; which for them was a very common event, as they moved towards the open front door. Walking out onto the porch, Alex gasped with glee as she saw the rare snow that lightly covered the Texas land in front of her. “Oh Walker...I can’t believe this. I know it sounds silly but, this snow was the one thing that was missing to make my dream of having today be the most special Christmas ever for us and suddenly here it is.” Turning her sparkling blue eyes up to his she smiled as she gave him a peck on the cheek. “And once again I know for a true and undisputed fact that dreams do come true...if you want them bad enough.” she winked as she went running off of the porch to join C.D. and Jimmy in their friendly game of throwing snow balls at each other.

Walker felt as if he would explode with the emotions that ran wild through his body and soul, as he stood silently watching his wife and their two best friends frolic and laugh together.

Family...the one thing he had longed for so desperately since the untimely deaths of his parents. A family consisting of people who would love him unconditionally and accept him for who he was. People he didn’t have to prove anything too other than his love for them. A family was a concept that; for all too many years, had seemed destined to be forever out of his reach.

But then suddenly; one by one, they entered his life.

C.D....the man he loved like a father.

Trivette...the man he loved like a brother.

Alex...the woman he loved more than life itself.

And now...the unborn child that Alex carried safely, nestled inside her body. He was totally amazed at how much he already loved their child.


Walker turned his tear filled eyes skyward, thanking the great spirit above for giving him everything he ever wanted in his life; the very people he now held so near and dear to his heart.

“Walker...come on. I need your help out here.” Alex called out as she was once again hit by a flying snow ball.

Quickly wiping the tears from his eyes, he hurried to his wife’s side; stooping to scoop up a handful of snow.

“Are you all right Walker?” she asked concerned; having noticed the last remaining hint of tears in his eyes.

“I couldn’t be better sweet heart.” Walker replied, as he winged the snow ball in Trivette’s direction; hitting him squarely in the middle of the chest. “You know Alex, you were right.”

“Right about what?” she inquired, as he gathered her in his strong and loving arms.

Dropping his lips tenaciously down to claim hers, he whispered ecstatically against them...“Dreams really do come true if you want them badly enough.”

As their kiss deepened, they both ignored the snow balls that rained unheeded all around them, as they were once again caught up in; and gloriously carried away by, their undying love for each other.

The End