A Valentine Surprise

By Sissy & Jennifer

Alex is standing at the air terminal, trembling with apprehension, a sadness in her eyes, and the knowledge that she will be telling her husband goodbye only minutes after welcoming him home after a trying two weeks in Houston, testifying at a murder trial.

Almost midnight, she stands in front of the huge plate glass windows overlooking the runways at the air terminal. When she sees the plane land that Walker is on, her face lights up with eagerness at seeing him after all this time but then her body seems to collapse in on itself knowing that her flight leaves in less than an hour.

She stands where she can see down the ramp as the plane unloads its weary passengers. She finally spots Walker and her eyes fill with tears at the sight of him and her body fills with desire at the thought of him. A desire that will not be fulfilled anytime soon.

Walker sees Alex and quickly makes his way through the crowd to pull her into his arms, crushing her against his chest, as his lips lower to hers filling his senses with her taste. Finally pulling back, he whispers into her hair, "God, I've missed you." Kisses her again, "Let's get out of this place before I take you right here."

Alex clings to him, wanting to prolong the inevitable, until he starts to pull away, "Darling ... I can't go."

"What do you mean you can't go?"

"I've got a flight in about thirty minutes for New York. I got a call about an hour ago that Dad's had a heart attack and I've got to go to him."

"Oh, God, honey, I'm sorry. Is he going to be alright?"

"I don't know. They can't tell me much right now." She buries her face into his neck, murmuring softly, "I don't want to leave you but I need to go be with him."

"Maybe I can get booked on the same flight and go with you."

"Oh, Walker, I wish you could but you have to testify at Dogget's trial."

"Oh, God, that's right." He holds her tight against him, so tight that she feels the hard ridge of his desire pressing into her stomach. "Come on, I can at least walk you to your gate."

She turns in his arms and the walk down the long hall knowing they'll be separated for a while longer. They arrive at Alex's gate with just barely enough time for a kiss and a hug before she has to board.

Walker stands and watches until her plane disappears into the darkness then he turns and makes his way to the parking area where Alex had told him she had left her car.


The following week had seemed endless to Walker as well as Alex. On arriving in New York, she had gone straight to the hospital to see her father. Luckily the doctor was in the room when she arrived and he had informed her that it indeed had been a heart attack but a mild one. He had suffered no severe aftereffects, but he was told to slow down his life style or he could suffer another attack possibly more serious. This one was just a warning.

Three days after arriving in New York, Gordon Cahill was released from the hospital, with words of warning to take it easy. Alex, relieved that he was already doing so well, had told him she would stay till the weekend even though he told her he was fine and she should go home to her husband. Which is where Alex wanted to be, but she wanted to be sure her father was indeed able to take care of himself. After Gordon's checkup at the doctors, and hearing that he could go back to work on a limited basis, she let out a soft sigh, releasing the tension she had been under since she had gotten word of Gordon's heart attack. With her dad's pledge that he could look after himself and would, he promised, to slow down and with his persistence that she needed to go home, she called the airport for the earliest flight, then called her husband.

"Darling, I'm coming home. The earliest flight I can get is tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. with a two-hour layover in Indianapolis ... I know, honey, but I couldn't get a straight through flight until on Monday, and I didn't want to wait that long." Her voice lowers to a soft murmur. "I miss you, darling, and I ... want to be with you as soon as possible."

"I want to be with you too, I sure have missed you. What is your flight number so I can be watching for it."

"It's fight 310 on American. Walker ... I love you."

"I love you too, Alex. Bye for now."


Tired but elated to finally be on her way home, she walks up the ramp into the Indianapolis Airport, dreading the long wait between planes. As she enters the terminal she looks around for a seat out of the way to begin her waiting. She settles down in the seat, leans her head back, takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. As she relaxes in the chair a warm feeling of love fills her, a phenomenon that only occurs when Walker is around. She sits up slowly wondering about this sensation that has come over her and begins to look around.

From behind her a warm husky voice murmurs close to her ear. "Are you looking for someone?"

Startled, she jumps up in surprise, then feeling strong arms closing around her, she melts against the chest of the man she loves, tears stinging her eyes. As his lips lower to hers, she cries out, "Walker..." before they capture hers in a kiss so hungry it leaves her breathless.

Finally moving his mouth off hers, he pulls back, peers intently into her sky blue eyes, then softly whispers, "Let's go."

"But, I can't, Walker. My flight..."

"I canceled it, we've got a flight back together tomorrow afternoon. I've got a room reserved at the Marriott for tonight." He turns her around in his arms and with a hand in the small of her back, guides her down the long corridor.

Walker flags down a taxi and tells the driver his destination. He slides in next to Alex and as the cab moves away from the curb, pulls her into his arms, and takes her mouth in a kiss so fiery Alex feels it clear to the depths of her femininity. His tongue caressing, tormenting the tender inner skin of her lower lip, making her frantic for more of him. Her desire taking control Alex brings her own tongue into play, enticing him inside.

A low groan of pleasure rumbles in Walker's throat as he plunges in, his tongue filling the moist cavern of her mouth, igniting a spark in her body that has her clinging to him, her curling fingers gripping handfuls of his hair. Their legs twining, as their bodies are drawn together.

It's like coming home.

Walker's body is hard, from his lips to the solid width of his shoulders and chest to the taut muscles of his thighs, and every inch in between. His hand presses against her back, urging her closer, until Alex feels like she's melting into him, mouth to mouth, breasts to chest, hipbone to hipbone, womanhood to manhood.

A jolting of the cab as the driver hits the brakes, then picking up speed again, makes them realize just where they are. Taking deep breaths, struggling to regain their composure, Alex shudders and Walker gathers her in his trembling arms, knowing she is back where she belongs.

Walker tips the bellboy and watches as the door closes. Then moves up, opens it and hangs the do not disturb sign on the outside before pushing it shut and locking it. Turning to Alex, he takes her into his arms, and kisses her softly at first but then their passion-laden bodies take over and his kisses become harder, his tongue thrusting deeper. He dips his knees slightly bringing his throbbing erection into the cleft of her thighs.

With want running rampant through her body, her knees buckle, and Walker lowers her to the floor where they frantically pull at each other's clothes. When he enters her, his need to be with her is so overwhelming that he almost loses it. Stopping his downward drive, he clinches his muscles, fighting for control to keep from ending it too soon. With a low moan, he sinks down into her ... finally, after three weeks, he feels her silky warmth enclosing him.

He rides her hard, thrusting deep, touching her so deep inside in a way that makes her cling to him and she cries out at a pleasure so strong she can't control it. It spirals inside her, growing stronger and stronger, and when it finally shatters, she arches wildly beneath him, her slender body shuddering as her hips undulate, working herself on his invading shaft. She hears herself screaming and doesn't care.

His heavy weight crushes her into the floor. His hands push beneath her and grip her buttocks, hard. His hips piston back and forth between her widespread, straining thighs. Then he convulses, slamming into her again and again while harsh sounds tear from his throat, and she feels the wetness of his release.

When his strength finally returns, he rolls off of her, then kneels beside her, takes her in his arms, stands and carries her to the bed where they finish removing their clothes.

Sinking down onto the bed with her still in his arms, he covers her mouth with a deep, probing kiss, letting his hands move over her lightly. He cups her breast gently then lets out a long, raspy breath when her nipples harden against his caressing fingertips. Lowering his head, he strokes one of them with the tip of his tongue. Alex's stomach quivers and she moans softly. He continues the love play, circling the rigid nipples with his tongue until they are moist with his taste, straining outward to him.

Putting his hands in the center of her back, he draws her up against him, her breasts leaving damp impressions on his chest. Groaning his pleasure at the sight, he lowers his head and kisses her, deeply, urgently, touching her soul with his searching tongue.

Their breathing is unsteady and fast as they look at each other. Finally Alex's eyes lower to his chest. Her fingertip trace a line down through the mat of hair that covers it then over the ridges of his stomach, following the ribbon of dark, glossy hair. She traces it into the dimple of his navel and pauses there. Circling his neck with her arm Alex closes her eyes and covers his lips with hers, as she slides her hand into the dense thatch of hair. When she touches him he shudders, then moves his hands lightly over her stomach, letting his fingers comb through the blonde thatch of hair covering her most secret treasure.

Desperately wanting him, she moves her hands over him, circling him with trembling fingers wanting him inside of her. "Walker..." a mumble against his lips, a plea for him to release her from the chaotic sensations building within her.

He rears up over her and with her guiding him, plunges deep into her soft velvet sheath, trembling as she tightens around him. He pauses momentarily, savoring the tightness, but control is surrendered in a fiery fever of passion that threatens to consume them. Wrapping her legs around his hips, her desire matches his as their movements reach a frantic pace. Feeling herself falling over the edge, she cries out, tightens her legs around him as the force of her release riots through her.

Walker, feeling her muscles contracts around him, cries out and thrusts hard and deep, stiffening as shudders of sensation after sensation ripple through him. Then, tremors still shaking his body he collapses against Alex.

Replete, barely having to energy to move, they separate long enough to pull the blankets back on the bed. Walker then draws her naked form against his and pulls the blankets over them.

She inches up and presses her lips over his. They share a long, sweet, melding kiss while his roving hands cherish her.

Alex remembers little else after that. Nestling into his chest and listening to his heart beating out a cadence in her ear, she slips into sleep.

Alex wakes to the light caresses of her husband's fingertips on her face.

He runs his thumb over her lower lip, his voice gentle, "Your mouth is bruised."

"From kissing you so hard," she murmurs as she snuggles closer to him.

"I'm sorry I hurt you."

"I'm not."

He tightens his arm around her, kisses her lightly, then hearing a slight rumbling from her stomach, "Are you hungry?"

She lies still for several long seconds trying to remember the last time she had eaten. "Yes ... I am. I haven't had any thing to eat since early this morning. Aren't you?"

"I can eat."

"I would think so after all the exercise you've had."

"Hmm ... I think I had a partner during those exercises. But we had better eat, I ... don't think the ... exercises are over, just yet." He kisses her softly, "I'll get a shower, then while you get yours, I'll call room service and have dinner sent up." He kisses her again then rolls out of bed and heads to the bathroom. Alex stares after him, enjoying his nude appearance till he shuts the bathroom door, then she snuggles down under the blankets and closes her eyes, feeling like all is right with the world again being back with the man she loves.

She is sleeping soundly when Walker comes out of the bathroom and instead of waking her, he decides to let her sleep till their dinner arrives.

"Alex," she hears her name from far away, "Alex." The soft murmur dragging her slowly up through the dreamy haze of sleep. "Alex, dinners here, wake up, hon."

"Hmmm...?" She turns over seeking to get closer to the owner of the warm voice. "Walker?"

He slips his arm under her shoulders and lifts her up to a sitting position, and sits down on the edge of the bed, holding her in his arms. "You ready for dinner?"

"I sorry, I don't know what's got into me."

"I do, you've been worried about your dad, and besides, we've been separated for over three weeks. That can wear anyone out."

"You think so?"

"I sure do, you haven't been getting you daily dosage of ... me."

"Walker ... I love you."

"I love you, too. Now, come on, let's eat before it gets cold." He helps her up, slipping his shirt around her shoulders.

Wiping her mouth with a napkin, she leans back, "Oh, I can't believe I was so hungry."

Walker stands, moving to her side, "Feel better?"

"Oh, much better. Now, let me get a shower and I'll feel like a million dollars."

Walker pulls her up into his arms, "Honey, you already feel like a million dollars." He emphasis' his point by sliding his hands inside the shirt, "But, I'll let you get your shower ... if you'll hurry."

She leans in and kisses him then dashes for the bathroom. When the door shuts, Walker rushes to the closet and takes a box out and begins unloading it. After ten minutes of scurrying around the room he finally stands back, taking in his handy work. Smiling broadly, he turns the lights out then slips into the bathroom catching Alex, with just his shirt on, brushing out the tangles in her hair.

Alex turns when she feels the cooler air from the open door, and smiles when she sees Walker slip in. "Hi, honey, couldn't wait?"

"I have a surprise for you."


"It's a surprise. Now shut your eyes."


"Alex, shut your eyes. Please?"

"Well ... okay." She closes her eyes and lets Walker lead her out of the bathroom.

"Don't open your eyes till I say so, okay?" She nods and he continues, "Do you know what day this is?" When she shakes her head, "What's today's date?"

"I don't know ... wait ... it's the 14th." A long silence, "Oh, no, it's Valentine's Day!"

"Open your eyes, honey."

She gasps in astonishment, at what her eyes behold. The room is lit only by a dozen small candles scattered around the room, and on the bed is a silk sheet with large red heart in the center, and the words, "Be My Valentine".

"Oh, Walker." She cries tears glistening in her eyes. He urges her up to the bed where she sees the large heart shaped box of chocolates, her favorite.

She turns around, circling his neck with her arms, "Oh, Walker, I love you." Her lips cover his in a deep possession of love.

He tangled his fingers in her golden tresses. "I love you, too, very much."

Hearing the tremor in his voice she pulls back and looks into his eyes. The shirt falls open, revealing the curve of one milk-white breast. Walker can just barely see the outline of her pink nipple.

"What's wrong, darling?"

"Nothing." He reached inside the shirt and finds the tantalizing nipple. It grows firm instantly at his touch. "I just ... feel very lucky that you're mine."

"I'm yours, honey ... forever."

He kisses her softly and eases her down on the bed. He moves his leg over hers, pinning her down gently on the red heart. He savors the feel of Alex's leg sliding along his. She is so soft. Then he bends his head to taste her again.

He had once thought that Ellen was his soul mate, but as much as he thought he loved Ellen it can't compare to how he feels about Alex. And tonight Walker realizes that what he has found in Alex is something infinitely more precious. She is not an extension of him but his opposite. She is day to his night, sunlight to his shadow. They are equal and opposite, both necessary to form a complete whole. That is how she makes him feel. Complete and whole.

He reaches down and finds her softness. "You're getting wet already," he whispers against her breast. He moves his fingers in her, and she arches herself against his hand.


"Shh..." He moves down her body until he is lying between her thighs. The fragrance of her stirs all his senses. When he cups her buttocks in his hands and tastes the essence of her, Alex cries out softly. Her fingers clenching in his hair.

Walker is hard with his own need, but he can't resist the temptation to watch her climax from his intimate vantage point. He bends her knees and pushes her thighs farther apart, then he slowly slides his thumbs into her, opening her gently.

Alex sucks in her breath, "Walker."

He kisses the swollen nub of female flesh nestling in the blonde curls, then brushes it lightly with his tongue until Alex is breathless and clinging to him.

When his hands are slick with her and she is clutching at him as if she will never let go, he opens her a little wider with his thumbs. Her tight passage contracts and her wetness glistens on his fingers.

"Oh, God, Walker. Walker."

He stretches her gently again, feeling her tighten convulsively around his fingers. She twists and cries out. And then she is trembling violently as her senses are scattered to the wind.

Walker watches the passion in her face as long as he can, and then, unable to hold back any longer, he moves up the length of her body. He drives himself deep inside her pulsating warmth, drowning in her sweet fire until he is lost. Until he finds the other half of himself.

Walker drives into her until with one last thrust he stiffens, shuddering with the force of his climax, Alex joins him in the shattering release. He holds her close whispering words of love, as he collapses along the length of her, exhausted and utterly sated.

They lay nestled spoon fashion, his hard thighs against her round bottom, one hand possessively covering a breast. Alex sleepily stirs against him, "Walker, what time is our flight back?"

"Hmm ... the earliest flight I can get is at 1:30."

Suddenly she sits up, and turns to look at him, "Walker, my clothes. I don't have anything to wear when we leave ... except...!"

He grabs her arm and pulls her back down beside him. "Yes, you do. I brought an outfit of yours with me. It's hanging in the closet."

"Thank God! Darling, you're wonderful." She snuggles deeper into his arms and shuts her eyes, letting herself relax into sleep.

Walker wakes to light caresses over his chest, followed by her warm moist lips. "Alex..." his voice barely above a whisper, he tries to sit up.

"No..." and gently pushes him down, and continues with her seduction. Her fingers moving lightly over his skin with butterfly touches, leaving his skin quivering under her caress. Hearing what she can only describe as a gruff purr rumbling in his chest she moves her fingers through the soft fur on his chest pausing at the small nipple almost buried in the hair. She leans over, stabbing at it lightly with the tip of her tongue. He sucks his breath in deeply when her lips close over it and she draws it into her mouth. His back arches up when she nibbles at it with her teeth, exhaling in a rush, "Alex," a painful cry. Raising her head, she looks at his nipple, erect and hard in a circle of damp hair then with a shudder she moves to the other, giving it the same treatment. Leaving him squirming she continues to move down over his ridged stomach, dipping her tongue in the slight indention of his navel.

Walker groans as the caresses build a wildfire in his groin, leaving his manhood standing at full attention. When her lips leave a trail of moisture down over his belly, it's all he can do not to take her but although the seduction has his nerves in a electric tangle, he wants her to continue, his body wanting what he knows is coming.

Alex lays her head on his stomach, looking down at his legs, seesawing on the sheets, in anticipation. She slides her finger down his thigh to his knee then back up bypassing his throbbing manhood to graze down the other thigh and back. Feeling a stiffness in his body she knows he is holding his breath, her eyes heavy with desire, she watches him jerk, sees pearly drops ooze out glistening in the dimness of the room. She raises her head, and feels his body begin to tremble. Her tongue licks away the moisture then her mouth slips down over him, her lips close around him forming a tight vacuum. He feels her tongue caress as she goes down on him, feels her teeth lightly scraping, then she's pulling back. His hips begin to pump, he reaches down to tangle his hands in her hair, to stop her, but she's going down again. Oh, God, he feels like he's going to explode into a million pieces. Tugging gently on her hair, he gasps out, "Alex ... please."

She slowly lifts off of him and crosses her leg over him, straddling his hips, and lowers herself down on him, taking him deep inside her. He grips her around the waist, and thrusts up, unable to stop the frantic urging of his body. He reaches down where they are joined and touches the magic essence of her. She cries out as jolts of electric current shoots upward from her groin spreading deliciously throughout her body. Walker's cries mingle with hers as he drives upward, then stiffens against her as the world of ecstasy, explodes on his senses in a pulsating crescendo, as he empties into her, draining him to repletion.

Alex collapses against his chest and Walker lies limp as a rag doll beneath her. In seconds both give in to exhaustion and fall asleep.

Walker stirs first, sometime after sleep had claimed him, Alex had rolled to his side where he held her now, his face half covered by her wildly disheveled hair. Glancing up he sees the sun shining through the window and his head turns to locate the clock.

His senses snap awake instantly. 11:10. His movement stirs Alex awake, "No," she mumbles sleepily. "Not yet."

"Alex ... we need to get up. Our flight...!"

"Hmm...? She mutters against his neck.

"Alex ... we overslept. We need to get up..."

Alex sits up slowly, Walker coming up with her. When she sees the time, she yelps then scrambles out of bed rushing for the bathroom. They manage to be outside looking for a cab in an hour. Even with the heavy traffic they make it to airport in time to board their flight.

Settling back in their seats, Alex picks up Walker's hand, turns her head to look at him. "Honey, this is the best Valentine's day I've ever had. Thank you so much." She leans over and touches her lips softly to his.

"It's been my pleasure." He returns her kiss with added emphasis. "It's really been my pleasure." He stresses, letting her know how much last night or was it early this morning, had meant to him.

"I think my pleasure was satisfied, too, honey."

As the plane starts its take off, Alex looks down at her outfit that she had hurriedly donned just a short time ago. He did good, picking out her clothes, even including panties and bra. But he forgot the shoes. She had to wear the shoes she left New York with. And they clashed like crazy. But she didn't care.

They were going home.

The End