By Katie 59

Walker entered his living room Monday evening and questioned his wife in a less than friendly voice, "Alex, do you have anything planned for Valentine's Day? Knowing you, you probably planned something."

Ignoring his tone Alex replied "no I don't have anything planned, why?"

"It's in the middle of the week and I don't think that we should do anything. After all I have to go to work the next day, unlike you who can sit home all day and do nothing." Walker snapped at his wife.

Getting a little mad Alex answered "for your information Cordell Walker, I don't sit around the house all day and do nothing as you put it. I do a hell of a lot during the day. You try taking care of five children and a house." Walker threw his hands up and responded, "okay, I'm sorry that I said anything, after all house work is so hard, isn't it? As for the children you're their mother, it's your job to take care of them and by the way you should be doing a better job of it than what you're doing now. Also is it that time of the month again? You're so damn moody."

"Okay Walker, that's quite enough. You'd better go somewhere right now so that I can cool off and our children don't hear me yelling at you." Alex informed her husband who snatched up his truck keys and told her as he headed to the door "I'll be back, that is if I feel like it, then again with you acting like a shrew maybe I won't be back at all." Then he left slamming the door behind him, as Alex just stood there stunned by Walker's behavior.

Walker returned home after midnight drunk and stumbled into their bedroom. He then woke Alex up by shaking her shoulder. When she was awake he then said to her "I'm home, how about a kiss?" Moving away from him Alex asked, "since when have you taken to drinking?"

"Ever since you turned into a boring housewife. What ever happened to the beautiful woman that I married? You know the one I couldn't wait to get into bed? Now I'm lucky if I can get it up on a regular basis." Walker replied as he fell into bed with Alex. Getting really upset Alex grabbed her pillow and blanket and started to leave the bedroom when Walker demanded of her "get back here. I want to have sex and since you're my wife you'll have to do."

"Go to hell." A furious Alex said to her husband who stumbled from the bed neared her and asked, "what did you say to me?" Backing away Alex replied, "you heard me."

Grabbing his head Walker moaned and then fell back down on the bed where a tearful Alex took his feet and after putting them on the bed said "just sleep it off Walker." Then she left the room very upset with him because Walker had never treated her that way before and as far as she was concerned he wasn't going to start now.

Chapter Two

The next morning Walker was awakened by Alex slamming their bedroom door shut several times, holding his head Walker questioned "Alex, why are you making so much noise?" Alex informed her husband "to wake you up for work, you're late and you slept through the alarm and me trying to wake you up."

Still holding his head Walker asked Alex "well what time is it?"

"Ten, Trivette just called and I told him that you would be in late today, I didn't say why." Alex replied as her husband got up from bed too quickly and promptly fell back down into it. Walker then said "call Trivette back and tell him that I'm not coming in today, I think that I'm coming down with something."

Alex said, "you are not coming down with something, you're hung over." Still holding his aching head Walker protested, "come on Alex, stop kidding around around. You know that I don't drink to the point of getting drunk, I'm coming down with a cold or something."

"When you came home after midnight you were drunk and obnoxious, so don't tell me that you don't drink to the point of getting drunk." Alex told Walker who replied, "I was not drunk last night."

"Yes, you were good and drunk last night. Walker after our fight you stormed out of the house and evidently got drunk. This was after you called me a shrew and then you told me that you would be back if you felt like it." Alex replied.

"Come on Alex, that can't be right. Last night we were watching movies with Ray and Angela, remember we let them stay up a little late?" Walker told Alex who then said, "that was Sunday night, not Monday night."

"This is Monday morning, isn't it?" Walker asked Alex who grew concerned and said to him "honey, it's Tuesday morning not Monday. Don't you remember yesterday at all? Those things you said to me?"

Shaking his head no Walker then questioned Alex "what things did I say to you?"

"Never mind." Alex replied but Walker told her "tell me now Alex."

"Okay, you asked about Valentine's Day plans and after I said that we didn't have any you said you had to go to work the next day while I sat home all day and did nothing. When I pointed out to you that taking care of five children was a lot of work you said that I was supposed to since I was their mother and that I should do a better job of it. Then you asked me if it was that time of the month again because I was being in your words so damned moody. I got mad and told you to go somewhere so that I could cool off and you did after calling me a shrew and then telling me that you would be back if you felt like it." Alex explained.

Walker then questioned her "what about last night, what did I do that was so obnoxious?"

"When you got home drunk you came into our bedroom and shook my shoulder until you woke me up, then you said that you were home and how about a kiss. I then asked you when you had taken to drinking and you told me since I had turned into a boring housewife. Then you asked me whatever happened to the beautiful woman that you married and couldn't wait to get into bed. Then you told me that you were lucky to get it up on a regular basis." Alex was telling her husband when he moaned and asked, "I said those things to you?"

"Yes you did, then you told me that you wanted sex and since I was your wife I would have to do." Alex finished explaining his behavior to Walker who then questioned her "what did you say when I told you that?"

"I told you to go to hell. That's when you got up from the bed and asked me what did I say? Then you fell back into the bed and passed out. Walker, what happened yesterday? Because if you think that you are going to treat me this way you are sadly mistaken." Alex replied. The phone rang before Walker could say anything, it was Trivette and Alex told him that Walker wasn't feeling too good and wouldn't be in at all that day.

"I'm sorry Alex. I don't remember anything about yesterday at all." Walker said
right before he hurried into the bathroom where he got sick.

Chapter Three

After Walker came out of the bathroom a very concerned Alex took him by the arm, led him to the bed where she sat him down. "Walker, I'm going to call Dr. Halpern right now."

"Why Alex?  I'll be okay." Walker said to his wife who replied "I want him to check you over. Walker you had a blackout or something because the way you behaved yesterday isn't like you at all and what's more you don't even remember yesterday. Now just stay here until I call and set you up an appointment."

Getting up from the bed Walker said, "I'm feeling better and I'm going to work."

"No, you're not. I'm calling Dr. Halpern and you're going to be checked out by him whether or not you like it." Alex told Walker who then said to her "you can call him but make the appointment for his office later on today. There's no sense in him driving out here when I can just see him in his office near Ranger Headquarters."

Alex reluctantly agreed "okay, but you have to promise me that you will see him today and no crossing your fingers while you're doing so to get out of it. Walker, honey I'm worried about you."

"Alex, I promise that I will see him today. Now please make the appointment for me while I get ready for work." Walker said and then went into the bathroom to get ready for work.

At Dr. Halpern's office Walker was being examined by Dr. Halpern who asked him "so you're telling me that you don't remember yesterday at all?"

"No, the last thing that I remember before waking up this morning with a hangover is Sunday evening when my wife and I watched some movies with our two older children. Alex said we fought Monday evening and I left the house. That I returned home after midnight and I was drunk. Dr. Halpern, I don't drink to the point of getting drunk." Walker answered him.

Dr. Halpern then asked, "have you ever had blackouts?"

"I've had flashbacks to when I was in Vietnam but never blackouts to where I've lost a whole day." Walker replied and Dr. Halpern told him "okay, we'll run some tests on your blood to see if there is a chemical reason for the apparent blackout you suffered. Also, have you recently had a concussion that you know of?"

"I had a minor one on New Year’s Eve, but I've been perfectly okay since then." Walker informed Dr. Halpern.

"I think that we'll do a C A T scan after we draw your blood for tests." Dr. Halpern told Walker and that's what they did. When everything was done Dr. Halpern suggested "Captain Walker, why don't you take the rest of the day off? I'll let you know if anything shows up from the blood test, however your C A T scan appears normal."

So Walker went home for the rest of the day, greeting Alex he told her "Dr. Halpern is running some tests to see why I had that blackout. He said that my C A T scan appeared normal."

"Okay, are you home for the rest of the day then?" Alex questioned her husband who replied, "yes I am beautiful, how about we make the most of it?"

"I'd love to but the children are awake, is later okay?" Alex asked Walker.

"Later then, I'll take Ray to the barn with me while I see to the horses." Walker said and took his oldest son to the barn.

Chapter Four

Later on that evening after the children were in bed Walker sat on the couch put his feet up and closed his eyes, completely exhausted. Coming into the room and seeing her husband like that Alex became concerned and asked him "Walker, are you okay? Is there something wrong with you?"

Opening his eyes Walker assured his wife "I'm fine Alex, I'm just worn out. I love our children but they are a lot of work. How do you take care of them all day and still look so damn sexy?"

Laughing Alex answered as she sat down on the couch beside Walker "my poor darling, this was a easy day today. Just wait until the triplets start teething and Ray acts up and then Angela needs some attention too. Although I must say Angela's been pretty good about having so much of my attention taken up with first Ray and then the triplets. A lot of my friends say that they have trouble with the older child who find themselves no longer the only child. Angela doesn't seem to be jealous of her siblings at all like other children would be."

"That's because she's always known how much we love her and you've done a good job with making her understand that the babies need more attention when they are young." Walker replied and then pulling Alex closer he suggested to her "how about we go out tomorrow night for a nice dinner and then after we get back home some very romantic dancing in our bedroom."

"No way cowboy." Alex answered causing Walker to become puzzled because Alex always loved going out to a nice dinner and then some dancing later on. He then said to his wife "give me one good reason why we can't go out."

Teasing him Alex replied, "I'll give you three good reasons, their names are Michaela, Cooper and Samuel. Walker after what happened last Valentine's night, there is no way that I'm letting you touch me this Valentine's night."

Teasing right back Walker said "I thought that you enjoyed it, it sure sounded to me like you did from the sounds that you were making."

"Oh, I enjoyed it all right, right up until the labor pains started. That's when I vowed that we would not do anything this Valentine's night." Alex answered Walker and then after kissing him added "I'll have you know that you were making the same sounds that I was so there."

"Yeah but you were louder. Seriously Alex I want to take you out for dinner to make up for my behavior Monday night." Walker replied and Alex told him "oh honey you don't need to make up for then. I knew that something was wrong with you, but if you really want to do some romantic dancing we can do that tomorrow night without going out. After the children are asleep we'll just go into out bedroom, lock the door, light some candles and do some dancing along with other things. How does that sound?"

"Okay by me, that way I don't have to get all dressed up. Come on let's get some rest because you are going to need a lot of energy tomorrow night." Walker said as he pulled her up from the couch and they headed to bed.

Chapter Five

Walker was tossing and turning so much in bed that he woke Alex up. After turning her lamp on Alex reached over to wake him up but Walker said "I'm up, I didn't meant to wake you up."

"Walker, are you okay?" Alex questioned her husband. Sitting up and turning his lamp on Walker answered, "no, I'm not."

"Do you want me to call Dr. Halpern for you?" Alex asked.

"No, don't call him. I was tossing and turning so much because I remembered Monday evening and when I came home after midnight drunk." Walker replied. "oh, okay." Alex said not knowing what else to say.

"Alex, I'm sorry about those things that I said to you on Monday, I didn't mean them but I couldn't stop myself from saying them. It was like I was watching someone else in my body." Walker explained to Alex who told him "honey, that must have been hard on you. It sounds like you were drugged or something. Did you eat any place new or different than you have before?"

"No, I ate at my normal place. You know the deli around the corner from the office that I eat at when I can?" Walker answered.  Alex then asked "well, what about your coffee, did you get it someplace different?"

"Sort of, the new A.D.A. insisted on giving me some at our meeting early Monday morning, as a matter of fact she gave me several cups of coffee. She wouldn't have done anything to them so that's not the answer." Walker replied.

Alex said, "there's a new A.D.A.? What's her name?"

"A Miss Alexia Cayman." Walker told his wife who informed him "I went to law school with a Alexia D. Cayman but I doubt if she's the same one because she would tell anyone who would listen that she was going into corporate law to become wealthy. What does she look like?"

"She's about the same age as you and she looks like you but she's doesn't have your beauty. Do you think that she's the one you went to law school with?"  Walker said to Alex who replied, "Miss Cayman did look like me but according to her and her friends she was the pretty one and I wasn't."

Walker hinted "sounds like you didn't care for her when you went to law school with her."

"More like she didn't care for me. Every chance she got Miss Cayman belittled me with her friends; they made my time in law school horrible. If I did well she implied that the professor was favoring me because I was Gordon Cahill's daughter. I was always hearing from her that I was a little rich girl who had everything handed to me while she was a poor struggling girl from the wrong side of the tracks who was making her way in the world without help unlike me. Never mind the fact that she was on a full scholarship that not only paid her tuition but also paid her living expenses." Alex explained.

Walker then pointed out "your father didn't help you out with college or law school, you paid your own way."

"None of them believed that. Anyhow it's probably not her. The one I went to law school with insisted on her being called Alex by the professors and me being called Cahill because according to her she was pretty like a Alex and I looked like a Cahill; a real plain Jane. This Alexia made no bones about the fact that she was going into corporate law to according to her to become rich like I was and like she deserved to be." After Alex said that she settled back down into bed after turning her lamp off.

"At our meeting she said that she went by Alex and for me to call her Alex. I called her Miss Cayman and she again told me to call her Alex, I told her that my wife's name was Alex and that was an A.D.A or would be one again when she returned to work in the future. Alex, I told her that we would be keeping things on a professional level and she said okay and then handed me another cup of coffee, which I drank. I got a headache later on that afternoon and came home and was rude to you. Alex, you know that I didn't mean to say those things right?" Walker finished with and Alex assured her husband as she snuggled close to him "yes Walker, I know that you didn't mean those things because you never talk to me that way." Then Alex added, "well since we're awake, how about we do some kissing?"

Turning his lamp off Walker answered "tomorrow night lady, just like we planned."

Chapter Six

The next morning as Walker was getting ready to leave for work Alex handed him a thermos of coffee and told him "here, take this to work with you. I brewed you some coffee just the way like it, that way you won't have to get a cup from that new A.D.A." Taking the thermos Walker teased "I can't believe it, you're jealous that Cayman gave me some coffee."

"I am not jealous, it's just that after what happened on Monday I don't want to take the chance of someone slipping something into your coffee. Walker, we don't know who did what to you or why, now do we?  So until we figure what is going on, will you please drink only this coffee that I made for you?" Alex asked him.

"Okay Alex. Now you leave all of arrangements for tonight to me." Walker said to Alex who then asked her husband "what time should I be ready to go?"

"At seven o'clock on the dot. I'll also arrange the babysitting. See you later." Walker replied and then left for work where A.D.A. Cayman was waiting for him in his office "Cordell, do you have some time for a meeting?"

"Ms. Cayman, my name is Walker, please address by that name in the future. What did you want to meet with me about?" Walker told the newest A.D.A. who tried again by saying "please call me Alex and I'll keep on calling you Cordell. What's the harm in us being on friendly terms? As for what I wanted to talk to you about, I want to go over yours and Ranger Trivette's testimony in the Hale case."

Walker informed her "Ms. Cayman, we've already been through this and we will keep things on a professional level. I thought that I made that plain to you the other day. The only woman that I will ever call Alex is my wife and not even she calls me Cordell on a regular basis."

Cayman responded, "okay, I was just trying to be friendly, by the way what is your wife's full name? I went to law school with an Alexandra Cahill. Your wife can't possibly be her though because this Cahill was such a plain Jane, a real string bean with no spark what-so-ever. Being Gordon Cahill's daughter certainly didn't help her much in the looks or personality department. What I would have given to be able to get through law school the way she did; on her father's name."

"My father-in-law's name was Gordon Cahill, that is until he died last year. Now if you'll excuse me I have work to do, as for the briefing Trivette and I both know how and what to testify to. We worked for years with the best A.D.A that Tarrant County ever had, my wife Alex Cahill-Walker." Walker proudly said as he went and held his office door open. Cayman didn't leave but instead said, "me and my big mouth, can I get you a cup of coffee to make amends?"

"No thanks. Alex brewed me some to bring in today." Walker told Cayman who finally took the hint and left Walker's office. Right after she left Trivette entered and noticing that Walker was pouring coffee from a thermos teased him "hey Walker, did Alex get jealous that Cayman gave you a cup of coffee yesterday and make you bring your own?"

Walker replied, "no, I just happen to like the way Alex makes coffee."

"Man, isn't that new A.D.A. a hot looking babe? That blonde hair and those long legs, don't you think that she's as pretty as Alex is, if not more so?" Trivette asked Walker who answered, "she is not nearly as beautiful as Alex, no woman is."

"All these years later and you still got it bad. God Walker, don't you even think about looking at other women?" Trivette questioned Walker who glared at him and replied "Trivette, I know that your eyes have been wondering lately but get one thing straight, mine never will. I will always be faithful to my wife, Alex is the only woman for me."

"I know Walker. How about we get to business?"  Trivette said and that's what they did. Later on that day Walker ran out of coffee and Trivette volunteered to get him some. On the way to the corner deli Trivette ran into Cayman who insisted on giving Trivette a cup of coffee for Walker but asked him not to say anything about her giving it to him because Alex was jealous of her or something. Trivette took the coffee and agreed to keep quiet about where he had gotten it. While Trivette was on his coffee run Walker arranged with Sydney and Gage to watch the children that night. Trivette came back in and handed Walker the coffee which he drank most of and left the rest in a cup on his desk.

Chapter Seven

Alex was nervously waiting in her living room for her husband to show up when Sydney who was there with Gage to baby-sit said to her "relax Alex. You know Walker; he's probably just running a little late. He'll be here in no time at all."

"I know but after what happened Monday I can't help but worry." Alex replied and Sydney asked her "what happened on Monday?"

"Walker didn't say anything about it?" Alex questioned.

"No Walker didn't say anything, why what happened?" Sydney asked Alex as Walker came into the house. Seeing Alex all dressed up Walker said to her "I thought you said on Monday that we didn't have any plans for tonight?"

"Come on honey stop teasing." Alex pleaded with her husband who got mad snapping at her "God damn it Alex, knock it off. You promised me that we weren't going out and then you pull this stunt. What are Sydney and Gage doing here? I see enough of the lovebirds at work as it is."

Alex quickly told Sydney and Gage "I think that you two had better go now, I'll explain tomorrow." Gage hesitated leaving because of Walker's behavior and asked her "are you sure Alex? Do you need us to do anything for you?"

"Yes, I'm sure, everything will be okay. Please leave; Walker's not himself right now. I'll explain tomorrow." Alex assured them and they left while Walker angrily questioned her "what the hell do you mean that I'm not myself right now?"

"Walker honey, you are behaving the way you did Monday night. You're saying and doing things that are out of character for you." Alex told Walker who got even madder and approached her. Alex backed away from him as she said "Walker stop, please before you do something that you'll regret."

Grabbing his head Walker looked at his wife and started to say "Alex, I..." Then his eyes seemed to change and he sneered at her "you might as well take that dress off because there is no way that I'm taking you out tonight, you're too boring. However I think that I'll go out and find some fun."

As he went to the door Alex blocked it and said to him "Cordell John Walker, you are not going anywhere in your condition." Walker then replied "what condition? A man who married a beautiful woman only to have her turn into a boring housewife, that condition?"

Holding back her tears Alex told her husband "Walker, listen to yourself, this isn't you. Look me in the eyes and tell me that you've stopped loving me and I'll let you walk right out that door and our marriage to have some fun as you put it."

Walker looked his wife in the eyes and after seeming to struggle with himself told her "Alex, I'm trying not to say these things to you but I can't stop myself." Moving away from the door Alex took him by the arm and led him to the couch "here sit down while I call Dr. Halpern and get him to come here to see you."

Getting up from the couch Walker answered "no, I'll go out to the barn and spend the night there. I'll see him tomorrow." Alex went and blocked the front door again and pleaded with her husband "honey, please see him tonight."

"Alex, you have to back off right now, I don't have much control left. Get away from the front door now." Walker told Alex who stepped aside and he left the house. After locking the front door Alex called Trivette "Jimmy, did Walker drink any coffee other than what I made for him this morning?"

"Come on Alex, you're sounding like a jealous housewife. Just because another woman gave your husband coffee is no reason to get jealous, geez." Trivette replied thinking it was funny.

"Trivette, this is a very serious matter. Walker's been drugged again. Jimmy someone slipped something into his coffee on Monday and I think again today. So did my husband drink any coffee besides the coffee that I made for him?" Alex questioned Trivette who replied "just the cup that I got from the new A.D.A. and gave him."

"That wouldn't have been Alexia D. Cayman, would it have been?" Alex asked Trivette who told her "Yes, why?"

"No reason, listen Trivette did Walker throw away that cup? If he didn't, it needs to be tested to see what he may have been drugged with. Walker's out in the barn because he's afraid that he's going to hurt me because of the effects of the drugs and I'm afraid of that too. I'm really worried about my husband; he is saying and doing things that are completely out of character for him. Can you please help us?" Alex pleaded with Trivette who said that he would. So Trivette went to Ranger headquarters where he found the cup Walker had been drinking out of and there was still some left in it so Trivette took it to the Ranger lab for testing.

Chapter Eight

When Trivette entered the Ranger lab with Walker's coffee cup Kay who was there looked up at him and asked "Trivette, is that coffee? I'm dying for some right now."

"It's the cup of coffee that Walker was drinking from earlier today, Alex asked me to bring it here for testing because she has the crazy idea that someone slipped something into it. Would you mind testing it?" Trivette said as he handed Kay the cup. Taking it Kay started to test it and as she was doing so asked him "why does Mrs. Walker think that someone slipped something into Captain Walker's drink?"

"Alex told me that Walker's not himself, that he's saying and doing things out of character for him. She's worried about him hurting her. I know one thing, Walker is not the type to even think about hurting Alex normally." Trivette explained.

"Okay, I'll test for mood altering ones first. This may take awhile, while I'm doing that could you please get me a cup of coffee?" Kay said and Trivette left to get her the coffee. When he got back Dr. Halpern was there and asked him "Ranger Trivette, did you noticed anything different about Captain Walker's behavior on Monday?"

"No, I didn't but his wife Alex did and that's why I'm here tonight. Alex thinks that someone put some drugs into her husband's coffee both Monday and today. Kay is testing it for me." Trivette told Dr. Halpern who said to Kay "have you tested the coffee for ‘spark’?"

"Yes, I was just getting ready to read the results." Kay answered and after reading the results asked Trivette "Ranger Trivette, where is Captain Walker at right now?"

"In his barn so that he won't hurt his wife." Trivette answered Kay and then Dr. Halpern said to them "Tuesday Captain Walker came to my office for tests because he said that he didn't remember Monday at all. That Mrs. Walker told him that he was behaving differently then. My test results showed that Captain Walker had 'spark' in his blood along with elevated levels of testosterone. What about that, did you check for testosterone?"

Kay quickly did that test and after reading the result she handed them to Dr. Halpern while saying to Trivette "Captain Walker's a ticking time bomb, we need to get him to the hospital before he explodes."

"Walker won't go to the hospital, that's why he went to the barn, to detox as it were. What we need to do is to find out how the drugs got into Walker's system to begin with because there is no way that he knowingly took them." Trivette answered.

Kay protested "but what if he does explode and hurt his family?  Between the 'spark' and the extra testosterone any man would."

Dr. Halpern said, "believe it or not, his testosterone level isn't that much higher than normal but the 'spark' worries me. People under its influence have been known to be very dangerous to their families. Trivette, how sure are you that he won't hurt them?”

"Very sure, Walker would rather die first. He has tremendous self-control. Dr. Halpern, please don't make this official until we find out how the drugs got into Walker. Can you imagine what the media who do with it? Walker has always been against drugs and for word to get out that he had 'spark' in him would undo all the good that he's done in the fight against drugs. Please Dr. Halpern, I'll check on him myself the first thing in the morning and I'll make sure that he sees you before he does anything else." Trivette pleaded with Dr. Halpern who replied "okay Ranger Trivette, I want to keep this off the record too until we find out more about what happened because if we file an official report Captain Walker would then have to undergo mandatory drug counseling and it would be on his permanent records no matter how the drugs got into his system. You just make sure that Walker sees me first thing tomorrow."

Trivette agreed and left the Ranger lab while Dr. Halpern and Kay wrote up the reports, which Dr. Halpern took with him to keep them unofficial.

Chapter Nine

The next morning Trivette cautiously entered the Walker's barn and standing close to the open door called out "hey Walker, you in here man?"

"Over here Trivette." Walker answered from a closed stall. Opening it Trivette was surprised to find Walker tied tightly to the side of the stall. Trivette asked him "Walker, who did this to you?"

"I did, Trivette something was wrong with me last night. I came in here and tied myself up so that I wouldn't go back into the house and hurt my wife. I wanted more than anything to hit Alex. Can you cut me lose?" Walker responded, Trivette cut the ropes and they started walking to the house. Trivette told him "Walker after you came in here last night Alex called me up and had me get the coffee that you were drinking yesterday tested. While Kay was doing that Dr. Halpern showed up and told her what he had found in your bloodstream."

"What did the tests show?" Walker asked.

"That there was 'spark' and elevated testosterone in your system on Tuesday and the same things in your coffee cup yesterday." Trivette replied and Walker said "I guess that means drug counseling for me?"

"No, not yet. Dr. Halpern wants to keep it off the record for now and Kay agreed. So for now they haven't filed any official paperwork but Dr. Halpern said that you were to see him first thing this morning." Trivette explained to Walker who asked him "how did I get drugs in my coffee yesterday? I only drank the coffee that Alex made for me and the cup that you got me."

"About that cup of coffee that I got you Walker, it was really from Cayman. She asked me not to tell you that it was from her because according to her Alex was jealous of her or something. But it doesn't make any sense for her to be the one drugging you because you've never met her before she started working for the D.A.'s office." Trivette answered puzzled.

"No we never met but she went to law school with Alex and resented Alex's name. Ms. Cayman and her friends harassed Alex because they decided that she had it easy compared to Cayman, never mind the fact that Alex paid her way through college and law school without anyone's help while Cayman was on a full scholarship." Walker said as they went into the house where he found a nervous Alex waiting for him.

Going to her Walker said, "I'm okay now." Alex hugged him and said "thank god." Then she turned to Trivette and asked him "what did the test show?"

Walker answered her "'spark' and elevated testosterone, Dr. Halpern is keeping it off the record for now." Then he turned to Trivette and asked him to wait outside for a minute. After Trivette had done so Walker told her "Alex, I'm going to move out until this is over."

Alex questioned, "why do you want to move out?"

"I don't want to, I need to so that whoever is doing this will think that I left you. If this is Alexia Cayman doing this like I think that it is, she won't be able to resist rubbing your face in it. Trivette will make sure that I'm not drugged any further at the office. Now I want you to come to the office and cry to Sydney in front of Cayman about how bad I've been treating you lately. Then I'll sweet talk you into taking me back and we'll hopefully catch her in the act of drugging me. Please Alex, I really need you to go along with me on this." Walker told his wife who thought it over and reluctantly agreed, "okay Cowboy, I'll go along with you but once it's over you still owe me a night of romantic dancing."

Chapter Ten

Walker went to Dr. Halpern's office where he drew some blood for testing and then after checking Walker over agreed that he could go to work. Walker then had the secretary call Cayman up and arranged for her to come to the Ranger office about the same time he expected Alex to be there. While Cayman was in the outer office waiting for Walker, Alex came in and Cayman asked her "is that you Cahill?"

"It's Walker, now if you'll excuse me Ms. Cayman I'm here to talk to my friend Ranger Cooke." Alex told her then sat down at Sydney's desk who looked up and asked "Alex, are you okay after what happened last night?"

Fully aware that Cayman was listening to every word they were saying Alex replied, "no, I'm not. Walker has been behaving so badly lately. I don't know what to expect from him anymore, he's been so mean and nasty to me. Walker even called me a shrew among other things. After you left last night we had a terrible fight and he moved out. Sydney, how am I ever going to get him back?"

"Alex, why would you even want him back if he's being that obnoxious?" Sydney questioned Alex who looked about ready to cry. "I want him back because I don't want the children losing their father because of me. Sydney when my father left my mother I vowed that I never would drive away the father of my children and I seem to be doing exactly that. I would do anything that I had to, to keep that from happening, if only Walker would give me another chance." Alex said as she started to cry.

Handing her a tissue Sydney told her "Alex, can we talk later? Right now I have to interview some lowlife." Then Sydney left as Cayman neared Alex and said to her in a low voice "well Cahill, I see that you're still the plain Jane that you were in law school, unable to hang on to a man. No wonder Cordell has been hitting on me so much, being married to someone like you must make him yearn for a real woman like me."

Just then Walker entered the office and told Cayman "Ms. Cayman, if you'll just wait in my office I'll be with you in a minute." Then he turned to Alex and questioned, "what are you doing here? Is there something wrong with one of my children?"

"Angela has a school play on Saturday, will you be there?" Alex asked while Cayman lingered to listen to them. Aware that they had her attention Walker said "yes, I'll be there because you're going to pick me up at the hotel on Saturday. Bring all of my children because I want to see them and then we'll go to Angela's school play as a family." Walker then turned his back on Alex who left.

In his office Cayman said to Walker "Cordell, I hear that you left your wife. Does that mean that you'll be interested in being with a real woman, like me?  How about Saturday?"

"Ms. Cayman, my private life is my business, I don't mix business with pleasure and besides I already have plans for Saturday. Now I'm assuming that you're here about the Hale case and since Trivette was the arresting officer you need to talk to him about it and he's waiting in the conference room for you. I told the secretary to tell you that but she's new and must have mixed things up, sorry about that." Walker said to Cayman who smiled and replied "it's okay, I'll just go talk to Ranger Trivette right now."

After discussing the Hale case Cayman said to Trivette "it's a shame about the Walker marriage breaking up but from what I remember about Cahill from law school I'm surprised that she was actually married to anyone."

Trivette questioned "you knew her in law school?"

"Yes, she got by on her daddy's name and money. She was a real plain Jane then and doesn't seem to have changed all that much since then. I wonder what a man like Walker sees in the likes of her?" Cayman said to Trivette who told her "well, it did take her quite awhile before she was able to get him to marry her. They were engaged for two years before the wedding and there were rumors of a miscarriage after the wedding. Sometimes I wonder if Walker married her because he had to and then after they were married stayed because he wanted children."

"How many do they have?" Cayman asked Trivette.

"Five and that's probably why Walker will end up going back to Alex because of them. He wants a family and Alex wants the children to have a father so she always forgives him for the things that he does to her. Man, how Walker has been able to get away with the stuff he's done is beyond me. Most other women who have divorced him but not Alex, she's determined to hang onto her husband." Trivette replied peaking Cayman's interest.

"Tell me more." Cayman requested and Trivette said, "I shouldn't."

"Come on Ranger Trivette, this is just between friends and we're getting to be that aren't we?" Cayman urged Trivette who told her "please call me James. I'll tell you there was one time Alex found Walker on their living room couch with his old girlfriend on top of him kissing Walker and he was still able to get Alex to forgive him."

"I'll bet that if she won't forgive him for being in bed with another woman." Cayman hinted.

"Well actually she already has but I think that if it were to happen again not even Walker could talk her into forgiving him again. That probably would be the last straw as far as she's concerned." Trivette told her and then added, "please don't let anyone know that I told you those things, I've said way too much already."

Smirking Cayman replied, "my lips are sealed."

Chapter Eleven

Saturday as Walker and Trivette headed to the elevator to leave Ranger headquarters Trivette asked him "so Walker, have you gotten Alex to forgive you yet for your latest stunt?" Smiling as he pushed the button Walker replied, "once we have the family outing Alex will beg me to come back home for the children's sake."

Trivette questioned "you that sure of yourself?" As Cayman approached them Walker said "that sure of Alex. She will always forgive me because she doesn't want the children doing without a father like she did. So since I'm their father Alex will forgive me a lot. Why should this time be any different?" The elevator doors opened and Cayman got on with them and asked Trivette "Jimmy, would you mind giving me a ride to my hotel?"

Walker volunteered, "I'm staying at the same hotel, I'll give you a ride." When they got to the hotel Cayman said "can I please buy you a cup of coffee to thank you for giving me a ride here?"

"Okay but it will have to be a quick one because my children will be coming by in a little bit." Walker answered Cayman who suggested "tell you what, why don't I have room service deliver it to your room to save on time? I can call from my room and then meet you in your room."

"Okay, I would like a cup of coffee." Walker replied. Cayman arrived right after room service brought the coffee and Walker excused himself for a minute. When he came back in the room they drank the coffee and Walker began to get sleepy. Smiling Alexia managed to get Walker in bed where she undressed him and then after checking her watch undressed herself and crawled into bed with Walker where she laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

Alex opened the door to Walker's room calling out "Walker, are you in here?" Then she noticed him in bed with Cayman and yelled, "what is going on here?" Cayman smiled and answered, "what does it look like? I just had sex with your husband." Just then Walker moaned opened his eyes and asked "Alex, where are my children?"

"With Betty, thank god. I wanted to surprise you so I came ahead but it was me who got the surprise. This is the last straw as far as I'm concerned Walker, you are not coming home with me after Angela's school play." Alex told Walker as his eyes drifted shut. Cayman smirked and asked "well, it didn't take long to get him into bed, did it?"

"Go to hell." Alex answered her and then started to shake Walker by the shoulder "come on Walker, get up and get dressed because there is no way that I'm letting my children see their father like this." Then Alex told Cayman "as for you if you like breathing I suggest that you get out of here right now."

Opening his eyes again Walker questioned his wife "Alex, if you're standing there, who's in bed with me?"

"Cordell, it's me Alex. Don't you remember you invited me up here for some coffee and then you asked if I was interested in you sexually? You said even though you were going to stay married for the sake of your children you needed to be with a real woman and not that string bean you're married to. I said yes and we had sex." Cayman answered Walker as the door opened and Gage walked in saying "not exactly, you drugged Walker, undressed him, then yourself and crawled into bed with him right before his wife came in."

Cayman told Gage "yeah, prove it."

Gage replied, "everything that happened in this room has been recorded, starting with you putting something into Captain's Walker's coffee after he had excused himself. Then after he fell asleep, you got him into bed and undressing him.  Then you jumped into bed with him so that Mrs. Walker would think that you had just slept with her husband. Alexia D. Cayman, you are under arrest for drug possession among other things. Now get up and get dressed so that we can take you to headquarters for questioning."

"I can't get dressed in front of you." Cayman protested but Sydney entered the room and told her "that's why I'm here. Ranger Gage will step outside and being the gentleman that he is I'm sure that Captain Walker will close his eyes while you're getting dressed." Gage left the room as Walker who was regaining his senses looked over to see that Cayman was in bed with him so he told her "get out of this bed before I forget that you're supposed to be a lady."

Cayman quickly dressed and was then placed in handcuffs and removed. As Alex was handing Walker his clothes he asked her as he pulled her close "well since I'm already undressed and in bed, what about you?" Pulling back Alex replied, "there are cameras in this room. Now get up and get dressed, okay? You have to go and see what she drugged you with yet again and I have to get home to our children."

Walker got up and got dressed as Alex left then he went to Dr. Halpern's office where he drew Walker's blood for testing. Walker then went to Ranger headquarters to await the test results.

Chapter Twelve

Walker was waiting in the Ranger offices for the results of the tests when D.A. Moody barged in and asked him "Captain Walker, what is this about A.D.A. Cayman being arrested by your Rangers?"

Walker replied, "A.D.A. Cayman was arrested for drug possession."

Moody questioned, "what drugs? Walker, are you sure about this?"

"Yes, we are very sure about this. The drugs were to start with 'spark', testosterone and whatever else she used to drug me this afternoon." Walker replied perplexing Moody who then asked "will someone please explain to me what's going on?"  Before Walker could answer Dr. Halpern came in and said to Walker "there you are Captain Walker, I've been looking for you. The test results are in and there was 'spark', extra testosterone and a downer in your system and in the coffee cup you drank from. Walker I want you to check yourself into the hospital overnight for observation because you may present a danger to your family when the effects of the 'spark' and testosterone kick in. If you would please come with me now."

"I promised my wife that I would take her dancing tonight." Walker objected so Dr. Halpern informed him "Captain Walker you still have some drugs in your system from the two previous times you were drugged and combined with was just put into your system you would present a danger to your family if you went home today. Are you willing to take that chance?"

Walker answered, "no, I'll call Alex and tell her that I won't be home tonight." He called Alex up and told her that he wouldn't be home then Walker turned to Moody and said "Trivette will tell you what's going on, he's in charge of the investigation."

Moody questioned, "but why would Cayman want to drug you? She said that she was a friend of your wife's from when they went to law school together and she used Alex as a reference to get the job with my office." Walker answered him "well, she lied. I have to go now." Walker left with Dr. Halpern as Moody headed to where Cayman was being questioned.

Trivette was doing the questioning and he asked "Miss Cayman, do you care to tell us why you drugged Captain Walker on three separate occasions?"

Cayman smirkingly replied "you have no proof that I did it on Monday and Wednesday, just today." Trivette smiled and told her "I didn't say what other two days Walker was drugged."

Realizing that she had been caught in a lie Cayman turned to Moody and pleaded with him "D.A. Moody, you have to help me. Cahill is having her friends frame me because she's never forgotten that I was the successful one in law school. She's held it against me that I was always smarter and prettier than her. The professors liked me more than her in spite of her father's name and money. After all being Gordon Cahill's daughter got her through college and law school and then I'm sure he got her the job here. She also resents the fact that her husband wants to sleep with me because he finds her unattractive."

"Ms. Cahill was hired before I became the D. A. here and I wasn't aware that she was Gordon Cahill's daughter until her wedding to Captain Walker. Cahill-Walker was the best A.D.A. that ever worked for me. When I took this job I reviewed the files of everyone who worked for the Tarrant County D.A.'s office and I was very impressed by the way she put herself through college and then law school by working full time while juggling a full class schedule." Moody answered.

"You're lying, Cahill is a ugly string bean who only has what she has because of her father's name. She's never had to earn anything in her life. I can't stand women like her, little rich bitches who are given everything in life." Cayman all but screamed at Moody who then asked her "Ms. Cayman, if you detest Mrs. Walker that much, why did you use her as a reference to get the job here?"

"To get the job so that I could prove to everyone that I was better than her, just like I was in law school. It's not right, first she has her father's name and prestige, which gets her an easy job, and then a man like Walker marries her. Now she has the all-American family and perfect life. It's wrong that she gets it all while I get nothing, no matter how hard I work. Cahill has it so easy and it's so unfair." Cayman told them.

"Easy? Alex has never had it easy. She's earned everything that she has by working her butt off. Nothing was ever handed to her, not even by her father. Gordon Cahill walked out on her when she was a teenager and Alex paid her way though college and then law school by working her tail off. Gordon Cahill didn't spend one red cent to help her. Alex has been hurt several times because of her job and her love for Walker. As for her all-American family, Alex has had to endure her youngest son being kidnapped by a disturbed nanny and she miscarried twins. Alex has made her life what it is and compared to her you're the one that had it easy." Trivette told Cayman.

Losing control Cayman yelled "I should have poisoned her instead of drugging her husband so that he would abuse her and then dump her, like she deserves. That way I won't have to hear anymore about the great Alex Cahill. All she deserves is a painful death and I hope it happens soon. I hate her and her perfect life. I should be the one with everything, not her because I'm prettier." Cayman then starting laughing, in the next second she stopped and added, "I'll bet that if she had a child that wasn't all-American looking she would get rid of it because it would mess up her image of a perfect family."

"Alex's and Walker's youngest son looks just like Walker's father and uncle, both of whom were full-blooded Cherokee and Alex couldn't be happier or prouder about it." Trivette said to Cayman who lost it completely screaming "you're lying, she would have gotten rid of it like I had to. I'll poison them all starting with the children, that's what I'll do. That way Cahill's perfect family will be all gone."

Moody said as Cayman began to laugh and cry at the same time "she'll be taken to the mental ward at the hospital for evaluation." Cayman was led away.

Chapter Thirteen

The next afternoon when Walker returned home he greeted his children then Alex led her husband into the kitchen and threw her arms around his neck "how are you? What did Dr. Halpern say?"  Kissing his wife Walker answered "I'm fine, Dr. Halpern gave me a clean bill of health. I'm taking tomorrow off to spend with my family. Did you hear from Trivette about why Cayman did what she did?"

"Trivette said for you to call him as soon as you got home." Alex answered and Walker called Trivette "Trivette it's Walker, I'm home now but I'm taking tomorrow off.  Did you find out why Cayman drugged me?"

"Right now Cayman's in a mental ward as we speak. As for why she drugged you, Cayman hates Alex with a passion. She thinks that Alex has some sort of perfect life and that she Cayman should be the one with it instead of Alex. Listen I e-mailed Alex a copy of the report and since you still claim not to know how to use a computer you can have Alex pull it up for you. Walker, I have to tell you that I don't think Cayman is going to be mentally fit to stand trial, she went a little nuts when I was interviewing her yesterday. Also Cayman said that she should have poisoned Alex and threatening to do the same to your children. She wants Alex dead in the worst way, Walker just read the report." Trivette told Walker.

Hanging the phone up Walker turned to his wife and said "Trivette's e-mailing you a report on Cayman, we'll read it later after Angela and Ray are sleeping. Trivette said that Cayman hates you because she thinks that you have the perfect life that she should."

"My life hasn't been what most people would call perfect." Alex said to Walker who pulled her into a hug and said "enough about crazy people, today I just want to spend time with my family."

"Me too honey but don't forget you still owe me a night of dancing." Alex replied. Walker smiled and told her "why do you think I took tomorrow off? I'll need it to recover from tonight."

After the children were sleeping Alex pulled up the report and they read it. When they were done Alex told him "I'm sorry that you were drugged because of me." Walker replied, "this wasn't your fault."

"She drugged you because she hates me." Alex pointed out and Walker assured his wife "she's insane, you aren't responsible for her actions. Now forget about her." Walker then turned on the c.d. player, held his hand out to Alex and asked her "how about a dance lady?"  Taking his hand Alex answered "the hell with the dancing, ever since I saw you naked in that bed all I could think about was making love with you. You've kept me waiting for twenty four hours and that's way too long for a husband to keep a wife waiting."

Walker moved them to the bed and said "Alex, it was more like a week with everything that happened."

"Okay a week then, now let's make love." Alex replied as they fell into bed.

"Alex, I've always been a good husband when it comes to that, haven't I?" Walker teased Alex as he began kissing her. Pulling back for a minute Alex answered him "the best darling." Then they made love.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither this story nor I is meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show.