By Katie 59

Tuesday morning as Walker was entering Ranger headquarters a man handed a piece of paper and told him "You've been served." The man then hurried away. Opening the paper Walker saw that it was a subpoena for the mental competency hearing for Alexia D. Cayman. Walker picked up his phone and called his wife Alex Cahill-Walker. "Hi, it's me. I just got a subpoena for Cayman's hearing."

Alex answered her husband "I figured that you would because I got one too."

Walker questioned "Why you?"

"I guess that we'll find out later today. I already have Caroline coming out here to help Betty with Ray and the triplets. Hopefully this won't take too long because they've been drooling a lot lately and crying. I think that they might be teething. Where does the time go?  It seems like just yesterday that they were born." Alex said to Walker.

"I hope that they're not teething quite yet. As for time going so quickly it seems like just yesterday when you finally married me and you are as beautiful now as you were then." Walker replied.

"About the teething, having them crying at the same time isn't going to be fun. And you're as handsome as you were on our wedding day when I finally got you to the altar." Alex answered. Walker asked her "So what time are you going to be here?”

"Just in time for the hearing, if the babies don't start feeling better soon I may have to take them to the doctor's office.” Alex told her husband who said that he would see her when she got there. Trivette entered Walker's office and told him "I've been subpoenaed for Cayman's hearing, what about you?”

"Yes and Alex too." Walker replied.

"I can see you and me being subpoenaed but why Alex?”  Trivette questioned Walker who replied, "Alex doesn't know why but like she said we'll find out later."

"Well Walker, I'd better tell you now in case it comes out at the hearing." Trivette said to him. Walker asked him "Tell me what Trivette?”

"Well I sort of told Cayman that I didn't know how you always managed to get Alex to forgive you for some of the things that you've done, including her finding you on your couch with your old flame on top of you kissing you. Then I told her about Alex finding out about you being in bed with…" Trivette was saying when Walker broke in "Did you have to tell her that? You were just supposed to get friendly with Cayman not tell her those things."

"Well I also hinted that the two of you got married because you had to and that Alex had a miscarriage after the wedding." Trivette added and when he saw that Walker was getting mad defended himself by saying "Hey listen, there were rumors of a miscarriage after your wedding by spiteful people. As for those other two things, they weren't lies and you know that. Walker you were engaged for two years and let's face it sometimes it seemed like you didn't want to get married to Alex. So of course some people thought that you had to get married."

"Yeah, I know how it looked and I regret waiting as long as I did to marry Alex. I should have married her as soon as she was healed from being shot by Carl Storm." Walker answered Trivette and then they turned their attention to Ranger business.

Chapter Two

At the hearing Joseph Watson, the defense attorney who was an old foe of Alex's from her days as a Assistant District Attorney requested of Judge Meane "Your honor because of the actions of Cordell Walker and his friend James Trivette my client Alexia D. Cayman has been subjected to incarceration at a mental health facility when in fact she is as competent as you and I.  Furthermore anything my client did she was coerced into doing by Cordell Walker who was aided by James Trivette. I will prove this when I cross-examine the both of them. Also I would like to call Alex Cahill to the stand as a hostile witness and subpoena her medical records."

Phil Holland objected "Your honor both Captain Walker and Ranger Trivette are here and willing to testify but as to Mrs. Walker, she wasn't a party to this case and there is no reason for her to testify. As for Mrs. Walker's medical records, nothing in them has any bearing on this case and there is no valid legal reason to subpoena them."

Watson responded "Your honor my client was told by Ranger Trivette in an effort to 'gaslight' her that Alex Cahill had a miscarriage shortly after her marriage to Walker and that was why he married her, because he had to. Also Trivette told Miss Cayman other things about the Walker marriage in an attempt to get my client to believe that Walker was interested in her sexually, that's why they ended up in bed together at the hotel Walker was staying at while supposedly separated from his wife. It was a classic setup of a woman who when she attended law school with Alex Cahill was belittled by Alex Cahill at every turn because Alex Cahill was the daughter of Gordon Cahill and rubbed my client's face in the fact that she was receiving special treatment because of it. Then when Miss Cayman got the job here Walker began throwing himself at her and Trivette led her to believe that she had a shot at Walker when the both of them were really setting her up to be further humiliated, it's no wonder that Miss Cayman became distraught when she was being questioned by Ranger Trivette. Your honor, what else was my client supposed to do or say for that matter?  I need those medical records to prove my case. Furthermore I have concerns about how valid the confession is because of how distraught my client was when Ranger Trivette coerced it from her."

Judge Meane thought it over and then ruled "You have a point Watson but we have to determine if Miss Cayman is mentally fit to stand trial before we do anything else." The judge then picked up the mental evaluation report and after reading it he ruled, "It is my ruling that Miss Cayman is fit to stand trial. The preliminary hearing will take place Friday morning, as to Alex Cahill's medial records you may subpoena them."

Phil Holland objected "Your honor, the medical records of Alex Cahill-Walker have no bearing on this case and to subpoena them is an attempt by defense counsel to upset Mrs. Walker, nothing more."

Judge Meane slammed his gavel down and said, "I've made my ruling. All parties are to be here Friday morning at ten." He then left the courtroom as Alex said to her husband "We have to talk about my medical records tonight."

"Talk about your medical records, why? I was there when you fell down the steps and lost the twins, remember?” Walker questioned his wife who answered "I have to go now, I'll see you later." Alex then practically ran out of the courtroom leaving a very puzzled Walker behind.

Chapter Three

That night as they were getting ready for bed Walker said to his wife "Okay Alex, why do we need to talk about your medical records?” Alex answered him "Because the miscarriage that I had when I lost the twins wasn't the only one that I had."

"When did you have the other miscarriage? Was it before we met?” Walker questioned Alex and she replied "Right after the DeMarco case ended."

Walker got mad and snapped at her "You told me that you didn't sleep with Dalton back then when we were protecting him during the DeMarco case. I should have known when you came out of his camper that morning that you spent the night having sex with him."

Getting mad herself Alex answered "I didn't have sex with Dalton that night. I was only in there a couple of minutes to plead with him to accept protection before either one of you got hurt and that's why you saw me coming out of his camper that morning."

Getting even madder Walker asked "You slept with someone else after our white water rafting trip? You told me that I was the only man you'd been with after that, how could you lie about something like that to me?”

"I didn't lie to you, you are the only man that I've been with since that rafting trip and you know that." An angry Alex answered.

Walker demanded, "Alex, exactly what are you telling me?”

"I lost your baby then." Alex replied knowing full well that Walker would get upset which he did all but yelling at her "Damn it Alex, if I had gotten you pregnant then you should have told me, I would have married you to give the baby a name."

"I know that Walker, will you please let me explain?” Alex pleaded with her husband who said, "Okay, but it had better be a damn good one."

"I realized that after the DeMarco case ended that I was pregnant. Even though you had turned your back on me after our white water rafting trip and had all but shoved me into Dalton's arms I..." Walker angrily told her "I did no such thing. You threw yourself at him."

"The only man I ever threw myself at was you and that didn't do me a whole lot of good, did it? After we had sex on that rafting trip you acted like it meant nothing to you." Alex snapped back and then after taking a deep breath added, "Walker, I stood there and asked you what I was going to do and you told me that Dalton loved me. You never said anything about caring for me yourself or even so much as hint that you would ever be interested in a relationship with me. Now as I was saying when you interrupted me, I was going to tell you about the baby the morning after the DeMarco case ended and we met at your ranch. If you remember I told you that I had something that I needed to tell you but you told me that there was nothing more important to you than going to the reservation and for me to have a nice life with Dalton. Then you got into your truck and drove away from me. I then decided that I would tell you after you got back, I invited you to lunch but you refused. I called and left you so many messages that you never returned. So I just started to tell you on the courthouse steps when I saw you standing there with Jimmy but you brushed by me and when I grabbed your arm to get you to stop and listen to me you jerked your arm way. I fell down several of the steps and when I asked you for a ride to the hospital you refused. So I asked you again for a ride and you told me to stop being a baby, then you left. Trivette offered to ride me to the hospital but I needed to tell you about the baby so I got in my car and started to follow you to the ranch. On the way there I had some really bad cramps, I made it to the doctor's office but I lost the baby." Alex explained.

"You should have told me about the baby no matter what Alex." Walker said to Alex who asked him "Told you what? That I was pregnant with your child but lost it? When exactly was I supposed to tell you that? The baby was gone and I didn't think that you cared for me because at the time you were sure acting like you didn't. Walker, I didn't know about Uncle Ray then and after I found out about him I didn't tell you about the miscarriage because I didn't want you to hurt any more than you already were hurting. I'm sorry."

Without saying a word to his wife Walker put his boots on and left.

Chapter Four

When Walker returned to the house he found Alex in the nursery, she was walking around holding a crying Cooper. Spotting Walker Alex said to her husband "Cooper has a slight fever and I think that he's teething because when I felt his gum before I thought that I felt a bump. Here feel his gum and tell me what you think." Alex handed the baby to Walker who felt Cooper's gum and then said, "I think that you're right about my son getting a tooth. What do you plan to do about it?”

"We have some baby oral-gel, I'll just put some on his gum." Alex answered as she did just that. Then Alex took Cooper back from her husband and told him "I'll just stay in here with them tonight, you go ahead to bed." Walker questioned, "What about my other babies Sam and Michaela, are they teething too?”

"Michaela maybe, I thought that I felt a bump in her gum before she went to sleep without any problem. As for Sam, he hasn't been as fussy as the other two so I don't think that he's teething yet." Alex replied.

Walker asked her "If the other two are teething, why isn't Sam?"

"The baby doctor said that because Sam was smaller than the other two when they were born he might do things a little later than them." Alex explained to Walker who then told her "Yet another thing you forgot to tell me."

Trying to keep control of her temper Alex replied "I didn't forget to tell you what the baby doctor told me about Sam. I told you but you didn't want to hear it anymore than you.... Never mind this is getting us nowhere."

"So tell me Alex, is there anything else that you've kept from me? You know any other husbands or lovers. After all I only found out about Tony Seville after he ended up dead in your bed." Walker snidely said to Alex.

"No Walker, I am so sorry that I didn't tell you about the baby then but you were so determined not to listen to me. You are so mule headed and stubborn at times that you just won't listen to anyone about anything including me." Alex replied causing Walker to snap at her "You're not telling me about my baby is my fault now. So what else do you blame me for Alex?”

            "I know that my not telling you about the baby was my fault and that you're really upset with me right now. I could tell you that I'm sorry for the rest of my life but that won't change what's already happened." Alex answered wiping her tears away. Ignoring the tears Walker curtly said "Good night." Then he left the nursery, went into the bedroom and slammed the door shut.

Chapter Five

            At the preliminary hearing Watson filed a motion to have the confession thrown out and Judge Meane said that he would rule on it later. Holland called both Walker and Trivette to the stand and they testified about what had happened. Joseph Watson declined to cross-examine either one of them surprising Phil Holland. Dr. Halpern and Kay then testified and the only questions that they were asked by Watson were about some minor details. Phil Holland then rested his case and Watson asked that Alex Cahill be sworn in as a hostile witness, which she was.

Watson asked her "Miss Cahill, did you know a Alexia D. Cayman in law school?” Alex answered "As a classmate."

"Isn't it true Ms. Cahill that when the both of you attended law school together you went out of your way to belittle my client because you were Gordon Cahill's daughter?”  Watson question Alex who replied "No."

"Are you not in fact Gordon Cahill's daughter?” Watson asked while writing something down.

"Yes, I was until he died last year." Alex responded.

"Now that we've established that fact, isn't it also true that you took every opportunity to belittle my client with the fact that your father Gordon Cahill had insured you a free ride through law school?” Watson questions her.

"No, I did not." Was Alex's answer and Watson again questioned "You didn't rub my client's face in the fact you were receiving special treatment all through law school because of you famous father?”

            "No, I didn't do that because I had no free ride through law school and received no special treatment because of my father. I paid my way through college and law school on my own; my father was estranged from me at the time and didn't help me with expenses for either one. Nor did he contact any of the professors at law school because he was unaware that I was even attending law school due to the fact he made no effort to contact me after he walked out on my mother and me when I was sixteen." Alex calmly replied.

Switching tactics Watson then asked her "Wasn't it in fact your idea Ms. Cahill to have Ranger Trivette lie to Miss Cayman and tell her those lies about your husband? You know when Trivette told her that you had found another woman kissing your husband in your home and the alleged time he was known to be in bed with another woman. That you would forgive him just about anything? That these lies were part of an effort to get my client into bed with your husband at that hotel in an attempt to further humiliate her?”

Alex answered stunning him "Those two incidents weren't lies, they really happened." Quickly recovering his wits Watson demanded, "Do these women have names or are you committing perjury?”

Alex coolly replied, "The names are Merilee Summers and Patricia Sutcliffe-Wallingford. "Not giving up Watson asked her "What about the lies about your miscarriage? Isn't it a fact that you've never had one?”

Still calm on the outside Alex answered him "I had two miscarriages."

Watson sneeringly questioned, "When did they happen? Or is that another one of your lies? Don't forget your medical records have been subpoenaed and we'll know if very quickly if you're committing perjury."

Phil Holland said "Objection, your honor this line of questioning has no purpose other than to upset Mrs. Walker." Judge Meane replied "Over ruled, answer the question."

 Alex answered, "The first one was about eight years ago and the second one happened two years ago."

Watson persisted in trying to upset Alex by asking “Really who was the father? Or were there two different fathers?”

"Cordell Walker was the father both times." Alex replied and Watson said "If he was the father both times, why didn't he marry you the first time he got you in the family way? Or did he deny paternity?”

Alex answered "Walker didn't marry me then because I didn't have time to tell him about the baby before I miscarried it."

Phil Holland stood up and objected again "Your honor, this line of questioning has nothing to do with the matter at hand, whether or not Miss Cayman drugged Captain Walker in a effort to get back at Mrs. Walker for the things that Miss Cayman thinks happened when they attended law school together."

"Wrap it up Watson." Meane told Watson who said that he had no further questions. Alex left the courtroom very quickly without looking at her husband. Judge Meane then said "It is my opinion that the confession of Miss Cayman is inadmissible due to the fact that it was coerced from a obviously distraught woman by one of the parties to this case. Since the confession is the basis for this case I am dismissing the charges."

Phil Holland pointed out "Might I remind your honor that Miss Cayman has threatened to poison the Walker children and then Mr. and Mrs. Walker?”

"Mr. Watson, advice your client to stay away from the Walkers.” Meane said. Holland then told him "I plan to refile the charges your honor."

"So noted Holland. Court dismissed." Judge Meane said and somewhat stunned Walker and Trivette left the courtroom followed by Phil Holland.

Chapter Six 

In the hallway Phil Holland assured Walker "Don't worry, I'll refile the charges and Cayman will be re-arrested." Walker just walked away without replying so Trivette hurried after him saying "Hey Walker, wait up man." After Walker stopped Trivette tried himself to assure Walker "It will be okay. Cayman will be in jail before she can harm your family."

Walker ruefully said "Yeah my family."

Growing concerned Trivette asked "Is there something wrong with Alex or one of the children?” Walker replied "Never mind Trivette."

Trivette questioned, "That must have been hard on Alex to have to talk about the two miscarriages. How come you guys never told us about the first one?”

"Because I wasn't told about it until Tuesday night when Alex finally got around to telling me. Damn it Trivette, how could she have kept something like that from me all these years?” Walker said obviously upset with his wife.

"That doesn't sound like Alex to me, maybe she had a good reason not to tell you about the miscarriage." Trivette told Walker who responded "Alex claims that she tried to tell me about the baby at the time but that I wouldn't listen to her. It was after the DeMarco case ended."

"Wasn't the DeMarco case shortly after that white water rafting trip she took you on?” Trivette asked Walker who nodded yes.  Trivette then said, "Man I remember how happy Alex was after you guys came back from that rafting trip. I remember thinking to myself, now there's a woman in love. One day shortly after that when she came looking for you at headquarters and when I told her that you had left town without telling her Alex looked just like she did the time you fell for Merilee, like her heart had been broken."

Now mad Walker said "She should have told me about it no matter what."

"All I know Walker is that after we came back from protecting Dalton Alex said that he had asked her to wait a year for him to finish the circuit but that she couldn't because of you. When I asked her why Alex said that she really had to talk to you but that you were avoiding her. I suggested that she go to your ranch to talk to you but Alex said that she had already tried that and you had driven away from her without looking back. Walker maybe Alex really did try to tell you about the baby before the miscarriage and then after she lost the baby figured why bother? After all you weren't exactly treating her decently at the time, were you?” Trivette said.

"There is no excuse for not telling a man that you're carrying his child." Walker insisted and getting mad himself Trivette said "Maybe Alex would have if you had bothered to stop and talk with her like she wanted to. You brushed her off because you were upset about your Uncle Ray, which by the way you didn't tell any of us about including Alex."

Then softening his tone Trivette asked, "When did Alex have the miscarriage?”

"She said that we were all standing on the courthouse steps and she grabbed my arm to get me to stop and listen to her. Alex said that when I yanked my arm away she fell down some of the steps. She then claimed that she asked me for a ride to the hospital but that I refused to take her."  Walker was saying when Trivette broke in "Alex asked you for a ride twice and you told her to stop being a baby and just left her laying there. I offered to ride Alex to the hospital but she refused saying that she really had to talk to you. Alex then got up and hurried after you."

"Alex said that was when she lost the baby, but still she should have told that much at least." A stubborn Walker said.

"Walker, did it ever occur to you that Alex didn't want to see you hurting anymore than you were already hurting? Alex more than anyone knew how much your Uncle Ray meant to you, given everything there was no way that Alex would have added to your pain then. Alex can't stand to see you hurting for any reason, she's been like that the entire time that I've known her. And another thing, you have been so cold to her at times it makes me wonder what Alex ever saw in you to keep her hanging around until you came to your senses and stopped being such a jerk to her. You have kept things from her too Walker." Trivette then walked away.

Chapter Seven

When Alex returned home Bobbie Hunt the daughter of her nanny Betty Stone was there so after Alex checked on the children she told the nanny "Betty, you go ahead and enjoy your weekend with your daughter and granddaughter."

"Alex, are you sure about me leaving? It seems like Michaela and Cooper may be teething, don't you need me to stay and help you with them?” Betty questioned Alex who replied "I'm sure, Walker will be home in a little bit. Now go please." Betty left with her daughter. About a half an hour later the doorbell rang as Alex was changing Cooper and Angela answered it before Alex could stop her. Angela came into the room with a bunch of flowers in her hand.

Angela said, "Mommy, Daddy sent you some pretty flowers, I want to smell them Mommy." Getting alarmed because she knew that Walker was really mad at her and hadn't sent the flowers Alex said as she got up "No Angela, don't smell them." But Angela smelled them before Alex could get to her. Angela said, "Mommy, these flowers smell funny." Angela then passed out.

Hurrying to her daughter Alex felt for a pulse and after finding one called 911 and explained what had happened, they sent an ambulance and the police because Angela was the daughter of a Texas Ranger. Alex then carefully wrapped up the flowers so that the other children couldn't get to them. Alex called Walker up "Walker, it's me Alex I have to tell you something."

"I don't want to talk to you right now." Walker replied and hung up the phone.

Alex then called Trivette "Jimmy, it's me Alex. Listen, Angela just inhaled some sort of poison off of some flowers that were sent here. The ambulance and the police are on their way here but when I tried to tell Walker about it just now he hung up on me. Trivette can you please tell him what happened?  Walker needs to go to the hospital and stay with Angela until I can get someone out here to watch the other children."

"You got it Alex." Trivette answered and then went into Walker's office "Walker, Angela just inhaled some sort of poison off of some flowers that were sent to your house. She's being rushed to the hospital by ambulance and Alex needs you to go there and stay with Angela until she can make it to the hospital herself."

"What, why didn't Alex tell me about Angela?” A stunned Walker asked Trivette who answered him "Because her jerk of a husband just hung up on her, that's why. Walker just go to the hospital, they are going to need a parent to fill out the paperwork so they can treat Angela. I'll go out to the ranch and let them know about Cayman." Walker ran out of the office and Trivette headed to the ranch.

Chapter Eight

       Walker arrived at the hospital and was greeted by the emergency room nurse who had him fill out the paperwork. While he was doing that Walker questioned her "Where is my daughter Angela? Is she okay?”

"The doctors are looking at her right now. The paramedics said that she came to in the ambulance and appears to be alert. If you'll wait here, I'll see if I can get you an update on her condition." The nurse told Walker and left. About five minutes later Dr. Halpern walked up to Walker and asked him "Walker, what are you doing here?”

"Angela inhaled something off of some flowers there were sent to our house and she passed out, Alex had her rushed here. Can you do me a favor and see how she's doing? I haven't heard anything about my daughter's condition." Walker said to Dr. Halpern who replied "I was called to come here because of a Ranger's daughter being involved in a attempted poisoning. If Cayman wasn't in jail I would think that she had something to do with this."

"She's out, the judge threw out the charges earlier today." Walker answered. Dr. Halpern said to him "I'll let you know as soon as I find anything out." About an hour later Dr. Halpern came out and told Walker "Your daughter is awake and asking for her mother, she'll be fine. Now before you go in there you need to know that the preliminary tests show that Angela inhaled some sort of sedative from the flowers, we'll test to see if it's the same kind that was used on you by Cayman. The doctor treating Angela assured me that she wouldn’t have any lasting effect from it. As a matter of fact he said that most likely she could go home tonight after they observe her for a few hours to be on the safe side."

Walker entered the treatment room Angela was in and she was crying for her mother "Mommy, Mommy, I want my Mommy." Angela spotted her father and pleaded with Walker "Daddy, please take me home to my Mommy."

"I will honey, later." Walker promised her. Angela burst into tears "I want my Mommy, I want my Mommy."

Walker picked her up and said, "How about we call Mommy?" Angela stopped crying and asked him "Can I talk to my Mommy on the phone?”

"Yes Angela, now hold on while I call your Mommy for you." Walker said as he carried his daughter to a pay phone and called his wife "Alex, there's a little girl here who wants to talk to her Mommy." Walker said and then put his daughter on the phone "Mommy, Daddy won't take me home. Mommy tell Daddy to take me home." Angela pleaded with Alex.

"Angela sweetheart, listen your Daddy will bring you home as soon as the doctors tell him that he can." Alex said to Angela who again pleaded to come home "Mommy, please I want to come home now."

"Angela honey, the doctors have to make sure that you're all right before they let you leave the hospital. Now Angela you know that your daddy won't let anything happen to you, right? So be a good girl for Mommy and let the doctors make sure that you're okay. Then Daddy will bring you home I promise." Alex said to her daughter who replied "Okay Mommy."

Walker said "She'll be fine Alex, they're going to release her in a few hours. We'll be home before you know it. They said that Angela inhaled a sedative from the flowers. Now there's no reason for you to come here, just stay there and keep a good eye on the children, okay?”

"Walker, I'm so sorry. I was changing Cooper and Angela answered the door and smelled the flowers before I could stop her. This is all my fault." Alex said to her husband. ”We'll talk about it after I come home but in the meantime don't let any of the other children out of your sight. Judge Meane threw the case against Cayman out and I have no doubt that she did this. Is Trivette still there?” Alex handed the phone to Trivette.

"Trivette, Angela will be okay, she inhaled a sedative from the flowers. We have to stay here for a few more hours, and then I'll bring her home. What did you find out?” Walker questioned.

Trivette answered, "From what the lab said about the flowers Angela was lucky that she only smelled them and not touched them because there was a deadly poison on the stems. If she had touched the flowers the sedative would have knocked her out while the poison was quickly killing her. If this was Cayman's doing and I think that we both know that it is, it was meant for Alex because the note said ' you deserve these'. I've called in the F.B.I. because we're going to need all the help we can get on this one. Don't worry about things here, I'll stay until you're back."

"Thanks Trivette." Walker answered.

Chapter Nine

When Walker arrived home Alex hurriedly took Angela from him and asked her daughter "How's my baby?” A yawning Angela protested, "I'm a big girl, not a baby." Hugging her Alex said, "I forgot. Now young lady it's past your bedtime, kiss your Daddy good night." Angela kissed her father and Alex took her upstairs.

Walker asked Trivette "What else have you found out?”

"The F.B.I. has taken over the case and Joe Prine said that he and the agent in charge will brief you tomorrow. They are pretty sure that this was Cayman's doing but they want to be real careful so that she doesn't get out of it this time. Moody has agreed to hold off on refiling the charges against Cayman at the F.B.I.'s request. Now that you're here I think that I'll head home." Trivette replied.

"Trivette, thanks for everything. About tomorrow, why don't you take the day off and spend some time with your family?  If anything comes up I'll call you, as for work Sydney and Gage can keep an eye on things." Walker suggested to Trivette .”That sounds like a good idea, that is if Erica hasn't gone to see her father again. See you Walker." Trivette then left and after locking up Walker headed upstairs.

Alex was in Angela's room, she looked up when Walker entered and told him "She's asleep." Walker kissed his daughter on her cheek and they moved out into the hallway where Alex said, "Walker, I am so sorry that I hurt you, I never meant to hurt you." When he didn't respond Alex then said "When I was changing Cooper the doorbell rang and Angela answered it before I could get up to do it. Angela brought the flowers into the room and she thought that they were from you so she decided to smell them, but I knew that they weren't from you. I was getting up to stop her from smelling them but I wasn't fast enough. I'm sorry Walker, our daughter almost died today because of me."

"Alex, this isn't your fault, it's that sicko Cayman's fault. I will make sure that she pays for it, I promise." Walker vowed but Alex replied "And if it wasn't for me Cayman wouldn't have drugged you last week and poisoned our daughter today. I'll go away somewhere so that I won't put my family in danger.

Walker asked his wife "Alex, what are you saying?”

"I'm saying that I won't put my family in danger, that I'll leave just as soon as I can get someone out here to watch the children and protect them better that I did today." Alex answered near tears.

Walker questioned her "So you're going to leave us?” Alex explained to him "No, I'm going away so that our children won't be in danger because of me."

"Alex if you leave, do you really think that Cayman will give up just like that?” Walker again questioned Alex who replied "No, I think that she'll follow me and try to kill me and that's okay because my family won't be in danger anymore. Whatever happens to me doesn't matter as long as you and the children are safe."

Walker assured her "Alex, you are not going anywhere. You will stay here with your children and I promise you that they will be safe."

Alex questioned, "You don't hate me and want me to leave?” Puzzled Walker asked, "Why would you think that?”

"When I called you up to tell you about Angela, you were so upset with me that you hung up on me, that's why. I don't blame you for hating me because of what I did all of those years ago. I deserve your anger and your hatred." Alex told Walker who sighed and said, "Alex, after everything settles down, you and I are going to have to talk but until then I don't hate you. Yes, I am very upset that you never told me about the baby but I could never hate you. Now it's getting late, so how about we get some sleep?” After checking on the triplets and Ray the Walkers went into their bedroom. When Alex hesitated getting into bed Walker said "Alex, get into bed already, will you?” Alex got into bed and they both went to sleep, each on their own side of the bed.

Chapter Ten

The next morning Joe Prine came out with the agent in charge of the case, Agent Simms to brief Walker. After they went into the living room Agent Simms asked him "How is the child?” Walker answered "Angela's okay, now what are you doing about Cayman?”

Prine replied "We found where she got the flowers and we have a lead on who delivered them for her. Now all we need to do is to tie her to the poison and the sedative. As for Cayman's motive, I understand that she and your wife didn't get along when they attended law school together. That Cayman took offense that your wife received special treatment and she didn't.”

Alex who had just entered the living room objected, "That's just a little bit backwards, Cayman was the one who get special treatment. It was her and her friends that made my time in law school trying and one of the professors in particular favored her to no end."

Simms questioned Alex "What do you mean that?”

Alex answered him "I mean that from day one Cayman hated me and didn't bother to hide it. Every time I got a good grade she would imply that it was because I was Gordon Cahill's daughter. Cayman was professor Wilson's pet and he gave her special treatment unlike the obvious contempt he harbored for me because I was in his words ' Daddy's little rich girl.' When I pointed out that I was working my way though law school Wilson threatened to dock my grades so I learned to keep quiet about it. Now as to his relationship with Cayman, there were rumors that she was a lot more than just his pet."

"How much more than his pet?” Simms asked Alex who replied "The rumor was that they were having an affair until his wife found out."

Simms again questioned Alex "Did you tell the professor's wife about the affair?”

"No, I didn't. All I remember about that time is that Cayman left school several weeks before the end of the first term and the next term showed up several weeks late but that Wilson squared it with the other professors." Alex told Simms who asked her "Did anybody know why?”

"George Miller said that the rumor was that Cayman got pregnant by professor Wilson and that after first denying being the father he made her get rid of it. He supposedly told Cayman that if she wanted to finish law school and then have a career she couldn't have the baby. That he wasn't about to throw away his comfortable life because of someone like her. His wife was from old money and they lived like it." Alex answered.

"Where does this George Miller live now, do you know?” Simms asked and was told "The last I heard he was a professor at S.M.U." Changing the subject Alex asked him "When are you going to arrest her? I don't want my family in danger anymore."

"As soon as we can, don't worry we have someone keeping an eye on her at all times. Your family will be safe." Joe Prine assured Alex then said to Walker "I have an idea on how to get Cayman but I need to do a little more planning, I'll call you later with the details." Then they left.

"Walker, won't you at least think about my going away somewhere to protect the children?” Alex asked her husband who asked her "Are you that anxious to leave your family?”

"No, I can't go through wondering again if my daughter is going to die because some nut hurt her because of me. I can't stand the thought of my family being in any kind of danger what-so-ever." Alex answered.

"Does that include me?” Walker questioned his wife who looked at him and replied "You most of all. I never want to see you hurting for any reason, ever. That's why I didn't tell you about the baby after I lost it because I didn't want to cause you any more pain. I'm sorry."

Walker said "Me too." Then he started to leave the room but stopped and asked Alex "How far along were you when you lost the baby?”

"About six weeks, the doctor told me that a lot of women miscarry that early and aren't even aware that they were pregnant because they think that they are just having a heavy period and that I should think of the miscarriage in that way. That there was most likely something wrong with the fetus anyhow."  Alex answered her husband.

"Is that why you didn't tell me? Because you found it easier to think of it as a heavy period like the doctor told you to do?” Walker questioned.

"No, I never considered it anything than it was; a miscarriage. Walker, I swear that I didn't tell you after it was over because I could not hurt you like that. If I had told then that I had been carrying your child but lost it, you would have been devastated and I could never do that to you. I knew what the pain of losing a child felt like. I wanted more than anything to be able to crawl into your arms and make the pain go away but you seemed so indifferent to me then and I didn't want to be hurt anymore either." Alex explained to Walker who then asked "Alex, if you hadn't lost the baby, would you have told me about it? Or would you have let me think it was Dalton’s?”

"I would have told you about the baby if I hadn't lost it and the fact that you were the father. I never would have allowed you to believe even for a minute that it was Dalton's." Alex answered her husband and then had a question for him "Walker, if I had been able to tell you about the baby before I lost it, would you have believed me when I told you that you were the father?”

Walker looked at his wife for a minute and then honestly replied "I don't know if I would have believed you or accused you of trying to trap me into marriage when it didn't work out for you with Dalton." The babies started to cry and Alex went up to the nursery.

Chapter Eleven

As part of the plan Walker went to work later on that day where he ran into Cayman who smirkingly asked him "Hey Walker, how's your family? I heard that someone finally took care of Cahill last night."

"My wife is fine, you hurt my daughter and if you don't get out of my face you're going to regret it." Walker told her and then noticing Agent Barlett [Walker had once had a run in with him over some questions he had asked Alex during an investigation.] standing there watching so he growled at him "What are you looking at? Do you want me to give you another lesson on how to treat my wife with respect?” Barlett answered "No." and Walker went into his office. Cayman asked, "What did you do to Cahill that bothered him?”

"Asked her if her husband ever engaged in unusual behavior with her, I had to ask those kinds of questions because of the nature of the case they were involved in. If you ask me they way over reacted by trying to get me fired, as it is I'm on probation because of those two." Barlett told Cayman and then asked her "What's your problem with the two of them?”

Cayman answered, "I have a problem with Miss Cahill. When we were in law school together the professors favored her because of her father Gordon Cahill and now she has everything that I should have without ever having to work for it. She has a picture perfect family and is loaded, thanks to her Daddy's money, it's not right."

"So the rumor is true, that you drugged Captain Walker?  Not that they don't deserve it." Barlett said to Cayman who spit out "Yes I did and I won't stop until I kill her. I was just going to break up her little family by drugging him with 'spark', so he would beat her up but now they will all pay because of her. Cahill should have to pay for what happened in law school and I'm going to see to it that she does. She dies first, then those brats of hers and her husband will die last because he helped her humiliate me at that hotel."

"Aren't you afraid that I'll tell someone what you just told me?” Barlett questioned Cayman who laughed, "No, because I'll deny it and point out that you are lying about me to get off of probation. Besides the charges were thrown out by Judge Meane along with my confession so I have nothing to worry about. If they try to arrest me again I'll just act crazy like I did to get my confession and the charges thrown out and then they will throw the charges out again. So you see, I'm free to kill her anytime I want to and I will."

"Yeah, how do you plan to do that? You screwed up on drugging him and then you poisoned her daughter instead of her. That doesn't sound like you know what you're doing, now does it?” Barlett questioned.

Smiling Cayman answered, "He's here and the daughter knows not to answer the door now so Cahill will and as soon as she touches the flowers that are being delivered to her as we speak that bitch will be dead. I'm here talking to an F.B.I. agent so I have an alibi, also if an ex-con whom had a grudge against Cahill delivered the flowers he'll be blamed and not me. So she'll be dead in just a few minutes. Have a nice day." Cayman said and walked away.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Alex answered the door and took the flowers, and then she told the deliveryman to wait until she got him a tip. Alex then fell to the floor and the delivery man walked over and after looking at Alex smiled and picked up the phone "Cayman it's me, I delivered the flowers to Cahill that you poisoned and she dropped to the floor like you said she would. I think she's having trouble breathing."

Laughing Cayman asked him "Is she really on the floor gasping for breath? Send me a picture with your cell phone so that I know you're telling me the truth." The ex-con did that then he said to her "Here's your picture, now when do I get that reward you promised me?”

Laughing louder Cayman told him "I love this picture, Cahill's finally getting what she deserves. As for your reward, I'm sure that the police will be arresting you shortly for her murder. Thanks to my tip, they already know that you delivered both sets of flowers." The ex-con objected "This was your idea, not mine. You dragged me into this, I'll testify against you Cayman."

"That won't do you any good. I've committed the perfect crime. I had a woman killed who needed it and I have a fall guy in you so I'm home free. You see after you're in prison I can take my time and knock off the rest of Cahill's perfect little family whenever I feel like it." Cayman replied and then hung up.

About two minutes later Barlett entered Cayman's office and told her "Miss Cayman, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Alex Walker." As he placed her in handcuffs Cayman screamed, "What do you mean attempted murder? Why isn't she dead yet? He said that she was gasping for breath."

Smiling Barlett answered "The ex-con was drafted into working for us. Now you have the right to remain silent, so do so because we aren't going to be relying on a confession. Not when we have everything on tape." Barlett then led her away.

Chapter Twelve

When Walker returned home Alex was upstairs in the nursery with the triplets and her two older children. Entering the room Walker smiled as he saw Ray making faces at Sam who was starting to fuss so Walker took his youngest son and said to his wife "It's over."

"Okay." Alex answered as she kept on rocking Cooper. Angela who was standing by Michaela's crib patting the baby asked her father "Daddy, why did Mommy make me and Ray come up here to the babies' room and help her with them until you got home?”

"Because Mommy wanted to keep an eye on all of her children and it was easier to do that with them all in the same room." Walker answered his oldest daughter and then suggested "How about we go for a ride later?”

"Really Daddy, can I ride my baby princess?” Angela questioned him and Walker assured her "You sure can honey and Ray can ride on Thunder with me."

"But what about Mommy? She can't leave the babies by themselves, can she?” Angela asked Walker but Alex answered "This ride is just for Daddy and his two big kids who were such good helpers with the babies. The triplets are going to be sleeping soon and while they are Mommy will make dinner. Angela and Ray, you guys go and enjoy a ride with your father." So after the babies were sleeping Walker took his two older children for a ride, as they were returning to the barn Angela asked him "Daddy, why did Mommy hurt you?”

"What do you mean Angela?” Walker asked his daughter who answered, "Last night after you and Mommy left my room Mommy said that she was sorry that she hurt you and that she never meant to."

Walker questioned, "Did you hear anything else?”

"No Daddy, I fell asleep." Angela answered her father and then asked him "Daddy, you and Mommy are going to kiss and make up, aren't you?”

Walker replied, "Yes."

Later on after all the children were finally asleep the Walkers were leaving the nursery when Walker told Alex "Angela heard you tell me that you were sorry for hurting me."

Alex then asked him "She didn't hear the rest of it did she?”

"No, just the part about you hurting me." Walker assured his wife who while holding back tears said to him "You will never know how sorry I am about that. I don't know how you can stand to be in the same room with me."

"Alex when you found out that you were pregnant with Angela or any of the other times you were pregnant, why didn't you tell me then? Or when you lost the twins?” Walker asked her.

"I didn't say anything those times because I found out that I was pregnant those times after I was six weeks along. Walker when I found out about Angela I was eight weeks along, with Ray it was about three and a half months and with the triplets it was about three months. I truly thought that with each of those pregnancies I was past the point of having a miscarriage and I didn't want to jinx them by bringing the miscarriage up. As for when I lost the twins, we were both devastated by it and I didn't want to bring up past pain, you were hurting enough as it was. I am so sorry, please at least think about forgiving me someday." Alex explained to Walker who said "Okay."

A dejected Alex went into their bedroom followed by Walker who told her "Angela also wanted to know if we were going to kiss and make up."

"I know that it will take you some time before you can forgive me for keeping it from you." Alex answered as she got into bed. Turning down the covers on his side of the bed Walker said, "I told her yes."

Stunned Alex asked "What?” Walker got into bed and replied, "I told our daughter that we would kiss and make up."

Still uncertain Alex questioned "But why?”

"Because I know you Alex and I know that you did try to tell me. That after you lost the baby you didn't tell me because you didn't want me to be hurt anymore. I understand why you did what you did then." Walker answered.

Still not accepting it Alex replied, "You don't have to forgive me, I don't deserve it."

"Mrs. Walker, are you going to have me lie to our daughter? Or are you going to let me kiss you so that we can make up?” Walker teased Alex who answered "No, we can't have you lying to our daughter so I guess that you can kiss me and we can then make up." Then they did exactly that and then some.

Chapter Thirteen

When Alex woke up in her husband's arms she smiled and began to kiss him but Walker pulled back and asked her "Was the baby that you lost all those years ago a boy or a girl?” Sitting up in bed Alex answered, "I don't know, I wasn't far enough along for the doctor to tell me. They can't determine the sex of the baby until the woman's further along."

Walker questioned, "Did you ever think about what might have happened if you hadn't lost the baby? You know what would have happened if you had been able to tell me." Alex replied, "Yes I did but one time I had a horrible nightmare, I hadn't lost the baby and we got married but only after you made me take a blood test to prove that you were the father and not Dalton. You grew to resent being forced into marriage by me and you let me know about it, often. The marriage was in name only. That was another reason that I didn't tell you about the baby after I lost it because even though it hurt there was a part of me that felt maybe it was for the best. I didn't want a husband who didn't want to be married to me. Now, don't get me wrong in my dream you were a great father to the baby but you bitterly resented being married to me."

Walker asked, "Do you really think that it was for the best that you lost the baby?”

"Walker, the doctor told me that there had to have been something wrong with the baby otherwise I wouldn't have lost it. So yes I do because if I hadn't lost the baby we would have gone in another direction and our marriage would not be as great as it is. Walker, a part of me feels that way but there is also a part of me that wished that I hadn't lost the baby." Alex explained to her husband who started to say something when the doorbell rang so Walker pulled on a pair of pants and answered it.

Trivette was standing there and he said to Walker "The feds have Cayman in a federal prison and they have a whole list of charges that they plan to file against her.   They've linked the poison to her so there's no way that Cayman is walking this time. I just thought that you might like to know."

Walker said as he tried to show him the door "Thanks Trivette, I'll see you at work." Resisting Walker's efforts to get him to leave Trivette told Walker "Walker you have to see this from Alex's point of view, she didn't want to hurt you and you've kept things from her too."

Walker replied wishing that he would leave "No, I haven't."

Trivette said "You don't think that Alex would have been hurt to learn that you had a one night stand with Trixie after that white water rafting trip?”

Alex said " Hi Jimmy." Turning around to notice Alex standing there Trivette said "Hi Alex, bye Alex." Trivette then quickly left as Walker asked his wife "You heard what Trivette just said?”

Alex questioned "Yes, did she mean anything to you?”

"No, she didn't. To this day I don't know why I slept with her." Walker explained to his wife who said, "I know why, you were trying to forget the pain of your Uncle Ray's dying. I do understand."

"You aren't upset by it?” Walker asked Alex who answered him "Not really because it was years ago, although if I had learned about it then I would have been very upset. I do understand what it's like to do something like that when you in pain. That's sort of why I became semi interested in Dalton again, to forget the pain of losing you but it was the dumbest thing that I ever did because it almost cost me any chance of being with you again."

Pulling Alex close Walker told her "I love you lady." A smiling Alex said as she took his hand and began leading him back upstairs "Me too Cowboy and when we're back in our bedroom I'll prove it and if I feel like it I'll let you prove it too."

"You'll feel like it." Walker stated as they went upstairs and proved it to each other.

I do not own Walker Texas Ranger. C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither this story nor I is meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show.