Alex’s Illicit Affair

By Sissy and Jennifer

They were whispering behind her back. She could tell by the way they became quiet whenever she came near. This saddened her … a little, but she was enjoying herself too much to let it matter.

It all started when she began receiving flowers at her office. The card always signed with ‘A secret admirer.’ Everyone assumed that her husband, the renowned Texas Ranger, Cordell Walker, was the sender, but that was quelled when they heard him ask her about them and really looked surprised when she said a secret admirer.

And the way she began to avoid her husband, the puzzled look they saw on his face when she had her secretary say she was out, even though she was definitely in.

How long would it be before he found out? What would he do? It would break his heart; he loved her so much. And they thought Alex had loved him, too, but now they knew, absolutely knew, that she was cheating on him. All the signs were there. How could she do this to him?

But her face was glowing and she seemed to be deliriously happy. Who was the man that stole her heart from Walker?  The times, of which were few and far between, that Walker and Alex were seen together in the past two weeks, they had seemed distant and polite with each other, the little touches of affection that had always been there was gone. 

How could this happen? They were Dallas’ favorite couple. What went wrong?

The past week has been hard on Trivette. He had wanted to say something to his partner about the nasty rumors that were flying around the courthouse. But the longer he let it go, the harder it was for him to bring it up. He’d seen the gradual change come over his partner. The haunted look in his eyes, the nervousness at his desk, and the disappointment when he, for some reason or other, doesn’t get to see Alex before he leaves on stakeout. He knew it had started when Walker had been assigned a case that involved long nightly stakeouts. And stakeouts are the worst possible scenario for a newly married couple. It was a strain on the older married, too, but the newly married suffered the worst. Since Walker and Alex hadn’t celebrated their first anniversary, they, in every sense of the word, were newlyweds.


Alex is in her office, having just returned from court, still in a melancholy state of mind from being denied access to her husbands company, so when the flowers arrive, she is ecstatic, although the card says secret admirer, she’s pretty sure she knows who sent them. The feeling the little play on words evoke is delicious and she intends to play out the game. 

The past two weeks have been rough on them, with her husband spending his nights on a stakeout and her days busy in court had contrived to keep them apart and it was really starting to tell on them. Walker was tense and snippy and Alex’s nerves were strung as tight as guitar strings. At home this morning it was like two ships passing in the night. She was leaving for work, and he was just coming in from stakeout, exhausted. They kiss tenderly, wanting more, but … it wasn’t to be. Then the gift of flowers arrives about mid-morning on her desk. The arrival of the bouquet left her exhilarated the rest of the day, and the people from the janitor to the judge could tell. Smiling, she knew everyone assumed the flowers were from her husband, well, she wasn’t going to tell them any different.

Late in the afternoon, Walker stops by her office, as was his habit before going on stakeout, and spending the last minutes with her before she leaves for home.  He leans over and smells the flowers and asks, “Nice flowers, who are they from?” Everyone within hearing perks up at his words and minds begin to churn.

“If they aren’t from him, who sent them?” And the buzz is spread throughout the courthouse within the hour.


The next morning, another striking bouquet of flowers arrives for Alex. Her smile is beautiful as she seeks out the card, opens it, and Amy her receptionist, watches, as Alex’s face blushes clear to the roots of her hair. Amy silently watches as her boss sits down clasping the card to her heaving breasts. Noticing that the door is open and Amy is watching, Alex rises and moves across the room to shut it. Sitting back down at her desk, she looks at the card again, feeling the heat rise to her face again. Quickly, glancing at her watch, she stands and collects her purse and heads out the door.

“Amy, I’m … I’m taking a long lunch hour, expect me back when you see me.” Then quickly walks out into the hall going straight to the elevator. After Alex leaves, Amy goes in to smell the flowers and … to check out the card but only the envelope is there, the card is with Alex.

Ten minutes later, she looks up to see Walker pushing open the door. “Hi Amy, is Alex in?”

“Ah … no, sir, she’s … already left for lunch.” She notices that he looks through the open door into Alex’s office, and a frown crosses his face upon seeing a fresh vase of flowers. He says not one word, just turns and almost slams the door shut.

“Oh, oh,” is all Amy can say.  To Amy it had looked like he made a special trip just to see his wife and … she wasn’t here.


Alex quickly makes her way to her car and wastes no time in leaving the lot, knowing exactly where she is going. Ten minutes later, she is pulling into a beautifully landscaped motel of individual cabins. She slows, looking at the numbers on the cabins, and at the very back she finds the one she’s looking for, number 10.

She shuts the engine off, and sits still, eyeing the door of the cabin. Should she do this? Maybe she should leave, right now, before it’s too late. Looking around, she notices hers is the only car around. Nervously, she opens the car door, gets out and, pushing it shut, walks slowly to the door of the cabin. She taps lightly and as it opens, she steps into the darkened room.


No lights are turned on; whispers and touches are made in the darkened room, the only light is the sun peaking around the blind.

“We … shouldn’t be here.” She whispers against his throat feeling his arms around her.

“I know,” he whispers into her hair, letting his hands caress her body.

“There are … rumors,” she whispers as she slips her hands up under his shirt.

“I know. I’ve heard them.” He begins to unbutton buttons, and unzip zippers, pulling and pushing at her clothes until she is naked in his arms. “Oh, God,” he breathes against her lips, “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“Yes,” she whimpers, frantically working on his buttons, pulling his shirt off, then pressing her breasts firmly against his chest, “Oh, yes … hurry … please hurry.”

He steps away from her long enough to take off his boots and then his pants. He moves her back in the dark until they touch the edge of the bed, then he lies down, taking her with him. As his mouth moves over her breasts, suckling, teasing the nipples to hard nubs, his hand slides down over her body, cupping the soft downy curls at the juncture of her thighs.  His fingers part the soft flesh guarding her treasure, moving them through the moisture that has gathered there, dipping one then two deep inside her, bringing a soft pleading cry from her. “No … please, I … need you … inside me.”  But his fingers continue to work her, and her hips begin moving to the deep stroking.  She cries out as the sensation builds rapidly, then crashes through her, almost without warning. While her body is still reacting to the spasms of her orgasm, he rises over her, and sliding his hands under, grips her buttocks tightly as he plunges into her. Clear to the hilt. The top half of her lunges up from the bed as the deep thrusts of his manhood add fuel to diminishing ripples of the previous orgasm, swiftly bringing the coil of desire even tighter. He brings his arms up under her knees lifting her legs up over his shoulders, giving him deeper penetration. She matches his movements, thrust for thrust, until finally they both cry out, letting the waves of ecstasy carry them over the edge.

After a semblance of sanity returns, they lie quietly in the tangled sheets, their arms around each other, reluctant to let go.

“I knew it would be like this, our first….”

“I know it was beautiful.”

“Do you need to get back,” he murmurs, kissing the top of her head, lying on his chest, as his hand tenderly strokes over her back, down to her bottom then back up to her shoulders.

“I should, but I can’t, not yet.” She raises her head, “It might be a long time before we can be together again.” She eases herself up his body, her lips and tongue tasting him as she moves up until she can claim his lips in a soft sweet kiss. “I don’t … want to leave yet … not yet.”

She comes up on her knees, and leaning over begins to move her mouth over him, licking and tasting her way down over his chest, nibbling at his nipples, down his belly, teasing the small indention of his navel, down to the object of her attention, which by now, is again, standing at attention.

She moves down between his legs, and begins to caress his thighs, her hand closing around the sac; squeezing and kneading the twin orbs nestled there. She drops her head down and licks along his thigh, then closing her hand around him, she begins to tease the length of him with her tongue, her teeth, and her lips before taking him into her mouth, her tongue swirling around him as she begins to milk him with a strong suction, drawing agonizing groans and growls from deep within him. She releases him quickly and rising up impales herself on him, and begins rocking. He matches her rapid pace that brings them both swiftly to orgasm again.

He buries his face in her golden curls as he pulls her down on him, holding her gently like a priceless treasure. After several long minutes he pulls her down to his side. “Do you … think he knows?”

“I don’t know … he hasn’t been asking any questions but his eyes … his eyes are telling me he knows something.”

“Do you want me to quit sending the flowers?”

“No!” she says quickly, then in a softer tone, “ … No. They lift my spirit when I can’t be with you, they help me get through the long nights.”

He smiles and strokes his finger over her face. “Then you shall have a fresh bouquet every morning, my love.”

Alex showers and is the first to leave, peering around quickly before moving to her car and driving away.

Unbeknownst to Alex, someone does see her as she leaves the motel parking lot, and by the time she arrives back at the courthouse, the rumors are flying.

She’s not happy about them but decides to ignore them, hoping that no one will ask the question that is on everyone’s mind. If they did, well, she will just tell them they were mistaken.

Trivette is the one that bothers her the most, he is her dearest friend, as well as her husbands, she is sure that he’s heard the rumors, but has been gallant enough not to mention them. She can’t tell him, not yet, she has to have time. So when he is waiting by the elevator as she steps out, she’s startled but smiles sweetly, and as his eyes rake across her face, she blushes lightly, knowing that his scrutinizing gaze has told him exactly where she had been.

“Hello, counselor, I think Walker is looking for you.”

“Is he?” She looks away nervously, “Maybe … he’ll come by later.” She looks up into his eyes silently pleading with him to understand, to not ask questions, questions that she can’t … won’t, answer, just yet.

“I’ll tell him you’re back.” He looks at her with a deep sadness and reproachful question in his eyes, “Alex…?” 

“Don’t … Jimmy, please, I … have to get ready for court….” And squeezing his forearm she hurries into her office where the look from Amy pierces her heart.


Every morning it’s the same, fresh flowers delivered to her office, with Alex eagerly looking for the card.  Some mornings she is more exuberant than others but she is still deliciously excited at receiving the bouquet.  On those more ecstatic days, she always takes off for an early lunch and returning late.  It seems, to everyone who works around Alex, that Walker has ceased to exist, at least to her. He very seldom shows up at her office any more and the times that he does, he looks tired and haggard. He looks … as if he’s given up.

But Alex is thriving on the clandestine rendezvous’; she has never looked happier or more content. She knows this can’t go on forever, someone will eventually discover her secret liaisons and her beautiful bubble will pop. Be that as it may, she intends to enjoy the time as long as possible. She has never felt so wicked and alive and to hell with what everyone is saying, she intended to enjoy this ‘debauchery’ as long as possible. The only drawback to her euphoric frame of mind was her husband. She knows she’s hurting him but can’t seem to help herself. She had tried to explain things to him but he wasn’t going to listen to her, so she quit trying, it was his fault this was all happening anyway.


Alex’s bubble is about to pop.

For the past three days the flowers had arrived but no card. She was still pleased with receiving the flowers but missed the card telling her to meet him and where, because each time she had met him was always at a different place. It was impossible for them to meet every day but it had never been this long in between their romantic tête-à-têtes.

On the fourth day, she is dragging back to her office after a really rough morning in court. Thank God a postponement was called until after the weekend.  She is sitting in her office when a timid knock is heard and after calling ‘come in’, Amy appears carrying a large vase of flowers.  She notices that Alex’s whole demeanor changes at the sight of the bouquet and quickly hands it to her and leaves the room.  This was the biggest and the most beautiful arrangement yet. She finds the envelope and pulls out the card. When she reads it her attitude is one of delicious joy. An address has been given. She grabs her purse and is out the door in just minutes on her way to meet her ‘secret admirer’.

She didn’t have any trouble finding the motel, as she goes past it every morning on her way to work. But, then … so does her husband. The motel is a small, intimate establishment, on a highly traveled street. She pulls in the lot, and finds number 10, parking in front of it. The parking area is well shaded with large maple trees, so it gives the place a kind of a hide-away look.

She taps lightly on the door and it opens almost immediately. A hand reaches out and taking her by the arm, pulls her quickly inside. She giggles, as she is pulled into his arms and his lips cover hers in a hungry kiss, telling her that he has missed her as much as she did him. She circles his neck with her arms, deepening the kiss even more, her tongue dueling with his, fighting for access to his mouth.

They part momentarily as they quickly undress each other. As the last article falls to the floor, Alex takes his hand and starts pulling him toward the bed.  But he stops her, by dropping down on his knees in front of her. His hand sliding over her hips and around to cup her buttocks, holding her steady as he nuzzles his face through the soft blonde curls guarding her secrets. The other hand spreads her legs as his tongue darts out to touch, to taste, sliding through the crease, searching for the nub of her pleasure. Then teasing it until Alex is writhing where she stands, as her knees weaken, she digs her fingernails into his shoulders to brace herself. He spreads her legs more and buries his face between them, his tongue seeking entrance, then spearing deep into her. She cries out as the sensations that are spreading through her, robs away her strength and she begins to collapse around him, her body jerking deliriously with the quick release.

As she begins to fall, he stands and picks her up, carrying her to the bed where they both lie down. He holds her until her body relaxes then as her hands begin to move over him, he finds her mouth and quickly devours it with his tongue. His hand moves down to cup her breast, kneading and teasing the nipple with his thumb. He covers her with his body, nesting his manhood in the cleft of her thighs. He claims her mouth again with his, sucking at her bottom lip, then moving his lips over her face, her ear, her neck, her shoulder, leaving a light sheen of moisture as he enjoys the taste of her skin. She arches beneath him, her head thrown back giving him easier access as he kisses and nibbles down her neck, down the valley between her breasts. He presses them into the sides of his face, and he moves from one nipple to the other, until Alex is moaning wildly as the pleasurable sensations all run like electric currents to pool in her womanhood. Her nerves sizzling, her body aching for more, as his lips continue to trail down over her stomach, pausing to play at her navel before moving lower. He feels her fingers in his hair, digging down to his scalp, pressing his head lower; lower until his face is hovering between her legs again. She spreads her legs, wantonly, giving him full permission to take her. He begins to kiss her in that most intimate of places. When he feels an orgasm pushing forth in her, he rises up and quickly plunges into her. She screams as he buries himself, taking her even higher, two deep thrusts and she screams again as her release rips through her violently carrying her to the heavens.

Somewhere in her senses she hears him cry out, as he drives deep, then stiffens in ecstasy as he releases his seed deep within her.

It seems like forever before their bodies begin to recover from the mind-numbing orgasms that tore through them. But eventually their breathing and hearts return to normal and then comes the wrenching torment of parting, as they both have to return to their regular daily activities.

Alex opens the door, and steps out, but he pulls her back for one last kiss before she leaves. They part and she caresses his cheek with her fingertips then swiftly moves to her car, and with a light sheen of moisture in her eyes, she drives back to her normal, everyday life.


Trivette is sitting in his car in the shade of a maple tree watching a suspect move into the pawnshop across the street. Seeing movement from the corner of his eye, his head turns and what he sees just about breaks his heart.  It’s Alex, coming out of a motel room. A man is standing in the door, half dressed but shadows cover him so he can’t see whom it might be. As Alex pulls away, he cries, “It’s true, it’s really true!”

He can’t leave, this suspect is taking an inordinately amount of time in the pawnshop so he has to stay.  Twenty minutes later, he watches the door open that Alex had just walked away from. He couldn’t have pulled his eyes away if the whole town of Dallas had exploded. But the man he sees leave the room is the last person he expected to see.


As Walker leaves the room, he starts to walk toward where he had his truck parked between the two buildings, when he sees a car parked under the trees. Shaded, he can’t see the driver but he knows that he is being watched.

Not liking the idea of being watched, he decides to check it out. Moving closer he realizes that the car belongs to Trivette. He moves closer and opens the door sliding into the seat, next to his partner.

“What are you doing here, Trivette?”

“Watching that pawnshop over there. Waiting for Lenny Stanton to come out.”

“You didn’t follow me … or Alex?”

“No! Man, you know me better than that.”

Walker looks deep into Trivette’s eyes, smiles then turns away. Not really knowing what to say.

Trivette reaches over, placing his hand on Walker’s shoulder, “I didn’t follow either one of you, but I would have if I’d known I’d find you two, coming out of the same motel room, together.”

“We did nothing wrong, Trivette, we just wanted to be alone.”

“I know that … now. But do you know you have the whole city thinking Alex has ditched you for another man?”

“I can straighten that out.”

“Well, I … Oh, oh. There goes my man, Walker. I’ve got to go.”

Walker opens the door and steps out, “Be careful, Trivette.”

“Always, partner.” He waves at Walker and drives away, his heart lighter, knowing the rumors aren’t true.


The next day, unaware that Trivette had seen her and talked to Walker the day before, Alex comes out of the courtroom, feeling very down. She has enjoyed the flowers and the secret rendezvous’ with her husband but … it’s still not the same. She wants her home life back, and her husband back in her bed, not some motel room’s bed. When the flowers are delivered she is still delighted but wishes the circumstances were different.

Finding the card there is no message, just the signature, ‘You’re secret admirer.’ There would be no liaison today. When she left that evening to go home, she saw Trivette getting off the elevator as she was getting on.

He smiled hugely at her, “Hey, counselor, how’s it going?”

Alex is puzzled by Trivette’s friendly manner, after being cold to her for many days.  “I’m … fine, Jimmy, how are you?”

“Great,” he replies as she gets on the elevator. Just before the door closes, he turns and says, “I saw your husband, yesterday afternoon.” And the door closes, leaving her wondering what he meant by his words.


The next morning as she is getting ready for work, she is looking forward to the few minutes they will have together before she leaves for work. She waits as long as she can but he never shows, and she leaves, full of disappointment.

“With an early morning court date, she never gets the chance to call him either.  The case is postponed and she got back to her office at 10:00, waiting eagerly for he daily bouquet of flowers.

She leans back in her chair and shuts her eyes, tired, tired of her job, and tired of Walker’s job. When she hears a light rap on the door, she calls out, “Come in.” Never bothering to open her eyes.


Walker pushes open the outer office door and seeing Amy, places his finger on his lips, and moves over to knock on his wife’s office door.

“Come in.”

He quietly pushes the door open and seeing Alex he moves close and holds the dozen red roses under her nose. 

She sniffs, her eyes open, and seeing Walker she jumps up and throws her arms around his neck.

“Oh, Walker…” 

“Mmm … this’s nice, honey.” He pauses a few minutes as he enjoys the hug. Softly he murmurs, “I'll be delivering the flowers in person from now on, the stakeout is over.”

When Walker enters her office, Amy gets up and quickly follows him into Alex's office, and saw Alex jump up into his arms. She is taken completely by surprise when she hears what Walker had said about the flowers.

“So it was you all along that was sending the flowers … and you she was meeting?”

“Yes, that's right Amy.” He almost laughs at the look of surprise on her face. “Who did you and the rest of the rumor mill think was sending the flowers and meeting her?”

Thinking quick, Amy says, “Rumor ... I don't know anything about any rumors.” Then she turns and walks out of Alex's office, straight out of the outer office ... to go spread the news that it was Walker all along, and of course, she knew it. 

Alex and Walker stand there smiling, laughing as they melt into an embrace.

The End