Alex's Anger

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex called Walker at his office and when he answered the phone she said to her husband "hi honey, it's me. I have just about everything packed for our trip to the reservation. The children are so excited about it.  There isn't going to be a problem with leaving this evening like we planned, is there?"  When he didn't answer right away Alex added “Walker, you will be home on time, right?"

“About the trip Alex, I know that I promised that we would go there this weekend but something just came up and I won't be able to go, I'm sorry.”  Walker answered Alex.

“What came up?" Alex questioned her husband.

“It's Ranger business, I can't tell you about it.”  Walker replied.

“Since when can't you tell me about Ranger business?  You know that I would never tell anyone else what you tell me. Walker, isn't there anyone else who could do it?  You know how excited the children are about this trip and Sam wants to see his namesake, little Sam. We can't just cancel the trip because something came up that you think that you're the only one capable of taking care of.   Isn't that why you became the Captain, so that the other Rangers could handle things from time to time?" Alex questioned.

“I'm really sorry Alex that I can't go but that doesn't mean that you and the children can't go. Honey, you know that you're welcomed at the reservation with or without me, after all you're a member of the tribe now along with our children. You can take the children up there yourself, you know the way."  Walker told his wife who then said to him “Walker, I don't know if it's such a good idea to drive all that distance with five children by myself."

“Take Betty with you, haven't you been saying that she was asking about going to see the reservation someday?”  Walker pointed out.

“Okay, I'll ask her and when I get back you owe me some sort of explanation about what kind of Ranger business it is that takes precedent over our family plans. You're the Captain; you can take the weekends off if you really want to." Alex said and hung up the phone. Turning to Betty Alex said “Walker's not going to be able to go to the reservation with me, do you have plans for this weekend?  Would you mind going to the reservation with me and the children? You can take Monday and Tuesday off instead."

Betty answered “I don't have any plans for this weekend and I have been wanting to go to the reservation to learn about the children's Cherokee heritage for some time now. I'll be happy to go there with the children and you this weekend. When are we leaving?"

“As soon as we can put the children in the van, I already have everything else loaded. Is that okay?" Alex answered and Betty said ”Let's get to it then.”  So they packed up the kids and left the house.

Chapter Two

Trivette entered Walker's office and asked him ”Hey Walker, shouldn't you be heading home to go to the reservation with your family?"

“I was just leaving Trivette."  Walker answered as he got up from his desk.  Stopping at the door Walker said to Trivette ”if anything comes up you can handle it, I don't want to be disturbed this weekend."

“Walker, you'll be at the reservation this weekend, how could I possibly call you in?" Trivette asked.

“I meant no phone calls either.”  Walker replied and Trivette said ”okay, even if everything goes to hell I won't call you until Monday morning."

Smiling Walker said ”well if that happens I guess you can call me Sunday evening but not before then. I plan to spend a nice quiet weekend with my family."

“Bye Walker." Trivette said and Walker left.

Driving to a hotel Walker entered it and went to a room and knocked on the door, which was opened by Merilee Summers. Walker asked her “you ready to go?"

“Yes, thanks for agreeing to let me stay out at your ranch this weekend.  Alex doesn't know about this, does she? After all you promised the governor that you wouldn't tell anybody about my spending the weekend at your ranch."  Merilee asked him as she picked up her bag and they left the room.

“No, I haven't told Alex about you staying the weekend. She's taken the children to the reservation for the weekend. That way if someone does come after you the children won't be in danger.”  Walker told her.

“So your wife doesn't know that I'm spending the weekend with you?" Merilee teasingly asked him and Walker answered her “No, Alex doesn't know but as soon as she gets home Sunday night I will tell her."

Why bother to tell her?  After all you know that Alex'll get mad at you for me spending the weekend. I'm only spending the weekend at your ranch because no one will think to look for me there because of Alex's dislike of me. Why cause trouble for yourself when you're just doing your job and protecting me?" Merilee questioned Walker.

“Alex's dislike is justified and I will tell her because I don't like lying to my wife.”  Walker answered.

“But aren't you lying to your wife right now?" Merilee asked.

Turning to look at her Walker snapped “the only reason that I haven't said anything to Alex yet is because I keep my word and it would upset her but I will tell my wife Sunday night. Now get this straight Merilee, if the governor hadn't practically begged me to protect you this weekend you would be back at that hotel waiting by yourself for this person you claim is stalking you to show up. I would much rather be at the reservation with my family than spend the weekend protecting you."

Holding her hands up Merilee said ”okay, I'm sorry. I'll keep my mouth shut about your family." They got into Walker's truck and drove to the ranch in silence. After entering it Walker showed Merilee to the guest bedroom on the first floor and after entering it and closing the door Merilee said to herself  'I have the weekend to get him back in my arms and I’ll do it, after all I've got him into bed in this very bedroom before.'  Just then Walker knocked on the door and after Merilee opened it he said to her “I'm going to check on the horses, you'll have to come with me."

Smiling Merilee answered “sure I like horses. have you gotten any new ones since the last time I stayed?"

“Alex's ‘Angel', Angela's 'Baby Princess', Lucas' 'Little Ranger' and my 'Thunder'. Would you like to help feed them?”  Walker asked Merilee as they went to the barn and she answered “I'll be glad to help, it's the least I can do after you had to change your plans because of me."

Chapter Three

As Walker was showing Merilee the horses she noticed a stallion in a stall off to the side, approaching the horse she asked Walker "what's his name?"

Going over and patting the horse on the neck Walker said “this is thunder.”  When Merilee went to pat thunder, he shied away. Taking a hold of the reins Walker said as he patted the horse on the neck “easy boy." Turning to Merilee Walker added “he’s high-spirited, he doesn't allow just anyone to touch him. Why don't you go look at the other horses while I take care of him?"

Moving away Merilee asked Walker “if he's that high-spirited aren't you afraid of him getting loose and hurting Alex or the children?"

“Thunder would never hurt any of them, as a matter of fact I sometimes take Ray along for rides with me on Thunder. Thunder's just picky about who gets near him, that's all.”  Walker explained to her and Merilee muttered “whatever you say." Then after she saw Angel Merilee asked Walker “can I ride this one? Who does she belong to?  She's beautiful."

“That's Angel and she belongs to Alex.”  Walker answered her.

“Where did Alex get her from?" Merilee asked while still looking at the horse.

“I got Angel for Alex after she accepted my marriage proposal. In my culture you present a horse to the woman that you want to marry. If she accepts the horse then she accepts you as a mate for the rest of your lives.”  Walker answered.

“Can I take a ride on her? Alex will never have to know about it unless you tell her that too on Sunday night."  Merilee requested of Walker who reluctantly agreed by saying “just a short ride, it looks like it might rain in a little bit. Wait over there by the barn door until after I put their saddles on." Merilee did what he asked her to and after the horses were saddled they went for a short ride.

Walker was right about it raining and they got wet as they were returning to the barn. Walker said as they led the horses into the barn without shutting the doors "Merilee, you stand over there with Angel while I get Thunder settled in. In spite of his name, he gets skittish during thunderstorms."

Moving over to Walker Merilee said as she took a hold of thunder's reins “I’ll just hold the reins while you open his stall door. It'll be okay.”  Walker turned to open the stall door and when his back was turned Merilee clawed Thunder on the nose causing him to rear up and knock Walker into the stall where he hit his head.  Then Thunder snorted and tore himself loose from Merilee and took off through the open barn doors.

Helping a groggy Walker up Merilee asked him “Cordell honey, are you all right?"

“I'm fine Merilee, what happened? “Walker asked her.

“Are you sure, you hit your head pretty good. You have what looks to be a bump on it, shouldn't I take you to the doctor or something?" Merilee asked him as she sat him down on a bale of hay.

“I said that I was fine. Come on let's go to the house before Uncle Ray starts looking for us, not to mention your daughter.”  Walker said stunning Merilee because her daughter wasn't there and Walker's Uncle Ray was dead. Quickly recovering her wits Merilee said to him “honey, Uncle Ray is at the reservation and my daughter is with my parents in Ohio, don't you remember?"

“No, I don't."  Walker replied and got up and walked into the house. Following him in Merilee said as Walker headed up the steps “honey, are you sure that I shouldn't call a doctor for you?  You've forgotten some things."

Stopping on the steps Walker turned around and asked her “what things?"

“The fact that we're married, that's why Uncle Ray went to the reservation and my daughter is with my parents." Merilee tested his memory.

“We're married?  How long?" A stunned Walker asked her and she replied “just this morning darling. We decided to spend our honeymoon here at the ranch where we fell in love, now how about I make you forget about that bump on your head?"

Going into the living room Walker sat down on the couch and said to her “I'm sorry Merilee but I can't do that right now."

Sitting down besides him Merilee asked as she put her arms around his neck “but why not? We've done it before, remember?”

“Yes, but it just doesn't seem right to me.” Walker answered and Merilee removed her arms and assured him “okay honey. When you're ready let me know, I'm not going anywhere."

Taking her hand and kissing it Walker said “sorry about ruining your honeymoon but I will make it up to you when I remember our wedding."

“Why do you need to remember the wedding before we can make love?” Merilee asked him.

“Because when we make love I want to know that I am making love with my wife, okay?” Walker told her.

“Okay, but only because you're worth waiting for." Merilee said and snuggled close to Walker.

Chapter Four

When Alex got to the reservation Sam Coyote was waiting in front of Walker's house for her. He asked as he noticed that Walker wasn't there “Alex, where's your husband at?  Is he driving up later tonight or tomorrow?”

Alex answered him as she handed him little Sam “neither Sam, Walker is staying at home this weekend. Something came up at work that he had to take care of.  Sam, I would like you to meet Betty Stone. Betty, this is Sam Coyote, Walker's very good friend."

“Nice to meet you Mister Coyote." Betty said to Sam who told her “please call me Sam."

“Okay Sam.” Betty answered and they unloaded the children and took them into the house and Sam followed them in and again questioned Alex “isn't Walker coming up this weekend at all?”

“Not as far as I know, why?” Alex asked him.

“I wanted to tell him something, that's all."  Sam answered and then said to Alex “I'll help you unload the van."

“Sounds good to me." Alex said and they unloaded the van and after they were done Alex said to Sam “Sam, if you're not busy tonight would you and your wife Sharona please join us for dinner?”

“What time? I never pass up a meal made by you." Sam teased and Alex replied with a smile “how does eight sound? But shouldn't you ask Sharona if she has plans first?”

“She doesn't, we'll see you then." Sam assured Alex and left.

Sharona was helping Alex set the table when she moaned “excuse me." She went running to the bathroom. When Sharona returned Alex asked “so, when are you due?”

“How did you know?” Sharona asked Alex who laughed and replied “I've been pregnant a few times myself. Does Sam know yet?”

“Around Valentine's day and yes Sam does know but he wanted to tell Walker himself this weekend, that's why he was asking about whether your husband would be joining you at all this weekend." Sharona told Alex.

“You and Sam could always follow us back to Dallas on Sunday or Sam could call Walker and tell him on the phone." Alex was saying when Sam entered the room.

“I think that I'll call Washo and tell him to get his hide up here this weekend, he should be with his family." Sam stated and he did just that. The phone was answered by Merilee ”who is this?”

“Is Washo there?” Sam asked her.

“My husband is very busy right now and don't bother to call him back. This is a private number." Merilee snapped and hung the phone up.

A puzzled Sam slowly hung up the phone and when Alex noticed the puzzlement on his face asked “is there something wrong with Walker?”

“No, I must have mis-dialed. You know Alex, I have been wanting to see Walker's latest horse Thunder for awhile, how about we follow you back Sunday night?  That is, if you're up to it Sharona?” Sam asked them.

“I'll be fine Sam and I won't mind going for a nice drive on Sunday." Sharona told her husband.

“Fine by me. I know that Walker would love to catch up on things with the two of you. I'm sure that you two have some things that you want to tell him." Alex said to them.

Chapter Five

Walker came into the living room as Merilee was saying 'this is a private number'. After she hung up he asked her “who was that on the phone?”

“Nobody important, it was just a telemarketer.  Now how about we go to bed?” Merilee asked him.

“Huhm... Merilee I know that you said it was our honeymoon and all but I think that we shouldn't do anything like that until I remember.”  Walker informed her.

“I wasn't talking about making love. I thought maybe since it's been a long day we would retire early, that's all." Merilee answered him.

“Well uhm, I don't think that we should sleep together until I remember either.”  Walker said as he started towards the steps. Merilee sobbed “why did you marry me if you don't really want to be my husband?  Is it asking too much that we at least share the same bed on our wedding night?”

Taking her into his arms Walker tried to soothe her by saying “ssh sweetheart, if it means that much to you we'll share a bed. I just thought that you would feel better if we didn't share a bed until we could make love."

“I don't care it we make love tonight but I want to spend my wedding night with my husband, okay?” Merilee asked as she stopped crying.

“Okay sweetheart.”  Walker answered Merilee as he again started upstairs. Pulling on his arm Merilee said “honey, we agreed to use this bedroom as our bedroom once we were married. You said that you wanted to begin our marriage in the bed where we made love for the first time."

Reluctantly following Merilee into the bedroom Walker paused at the door and then asked her “are you telling me the truth?”

“Cordell, stop teasing me, you know that I wouldn't lie to you. Come on let's get some rest." Merilee said as she moved to the bed and began undressing. Walker turned his back and said “I'll just go and get my shower."  Then he hurried into the bathroom and Merilee gloated to herself  'I'll have him in bed in no time at all and then I'll rub Alex's face in the fact that her husband slept with me.'

Walker came back from getting his shower and crawled into his side of the bed and kept away from Merilee.

The next morning when they awoke Merilee said to him “hi honey, I see that you want me. How about I take care of that for you?”

“What?” A half asleep Walker asked her and Merilee lowered her hand and stroked him. Removing her hand Walker mumbled “I have to go to the bathroom." Then as Walker got up from the bed Merilee asked him “can I join you?”

Walker snapped “No."  Then he shut the door.  After he came back into the bedroom Merilee apologized “honey, I'm sorry. I promise that I'll behave until you're ready for us to consummate our marriage."

“Okay.”  Walker answered as he got ready for the day.

They spent most of the day on a picnic near the edge of Walker's property. Saturday night they again went to bed together. Sunday afternoon Merilee convinced Walker that they should take a nap because of the heat so he agreed and put shorts and a t-shirt on and got into bed with her. After Walker had fallen asleep Merilee removed her clothes and snuggled close to him. When they awoke Merilee purred to him “since you took off my clothes, how about I remove yours?”  Then she took his t-shirt off of him and Walker reached for Merilee and began kissing her.  She then removed his shorts and crawled over him.

Chapter Six

When Alex was entering the house with one of the sleeping babies she thought that she heard a sound in the downstairs bedroom so after she put the baby in a bassinet.  Alex opened the door and got the shock of her life; her husband was in bed with Merilee, who was on top of him. They were both naked, just then Walker moaned “oh god Merilee, don't...stop."

Merilee saw Alex standing there and gasped “Cahill!"  Walker then saw Alex and asked her as he reached for the sheets to cover himself “Alex, what are you doing here?  Don't you know how to knock?”

“What I'm doing here is catching my bastard of a husband committing adultery.” Then Alex left the room and stood in the foyer totally stunned.  Sam noticing the look on Alex's face asked her” Alex, are you okay? Where's Washo?”  Unable to speak Alex pointed to the bedroom door and then went into the living room where the children were.  Looking at Betty Alex said to her “would you mind taking all of the children upstairs?”

Seeing how pale Alex was Sharona helped Betty take the children upstairs.

Sam who had opened the bedroom door to find Walker trying to get out from under Merilee said to him “Walker, you really are a bastard. How could you do that to a fine woman like Alex?”

Finally getting up Walker said as he looked for his shorts “do what to Alex Cahill?  What's it to her that I'm sleeping with Merilee?”

Balling his fist up Sam went to answer Walker but Alex who had re-entered the room said “my name is Alex Walker, that is until the divorce is signed and then I'll start using my maiden name Cahill again. How could you send me away for the weekend and then cheat on me with that red-haired bitch?  Damn you Walker. I thought that I really knew you but it turns out that instead of attending to Ranger business like you told me you were, you were sleeping with that tramp.  Just how long have you been cheating on me?” Alex said as she tried not to cry.

“What do you mean cheat on you?  Merilee and I are married, not you and me.  So how am I cheating on you with her?”  A confused Walker asked Alex as he put his shorts on.  Alex answered her husband “you're not married to her unless you've committed bigamy this weekend in addition to committing adultery.  So yes you are cheating on me because I'm your wife, or at least I was."  Then after taking a deep breath Alex added “I'm going upstairs to take care of the children, I suggest that you don't try to talk to me right now unless you want me to kill you.  And get that bitch out of my house before I come back down or I will kill her."

Then Alex left the room and a very angry Sam asked Walker “Washo, where exactly did you get the idea that Merilee was your wife?  What's wrong with you?  Have you lost your mind?”

“From my wife Merilee, after I hit my head in the barn she told me that we were married and on our honeymoon and that was why Uncle Ray's at the reservation.  Are you saying that she lied to me?  That I'm married to Alex and not her?  I don't remember marrying Alex.  I don't remember much about anything.” Walker stated.

“Washo, Uncle Ray died years ago. You and Alex have been married for a little over seven years now and you have five children." Sam told him and then turned his attention to Merilee “I suggest that you get dressed and get the hell out of here before Alex comes back down here and kills you like you deserve. As for you Walker, do you have any idea what you've done to your marriage? How could you forget your wife like that?”

Sitting back down on the bed Walker still confused asked Sam “I'm married to Alex and we have five children? Has Uncle Ray really crossed the river? Are you lying to me Sam because you don't like Merilee?”

Sitting down besides him Sam answered “I swear that I'm telling you the truth Washo. I'm sorry but Uncle Ray is dead. Alex is your wife; not Merilee and you have five children with Alex."

Finally realizing what he had done Walker glared at Merilee and said to her “get the hell out of my sight.”

Getting dressed Merilee grabbed her things and as she headed to the door laughingly said “Alex has finally gotten what she deserves and I couldn't be happier about it. Payback's a bitch, isn't it?”  Then she left. Walker turned to Sam and said “my wife will never forgive me, my marriage is over thanks to Merilee Summers."

“Give Alex some time Walker, she loves you very much. She won't leave you." Sam tried to assure his friend who replied” If Alex doesn't divorce me it will only because of the children, not because she cares for me anymore.”

Chapter Seven

Walker got dressed and went into the foyer as Angela and Ray were coming down the steps, spotting their father Angela and Ray jumped into his arms and Angela said “Daddy, why didn't you come to the reservation with us?”

Ray added “Yeah daddy, why?”

Putting the children down Walker started to answer them when Alex came back down the steps and said to him “well Walker, do you have an answer for Angela and Ray?”

Picking the kids back up Walker took them into the living room where he sat down on the couch with them and asked “what did mommy tell you guys?”

“That only you could do what they wanted you to do, no one else. That you were really sorry you couldn't come with us. Why daddy?” Angela answered her father who said “well then I was doing what your mommy said I was doing."

Noticing a bump on her father's brow Angela said to Alex “Mommy, daddy has a boo-boo, are you going to kiss it and make it all better?”

“Honey, it's okay mommy doesn't need to kiss it all better. So what did you children do at the reservation all weekend?”  Walker asked them and they spent the next half hour telling him what they had done. After they got down to play with their toys Alex said to Walker “the triplet's names are Cooper James, Michaela Sydney and Samuel Eagle Walker, Sam is the one who looks like your Father and Uncle Ray. Don't you dare let on that you don't remember them, I won't have you hurt them."

Sam and Sharona entered the living room and Sam said “maybe Sharona and I'd better get a hotel room, she doesn't feel up to driving back to the reservation tonight."

“It's okay Sam, you and Sharona can sleep in the guest room. Walker will be glad to change the sheets, won't you Walker?” Alex said and Walker replied “I'll do that now.”  Walker went and changed the sheets and Sam who was helping Walker asked him “if we sleep in this room where are you going to sleep at?”

“The couch, I've slept there before.”  Walker said to Sam who asked him” do you remember when you've slept on the couch?”

“Yes Sam I do, I remember everything.”  Walker answered him and then left the room. Entering the living room Walker said to Alex” I remember our wedding and everything else. I'm sorry Alex."

“It doesn't matter whether or not your mind remembers me, what matters is that your heart forgot all about me and so quickly when it came to her. Why is that Walker?” Alex snapped at him and left the room.

After they had eaten dinner Walker and Sam went for a walk to look for Thunder and Walker asked him “so Sam, what brings you here?”

“Sharona is expecting our first baby and I wanted you to be the first to know." Sam told Walker who slapped Sam on the back and said to him “that's great Sam, will there be a little Cordell Coyote running around then?”

Smiling Sam said “no way am I naming my first born son Cordell. John, maybe for a middle name not Cordell."

“What's wrong with naming him Cordell?  I named Sam after you.”  Walker asked.

“Cordell is too namby-pampy." Sam teased Walker who got him in a headlock and said “I'll show you namby-pampy."

“Seriously Walker, if the baby's a boy we plan on calling him Samuel John Coyote and if it's a girl, well Sharona hasn't decided yet." Sam replied.

“I'm happy for you both Sam.”  Walker told him and they went back into the house.

Chapter Eight

When they went back into the house Alex without looking at her husband said to him in an ice cold voice “I'm taking Angel for a ride. You need to put Angela and Ray into their beds."

“Wait Alex, Thunder is still missing and I need to look for him. Can you put Angela and Ray to bed?” Walker asked.

Sam interjected “how about Sharona and I put them to bed?  It would be good practice for us."

Trying not to be rude to Sam and Sharona Alex reluctantly agreed “okay but Angela and Ray both like to hear a story before they fall asleep, they are already in their pajamas. You just need to tell them a story and tuck them in. The triplets are asleep for the night."

“Great, I'll just tell them about how Washo couldn't shoot an arrow when he first came to the reservation." Sam said and Alex left the house followed by Walker.

In the barn when Alex picked up her saddle to put it on angel Walker took it off of her and said “let me do that." Alex backed away and waited until Angel was saddled then without a word to her husband she got on the horse and rode away from Walker who hurriedly saddled up Little Ranger and followed Alex.

As they were nearing a ridge Alex noticed Thunder standing there and began calling him ”Thunder, come here boy."

“Be careful Alex, he's acting funny. Thunder reared up and knocked me into the stall for no reason. That's how I got my bump and lost my memory.”  Walker said as they neared Thunder.

Getting down from Angel Alex grabbed Thunder's reins and started patting him on the neck while saying “it's okay, see he's perfectly fine. Maybe your lover did something to him that caused his behavior."

Getting mad Walker snapped at her “she's not my lover."

“Sure looked like it to me." Alex snapped back at Walker and Thunder began to snort, pulling a carrot from her back pocket Alex fed it to him while patting his neck. Alex pulled on the reins to lower his head and said “what's this big boy?”

Walker asked her “what's what?”

Carefully removing something from Thunder's nose Alex handed it to Walker and said to him this, it looks like one of her fake fingernails. I wonder how it possibly could have gotten embedded in his nose, any ideas, loverboy?”

Taking it from Alex, Walker threw it down in disgust and said “come on Thunder, let's get you back to the barn.  “He led Thunder to the barn and after the horses were put away Walker turned to Alex said “Alex, I know that you're really upset with me right now but can't you see that it was all a set up?”

“And if you had told me that you were spending the weekend with her I never would have taken the children to the reservation and left you with your old flame and new lover. You are as responsible for it as she is.  "A furious Alex said as she headed to the house. Catching up to her Walker grabbed Alex's arm and said “how do you figure that I'm as responsible as she is?  She set me up."

“You lied to me Walker to get me to leave the house so that you could bring her here. That's when you betrayed our wedding vows. You betrayed my trust in you for a woman who's made it clear that she wanted to get you back into bed. Tell me Walker, if I hadn't walked in on you two having sex, would you have even told me that she spent the weekend?” Alex questioned him.

“I was planning on telling you as soon as you got back home this evening.”  Walker answered Alex who removed his hand and said “you just don't get it do you?  That your lying to me on Friday is what caused all of this to happen.  If you had been honest with me, none of this would have happened and our marriage would not have been destroyed."

“The governor begged me to protect her this weekend and not to tell anyone, I was just doing my job.”  Walker protested and Alex snidely asked him “do you sleep with all of the women you're protecting or just that red-haired bitch? This is what, the second time you've slept with her while supposedly protecting the tramp, isn't it?” Then Alex went into the house.

Chapter Nine

After Sam and Sharona went into the guest bedroom Alex headed up the steps to her bedroom, as she went to close the door Walker grabbed it to keep it from shutting and entered the bedroom. Turning around to glare at her husband Alex asked him “what do you want? Get out."

“I need to get some clothes to sleep in. Then I'll go back downstairs, okay?”  Walker answered Alex as he went to his dresser and removed some clothes. Unable to stop herself Alex asked “tell me something Walker, did you sleep with her in our bed? Or were you two reliving old memories of having had sex in that room before and that was why I caught you two in that bed together?”

“No. I didn't with sleep with her in our bed and no I wasn't reliving old memories with her when you came home. I thought that we were married and that I was having sex with my wife.”  Walker replied. As he was headed to the door Alex again questioned him “so, how many times did the two of you engage in sex in my house?”

“Just that once.”  Walker said.

“Yeah right, you spent the weekend with her and you only had sex once with your sex drive? Please, just how stupid do you think that I am?” Alex demanded of Walker.

“Alex, after she told me that I was her husband I wanted to come up here to sleep by myself because I didn't feel right about sleeping with her when I couldn't remember marrying her. Anyway she began to cry so I agreed to sleep in the same bed as her.  I swear that nothing happened until right before you came in the room.”  Walker answered.

“Didn't it ever occur to you that she was lying? I mean you had to have seen Angela's and Ray's rooms this weekend, not to mention the nursery. How could you see them and not know that she was lying to you, unless you didn't want to know?” A skeptical Alex questioned.

“I didn't come up here at all this weekend.”  Walker replied.

“Whatever Walker, please just leave me be." Alex pleaded near tears.

After looking at her for a minute Walker left their bedroom and Alex threw herself on the bed and began crying. Walker stood outside the door and after listening to his wife crying for a minute re-entered the bedroom and asked her “Alex, do you want me to move out? I will if you want me to."

“You that anxious to go to her? Do you really want to walk out on the children?” Alex snapped at him.

“No, I'm trying not to hurt you anymore. Alex, I know that right now you can't bear the sight of me. I would never walk out on the children, you know that.”  Walker said.

“Do I know that Walker?  I used to think that I did know you better than anyone else and now I can't say that I ever really knew you. As for the children, you will stay here for them, won't you? They don't deserve to lose their father." Alex requested of Walker who answered her “I'll stay for the children and you, goodnight Alex."

Then he went back downstairs and went to sleep on the couch. Several hours later Walker  woke out of a deep sleep to find Alex standing there staring at him.

“Alex, is there something wrong with one of the children?” Walker asked Alex who shook her head no and began to cry. Getting up Walker pulled her into his arms and said  “baby. I'm sorry." Just then Sam entered the room and said “oops." Then he went back into the guest bedroom. Removing herself  from Walker's arms Alex said  “you're not nearly as sorry as I am." Then she went back upstairs.

Chapter Ten

The next morning Walker got up and walked out onto the porch. Sam followed him out and asked “did I interrupt anything between you and Alex last night?  I'm sorry if I did."

“Not a thing.”  Walker answered Sam who looked at him disbelief. Ignoring Sam's look Walker then added “well I'd better go get ready for work.”  Walker went into the house and headed upstairs. Knocking on his bedroom door he waited until Alex answered it and then said to her “I need to take a shower and get ready for work. Alex, will you be okay?”

“It's a little late to ask me that, isn't it?” Alex snapped back at him. Instead of answering her question Walker said “Sam and Sharona are expecting their first baby."

“I know, I figured out that Sharona was pregnant when we were at the reservation this weekend. You know when you were too busy to come with us but you weren't too busy to help that tramp." Alex shot back at Walker who snapped at her “how many times do you want me to tell you that I'm sorry?”

“I don't want you to tell me that you're sorry.  I want for it to never have happened.  I want to still be able to trust the man that I love and god help me I still love you, why I don't know." Alex answered.

“I love you too Alex.”  Walker said as he moved closer to her.  Backing away Alex said in disbelief “I catch you in bed with another woman less than twenty four hours ago and you have the nerve to hit on me?”

“I'm not hitting on you. I love you and you know that Alex.”  Walker said.

“Seeing you with her was like you taking a knife and stabbing me in the heart, that's how much it hurts and I don't know if I will ever be able to get over it." Alex tearfully said to Walker who didn't answer her but went and got his shower instead. After they ate breakfast Sam said that he wanted to get an early start on driving home so he and Sharona left. As Walker was getting ready to leave the house he said to Alex “please come outside with me." Alex reluctantly followed him outside and Walker said to her “tonight after our children are sleeping I'll move my things downstairs so I don't have to bother you anymore when I want something. I'll try to be home on time."

“You'd better be because Angela will want to tell you all about her first day as a big kid in the first grade." Alex informed him.  “Okay, I promise I'll be home on time.”  Walker said and left for work.

When Walker got to work Trivette said “hey Walker there's somebody from the governor’s office waiting in your office."

Walker went into his office and said “I'm Walker."

“My name is Mitch Tyler, the governor was pretty upset that Miss Summers left your protection last night. He also said that you are to go tour with her until she leaves Texas. any questions?” Tyler told Walker who said “I will not go on tour with Miss Summers; Nicky Swanson who's a female Ranger can go with her."

“Perhaps you didn't understand, this is a order from the governor." Mitch Tyler told Walker who said “perhaps you didn't understand, I said no and that Nicky Swanson would go with her."

“Ranger Walker this is not up for discussion, you are to go with Miss Summers whether you like it or not." Tyler informed Walker.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I'm not going?” Walker asked.

“You go with Miss Summers or lose your badge." Tyler snapped at Walker who opened his office door and summoned Trivette in. After Trivette entered the office Walker said to him “Trivette, this is Mitch Tyler from the governor’s office. He has decided that I am to go on tour with Miss Summers. I decided that Nicky Swanson can go on tour instead. I have just been informed that either I go on tour or I lose my badge. You can take care of things here Trivette.”  Walker said and then removed his badge and took his gun out of the holster and laid them both on his desk and walked out without saying another word.

Picking Walker's badge up Trivette said to Tyler “I think you just got your answer about Walker going on tour with Merilee Summers. Now I suggest that you go tell the governor that Walker resigned while I inform Commander Harland.  Goodbye."

Chapter Eleven

Alex was very surprised when Walker entered their house and asked “Walker, what are you doing here?”

“I live here remember?”  Walker snapped back and then softening his tone said to her “Trivette's called you, hasn't he?”

“No, he hasn't called me. What's going on?” Alex questioned.

“What's going on is that the governor’s aide Mitch Tyler has informed me that I could go on tour with Merilee until she leaves Texas.”  Walker answered Alex.

“Did you jump at the chance?” Alex snidely questioned Walker who got mad and said “no, I told him that Nicky Swanson could go instead because I wasn't going with Merilee Summers."

“So Nicky Swanson is going instead of you?” Alex asked.

“I don't know.”  Walker said to Alex who asked “why don't you know? You're the Captain in charge of the Dallas office of the Texas Rangers."

“Not anymore. Tyler told me that either I go along on tour with Merilee or I lose my badge, so I resigned.”  Walker stated.

A shocked Alex said “but Walker, the Texas Rangers are your life. You can't quit the Rangers, they need you."

“No Alex, you and the children are my life.  As for the Rangers, Trivette is capable of taking care of things.”  Walker replied.

“Walker, I never wanted to cost you your badge." Alex protested.

“Alex, you haven't. I made the choice, I will not go on tour with Miss Summers. I have hurt you too much because of her. My badge is not worth my family.”  Walker said.

“I don't want you to regret giving up the Rangers because of what's happened." Alex said as she wiped away a stray tear and Walker with tears in his eyes also said to his wife “Alex, the only thing that I will regret is not going along with my gut feeling that being in bed with Merilee was wrong."

“That's not the impression I got, you looked like you were enjoying yourself from the way you moaned 'oh god Merilee, don't stop.'" Alex angrily told him.

“Alex, this is the last time that I'll tell you how sorry I am about it and I am so very sorry. Alex, when I was saying 'oh god Merilee don't stop.' I was telling her don't, to stop because it felt wrong.”  Walker tried to explain.

“Walker answer this for me; were you aroused?” Alex demanded of her husband who took a deep breath and while turning red replied “at first I was but then I got the feeling that it was wrong right before you walked into the room and I uhm stopped being aroused."

“How do I know that you're telling me the truth? How do you expect me to trust you ever again?” Alex questioned.

“I know that you may never trust me again and that is my biggest regret. Your belief in me has kept me going when I had nothing else to keep me going.”  Walker honestly answered his wife who began to cry and said to him “I see you with another woman and there's a part of me that still wants to jump into your arms but the other part of me can't stand to be hurt like that again. I don't know what to do or who to believe anymore."

“I know Alex and until you can trust me again I'll stay down here. I'll get my things now while Angela's at school.”  Walker said to Alex who told her husband “what I saw when I walked in on you two has devastated me beyond anything else ever could.  You were the one person that I could trust no matter what and now I don't feel as though I can ever trust you again. Walker, what happens if I can never trust you again?”

“After some time has passed and you find that you can't trust me again, we'll deal with it then. In the meantime we'll both be here for our children, okay?”  Walker asked Alex who nodded her head okay and then after wiping away her eyes changed the subject by saying to him “Caroline is coming out here to help Betty with the triplets, I'm going to take Ray to the store with me. Do you need anything?”

“Can I come with you?” Walker asked Alex hoping to spend some time with her. Alex answered Walker “you hate going shopping."

“Not always and besides, I don't have anything else to do right now. I'll just go and make sure that Ray's clean and ready to go.”  Walker said as he left the room.

Chapter Twelve

As they were driving to the store Walker grumbled “I don't know why we didn't take the truck. At least I would be the one driving."

“Because it was easier to take my van since Ray's booster seat is in it. It's too much hassle to put it into your truck. Walker if you're going to complain all the way to the store, I can stop the van and you can get out and walk back home. Can't you just sit there and be quiet, like Ray is?”  Alex asked Walker.

“Daddy, when you're bad you have to tell Mommy that you're sorry. She makes me say that I'm sorry." Ray told Walker who laughed and said “okay Mommy, I'm sorry and I promise to behave myself."

When they were in the store shopping Alex told her husband “we need some potatoes, go to the produce aisle and get me some, will you?”

“Alex, we walked right by the potatoes, why didn't you get some then?” Walker questioned Alex who said to him “your oldest son distracted me, now please go get me some potatoes.”  Walker went and got the potatoes, as he was returning with them he noticed that a man had approached Alex.

“So Cahill babe, it's been what ten years?” The man asked Alex who didn't answer him but instead tried to steer the grocery cart around the man who grabbed her arm. Alex looked at him and said to him “remove your hand now."

“Come on babe, aren't you interested?” He asked.

Taking his finger Alex bent it back and said “I wasn't interested years ago and I'm not interested now. Go away."

Walker said to him” She told you that she wasn't interested, now leave her alone."

“Mind your own business." The man snapped at Walker who said “she's my wife, so it's my business, understand?” Giving up the man moved away from Alex and Walker said as he put the potatoes in the grocery cart “I didn't know if you wanted the red-skinned ones or the Idaho spuds, so I got both."

“Yes, I can see that." Alex answered as she began pushing the cart to the checkout.

“Do you want to tell me who that man was?” Walker asked Alex.

“Nobody important, he used to work as a law clerk in the D.A.'s office when I first started there and he constantly hit on me. He left after a number of women complained about his behavior." Alex replied.

After they had loaded the groceries in the van Alex asked Walker “I need to run into the drug store and pick something up, can you stay in the van with Ray?  I won't be long.”  Walker agreed and Alex went in the drug store, as she was leaving she was accosted by the same man who had been hitting on her in the grocery store.  He again grabbed her arm and when Alex tried to get away from him  Alex fell and twisted her ankle. He took off as Walker who had already removed Ray from his booster seat hurried to Alex and then kneeling besides his wife asked “Alex, are you okay? Do you need me to take you to the doctor?”

Grimacing in pain Alex nodded yes. Alex was taken to the doctor who told her that she had sprained her ankle, to stay off of it for the several weeks and to avoid walking up the steps. When they were driving back home Walker said “you'll have to sleep in the downstairs bedroom." Alex questioned Walker's sanity “are you insane, there's no way that I'm sleeping in that room."

“I'll bring our bed down and take the other bed upstairs if that would make you feel better but you are not going to be walking up the steps to go to bed until after your ankle heals.”  Walker told Alex who sighed and looked out the passenger's window.

Chapter Thirteen

When they got to the house Walker insisted that Alex wait in the van until he had unloaded the groceries and taken Ray into the house. When he was done doing that he came back out and opened the passenger's door to pick her up.  Objecting Alex said “just hand me the crutches, will you?”

Getting the crutches Walker handed them to her and stepped back, after Alex was seated on the couch he said to her “Alex, I'll bring the bed down after we've eaten dinner, okay?”

“I'd rather sleep upstairs so that I can hear the children." Alex answered Walker who said to her “how about I sleep upstairs and listen for the children?”

“How do you plan on doing everything that needs done at night?” Alex questioned.

“Well, I thought that when it's time for the children to go to sleep you could read Ray and Angela their bedtime stories while sitting on the couch and as for the triplets, you can put them to sleep down here and I'll carry them up to bed after they are asleep.”  Walker answered Alex who said “okay I guess, but I want a baby monitor put down here so that I can hear them, Sam still wakes up at night sometimes."

“He does? What about Michaela and Cooper?” Walker asked Alex.

“Just Sam and it's not too often, he'll go right back to sleep if you rock him a little bit.  If he wakes up I'll just rock him back to sleep." Alex answered her husband

“How do you plan on getting upstairs to rock him asleep?” Walker inquired.

“Come to think of it, you'd better put the monitor in your room." Alex replied and then after taking a deep breath added “you don't need to go to all the trouble of changing the beds. I'll just sleep on the bed that's all ready in that room."

“Are you sure Alex? It wouldn't be any trouble for me to change the beds.”  Walker said.

“I'm sure. Now since I can't drive, you had better go and get Angela from the school bus stop. Her bus stop is at the end of our private lane where it meets the state route. You have to be there in a little bit. Make sure you get out of your truck so that the driver knows that it's you." Alex informed Walker who said to her “well at least I'll be driving my truck." then he left the house to get Angela.

Once Angela came back home she started telling Alex all about her first day of school as a big kid. After she finally stopped talking and went and played with her toys Walker teasingly said to Alex “well, it looks like we have another lawyer in the family. I swear that she talked for ten straight minutes."

“Are you trying to say that I never shut up?” Alex questioned Walker who said “no hon, what I'm trying to say is like mother, like daughter. Both very pretty and both can talk forever."

“I don't know, I really think that Angela gets her verbal skills from her father." Alex teased him back and Walker just looked at her then finally he said “yeah right."  Then changing the subject he asked “what do you want for dinner tonight?”

“That depends on who's making it." Alex answered him.

“Whoever I call.”  Was Walker's answer and both Angela and Ray said “pizza Daddy."

So they had pizza for dinner. When they were done eating dinner the doorbell rang and Walker answered it. Commander Harland of the Texas Rangers was standing there.

Walker invited him in and after they were seated in the living room Walker asked him “Commander Harland, what brings you here?”

“Walker you know what brings me here, your resignation from the Texas Rangers.” Harland said and then turning to Alex said “Mrs. Walker, I don't know what happened this weekend between your husband, you and Merilee Summers and I don't want to know. But whatever happened was no reason for a good man to quit the Rangers. Mrs. Walker, what I am saying is that I want you to withdraw your demand that your husband quit the Rangers. I'm sure that things can be worked out with the governor regarding his resignation."

Walker said to him “Commander Harland, the resignation was my idea and my wife had nothing to do with it. I resigned because I would not give into Tyler's demand that either I personally escort Miss Summers on her tour or I lose my badge. There is a perfectly capable female ranger by the name of Nicky Swanson who can go on tour with Miss Summers. I do not give into attempted blackmail and if that's how the governor sees fit to run the Rangers I will not be a part of them.”

“That's not what Tyler told the governor, he said that you quit because Mrs. Walker has always been somewhat jealous of Miss Summers.  That something happened this weekend and Mrs. Walker demanded that you quit the Rangers because of it or she would divorce you." Harland told the Walkers.

“Commander Harland, while it is true that I dislike Miss Summers, I would never demand that Walker give up being a Texas Ranger. As far as I know my husband resigned because it was either that or get fired by the governor according to Tyler when Walker as the Captain in charge of the Dallas office of the Texas Rangers assigned Nicky Swanson to go on tour with Miss Summers instead of himself.  If the governor was told something different by Mr. Tyler, then he was lying to the governor. Commander Harland I have always been very proud to be the wife of Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers, I want him to keep on being a Ranger, I believe that the State of Texas needs him." Alex told Harland who said to them “Captain Walker, I have not officially accepted your resignation. As for Nicky Swanson going on tour with Miss Summers the governor will have no objections. I'll talk to the governor myself and get this straightened out. Now Mrs. Walker, how long is it supposed to take for that ankle of yours to heal?”

“I’m supposed to try and stay off of it for two weeks." Alex answered Harland who then said” Good, it's settled then. Captain Walker you are officially on family medical leave for the next two weeks in order to help your wife and then you will be back at work, any questions?”

“No.”  Walker answered and Harland then left.

Chapter Fourteen

About ten days later after the children were all asleep Walker came back downstairs for a glass of water and as he was passing the bedroom he heard Alex moaning. So Walker entered the bedroom to find out that Alex was having a nightmare.  She was saying “no Walker, don't. I'm your wife not her." Before he could leave the room Alex woke up and asked him “what are you doing in here?”

“I was getting a glass of water and I heard you moaning and I thought that you were in pain, so I came in here to check on you. Are you okay?”  Walker asked her.

“I'm not in pain. I was having a nightmare." Alex told him and Walker asked her” Do you want to talk about it?”

“You divorced me and went and married Merilee." Alex answered her husband.

“Alex, that will never happen.”  Walker replied as he sat down on the bed besides her and Alex questioned him “we're not making love anymore and you have a strong sex drive. Walker, what happens if I never again trust you enough to make love with you? Will you leave me then?”

“I will not leave you Alex. Honey, you are the only woman on the face of this earth that I want to be married to. My strong sex drive as you put it is only for you, no other woman has ever made me desired them the way I desire you or as often.”  Walker sincerely told his wife.

Blushing slightly Alex said “well no man has ever been able to drive me crazy with wanting him the way I want you, so there."

Walker smiled and went to get up from the bed when Alex reached for him and kissed him. Walker kissed Alex back and they fell backwards onto the bed. They quickly undressed and as Walker was lowering his kisses from Alex's mouth to her breasts he noticed that she wasn't responding. Sitting up he asked her “honey, what's the matter?”

“I'm sorry Walker but I just can't make love with you in this bed." Alex tearfully answered him and Walker turned away from her. Putting her hand on his back Alex added “I didn't mean to lead you on like this. I really wanted to make love with you but I just can't. I'm sorry."

Turning back around Walker said “it's okay Alex, really."

“How can you say that it's okay? You're all ready to go and I turn you down after I instigated lovemaking. Aren't you upset with me?” Alex questioned him.

“Alex, I'm not upset with you. As for me be ready to go; a cold shower will take care of that. You try and get some sleep okay?”  Walker responded.

“Walker you have to be mad at me. Why won't you admit it?” Alex demanded.

“Alex I am not mad at you. I understand you not being able to make love with me in this bed. I'm just glad that you're t least thinking about making love with me after what I did.”  Walker answered Alex who then said “Walker you're still aroused, if you really need to make love I'll go along with it."

“No, not like that. Alex when we're both ready to make love again, we will. I want you only if you want me and only when you want me.”  Walker said to Alex who said “okay Cowboy, point made."

Walker got up and left the bedroom and took a cold shower. The next morning Alex asked him “are you okay?”

Kissing her on the cheek Walker said “I'm fine honey."

“You're not mad about last night?” Alex questioned him and Walker said “no." After looking in his eyes Alex realized that he was being honest with her so she dropped it.

Later on that day Trivette called Walker up “hey man, is there any chance that you can come help us out with the Meachim bust?”

“Sure, I'll be there in an half an hour.”  Walker answered Trivette and then looked at Alex who said to him “go. I'll be fine.  Just make sure you come home in one piece, okay?” Smiling Walker said “yes dear." Then he left the house.

Hours later Walker entered the house to find that Alex had fallen asleep on the couch while waiting for him to come home. As he picked her up to take her into the downstairs bedroom Alex woke up and said “where are you taking me?”

“To bed.”  Walker answered as he kicked open the bedroom door.  Just then Sam began crying and Walker started to place Alex on the bed when she asked him “please honey, take me upstairs. I want to rock Sam until he's asleep again.”  Walker carried her upstairs into the nursery where she quietly rocked Sam until he was asleep. Walker placed him back in the crib and said to Alex “come on I'll take you back downstairs."

Waving him off Alex said “no. I want to sit in here for awhile. Why don't you go get your shower and when you're done you can take me back downstairs, okay?”

“Okay but only because it's a waste of time arguing with you.”  Walker said to Alex who smiled and told him “that's because I'm always right." A smiling Walker then left the nursery. When Walker was done with his shower he went into the bedroom to find that Alex was in their bed.  Looking up she asked him “care to join me Cowboy?”

“Alex just one question, do you trust me not to hurt you again?”  Walker asked Alex as he stayed near the bathroom door.  Pulling the covers down on his side of the bed Alex answered “yes, I trust you not to hurt me. As for what happened with Merilee I don't blame you anymore. Now please get into bed will you?”  Going over to the bed Walker dropped his towel and said to Alex “I always listen to my wife, that is when she's naked." Then he got into bed with her and they made love. When they were done Alex said to him “last night, when I got you excited but wouldn't do anything I realized something."

“What honey.”  Walker asked Alex.

“I realized that you won't demand anything of me that I wasn't ready to give, that I did trust you completely.  Walker, last night you were aroused and I made you leave in that state and you didn't utter a word of complaint because you put my interest first as you always do.  I realized then that I trusted you because I knew that you won't hurt me or demand sex from me.  In those circumstances a lot of other men would have demanded sex but not you and I knew that. I had just forgotten that fact for a little while. I always have felt so safe with you and I always will. I love you Cordell." Alex said to Walker who pulled her close and shyly asked her “care to prove that to me?”

“You bet Cowboy." Alex answered him as they again made love.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, the Norris brothers and C.B.S. do and neither I or this story is meant to infringe on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing else.