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A Walker Family Christmas
By Sissy (

Walker is looking over Jimmy's shoulder at the computer monitor when he hears the clacking of heels and turns his head expecting to see his lovely wife. The smile on his face changes only slightly when he sees his nineteen year old daughter instead. He stands up straighter as she comes up to him and kisses him lightly on the cheek.

"Hi Dad. Have you seen Mom? She was suppose to meet me at 3:00 o'clock to do some last minute shopping."

"I think she got hung up in a meeting with the mayor. She should be back any minute." He sits down at his desk and Jessie rests her hip on the corner, facing him.

"Are you going to get much time off for the holidays? I mean more than just one day?"

"Honey, I don't know. Crime doesn't take a holiday so I've got to be on standby at least."

"Well, I guess we're lucky to have you for that long."

"It's the business we're in, honey. So we'll just take one day at a time, and make the best of it. We'll all be together for Christmas, that's what counts." He reaches out and lays his hand on hers, "Here comes your mother."

Jessie twists around and sees her mother just now coming through the door, then looks back at her Dad in amazement. She's seen this happen many times, with her mother as well. This sensing of each other's presence before they actually coming into sight.

"Jessie, I'm sorry I'm late, but it couldn't be helped." She leans over to kiss her husband lightly on the lips. "Hi, honey," she murmurs softly. Turning back to Jessie, "I'm free now till after Christmas. Are you ready?"

Jessie slides her hip off the desk, "I'm ready." Leans over and kisses her Dad on the cheek, and backs away from the desk waiting for her.

Walker stands, slides his arm around Alex's waist, "What about the boys and Chrissy? Should I pick them up?" Glancing between his two ladies.

"No, Dad, John has taken them out to the ranch." Jessie turns then and starts walking toward the door, then turns to make sure her mother is following her. Which she isn't.

Alex brushes her fingers down over his bearded cheek, "I'll see you later, hon. Are you going to be much longer?"

"No, maybe thirty minutes. I'll meet you at home."

"Okay, we shouldn't be very long, just want to pick up the Christmas turkey." She moves her head closer, touching her lips lightly to his, once, twice then latches onto his mouth with a hunger that surprises him.

"Alex?" He murmurs when their lips part.

"Tonight," she whispers and looks at him with a mischievous light in her eyes. One more peck on his lips and she turns to follow Jessie.

He stares after his wife of nineteen years and a slow smile begins to spread across his face. Feeling a tightening in his loins, he quickly sits down. He picks up the folder he was working on before, but his mind is on the night ahead.


As Jessie helps to put away the groceries, Alex notices that she keeps looking at her watch. At one time she turns and rushes out of the kitchen only to return a few minutes later, with a disappointed look on her face.

"Jessie … what's wrong?"

"Wrong … nothing's wrong, Mom." Then turns to quickly hide her face from her mother.

Alex moves up to turn Jessie around and keeping her hands on her daughter's shoulders speaks softly, "Jessie, you keep looking at the time and that dash to the door … wasn't a nothing."

With watery eyes she looks up at her mother, "It's Wade. He said he would be here today. I know the weather is bad in Indiana, and I'm afraid … he won't make get home."

"Honey, the day isn't over yet." Seeing the tears in her eyes, Alex pulls her into a hug. "Have faith, baby, have faith."

Hearing footsteps in the hall, Jessie pulls back, just as her Dad enters the kitchen. Walker, seeing the shining of tears in his daughter's eyes, he looks at Alex, his voice showing his worry, "Is anything wrong?"

Alex glances at Jessie before looking at her husband, "No … nothing's wrong. We're just having a little … girl talk." She watches as Jessie makes her way out of the kitchen.

"Nothing's … wrong? Jessie's been crying … so something is wrong."

"Jessie's just a little worried that Wade won't make it home for Christmas, honey, that's all."

Walker pulls her into his arms, "I heard about the storm in the Midwest, but I've got a feeling that he'll be here."

Snuggling against his chest, she murmurs, "I do, too, but you know how she is. She'll be worried until he steps inside the front door."

"They do have a strong feeling for each other, don't they? Almost as strong as ours." His lips nuzzle her cheek, moving down to touch her lips.

"Oh, no, honey, their love is no where near as strong as ours, not yet. Maybe, in time. Ours has had over nineteen years to grow." She brings her hand up behind his head, pulling his lips into a deep kiss.

When his lips still touching hers, "And it's still growing." Hearing the thundering sound of footsteps on the stairs, they pull apart and turn to face their offspring.

"Mom, Dad, what's on the agenda for this afternoon?"

"Well, I need two to go with me to get the tree."

"And I need two to help me in the kitchen."

"I'd like to go with Dad to get the tree." Jessie says softly.

Alex looks at Jessie, knowing she needs to get out of the house, and says, "Well, I need some cookie makers. Any takers?"

Jimmy looks at Chrissy, and receiving an almost imperceptible nod says, "Me and Chrissy will do the cookies, Mom. John can go with Dad and Jessie."

"Okay! John, Jessie, wear your boots and parka's. It'll be cold up in the hills. And there's probably snow up there, too." He leans over and kisses Alex then follows his two oldest out of the kitchen.

Alex turns to face her work crew and announces, "Great, now lets see how much we can get down before they get back."


By the time the tree hunters return, there are two pies on the counter cooling, two baking in the ovens and cookies by the dozens are cooling before being stored away. The turkey has been prepared and stuffed just waiting for its turn in the oven.

Hearing the happy chattering on the front porch, Alex knows that Jessie has been distracted enough to be enjoying herself. Bringing the tree in, a six-foot gorgeous small needle fir, they place it in its stand and fill it with water. Alex moves up behind Walker and places her arms around his waist pulling him back against her. "It's beautiful, honey, you all have exquisite tastes."

Chrissy grabs her dad's hand, "When can we start decorating it?"

"Right after dinner, honey."

The dinner over, Walker and the boys go to the attic to bring down the numerous boxes of Christmas decorations while Alex and the girls clear the table and fill the dishwasher.

Walker and Alex wrap the tree in the small twinkling lights then stand back and let the kids place the mountainous collections of ornaments on the tree. At one point Alex moves up next to Jessie and whispering softly asks, "Not worried anymore?"

Jessie turns to look at her mom with sparkling eyes, "No … cause I know he'll be here. I can feel it," then she moves away to hang another ornament.

When she goes to the kitchen to check on the roasting turkey, Walker follows her, watches as she bastes the bird then closes the oven door. She turns around in time to see him snatch a sugar cookie from the cooling rack and slide the whole thing into his mouth. "Walker," she admonishes in a loud whisper.

His cheeks bulging, she moves up and wraps her arms around his neck, and places a wet kiss on his mouth. Quickly, he chews and swallows, wanting to partake in the token of love she is giving him. Bringing his arms around behind her he cups her bottom pulling her in and up against his beginning erection. When the kiss ends he places his lips to her neck nibbling lightly.

"Hmmm…" he murmurs, "tastes better than the cookies." Still nibbling, he moves one hand up to cup her breast, eliciting a small groan from his lover's lips. "Are we still on for tonight."

Gasping for air, trying to slow her breathing, "Definitely." Then she gently pushes out of his arms and hands him the tray of cookies. Her eyes ablaze with desire, "Take these into the front room while I … try to compose myself."


The tree is trimmed and the angel is placed on the top. "That's it. All done." Being as it's close to midnight, Alex looks around at the kids sprawled around on the floor, in various positions, looking up at the tree. "Why don't we call it a night. You all know you'll want to be down here early to see what Santa brings you."

The kids, giggling, stand, kiss their mom and dad goodnight and file upstairs. Except for Jessie. She hangs the last ornament on the tree then moves to her bedroom, (which was the downstairs guest room but has been hers for several years now), turns to face her parents, "Goodnight Mom, Dad."

"Goodnight, Princess." After Jessie shuts the door Walker winks at Alex then races upstairs to start bringing down the gifts. Twenty minutes later he hands the last of the gifts to Alex, watching her spread them out under the tree. Then taking Alex's hand he squeezes it slightly, "Come on, hon, lets call it a night, morning will be here extra early tomorrow.

"You go on up, I’ll turn off the turkey and I'll be right up." She kisses his cheek and she goes to the kitchen as he goes upstairs.

She turns the oven off, then the kitchen light throwing the downstairs into total darkness except for a night light at the foot of the stairs. She is just starting through the kitchen door when she hears a light knock on the front door.

Jessie throws her bedroom door open and taking a quick peek through the curtains, and with a cry of joy pulls open the front door, and is suddenly enveloped into a pair of strong arms.

Watching from the shadows, Alex sees their silhouette, lips coming together, arms around each other in an embrace showing their joy of being together after a long separation. Only someone who has waited for a loved one after being separated can understand their need for each other.

Their kiss ends, Jessie shuts the door and taking Wade's hand leads him into the darkened living room. After several minutes, Alex stealthily slips upstairs, to find Walker already in bed.

"Sorry, darling, I'll take a quick shower then join you." She grabs her robe from the foot of the bed and starts for the bathroom.

"Did I hear someone at the door just a few minutes ago?"

"Yes, that's what took me so long. I'll explain in a few minutes." She steps into the bathroom and shuts the door.

Fifteen minutes later, Alex comes out of the bathroom wearing her robe, and drying her hair with a towel. Sitting down at her dressing table, she combs her fingers through her hair only to be interrupted by Walker taking over. She hands him her brush and he begins to gently brush out the snarls and tangles, finally leaving her hair shiny and almost dry. "Now, tell me who was at the door."

"Wade. Jessie came out of her bedroom so quick I didn't have a chance to get upstairs, and I didn't want to interrupt their … greetings to each other."

"He didn't stay very long."

"Oh, he hasn't left yet. At least I don't think so. They moved into the living room and I snuck up stairs."

His hand stills, "Honey, do you think it was wise to leave them alone?"

"Darling, our daughter is a grown woman, we have to trust her to do what is right. We have to have faith that we taught her well."

"I know, but I remember what it was like when we came together after a long separation."

Alex turns on the seat to look up into his face, "If that's her choice … then I guess … we'll have to accept it. But … for some reason, I don't think it will be."

"I don't think so either," Then taking her hand he pulls her up and slides her robe back off her shoulders and as it falls to the floor, he pulls her into his arms and begins to kiss her, lightly at first then deeper as their passion grows.

"Ummm … you smell good, honey." He begins walking her backwards toward the bed, then as they reach the bed he turns sideways and they fall across the bed side by side. The bed groans as the weight of them combined hits the mattress.

Alex giggles, "I think we need a new outfit here," she murmurs, wrapping her legs around his.

His kiss is deep and wanting and when it ends, his lips remain on hers as he says, "It will … survive a few more … days," his mouth seeking hers again. He kisses her softly, then raises his head to watch the slow movement of his hand on her neck. Ever downward it creeps till it covers the swell of her breast. Holding his breath he touches her nipple, bringing it tight and hard in his fingers. He brushes the pad of his thumb over it, watching as it tightens more, as her breathing becomes faster. A tiny sound comes from her throat and he raises his eyes to her look of desire.

He inches down her body until his shoulders are between her thighs, stretching his legs out between hers. Feeling wisps of his breath against the soft hair at the junction of her thighs, her legs begin to saw restlessly against his. When he lowers his face into her, her hips begin to lift and roll. He slides his hands beneath her hips and lifts them up to him, giving his tongue better access to her exquisite taste. As his tongue dips deep into her, his thumb finds the small nub, the touch sending her spiraling out of control, her cry dissolving into a moan of pure animal pleasure.

He moves up on his knees and thrusts deep into her. Feeling her inner muscles constricting around him, he groans at the intense pleasure it brings. As her body relaxes he begins moving within her in a slow ebb and flow movement until he feels her moving with him than the pace increases as desire builds to a feverish level. Her movements match his as they quickly attain that supreme high that makes their love complete.

As their bodies settle into that delicious feeling of contentment, Walker slowly stirs. Kissing Alex softly, he withdraws and rolls to his side taking her with him. Snuggling together in the afterglow of their love they kiss, shut their eyes and drift off to sleep.

They wake to the soft knock on the door, struggling to climb up out of a deep sleep, they look at each other then sit up. Walker picks up his shirt from the floor and hands it to her. She slips it on, buttons it, then nodding at Walker, "Yes, what is it?"

Jessie slowly pushes the door open, and walks over to stand beside her Mother. "My little sister is getting kinda anxious to see what Santa brought."

Alex smiles, "We'll be ready in just a few minutes, I think she can wait. What time is it?"

"It's only 5:30 but you know Chrissy has always been impatient on Christmas morning."

"Well, tell her to give us 30 minutes and if we aren't down you all can go ahead and start." As Jessie turns to leave, "Honey, is … everything all right?"

Jessie knew what she was referring to, her face lights up as she replies, "Yes, everything is fine. Wade stopped by last night, we sat and … talked in the living room for awhile. He went home, but he'll be back later this afternoon … if that's alright."

"That's fine, honey. Now you'd better go quiet down the little tornado."

After Jessie leaves their bedroom, they quickly shower, but their thirty minutes have run out, so Walker slips his jeans on and grabs a shirt as he urges Alex to hurry. Coming out of the bathroom, she grabs her robe and takes her husbands hand, letting him pull her out the door.

Going down the stairs they hear soft Christmas carols from a radio. The only light is just what's coming from the lighted tree. Stopping in the doorway, Walker slips his arm around Alex's waist and pulls her tight against his side as she slips her arms around him. The stand together, watching their children scattered around the tree, unwrapping gifts, laughing, and giving thanks.

Walker turns his head to see Alex looking at him with tears filling her eyes, he whispers softly, "I know … honey. We have a beautiful family."

When the kids see their parents they begin waving at them to join in. "Come on, Mom, Dad, there is several gifts under here for you."

Looking at the children, Alex says, "You four are the only gifts we need. We love you. Merry Christmas."

The End

From my house to your house, may you all have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year