Ain’t No Bull

By Sasquaw

C.D. and Trivette are playing chess as Alex walks in. They nod to her as she sits down on the barstool, noticing that she’s sitting down very gently. The two men look at her and then at each other.

"You okay, Alex?"

"I’m fine. Can I have a glass of ice tea C.D.?"

"You most certainly can sweetheart, anything else I can get you---something to eat?"

She puts her hands up ---"No thanks---just tea."

Alex starts to drink her tea when the same dark headed man appears at the door, she sees him and excuses herself and walks over to him. They smile and then walk out together.

Trivette looks at C.D., "who was that guy?"

"I don’t know. I know I’ve seen him before, but I can’t place him."

"What is Alex doing with him? That’s the third time this week that I have seen them together Big Dog."

C.D. shakes his head, "I don’t know Jimmy, but I don’t like the looks of it. Are Cordell and Alex having trouble?"

"Not that I know of. The four of us were at the fair last week and the two of them were all lovey-dovey. In fact, I’ve never seen them act so close to each other before. You know Walker, he’s not much for public display, but that night they couldn’t keep their hands off each other!"

"Then who is this yahoo that she’s sneaking out to be with?"

"She’s not sneaking out Big Dog, they were in plain sight!"

"Well smart alec, I noticed she didn’t bother introducing him to us, how about that?" The big man scratches his chin, "Sure wish I could remember where I know that guy from, it’s right on the tip of my tongue."

"In that case, close your mouth Big Dog. The flies are getting in. They’re mistaking your tongue for a Venus flytrap!"

The big man reaches out and slaps the younger man with his hat; "smart alec!"

It’s the same time the next day and the dark headed man walks in and sits at the bar. The waitress takes his order, C.D. decides to ask some questions. He greets him with a casual, "evening."

The man nods back at him, "evening."

They talk for a good half-hour. Alex walks in and they leave. They pass Trivette on the way out. He does a double take at seeing the two of them together and heads for the bar.

"Did you see that Big Dog? They’re together again."

"Yep, I saw it. Want the usual?"

Trivette can’t believe how calm C.D. is. "No, I don’t want my usual! I want to know who that guy is and by God I’m going to find out---right now!" Trivette heads for the door and then goes outside looking for them. "Where the heck did they disappear to so fast?" He comes stomping back to the bar. "I can’t believe that Alex is seeing another man behind Walker’s back! Can you believe that C.D.?"

The big man continues to read his mail, "yep, yep, whatever you say Jimmy—excuse me---I got some bills to make out."

Trivette sits there in total shock at his friend’s aloofness. He doesn’t seem the least perturbed by the situation. "What is going on here? What is Walker going to say? He’s coming in tomorrow, I guess we’ll know then."

The next morning, Alex stops by the Bar & Grill for breakfast. "Everything all set for the party C.D.?"

The big man smiles, "yep, are you sure you want to handle it this way Alex?"

She smiles, "oh yeah, I’ve been planning Walker’s surprise party for about two weeks now. He’s not ever going to forget this party!" Then Alex smiles deviously, "and the good thing about it is, there’s only going to be the two of us at this party. He’s not going to know what hit him!"

Walker has been in Houston the last four days testifying at a trial, he’s in a hurry to get home. He calls Alex, but he can’t get an answer. He calls his ranch, no answer there either. Now he’s confused, they were supposed to go out for a late dinner, where could she be? He heads towards his ranch, he’ll shower and change and then head back to her place. It’s dark as he pulls down the gravel road, leading up to his ranch house. He starts towards the house when he sees a small light in the barn. He scratches his chin, "what the heck is the light doing on in the barn?"

Walker gets to the barn and walks inside, going from stall to stall, checking on his horses. Amigo gives him a small snort; Walker reaches over to pet him. He looks around, nothing is out of kilter; his hired hand probably left the light on by mistake. He turns to go back out when he hears a woman’s voice.

"Hi Cowboy."

Alex walks out from behind some bales of hay and as she comes into the light, Walkers’ eyes bulge out. He watches as she slowly and seductively sways up to him. She’s wearing nothing but leather chaps, a small matching vest, and boots. Walker‘s mouth drops opens as she very calmly walks up and puts her arms around his neck, giving him a long and tender kiss. His arms go around her waist immediately, pulling her into him. She does a small grind against his body as his hands go to her naked butt; she giggles and pulls back.

"Not so fast, cowboy---we got all night---relax and enjoy the ride."

Walker‘s eyes go up and down her body, the chaps only covering the legs up to the hip area and then a lone strap and buckle going around the waist. The area between her legs is bare and he can see her golden hair, as the light flickers in the background. Her tiny little vest covers only a small portion of her breasts and gaps open in the front. She pulls away from him and walks over to an object that is covered by a tarp. She stops and looks over her shoulder, teasing him as she deliberately moves her hips back and forth. He starts to walks towards her; her body is driving him crazy as she continues to tease him. She turns around and leans back on the object, putting her hand up in a ‘stop’ gesture. He looks at her puzzled; the bulge in his pants is starting to demand some attention.

Walker grins as he starts taking his jacket off, never taking his eyes off the front of her riding chaps and the triangle of hair that lies nestled there. He anticipates the pleasure that awaits him. He’s starting to breathe hard remembering the night they spent together before he left for Houston. With Alex, it was never a "quickie"; she always liked it long into the night and sometimes half of the mornings, which suited him just fine. He couldn’t remember ever being with a woman that could please him all night long and he had been with more than his share. His time spent in the Orient was mostly spent learning the arts of self-defense; the nights were shared with women of the evening.

She watches him as he starts unbuttoning his shirt; she walks back to him and stops him. She whispers softly, "Come over here and lie down."

A grin goes across his face, "I’ll follow you anywhere lady, I’m yours for the taking."

She smiles and licks her lips and she lays him down across some bales of hay. She crawls up on his body and starts with a slow grind against his manhood. He keeps reaching for her and she pushes his hands away---"Not just yet cowboy, you got to watch the show," she coos.

His voice is getting hoarse, "forget the show---let’s go to the concession stand, I’m starving----for you."

She stops grinding and looks into his eyes. "Do you remember when we were at the fair last week?"
"Yeah," he answers cautiously. "What about it?"
She toys with his lips, going down his belly and then resting her hand on his bulge. "You remember the mechanical bull rides they were having and you wouldn’t let me ride?"

"Damn right I remember---I didn’t want all of those guys creaming their pants looking at you the way they were staring at those Debra Winger ‘wanna be’s’---no way!"

"Well," she pouts, "at first I was a little mad and then I decided that it would be best this way."

"Oh yeah, I like it better this way," as he reaches up to kiss her breasts.

She pulls away and slides off the bale of hay, "Not that way---this way."

She walks over to the tarp and pulls it back, revealing a mechanical bull. She mounts it, doing a very sexy grind. Walker raises up from the bale of hay. "So this is my show, can’t wait to see all of it---every little bump and grind."

Alex reaches down and turns it on slow as she takes her hand down the front of her body, teasing her own nipples and sliding her hands down her waist and to her buttocks. All the time she’s watching the look on the Rangers’ face, he’s breathing heavier as his eyes devour her body going back and forth on the machine.

She continues to stare at him, licking her lips and then laying down across the machine, pushing herself up and down in a slow motion. Her buttocks are lifted up and she goes into a circular motion and then down on the machine, back and forth. She sits back up and slowly lifts her right leg straight up in the air, twisting her body around till she’s laying backwards, bracing herself with her hands. Then she thrusts her body up into the air slowly and taunting. She looks to her cowboy; he’s having trouble sitting still as he starts to move around, trying to find a comfortable position. She smiles at him, her eyes go down the front of his pants. He’s going to have to shed those jeans soon, the bulge is demanding to be released.

She takes her right hand and goes slowly down her body, throwing her hair back. Her hand glides over her skin, to her mound and then back up to her breasts and down again. She lies back on the machine, taking both of her hands and cupping her breasts, massaging and massaging---Walker falls off the bale of hay!

She stops and looks at him, he’s trying to stand up and unbuckle his belt at the same time. He goes back down again. She giggles and goes right back to her routine, increasing the speed of the machine. She’s beginning to feel the heat from her own body, her cheeks are flushed, as she continues to bump and grind. She closes her eyes and increases the ravage of her own body, then she feels his hands pulling her towards the rear of the machine. She slides down to go into his embrace as he has her braced against the machine and gently prying her legs apart. He can’t wait any longer as he enters her, thrusting hard and deep. He reaches for her breasts, taking first one and then the other, sucking the nipples till she cries out in excitement. He’s got his hand on her buttocks, pulling her in tighter and rolling the flesh in his hands and kneading her cheeks harder and harder. Their tongues are going deeper into each other’s mouths, he picks her body up with his manhood still buried deep inside her and walks her over to another bale of hay. He lowers her down and continues to thrust deeper inside of her.

She keeps saying his name over and over, as wave upon wave of ecstasy threatens to take them to another plateau of sexual release. Walker’s movements have increased as he drives his manhood even deeper, bringing it almost completely out and then back, over and over. He pulls back and gently turns her over, pulling her buttocks up in the air to him and putting his left hand under her waist, then he enters her from behind.

She gasps as he first enters her, then her muscles relax and she takes him all in, and they begin a slow steady rhythm, back and forth.

He massages her buttocks; the leather chaps against her skin, gives her an even sexier look. He can’t remember his riding chaps ever looking so damn good; he would never be able to wear them again without thinking of this moment. He groans as he goes forward on her body, reaching underneath her body to cup her breasts.

She sighs as he begins kissing her neck and the base of her shoulders, then he slowly pulls the vest off and drops it to the floor, the chaps will definitely stay on. One reason because he would have to withdraw to take them off and two, they were just too damn sexy.

His tempo starts to pick up as he can feel her muscles contracting against his penis. He was always shocked at the way she could make her muscles tighten, sometimes it felt like she had him in a vice, squeezing him slowly. He groans as he lays backwards taking her with him and she’s now on top, facing away from him. She pulls her legs forward, so she can be in a sitting position on his groin. Now she goes through the same motions as before when she was on the machine. This time, it’s more enjoyable as the ‘machine’ works in unison with her, sending warm sensations through her whole body. He slips his hands under her buttocks and holds her up so she can have more leverage to move up and down. He begins to perspire as her tempo increases; his legs are starting to tingle as he can feel her body starting to spasm. She stops and very gently turns around, keeping him inside her, and now she’s facing him. She lies across his body length wise, doing a slow grind and kissing his chest and groin area. She can almost bend her body low enough to kiss his manhood while she’s impaled. His whole body dances. Alex continues up his body till she finds his lips, taking them eagerly. He returns her kiss, his hands going up and down her body, the feel of the leather exciting him even more. She sits up on him, licking her lips and staring into his eyes, she raises up till he’s almost out of her, then she impales herself deeper. His eyes are going back in his head, he can feel everything starting to spin, and she whispers low, "are you enjoying your birthday present?"

He can hardly find his voice to answer, "Oohhh—hell yes!"

She takes his hands up to her breasts and with hers over his, she moves them up and down and around. He gives out a loud groan as his hands leave her breast and go to her back. In one swift movement, he has her underneath him. He reaches down to the center of her thighs spreading them even wider, holding them at arm’s length while he thrusts deeper and deeper. She’s having spasms as she keeps saying his name over and over. He lets go of her legs and pulls himself up on her wet body, he can feel himself start to tingle and he knows he’s going to explode soon. He finds her lips, her neck, and her ears, another erogenous area for her.

"Is it good for you?" he whispers hoarsely.

"Yes---oohh yes---don’t stop- please don’t stop!"

He sits up with his feet underneath him, bringing her up to him, her legs go around him and he pulls her down on him repeatedly till she screams, her body shaking. He lays her back down on the bale of hay and continues to thrust up and down and sideways. She can’t take anymore as she reaches for his shoulders and collapses against his chest; he soon follows, releasing his hot fluid inside her. They’re both out of breath, their bodies jerk in unison, as they continue to hold on to each other. They lay for the longest time, he still inside her. She never wants him to pull out, she could hold him there forever and he’s definitely in no hurry to leave her hot, wet, body.

He lies on top of her kissing her lightly. "What a birthday gift," he sighs.

She rubs her face against his soft beard, "glad you liked it cowboy."

He smiles teasingly; "well if this is going to be my birthday present, what are we going to do next week?"

She looks at him puzzled, "What’s next week?"

"You mean you’ve forgotten?"

Her blue eyes look into his, her brows arch, "I guess I have---what’s next week?"

He shakes his head, "our anniversary," he says softly.

"What anniversary?"

"THIS anniversary. One week from today and you’ll have to do this all over again---and DON’T forget to wear the chaps."

They break out laughing, "okay, I promise."

Walker looks at her and then over to the mechanical bull, "by the way, when did you earn to do that?"

She playfully bites his chin. "When you were in Houston, I was seeing another man and he taught me everything I needed to know."

Walker’s face tightens at the thought of another man teaching her those moves, "what man?"

She bites her bottom lip, "Duke Iverson."

Walker thinks a minute repeating the name, "Duke Iverson, the champion bull rider?"

"The one and only. His kid brother was before me on that juvenile case a couple of months ago. Duke said he never forgot what I tried to do to help his brother and if there was anything I wanted, just ask. So, when I heard he was in town for the rodeo, I asked him to teach me and he did!"

Walker’s eyes narrow, he still doesn’t like the thought of her doing those movements in front of another man, champion bull rider or not. She knows what’s he’s thinking, "Relax honey, he just taught me the basics, I already knew how to move, I just had to put it all together. Debra Winger has nothing on me!"

Walker nods his head in agreement, "You can say that again---and that ain’t no bull!"

The End

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