He was tired and if you asked him he would actually admit to it. He'd spent the last 3 weeks working on the Delaney case. They'd followed leads which led from one low man to another and slowly up the ladder to Delaney. Finally, after a 3-day stakeout they got him. He'd worked his way through a couple of Delaney’s musclemen and caught Delaney trying to sneak away. He didn't put up a fight when the cuffs were slapped on and he was put into a police car. Now all that was left was a couple hours of paperwork and he'd be able to enjoy a long weekend with Alex.

He'd met up with her at C.D.'S last night when he stopped in for a late supper. He told her they'd finally gotten Delaney and she suggested a weekend getaway. Knowing he needed it he quickly agreed.

Now he sat at his desk filling out the last of the reports.  "So where are you and Alex going?" Trivette asked.

"To a quiet little place on the lake".

As he reaches across his desk for a stapler he feels a sharp pain in his shoulder. "Walker? You ok?"

"Yeah, I just pulled a muscle dealing with Delaney’s goons."

"I sure thought he'd put up more of a fight then that."

"He knew he was caught," Walker said as he stood up and stretched.

"Well enjoy your weekend partner. After all the work you did on this case, you deserve it."

"Thanks Trivette. I couldn't have got him without ya though."

"Yeah yeah, I'm indispensable. Now get out of here before Alex comes looking' for ya."

"Ok, ok I'm gone, he said, laughingly. See ya Monday."

As he pulls into his long drive he sees Alex bringing a box out of the house.   She waits for him to get out of the truck and then walks over to greet him with a kiss. "Hi Cowboy. I thought I'd get things together so we could get started sooner."

"That's a good idea. What have we got left to do?"

"Well I packed groceries and the tent. The sleeping bags are in the living room. I think I've got everything but you may want to double check the clothes I packed for you."

"You packed for me?"

"Well I thought it would save time. It's not like I packed your Sunday suit or anything."

"I still think I'll check it out myself."

Surprisingly Alex had packed him pretty well. They loaded everything into the truck and headed out.  They'd been driving for about 2 hours when Walker pulled off onto a dirt road. "Where are we going?" Alex asked confused.

"You'll see"

"Walker, I hate when you do this. I thought we were going to the lake."

Smiling to himself he didn't say a word. He liked to watch her when she got frustrated.

After another hour or so he turned a curve and there was the lake. "Oh, Walker! This is a beautiful spot. How did you know about this?"

"I have my ways. It's not a widely known spot so we should be alone for the weekend."

They got out and went over to stand by the lake. Taking in the silence Alex looks over to see Walker watching her.  She gives him a quick kiss and says, "Let's get unpacked.

The tent was set up and the fire was started. Alex was stirring the stew she had made earlier to bring along. Walker grabbed the sleeping bags out of the back and had started to unroll them when the pain in his shoulder returned. Alex saw him grab at his shoulder and came over to see if he was ok. "Walker?"

"It's ok Alex just a muscle pull."

"Let me see." She slowly rubbed the shoulder. "How's that feel?"

"Wonderful. If your stew weren't boiling I'd never let you stop."

"OH!" She quickly went back to the stew and took it off the fire.

After they finished eating they sat cuddled in front of the campfire. There was a soft breeze coming up that made ripples on the lake. Walker reached to put another log on the fire when his shoulder twinged again. Pulling his arm back to his side he rubbed the aching muscle.  Seeing his discomfort Alex stood up and moved in behind him. She begins to rub it for him. "This would work better if you would lie down. Let's go in the tent."

They move inside and she has him take off his shirt and lay on his stomach. Resting his head on his arms he stretches out. Beginning at his shoulders she slowly kneads his stiff and aching shoulder. Moving slowly to the other shoulder she can feel him loosening up. As she continues down he lets out a small groan when she gets to the middle of his back. After a few minutes she works down further and is at the waist of his jeans.  Touching the small of his back right above his buttocks, she is taken off guard when he suddenly rolls over and pulls her to him. Looking into his eyes she sees the passion they hold. She leans forward to claim his lips with hers. He runs his hands over her back and shoulders. She works her fingers through his soft hair and over his muscular chest. Bringing one hand around he undoes her shirt and slips it off. She slides her hand long his beltline and slowly unzipped his jeans. Using skilled hands he undoes her bra and pulls her in close. She nuzzles his neck and nibbles on his ear.  With a low growl he rolls them over and takes her in a passionate kiss. As their tongues battle for control Alex moves her hands from his back down the back of his jeans. Grasping his butt she pulls him down closer. She can feel his hardness against her.

She pulls his pants down to his ankles and he kicks them off. Then they do the same for hers. He massages her breasts with his hands and begins to suckle on them.  As she lets her hands roam his body she can feel his desire strengthen and knows he couldn't hold out much longer.  Spreading her legs with his knee he slowly enters her. She lets out a small groan "Oh, Walker."

She arches her back to meet him and they move together in perfect rhythm.  He begins to thrust harder and faster.  They peak together as he releases himself in her.  Rolling over to his side he tries to get his breath back. She reaches down to gently stroke his hardness. "Oh Alex. I love when you do that." "Really?" she asks playfully as she continues.  Walker couldn't help but it when he let out a moan of desire. This time Alex rolls on top of him.

After making love long into the night, they fall asleep in each other’s arms.

When Walker finally awoke the next morning, Alex was gone from the tent.

Peeking out the tent flap he saw that she wasn't anywhere in sight. Slipping his jeans on he went to find her.

He walked over to the lake and stopped when he saw her bathing. He was mesmerized by her beauty and watched as she washed her breasts with a wet cloth. Before he could bring himself back to reality she was walking toward him, back to the campsite. Coming out of his trance like state he met her on the shore. "Oh I see you finally decided to get up,” she said.

"Well if I'd known what I was missing I'd have gotten up sooner."

"You must have been exhausted to sleep in so long. It's not like you."

"I hadn't planned to but I guess I needed it after that last case."

Pulling him in a warm embrace she said "And after your hard work last night."

With a smile Walker tilts her head for a loving kiss.  "I love you,” he whispers in her ear.

She loved that low voice he used. It made her melt.  She took his lips in a passionate kiss and they remained that way until Walker's stomach grumbled.

"You must be hungry."

"Only for you." He says playfully.

Slapping him on the arm she moves past him. “If we don't eat we won't have enough strength for what you have in mind. I’ll make some bacon and eggs."

Reluctantly he agrees "Ok I'll get the coffee going."

After breakfast Walker helps Alex clean up the dishes and they decide to take a walk.  They held hands as they walked along the waters edge. After a while they stop to relax. Alex sits down and leans back against a tree. "Sit with me for a while." He eases himself down beside her. Taking his head into her lap she begins to run her fingers through his hair. She was saying how perfect the view was when she realized he'd fallen asleep. Looking down she saw his eyes were closed and his chest rose and fell methodically.  He reminded her of a little boy, so relaxed and peaceful. Whispering softly she said, "I love you so much Walker. This weekend is wonderful."  She gently strokes his beard and before long she too dozed off.

When Walker awoke he saw that Alex was holding his hand while she slept. Trying not to wake her he sat up. When his head left her lap she stirred. Opening her eyes she saw her Cowboy watching her. "I'm sorry Alex."

"That's ok. I guess we'd better head back anyway."

Getting to his feet Walker reaches down to help Alex up. "Yeah we should."

By the time they arrived back the campsite they were both starving. "My turn to cook" said Walker.

"Oh? What did you have in mind?" asked Alex.

"Well I thought I'd bake those potatoes you brought and go catch a couple of fish. Does that sound ok with you?"

"Wonderful. What can I do to help?"

"You could dig out the potatoes and get the fire going while I catch the fish."

It only took 20 minutes for him to make his catch and get back to Alex. He cooked the fish and potatoes while Alex got their plates and drinks. "Why is it you can cook outdoors but not in the kitchen?" asked Alex.

"Now how do you know what I can do in the kitchen?"

"Walker, in all the years I've known you, I've never seen you cook anything but bacon and eggs. Do you even know how to turn on the oven?"

"ALEX! Of course I do." Walker said feigning insult.

"Well I'll have to see it to believe it."

They finished eating and cleaned up. Walker spread out a blanket and they sat in front of the fire looking at the night sky. Walker showed Alex some of the constellations. Throwing another log on the fire Walker laid back on the blanket. He motioned for Alex to lie next to him. Snuggling together Walker wraps his arms around Alex. "I'm so glad we did this Alex."

"Me too. I don't want the weekend to end."
"Well we still have tonight." Cupping her chin he tilts her head for a passionate kiss. Slipping his tongue past her lips he found hers doing the same. She rubbed her hand under his shirt and over his chest. Reaching under her shirt he unhooks her bra and lets it fall from her shoulders. Helping her get his shirt over his head, he tosses it aside. He then unbuttons hers and it falls to the ground. Discarding the last of their clothing she reclaims his lips with hers.  Leaning in close he takes her left breast and massages it carefully. His other hand glides over her thigh.  Spreading her legs she invites him in with her eyes. Straddling her he enters with ease. He starts slowly but soon begins an unbelievable pace. She cries his name as they climax. Collapsing in her arms they both fall asleep under the night sky.

The next morning they awake to overcast skies. "I think we'd better pack it up Alex. Why don't you make coffee while I take the tent down."

"That's a good idea. I'll pack our supplies."

He was rolling up their sleeping bags when Alex asked for the keys to the Ram. "I want to get my jacket out of the back seat,” she explained.  She sat the keys on the seat while she put her jacket on. "Alex! Give me a hand here will you?" Quickly closing the door she runs over to see what the problem is.

The tent was down and Walker had rolled it up. "Can you hand me that rope to tie this with?"  They got it tied and in the back of the truck when it begins to rain.  "Quick Alex. Get in the truck."  Trying his door he realized it was locked. "Alex, give me the keys, please."  Reaching into her pocket she remembered what she had done. "Oh no! Walker I left the keys on the front seat."  Looking in the window he saw them. "Do you have a spare key?"/p>


"Great. Where is it?"

"In my wallet."

"Well get it and lets get out of this rain."

"It's in the glove compartment."

"Oh great. What do we do now?"

"Well I don't know about you but I don't want to stand here getting wet. Let's find someplace to get out of this."

Walking quickly on the muddy ground they find some large bushes to hide under. Crawling under Walker holds out a hand to help Alex. "This is better then nothing,” he said.  Alex reaches a gentle hand to wipe the rain from Walker's forehead. "I'm so sorry. This is my fault. I locked the keys in the truck."

"It was an accident."

"I know but look at us. Dripping wet and covered in mud. How long do you think it will rain?"

"It looks like it may hang in for a while." With a chuckle he wipes mud from Alex's cheek.

"Oh how can you even look at me? I've got mud all over me."

"You wear it well." Leaning in to give her a kiss he slips in the mud and falls into her. They both land in the mud. "I'm sorry Alex. That's not what I had in mind." Looking up at him with a smile on her face she throws a glob of mud at him. "ALEX!" he cries in shock. She's laughing to hard to respond and he soon joins her laughing so hard tears fall from his eyes. Taking her in his arms he lies back in the mud and kisses her.

Their playing turns to lovemaking and before they know it the rain has stopped.  "We should get back to the camp. We have a long drive ahead of us."

"You're right but I don't want this weekend to end” the disappointment coming through in Alex's voice.

When they arrive back at the truck Alex reaches in to find a something to wipe off with. "Oh Walker everything is wet." She says grabbing a damp towel out of her bag.

Walker digs into the supplies and finds a metal strip from the tent and begins working on the door lock.

"Can you get it?"

"I think so,” he says just as the lock pops.

"Oh you’re a man of many talents."

Winking at her he opens the door and takes the keys. "Hop in. Let's get going."

It was nearly 5 when they arrived at the ranch. "Let's just put this stuff on the porch. I'll put it all away later."

"I'll throw the wet clothes in the washer."

They unloaded the truck and went upstairs to change. "Do you want to shower first?" she asked.

"No. You go ahead.  I need to check some things first."

"Ok you had your chance. I won't take too long."

Changing out of his dirty clothes, he put on a pair of workout pants and went downstairs. He had something to prove to Alex and not much time to do it in. Checking his kitchen he found what he needed and started to work.

Half an hour later Alex came down the stairs. "Walker? Where are you?"

"In here" he called from the kitchen.

Walking through the dining room a scent caught her. "What smells so good?" Then she sees the table set for two. "What are you up to Cowboy?"

"Just have a seat and you'll see."

She was getting anxious when Walker finally came in carrying two plates of pasta with white sauce. Setting one in front of her and the other in his place, he went back for the wine. "Walker this looks terrific."

"I hope you like it. I didn't have much time."

"Did you really make this?"

"Yeah. What did you think the pasta fairy came while you were in the shower?"

"Now I didn't mean it like that Walker. I was just surprised that you did this."

"Well you said you had to see it to believe it. Does it taste ok?"

"It's wonderful. You never cease to amaze me darling."


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