From the author: This story deals with some of the events that happened up in Amityville, New York. Some of the facts have been taken from the internet, other is pure fictional and pure conjecture of my imagination meant to bring further adventures to our favorite couple! I do not wish to be stepping on anyone's toes about facts---- its just entertainment.   Sasquaw


By Sasquaw

            She keeps looking at him, studying every inch of his profile, the beard accenting his manly features and those eyes---how those eyes could look right through her. She blushes as she remembers the night before and again the early mornings afterwards, when those eyes did nothing but undress her. She knew his body was solid, she had seen him enough times without a shirt, and those tight fitting jeans did more than just hint at a well tapered waist and firm buttocks. She lets her eyes wander down his body as he sits behind the steering wheel of her little Chrysler Sebring.
            The air is cool and he has asked her if she wants to put the top up on her little convertible. She answered negatively, cursing the console that sits between them where the gears are, denying her to sit closer to the body that she is silently desiring.
            "Alex--are you sure you don't want the top up, you look cold?"
            She's brought out of her reverie as she tries to clear her throat, "No, I'm fine" she lies as she pulls his sheepskin jacket tighter around her. "The air feels good----so tell me, Cowboy---are you still angry at me for shanghaiing you away on this rafting trip?"
            He takes his right hand down from the steering wheel and reaches for her hand, squeezing gently. His thoughts go back to that first night they spent together inside the double sleeping bag. He looks at her softly and replies.
           "You----counselor can shanghai me anytime! I'm more than ready to be your slave----and 'no' I'm not angry, I was never angry---just a little nervous."
            Alex turns sideways in her seat, her mouth dropping open and those piercing blue eyes look back at him.
            "Nervous? You? The great Cherokee warrior----I made you nervous?"
            The man laughs as he puts her small delicate hand up to his cheek and rubs his bearded cheek against it.
            "Yes--I confess---any man in his right man would have been nervous about being alone with a beautiful blonde like you! You've always made me nervous---I can't think straight when I'm around you---and now---my body is ready for the 'Looney bin' and my mind is not far behind."
            Alex laughs harder as she lowers her head and looks back up at him in that teasing manner that makes him go weak in the knees, "I never knew I had that effect on you."
            "What?  Come on, Alex, you've known right from the start what kind of effect you have on me---quit fishing for compliments."
            She tilts her head, still smiling---"Well, Cowboy--I'm not exactly immune to your effects either----so there."
            He stares back at her, his eyes go up and down her body that he has found so intoxicating. He can feel himself getting aroused again as his eyes take in her slim body, her jeans hugging her hips tightly. His thoughts go back to many hours of pleasure that body had given every inch of his own. He lets his eyes wander down to her stomach, lingering on her thighs, and feel his jeans getting tighter in his same area. He smiles back at her.
            "Alex, these past few days with you---I never thought that I could ever feel this way again.---I just want to say----I wish it didn't have to end."
            "Walker, what are you saying---it has to end-what do you mean?"
            "I mean our going back to Dallas---that's what I meant."
            She pulls away from him and sits up straight---"Oh, I see---now I know what you're saying, we go back to Dallas and back to the way we were--just being friends---is that it?"
            Walker's brow goes up in a arch, "No---that's not what I mean! SEE-I can't think or talk straight when I'm around you. –Every time I try to tell you how I feel---I get all jittery inside--and the words come out wrong."
            Alex stares back at the ranger, “Just what is it that you're trying to say---whatever it is---just say it! What's so hard about just saying it!"
            Walker pulls the little convertible over to the side of the road, shifts it into park and then turns facing her. "I want to tell you that----I care for you---but you make it so damn hard sometimes."
            Alex turns sideways to face him, "Me?  I make it hard for you to say you care?  Walker, I have made a fool of myself over you, more than once."
            Walker's face goes blank, as he tries to get comfortable in the bucket seats. He tries to pull his right leg up, it knocks the car out of gear, and it starts rolling. He quickly throws it back into park and swears at it.
            "Damn it!  Now I remember why I don't like sports cars--they're too damn uncomfortable----never enough room."
            "Room for what?  Don't trash my car I happen to like convertibles!  I can't help it that you find them so unproductive. I suppose you mean for not being able to "make out"------is that what you're implying?"
            "No, that's not what I'm implying---never stopped me before! Where's there's a will---there's a way."
            Walker is still trying to get his leg comfortable without hitting the gearshift again, "You could have at least got the gear shift on the column---to give more room."
            Alex is gritting her teeth, "Well----excuse me----but when I bought this car, I never thought to get it approved by you--first!  And, when I bought it, I wasn't thinking of it being big enough to 'make out' in."
            Walker puts his left hand up, bending the four fingers on his right hand and hitting his palm in a 'time out' gesture.  "Wait a minute---will you?  We were having a quiet little discussion about 'feelings' and then you go off on a tangent---saying that once we get back to Dallas---that we'll just be friends again." His voice softens as he looks back to her, "What about the last two nights that we spent together--didn't they mean anything to you?"
            Alex replies quickly, "Yes, it means something to me---I've never been happier than I have been in the last couple of days----but you said it had to end."
            Walker reaches out and takes her hand back, "Not our relationship, Alex---I meant the trip! How could you possibly believe that we could just go back to being ---just friends?"
            She takes her other hand and strokes his beard gently, "I couldn't--I could not go back to being just your friend---not after all the hours we spent in each other's arms----making love to each other."
            "Neither could I, Alex!  Our lives have changed---my feelings for you have changed. I don't know where our relationship is going, but I do know that I want to spend every moment with you that I possibly can."
            Alex smiles, "Me too----Walker, I'm sorry----I don't want us to argue anymore."
            He smiles back, pulling her over to him and kissing her softly, then he groans.
            "Alex----this console has to go----or else you're going to be sitting on top of it all the way back to Dallas."
            They both laugh, and Alex giggles, "Thank goodness it's not a standard or the insides of my thighs would be even more tender from all of that shifting."
            Walker turns the engine back on, flipping the button to pull the top up, then reaches in the back seat for the blanket so Alex can lay it on top of the console for more comfort. He grins, kissing her hard---"Yep---putting it into reverse could be a real pain---but enjoyable---to me."
            The couple is still laughing as Walker pulls the little car back out onto the two lane road, his right arm goes back around Alex's shoulder, she cuddles closer to him.
            They do not see the "beast", sitting idly just off road.
            They are watching the scenery pass before them, the beautiful fall November colors of the evening and the foliage of the trees. The Sabine River is to their right, the water cascading over the rocks. Families of deer can be seen edging their way down to the cold water. Alex is sighing as she sits up straighter on her 'newly acquired seat' pointing out the scenery.
            "Oh Walker---look up there---those old mining pulleys continue even on this side of the mountain."
            "Yeah, I see them----they must stretch out for miles. Remember I had to ride one of those contraptions going down the other side of the mountain and plowing head first into our 'so called' rafting guide.  Brrrrr---that water was cold."
            Alex giggles again, "Yes, it was---but the campfire sure felt good later that night, didn't it?"
            Walker turns quickly and kisses the side of her head, "Yep----and even more enjoyable after everyone left us alone.   I thought they would never leave, C.D. was bound and determined to make me go get checked out by a doctor for my knife wound---thank goodness Trivette finally talked him into getting out of there."
            "Well, honey---he was just concerned about your knife wound getting infected--that was some wound----how are you feeling?"
            "I'm fine---hardly hurts at all---- and I'll take your TLC anytime over some damn quack--you certainly made this trip----very memorable."
            Alex smiles, putting her hand up to his shoulder and taking his and weaving her fingers in and out. She kisses him softly on the cheek.
            "Honey, I'm hungry, could we stop and get something to eat?"
            "Sure, I think there's a diner up the road, we'll pull in there--------"
            Walker doesn't get to finish his sentence as he looks up into the rear view mirror, the "beast" is bearing down on them.
            Walker pulls his arm from around Alex's shoulder, grabbing the steering wheel and swearing. The little car hits the side of the embankment, and careens back across the road, throwing up gravel and spinning the little car out of control. Alex screams as she is thrown headfirst into the floorboard.
            Walker is trying to get the car under control; it's heading straight for a drop off, he starts slamming on the brakes. The car keeps sliding in the gravel as tree branches hit the side of the car down the driver's side. Walker throws the gear into park and the car comes to a screeching halt. The Ranger lets out a string of curse words as he slams into the steering wheel. He looks back to the road----the "beast" roars past them.
            He groans, rubbing his forehead, and reaching for Alex, "Alex!!  Alex, are you, Okay?"
            Alex is holding her head and trying to get up from the floorboard, "What happened?"
            The Ranger kicks his door open and runs around to the passenger side to help Alex out of the car. He walks her over to a rock and makes her sit down, at the same time he reaches into his right boot and takes out a small knife, his only source of a weapon.
            He keeps looking around them, and then he sees the cut above Alex's right eye, "You okay, hon?"
            Alex is groaning as she touches her forehead--"My head hurts--other than that--I'm okay---Walker, what happened?"
            Walker is still swearing as he gently touches her forehead---"Some idiot----came out of nowhere and tried to force us off the road---the son-of-a bitch--- almost plowed into our rear end-----Alex--are you sure you're okay, can you walk?"
            She nods her head slowly, "Yes----what about you?"
            Walker sighs, "I'm okay---I'd better check out your car-sure hope I didn't tear up the transmission."
            He walks around the car, looking at it closely, observing the silver paint chips on the Sebring’s back bumper. He turns back towards the road and swears again, then stomps over to the side of the car and rolls under it. Alex gets up from the rock and walks slowly over towards the car.
            Walker slides out from under the car, "Everything looks alright---let's see if it will start."
            The little car hesitates to start, then the engine turns over, and Walker hears a faint knocking.
            "I was afraid of this---sounds like the pistons have been damaged."
            Alex shutters as she sits back down in the bucket seat, "Walker, what were you saying about someone forcing us off the road----on purpose?"
            The little car backs up and starts back down the road, Walker nods his head, "Sure seemed that way, he had plenty of room to go around. I swear, Alex---I never saw him till he covered the whole rear view mirror, by that time it was almost too late to get out of his way."
            "It's okay, honey, I believe you--we were both 'preoccupied’ and certainly not dreaming that someone would try and run us off the road."
            Walker's fists grip the steering wheel as he keeps looking back at Alex as she tries to touch her forehead. "Don't touch it, Alex----hold a Kleenex up against it, or something to stop the bleeding."
            Alex does as she's instructed as she groans. "Oh no----is that fog moving in?"
            She barely finishes her sentence as the thick mist is upon them, Walker starts hitting the lights, "Do you have fog lights on this thing?"
            "No---try the high beams."
            Walker shakes his head, "That only makes the visibility worse-----I can't see a damn thing----can you?"
            Alex is squinting her eyes, "No, just don't get too close to the side over here---move more to the middle."
            Walker is putting his window down, the fog is so thick he can't even see the outside mirror, much less the center line. He mutters, "Sure as hell hope someone else is not trying to ride the center line, coming in the opposite direction."
            "Maybe we should just pull over---till the fog lifts?"
            "It's too dangerous, Alex---not only the danger of someone hitting us from behind---but pull over-----where?"
            Alex is getting more nervous as she looks back to Walker, "I have never seen a fog come in so quickly as this one has, not in Texas!  If we were in Colorado or California---I wouldn't have thought twice about it----but not here---not this thick."
            "We're coming down off the Big Bend mountains-----I've lived in Texas long enough to know that nothing in this state surprises me---but---- I do have to agree on one thing---it came in awful quick."
            Walker is slowing down even more, inching his way forward, "Am I okay over there---how far am I from the drop off?"
            "Stay in the middle, honey-----you've only got about twenty feet over here----oh God------it's getting thicker----you're going to have to stop."
            "We can't stop, Alex----for Christ's sake, why didn't you have fog lights put on this damn thing?"
            "Don't yell at me!!!  I didn't think I would need them----not in Texas."
            Walker takes a deep sigh, "I'm sorry, hon---I didn't mean to yell---I'm sorry.  Can you reach the map and give me some idea on where the next cut off is--or the next town?"
            Alex is reaching for the map, and every time Walker moves too far to the right, she screams at him. "Walker----I can't read the map and watch where you're going at the same time---please stay in the center."
            Walker is holding back his temper, he squints his eyes---"There's something ahead of us----I think I see lights."
            Alex throws the map down, "Oh God---please don't let it be our friend that tried to run us off the road----I think I see a road sign----yes---I see it!"
            "Does it say how far away the next town is?"
            Alex is straining to see the sign---"YES!  The next town is AMITY------4 miles."
            Walker repeats the name to himself, "Amity?  I've never heard of a town by that name- on this route---we must have made a wrong turn somewhere."
            Alex is trying to smile, "I don't care if we did make a wrong turn---however small the town is---please, just stop----and let's get out of this damn fog."
            "Okay, Alex-----just keep your eyes open----don't let me drive right through it-----it's probably so small--there won't be anything there."
            Alex reaches out and touches Walker's arm, rubbing it gently, she whispers, "I don't care how small it is----- I just want out of this fog----it's so damn scary."
            The fog is starting to lift, and both Walker and Alex breathe a sigh of relief, Alex sees the sign again.
            "Walker, it says the population is over a thousand----surely they got a place to eat."
            He reaches out and takes her hand, "I sure hope so---I'm starving----and I could sure use a cup of coffee."
            The fog is completely gone as the little car reaches the limits of Amity; they drive slowly through the little town.  They pass by a school where they see the swings moving gently, but the playground is bare. A small church is off to the left, music can be heard, as motorists wave at the couple in the Chrysler Sebring. Pedestrians walk across the two-lane street, the men all tip their hats, and smile. Walker nods back to them.
            "Sure are friendly, aren't they?"
            Alex starts to reply when a truck with two farmers in it, pull up on her side, they honk their horn, tipping their hats. Alex puts her window down slowly and smiles back at them.
            "Welcome!!  Welcome folks--welcome to Amity."
            "Thank you," replies Alex, "we were looking for a place to eat, can you tell us------"
            "Just follow us, ma'am---that's where we're heading---the best cafe in Amity---The Friendship Cafe---just follow us---we'll take you there----about 3 blocks down----on the right."
            The car follows the truck to a bright yellow and white cafe, the farmers are scampering to get out of their truck and hold the door open for Alex. Several more farmers are playing checkers as the little car has pulled up, they all stand, pull their hats off and they smile as they extend their greetings.
            "Welcome to Amity, folks--we hope you'll enjoy your stay here."
            Alex smiles and reaches back for Walker's hand as he comes up behind her, "Thank you so much---- I'm sure we will enjoy our stay---right now we're just wanting something to eat."
            A small crowd is gathering as all the farmers are smiling, one of them from the truck nods his head, "We got the best chicken fried steak in all of Texas-----if you're not happy with it----you don't pay!  Now you can't beat that, can you?"
            The couple moves slowly into the cafe as a big man with an apron around his stomach comes from behind the counter and personally seats them. He wipes their table repeatedly, "What can I get for you, folks---welcome---welcome to Amity."
            Walker is looking around at the other customers, all men! They're all eating heartily, nodding back at Walker and they all speak at the same time----"Welcome to Amity."
            Alex is following Walker's eyes as he looks around, "Honey---the man is waiting for your order."
            Walker clears his throat, "Uhhh, what are you having?"
            "I'm trying the chicken fried steak, you get potatoes, beans, cole slaw, a salad, and hot rolls----and some ice tea---please!"
            Walker looks to the waiter, "Make that two---but I want coffee--and lots of it."
            The waiter is all smiles, "Yes sir---anything you say, sir---I'll bring your coffee and your tea right out---- what kind of dressing do you want on your salad, ma'am?"
            Alex looks to Walker and smiles, "I'll have blue cheese----do you want blue cheese too, honey?"
            Walker makes a face, "Yuk----no way!  I'll have ranch dressing."
            As the waiter walks away, Alex giggles and takes Walker's hand, "Oh, Walker---I couldn't resist teasing you--I know how much you hate blue cheese."
            He smiles back at her, "I don't understand how you can eat that stuff-----I hope you have plenty of mints."
            She reaches over and kisses him softly, "You know I do----if I expect to be kissed, I'd better have plenty of them."
            He returns her kiss, "Only because you're eating that god forsaken cheese."
            The food is brought out in a very short time, the couple stare back at each other. Alex smiles, and takes a bite of the steak, "Oh, Walker----this is delicious and it's so tender, I can cut it with my fork."
            Walker takes a bite of his, smacking his lips, "You're right, it's delicious---the gravy is fantastic!  Not only is their service fast and friendly, but great tasting."
            Alex is eating as fast as she can put the fork to her mouth, takes a sip of her tea, and looks back to Walker, confused.
            "Walker---it's just exactly the way I like it, a twist of lemon and the right amount of Equal."
            The Ranger sips his coffee, "My coffee is great too-----the waiter didn't even ask if I wanted cream or sugar----everything----is----perfect."
            The couple looks slowly around the little cafe, all the customers are smiling and nodding back to them, Alex replies slowly, "Walker, do you sometimes get the feeling that you've been somewhere before---but you know you haven't?"
            Walker is now finishing up his supper, he's still hungry as he reaches out and takes a small bite of what is left of Alex's steak. "You mean 'déjà vu?"
            "Something like that," answers Alex, as she sips her tea---"but I know that I've never been in this part of Texas before, have you?"
            "I've been all over Texas, but I've never been here---I didn't even know there was a town called Amity in Texas."
            "Amity?  Where have I heard that name before?"  Alex ponders the question.
            Walker takes his right hand and makes a gesture back and forth, then he makes a rough impression of humming a particular and hauntingly  tune. Alex stares back at him, "What is that suppose to be?"
            "Didn't you recognize the song, it's the theme from ‘JAWS’?”
            Alex still looks at him confused, "And, what does that have to do with the name of AMITY---sharks?"
            Walker sighs, "Alex---JAWS and sharks, don't you remember, it was filmed on an island up around New Jersey, called Amity Island---remember?"
            "Of course, now I get it----Amity means "friendship" and this place is called The Friendship Cafe----and I have to admit---the people here sure live up to their naming of their town."
            Walker finishes his coffee and starts to motion for more, the waiter is there immediately to refill his cup. Walker thanks him and then he asks slowly.
            "I need to talk to a law officer, do you have a sheriff in this town?"
            The waiter laughs and refreshes Alex's tea without even asking, "Oh no, sir, we don't have any law officer here---there's no need."
            "You've got to have some kind of law enforcement here, for a town this size---what do you do when someone breaks a law?"
            The waiter looks back at Alex, "I don't know----it's never happened-----no one ever breaks a law here----Amity means "FRIENDSHIP"----we don't have any need for law here."
            Walker lays his napkin down and looks to Alex, "Well, I hate to burst your little bubble about this being the perfect town---but someone in a semi just tried to force us off the road about half an hour ago"!
            The waiter's face goes blank, "Oh my God, were either of you hurt?"
            Alex touches her forehead and feels the small cut, "I just got a small cut, but my car might have suffered more damage."
            The waiter motions for another man to bring Alex a small Band-Aid but she refuses it, "No thanks---it's better to let the air heal it---thank you, anyways."
            The waiter is stammering, "I don't know what to say, folks---where did this happen?"
            "Coming off of Maravillas Canyon----about twenty miles back."
            "Maravillas Canyon----mister---are you sure?"
            Walker looks to Alex, confused, "Yes---I'm sure---we were coming from Big Bend country---we were water rafting on the Chihuahua River."
            The whole cafe becomes quiet, as everything comes to a standstill. The waiter smiles weakly, "Mister, there is no way that you could have gotten here from Big Bend or Maravillas Canyon in the length of time that you just mentioned----Amity is over six hours away."
            A chill goes up Alex's arm, "Six hours?  There is no way---we haven't been driving but just little over two hours---till we got forced off the road."
            The waiter shakes his head and looks at the other customers, they're all shaking their heads. "Ma'am---you've got to be mistaken----when did you leave the Big Bend country?"
            Walker clears his throat, "We left there around 4pm, we took the scenic route up to the Canyon---, taking our time, enjoying the scenery---that idiot tried to force us off the road around 7pm or so----a fog rolled in, so thick we couldn't see our hand before our faces-----we ended up here."
            The waiter continues to shake his head, "I'm sorry folks---you must be mistaken---are you sure about the time you left, are you sure it wasn't 4am?"
            Walker takes a deep breath, he's starting to get irritated that his answers are questioned, "Look----I'm sure about the time we left the canyon----now would you please put me in touch with someone that has some legal authority?"       

            Another farmer speaks up, "Ben is telling you the truth, mister--we don't have any law officers here---there is no crime---we all love one another---we would never have any cause for laws or law people."
            Alex can see the veins begin to pop out on Walker's forehead, a sure sign he's about ready to lose his temper. She reaches out and takes his hand, saying softly, "Honey----let's just go."
            Walker stands up quickly, and lays a $20 bill down on the table, the waiter picks it up and hands it back to him, "The meal is on us----we're sorry that you have been so unhappy with us-----please come back again."
            Walker reaches out and grabs Alex's arm, pushing her gently towards the door---"Let's get out of here."
            The waiter and the customers watch the couple go to their car, the waiter shakes his head---"Darn it---another couple we let get away."
            "They won't get far," another man speaks up---"they can't go very far without brake fluid."
            The men all smile, "They'll be back-----do you know their names?"
            The man steps forward and shows them the proof of insurance papers-----his name is Cahill, Alexandra Cahill."
            "What about the woman, who is she?"
            "Don't know---I guess----his wife."
            "Perfect----they are just the right age----good looking people---they will serve us well----people--- I think our prayers are answered."
            The first man sneers, "Careful how you use the word 'prayer'---you know we do not believe in them."
            "I understand, my friend---but as long as our requests are going answered---we will refer to them as the way they converse--surely we can alter our language for the good of our people."

Amity - Part 2     

By Sasquaw 

Walker and Alex climb back into the little car, he looks to Alex and says quietly, "So much for our perfect little town, huh?"
            "So---they don't feel a need for a law officer, if their record is that squeaky clean and no one breaks the law---then what's the harm in that?"
            "Come on, hon---you know that's not possible---someone is bound to break the law at some time or another."
            "So, what do we now?"
            "Hand me the map---I don't buy this crap that we're more than a couple of hours outside the Canyon!  Ft. Stockton should be about an hour north of here----or wherever the hell ‘here’ is."
            Alex turns sideways as Walker leans over towards her so she can read the map too, she puts her left arm around his shoulder. "So---we're about here---right?" she points to the name Maravillas Canyon.
            "Yeah, just about in this area, and this is where that idiot forced us off the road, we drove about twenty miles in that damn fog---which puts us about here---in Brewster."
            "But, honey---we're not in Brewster---we're in a town called Amity----and I don't see it listed on the map."
            Walker sighs, "Let's look at the index and just see if a town called Amity exists."
            Alex is squinting to see the small print--"I don't see it listed---but that doesn't prove anything.  Texas can't list every small town--at least not in the common atlas."
            While Walker continues to look at the map, Alex is looking around at the small town, she looks back at the three men that are playing checkers. They look back at her, their faces are sad. She looks around at the rest of them, they all shake their heads, and slump their shoulders, gone are all the smiles that she had witnessed just an hour before. She sighs and rubs Walker shoulder.
            "Walker---it's getting late and if we get out on the road now--that 'idiot' could still be out there----let's just get a room and stay the night---what do you say?"
            He scratches his chin and looks around, "Sounds okay to me---are you sure?"
            "I'm sure---a nice soft bed and a hot bath sure sounds good right now."
            Walker nods his head, and they both get out of the little car.  Alex approaches the three men playing checkers --asking for the nearest motel. Their faces light up as each of them run to the car and start looking for luggage. They turn to the couple and ask.
            "Where's your luggage?"
            Alex laughs, "We only have sleeping bags--in the back of the car, and two small back packs with our clothes."
            The men are rushing to the trunk, Walker throws them the keys, "Here---these might help." The other men are showing the couple to the nearest motel.
            While Alex goes up to sign them in, Walker asks the men if they know someone who can check out the little Sebring for him.
            The men all nod and tell him they will take care of the car, Walker shakes his head, muttering to himself.
            "Something's not right----these people are too eager to please."
            Alex comes back to stand beside Walker, he turns, "Did you get us signed in?"
            She looks back at him in confusion, "Didn't have to---the man at the desk said there was no need---room 113--at the end of the hall."
            Walker looks back to the man at the desk, he's all smiles, "Welcome!  Welcome to Amity."
            Walker groans as he takes Alex's arm, "I sure am getting tired of hearing that phrase---come on, let's see what our room looks like."
            The couple do a double take at the size of their room and the decor---all hearts. The bed is huge, and there are mirrors everywhere, even on the ceiling. The carpet is bright red, and it's the thickest that Walker has ever seen. Walker looks to Alex, she's just staring back at him, her mouth is moving, but nothing is coming out.
            "Alex---this looks like a honeymoon suite---did you request this?"
            "Of course not-----all I did was ask for a room."
            A knock is heard on their door and Walker turns to answer it, a huge bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne is being delivered. Alex stares back at Walker.
            She smiles, "Flowers?  Walker----where did you find a flower shop so quickly?"
            Walker stammers, "Alex--I didn't---order these----nor the champagne."
            The delivery man is smiling, "Compliments of the people of Amity----enjoy."
            Walker tries to give the man a tip, the man just stares back at him, and backs out of the room, still smiling. Alex shakes her head, and says to herself, "I should have known they wouldn't be from you, cowboy---sometimes I wonder if you even know how important and romantic it is for a woman to receive flowers."
Walker turns from the door, shaking his head, "Something just isn't right here, Alex---these people are sure going to a lot of trouble to keep us here."
            A feeling of hurt overcomes Alex as she walks swiftly towards the bathroom, she turns and says gruffly, "Some men wouldn't look at it as 'a lot of trouble'---to take the time to send flowers!  But you wouldn't know about that----would you?  Tell me, Walker----have you ever given any woman flowers?"
            Walker starts to answer, but the bathroom door slams shut--leaving him standing with an even more confused look on his face.
            "What the hell was that all about?"
            He walks slowly to the bathroom door, "Alex---what's wrong--what did I do?"
            She comes stomping out of the bathroom and heads for her backpack, not even answering. Walker takes a deep sigh, and walks up behind her, trying to put his arms around her, she pushes him away.
            "Just leave me alone!  I was wrong in thinking that this trip meant the same thing to you----you do not want to be here with me---not really!  You see it as just another romantic tryst--and it doesn't matter that I happen to be the one you're with---any woman would do---right?"
            "Alex---what is wrong with you?  Are you upset with me because I didn't send you the flowers---is that it?"
            She stomps her foot, "Well, did it ever occur to you that I would like to receive flowers from you at least once?  Would that be so hard to understand?"
            Walker lowers his voice, "I'm sorry Alex----I'm sorry I didn't send you flowers---how was I to find a flower shop so quickly---and besides---Alex----you've never acted this way before----about these things."
            Alex grits her teeth, she can feel the hurt rising again, "Walker---I am a woman---and just like all women I like things that are romantic, and 'flowers to someone that you care about'-- is about the most romantic thing that a man can do for a woman. How long have we known each other-----not once have you ever given me flowers."
            Walker is at a loss for words, "I've bought you other things, haven't I?   I'm always giving you little things! What about that perfume I bought you for your birthday---it didn't come cheap----believe me!  It took almost half my paycheck!"
            "You just don't get it, do you? I don't care how much something costs---flowers are something that every woman yearns for, and they are not expensive! I'm sorry you spent half your paycheck on a gift for me---would you like for me to give the perfume back to you----maybe you can get a refund?"
            "Alex----come on---what are we arguing about?  Do you want flowers? I'll go buy you some damn flowers if that's what you want---hell---anything to stop this damn arguing."
            Alex stomps back to the bathroom--"I don't want you to buy me anything, Cordell Walker---not flowers----not anything." And with that, the bathroom door slams again.
            Walker sighs and throws his hands down on his legs in  anger. He shakes his head back and forth and goes to sit down on the edge of the bed, music starts to play and the bed starts going very slowly in a circular motion. Walker stands up quickly and looks back to the bed, it stops moving. The Ranger lets out a curse word, mumbling to himself.
            "I'll lay odds that there are satin sheets on that bed---it will be just my luck---I hate satin sheets."
            He lifts the comforter up gently, and then takes a deep sigh, "Satin sheets-----I knew it! What else is going to go wrong?"
            He looks towards the bathroom and then back to the huge bed, he groans---"Don't know why I'm worried about having to sleep on the satin sheets---with the mood Alex is in---I'll be sleeping in the floor."
            It's a good half hour before Alex emerges from the bathroom, she comes out in the oversized shirt that she was wearing the first night on their rafting trip. Her hair is slightly damp, and she's wearing no makeup, but he can smell her perfume. He swallows; she's just as beautiful without any makeup on---looking like a schoolgirl with that fresh-scrubbed look ---of innocence. He tries to smile at the thought of innocence---Alex was definitely not innocent in the ways of making a man go weak---in more ways than one.
            He watches as she crosses back to the backpack and takes out her body lotion, again he swallows---remembering what she does with that body lotion. He's still staring at her as she turns to face him, she replies softly.
            "I'm sorry----I had no right to get so upset about---about flowers."
            Walker is trying to find his voice, "It's okay, Alex---I'm sorry that I've been so inconsiderate, you had a right to be angry."
            "It was stupid," she says pouting, "maybe you don't get into the sending flowers thing--but you are considerate in other ways---and I didn't mean what I said about the perfume---you know I wouldn't part with it---I love it---you know that-----"
            Walker sighs, "Actually---you were wrong when you said that I never sent you flowers---I did send you flowers----but someone else got the credit for them."
            Alex looks back to Walker in confusion, "You sent me flowers—when?"
            Walker is stammering, "On your birthday--2 years ago."
            Alex is trying to think back to her birthday in question, she whispers slowly, "If you sent me flowers---I never got them----who got the credit for sending your flowers?"
            Walker makes a face and goes over to the champagne and pops the cork----"Dalton Reed----who else?"
            "Yes, Dalton!" Walker replies in a sarcastic tone--"I sent them to your office---but I didn't sign the card---you were still involved with Dalton and I didn't want to cause trouble if he saw the flowers----I should have signed the damn card---because you thought Dalton sent them!"
            Alex walks closer to Walker, taking the glass of champagne, "I remember getting a bouquet of lilacs, with------"
            "Yellow roses, and a sprinkle of baby breath," Walker replies.    
            Alex gasps, "Oh no---I did think it was strange that Dalton would send those kind of flowers---he always sent red roses. I even asked him about it!  He lied?"
            Walker downs the first glass of champagne and pours another, Alex is still sipping her first.
            "Why should that surprise you that Dalton lied to you---it certainly wasn't the first time, was it?"
            "No," she replies meekly, "but I don't want to go there----Walker, why didn't you say something?"
            He takes a long swallow, "Because you were involved with him----and I had no business giving you anything while you were involved with another man-----But don't think I didn't confront him about it!”
            Alex starts to cry, "I wish you had said something to me about it----damn you, Walker---you make me so mad."
            Walker is now on his third glass of champagne, he shakes his head, "Now---what did I do?"
            Alex starts waving her arms around---"Don't you see ? If you had said something 2 years ago---maybe we----wouldn't have been wasting so much time----making excuses not to start----seeing each other."
            "Alex--you were involved with another man---you know how I feel about  trying to move in----on someone else's territory."
            Alex swallows the rest of her champagne and grabs the bottle from Walker and pours another. She glares back at him.
            "Territory?  Walker I am not anyone's 'so called territory'---I am a human being----I don't belong to anyone!  And, if you felt that way about 'invading some one's else territory---then why did you send the flowers?"
            Walker sighs, "Because----it was your birthday----and I had heard----that----you and Dalton were----having some words-----and I guess I thought----or rather 'hoped' that---that you were breaking up with him!  It was a stupid thing to do----I shouldn't have done it."
            Alex looks at Walker for the longest, she has never seen this side of him---the side of insecurity and being vulnerable. He's always come on to her as being very secure, tough and knowing just exactly what he was doing. She watches his eyes, they are now trying to avoid her.
            She sets the half empty glass of wine down and approaches him slowly, putting her arms slowly around his neck.
            "I don't think it was stupid----Walker--the flowers were beautiful---the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever received.  I couldn't get over how beautiful they were, and you knew I liked lilacs!  I wish you had signed that card!  How could you let another man take the credit for them?"
            Walker shrugs and tries to look away, "Because----that was the weekend that you were going away with him to Amarillo-----so I knew then the flowers were a mistake---and that you were not breaking up with him."
            Alex gently pulls his face back, "Oh, Walker----if you had only known what was going to happen on that trip! There wouldn't have been any trip---if you had just told me that you sent the flowers.  That weekend would never have happened---but you were acting so cold towards me---I thought you didn't care that I was spending the weekend with another man."
            Walker's brow goes up in a arch, he's starting to feel a 'buzz' from the champagne, "What happened on that trip, Alex---did he hurt you?"
            Alex lowers her head, "Not in the way you're implying---not physically----but it still hurt."
            "What?  What did he do----tell me, Alex---what did that son-of-a-bitch do to you?"
            Alex backs away from Walker, looking up at him with those piercing blue eyes. She sighs softly, "I was to join Dalton later in Amarillo, he was riding the circuit and he said he had an early event, so he went on ahead of me. Well, I couldn't get away as I had intended, so I called him and told him I would be there sometime Saturday---he said okay and that was it. Then, Carl Mooney said he would cover for me, and I went ahead and left--driving to Amarillo."
            "Don't tell me," Walker replies sarcastically---"you found him with another woman---for Christ's sake's Alex---why does that surprise you?  He's been with other women---while you were dating him."
            Alex says nothing, Walker can see the hurt in her eyes, he reaches out and grabs her and gently pulls her to him, she starts to cry. Now a feeling of hurt comes over the Ranger, as he gently pushes her away from him.
            "I see, I should have known---you're still not over him---are you?"
            Alex shakes her head, "Walker---I've been over Dalton for a long time, that's not what I'm hurting about---yes---I did find him with someone else---a 15 yr old girl."
            "Oh-----I'm sorry, Alex---I didn't know," Walker replies quietly.
            "It shouldn't have surprised me---there's always young girls following those rodeos---throwing themselves at the riders!  You've ridden in enough of the rodeos yourself----I'm sure you had similar situations where young girls were promising anything---to share your bed?"
            Walker clears his throat, "Yes----I've been in similar situations----but I never stooped so low to rob the cradle----a 15 yr old?  Alex---that's statutory rape, you could have brought charges against the bastard."
            "Only if I had been the girl's parent----or else representing her in court----and believe me that young girl had no intention of taking him to court, she was enjoying it too much."
            Walker grunts, as he pours another glass of champagne---"The 'Romeo'----yeah, I know how the women would fall all over him---he never left any of the rodeos alone!---That's why I never could understand how "you", a woman of your stature and intelligence could ever fall for a creep like that."
            Alex tilts her head sideways, "Well, you know, Walker---I never cared much for some of the women that you were 'seeing'---and we both know 'who' I'm referring to, don't we?"
            "Oh, don't give me that innocent "who'---Marilee Summers---that's who."
            Walker groans, "Oh, good grief---lets not go there again---one night---one night I spent with Marilee----and you won't let me forget it, will you?"
            Alex's bottom lip is starting to quiver, "How I hate that woman---I totally despise her."
            "Why? Alex---you've known about other women I've been with---why do you hate Marilee so much--I only spent one night with her?"
            Alex crosses her arms across her chest and glares back at Walker, "Oh, it's not just her that I despise---it's her attitude! That all so sure attitude that if she snapped her fingers---you would go running back to her."
            Walker is now pacing back and forth, "What?  Now what are you talking about? Marilee and I had one night together and then she went back to Nashville and that was it."
            "You never talked to her again?"
            "A couple of times---on the phone---but I never saw her again--and Marilee sure didn't appear to me that she would be the type to say ‘she could snap her fingers and I would go running to her’---I don't run to any woman, Alex!"
            "Then, I guess I just imagined those calls she made to my office and even my apartment at 3am."
            "What calls?"
            "The calls---wanting to know if there was anything between you and me---I told her we were friends---she didn't buy it. She very clearly said that if she wanted to be in the picture, you would welcome her back ---with open arms."

Amity – Part 3    

by Sasquaw

Walker looks back to Alex, "Marilee called you---you never said anything about her calling you"?
            "What good would it has done to say anything? ---You see what has happened, we are constantly going out of our way not to not hurt each other by keeping things to ourselves, and we end up just pushing a wedge between us and end up getting hurt anyway"?
            They stand there just looking at each other, Walker runs his hands through his hair and sighs, "Whoever said, 'silence was golden’?" He walks slowly towards her, "Alex, I don't want to argue with you anymore----I hate it---when we argue."
            Alex's voice breaks, "So do I----I don't want to spoil the rest of this trip by arguing."
  Walker takes her into his arms, she nestles her head deep in his chest. “Just for the record, Alex---I meant it when I said that you could 'shanghai' me anytime-----and there's no one else I care to be with."
            Alex's eyes fill with tears as she puts her arms around his neck and kisses him softly. "Can we try out that bed now-----it's going to be quite different than making love on the hard ground."
            Walker's hands are starting to roam, as the right one reaches down and under the long shirt, he whispers--"You were on top most of the time----and you are definitely right about   some differences----we just might find some different positions ---as well."
            Alex is giggling and walking backwards, she feels the bed hitting the back of her legs and she falls backwards, Walker falls gently on top of her. The bed starts moving and the music begins, Walker sighs.
           "Now, I know the name of the song playing---‘SATIN SHEETS’!"

            Alex is kissing his neck and chest, "Oh yes," she whispers, "one of my favorites----and I love sleeping on satin sheets."
            Walker starts to reply, then thinks better of it, "No way I'm starting another argument--no way in hell."
            Alex starts helping him to get the Henley sweater up and over his head, then goes back to kissing his muscular chest, whispering, "What---did you say, honey?"
            Walker groans as he pushes Alex's shirt off and then goes to her right breast, "I didn't say "nothing"----he continues to circle his tongue around the nipple, he can feel her body responding.
            Alex starts pushing herself up more to the center of the bed, "Get up here, Cowboy---I want to take inventory," she whispers.
            Walker has to stand up to get his boots off, and starts to pull his jeans down. He watches Alex as she continues to draw one leg up very slowly, all the while putting her finger into her mouth in a little girl 'pout'. She then lowers those eyes, and that irritable smile comes across her lips. She then starts to move her tongue slowly across her top lip.
            The Ranger groans, "That's it!" And he flops down on the bed beside her, scooping her up and rolling atop the bed. Alex is giggling as she returns his kisses, then she stops her girlish giggle and begins to kiss him harder, her tongue going deep inside his waiting mouth. She can feel his strong hands reaching for her buttocks and commencing to knead them, gently, then more firm.
            Their breathing becomes heavier as he lowers her below him, pulling himself up on one hand, kissing her harder, his mouth going to her neck and gently sucking and biting.  His hand goes to her left breast, gently squeezing and massaging, he then lowers his mouth to her and begins to take the whole breast into his mouth.
            Alex is gasping, "Slow down, Walker----we got all night,” she teases.
            He pulls back and slowly goes back to her neck, letting his tongue glide slowly down, he whispers--I'm trying-----but you make me so hot---I'm ready to explode."
            She pushes back on his chest gently, her eyes look into his--"And then--I will just have to slow you down, won't I?"
            Walker blinks his eyes, "Impossible-----the champagne has done a number on me----"I'm ready to explode---now!"
            "Ummmmmm----well Cowboy----we'll just see about that, as she slides out from under him and goes to the bucket of champagne. She takes the towel and wraps up a dozen or so ices cubes, and slides back into bed.
            "Alex----that will have the same effect---as a cold shower!"
            She continues to smile at him with those eyes, "Just lay back, honey----and let me do my thing----you trust me-----don't you?"
            Walker climbs up higher in the bed and looks back at her, his brows arch, "I'm not so sure about that----I've been finding out a lot of interesting and  'almost scary' things about you."
            Alex's eyes grow wide, her mouth drops open and she stares back at him in astonishment----"What do you mean by that?"
            Walker lays back in the bed, trying to get himself stable on the slippery sheets, "Never mind, counselor---just what have you got in mind with those ice cubes?"
            Alex crawls up on the bed, straddling him; his manhood is at complete attention. She lowers her mouth slowly, just barely touching his flesh and he shivers slightly. She teases him as she goes quickly to his membrane and then just as quickly she drops ringlets of water from the ice cube down close to his testicles. He exhales slowly, grabbing the sheets and holding on. She looks up at him and smiles tenderly, whispering.
            "You know, I have the power to make you squirm---the closer I get to your 'pride and joy'--the higher up on that bed you scoot---honey---I'm not going to hurt you."
            Walker nods his head, in a unbelieving gesture--"Alex---it's starting to get cold in here---and those ice cubes are making me---even colder----wouldn't you prefer me---the other way around?"
            Alex giggles, "Honey--by the time I get through with you---you're going to be like an inferno-----but I want to slowly warm you up----and this way---we will both be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor."
            "Is that so?" Asks the Ranger, as he slowly puts his hands behind his head and smiles devilishly----"and you think you got everything under control---is that it?"
            "Why, Cordell Walker----I think you are starting to doubt me---do I hear 'doubt' in your voice," and she goes back to his membrane and starts to stroke it slowly, then she quickens her pace. She then puts a small piece of ice in her mouth and starts back to his pride and joy.

Walker's eyes grow wide as he anticipates the coolness that awaits him.  She quickly goes down the length of his shaft, and the coolness causes him to rise up off the bed.
            Alex pushes him gently back on the bed, her mouth encircles his membrane and she increases her pace, as his body starts to warm up, he starts to relax. She looks up to him, her eyes teasing him, "Feel better, honey?"
            Walker is trying to get a better hold of the top sheet, the bottom one is starting to cling to his damp body. He keeps pushing on the bed with his heels, but he keeps sliding further down on the bed.  Alex stops her little 'project' and looks back at him, slowly licking her top lip.
            "Walker----what's wrong?"
            "I can't get any stability---I keep sliding."
            Alex slowly starts climbing up his body again and straddles him, "I swear, Cowboy----I don't know what I'm going to do with you." She begins to massage his muscular chest and kisses his nipples gently, going to his neck and nibbling. She raises the bottom part of her body and gently lowers herself on to his manhood, taking him in slowly. He swallows.
            "Well----whatever you're going to do with me----don't stop.” His hands go to her buttocks and pull her down harder to him.
            Her pace quickens as he reaches up for her breast and begins to suck tenderly. She begins to purr as she pushes back and looks at him, her hands go to her own body and gently glide slowly down her silky body. Walker's eyes are growing wide, his breathing increases-----he sighs.
            Alex continues to tease him with every inch of her body, she can feel him getting harder inside of her, she increases her pace even more. She watches his eyes; her lips purse together-----"So???? ---- I've got a record to break, don't I-----what did you say the record was for staying on a wild bull?"
            Walker can barely speak as he watches their bodies move in unison, "Eight seconds--" he whispers---"sure hope-----you're planning on staying longer------than that."
            She pushes herself further back, her pace increases even more, "Oh, you can count on it---cowboy--------you will have to force me to dismount!"
            He grins, "No way------you can ride me forever and a day."
            Alex giggles slightly, "Oh, you shouldn't have said that-----because I want equal time." She rises up off him quickly; his manhood is 'bobbing back and forth' in a stage of abandonment. She reaches up to kiss him hard, as she nibbles on his bottom lip, then she lies back on the bed.
            "Your turn, Cowboy-----and remember I like it s-l-o-w,” she purrs.
            Walker rises up on his knees and looks down at her, "Slow----huh? You're going to get it---nice and slow." He reaches over to the side of the bed and picks up the champagne bottle and a glass. He pours the glass full and offers it to her for a small sip, and then he pours the wine over her body gently, all the way down to her toes. The liquid is still fairly cool as Alex's body gets little goose bumps; she stares back at him, smiling.
            "Boohoo, Cowboy---you're getting 'kinky."
            Walker says nothing as he starts at her neck and lets his tongue glide gently down her body, purposely avoiding her groin. His tongue goes all the way down to her toes, as he puts her toes in his mouth, one at a time and gently sucks on them, his eyes watching her expression. Now she's the one that's trying to get stability on the slippery sheets, and she starts sliding.
            Walker starts back up her legs, going slowly to the inside of her thighs, licking gently. Alex is now digging her heels in, as the sensation of his tongue is overpowering her. She takes a deep breath as he again avoids the area where she is craving him the most, now he's at her navel. His hands massage her small waist, as he traces his tongue all the way back up to her breasts, he stops and looks at her.
            "Something wrong, counselor?" He asks teasingly.
            She's trying to stay calm, but her body is anticipating much more as she searches his face for a sign, "Walker?" She whispers quietly----
            Walker's face is blank, "Yes?"
            Alex's whole body feels neglect as she starts to squirm, Walker's right hand goes down slowly to her mound and rubs gently, "Alex------you're starting to feel really----moist-----is there something-----you want to ask me?"
            Alex is teething as she inhales deeply----"Honey-----stop teasing."
            "I'm not teasing you, hon.------but you've got to tell me----how much you want it---now I can't hear anything----what were you saying?"
            She glares back at him and whispers, "I want it-----bad----"
            Walker is still not going to let her off so easily, "What, Alex----you want what-----I can't read minds."
            Alex's body is going into spasms as the Ranger continues to work his palm against her mound, slowly inserting a finger, she gasps. She starts trying to push him downwards, he continues to look into her eyes---"What's the matter, cat got your tongue------you like to tease----how does it feel to have it turned on you?"
            "Cordell Walker---I do not tease---I always come through with my promises-------you are deliberately trying to drive me out of my mind----if you do not put your tongue inside me----I'm-------going….”
            Walker slides down to her mound and goes deep inside her with his tongue, pulling gently back and forth against her vaginal walls. Alex groans, as she grabs the top sheet, it's so wet and wrinkled that she cannot hold onto it-----she loses her balance and goes sliding into Walker, pushing him to the edge of the bed. He rises up for a second and smiles back at her.
            "Someone is getting very impatient----aren't they?"
            "Walker---so help me---would you please stop talking---you are driving me----insane----"
            Walker reaches for more of the champagne, taking the whole bottle and pouring it all over her stomach, as he drops slowly to her pleasure zone, he starts lapping it up slowly. Now Alex is looking for something more firm to hold onto, as Walker's tongue flickers in and out, going in deeper each time. Now her legs are going over his shoulders as he holds her tighter to him. The sheets are following her body and soon the whole ensemble is coming loose and she, Walker, and the bedclothes go tumbling into the thick carpet.
            The Ranger groans, never missing one ounce of concentration as he eases her back on the carpet, his left hand going under her buttocks and lifting her gently up to him. Alex can feel the whole room spinning as her juices are beginning to trickle down her thighs, only to be lapped up by the Ranger's tongue. Her whole body is starting to shake as she starts trying to sit up and push him back. The Ranger is not giving in, as he inserts two fingers into her vagina, and rotates them slowly while his tongue does it's own number. Alex is breathing harder as she's now trying to pull away from him.
            "Walker----stop please----let me get my breath."
            Walker crawls slowly over the crumpled sheets, pulling them away from her and throwing them to the other side of the room. Now only the carpet lies below her as she is reaching for him, eagerly kissing him---tasting her own fluids. She groans as she feels his knee pushing her thighs further apart, he enters her in one quick thrust. She comes completely off the floor as she is meeting his every thrust, his hands are at the arch of her back, supporting her every move.
            They both start to breathe harder as Walker whispers her name, "Tell me again---how much you want it."
            Alex's head is nodding up and down, her voice is hoarse, "Yes---yes---I want you deep inside me----you feel so good----I've never been so hot before-----don't ever stop-----Walker---god----I feel like I'm going to pass out."
            Walker's pace increases, the sweat is pouring off his body like he's just stepped out of shower, and he swallows, trying to get his voice. "You are like an insatiable nymph-----aren't you?"
            Alex kisses him hard, "You bring it out of me----only with you-----have I ever felt this way," she whispers back.
            Walker continues to thrust harder; his voice is hoarse--"Not even with Dalton?"
            Alex shakes her head back and forth---"Dalton-----who?"
            Walker is beginning to grin as his pace is skyrocketing---he can feel his legs becoming weak, he can feel that Alex is ready to come----he knows he's not far behind as both their bodies explode, and Alex lets out a scream.
            They roll back and forth on the carpet, neither of them wanting to be first to pull away, finally Walker collapses on top of her, and Alex is trying to catch her breath. She starts 'fanning' herself, and then she looks down at their bodies----they are both soaking wet.
            Walker is groaning, "Oh hell------I may never----walk-----again----my legs feel like wet noodles."
            Alex is giggling and kissing his shoulders----"You must have felt like this----every time you rode the bulls---I'm jealous."
            Walker groans and falls backwards on the floor---"None of those damn bulls had this effect on me---- over 2,000 lbs of pure hell going through my loins----twisting and tearing at every muscle in my body----they never left me this confused and rattled."
            Alex smiles as she turns over on her side and starts stroking his chest---"Good----that makes me feel better."
            "I didn't say it just to make you feel better----it's the truth------just 20 minutes with you under the sheets-----or in this case---no sheets at all-----I'm a complete basket case."
            The room is starting to cool the lovers off as Alex starts to shiver, "Honey---I'm going to hit the showers----want to join me?"
            "Most definitely,” Walker sighs, he starts to get up, but his body is not cooperating, he exhales----"just as soon as I get my strength back."
            "Okay, honey," she kisses him softly, "I'll get the shower started----how long do you think you will be," she asks teasingly.
            The Ranger groans, "Maybe sometime next week."
            Alex laughs, hitting him in the chest lightly, "That'll be the day--------20 minutes is more like it---I'll wait for you----under the nice, warm, soapy, water. ---I'll give you a backrub-----all over your aching body."
            She rises up from the floor and looks down at him, she can't help but laugh, she has never seen him---so exhausted. She stifles her laugh and runs to the shower.
            Walker is still trying to get his breath back, his head is starting to hurt from all of the wine, he closes his eyes, and soon he's dozing off.
            Alex is taking her body lotion and soap back out of her backpack again. She turns the water on, slightly hotter than she prefers it, but she knows that Walker likes it HOT. She's singing softly to herself, she's definitely never been happier than she has been in the last few days. It has taken the two of them so long to finally take their relationship to this plateau. She sighs and sits down on the edge of the tub, reaching into feel the water. She closes her eyes and whispers.
            "I always knew it would be this way, Walker-----I've envisioned how it would be like, being in your arms and having you make love to me-----it's even better than I ever imagined."
            Alex still has her eyes closed when she hears the voices; she opens her eyes and looks around. She listens closer, as she can barely hear them.
            "Don't leave us----we will die."
            Alex stands up quickly and runs back into the front room, Walker is sound asleep on the floor----the comforter pulled up around him. Alex walks around the room slowly, debating on whether or not to wake him. She shakes her head.
            "Must be somebody watching TV in one of the rooms next to us-----yeah----that's what it was."
            She runs back into the shower and takes a quick one, then runs back and lies down in the floor next to Walker. She pulls the covers up around them snug, and then she backs up to Walker's body. He groans as in his sleep, he's still reaching for her. She takes his right hand and lays it across her stomach, snuggling back closer to him. She can feel herself getting drowsy and the champagne and lovemaking has taken its toll. Her body soon gives into the stillness of the night.
            The night is getting colder and the wind is starting to pick up, Walker can hear the branches of a tree hitting one of the windows, Mother Nature is also beckoning him. He pulls away from Alex's tight grip on his hand, he kisses the side of her head and whispers, "I got to have both of my hands, hon.---Mother nature calling-----I'll be back soon--maybe we better get up on the bed---it's really getting cold in here."
            Alex nods and as Walker pads to the bathroom, she gets up and starts throwing the bedclothes back on the bed, then jumping in, shivering. As Walker comes back to the bed, she asks quietly.
            "Are they still watching TV next door?"
            Walker shakes his head, confused----"What TV---I didn't hear anything----hon. Go back to sleep---you're dreaming."
            She waits until he gets settled under the covers, then she snuggles back into his warm embrace. She's murmuring----"I guess------u'mmmmm you feel so warm."
            They soon fall back asleep, and then the dreams begin.
            Alex is tossing and turning as the hands reach out for her, the voices are begging her to stay. She's desperately trying to pull away from them; she's staring back at empty faces and hollow eyes.
            "Let me go-----let go of me---leave me alone!"
            Now she's being chased, and she's running down a long hallway----the walls have a liquid seeping out, she's trying to stay in the middle of the hall, as more hands are reaching out for her. She has run out of hallway, the walls are closing in as hands reach out to her, shaking her violently. She fights back with ounce of her body------in the distance she hears someone calling her name and she hears the sound of church bells---ringing three times--and then silence. The hands are reaching for her eagerly, and she starts screaming.
            "Alex-----Alex----wake up."
            The shaking becomes more aggressive as she strikes out at the hands-----"Leave me alone----I don't belong here."
            She feels something cool on her face, and the voice is calling out to her again.
            "Alex----wake up----it's me hon.----it's me---Walker."
            Alex wakes up abruptly and stares at the face before her, she starts to cry and reaches out for the bleared figure, "Walker----oh God-----hold me---don't let them get me."
            Walker takes her into his arms and soothes her hair back, kissing her forehead, "Alex---you're okay---You were just having a bad dream----you're awake now."
            She can't stop shaking as she holds him tighter, looking around the room, her eyes wide in fright-----"Walker----it was so real------I could feel the hands reaching for me!"
            "Shh, hon.---you're okay ---You’re safe----I'm here with you---it was just a bad dream."
            She continues to cling to him as they lay back in the bed, he pulls the covers up around her, tucking her in and kissing her softly.
            "Do you want me to get some tea from the cafe---I think they're still open------"
            "NO!" She screams----"don't leave me---Walker---just hold me!"
            "Okay Alex---I won't leave you---I promise----now try and go back to sleep."
            "I don't think I'll ever sleep again---Walker----could we please get out of here tomorrow?"
            "Yes----I'll go to check on your car and see what the damage is---I'm pretty sure we can make it to Ft. Stockton in it----we may have to leave it there and get a rental to go on home."
            "Fine---I don't care----I just want to--to go home."
            The Ranger continues to hold his woman close to him, whispering comforting words. Outside a slight snow is starting to fall, the temperature is dropping. Out on the highway the big truck stops and the driver looks down on the town of Amity, he hisses.
            "They have come at last----our spirits will rise, we will again gain our sacred ground---they will push us away no more---we will not give in- and he will burn in hell for what he has bestowed on us!"
            Walker is waiting for Alex to come out of the bathroom; it was a long and restless night for them both, as every time she would fall asleep--the dreams would commence.
            She finally emerges, but she's still shaking. Walker goes to her and puts his arm around her.
            "You okay, Alex---feel like having some breakfast?"
            She nods her head slowly, "Are we going to leave today?"
            "Yes--why don't you go on over to the cafe and order us breakfast---I'll go check on your car."
            "No---Walker, I don't want to be alone---could we please have breakfast together and both of us go get the car?"
            Walker nods his head as he reaches for his jacket and puts it around her, "Okay, hon.-----whatever you say---we'll eat first! ----Here, wrap up real good, a light snow fell last night."
            They grab their backpacks and head out the door, going to the cafe. Several of the farmers are standing around, watching them, completely oblivious to the freezing cold. They all nod as the couple passes them.
            At the cafe, their table is waiting for them---with fresh coffee and Danish rolls. Alex sits down carefully, and looks around----the customers all have sad faces. Ben, the waiter walks over to them.
            "Morning folks----I guess you two will be leaving today," he replies sadly.
            Walker nods and hands him his thermos---"Yeah----we have jobs to get back to-----could we have the bacon and eggs, with juice---lots of coffee and she would like some-----"
            A cup is set before Alex with a teabag hanging over the side, a slice of lemon is on the saucer, and one packet of Equal. Ben smiles, "Your tea, Mrs. Cahill."
            Alex stares at the tea and then back to Walker, "How did he know I wanted tea?"
            Walker takes a deep breath, "I don't know----but it's time we got to the bottom of all of this---Ben-----I'd like to ask you a few questions."
            Everyone stops eating and stares back at Ben and the bearded one, it gets deathly quiet. Ben clears his throat, "I will try to answer your questions, Mr. Cahill."
            Walker's brow arches up, "First of all, how do you manage to guess what we want, before we even know ourselves?  Secondly, my name is not Cahill, and how did you come to the conclusion that it was---unless you've been going through the papers in the car?"
            Alex sips her tea; it's to perfection. She clears her throat, "Honey----you were driving----so they've assumed it's your car."
            Ben is shifting back and forth uncomfortably, "We didn't mean any harm, and we just wanted to know who you are."
            "You could have asked us," replies Walker--"I’m surprised that with this entire premonition about everything else---that you didn't guess our names as well."
            Ben shakes his head, "I'm sorry---we were wrong in taking those papers."
            Alex bites her bottom lip and replies slowly, "Ben----you just broke a law---that's breaking and entering-------"
            "The car wasn't locked, Alex."
            "Okay, then it's still theft-----I could bring charges against you for this---do you know the seriousness of what you just did?"
            Another farmer walks up to the table, he nods his head to Alex and pushes his hair back, "Ben didn't do it, ma'am----I did----I'm the one that got nosy."
            Ben hits the man lightly in the chest, "Hush Jacob----you're talking too much."
            Another farmer speaks up, "We're all guilty----we're all to blame---we just don't want you kind people to leave us."
            A chill goes up Alex's arm as she recalls the voices in her dream, saying the same thing. She takes a deep breath, "Could we just order our breakfast now----we want to eat----and then be on our way?"
            "Yes ma'am," replies Ben, "I'll get your breakfast right away-----Jacob---Luke---quit pestering the kind people---leave them be. If they have to go----then------they have to go."
            Jacob and Luke lower their heads and walk back to their table.
            Walker sighs, "For a town that says they break no laws---they've sure met their quota for the day."
            Their breakfast is brought and as usual, it’s cooked exactly the way they wanted, without even asking. Alex stares down at her scrambled eggs and crisp bacon, light toast. Walker just shakes his head as he breaks the yolk of over easy fried eggs, bacon, and biscuits with butter. He looks to Alex and says,  "Strange or not----their food is outstanding----I've never tasted better eggs--and they're fresh."
            Alex is looking around slowly, "Walker----has it ever occurred to you---that we have

            "Yeah, I've noticed that--but it is a farming town----the women are probably on the farms---doing---whatever wives of farmers do-----in this---strange, but overly friendly town."
            Alex replies quietly, "And, what about kids---where are the children?"

Amity - Part 4 

By Sasquaw

Walker and Alex are walking towards the garage to check on the little Sebring. As Walker is paying the bill, Alex throws what little belongings they have--into the back seat. She looks around at the small town and shakes her head sadly.
            Walker returns to the car, he too is shaking his head in disbelief.
            "What's wrong, didn't they fix the car?"
            Walker nods, "Yeah, they fixed it the best they could, which wasn't much. The mechanic said he replaced all the hoses and tightened everything up, the pistons are still knocking---that will take a complete overhaul to get that fixed."
            "Well---is it drivable--can we still leave?"
           Walker motions for her to get in, he walks around to the driver's side, getting in.  "We just have to take it slow--but I'm sure it'll get us to Ft. Stockton."
          Alex starts to correct him about where they're at, but she decides to keep quiet. She takes one last look at the town of Amity and sighs.
           "You know, Walker----it's not a bad little town---I'm sad about leaving but--something just isn't ---something is not right."
            "I know," the Ranger replies softly, "these people are trying too hard to keep us here--but I don't recall a town in Texas being called Amity----and that bit about us being further away from the Big Bend country than what I believe we are---is not making any sense."
             Alex tries to smile, "Honey--could we please just get on down the road--ever since I had that dream last night---I'm nervous about being here."
             Walker reaches over and pats the inside of her left thigh, "Okay, hon---let's get some miles between us and this town they call "Friendship"----and maybe while I'm driving ---you will tell me about your dream."
            The little car backs away from the garage, the two mechanics watch the little car till it's out of sight. The older one turns to the young one and says quietly.
            "They seem like such nice people--I guess we are destined to the fate that awaits us."
            The young one is in his mid 20's, he kicks at the ground. "Our fate? What fate? We lost our fate nearly 22 years ago---it's all his fault---we will never be free! We are trapped inside these bodies---forever!"
            The old man sighs, laying his hand on the young man's shoulder, "At least I had a chance to live---I had some good years--I was a proud warrior---but you were just a young buck, coming into your adulthood--and then it was all taken away from you, on that one night when he decided to kill----Our spirits grow restless---we may never rest in peace."
            The young one looks back at the old man,  "I'm going home now--to be with my wife--to comfort her---to try again to explain why our seeds will not grow---not only the ones we plant in our barren fields, but the ones that are not fertile in her womb. She cries all the time--I don't know what to say anymore---I have lost the words."
            The young one bows his head and walks away, as he does--the old man's face begins to age, his hands that were so nimble just hours before----begin to crack--his joints stiffen. The garage begins to fade, the machinery is all rusting--a cool wind is coming out of the North.
               The old man groans as he shuffles off to an old dilapidated building that he has called home. He whispers to himself, "He's coming back----he will be so angry with us----it's best I hide---to escape his fury!"
Walker and Alex are back on the road, the driving is slow as Walker curses underneath his breath at the knocking of the pistons. Alex has been quiet since leaving the town of Amity. She stares out the passenger window like she's in some kind of trance. He reaches out and touches her arm slightly.
            "Penny for your thoughts---what ya' thinking about so hard?" he tries to tease her.
            She sighs and turns sideways, taking his hand in hers and gently rubbing the top of his hand, "I'm thinking ----about that dream I had---Walker, I have never had a dream that felt so real before."
            He looks back at her, "Yeah----it was really having an affect on you---you were tossing and turning something awful---it took me forever to get you awake.  I haven't seen you so frightened of a dream since------LaRue was stalking you."
            "Walker---this dream was nothing like the ones I was having about LaRue---in those dreams I could see what my nightmare was all about---I understood why I was having the dreams--the man had stalked me---he tried to rape me---not once--but twice!"
            Walker's face tightens as he remembers the person in question, "Yeah----and it was all my fault for not blowing that son-of-a-bitch away the first time he tried to hurt you----you wouldn't have had to go through any of those bad dreams."
            Alex squeezes his hand, "Honey----let's not go there---the man is dead----he's not my demon anymore---you took care of that."
            They continue their tedious drive, Walker keeps looking around them----he slams on the brakes. Alex is startled as she follows his eyes, as they look straight ahead--to a dead end road.
            "What happened---did you make a wrong turn---where's the highway, we should have reached it by now?"
            "How could I have made a wrong turn---there was only one road leading out of Amity---the same one we came in on."
            Alex gets the map out again, she points to it---"Highway 385 North---all the way into Ft. Stockton---but, Walker------"
            "Don't say it, Alex----I know what you're going to say----we just left a town called Amity----it's nowhere on the map."
            "Then how do you explain where we are?  Walker---that's a dead end road---it wasn't there before----and the highway is nowhere in sight."
            Walker slams his fist into the steering wheel---"I can't explain it---that's what is so damn frustrating!"
            Alex takes a deep breath and reaches for the thermos---"Here, honey---have some coffee----there's got to be a reason for all of this."
            Walker takes the thermos cup and by habit, takes only a sip----anticipating the temperature of the hot liquid.  He grimaces, and opens the door of the little convertible and spits it out, "What the hell is that---where's the coffee?"
            Alex stares back at him and then she sniffs the thermos, then grabs Walker's cup and stares at it.  "There's nothing in here---but water---warm water."
            Walker keeps trying to get the taste out of his mouth--"Water--hell!!  It tastes terrible---like it's stale!"
                     Alex takes a small taste and she too is spitting it out----"I've never tasted water so bad---it's got a lot of sulfur in it." She throws the remainder of the thermos out the window. Then she reaches for her backpack that holds the mints she takes two and hands the rest to Walker. He chews one up immediately, still smacking his lips.
            "Walker----I saw the cook pouring coffee into that thermos----"
            "I know, Alex---I was standing right there---I saw him put coffee into it-----and then he handed it to you.  Was there some way he could have made a mistake and handed you the wrong thermos that just had water----did you order tea, too?"
            "No, honey-----just coffee!  And, there's no way we could have gotten someone else's thermos---I never let it out of my hands--you paid the bill and then we went to get the car."
            Walker exhales---"Well, there's no need to worry about it now---we back up and try another road."
            Walker puts the car in reverse, and he keeps pumping the brake pedal, then swears.
            "Now, what's wrong?"
            "Brakes are getting mushy---losing brake fluid," he replies.
            Alex falls back against the passenger seat, "Oh great----Walker---didn't those mechanics check the brakes and the fluid?"
            "Apparently not, Alex." He snaps back at her.
            She glares back at him, gritting her teeth---"Then, let's just get this damn car turned around---and try to find another way-------"
            She stops talking as Walker raises his hand----"Shh, Alex---I hear something."
            She follows his eyes again as he continues to stare straight ahead--at nothing. Then she hears the muffled sound of exhaust pipes, air brakes, and the ear shattering noise of an engine emitting the growling noise of unimaginable horse power! The noise is getting closer. Alex grabs Walker's arm.
            "Oh, my God---not our 'friend' again----Walker?"
            Walker sits up straight, and looks towards the dead end road. Back and forth his eyes search for the hidden demon, he can hear the exhaust 'stacks' getting louder and louder---and the gears grinding as the axles switch to the lower gears. He can smell the diesel fuel, and the ground starts to shake. He turns to Alex quickly.
            "Buckle up----we're going to be in for a bumpy ride."
            Alex's eyes turn to fright as she grabs the seat belt and again she grabs Walker's arm---"Walker---look---!"
            The fog is moving in again, getting thicker by the second, the ground starts to shake more. Walker throws the little car into reverse, the gears are starting to slip, he can't get it to move. The deafening sounds of the big truck are almost upon them, Alex is screaming.
            "Where is he?  I can't see anything----Walker----back u!!"

"I'm trying----the gears are slipping----" Walker keeps hitting the gear shift with his hand, "it's stuck------it won't move."
            Walker is grabbing the handle of the drivers' door and yelling at Alex to get behind the wheel, she has to unbuckle her seatbelt as she starts climbing over the console. "What are you going to do---Walker---where are you going?"
            "To the front of the car, and try rocking it back and forth---if I can get it to jump out of gear----put it into reverse as quickly as you can-----pull the emergency brake---don't hit the pedals----it'll lock it up."
            Alex is almost crying as she keeps grabbing Walker's arm, "Walker---you can't see out there----what if 'our friend' is waiting?"
            "Got no choice, Alex---do as I say and keep the lights on, so I can at least tell where the headlights are."
            Walker feels his way around to the front bumper of the car, and turns backwards, trying to lift on the bumpers. He's rocking it back and forth as the noise of the 'beast' inches closer, his eyes squinting in the thick mist. He swears to himself.
            "Where the hell is he---there is no road in front of us, just a drop off----there's no way a semi can climb that embankment--no way in hell!"
            Walker feels the little car giving way, and for just a second, he's giving thanks that it wasn't his Ram he was trying to move, He hears Alex calling to him, he can only feel the metal of the car, he can't see his hand in front of his face, now Alex is screaming for him to answer her.
            "Just keep yelling, Alex---blink the lights on and off---honk the horn---Anything!"
            There's a loud roar and an even stronger vibration of the ground as the impact of thousands of pounds come into contact with the hard surface, knocking Walker off his feet and he starts rolling. He's desperately trying to stop himself as he keeps reaching out blindly for something to grab, he feels it---as a tree slams into his backside. Now he can no longer feel the car, the lights are getting dim as they flicker on and off, the horn is blaring and Alex's voice is screaming out in terror.
'Walker!  Walker----where are you?"
            Walker yells back for her to keep shouting, and to lay on the horn longer. She's straining to hear his voice, as she cries harder She felt the whole car shake as the 'thud' vibrated everything around her. "Oh God----Walker-----were are you, I can't see anything."
            She's hits the horn in one long blast, as she flicks the high beams on and off, then she feels the ground shaking and the hairs on her arms begin to trickle--complete silence surrounds her, but she can feel that something is getting closer. The air brakes are making their haunting hissing, Alex's body is frozen in fright. Her lips start to quiver, her whole body is shaking, and then something slams into the side of her little car and hits the window.
"Walker---oh my God----get in here!"
            She throws the car door open as Walker scrambles to crawl in, Alex is backing herself over the console----"Walker----where is he----did you see him?"
            "I can't see anything out there---just shadows---but he's getting closer---------"
"Walker, oh my God---he's hit us----he's pushing us back!"
            "Hold on Alex----grab something and hold on."
            Walker is desperately trying to keep the car going in a straight direction---backwards! He's turned his head back, hoping to be able to steer it, to where---he doesn't know. All he can remember is that the road was fairly straight, he holds his breath and the ride begins.
            Alex is staring out the front window, but she only sees a flicker of light where she assumes the cab of the semi must be. She squints her eyes, as a chill goes through her----two tiny little red lights stare back at her-she stares even harder, they are not lights-----they are EYES.
            Alex is screaming as the force of the truck is bearing down on them harder, she's turning back and forth in her seat, then she screams at Walker----"Look----the fog is lifting---Walker, can you see now?"
            "Just barely," he shouts back---"it's only lifting behind us---Alex--hold on---I'm going to try and get turned around!"
            "Walker----he's too close---he'll smash us to pieces!"
            Walker lets out a curse word----"Well--better front wards than backwards." And he turns the steering wheel completely around, the little car careens to one side, and the front left bumper is hit by the semi, turning it around.
            The Ranger shouts, "Don't lock up---you measly piece of junk---don't lock up."  The car is still spinning as the back bumper takes a solid hit, and the Chrysler Sebring starts flying down the hill- the truck in pursuit.
            Walker has the pedal to the floor as he keeps shouting at Alex to hold on, she's screaming back at him.
            "What does he want?  Why is he trying to kill us--Walker--I still can't see him clearly, the fog is keeping him in some kind of  'cloud'----"
            The Ranger keeps looking in the rear view mirror, "I don't have to see him---I can 'feel' him---- and I can almost---smell him-----the town should be right over the rise, Alex---hold on."
            "There it is," shouts Alex----"we can get to a phone."
            Walker blinks his eyes as he looks to Alex---"What happened----what happened to the town?"
            Alex stares back at him, and then she turns to look out the back window, she grabs Walker's arm--"Walker---the truck---it's gone too."
            Walker glances up in the mirror and then looks around at what is left of the town. Everything has aged; tumbleweeds now blow slowly down the empty streets. The playground is still bare, the swings have rusted out, they hang down from their metal frameworks in a twisted manner. They pass the church, they had heard music coming from just 24 hrs before, the building is about ready to collapse, the church bell lays on the ground. They see no one walking the streets, and then they look towards the Friendship cafe  ---the sign hangs at an angle--the "r" is missing.
            Walker lets the little car coast up to the front door, as he looks around at all the ruins. He turns the engine off. The table in front of the cafe where the three men sat around playing checkers is broken and laying on the sidewalk. The checkers and the board sat neatly next to it. He looks back at Alex as she shakes her head back and forth.
            "This is not happening----I must still be dreaming."
            The Ranger gets out of the car slowly and looks back to the mountain road they just came down, it's clear----the semi is nowhere in sight--the fog is completely gone. Walker approaches the cafe slowly as Alex emerges from her little car, and she hastily runs up and takes Walker's hand.
            "Walker----what is going on?  This place looks almost like a ghost town."
            Walker turns the doorknob slowly and walks into the little cafe, but Alex is pulling him back. "No----Walker---don't go in there!"
            He reaches back and takes both of her hands, pulling her gently, "I have to see what's in here-----to find out where everyone disappeared to---come on, hon--just stay close to me."
            The cafe is bare, but Alex can hear voices. She stops in her tracks, "Walker----do you hear that---I hear voices."
            Walker stops and looks around--"I don't hear anything, Alex----wait---I do hear something!  It's like muffled voices--I can't make out what they're saying."
            Alex is now shaking more as she pulls on Walker's arm, "Let's get out of here---those are the same voices I heard in my dream---Walker--please----let's go."
            "Wait a minute, Alex---what about the voices? Can you hear what they're saying?"
            Her voice is weak, as she nods her head, "Yes----they're saying---‘don't leave us---we'll die’----Walker----I'm scared--I'm getting out of here."
            Alex takes off running to the door, with Walker running after her. Alex is now in the middle of a deserted street, but she's walking in circles, pushing her blonde hair back, the tears rolling down her cheeks. Walker runs to her and puts his arms around her, the air is getting colder--and that eerie feeling that they both had earlier is back with them again. They hear the rumbling of the giant engine revving up and the ground vibrates.
            "No---no, no---Walker----he's coming back----the fog is coming in again----what do we do?"
            Walker is looking around, he spots the old church, he grabs Alex's hand and they start running towards its remains. "Come on----let's get to that old church----hurry Alex."
            They barely make it to the rundown steps of the church; the fog seems to be going in just their direction. The old building is not safe, but Walker pulls Alex to the far end of the building where the beams are sturdier, he pulls her into him, holding her tight.
            He mumbles, "Come on, you son-of-a bitch---show yourself  ----meet me one on one---I'll shove that gear shift right up your ass!"
            The old church is vibrating, and the mist from the fog is creeping under what is left of the door, then it stops, it retreats. Alex is burying her face into Walker's jacket as she grasps his arms as hard as she can, and she starts whimpering.
            The noise from the engine fade, and just as quickly--the fog has lifted. Walker tries to pull away from Alex.
            "It's okay, Alex----it's gone----you're okay, now---everything----is okay."
            Alex is still holding onto Walker's arm as he inches himself back up to the front door, he looks out cautiously. He sighs and turns around, Alex falls into his arms, sobbing.
            "For some reason, it retreated," he replies slowly--"I guess it doesn't like holy ground."
            "Oh God----Walker---how do we get out of here?  Every time we try to leave, that damn fog comes in and then---that----that----'beast' is upon us."
            "I don't know what this idiot is trying to prove--but if I ever get my hands on him---I'll beat it out of him."
            Alex pulls away from him, she's trying to talk, her voice keeps breaking, "I don't----think----you----want to do—d-do that------Walker, it's not human."
            "Come on, Alex," he pulls her over to an old bench and makes her sit down----- "now calm down. I know a lot of strange things are happening---but it can be explained-------"
            "HOW?"   Alex screams back, Walker--this town had people in it, not more than an hour ago--it was--a perfectly normal little town--------"
            Walker shakes his head, "I wouldn't say that it was 'normal', Alex-----but just the opposite."
            "Okay----then listen to what you're saying----honey strange things are happening---where is everybody------and why am I hearing those voices when I'm wide awake?  I am awake, aren't I----Walker?"
            Walker puts his arms back around her, "Yes---you're awake---or else we're both dreaming------OUCH-!!  Alex----why did you pinch me?"
            "To make sure -you're awake---Walker---pinch me back."
            "Alex---believe me------ you're awake----because I felt you pinch the inside of my leg---I felt the pain-----and come morning I'll have a bruise to prove it."
            "Walker----please---just pinch me----for my own satisfaction."
            Walker sighs, he kisses her gently and then pinches her right breast, she yelps.  He whispers, "Satisfied now?"
            Alex starts rubbing her chest, she replies quietly, "Yes----and I'm even more confused than ever----Walker-what is happening?"
            "I wish I knew------and you're right about one thing----there were people in this town--we both didn't just imagine them----the question is--Where did they all go, and how did they leave-----there's only one road leading out of this town."
            "I just know that it's bound to have something to do with that dream I had last night----I told you, honey-----it was so real." Alex's voice is breaking again.
            "Well, maybe----you better just tell me about that dream---can you do that, hon?"
            Alex nods her head and moves over on the bench so that Walker can sit down beside her, he takes her hand, "Just take your time, Alex----tell me everything." 
            Alex keeps squeezing the ranger's hand, "I first heard the voices when I was in the bathroom-----I ran out into the front room, but you were sound asleep-----and I didn't want to wake you. I then just waved it off by assuming someone was watching television--remember, I asked you if they were still watching TV next door?"
            "Yeah---yeah, Alex, I remember.  I didn't hear anything---I told you that."
            "Okay-----well then everything was fine----I was having sweet dreams----about us--being in each other's arms, making love----and then somehow, my dreams were getting all jumbled up and I was running."
            "Running?  Was someone chasing you?"
            Alex shakes her head back and forth, "I'm not sure-----I was in this house ----and Walker---don't you dare laugh---when I tell you the house I was in."
            Walker smiles, "I'm not laughing at you, Alex,"---he kisses her brow---"go on---what house was it?"
            "Remember when we first got here and I couldn't remember where I had heard the name of AMITY before----and you said it was from the movie---JAWS?"
            "Yeah---it was filmed on an island called Amity--Amity Island."
            Alex shakes her head, "Walker---that wasn't where I had heard the name before----I'm referring to THE AMITYVILLE HORROR."
            "Oh yeah---I remember that book---I read it--coming back on the plane ride from my last stint in Nam ---it was well written---but there was a lot of false information that came out about it in the years to come. Alex-----why would you think about that?"
            "Walker---I don't know---I guess because I was born in New York, I was raised just right down the road from Amityville---in Freeport."
            "But, Alex you said your parents left New York when you were still just a kid?"
            "I was almost nine when we moved away from that particular place---but we lived all over New York---my Dad practiced law there."
            "But----you weren't living there when all that happened---were you?"
            "No, I was going to Law school in Denver when that story broke----and then the book was written. I got to admit----that book scared the hell out of me!  But I knew that a lot of it wasn't true---and that authors tend to exaggerate in order to make the stories more interesting."
            "But, the part about the murders in that house were true---right?"
            "Oh yes----Ronald DeFeo killed his parents, two brothers and two sisters---he claimed the 'demons were there beside him"---they forced him to do it.----He pleaded insanity---luckily the jurors didn't believe him----he got life--six times over"!
             "O.k.---so the name of AMITY stood out in your subconscious mind --and that made you start dreaming about that place!---I don't understand, Alex---at that time--we were still thinking of the place where the shark movie was filmed.----Why didn't you dream about sharks"?
            Alex stares back at the Ranger---"Are you -----are you laughing at me--Walker----you said---you wouldn't laugh."
            "Honey---I'm not laughing!  I just don't understand why the mention of AMITY made you dream of that place----when it wasn't even mentioned----but sharks were!”
            Alex stands up and starts pacing back and forth-----"Okay----well---here's something else you can wonder about too----when you woke me up----the time on my wristwatch said 3:15----and I heard the church bells ring 3 times."
            Walker repeats the time to himself-----"What has 3:15 got to do with anything?"
            "Honey-----I thought you read the book?"
            "I did read the book---Alex--that was almost 22 years ago-! Oh---now I remember---3:15 was the time the murders were committed-right?"
            "YES!  Don't you think it's a little strange that I should be having those type of dreams----at that same time?"
            Walker shakes his head, "It was just a coincidence, Alex------what about the dream----what was happening in your dream that scared you so?"
            Alex swallows, her voice breaks again----"They all had hollow eyes--but the man in the truck ----his eyes were RED!----I saw these two eyes staring back from the cab of that truck, Walker-----beady little eyes-----and they were like fire!" 
Amity - Part 5

By Sasquaw

Walker looks up to Alex, he knows that she doesn't spook easily, but yet as woman--she has the vulnerability---her nerves are being stretched. If she said she saw something in the cab of that semi----he knows her word well enough not to question it. He stands up and takes her into his arms.
            "Okay, hon----I know we're both tired, confused, and right now I'm just damn angry! I can't figure out why we're here, and why that 'idiot' out there is trying to kill us. But, I am sure of one thing and that is---unexplained things are happening.  Right now, we got to find a safe place to hide and to stay warm."
            "Walker---we can't leave here----that 'beast' out there and the fog refuse to come in here---you said so yourself---we're on holy ground here!"
            Walker looks around the church and then back to Alex, "I said that---but Alex-the wind is picking up and this old church will not stand much longer--we got to find another building that is more solid-----and hopefully---warmer."
            "Okay," she answers----"do we leave now---or wait till dark--so----he can't see us?"
             "I'm afraid that the cover of darkness will do us no good, that 'thing' out there sees us no matter what--I say we leave now, and find shelter---you up to it?"
            "As ready as I'll ever be----Walker, what about the cafe---I heard voices there----maybe Ben and some of the others are hiding out there?"
            Walker nods, and they walk towards the front of the church, opening the door slowly. He takes Alex's hand, "It's a good hundred yards back to the cafe---we don't stop till we get there----ready?"
            The couple starts running back to the remains of the cafe, but it is in better shape than the old church. They're about halfway there when Alex hears the voices again, saying, "Go back."
            Alex pulls up, and starts pulling on Walker's hand, she looks at him, "We have to go back----the voices are saying for us to go back."
            Alex-----are you sure?"
            "YES----Walker----the fog-----it's coming back-----hurry---we got to get back to the church----hurry!"
            They are back inside the church as the thick mist surrounds it, but refuses to come inside, Alex is holding onto Walker as tightly as she can. She starts to sob.
            "We'll never be able to get out of here, will we?  Walker---I don't understand what we have done to hurt these people."
            Walker shakes his head, "Maybe it's not us that hurt them----but someone in their past."
            Alex is starting to shiver, and Walker takes his jacket off and wraps it around her. "Walker---it's freezing in here---keep your jacket---I've got mine."
                Walker stares back at the denim jacket that she's wearing, "That thing can't possibly be keeping you warm---keep my jacket----I've got a sweater on and a shirt on underneath it---I'll be fine."
            The couple starts trying to find the warmest place available, Walker spots a small closet like room, he points towards it. "That's a small area---maybe I can pile some of the wooden benches up around us and pull some of this old worn carpet up to throw over it to help keep the wind out."
            Walker starts pulling up the rotting carpet while Alex tries to pull the broken benches over in front of the small area. She looks back to Walker.
            "Honey---what do we do about food---and water?  Shouldn't we try to find some before we barricade ourselves in here?"
            "Yeah----I'll try to get over to the cafe---if Ben and the others are holding up there---maybe they will have some food, and water."
            "You're not leaving me here alone, Walker---I'm going with you!"
            "Alex--it's too dangerous."
            "You are not talking me out of this----where you go---I go----end of discussion!"
            Walker sighs, "I can't believe I don't have a gun------if we were in my truck---I would at least have some weapons----but when you 'shanghaied' me into this rafting trip----I didn't think we would be in need of one."
            Alex is still tugging on the benches, and Walker goes to help her. She's breathing hard as she replies, "In the first place---a gun is not going to be any use against our 'friend'--and secondly---we both should know that neither of us can ever plan time together without someone or some--thing'---trying to ruin our day."
            Walker kicks the benches into place, then-replies----"That's for damn sure----and if we ever get out of this situation---I'm going to insist that you start carrying a weapon---somewhere----in your car!"
            "What car?  Walker, my little convertible is almost totaled."
            "GOOD!  I hope you got good insurance on it-----and maybe next time you'll get something a little more dependable."
            Alex is blowing into her hands to keep warm--"My little car was perfectly 'dependable' till we ran into that semi----and admit it, Walker----the Ram couldn't have 'faired' any better---in this type of situation."
            "I suppose----are you ready to try and get back to the café?"
            Alex nods, "I'm ready."
            Again, the couple is running back to the cafe, this time Alex doesn't hear any warnings. They bolt through the front door, and get against the back wall. Alex is looking around at what is left of the cafe.
            "There's not much left---but at least the walls are up. I'm going to check back in the kitchen, maybe I can find some canned food."
            While Alex walks slowly towards the back of the room, Walker starts checking out the front part, constantly keeping an eye on the front door and keeping his ears open for the sounds of the exhaust 'stacks' to rev back up.
            He runs his hands over the walls, hoping maybe to find a hidden exit. He turns to the kitchen and asks quietly.
            "Alex---you okay in there?"
            "Yes-----but I'm not having any luck finding any food."
            "We may have to accept the fact that there is none-come back out here Alex and----"
"Walker---come quick!"
            Walker is running to the remains of the kitchen, he stops and stares in the direction that Alex is pointing. He sees shadows of men, exiting from a underground cellar, they are coming towards the cafe---there is a faint cloud that surrounds them, and it's like they're 'floating'. They are dressed in the attire of the Native American Indian, but they carry no weapons.
            Walker grabs Alex's hand and starts looking for a place to hide, he shakes his head, "There's no time to try and make it back to the church----they're moving too quickly."
            "Walker--they're dressed---like Indians!"
            They 'float' through the front door, there are about nine of them, and as they get closer-Walker recognizes the one in front as Ben, Alex gasps.
            "Ben?  What is going on here? Where is everybody?"
            Ben steps forward, though his feet do not touch the floor--he motions to the couple, "You are not safe here---come with us---hurry."
            Alex and Walker stay frozen in their tracks, they keep looking at the space between the floor and Ben's moccasin covered feet, Alex keeps reaching for Walker's hand to support her. She whispers, "His feet are not touching the floor-----Walker-----what do we do?"
            Ben motions again for the couple to follow them, "Please----hurry---there is not much time--- he will be coming back-----it's not safe here!"
            The rest of the men circle Walker and Alex, gently nudging them. Walker takes a deep sigh, "I guess---we have no choice--but to go with them--I just hope they plan to open the door."
            As Walker speaks, the door opens.  Ben and the others 'float' out ahead of Walker and Alex, the couple follows. They start running towards an old looking house, Alex stops abruptly, grabbing Walker's arm-----"No----I'm not going in there----Walker----that's the house in my dreams!"
            Walker does a double take as he looks back at the house----it's the same house that has been depicted on the cover of the book by Jay Anson's THE AMITYVILLE HORROR!  The spooky odd shaped windows on the second floor stare back at them, menacingly. Walker looks to Ben, shaking his head.
            "We're not going in there----Alex has been having dreams about this place----"
            "Not dreams---nightmares." Corrects Alex.
            Ben says nothing as he gestures to the side of the house, a cellar door appears----"We have to get off the street-----you'll be safe here----I promise you----he won't bother us here."
            Alex starts shaking her head, the wind is picking up again, and Ben's face turns to fright, "You don't have time to argue-----the fog is coming in again------hurry----please."
            "No, Walker-----let's go back to the church."
            The mist is getting thicker as Walker takes Alex's hands and pulls her towards the cellar stairs, "Alex----we can't make it back to the church in time---come on---we have to get down there."
            Reluctantly, Alex follows the Ranger, as the mist is getting thicker. The descend down the stairs, the air is thick, making it hard for them to breathe. Alex starts coughing and gasping for air.
            "Walker----I can't breathe---I have to go back outside---"
            "No, Alex-----we have to stay." Walker keeps pulling her back, and then Ben 'floats' forward--he floats gently down to the floor of the basement, his feet touch----as so does the feet of the other men.
            "Please," he pleads---"the air is not so thick towards the back--come with us."
            The couple follows slowly behind Ben and the other men. The cellar is huge, and it seems to go on forever, Alex is holding onto Walker's arm so tight he can barely walk. He stops and pulls her up to him, his right arm going around her waist.
            "Try to relax, Alex---I don't think they plan to hurt us---if they had wanted to do that, they had more than one opportunity."
            "Walker, what's that smell? It smells like chlorine."
            Walker says nothing as they follow Ben, the room widens and then they see the people. He recognizes the old man from the garage and his young assistant, and there are women present now.
            Ben motions for someone to bring them something to drink, Walker looks at the cup suspiciously. "Is this coffee going to turn to stale water, too?"
            Ben shakes his head, and urges the bearded man to drink, a young woman brings Alex a cup too. She's a very pretty woman, mid twenties---and very shy. She smiles back at Alex, and then goes to stand by the young man from the garage. Alex smiles back at her and then she looks round the room at the others, there are about 50 or so, mostly men. All of the women are in their mid 40's or 50's, except just a few ----like the young woman that brought her coffee. Alex tries to clear her throat as she whispers to Walker.
            "I still don't see any children---surely there has to be a few children in this town of a thousand."
            Ben walks forward, and smiles sadly, he looks to the blonde headed woman and replies---"There are no children here---there hasn't been any births---for over 20 years----all the men have become barren-I think your proper term for it would be 'sterile'!"
            Walker and Alex stare at each other, Alex inquires quietly. "How can that be?  We heard children's voices singing in the church the first time we came here------and there was a nice school ground-----but now everything has deteriorated---in just hours!  What is happening here?"
            Walker nods his head, "Yeah, and who is this "HE" that keeps trying to run us off the road--we want answers, Ben----NOW!"
            They all gather around Walker and Alex, and everyone becomes quiet as Ben starts to explain.
            "When you two first came here, we thought that it would all end the same way as before---that he would let you pass, your minds would be erased of all that has happened here. --You would go back to your normal lives---you would never remember the town of Amity, us or ----because in plain fact--you wouldn't have been a threat. But, now that's not so----each of you have a common bond to our past. "He sees you as a threat, a threat that is challenging our ancestor's rights to rest peacefully. "He" must stop you from returning to the outside world so that he can keep all of us trapped inside these bodies--bodies that refuse to let us go forward, to multiply."
            Alex is shaking her head, "I don't understand what you are saying when you say we have a common bond to your past----and how is he keeping you from multiplying-----are you saying that he's the reason---there are no children?"
            "Yes ma'am---he has controlled our destiny for the past 22 years, when "he" began killing and sentenced all of us to a lifetime of misery. Our lives stopped on that fatal day because he committed his crimes on unconsecrated ground, he was the devil that walked beside the mortal man as he carried out his deadly deed of killing his parents, two brothers, and two sisters."
            Walker stares back at Ben---"Wait a minute---are you referring to the killings inside the Amityville house----the DeFeo murders?"
            Ben nods his head slowly as he keeps looking at Alex, "Yes-----and you were there---weren't you?"
            "Me?  No---I wasn't in Amityville at that time---I was clear across the states--in Colorado."
            Ben's voice softens, "Maybe you weren't there in your physical presence---but your spirit was there----in another way----your Father's."
            Walker and Alex stare at each other, Alex's mouth drops open---"MY Dad? How do you know----about my Dad?"
            "He was here----walking the floors of our deceased landlords."
            "Alex---what is he talking about?"
            Alex begins shaking her head, "I don't know-----wait-----no---he can't be referring to that."
            "What, Alex?  What did your Dad have in common with these people?"
            Alex stares back at all the people, their eyes look into hers, pleading for an answer. She looks back to Walker and says softly, "The only thing I can think of is----that my Dad was on the DeFeo case---but only for a short time---I'm surprised that anyone remembers him----it wasn't public knowledge."
            "We remembered him-------he was only half a mortal that day--the other half belonged to the 'bottled spirits"---he and the other man had words."
            Alex becomes silent, biting her bottom lip. Walker reaches out to touch her, but she pulls away, "Please--just leave me be---I have to sort this out."
            Alex stands up and goes to the far side of the room, Walker stares back at Ben. He takes a deep breath-----"Okay----now that we've scratched the surface about Alex's 'supposedly' bond to your world---what have I got in common with you?"
            Ben reaches over for a feather and shows it to Walker, replying softly, "We are blood brothers--you are of the Native American Indian, are you not? The blood of your father runs thick."
            Walker keeps looking back to check on Alex, the young woman is trying to talk to her. He turns back to Ben.
            "I'm half Cherokee on my father's side----but I do not recognize this feather as any tribe that I know of."
            "These are feathers of the Paumanauke, descendants of the Iroquois, blood brother to the Mohawk. Your father's people are among us, though scarce. Our people suffered greatly at the hands of the white man, and their souls cannot rest---because we can not get justice for those who suffered at the hands of the 'devil' and one Ronald DeFeo."
            Walker shakes his head as he sees Alex walking back to them, she sits down beside Walker, looking to Ben.
            "Sarah has tried to tell me what has been going on here, but she said I would have to get the facts from you, because she was just a small child when the murders happened."
            Walker reaches out and takes Alex's hand, "Ben has been saying that the reason we are here is because of your ties to the trial, because your Dad was to be the prosecuting attorney.”
            Alex shakes her head, "And, what about your connection?"
            "I guess because---I'm of Native Indian blood----but Ben---I'm half Cherokee---I'm not of your tribe----how can I be of any help and more than that---how can I be a threat to this 'demon' as you say?"
            Ben motions for more coffee to be brought, and then he looks to his 'guests'----"Would you like something to eat?"
            "Yes," replies Walker---"but----not right now. There are so many questions to be asked, and we'll start with ‘where are we’? You say we're in a town called Amity, but we can not find this town on the map---you also say that we are over 6 hours away from the Big Bend country----how can that be? Also, why Texas-----shouldn't all of this be happening where the crime took place---New York?"
            Ben tries to smile, "It's not just Texas----it's happening all over---in every state---this is the anniversary of our demise----we have been trying to find the common bond that would set us free---and now---the two of you will do just that. You are the key to the lock that holds our spirits inside our tombs of which we cannot escape! Others have tried, but their spirits were not true."
            Alex stares back in disbelief, "There have been others----what happened to them?"
            Everyone is silent as Ben continues, "He" has gotten rid of them, in one way or another.--But, for some reason "he" has chosen not to let you leave."
            "I don't understand," replies Alex. "if we are a threat to him---then he should want us to leave?"
            "The 'Darkman' does things that we do not understand---but I really believe that he wasn't trying to hurt you-------"
            "Not trying to hurt us?" snaps Walker, "He was trying to run us off that mountain with tons of steel----does that sound like he wasn't trying to hurt--or kill us?"
            Ben's voice remains steady, as he looks around the room at the others, he answers quietly.
            "If he had wanted to hurt you or your lady friend----he would have done so last night."
            Walker's brow narrows as he looks to Alex, she's staring back at him, her eyes are wide.
            "What do you mean---last night?"
            "He was here----last night-----walking the halls."
            Alex swallows, "HERE? In this old house-----why?"
            "This is his home, ma'am---"
            "Alex----my name is Alex---not ma'am-----I can't believe what I'm hearing----that 'thing' out there was here---in this old house----he knew that we were at the motel?"
            Ben hesitates, but the others urge him on, "Ma'am----I mean, Alex-----this is the motel----or rather what is left of it. When the two of you saw it, you were seeing through the eyes of the innocent--you saw a beautiful and lavish motel----your room was breathtaking---was it not?"
            Walker exhales, his temper is starting to rise, "----You know it was---and I'm sure there is more to learn about that room that we were in, right?  You can start with all the mirrors---I was so stupid, not to be suspicious."
            "Suspicious of what, Walker?  What are you implying?"
            Walker glares back at Ben, "We were being watched, weren't we, Ben?"
            Alex's face flushes, "Oh no----"he" was watching us?"
            Everyone is becoming nervous as Alex stands up quickly and starts walking in circles, her arms folding--and unfolding, her bottom lip is quivering. She looks to Walker, his face is stern, he rises slowly.
            "I don't know what kind of game you people are trying to play----and I don't give a damn about that 'thing' out there that you keep referring to as "Darkman"---and more than that-I don't give a crap about your problem. Alex and I are leaving---one way or another."
            Walker grabs Alex's arm and Ben runs to them, "NO---you can't leave---he won't let you."
            The others are surrounding Walker and Alex, as they try to walk away, Ben continues to pull on Walker's arm----"You can't leave---not now. You saw what happened when you tried to leave the church the first time, he had the fog force you back."
            "That's another thing, Ben---we assumed that the reason he didn't follow us inside the church was because the church is considered 'holy'----but why are you people staying here----in this place?"
            Ben shakes his head, "We can't leave either----if we do---our bodies become old, our minds waste away, our bodies will turn to dust----this is the only place we are safe----in this house---this is where we died."
            "Oh great," mutters Alex---"now, we're talking to dead people?"
            "We're not 'dead' if you will help us---you have the key to help us.  Our spirits are crying out to you, from our watery grave."
            Alex starts shaking her head as she pulls on Walker's arm, "Let's get of here."
            Walker remains unmoving, "Wait a minute, Alex----wasn't there something in that book about a swimming pool being built over an Indian burial ground?"
            Ben's face lights up as well the others' do too-"Yes----yes---" he replies, "that's where we are now----we are under that swimming pool."
            Alex stares back, she whispers to herself---"Swimming pool----chlorine---"Walker, I told you earlier that I thought I was smelling chlorine."
            Yes, yes-------" replies Ben---"the years have passed----but the smell does not leave. Our landlords had a fancy swimming pool built over our ancestor's burial ground."
            Walker sighs, "Okay---I'm getting tired of all of these silly games, I want straight answers Ben---I want to know why we are being kept here, what possible reason could that 'Darkman' have for keeping us here----if he had let us leave like you say he did the others---our memories would have been erased---what threat would we have been to him then?  Answers, Ben----NOW!"
            Ben nods his head as the others gather closer around them. "Okay----I will give you answers, some of them you won't believe----and some answers you will not like. Do you remember the date that you arrived here?"
            Alex nods her head, "Yes, it was the12th----of November---why?"
            Ben nods his head, "Yes---you are correct----today is the 13th, does that date mean anything to you, Alex?"
            "Yes," replies Alex, slowly, "twenty two years ago on this day was the day that Ronald DeFeo killed his family."
            "Yes, and that was the day our world stopped----DeFeo and the demon that walked beside him while he  was killing his family put all of our souls in  purgatory---we couldn't go forward or backwards---and needless to say---no reproduction. For most of us, our lives were already over, we were considered insane by the white establishment, and we were committed here---into this asylum. But, our suffering spilt over to the children we had already bred. But their reproduction would be no more-----all the male children were barren.  That was the punishment that he dealt us."
            Walker stares back, "Why? Why was this your punishment?"
            "The elder DeFeo’s treated us good---better than most of the people of Amity. They called us names they laughed at us----this was our only form of solitude, we weren't all crazy----but to find shelter--we pretended to be. The young DeFeo hated us-----as much as he hated his parents. We could hear them arguing, the young one wanted to get rid of all of us--the old man refused. There were many arguments--and that is when "you, Alex" came to us in the presence of your Father.”
            Alex shakes her head, "What do you mean? I told you--I was never here---or there----wherever the hell you are implying---I was never------"
            Walker reaches out and puts his arms around Alex, "Shh, hon----take it easy------Ben is 'implying' you were here in your Dad's presence---you weren't really here---or there."
            Alex is trying to talk, "Okay----but----my Dad was only on the DeFeo case for ---just a very short time----the case was turned over to another attorney---you should know that."
            "Yes, Alex---we know of the other attorney---he pleaded the case well, DeFeo was punished----"
            "He got 6 life terms for what he did---so why do you keep bringing up my Dad's name---as I remember---he was pushing for the same sentencing."
            "We're not bringing up your Dad's name in hatred, Alex----he was trying to help us----he was the reason that DeFeo felt threatened into getting rid of us. He was here in the house, pleading his case with the elder DeFeo defending our rights----young DeFeo and he had many words---they fought on more than one occasion----but the 'bottled spirits'-----made your Father weak."
            Alex pulls away from Walker and walks to the other side of the room, pushing her blonde hair back, wiping the tears away. Ben starts to continue, but Walker puts his hand up to silence him. He says quietly.
            "Could we have a couple of minutes?"
            Ben nods as he and his friends go to the other side of the room, and Walker walks slowly back to Alex. He reaches out and touches her arm gently.
            "Want to talk about it?"
            "What is there to talk about---you should know by now that my Dad had a drinking problem---more specific----he's an alcoholic---is that what you wanted to hear?"
            The Ranger stands for the longest, not saying anything. He shakes his head slowly, as he tries to reach out for Alex, "Alex----it's nothing to be embarrassed about."
            Alex pulls her arm away from Walker, she stares back at him with tears running down her cheeks, "Easy for you to say--------you're not the one that has had to put up with all of this embarrassment and hurt over the years!  You have no idea what it's like living with an alcoholic----no idea what so ever."
            Walker sighs, "We all have our crosses to bear, Alex----but you can't be responsible for the life your Dad chose.  Look how your life has turned out---you have made a name for yourself --you've risen above all of the barriers-----you've made something of your life. And, I admire you for that----now I understand why you're so damn independent at times."

Amity - Part 6

 By Sasquaw

            Alex looks back to the Ranger, trying to clear her voice, "You admire me?"

            "Yes," replies Walker, "you're the strongest person I've ever met, inside and out------and"--- he whispers in her ear softly----"and so damn sexy."

            Alex is trying to smile as she wipes her tears away, "You're not angry that I didn't tell you about my Dad's problem sooner---that you had to find it out---this way?"

           "Alex--I could care less about what your Dad has done-- I just feel sorry that you've felt that you had to keep it a secret.  Finding out that your Dad is an alcoholic doesn't change the way I feel about you."

             "Oh, Walker," Alex sobs as she goes into Walker's arms, "so much is happening, I feel so confused right now."

            "I know, but I think we should hear the rest of Ben's story---we got to find out who this 'Darkman' is--we have to know who the enemy is before we can fight him---come on--are you up to hearing more of the story?"

            Alex looks over to Ben and the others, they're all staring back at the couple. She looks to Walker and replies, "Promise me that you won't be ashamed about what else you learn about me."


            "Promise me----please, Walker."

            Walker kisses the side of her head, and whispers, "I could never be ashamed of you Alex---not in a million years."

            They walk slowly back to Ben and the others, Sarah brings them coffee and sandwiches. The cellar is getting colder. Ben nods to some of the men and they bring blankets for the couple to put around them. Alex looks to Sarah and the others, the cold is not affecting them.

            Ben replies as though he's reading Alex's thoughts, "The cold or the heat do not affect us, Alex----we feel nothing."

            Walker eats his sandwich quickly, eyeing the man. "You don't eat or drink either--do you?  Why is everything close to normal in here, but yet when you venture outside, everything changes? And, I would be more than interested in knowing where this food and the coffee comes from.  I see no means of a coffee pot, a fire, or where these sandwiches came from, why is that, Ben?"

            "We no longer live in your mortal world, but when you stumbled into ours-we made amends to your way of life."

            "We didn't 'just stumble into your world, we were forced here," replies Alex.

            "Yes--you are right---and so we made the two of you feel the most comfortable by bringing your necessities into ours.  As long as you stay here, you will have plenty to eat and drink----and you will not be harmed. If you try to venture out, "he' will force you back as before."

            Walker starts on another sandwich as he keeps looking around them, "You still haven't said how it is that we can help you. You say we have no power against this demon----so why do you want us to stay and what is this 'key' that we hold?"

            Sarah has brought Alex more coffee, and keeps staring at the blonde D.A. She smiles softly and whispers, "Do you feel okay?"

            Alex returns her smile, "Under the circumstances---I guess I feel okay---a little scared---no-----I take that back----I'm scared to death."

            Ben motions for Sarah's husband to come and get her and the young man does as he is told. Sarah is mumbling, "I was just curious."

            Ben turns to Walker, "I can not tell you that reason----not yet---but soon you will know. Today is the 13th---‘he’ will be here soon---and all of your questions will be answered."

            Alex starts to shake as Walker tries to calm her, "He's coming here---tonight?"

            Ben nods, "He will be here before the midnight hour, I would suggest that the two of you get some sleep before he arrives---his 'visit' will be most upsetting, I'm sure!  But you will know why he will not let you leave. Please just try and understand why this is happening, it will be better for both of you, if you do not fight him."

            Alex is shaking even more, "Walker----let's get out of here---let's take our chances against the fog----let's------"

            Ben shakes his head sadly, "You will not be able to get past the fog, it will be so thick you can not see-----Alex, he will not hurt you---not now----not now, I assure you."

            More blankets are brought to the couple and laid on the floor to cushion the hardness. Ben motions for everyone to leave them, the couple watch in disbelief as they merely 'float' away.

            Walker starts walking back towards the way they entered, Alex is following close behind, holding onto his arm. As they move further towards the entrance, Alex starts to gasp for breath.

            "Walker---I can't breathe--the air is too thick."

            The Ranger stops and starts rubbing his arms, "Yeah---and it's getting colder---the temperature is dropping like crazy the closer we get to the way we came in."

            Alex is now coughing and stumbling backwards, fanning herself as she tries to catch her breath.  "I can't breathe----Walker---help me."

            Walker takes her back to the center of the cellar and gives her water, finally she is breathing easier. Walker is taking in deep breaths of air as he too has found it hard to inhale.

            "Alex---you stay here--I'll try it alone-----"

            "NO!  Walker---don't leave me!"

            "I'll only be a few minutes, that's about as long as I can hold my breath--with the freezing cold and all---I will try to go as far as I can---I'll be back as soon as possible."

            Alex is still begging him not to go as he throws a blanket around him, and takes deep breaths. He takes off to the entrance again and Alex is left shivering from the cold and---the unexpected. She keeps looking in the direction that Walker took and begins to pace nervously.

            Walker is gone less than five minutes as he comes stumbling back, trying to get his breath. He's shaking terribly as Alex runs to get more blankets for him and a cup of coffee.

            "Did you see anything?"

            Walker is shaking his head, "Nothing----it was so damn cold, my breath was practically freezing in front of my eyes----more coffee---please, hon."

            Alex brings him more coffee and then starts massaging his arms and his left hand, "Walker----your hand---it's almost blue."

            Walker takes his left hand and wraps them both around the coffee cup---"Thank God---we have some heat----here Alex---wrap your hands around the cup--and drink."

            Alex does as she is told, then wipes her mouth and tries to smile, "I've drank so much liquid, I have got to find someplace to relieve myself."

            Walker looks around, grabbing a blanket--"Here, step behind this--I'll hold it for you--though I don't know why! There's no one else around---and why should you be embarrassed in front of me?  I'm not seeing anything I haven't already seen."

            Alex steps behind the blanket and starts pulling her jeans down, "Maybe so----but ever since I found out that we were being watched--I'm just a little naive where my nakedness is concerned."

            The Ranger grits his teeth, "Yeah----another little bone to pick with our so called ‘friend’."

            After Alex is finished, they head to the blankets on the floor and curl up, Alex is still shaking as Walker tries to keep her warm.

            "Walker--I have never felt so cold--where is the necessity of a fire--our hosts are falling down on their hospitality?"

            "Just try not to think about the cold, Alex---think about something warm---a nice warm place."

            "I'm trying--but my thoughts are frozen."

            They remain silent for a long time, as Walker hesitates on his next question. "Alex---you said for me not to be ashamed of something else that I might learn about you----what did you mean by that?"

            Alex takes a deep breath, "If finding out about my Dad wasn't enough---then how do you feel about knowing that my Mother was in a insane asylum?"

            Walker's brow arches, "I'm sorry, hon---I didn't mean to bring up sad memories about your family--but why would I be embarrassed about that?"

            "Any normal man would be," snaps Alex, "but then again---you are about the most unusual man I have ever met. Nothing I seem to say deters you.  Are you even curious as to know why she was there?"

            "Only if you want to tell me--if it hurts to talk about it--then don't.  Alex-as I said before-we all have skeletons in our closet---my life has not been exactly perfect--far from it."

            Alex strokes his beard lightly, "Yes, I know about your parents being murdered when you were a small boy--that must have been so devastating for you--to see it happen right before your eyes."

            "Yes, it was----and it took me many years to get that scene out of my mind----I went down many paths, getting into all kinds of trouble with the law----and I know there were many times that my Uncle Ray must have felt that I wasn't worth wasting his time on. But, he stuck it out--I was so lucky to have him in my life for strength---and White Eagle was my spiritual strength.  There had to be someone in your life that gave you the same kind of strength to get your life on track again, wasn't there?"

            Alex stammers, "Yes, my psychology teacher in high school, his name was Mr. Jones-I sort of had a little crush on him----but half of the girls at Hoover High did also.  Anyways, I felt him easy to talk to and when they admitted my Mother to the Greensboro State Asylum-I leaned on him a lot. He was very patient with me, explaining how someone's mind can literally deteriorate from stress, anger, abandonment, and infidelity.  And, believe me, My mother had all those symptoms--especially the infidelity."

            Walker nods his head slowly, "Your Dad?"

            "Oh yes," replies Alex with anger in her voice, " he had many adultery affairs on my Mother---she took it for as long as she could---then she just lost it.  She tried killing herself many times---and even tried to kill my Dad and one of the women he was caught with. For years she was in and out of hospitals, wasting away, right before my eyes. Soon she got so bad there was no other choice, but to admit her. Then my Dad's drinking got worse, he was losing clients because of his drinking."

            "It must have been around that time when this DeFeo murder case came to light."

            Alex nods her head, "Yeah, just shortly before that--I don't remember too much about it, because I was living in Denver at the time. I just heard that my Dad had been asked by the elder DeFeo to represent him on some case---but I didn't 't know what kind of case--and frankly at that point in my life I didn't give a damn what my Dad was doing."

            Walker takes a deep breath as he looks around at their surroundings, "Apparently, it had to do with representing Ben's people----he told us that your Dad was trying to help."

            Alex lets out a curse word angrily, "More like he was offering to help because of the guilt he felt for putting my Mother away."

            Walker nods, "I know you have a right to be angry at your Dad, Alex----but there are two sides to every story---"

            "No, Walker----you are wrong---my Mother was a saint--she waited on my Dad, hand and foot, she hung on his every word! She gave up her career as a model when she married him, she forsake all of her friends to be at his beck and call. That man never had a cold meal, his clothes were kept immaculate, and he never had to ask for anything-she was always there."

            "I'm not defending your Dad's actions, Alex---but something had to have been missing, a man just doesn't start messing around with other women if he's happy at home."

            "I don't want to talk about it anymore," replies Alex as she turns her back to Walker---"just don't ask me anymore questions, okay, Walker?"

            Walker pulls her hair back over her ears and kisses her neck, "Okay, hon---whatever you say-----"

            "He comes----he's coming, my friends."

            Walker and Alex are both trying to get out from under the blankets, Walker is pushing Alex behind him as he listens to Ben and the others shouting. The Rangers' eyes are darting all around him, trying to see from what direction their 'guest' will be arriving. He whispers back to Alex, he can feel her shaking. "Stay behind me, Alex, no matter what happens, stay behind me."

            The cellar becomes perfectly quiet as a cloud of mist begins to take form on the far end of the room. Alex is looking around Walker's side. She swallows as she sees the eyes first. She digs her fingers deeper into Walker's arm, "Oh my God---Walker--------"

            The room continues to get colder as the form takes shape. He's over 7 ft tall, long black hair, dressed completely in black, with a long black trench coat covering his masculine frame. His boots make a 'tinkling' noise as the spurs rotate, he moves slowly towards the cowering couple. His eyes look straight at the blonde haired woman, he hisses, the eyes glow…

            Walker is watching the 'thing' move towards them, as he keeps Alex behind him. The man's eyes look past the Ranger and seek the woman's. He stops and looks at the bearded man, hissing quietly.

            "Get out of the way---I wish to talk to the woman."

            Alex's hands are deepening on the Ranger's arms as she backs up, pulling him with her, her voice pleads, "No, Walker----don't let him near me."

            Walker continues to stare at their visitor, "He's not going to hurt you, Alex---I promise--stay behind me."

            Their 'guest' reaches out and shoves Walker to the side, "I said MOVE----mortal one!"

            Walker takes a flying leap at the figure, the man just stares at him as Walker goes flying--right through him! Walker is stumbling and trying to keep his balance as he looks back at the 'thing'. It glares back at the Ranger, the eyes glow, and he continues to hiss.  The 'Darkman' then turns to the blonde; her mouth is wide open as she has witnessed Walker's futile attack. The man starts inching closer to Alex as she looks to Walker, her eyes pleading for him to do something.

            Walker shouts at the man, "Stay away from her---you son-of-a bitch"---he again charges the man, jumping up in midair and kicking out. Again, Walker's attempt is useless as he goes flying through the air, kicking at---nothing!

            Ben and the others are watching helplessly, as the 'thing's' attention is still focused on Alex. She's now screaming for Walker and she too is swinging out at the form. Her hands are only hitting air, and then suddenly she starts to rise up off the floor. Alex is looking down at her feet, she's a good 3 feet off the floor, and the 'thing' is drawing her closer to him. Walker is scrambling to get back on his feet as he watches Alex's whole body 'floating' towards the form. He shouts more obscenities at the form and tries to grab Alex's legs.

            He's pulling down on Alex, but her body refuses to descend, the woman is screaming for Walker to help her. The form looks to the bearded man and hisses, "Leave her-----you are testing my patience, mortal one!"

            Walker is still trying to keep Alex from rising higher as his feet are now coming off the floor in the process. He grits his teeth and swears at the dark man.

            "I will not leave her------and you are not doing a hell of a lot for my patience---you sorry piece of crap!  Fight me----if you are a man---fight me----one on one."

            The eyes of the dark man are like flames as he turns his head from Alex and gets within inches of the Rangers' face. Walker makes a gagging sound as he fans the air, losing his grip on Alex's legs--he falls to the floor. He's trying to jump up to get another grip, the 'form' is upon him, baring his yellow and brown teeth, the stench of his breath is overpowering.

            "You are a fierce warrior--that is good! I have chosen well---and she is beautiful-----she will serve us well."

            Walker again strikes out at the form, cursing him---"Don't you dare touch her---"

            Alex is staring down at Walker, as she is kicking her feet, "Walker----help me---please."

            Walker is trying to get away from the dark man as Ben and some others are running to the Ranger. Ben is shouting for Walker to stay down, as the form continues to glare back at him.

            Walker is pushing Ben away from him, "I've got to get to Alex---let me go---he's going to hurt her!"

            "NO----stay down---he will not hurt her---I promise you----he will not hurt her!"

            The dark man floats away from Walker and goes back to Alex, his eyes rake her body very slowly. She's sobbing harder and looking down to Walker. She looks back to the form.

            "Don't hurt me---please don't--hurt us----we'll leave--we'll never come back this way again---please---just let us go."

            The form continues to rake his eyes over Alex's body, his hand reaches out to caress her. A long, bony finger, traces down from her breast---all the way down to her navel, he stops and hisses.

            "I can not let you go---you have to stay---the two of you can stay---but,"  he turns to Walker and waves his hand in the air---"he must go--he must die!"

            Alex starts screaming louder, "Nooooo---please--don't hurt him----oh God--please don't hurt him!"

            "SILENCE--woman--you will be quiet---and you do not use his name in my presence----he is a false idol! You will worship---only me---is that not clear?"

            Alex starts shaking her head in agreement, "I will do anything you say---please do not hurt him."

            Walker is still trying to get up from Ben's grasp---"Don't bow to him, Alex----"

            Walker is picked up from the floor and thrown across the room, and he hits the wall hard.

            "Stop it!  Please stop it---I will bow to you---I will kiss your feet if I have to in order for you not to hurt Walker---please---I beg of you."

            Walker is groaning as he tries to get up from the floor. The dark man is inching closer to him, Ben puts himself in front of Walker and he too is begging the 'form' to leave the Ranger alone.

            "He must die," hisses the Darkman----"he's too much of a threat."

            "No," begs Ben-----'if you kill him, you will be defeating our purpose----there are others that he can service---and---we will rise---quicker."

            Walker is holding his hand to the lower back of his body, he stares back at Ben--"What the hell are you talking about?"

            Ben remains silent as the dark man goes back to groping Alex--he touches her abdomen gently. He whispers, "Yes---you are right and if he has others to service----he will forget all about this one."

            Alex is still kicking her feet in the air, "Ben-----what is he talking about?"

            The Darkman turns to Alex again-----"You talk too much, woman------silence!! You are not to be concerned about your male friend---because he will soon forget you.  You are mine now-----I will take care of you," the dark man's eyes become like flames as he hisses louder---"and the male child that grows inside you."

            Both Walker and Alex stare at each other. Alex is trying to speak, "Child?  No----I'm not with child---I'm---I'm not pregnant!"

            Walker's eyes become wide as he looks to Alex, and then to Ben. Ben is staring down at the floor, trying to ignore Walker's eyes. Walker grabs Ben, "What the hell is going on here, Ben----Alex----Alex is not pregnant."

            The Darkman starts to laugh, his laugh echoes through the cellar.  "She is with child, mere mortal---a boy child----that will grow up in my image!"

            Alex is now sobbing, "Nooooo-------you are wrong-----I can't be----Walker----you know I can't be----I'm on the pill----we've both used protection--I can't-------

            Ben walks over to Alex slowly, "Your ways of keeping you from fertilizing the eggs do not have any bearing in our world. You conceived the boy child, at one minute past the midnight hour---of the 13th-----.And, that is today."

            Alex's is shaking her head back and forth, "No----no---that can not be!"

            The Darkman approaches Alex, he touches her face and drools at her beauty. His head turns quickly to the bearded one, "You will no longer enjoy her body---she is mine. Do you hear me, mortal----all mine."

            Walker goes after the form again, kicking out and cursing him. "Over my dead body will you have her---now fight me---make yourself lucid to me---so I can fight you like a man. Or, do you fear me----a mere mortal?"

            The Darkman hisses louder as he lunges towards Walker. Alex screams---"Nooo---stop it---Walker--please do not taunt him---he wants to hurt you."

            The Darkman stops and glares back at the blonde beauty, he throws his hands up in the air and waves them in a circular motion.

            "Enough, I am through talking---the woman comes with me."

            The form starts changing and only a cloud remains. Alex's body starts following the cloud, she screams for Walker to help her. Walker is charging after her, grabbing her legs and trying to pull her down. Ben is shouting for Walker to let her go, the cloud is only inches from the walls, and then he disappears. Alex screams as she too goes through the wall and Walker slams headfirst into the cement barrier.

            He can hear her voice still screaming for him as he shouts back for her. Her voice is fading as Walker starts banging his fists on the brick wall, calling her name. Ben and the others are pulling him back.  Walker's hands are both bleeding as he continues to hit the wall, calling out to Alex.

            Walker has exhausted himself as he tries in vain to make the wall open, he then starts kicking at it and swearing. He falls to the floor, trying to get his breath, he whispers Alex's name over and over.

            Ben reaches his hand down to help Walker to his feet, the Ranger shoves his hand away, "Get away from me----why didn't you try and stop him?"

            "We can't stop him, my friend---no one can. He will not hurt her---he will not do anything to hurt the boy child-----"he" is the key that you and Alex hold---the child will not be barren--he will go forth and multiply. You have saved us from extinction-thank you."

            Walker glares back at Ben, his face becoming rigid. He's breathing hard as he replies angrily, "You know what you can do with your extinction---I could care less that you and your people can't go forward and populate.  That bastard has Alex-and one way or another I will get her back---with or without your help."

            For the remainder of the evening, Walker is going over every inch of the wall. He tries again to go out the exit, but the freezing cold and lack of oxygen force him back. He falls down on the pallet of blankets, completely exhausted. He runs his hands through his hair as he keeps looking at the part of the wall that Alex disappeared through. He shakes his head in anger as he stares back at Ben and the others. They all lower their heads and look away.

            Walker can hardly speak above a whisper, "Ben---please assure me that Alex won't be hurt--where did he take her, and why?"

            Ben walks slowly back to the Ranger and kneels down beside him. "I swear to you, Alex will not be hurt---the 'Darkman is testing you, showing you his strength and what he's capable of doing. I do not know where he took Alex, the boy child is his resurrection--he will not harm them!"

            Walker rubs his beard as he tries to ask the next question, "You said that all of the men are sterile here---does that ---does that include-------"

            Ben places his hand on Walker's shoulder, "You are the baby's father--- that's why the 'demon' despises you---in answer to your question------he's sterile too."

            Walker keeps shaking his head, "How does he think a mortal will help him and all of you to rise again? This is not making any sense, and there is no way in hell that Alex or I will allow him to take our child----our son!"

            "You will not have any choice in the matter---when the time comes for the boy to be born---"he" will be taken from you, and he will learn the ways of the Darkman!"

            "That's crap--and you know it! Do you think for one moment that Alex and I will just sit back and let this happen?"

            Ben looks around at the others and motions for Sarah to come forward. She approaches them shyly, a beautiful young woman in her early twenties. She has long raven black hair and brown eyes. Ben nudges her towards Walker.

            "She is yours for as long as you desire her, you will 'seed' her--along with any other woman that you wish to have."

            Walker puts his hands up, "Look, I have nothing against your women--but I don't want another woman--Alex is the one I want---only her!  Do I make myself clear?"

            Sarah backs up slowly, "I am sorry I do not please you."

            Walker kicks out at the floor, "You have nothing to apologize for---Ben--explain to her. You've got to know that these sort of things aren't acceptable."

            "Your world is twisted with mortals of both sex committing adultery, just for the pure pleasure of seeing how many partners you can have. Therefore the diseases begin--there is no sense to that, my friend. But, we are on a mission to rid our males of being sterile, if we don't have children to carry this mission out---we will all die!"

            Walker sighs, looking to Sarah and then to Ben, "I'm sorry---I'm not the one you seek, maybe most of what you said is true---but I don't agree with it!  In my line of work I have seen too many broken homes where it's the children that suffer because their parents can't get their values straight.  I'm not in that category of promiscuity, I have to have some feelings for the woman that I want to be with---and right now that's Alex!---You will just have to find another 'unsuspecting victim' that your friend forces into this town to do your  breeding."

            Sarah's husband walks slowly up to Sarah and puts his arms around her, he looks to Walker and nods his head. He replies slowly.

            "We just wanted the chance to have a family--please do not hate us."

            "I don't hate you----but wouldn't you be happier knowing it was your child growing inside her, instead of some strangers'?”

            The man continues looking at his wife, the tears fall down his cheek, "You just don't understand---we would welcome having children any way we could receive them. We don't have the choice of sitting back and deciding when we want to have them---that choice was taken from us."

            Walker looks to Ben, taking a deep breath. "I'm sorry---but right now my first concern is Alex--I have to find her."

            "You will not find her tonight---the Darkman will not allow it.  Sleep, my friend--the morning will be here soon."

           Walker goes back to the blankets on the floor, and leans back up against the wall, holding his head. He looks over to Sarah and to her husband, he's comforting her. Walker shakes his head as his eyes are becoming tired, as he whispers her name.

            "Alex----I will find you---you know I will.  I will not rest till I have you beside me again."

            The Rangers' eyes begin to close, "A baby? Oh God--I never thought when this day would come, that it would be this way. You must be so scared, Alex----please know that I'm beside you-----always."

Amity – Part 7

By Sasquaw

It's a restless night as Walker keeps waking up, thinking that he hears Alex's voice calling to him. Though the night is freezing, the Ranger is sweating and he rises up from the cold floor and starts pacing. He sees Ben and the others at the far end of the cellar, walking around --like in a daze.

            "Don't they ever sleep?" The Ranger whispers to himself. He sighs and continues talking to himself, "Sleep?  I can't sleep either--every time I close my eyes, I hear Alex crying out to me, and there's not a damn thing I can do------"


            Walker looks around quickly to see where the voice is coming from---then suddenly Alex floats back through the wall and descends downward. Her feet have barely touched the floor as Walker is running towards her.

            "Alex-----Alex---are you okay?"

            Alex is crying uncontrollably as she falls into the Rangers' arms. "Walker-----hold me----I'm so scared."

            He holds her tightly as he whispers words of comfort to her, "I got you, Alex-----you're okay now----he didn't hurt you---did he?  Please say he never touched you."

            Alex is nodding her head and sobbing, "I'm okay---he never touched me----he just sat there------and stared at me----oh God--Walker---I want to go home! Please take me home."

            Walker continues to hold her, "I will hon---as soon as I figure out how to get out of this damn place!!  Are you sure you're okay?"

            The others have started walking towards the couple, and Sarah has a cup of hot tea for Alex, coffee for Walker. Alex waves the tea away as she holds onto to Walker tighter, "I just want out of this nightmare."

            Walker motions for her to sit down on the blankets, he then takes the cup of tea from Sarah and urges Alex to drink it. Alex is still shaking as she grabs Walker's hand again.

                      "Walker---what does he want with us, tell him that we will leave-we'll never come this way again."

            Ben has approached them, he starts to say something, but Walker waves him away, staring him down. Alex's eyes are darting back and forth between them, and she sees the anger in Walker's eyes.

            "What was that all about, Walker---is there something happening that I don't know about?"

            Walker brushes Alex's blond hair back, kissing her forehead softly, "Nothing for you to be concerned about--- finish your tea--you need your strength---do you want something to eat?"

            "Walker---stop patronizing me like I'm a little child!  Now---something has happened---what is it?"

            Walker takes a deep sigh, "I don't think they intend to let us leave---at least not until-----after the baby----has come."

            Ben walks back to the couple, "Excuse me---but I think you would like to know----the 'Darkman' has given his permission for you to go outside-----for awhile---to get fresh air."

            The couple start towards the entrance, but Alex draws back, "I can't breathe when I go through there."

            "It's okay, Alex," Ben replies---"the air is fresh----take a deep breath----and go straight---the sun has broken through the clouds---you will be fine."

            Walker takes Alex's hand and they move forward, the outside door opens and they can indeed see the sun. Walker turns around and looks back at Ben, he and the others are making no movement to follow them. He stops and pulls Alex back to him.

            "Wait a minute, Alex---something is not right---they're not following us."

            Ben waves them forward, "It's no trick, you and Alex can go out---but we have to stay behind---until he gives us permission to go out. If we try to go out now----we will be punished.---Go-----enjoy the fresh air--you don't have much time. When he says you have to come back in---he can get----very forceful."

            Alex pulls on Walker's arm, "Walker---come on---maybe we can escape."

            The couple reaches the outsides of the cellar, and Alex inhales deeply. "He was right---the air feels so good."

            Walker nods as he puts a protective arm around her, pulling his jacket tighter around her. They walk slowly around, as Walker observes the town very closely. He sees the semi sitting about 20 yards away near the front of what is left of the old garage. He starts towards it and Alex pulls him back.

            "Walker---what are you doing, he could be inside the semi--don't go over there."

            "I just want to check it out--you coming?"

            Alex grabs his hand tighter, "Are you kidding?  I'm not letting you out of my sight!"

            The couple walks up to the semi slowly. Alex is almost expecting it to start up and start charging them. She swallows nervously, "It's almost as scary looking as that demon, beast---or whatever he likes to be called."

            Walker nods his head slowly, ‘Darkman’, Alex----that's what Ben and the others call him".

            Alex follows behind Walker as he continues to walk all around the truck, she grunts---"That's not what I was calling him last night!  My mother would turn over in her grave if she had heard me use that kind of language."

            Walker is now kneeling down and looking up at the undercarriage of the huge truck, he stands up and shakes his head.

            "Amazing--simply amazing,"--he replies.

            "What's amazing?  Honey---what did you see down there?"

            "Nothing--Alex---that's what so amazing!  No leakage of any kind of oil, transmission or motor oil---no brake fluid on the axles---its clean as a whistle--so to speak."

            "What's so amazing about that?  This whole town is weird--why should the truck be normal?  And, that's another thing that I'm confused about--not that I'm not completely confused enough as it is--but what does a semi truck have to do with the murders of Amityville?"

            "I'm not sure---but wasn't there something mentioned in Ronald Defeo's testimony about a trucking business he was involved in?"

            "Yeah---seems I remember a business deal concerning a trucking business---just one of the many investments that the younger DeFeo was draining his Father's money for.  But it still doesn't answer the question---why a semi?"

            Walker sighs, "I'm not sure, Alex--but if I remember right---a business partner of Defeo’s was critically injured in a trucking accident---he suffered severe burns over half of his body. He was in a burn unit for a long time-----then he just disappeared."

            Alex's mouth drops open as she eyes Walker suspiciously, "Honey---you're not suggesting that this---this "Darkman" might be that missing business partner----are you?"

            "Yeah, I am. I just can't put it all together. If he was the so-called 'demon' that Ronald DeFeo testified was walking beside him when the crimes were committed, then why was he punished also?  To live out the rest of his life, being with Ben and the others, it's not making any sense!"

            "Nothing is making any sense, Walker," Alex replies softly as she leans up against the huge truck, she rubs her stomach gently.

            Walker looks back at her tenderly, reaching out and taking her into his arms. "I know, hon---how do you feel about all of this-----are you angry?"

            Alex starts to cry, "I don't know how I'm suppose to be feeling right now, a part of me is angry---and a part of me----is happy. How do you feel about it, are you angry?"

            "I feel the same way as you do-----I certainly never dreamed that when the time came for me to be a father---that it would be this way.  I always saw myself as being just down right silly, and gushing over the fact that I would have a child running around calling me ‘Daddy’. "

            Alex tries to laugh as she dabs at her eyes, "Can't you still feel silly and down right gushy?"

            Walker becomes silent as he recalls Ben's words saying that the baby will be taken from them once he's born. He pushes Alex away from him and tries to change the subject. "Maybe, we should check out more of the town---while we can."

            He starts to walk away, but Alex is just staring back at him, "You’re not happy about my being pregnant, are you?"

            "Alex--I never said that---"

            "You don't have to say it---it's written all over your face---well---I didn't intend to get pregnant, you know that."

            "Alex--come on---you're upset and----"

            "You're damn right I'm upset!! I never wanted to get pregnant-----and have you forgotten---it takes two! You are just as much responsible for this seed growing inside me--as I am! How was I to know that my birth control pills wouldn't have any effect in this ---hell hole."

            Walker glares back at her, "Well, don't blame me---I was using a condom--I was doing my part too in not bringing a child into the world before we were both ready."

            "I know that----we both agreed to take extra protection until I was sure that the pill was sufficiently enough," stammers Alex.

            "It's not either of our faults, Alex----it's this place---and what they have in store for us."

            "Walker--you are keeping something from me, now I want to know---what are you not telling me?"

            Walker reaches out and takes Alex's hand, "You're not going to like it---not any of it---but 'yes'--you have the right to know---let's go over there and sit down, I will tell you everything."

            They walk towards the playground, and sit down at a old picnic table. Walker tells her everything that Ben has told him, including the part about Sarah being brought to him.

            Alex's face turns to shock, as she grabs her stomach, "My baby-----he's going to take my baby?"

            "Our baby, Alex----" he touches her stomach gently, "that's a part of me, growing inside you---OUR Baby!"

            Alex starts crying harder, "There is no way that s.o.b. is going to take our baby---Walker---I will die--protecting this life inside me."

            "I agree, hon---we will both fight to keep our baby---but honey---we have to know 'how' to fight him---and we can't do it alone."

            They remain silent as Walker keeps his hand over Alex's stomach. She rubs the top of his hand gently, she whispers quietly, "Sarah---is very pretty---and young----I couldn't blame you if you were attracted to her."

            Walker tries to smile, "Sarah is very pretty and young----she also has a husband!"

            "But, her husband is sterile---just like all of the men here----and there are other young women here, too," she tries to laugh. "You would have a smorgasbord to choose from!  Why would you want to waste your time staying with me?"

            "Alex---are you listening to yourself?  You're talking crazy!  How do you think I would feel if it was the other way around, and I had to share you?  I wouldn't like it---not one damn bit!  I don't want to hear anymore of this talk---you're stuck with me---I don't want to be with anyone else---you hear me?"

            She bites her bottom lip, "Are you sure?"

            "Yes----I'm sure," he turns her face towards him and kisses her lips softly, "and I also want to say that I'm happy that you are carrying my child. We'll get through this, Alex--the three of us will---I promise you."

            Alex is laughing and crying, "We're having a baby, Walker-----a little life is growing inside me.  We can be happy about this, can't we? We have the right to be happy, don't we?"

            Walker is nodding his head, kissing her eyes, "You better know it---and no one is taking our baby from us.  Which brings up another question, Alex----do you know where the Darkman took you?"

            Alex tries to clear her voice, "I'm not sure---Walker---I think we were inside the DeFeo house. I could only see this one room, but it reminded me of the room we had at the motel--with all the mirrors. But, it smelled different---like—death."

            Walker rubs his beard, "It makes sense that he would take you there, that's where we conceived our child----"

            Alex groans, "And, it's also the master bedroom where Ronald DeFeo murdered his parents."

            Walker looks back towards the old ruins, the slanted windows on the second floor staring back at him. He can almost feel them looking right through him to his inner soul. Feeling Alex's hand on his arm, he turns to face her.

            "Walker--he's not going to make me go back with him again----is he?"

            "He's not taking you, Alex--I've got to get you somewhere safe---and the only other place we can be safe---is the church."

            "The church?  But, if we go there---we won't have food or water--it's freezing in there."

            Walker starts to reply when he sees Ben and the others exiting out the cellar door, they all look towards the bearded man and the blonde. Ben starts walking slowly towards them.

            "The 'Darkman' has requested that Alex go to him—now."

            "NO!" Screams Alex as she tries to hide behind Walker, "I'm not going back in there---Walker----don't let them take me."

            "She's not going anywhere, Ben---she's staying here with me----we're going to the church---he can't bother us there."

            Ben looks back to the old ruins, he knows the ‘Darkman' is watching and hearing every word. "Please----don't try and fight him----you will lose.   He has showed you what some of his powers are---- if you push him---he will take Alex from you---permanently."

            Alex is starting to shiver as her hands hold onto Walker's arms tighter, "No"---she whimpers---"I don't want to go back there---Walker---let's try and get to the church."

            The couple starts running to the remains of the church, and Ben shakes his head sadly. He watches as the fog starts rolling in, surrounding the couple. Alex trips and falls, losing Walker's hand, she's blindly calling out for him.

            "Alex----just keep talking---I'll find you."

            "Walker-----where are you?  The fog is getting thicker-----Walker?"

            Ben listens as the couple's voices fade further away from each other. He looks back to the house, and pleads.

            "Don't hurt them----they have learned their lesson---take away the fog----they will listen now."

            A voice bellows out-----"They will listen well, she is to be brought to me---now!  And the bearded one has the temptations of hell to deal with. He will not question my word again."

            The fog lifts and Walker and Alex are at opposite ends of the town. They start running towards each other, and just as they are about to reach other, Alex's body starts to lift slowly and start 'floating' towards the old house. She's screaming back for Walker to help her, he's running after her, trying to grab her legs. She's lifted higher and then she's gone. Walker hits the ground, then jumps up--looking around for Alex--calling out her name. His anger has increased as he sees Ben staring back at him, he charges the man.

            Ben falls to the ground with a very angry Ranger atop him. "Where did he take her? Tell me---where did that s.o.b. take Alex?"

            "It will do no good to know where she's at---you are just making it worse, by fighting him!  He is the 'word' here---what he says--goes---please---just accept your fate, and neither of you will be harmed."

            Walker draws his hand back, he grits his teeth and stands up quickly. He stares back down at Ben, "I will never accept this 'fate' as you call it. I will find Alex on my own----just stay out of my way."

            The Ranger starts stomping angrily towards the old house, shouting out Alex's name. Ben and the other men run after Walker, knocking him to the ground. Ben is atop Walker now and pleading with him.

            "You can't fight him----you are just a mortal. If you do not stop questioning his word, he can make it very bad for you."

            "Get off of me," Walker yells at Ben. Ben shakes his head as he lets the Ranger up.

            "He is very angry at you right now---he has plans for your actions----you are going to be tested---you will not like it. Alex will like it----even less."

            Walker's eyes turn to fright, as he looks back up to the old ruins, "Don't let him hurt her---please---I'll do anything---just don't let him hurt her."

            The men look to Ben, and Ben shakes his head. "You may have just sealed your fate as you know it, you have made a promise--the "Darkman' will take you up on it."

            "What do you mean----and don't start up on that crap again about me copulating with your women, it's not going to happen---do you understand me?"

            "There will be times that you will not be under your own control. The 'Darkman' has ways of making you do just the opposite, making you see things that are not really there, and making your body ache for the presence of your love beside you. Don't be so quick to make promises you will regret---you are not in your own world---things happen here that you will not be able to change."

            Walker glares back at Ben, "Why don't you people try to find a way of fighting this 'demon'---instead of cowering to him?"

            Sarah's husband replies angrily, "Don't you think that we would, if we could?"

            "Quiet, Seth------he will hear you," cautions one of the older men.

            The old man from the garage speaks up, his voice breaking. "So what if he does? What else can he do to us? We are wasting away here, waiting for him to release our souls---and that may never be."

            "We do have some hope," Seth answers, as he looks to Walker--"the boy child that his woman carries---he will be fertile, he will go forth and multiply."

            Walker shakes his head in disbelief, "You people are crazy to think that one little boy can save you all from extinction!  It will take years before this child is old enough to sire others, and who is to say that they won't be sterile?"

            The men start arguing between themselves, Ben looks to Walker. "Your son will not be sterile, and none of the seeds that he spreads will be either--it's his word----he will not let that happen."

            The Ranger slaps his leg in disgust, and points to the old ruins, "And, you believe him? Just like that---you believe what he's telling you. That one child will save you, is that what you're saying?"

            All of the men become quiet as they stare back at Walker, Seth replies slowly. "There doesn't have to be just one child----if you would help us."

            Walker throws his hands up in the air and walks off, "Forget it."

            Ben sighs, "He will have no choice----the Darkman has already put his plan into motion. He will make the bearded man weak, a prisoner to his own desires. The 'devil' has come. We cannot help the bearded one and Alex, they have sealed their own fate."


            Alex is looking around the room that she was in the night before, the very same room that she and Walker shared. She looks to the heart shaped bed, with its heart shaped pillows, and the beautiful red comforter. She has a feeling of happiness rush over her as she remembers the night in which she conceived. She smiles faintly, rubbing her stomach, and she could almost swear she sees a difference in her stomach's shape already.  Alex continues to rub her stomach very gently, whispering to herself, "I can't believe I'm pregnant---and with Walker's child." She starts to cry softly, "Oh, Walker--I never wanted it to be this way for us----I've thought about how it would be to have your children--I would be so happy and you would be trying to act so 'macho' around your friends---but deep down you would be deliriously proud----I never expected this."

            She is still walking around the room, lost in her memories, and then she hears the voice.

            "Are you comfortable, woman?"

            Alex's voice turns to anger, "Where are you?  Why don't you show yourself?"

            "You do not have to see me, to know I'm here and I control you and everything around you-----including the bearded one."

            Alex tries to listen closely to where the voice is coming from, and she answers slowly. "You're afraid of Walker---aren't you?"

            The voice becomes angry, "A mortal? Me?  Afraid of a mortal, I could crush him at any moment--I could wipe him from the face of the earth--I fear--no mortals."

            Alex rubs her stomach gently, "If you were a man, a real man--Walker would tear you apart---Walker is not afraid of you either---but you do not meet him as a real man---you hide behind your immortality."

            There is silence and then the mist begins to form. The man in black steps forward, keeping himself in the shadows like he was doing the night before, not allowing Alex to get a clear look at him. But, she could feel his eyes, staring at her--those eyes that were like fire. She had seen enough of his face while they were still in the basement and he was touching her body with his long bony finger. The long black drench coat with it's raised collar kept his face darkened.

            The voice speaks, "Do you love this mortal man, that you call Walker?"

            Alex's voice is clear, "Yes-----Yes, I do."

            The voice mocks her, "But---does he feel the same way about you?”

            "I know that he has feelings for me---I know he cares----"

            "Does he love you----woman----answer me---does he love you? Or was he just enjoying the fruits of your loins?"

            Alex is becoming angry and scared, "You will have to ask Walker--how he truly feels, if it's all so damn important to you."

            The "Darkman" snickers, "Oh--I don't have to ask him---I have other ways of finding out these things, and believe me----you will see the mortal--for just what he is. He will deny you--and cast you aside, you will mean nothing to him, and the child that he has 'seeded' into you will be cast aside also---but "I" will take care of you both. You and 'my son" will live forever in my eternity."

            Alex is biting her bottom lip, "That will never happen--I would rather die than live in your world, and you will never have my child---Walker will never desert us! You will see---and you can "Go to Hell."

            The 'Darkman' continues to snicker, "I have seen the gates of hell--Alexandra----careful how you speak to me, or I will forget your condition and condemn you to a early fate. The only thing that is keeping you alive is that 'boy child' inside you."

            Alex starts to shake. For the sake of the life inside her, she backs down. "I'm sorry---I was just upset--I'm sorry."

            The form moves out of the shadows and Alex can see him clearly. Again she recoils at his grotesque shape. She backs up, eyeing him suspiciously.

            "May I ask you something?"

            "Ask away--whether or not I choose to answer you is another question."

            Alex tries to pick her words carefully, "Let me get this straight---we are in a town called Amity--Amityville--right?  Almost 22 years ago, a terrible murder took place there,  I mean "here"--and six people of the DeFeo family were murdered?"

            "You know what happened, Alexandra----your Father was trying to stop it---but DeFeo would not listen, he wanted his family dead!"

            Alex nods her head, "Yes, but---what connection do you have to the murders, did you know Ronald DeFeo?"

            The 'Darkman" hisses, "You ask too many questions, woman."

            "Please---I'm just wanting to know why this curse of sterility on all of these men---why are they being punished?"

            "Enough questions, Alexandra---you will rest now. And, I will see that you have food brought to you."

            "What about Walker, can I see him?"


            "Please, we won't try to escape---I just want him here with me---please."

            The 'Darkman" laughs, "You can beg all you want, Alexandra---but your friend--your lover---will soon be fighting another battle--he will have no time for you."

            "No----you're wrong about Walker----he will not be unfaithful to me--you don't know him---he's a very strong person, with strong morals!  He's told me about Sarah being brought to him. He turned her away---that's the kind of man he is."

            Laughter erupts from the 'Darkman' as he shakes his head back and forth, "You are a fool, Alexandra---this Walker--is only a man. He will soon tire of being alone and without your body, he will begin to feel lonely---and seek out the warmth of another woman.  And, Alexandra---there are several women here who are very tempting".

            Alex shakes her head, holding her hand against her belly----"No----I trust Walker----he will never be unfaithful."

            "Believe what you must---but the time will come and soon you will see him in the throes of another woman, enjoying their loins as he has enjoyed yours. There will be more than one woman that will be more than willing to take his seed into her womb----and you--Alexandra will learn to forget him."

            The mist returns and the 'Darkman' disappears. Alex is standing there, looking at what remains of the mist. She can feel the hurt and loneliness take over her body, she starts to cry, sitting down on the circular bed. The music begins to play, and her memories return to the night that she was in Walker's arms. She shakes her head slowly, as the tears begin to fall.

            "How can we fight the "Darkman', Walker? He has these powers to make us do whatever he wishes----how can you be expected to keep refusing these women?-- Walker----I'm trying to be logical--but  soon I will start to show my pregnancy and these women will be vying for your attention even more-will you be unfaithful to me?"


            The red haired woman is watching the bearded man very closely, as the man is walking around the semi again. She studies his physique, liking what she is seeing. The man holds his arms close to his body, shivering--he has a pullover sweater on and some tight fitting jeans. He's kneeling down and looking up under the huge truck again. As he kneels down, the sweater is stretched taut against his masculine shoulders. She smiles, and reaches for a blanket, walking slowly towards the Ranger. He doesn't see her come up behind him as she places the blanket across his shoulders.

            Walker stands up quickly as the woman says softly. "Thought you might need a blanket to keep you warm."

AMITY - Part 8

            Walker stares back at the woman, and blinks his eyes. His brow goes up in an arch as he stares at the woman.
            "Marilee--is that you?"
            The woman smiles as she edges closer to the startled Ranger, she answers in a sultry voice.
            "It's been a long time, Cordell-I've missed you."
            Walker can't take his eyes off the woman, as she's even more beautiful than he remembered her. Her full and pouty lips are moist and beckoning him closer to her. She's now only inches from him as she puts her hands up to his chest and start to encircle his neck. He can breathe her perfume, her body is pressing tightly against his as she opens her mouth to take his lips in. He closes his eyes, and lowers his head to hers, their lips are almost touching. Suddenly, he pushes her away.
            "No----this is not happening---this is the 'test' that the 'Darkman' is tempting me with---you're not Marilee!"
            She purrs as she tries to go back into his embrace, "Cordell---it's been so long---haven't you missed me?"
            Walker backs up, shaking his head. "It's not going to work, 'Darkman'---I'm on to you, you've sent this woman to try and trick me into thinking she's Marilee--I'm not falling for it."
            The woman pouts, as she again tries to put her arms back around Walker's neck, her voice lowers. "I know you've missed me, Cordell---I can see it in your eyes. Just like that night at your ranch when you couldn't wait to make love to me---you were so hungry for me. We were like wild animals---you couldn't get enough of my body--it can be that way again--come with me, Cordell."
            Walker pulls her hands down from his neck and pushes her back, "NO---get away from me---I know that this is not what it appears to be---we had one night together, Marilee--or whatever your name is--but that was it! I have someone else in my life now-- so leave me alone-----get away from me!"
            Marilee continues to tease him, "I know you want me, Cordell---just as much as I want you. You think you have everything under your control now--but that will change. In time you will come begging to me, when she turns you away."
            Walker stares back at the woman; she's wearing a tight fitting dress that hugs her very curve. Her bosom would make three of Alex's, and he remembers how it felt to bury his face between them. She has the long cascading red hair that he remembered running his fingers through, and those lips! They were so full, and he remembered all too clear how they felt around his manhood. He swallows, trying to catch his breath, but he continues to back up further.
            He turns and walks away swiftly, he can hear her little laugh as she calls out to him.
            "The nights can get very cold---and lonely-Cordell. All you have to do is call for me--I'll be there."
            The woman continues to taunt the Ranger as she throws her hair back and laughs. Finally, the woman spins around and then she is gone!
            Another woman is watching the Ranger as he keeps walking away from the red headed woman. The woman's dark eyes are soft and tender as she watches the bearded man get as much distance between him and the redhead as possible. She looks into the direction that the red haired woman has taken, and hisses, "Bitch!"


            It's now the next day as Walker has been allowed to go back outside again. He keeps staring up at the old house and pacing.
            "Alex---where are you? Why isn't he letting you come to me?"
            His words have barely been spoken as he sees her coming out the front door. He breathes a sigh of relief as he starts running to her, she too is running to him. He catches her almost in mid-air as he squeezes her tightly.
            "Alex----are you okay---why was he taking so long to let you come to me?"
            Alex is crying, "I was sick all night--Walker something is wrong."
            "What, Alex?  Is it the baby, what?"
            Alex opens up the sheepskin jacket that she is wearing, she takes Walker's hand and puts it up under the jacket and to her stomach. His eyes grow wide as he stares back at Alex and then down to her stomach.
            "Alex---you can't be showing this much--it's not possible!  You feel like you're about 3 months already!"
            Alex is crying harder, her body is shaking. "I know----Walker---this is not normal--it's not healthy--I can't be progressing this quickly!"
            He puts his arms back around her and they walk towards the old playground again. He holds her as she cries.
            "Walker---I am so scared. I need to see a doctor. I'm so afraid for the baby, our baby will not be normal--not at the rate he's growing!"
            Walker is trying not to show his fear, "Okay, hon---I'll insist that he let me get you to a Doctor-try not to worry--I'm going to confront him now----do you want to go back inside where it's warm?"
            "No!!  I never want to go back in that place again---please Walker----let's just start walking towards the highway and not stop---no matter what! If the fog comes---we just keep walking--we hold on to each other as tight as we can---we don't stop."
            Walker starts to object, but he sees the fear in Alex's eyes. "Okay, honey---here--put your arms around my waist and hold on tight. I'll do the navigating--you just hold onto to me as tight as you can."
            They take a look towards the old house and then the direction in which the highway should be, he looks down at her and smiles.
            "I figure the highway should be at least 3 miles in that direction--can you make it okay?"
            Alex nods, "Yes---could we please go?"
            The couple starts walking slowly out of the playground and then their pace quickens as they head for the highway. Walker keeps looking back over his shoulder and holding Alex tighter to him. The extra weight has already started to slow Alex's movement, as she's starting to breathe deeper.
            "You okay, Alex--want to rest?"
            "No---Walker--let's keep moving.! I want out of this nightmare---honey, please---let's move quicker."
            The 'Darkman' is watching from his domain; his eyes glow and he starts to hiss louder. He starts pacing back and forth, his eyes dart to the shadow that lingers in the corner. He makes a louder 'hissing sound' and growls back at the figure, it remains silent.
            The 'Darkman' points his long, bony finger at the figure, "It's your fault that they are trying to escape again! If you would let me get rid of the bearded one--- we would have no threats against us."
            The voice is soft as it answers, "I have told you---the bearded one is not to be hurt and neither is the woman! If you try to hurt them, I will release a fury so strong that you will wish you had perished in that fire---do you hear me?"
            The 'Darkman' grumbles as he watches from the second floor, the couple are now past the old church, and still heading into the direction where the highway and freedom, awaits them. He turns back to the shadow.
            "They are getting away---is that what you want?"
            The shadow glides up to the window, the 'Darkman' quickly moves away from it. He watches the shadow, and his anger continues to rise.
            "You have slowed our progress for the last time----the bearded one dies."
            The shadow's voice remains calm, "You are ignorant----just let the woman have her child, then take him. Why do you feel the need to hurt them?"
            The 'Darkman' stares back, "He's of their blood---their spirits will rise once the child has come, we will all rise, our bodies will be free to go forth."
            "And, then what? The souls of those poor people that you helped to murder will not come back, except to haunt you.  They haunt you day and night, and you will get no peace. And, the souls of these poor people that you have cursed will not go un-noticed. Have you ever thought how it will be once the 'boy child' is old enough to see and learn about the destruction that you have put on the native Indian? His father's blood will run through him, and his father's blood is true to his ancestors, he will never forgive you for what you are trying to do."
            The 'Darkman' is getting angrier, "I am trying to undo my curse---the 'boy child' will understand, he will know that I'm trying to raise their souls again."
            The shadow turns and faces the 'Darkman', "Will he understand that you are trying to hurt his father, his real father?  I think not---and I will not tell you again---the couple is not to be hurt----and also----" the shadow's voice becomes angry----"you will keep that 'BITCH' away from the bearded man---do you hear me?"
            The 'Darkman' begins to laugh, "What's the matter---do you want him?  All you have to do is snap your finger and he will come running to you."
            The shadow's voice softens, "No-----that is not the way it was intended to be. Alex has him now. He loves her, I can tell. Maybe he doesn't say the words, but they are there in the way he looks at her. And, it's so obvious that she loves him."
            The laughter becomes a taunt as the 'Darkman' circles around the shadow. "Love?  What is this word LOVE?  Tell me, how many times did he say those words to you, you should despise the blond haired woman for taking him away from you."
            The shadow turns back to the window, it smiles. The couple is less than a mile away from the highway. The shadow replies softly, "She loves him, her feelings for him are genuine, not like the others that have come in and out of his life---not like that one that is trying to lure him away with promises of carnal lust---the red headed witch! She is wrong for him, he knows that, he's much too smart to fall for her lies and your trickery---keep her away from him---or else"!
            "Or else what?   Do not threaten me, woman----I can squash you, do you wish to fight me again?"
            The shadow turns towards her enemy, her voice remains calm, "I will fight you and I will win---just like the other times that you have gone against me. My FATHER will not allow you to hurt me---you have crossed his paths before, he's more powerful than you---he is tiring of your deeds, he has given you more than one chance to redeem yourself---you best listen."
            The 'Darkman' begins to growl, "You are just a woman---and like all women---you're weak. I despise you and what you stand for. Just like all women, you make the male weak with your promises of enjoyment that lies between your loins---did you make the bearded one happy"?
            Her voice stays calm, "I don't care to discuss such private matters with you--I have given you my warning for the last time. Cross me, and you will endear the gates of hell again and this time you will not escape."
            The 'Darkman' hisses louder as he looks out the window and points to the fleeing couple, "What about them, they are almost to the highway----you know they can't escape, what about the 'boy child'?”
            "Do what you have to do to keep them here---just don't hurt either of them, do you hear me, ‘Darkman’?"
            He growls back at the woman, "Yes, I hear you--and when this is over I will enjoy seeing your soul burn in hell----and your Father will not be able to help you. No matter how much you scream he won't be able to help you. Your skin will peel off your bones like melting wax------"
            The woman smiles, "I will not be able to feel any pain because I'm already dead, just like your soul. But, the difference is I have made things right with my maker, and he has forgiven me. He will wait for me at the gates of heaven, and I will walk beside him. But you, "Darkman", you will forever be between heaven and hell, repent "Darkman" and my Father will allow you into the heavens and your soul will finally be free!"
"NEVER---he is a false God---do not speak his name in my presence again!"
            The woman smiles faintly as she looks back out the window, "You better do something quick, before the couple reaches the highway. It's a good thing that the bearded man can't fight you on his grounds, because if he could, you might be wishing that you were truly dead! I have seen the bearded man's temper, and I know that he will fight to the death to protect the love of his life.  I know---because he fought for me, but the love of my Father was greater and so the bearded man was left to grieve."
            The 'Darkman' waves her away as he starts throwing his arms up into the air and chanting, the thick mist begins to appear. The woman looks at the fleeing couple and shakes her head sadly, whispering to herself, "Take care, my love. I have never forgotten you, you were my one true love----CORD!"


Walker is smiling as he draws Alex closer into him, he points ahead.
            "Alex--look---I can see the highway--see it, hon?"
            Alex grabs Walker tighter, "YES!!!  Yes, I see it---Walker we're free."
            Walker kisses the side of Alex's head, "We're almost there, Alex--- I'll get you to a doctor and you and our baby will be checked out, we can go home, we can---------"
            Everything becomes quiet as Walker stops in mid sentence, Alex starts looking behind her, then she screams---"Walker----the fog----it's coming!"
            "Run, Alex---run as fast you can---keep holding onto me tight---don't let go." Walker starts pulling Alex to him. "Run, baby---we only have less than a hundred yards to go---hurry, Alex!"
            The fog is upon them, thicker than ever before. Alex is screaming as Walker keeps holding her tight. "Don't let go, Alex---we're not stopping---just hold on."
            "I'm trying, Walker---keep going--don't stop."
            The couple continues running, Walker shouts back to Alex, "We're almost there, Alex---I know we have to be close to the highway----are you okay?"
            Before Alex can answer, Walker slams into a hard surface. "What the hell is this?  There was nothing in front of us---but open space----Alex?"
            "Walker---something is pressing against me."
            The ranger starts feeling around in the fog, everywhere he turns is a solid mass, and it's closing in. Alex is screaming louder as she is shoved up against Walker. He puts his arms around her, as they are both being pressed into each other.
            "Walker---I can hardly breathe----there is no room to move----what's happening?"
            Walker starts to swear, "The son of a bitch has put some kind of wall around us---and he's closing it in on us."
            Alex is now crying, as her stomach is being squashed up against Walker, "Walker---our baby is going to be crushed----oh my God---do something!"
            Walker grits his teeth as he feels the mass closing tighter. "You win, Darkman----let us out of here---we won't try to escape again."
            A voice bellows back, "Have you learned your lesson, mortal one?"
            "Yes----yes---I swear---please--let us out---Alex and the baby are being crushed---I swear---I'll do anything you ask---don't hurt them."
            The fog lifts and Walker and Alex fall to the ground, they can hear the ‘Darkman' snickering. Walker reaches down to help Alex to her feet, she's looking past him. She can see the highway, and the traffic going by them. Walker turns and looks into the direction she is looking, she looks back to him, with tears falling down her cheek. She's crying as he embraces her.
            "We were so close, Walker---we were so close."
            Walker takes a deep sigh as he closes his eyes and pulls her to him, "I know, Alex---I'm so sorry."
            The couple takes one last look to 'freedom' and then they start walking back slowly to their new home. The sign at the edge of the city limits have changed, it now reads:  WELCOME TO AMITY-THE TOWN OF FRIENDSHIP---POPULATION 1,002.
            Underneath the sign, another one reads:
Welcome To The Gates of HELL!!!!
Amity - Part 9

            It's now been three days since Walker and Alex tried to make their escape. The ‘Darkman’ has kept Alex away from the Ranger as her punishment, for Walker, it has been more severe. The 'Darkman' taunts him daily, and when Walker tries to fight back, his food rationings are cut, and he's forced to sleep on the cold floor of the cellar with no blankets. He curses the ‘Darkman' as he huddles on the floor, he's never felt so helpless. Ben approaches him slowly.
            "I'm sorry I can give you no blankets, would you like more coffee?"
            Walker nods, takes the hot cup between his hands, and looks back to Ben.
            "I have never felt so helpless in my life, I've always been able to fight my enemies, to protect those I care about. Ben---please assure me, the 'Darkman' will not hurt Alex."
            "I've told you over and over, to hurt Alex would be hurting the 'boy child'---‘Darkman' will not take any chance of that happening---and besides he's gotten orders to not hurt either of you."
            "Orders?  Orders from who? Is there someone else here that has more power than the 'Darkman'---who?"
            "I have said too much--but yes--there is someone here that the 'Darkman' is afraid of. He has crossed her path several times and she has retaliated with a fury that only the devil himself can imagine."
            Walker's eyes stare back at Ben as he holds the coffee cup closer to him, "A woman?  Your 'Darkman' fears a woman--now that's a switch-who is she and what is her hold over him?"
            "I cannot say anymore--to tell you more would mean more assets taken from you."
            Walker shivers as he rubs his arms together, "I can take anything that your 'Darkman' throws at me--I'm just worried about Alex and our baby. Ben----she needs to see a doctor, the baby is growing too fast. It takes 36 weeks for a healthy baby to be born in our world, Alex is getting bigger every day."
            Ben nods his head, "You are forgetting---you're not in your world--here the process takes only a short time, your child will be fine."
            Walker gets to his feet and starts pacing, his anger is rising, "Where is here, Ben----am I in hell?"
            "I suppose that you see it as a hell--but it's the only home that all of us have."
            Walker can see his breath vapors, "Explain something to me, Ben---why is it so damn cold? I always associated hell with fire and brimstone and it being so hot, one could hardly breathe. Explain that---if you can?"
            Ben shrugs, "We feel nothing in the way of temperatures, my friend--I cannot explain why you're feeling so cold."
            "All of this cold can't be good for Alex and our baby----"
            "Alex and your child are not feeling the cold--they are comfortable and they are getting plenty of nourishment---that is-- when Alex does eat."
            Walker's voice turns to fear, "Alex is not eating, what's wrong? Is she sick again"?
            Ben looks to the Ranger sadly, "Alex is not eating, she's afraid for you. The 'Darkman' tells her that she will never see you again."
            Walker kicks out at nothing, "Damn it----I've got to get to her, Ben---please relay a message to him--I will do anything he says---I just have to see for myself that Alex and our baby are okay."
            Before Ben can answer, a voice rings out in a sexy tone. "Cordell----you are coming around to our way of thinking--you will not regret the choice you have made."
            Walker looks quickly towards the voice and a woman appears. She smiles back at the ranger, gliding up to him.   She gets closer to the Ranger, and slowly starts putting her hands on his chest, Walker starts backing up.
            "Not this----anything---but this---" he stammers.
She purrs,  "Cordell, remember how good it felt---I can make you feel so good, you know I can."
            Walker keeps shaking his head, "No----I don't know who you are and I don't care. I know you're not who you say you are, and even so---it wouldn't matter. Ben---help me please--get a message to the 'Darkman', I have to see Alex."
            The red head's temper flares, " Forget her--she cannot help you now--I am the only one you need!"
            Walker shakes his head, "No---you're not real----I will not be pulled into your world---why are you in Marilee's body-she's not dead---is she?"
            The woman caresses her own body, gliding her hands slowly down every inch--the Ranger is getting warmer. The woman smiles as she watches Walker's eyes move over her body.
            "You like what you see, don't you Cordell? That's no surprise, you were insatiable that night at your ranch---you said you had never had a woman as beautiful and desirable as me. Do you remember all the things we did that night?"
            Walker swallows as his mind goes back to the night in question, "Yes---I remember--but I remember it differently. Marilee was very beautiful and desirable, and our night together was good---but I don't remember saying those words to you--I mean, Marilee."
            The woman smirks, "Oh, you remember what you said, Cordell---you remember it all too well."
            Walker takes a deep sigh, "I'm not going to argue with you about it, I have a feeling I would lose---either way!    The fact is, that if I had any feelings for you, I would have made arrangements to be with you, but I didn't."
            Marilee walks around the Ranger slowly, touching his shoulders and letting her finger glide down his back. "Just a mere little setback of getting our signals crossed, my endless engagements of tours, and you were busy and all with your ranch and your –job."
            Walker shakes his head as he again moves further away from the red headed woman. Ben is watching them silently.
            "I wasn't interested in you enough to try and pursue a relationship, we had one night together---and that was it."
            Now Marilee is facing the Ranger again, she strokes his trim line beard, teasingly. "Ooooo, how I remember how your beard felt against my soft skin, the sensation of it--Cordell---we can start up where we left off---come with me--come to my end of the cellar.  It's much warmer and there is food and wine."
            Walker pushes the woman away from him, and rubs his arms together. "No---I'll take my chance here."
            The woman is starting to get angry, "Cordell---I insist that you come with me now----or else!"
            "Or else, what? You'll have the 'Darkman' make me go with you?  That's not saying much for your charms as a woman, is it?"
            Marilee is starting to hiss as she reaches out and grabs Walker and starts kissing him hard. The Ranger is trying to pull away, but Marilee's strength is amazing as she holds him powerless to do anything.
            Walker is shouting back at Ben---"Tell her to let me go, or so help me--I'll hit her!"
            Marilee is laughing, "He's got no power against me--no one can help you---you are mine!"
            Walker is still struggling to get away from the woman, he groans--"OH great---don't tell me---it's you that the 'Darkman' is afraid of?"
            Marilee is laughing harder as she starts pulling Walker away to the other end of the corridor. Suddenly she stops and lets Walker go, he hits the floor hard. The woman seems to be having a conversation with someone that Walker can't see. Marilee is getting furious and her voice starts screaming back at the invisible force.
            "You are starting to make me very angry, I will tell the ‘Darkman' and he will deal with you."
Walker hears a soft voice answer back, "The 'Darkman' does not scare me, and neither do you. You will let the bearded man be, your temptations of luring him to your web are not working---he doesn't desire you."
            Marilee grabs Walker by the collar and lifts him straight up into the air, and again she starts towards the other end of the cellar. The voice calls out to her.
            "Put him down----or else you will have a terrible pain go through your head, like a plague of insects eating your skull."
            "Never---he goes with me!"
            Walker is kicking out with his feet as he hears the soft voice answer, "Very well---you were warned."
            Marilee starts screaming and grabbing her head, and Walker hits the floor again. The woman's hands are drawing back blood as the thousands of locusts descend down on her head. She's throwing her arms around and trying to pull the insects out of her long beautiful red hair. She screams as she runs down the long corridor.
            Walker gets up from the floor and starts looking around to see if he can see the invisible force. "Where are you?  Why are you helping me., are you the one that the 'Darkman' fears’?"
            The body will not materialize; her voice is soft as she studies the mortal in front of her. She reaches out to touch him, but her hand passes through his face. She longs to touch his beard too, but she draws her hand back and smiles. She whispers his name to herself.
            "Cord---you are still just as handsome as the last day I saw you, so strong and so loving. The happiest days of my life were spent in your arms, and the future that we talked about—together."
            Walker's eyes are darting back and forth listening to hear the voice again. "Are you still here, come forward--let me see you."
            The voice is so soft that Walker has to strain to hear it, "The woman will not bother you---at least not for awhile. She'll be too busy getting the insects out of her hair."
            Walker reaches out with his hands, feeling the air. The woman reaches her hand out too, their hands are touching, but he does not feel anything. She smiles as again she reaches out to touch his cheek, stroking an imaginary line.
            "Who are you?   have a feeling that I know your voice, but it's muffled, I can't hear it too clear. Tell me who you are."
            "In time, you will know who am I--but that's not important now. Do you wish to know about Alex and your child?"
            "YES!" Walker shouts back---"Can you tell me about them, is Alex still sick?"
            "Alex is worried about you, she cries for you every night---she loves you so much."
            Walker feels a calm come over him, he smiles, "I love her too--I never thought I could ever love again--after losing---Ellen."
            The woman smiles as she closes her eyes, he's spoken her name---she knew that he would never forget her. She composes herself and takes a deep sigh.
            "Would you like for me to relay a message to Alex?"
            "Yes---would you please make sure that she's eating---it can't be good for her or our child if she doesn't eat. Tell her, I'm okay---I haven't been hurt, and that-----and that I love her."
            There's a short silence and then the voice whispers, "I will tell her----I'm sorry I can't give you better shelter------"
            "It's okay, it's okay--I've been in worse places, I'm just so relieved that Alex will have someone to talk to. She tries to be so tough at times---but she's not---I know she's scared---will you protect her?"
            The voice begins to break, "Yes---I will watch over her and your child---I will talk to you again---goodbye."
            Walker is feeling around in the air again as he whispers, "Thank you---thank you so much."
            The Ranger walks slowly back to his place on the floor and leans back against the cold wall. For some reason, he doesn't feel quite so cold and a warm feeling has passed over him. He takes a deep breath, and for the first time in three days, he sleeps.
            Ben watches from the other side of the cellar, he smiles, "I have a feeling that we will never leave these bodies, but I'm not sad about it, we will just have to accept our fate. I also have a feeling that the "Angel" has something in store for the 'Darkman'-----"


            Alex is walking slowly back and forth in the huge bedroom, she has tried opening the door for the hundredth time, but the doorknob will not turn. She curses and goes to lie down on the circular bed.  She looks down at her stomach, her belly has almost doubled in the last three days, She starts to cry.
            "Walker, I miss you so much--I just need to know that you're okay. Has the 'Darkman' hurt you---oh God---please don't let the 'Darkman' hurt  him----"
            "Hello Alex."
            Alex sits up in the bed, startled. She sees a dark haired woman bringing her food.
            "Who are you? How did you get in here, I didn't hear the door open." 
            The woman walks towards her, smiling. "That's not important---I'm sure my presence and how I entered are the least of your worries--in this place."
            Alex sighs, "That's for sure-------I've never seen you before---who are you?"
            The woman sits the fruit down on the nightstand, "My name is not important either---I have a message for you--from—Walker."
            Alex's face lights up, "A message---from Walker---you've seen him, is he okay----has he been hurt?"
            The woman smiles as she nods her head--"Yes, yes, and no."
            Alex stares back at the woman, "What does he say?"
            "I will tell you what his message is, but first you have to eat."
            Alex starts shaking her head, "I can't eat---please---is Walker okay?"
            "Your--Walker----is just fine, he's been worried about you, he's concerned that you aren't eating--you have to eat---for your baby's sake."
            "I've tried to eat, but I'm so worried about Walker--and I'm so scared for our baby.  This is not normal---look at my belly---see how huge I am."
            The woman touches Alex's stomach and smiles. "Please try not to worry, Alex---your baby is fine--you have a healthy baby inside you. But, you have to eat---to keep it healthy."
            Alex is trying to talk and eat some of the fruit at the same time, "I will eat----now that I know Walker is okay---I will eat---for him--and for our baby. What else did he say to you, did the 'Darkman' hurt him?"
            The woman motions for Alex to eat more fruit, her dark eyes look into Alex's piercing blue ones.
            "You have very beautiful eyes, Alex--your baby will have your eyes, did you know that?"
            Alex is slowly eating an apple as she keeps looking back at the woman, "Thank you--and 'no' I didn't know that my baby would have my eyes. He might have Walker's--like a-----"
            The woman sighs, "A blue/gray?"
            Suddenly Alex gets very nervous as she sits down the apple and starts walking around the room. She keeps staring at the woman.
            "How do you what color of eyes Walker has, I mean the true color?  For most people would say that his eyes are dark, only if someone is really close to him, can they see the real color----just how close to him have you been?"
            The woman's voice softens, "Relax, Alex----I can see things that most cannot, and to know the real color of Walker's eyes is no mystery--after all--I can come through doors without opening them, right?"
            Alex continues to watch the dark haired woman, she's very beautiful and she remembers all too well that the women of Amity seek him.
            "Alex--Walker has not been unfaithful to you---he loves you--he said so!  To me the words were not needed to be spoken, I could see it in those blue/gray eyes and hear it every time he speaks your name."
            Alex's eyes start to mist up, "He told you that he loved me---he truly said the words?"
            The woman smiles, "Yes, not once, but twice---he is so worried about you---now will you please eat?"
            The blonde nods her head and starts grabbing a banana and some grapes---"Yes----yes I will eat---is Walker eating, does he have food?"
            "The 'Darkman' has cut his food in half and has taken away his blankets---but that does not deter the Ranger's faith and his strength."
            Alex stops eating, "How did you know he was a Ranger----never mind---I keep forgetting--you seem to know everything about him."
            The woman smiles, "There is one thing I don't know, why do you call him by his last name?"
            Alex crawls up on the bed and positions the pillows behind the small in her back. She smiles, thinking about the question.
            "I've always called him by his last name, mainly because of our jobs, and because most everyone calls him Walker--I tried calling him Cordell, but I was never comfortable with it, I've always called him Walker--what time I wasn't calling him the most 'mule headed, arrogant person I ever met."
            The woman looks back at Alex, "You could have shortened his name--and called him—Cord."
            Alex shakes her head slowly, "No---that's what Ellen always called him--the woman that he was engaged to--but she was murdered right before his eyes."
            "I see, and you felt--jealousy for this woman?"
            "In the beginning I did, I was jealous to know that someone else held a spot in his heart before me, and that I would never have all of him. But, a very dear friend helped me to get through my feelings, and I was relieved to know that this woman had to be very special---because Walker doesn't give his feelings easily. "
            The woman turns her back to Alex as her tears swell up, "And---you never met this woman?"
            "No," Alex replies---I've never even seen a picture of her--but I know Walker has some put back in a bible that he keeps in his den. I've seen him look at the book very sadly, so I know he must have pictures of her. I just know that she was very beautiful, a very tender person. I know also that he still thinks about her, but in a different way. She will always have that small portion of his heart, and I respect that. Her name was Ellen---even her name is soft."
            The woman keeps her back turned as she listens to Alex describe her. "Do you feel that way about all of the women that have come and gone through his life"?
            "Unfortunately, no!"
            The woman wipes her eyes and turns around to start cleaning up, "You sound like you have anger in your voice for someone in particular, am I correct?"
            Alex frowns, "I don't want to talk about her, my dinner will try coming up---if I do!   Her name always leaves a sour taste in my mouth! I would like to pull every strand of her red hair out by the roots---I wonder what she would look like---BALD!"
            The woman laughs, thinking about the red haired woman trying to get the locusts out of her hair.  She turns to Alex and replies, "I have a feeling that it's not just red heads that are noted for their fierce tempers--you sound like you could hold your own against any woman that tries to come between you--and your Walker."
            Alex laughs, "I've been known to throw a couple of punches, and Walker says "I have a mean right hook."
            Both the women laugh, and Alex replies. "You know, I haven't been able to laugh too much since coming here and being forced to stay. And, I can't explain it--but I don't feel quite so scared anymore, I like talking to you---you make me feel—safe."
            The woman nods, "I like you too, Alex. You are a very genuine person with your feelings, and you're very honest---about those feelings. But, most of all---it's your feelings for your Walker, your love is true."
            Alex begins to cry softly, "I've been in love with that cowboy since the first day I met him, but I knew he didn't feel the same. But, I never gave up on those feelings and now we have a little life growing inside me, and he has confessed his feelings for the way he feels about me. My only regret--I haven't been able to hear those words for myself."
            "You will, Alex---trust me--you will hear his words---trust me."
            Alex feels herself getting sleepy. She rubs her belly gently and looks back at the dark haired woman, "I do trust you---will you stay with me till I fall asleep?"
            The woman nods, "Yes--Alex--sleep. You and your Walker will find each other in your dreams--for now."
            Sleep comes quickly to the blonde haired attorney, and the woman was right, she sees Walker running to her. The dark haired woman watches her sleep, and the smile that crosses Alex's lips.
            Ellen watches as Alex sleeps, a tear falls down her cheek and she smiles to herself saying, "And, who said angels can't cry too?"
Amity - Part 10 

            It's been over a week since Walker and Alex have been able to see each other. The voice comes to him two and three times a day telling him that Alex is okay. The Ranger is weak from lack of food, but as long as he knows that Alex and the baby are okay--he vows to not give up.
  He's only allowed to go outside a few hours a day, most of that time is spent pacing in front of the old house, hoping to get a glimpse of Alex. She has seen him walking back and forth, but every time she tries to get to the window, the 'Darkman' forces her back. Angry and upset, Walker continues to check out the old semi. He racks his brain trying to remember the part in the story about the trucker that was burned.
            "Why didn't I pay more attention to that part in the story?" he argues with himself. "It could very well hold the answer to why that s.o.b. is holding us here, and what his connection was to DeFeo."
The Ranger is still checking out the huge truck when Marilee comes sashaying up to him. Her red hair is swept up on her head with a scarf. She smiles seductively at the Ranger.
       "Hi Cordell, are you sleeping warm?"
            Walker stares back at her and then to the scarf, "I'm sleeping just fine----did you get all of the bugs out of your hair/"
            The woman kicks out at the ground, and grabs at her head, "Yes---yes--I'm just fine--my hair is just fine."
         Walker tries not to laugh as he remembers Marilee running down the corridor, slapping at her head and pulling the locusts away. He squints his eyes, "It doesn't look like you have the same amount of hair as before, those locusts were sure hungry.  You seem to have met your match, who is the woman that belongs to that voice I heard, the voice sounds slightly familiar."
            Marilee tries to get closer to Walker, but he backs up. She teases him, "I'll tell you who the woman is if you will come with me, back to my place."
            Walker shakes his head, "No way-----whoever she is, she doesn't like you very much, and I don't want to be in between your cat fights."
            Marilee continues to tease, "You must be getting very lonely, Cordell----the nights are sure cold, my body is nice and warm----you remember how hot my body was for you, don't' you, Cordell?"
            The Ranger says nothing as he walks around the truck, with Marilee following him.
            Walker stares back at her, she's wearing a very tight sweater and pants so tight, he wonders how she ever got into them. Every time she breathes, her sweater seems to breathe also, her bosom rising up and down. She watches his eyes as they roam over her body. He smiles faintly, and inches up to her.
            He reaches out and puts his hands on her slender waist and draws her closer to him. "You know Marilee, or whatever your name is----you could be right about the nights being cold--and lonely."
            Marilee smiles as her hands go up to chest and starts massing him slowly, she purrs. "I always liked your chest, your shoulders---you always kept yourself in excellent shape, Cordell----and when it came to making love----you could go all night, couldn't you?"
            He kisses her gently, "Depending on the woman I'm with, and with you, Marilee---the night went too quickly."
            Marilee's green eyes are starting to close as she reaches up to take Walker's lips into her mouth. Their kiss deepens as she starts letting her hands roam to the front of his jeans, she has found her destination and she starts to rub gently. Walker laughs, and pushes her back gently.
           "Wait a minute-----I don't like to be rushed---and if you remember---I like being in charge."
            Marilee is breathing harder as her hand goes back to the front of Walker's jeans, he gasps as her hand massages harder, and then she goes to his belt.
            "We don't have time to wait, Cordell--I want you now---right now."
            Walker is backing up, "Here?  In plain sight of everyone that wants to watch---I don't think so--I like privacy----for all the things I plan to do to you."
          Marilee keeps shaking her head, as she reaches down and starts pulling her sweater up over her head, exposing her bosom. Walker exhales as the titans bounce up and down, he can see the nipples getting hard. He can feel himself getting warmer, his jeans getting tighter. He shakes his head.
            "Marilee--you have to do something for me----first."
            The woman starts licking her lips as she drops down on her knees in front of him and reaches for the front of his jeans, groping. "Anything you say, Cordell----I know how you like it."
            Walker keeps looking around him, the truck is obstructing anyone's view that might be watching from the old house. He looks around to the back of them, and then he grabs Marilee's shoulders and nudges her up to him, kissing her hard.
            He whispers, "Not here-----I told you----I like privacy----take me to your place------and you better be willing to fulfill all of the promises that you've made me."
            She licks her lips, and hurriedly puts her sweater back on, "I will, Cordell----you'll see."
            The couple comes from behind the truck and start walking quickly towards the other end of the cellar. They have been observed, as a voice snickers.
            "I told you that he would forget all about you, did I not?"
            Alex looks back to the 'Darkman', her eyes fill with tears, she turns around and goes back to her bed. She has watched Walker and the red headed woman walk behind the truck and she shakes her head in disbelief. There's something familiar about the woman, but Alex can't see her face. She sits for the longest, rubbing her belly, then she starts to cry harder.
            Ellen has watched everything too, she turns to the 'Darkman', her voice is low---and angry.
            "What kind of trickery are you playing now?"
            The form hisses, and points his bony finger at the Angel----"I do not have to have tricks---the mortal is only a man-----he's giving in to his weakness, his sexual desires are overtaking him---  "Raven" is doing her part well----isn't she?"
            Ellen walks slowly up to the 'Darkman' and then looks out at the couple, they have reached the stairs to the cellar, the redhead starts down the steps first. Ellen has a slight smile cross her lips, as she blinks her eyes. A scream is heard and the redhead goes tumbling down the steps. Walker hesitates, and then he hurries down the steps to help her up.
            Marilee is swearing and trying to gain her posture, "
That woman is pissing me off---big time!"
            Walker looks around cautiously, then he replies slowly.
            "Marilee---you just slipped--there's no one else here.
            The woman is still swearing as she grabs Walker's arm and pulls him into the cellar. "That woman is always around---I've told the 'Darkman' to get rid of her---but he won't---not till-----"

            "Not till what? What is he waiting for, why is he so afraid of this woman?"
            Marilee goes back into Walker's arms, and begins to massage his chest---"Never mind her, let's get down to the 'nitty gritty'---I want you, Cordell---so very bad."
            Walker looks around at the part of the cellar they are in, he's trying to keep Marilee's hands from wandering and ending up back at the front of his jeans. While Marilee is trying to undress him, he's looking around at the walls; they are damp from moisture. The other end of the cellar was extremely dry and very cold. This end is warmer, causing condensation. He knows that this part of the cellar must be directly over the swimming pool that the DeFeo’s had built over the sacred burial ground. His thoughts are going back to events that led up to the trial of Ronald DeFeo.
            Marilee stops her exploring and looks at the Ranger, knowing she doesn't have his full attention.
            "Cordell," she purrs, " I could use a little help here, and we could get down to business a lot sooner."
            Walker is jolted out of his concentration, as Marilee has again gone to the front of his jeans. He pulls her hand back gently. He smiles teasingly.
            "You see, Marilee---this is just exactly why a relationship didn't have time to prosper between us, you're always too much in a hurry--just like the night we spent together."
            Marilee pushes her hair back and stares at Walker, "We were both anxious that night, Cordell---you couldn't keep your hands off me--you were in just as much a hurry as I was---we were both hungry for each other's bodies."
            Walker's mind goes back to the night in question, and 'yes', they were both anxious to enjoy each other's bodies, but Walker doesn't recall the passion that Marilee is describing. He clears his throat and pulls her closer to him.
            "Yeah, it was a very steamy night for both of us-- but you were the one that left Dallas---I wanted you to stay, but you just had to get back to Nashville and your singing career."
            Marilee's eyes get a puzzled look as she stops and ponders to herself "A singing career?"
            Walker is watching the redhead's expression, as her mind seems to have suddenly gone blank, "Marilee---what's wrong, you seem confused about something?"
            Marilee shakes her head and goes back to putting her arms around Walker's neck, "Never mind---it wasn't important--now---where were we?"
            Walker takes her arms down and walks away from the redhead, walking over to the walls and running his hands over them. He looks back to see Marilee staring at him.
            She walks slowly back up to him, letting her hands slide over her body, seductively. She speaks quietly, "You know, Cordell---my body would be a lot more responsive to your touch than those walls?"
            Walker returns her look; her sweater seems to be getting tighter, as does his jeans. He nods his head and reaches out for her, kissing her softly. She purrs like a cat in heat.
            "You can do better than this, Cordell---I can feel your body getting hard---I don't want to wait any longer."
            Walker pushes her away again, and shakes his head. "Here we go again, Marilee---you're always wanting to be the one in charge, you know I don't like that.  Are you trying to make me angry?"
            Again, Marilee's face goes blank as Walker walks to another side of the room, still looking at the ceiling. His heart starts to beat faster, as his eyes are going from one end of the cellar to the next.
            "Cordell, what are you talking about?  I've never heard any man say that he didn't want to be completely at my mercy."
            Walker does not hear Marilee's comment as he is now looking down at the dirt floor of the cellar. He goes down on his hands and knees and picks up a small piece of dirt and eats it. Marilee shakes her head in disbelief.
            "Now, I know I'm losing my touch---you're eating dirt--while I am standing here before you---my body being more than ready for you to------"
            Walker stands up quickly and reaches out for the red headed woman,---"Marilee----we got plenty of time to---rediscover each other----and go nice and slow---but Marilee--I have to take care of something first."
            "What?  What could be more important than the two of us lost in the throes of our heated bodies on fire for each other?"
            Walker sighs, "You're doing it again, Marilee--you're making me angry--I think I will just leave."
            "NO!!!  No," Marilee grabs Walker's arm, "what do you want me to do---anything--I'll do anything to please you, Cordell---just tell me what you want me to do?"
            Walker starts rubbing his beard as he eyes the woman, "I want to be able to get something off my chest before you and I----make love."
            Marilee's eyes grow wide at the mention of making love to the bearded Ranger, she swallows and her whole body tingles.
            "What, Cordell?"
            Walker stares back at the woman, "I want to see Alex."
            Marilee's face turns to anger, "What?  You want to see that skinny little---no---wait I take that back---she's not skinny anymore--she's as big as a barn!"
            Walker takes a deep breath, trying to contain his anger--then he smiles. "Yeah--the last time I saw her---she was really big-----and getting bigger with each passing day."
            Marilee stares back, "Then, why do you want to see her?"
            Walker nods his head slowly, "I told you, I have to get something off my chest---I got to set things straight between us----to let her know---that I'm onto her."
            "What do you mean, are you trying to trick me, Cordell?"
            Walker throws his hands up in the air, "Trick you?  Hell no---I'm not trying to trick you! I want things to be over with between Alex and me--so I can concentrate on just you. The way it should have always been---and the way it would have been---if Alex hadn't come between us."
            Marilee' is even more confused as she looks back to Walker---"Alex---came between us?  How?"
            Walker is watching the confusion in Marilee's eyes turn to complete bewilderment. She starts to say something then hesitates.
            Walker starts pacing and looking back at the woman, "Yeah----it was all her fault that I didn't join you in Nashville----she started in on me--crying and carrying on---saying you wasn't good enough for me and all."
            Marilee's brow arches up, she's trying to rack her brain, it keeps coming up blank. Walker continues talking, throwing his hands up in anger.
            "I wanted to join you, Marilee----and then Alex played a dirty trick on me---that's why I want to have it out with her---to tell her once and for all how I feel about her."
            "What kind of trick did she play on you?"
            Walker shakes his head in disgust, "If I talk about it, I'm just going to get angrier---and you don't want that."
            Marilee sighs, "How can I help you to get things settled with that-----little--- little------slut?"
            "By taking me to her---so I can confront her---get it all out in the open about how I feel about all the lies that she has told me--about you."
            "About me?  What kind of lies?"
            "It's all too horrible and degrading to talk about, Marilee---just take me to her---I know that you can---I know that you know how to get past the 'Darkman'----come on Marilee---do it for us---okay, baby?"
            "And, once you've seen her---you will tell her that you don't care for her anymore---right? And, it will be just the two of us?"
            Walker takes the woman back in his arms and kisses her softly, "You got it, baby---just the two of us."
            Marilee ponders the thought, "Okay---I'll take you to her----but first--we make love."
            Walker shakes his head, as he pushes her back, "NO! Marilee--I told you--I'm the one in charge---I see Alex first."
            Marilee steps back and stares at the Ranger, she grins---then she starts to laugh. "You are such a fool---Cordell Walker---to think that I would fall for such trickery--and now I will take my revenge."
            Walker stares back at Marilee as a cloud starts to appear and Marilee starts changing before his eyes. Her taunting laugh becomes a hiss, as the form of a large black leopard appears. The big cat reaches out and slaps Walker to the floor, and then it is upon him, tearing at his clothes.
            Walker is trying desperately to get out from under the cat, as he's trying to get the knife out of his right boot. The big cat continues to growl and bare her teeth, and then its shape starts to change again---to that of a woman---with long raven-black hair.
            The form is changing back and forth from Marilee, to the cat, and to the woman. Walker is kicking up at the form upon him, and then he goes for the neck and tries to choke it. The cat is growling, Marilee is laughing hysterically, and the woman begins to chant.
            Walker's strength is fading as the head of the cat is going down to his neck, the teeth are baring down. Walker hears a piercing scream and the cat goes flying across the room. The huge cat scrambles back onto all fours and makes a running leap at Walker who is trying to stand up. Walker's eyes stare back in fear as the cat is within inches then again the cat is sent flying back against the wall. It screams out in pain, and then curses. The form is changing back into Marilee as the redhead lets out a string of curse words.
            Walker is spinning around in circles, trying to find a way out of the cellar, he looks back at Marilee and now there are three of them again, inching slowly towards the Ranger. Walker stands frozen as he puts his hands up in defense, balling up his fists.
            "You want me that bad---come and get me---I've never hit a woman before---but this time I'm making an exception--three times over."
            Marilee is purring, the woman continues to chant, the cat is ready to pounce--they all three go up in the air--- and then "POOF"---they all disappear.
            Walker stands there looking back at the puff of smoke, and then he hears the soft voice again.
            "For a moment there, I was very disappointed in you. I should have known it was only a ruse."
            Walker breathes a sigh of relief, "Am I glad to see----or rather hear you. Are you responsible for what just happened?"
            "I thought you might need a little help---though I have seen you take on many  predators and you've needed no one's help."
            Walker is looking around him, but he knows it's hopeless that the voice will show herself. "Thank you again-----you must be my guardian angel."
            Ellen looks softly back at the bearded Ranger, she smiles and whispers, "I suppose you can call me an angel---if that's what you prefer."
"I would prefer to see you materialize, so I could thank you in person. Your voice sounds so familiar to me---do I know you---from my world?"
            Ellen smiles---"It's not important to know me----or my name. I just know that you have restored my faith in you-and you deserve to be rewarded."
            Walker tries to follow the sound of the voice, "A reward?  The only reward I would ask---is to see Alex----is she okay?  Are she and the baby okay?"
            "I regret to say that she witnessed the little scenario down in the street earlier---the 'Darkman' made sure that she saw everything."
            Walker groans, "Oh no----damn it-----I was trying to be careful, that's why I went behind the truck---Alex must feel like---I've betrayed her---tell her please---it was only a trick----I was trying to gain Marilee's trust."
            There's a long silence and Walker begs the voice again for her to make amends with Alex. He feels something getting closer to him and he's urged gently towards the wall.
            "I will not tell her anything---because she would rather hear it from you."
            Walker's heart starts to beat faster, "I can talk to her?"
            He feels his hand being lifted and gentle force is pulling him forward, "You will do more than talk to her----you will see her. You have only a short time---make your time count."
Walker stops as he's only an inch from the wall, he whispers---"I can't go through there---can I?"
            He hears a soft laugh as the hands pulls him through the wall and into the bedroom he and Alex had shared. He stands there looking around and then he sees her, laying on the bed, her body pulled up in a fetal position, her body is pulsating from the tears that she sheds. He walks slowly towards the bed.
            Alex's body stops shaking as she turns to see the bearded Ranger standing over her, looking back at her. His face shows hesitation and fear that she will lash out at him for the scene earlier.
            "Walker---Walker---is it really you---or am I dreaming again?"
            Walker sits down on the circular bed and reaches out for Alex's hand, "It's me, Alex----I don't think it's a dream---I feel your hand-- I feel the warmth."
            He pulls her gently up in a sitting position and then his eyes go to her stomach. Her eyes follow his as she starts to cry.
            "I must really look---fat to you----I just keep getting bigger and bigger---I'm no longer attractive to you----I can't blame you for ----" she sobs harder--  "I don't blame you for wanting that woman--she's so beautiful---she's so---------
            Walker silences Alex with a long and sensuous kiss, letting his fingers caress her face,  he draws back and looks at her.
            "You're beautiful---I think you're even more beautiful---you have such a glow about you."
            Alex starts to shake her head back and forth, "You're just saying that------"
            "I'm saying it because it's true---Alex---what you saw earlier---it was just a trick for me to try and get to you. I never had any attentions of hurting you, betraying you---I have missed you so much that I was willing to try anything to get to talk to you---"
            Alex is trying to stop crying, "Including making love to that woman?"
            "Alex---I love you---I would have done anything to prove it---and that woman that you're referring to is not real---she's not of flesh and bone---she's---she's the Darkman's weapon in trying to trick me.   That woman was ---like a vision of----Marilee."
            "Marilee Summers?" Alex stares back at Walker, then her tears turn to anger. "Marilee---of all people----the one person that I despise most in the world----and you were-----kissing her?"
            Walker takes a deep sigh, "Alex--I would have kissed the devil himself---if it meant getting to see you. The 'Darkman' knows that you despise her---that's why she was sent to me in Marilee's body-----or vision-----or whatever you want to call it. Don't you see, hon---he had to make the temptation someone that you hated the most---someone that--you would think that I would betray you for."
            Alex starts wiping her tears away as she looks around the room. "That night, when we argued in here---he was watching us---he heard us arguing about –Marilee?"
            Walker kisses her cheek, "That's the only thing I can figure out----Alex---I don't want to talk about her or any of the happenings earlier---we've only got a short time together----I want to be with you---I want to hold you----and never let you go."
            Alex is looking around the room again, "What about him?  Is he watching us again?"
            Walker stands up and starts taking his clothes off, he looks around the room and then back at Alex. "Personally--I don't care if he's watching or not---but I have a feeling that 'my guardian angel' is making sure that he's kept busy."
            Alex smiles as she reaches up and puts her arms around the Rangers' neck, letting him glide slowly into the bed. She throws the covers back as he takes her into his arms, kissing her softly at first and then eagerly reaching for her body. He pulls back and looks down at her stomach, rubbing it gently.
            "How do you feel, will it be okay for us to make love---are you too far along--will it hurt?"
            Alex starts shedding her clothes, she laughs and replies, "Good, yes, about 6 months---according to our time---and lastly---we will never know if it's going to hurt till we do it------and right now---if you don't make love to me---I'm going to scream."
            Walker grins as he takes her into his arms, and then he feels the satin sheets. He sighs,  "I think I'm beginning to like these satin sheets---though they will probably end up in the floor--before we're through."
            Alex giggles, "Come here, Cowboy---and finish what you started."


            Ellen hears the soft murmurs coming from the bedroom, and smiles to herself, and then she sees the 'Darkman' approaching. She can see that he's not in a good mood. She glides towards him, refusing to let him pass by her.
            "Get out of my way, woman---you have interfered for the last time--there is such a pain in between my eyes, and it gets worse—every time you are near!"
Ellen meets his glare,  "I told you to keep the red headed woman away from the bearded man and you disobeyed me-- I will interfere anytime I think is necessary. Do you hear me?"
            The form hisses back at her, his eyes glow. "Yes, I hear you, woman---I can't help but hear you--- your whining voice and Raven's is driving me insane---of all the curses I received---being with you two has been the most unbearable. Do you know how much I detest you, your gender, every woman?"
            Ellen looks behind her at the closed bedroom door and then back to the 'Darkman'---"Yes, I know how much you despise women--but not all women--you're attracted to the bearded one's---aren't you?"
            The 'Darkman' eyes glow brighter as he starts to raise his hand against Ellen, she stares him down and he retreats.  "One of these days, woman---you and I will have our showdown and your father will not be able to help you. The time is running out and I will soon be free-you will have no hold over me---and you will burn in the fires of hell."
            Ellen sighs, her voice becomes softer--"My Father will never allow that to happen---your Father will be the one to desert you---and yes--the time is getting closer, "Darkman' and you are in for a huge disappointment."
            "You lie, woman---just like all women---you lie!!! Get away from me, the pain between my eyes is getting worse!"
            Ellen begins to walk away and then she turns to the 'Darkman'---"You leave Alex and the bearded one alone---or you will have such a pain between your legs that you will forget all about the one in your head---and by the way---they're called headaches!!"
The 'Darkman' growls, "Headaches-----a mortal's disease, no doubt-- and probably caused by a woman."
            Ellen lowers her eyes and laughs, "We've been know to cause a few--but you just remember the time is getting near and when the reification arrives---you better pray---or whatever it is you do to ask forgiveness that the Ranger doesn't get to you first!  Once you are denied by Lucifer and his hellions---you will be confronted by him---and Cord does not forget! You have hurt the person he loves--and you will pay!---You don't know what pain is----yet"!
            The 'Darkman' hisses, "We shall see--who feels the pain---once I take the 'boy child’."
            Ellen says nothing as the form continues to hiss and taunt her. "What's the matter, woman---does it bother you that you are not the one carrying his seed?"
            "I regret that it wasn't meant to be that Cord and I had a child together---but this was the way it was intended to be."
            "Lies---nothing but lies---you are dead inside--you were never woman enough to give him a child---admit it!"
            "I admit nothing---it wasn't meant to be----and you, 'Darkman' will regret saying those things to me---My Father will deal with you---in a way you haven't imagined."
            Ellen turns to walk away, then turns back to the 'Darkman'---"How's your headache now----too bad it isn't a migraine."
            "Migraine---what is that?"
            "Never mind," she replies--"when Cord gets through with you---you won't have a head left to know what one is." She walks slowly away, humming a tune.
            The 'Darkman' growls louder and starts stomping towards the closed bedroom, he then stops and stares into the direction that the Angel took. He turns back to the door, throws his hands up in the air and bellows, "Women!!!!”  He stomps angrily back in the direction in which he came.

Amity – Part III 

            A light freeze has blanketed the town of Amity, as the traffic from the highway continues on it's slow and tedious trek for it's motorists. A camper truck is stalled, and the driver exits the warm cab and looks around him. The wind is starting to pick up as he reaches up to hold his cowboy hat down, he swears as he pops the hood of his automobile.
            "Damn it," the man mutters "a crack in the radiator---just what I needed."
            The man looks around him, in hopes that someone will stop to help him. The cars pass by him, without even slowing. He holds his arms closer to his body and sighs.
            "Sure ain't nobody going to stop in this kind of weather--everyone is in a hurry to get home for Thanksgiving---can't blame them---if I had any sense---that's where I'd be!  Guess I'll try my cell phone again."
            The man walks back to the cab of his camper, picking up his cell phone and dialing again. All he is getting is static, he looks to the battery light---it's at full charge. The man swears again and slams the phone against the steering wheel.   

            "Can't understand why this damn thing isn't working---it's got a full charge, I'm not out of range----hell---Ft. Stockton is right down the highway----there are no power lines to give interference----and the Big Bend mountains aren't that close."
            The man sits in his cab, he turns off the motor to save the rest of his gas. He looks out of the dirty windshield, things started going downhill for him, ever since he left Lajitas, down on the Mexican border.  He had planned to be home earlier, but the cute little waitress had changed his mind very easily. He stayed in the small town for two days, hardly leaving the woman's bed except for nourishment of food. When he decided to leave, he promised the young woman he would return--but he knew he had no intentions of ever coming back.
            Now his sights were set on Brewster and visiting the wife of an old friend that used to ride the rodeo circuit with him. He knew his friend was still in El Paso and would be there for at least another week. He smiles to himself as his jeans begin to feel tight. He slams his fist into his dashboard and swears.
            "Looks like I'll be sleeping alone tonight--probably in this damn truck."
            The man rubs the stubble on his face and then he sees a small sign that has been knocked down, he can barely make out the name----Amity.
            The man repeats the name to himself, "Amity?  I don't recall a town in Texas called that-----Brewster should be the next town---I never heard of this ‘Amity’."
            The man gets out of his truck again and starts walking to the edge of the highway, he looks around him, then commences to relieve himself. He squints his eyes as he looks down the embankment and sees what is left of a small town. He nods his head and zips his jeans back up.
            He sighs, "Well, I 'd better find some kind of shelter for the night----then start 'hitching' in the morning."
            The man goes back to his camper and points it in the direction of the town, he puts it out of gear and the truck rolls slowly down the hill.


            The woman cuddles up closer to the man beside her. Her hand goes to his muscular chest, she leans over and kisses him tenderly. The man takes her hand, returning the kiss. He sighs and pulls her closer to him.
            "Walker----did you hear something a little while ago?"
            The bearded man turns on his side and nestles his face up to her neck and starts kissing the blonde softly. "Like—what?"
            The woman smiles as she feels the man's lips on her soft skin, the beard tickling lightly. She strokes the side of his face and replies softly, "Like someone screaming out in anger---it sounded like our 'landlord’."
            Walker sighs, "Good--maybe he saw himself in a mirror---or does that just work on werewolves?"
            Alex laughs, "Neither, honey---you're thinking of vampires."
            "Well, at least I had them all in the same category---- and 'no' I didn't hear anything---my heart has been beating too loud--I've had my mind on other---more important things."
            Alex slides deeper in the bed and giggles, "Me too, Cowboy--we definitely needed this time together---I have missed you so much."
          Walker smiles as he rubs her stomach gently, "It didn't hurt, did it"?
            "A little bit---but it was a nice hurt," she replies.
            "Well, I know one thing---your condition sure didn't slow you down any--- I never knew a pregnant woman could be so agile."
            Alex lowers her eyes and looks back at him in that way that drives him crazy, "And----just how many pregnant women have you been with?"
            Walker's answer is a hand going to her backside and slapping her buttocks, "Only one, Alex----only one."
            Alex laughs nervously as she takes his hand and glides it slowly across her stomach. "Walker----how do you really feel about all of this?"
            "I'm worried-I'm worried that you and the baby aren't getting the proper care and nourishment---but to look at you--you look great! Your eyes are bright, your color is good----"
            "I'm eating good, I'm trying my best to make sure our baby will be healthy---under these conditions----and that woman says that I will have a healthy baby."
            Walker sits up in the bed and looks to Alex, wiping her blonde hair back out of her eyes, "She's watching over you, isn't she?"
            "Yes---Walker--she is so nice--and I feel so calm when she's around, she sounds like such a caring person, and her eyes are so soft-------"
            "Her eyes?  Alex---you can see her?"
            Alex nods, "Yes honey---she's blurry at times--but yes---I can see her."
            Walker's eyes grow big, "What does she look like---all I hear is her voice---she won't materialize for me----is it someone that you know?"
            "No---I've never seen her before---but Walker---I feel that I know her, she is such a passionate person----and she's so pretty."
            Walker hesitates, "I was hoping that you knew her---that it was someone that we both knew---she seems to know a lot about us. What's her name?"
            "She won't tell me her name---but I assume----that she's dead---like the others.  But, Walker---Marilee is not dead-----is she?"
            Walker shakes his head, "I have no idea---you would think that being her field of entertainment and all, that if she had died----it would have made the headlines---don't you think?"
            Alex's voice turns to anger, "With her--I don't know what to think!!  And if I ever get out of this nightmare--if she is still alive, she's going to wish she was dead."
            The Ranger grins and slides back under the sheets, "Easy, Counselor---your claws are showing."
            She goes back into his arms, kissing him---"I'm starting to sound like my mother---she was very jealous, too."
            "You got nothing to be jealous about, Alex---if I had wanted a relationship with Marilee I would have tried to pursue one---but I didn't!  That's over and done with, I'm with the person I want to be with----and that's you----only you."
            "You really mean that?  Even though I'm as big as a house and getting bigger every day?"
            "Yes, I mean it," he reaches down and kisses her belly, then kisses it a second time. "One for you---and one for our baby."
            "I love you, Walker---I've always loved you."
            Walker's brow arches up, "Really?  And, I suppose that you didn't hear what I said to you earlier--because you haven't commented on it."
            Alex's eyes get misty, "You mean the part about you saying you loved me, too?"
            "You know damn well what I'm referring to, Alex------but it seemed to have went right over your head."
            "Oh, no it didn't---I just didn't want to say anything because I was afraid that I would wake up and all of this would be a dream, and I didn't want that part to be a dream---the rest of it can be----but not that----- I would die if that was a dream, I couldn't-------"
            "Alex---whoa--hold up, hon----you're talking so fast I can't keep up with you---I'll say it again---I love you, Alex Cahill."
            "I love you, too, I never knew I could love someone so much as I do you.  Oh, Walker, what is going to happen to us, I don't want to spend the rest of my life--in this place."
            "Neither do I, Alex----and as much as I would love to just lie here and hold you, make love to you repeatedly---Alex---we've got to talk. I have been racking my brain trying to remember the part of the story about the truck driver and what his connection was to DeFeo. I feel that if we knew what the connection was and why he was cursed by DeFeo---maybe we can figure out a way to fight the 'Darkman’."
            Alex nods her head and then she groans, she grabs her stomach, taking deep breaths. Walker's face turns to fear.
            "What's wrong, Alex---- is it the baby?"
            "Oh, yes," she smiles, "our son is telling me that he's hungry--and he just gave me one huge kick.  I'd better get up and get some food inside me. And, honey---I want you to eat too---you've lost weight."
            The Ranger teases her, "Now, how do you know that I've lost weight?"
            She smiles back at him, "Even though I was on top most of the time---I could still tell."
            Walker smiles as he slaps his stomach, "Yeah, I could use some food--you wore me out."
            They both laugh as they commence to eat the food that was left earlier for them. Walker keeps looking at Alex's stomach; she looks like she's going to give birth any day. Alex can feel his eyes watching her, she asks quietly.
            "Walker, have you heard anymore---about what he plans to do to us, once the baby comes?"
            The Ranger hesitates, "Ben says that the child will be taken from us, and raised by that son-of-a-bitch, the 'Darkman'! I told Ben that would happen over my dead body--that no one was taking our son away from us."
            "Walker, this woman that watches over me, she doesn't seem to be afraid of the 'Darkman’."
            "Yeah, I know," Walker has started on his third banana, and now he's reaching for an apple, "Ben says that the 'Darkman' fears her---for what reason--I'm not sure."
            Alex grabs Walker's arm excitedly, "Walker, then she can help us to escape."
            "Maybe---but from what I gathered from that Marilee--or whoever the hell she is----something is going to happen and soon. I think the 'Darkman' will make his move to try and get rid of our guardian angel---but he's waiting for a certain time to do it."
            Alex takes a deep breath, "And, you're thinking that time will be--after the baby comes. Our Angel will be vulnerable to him once the baby is born---how/"
            "I don't know, Alex---I just wish that Ben would open up more to me about the DeFeo murders, but he's too afraid of the 'Darkman's’ fury. I just know that the missing trucker and this 'Darkman' have something in common, I just can't figure out what."
            "Okay," replies Alex, "let's go over what we do know. At the trial, Ronald DeFeo never denied killing his family--he said the demons made him do it and that they were walking beside him as he shot and killed each of his family members. There were numerous reports that DeFeo was involved in the cult, but yet he was afraid of the native Indians and their beliefs of the spiritual world, refusing to let the old and dying meet with their spiritualist."
            "Shaman, hon---the native Indian calls their spirits—Shaman."
            Alex nods, "Okay--shaman!  But, the point is--DeFeo feared their beliefs, because why, Walker?  Your ancestors don't believe in hell and the devil---do they?"
            "I suppose every race has their own way of believing in the hereafter, in however shape or religion. I don't know about this particular tribe called the Paumanuuke or their descendants, but most Native Americans believe that their souls have to be cleansed, before they can go to the Great Spirit in the sky."
            "And, what happens when their souls aren't cleansed?"
            Walker stops and stares back at Alex, "You might be onto something, Alex---if their souls aren't pure, they can't enter. Like us, our beliefs and purgatory, that our souls suffer until we are forgiven.  Maybe---the 'Darkman' is having to wait for someone to give him permission--to enter."
            Alex has a chill go down her arms, "Oh, Walker----this is so scary----is our child the reason that the 'Darkman' can't enter---I don't understand any of this."
            Walker stands up and takes Alex into his arms, kissing the top of her head, "I don't know, hon---but it's possible DeFeo put the curse on the demon that walked beside him---a curse of sterility to him and to all the men of the Paumanuuke tribe---why---I don't know! But, now--with our child being conceived here----I guess this is his penance, so to speak. Maybe he feels that with the birth of our child, that he can help to rid this curse, and children will eventually be brought back."
            "That is poor reasoning---on his part. What about the other couples that he tried to keep here, what happened to them---and their babies?"
            "To hear Ben explain it, the others didn't have the common bond that has connected you and me---to their past."
            "Walker, this is not making any sense. I had nothing to do with the DeFeo case, my Dad was only on the case a short time, and he was the elder DeFeo's attorney for the rights of the Paumanuuke people!  And you---you're not related to these people, you're not of their tribe, you're half Cherokee."
            Walker strokes the side of Alex's head, "Alex, I'm still half a Redman----and all of the tribes of the Native Indian are blood brothers, no matter how small their ancestry is. That, according to Ben---is the bond."
            Alex nods in agreement, "Okay---if you say so.  But, honey--what about our angel--if she's not afraid of the 'Darkman' then maybe she can help us to get out of here."
            Walker becomes silent, and Alex sees the fear in his eyes. "I've been thinking about that, Alex---what's going to happen if the 'Darkman' does allow us to leave?  Will our lives be the same, or do we face another horror of not being able to cope in 'our' world again?  Ben and his people cannot go out of the cellar without the 'Darkman's' permission! When they do, they age quickly and I've seen some---turn to dust."
            Alex starts to shiver and Walker holds her closer to him, "As horrible as that all sounds, as long as you and I are together and we can keep our son---I can accept it! But, Walker--I can not face this place without you---beside me."
            "You're not going to be alone, Alex----I still say there's a way out of here----and I guess we have to just wait and see what is waiting for us---on the outside."
            Alex takes a deep sigh, rubbing her belly gently. "I feel like I'm going to burst at anytime.  I'm anxious for our child to be born, but at the same time--I am so scared."
            Walker takes her back into his arms and tries to reassure her, they feel a warmth come over the room and the angels' voce says softly.
            "It's time for you to rest, Alex.---And, your Walker must return to the other side of the wall."
            "No," pleads Alex, "can't he stay with me, for just a little longer?"
            "I'm sorry, Alex---the 'Darkman' is returning and he's quite angry with me for the time I allowed you and your Walker to be alone---he must go now."
            Walker is looking around the room and then back to Alex, "Alex---can you see her?"
            Alex nods, "Yes---she's right in front of me, you don't see her?"
            Walker reaches out and touches the space in front of Alex, "No, I can't see her!  Why can't I see her---why doesn't she materialize so I can see her?"
            Walker feels a gentle breeze as he is being urged back to the wall, the voice replies.
            "When the time comes and all seems useless, I will appear----but for now---you will wait. Do not worry about Alex and your child, I will not let any harm come to them."
            The Ranger turns to look at Alex, she's forcing a smile as she nods her head--"We're fine----goodbye---I love you."
            Walker returns her smile, whispering, "I love you, too."
            Alex is feeling the loneliness again as she walks slowly back to her bed, rubbing her belly in a circular motion, the angel follows her---helping her to climb back into bed.
            Alex asks quietly, "You mean it---you won't let the 'Darkman' hurt us?"
            Ellen smiles as she reaches down and gently caresses Alex's stomach and whispers softly, "I will not let anyone hurt you---I promise."


            The stranger is being watched as three sets of eyes watch his every move. He's letting his camper coast, as far it will go, ending up at the far end of the town, near what is left of the old garage. The man gets out slowly and starts to walk around. He sees nothing but the ruins of the old buildings, a church that is barely recognizable, if not for the steeple that hangs at a precarious angle. He passed by an old playground, the equipment broken and all rusted away. There was a sign hanging down from an old building that once might have been a cafe, the sign was barely readable, it said F-iendship.
The man repeats the name to himself, and then he sees the snow has covered most of a small automobile, he walks towards it. The man shakes his head as he can't help but notice that the rear end of the car is smashed in on one side. The stranger shakes his head.
            "Holy shit----what ran into this driver----and more importantly--where's the driver?" The man looks around, as he rubs the stubble on his face.  "Well---it's for sure that the driver isn't around here and hasn't been for awhile--the car has been getting the brut of all of Mother Nature's fury.

The man stops and stares, "Hello---what have we got here?" The man's eyes rest on the semi, and he starts walking quickly towards it. He does not see the figures moving in his direction, one is on all fours as it stops and purrs. The green eyes stare directly towards the stranger, it rises and creeps closer, the other two figures follow.
            The man can't believe his eyes as he looks at the huge truck, it glistens. The man walks all around the big truck, shaking his head and whistling low.
            "There is no way that the owner of this baby would just walk away---it can't have been here long---it's as clean as baby's butt! Now, let's see if I can get into this baby."
            The man climbs up on the huge runners and tries the door, and it opens, almost knocking the stranger to the street. The man looks inside the cab, it too is clean---and he can feel warmth.
            The stranger climbs inside, shutting the door and looking to the back of the cab, he sees a bed and plenty of cover. The man smiles to himself as he sees the little refrigerator, "What I wouldn't give for a cold one or maybe two----let's just see what is inside."
            The man does a double take as he sees bottles of wine, sandwiches, and fruit. "Holy shit---now the only thing missing is a nice warm body to curl up to."
            The figures have reached the truck, the claws wrap slowly around the door handle.


            Ben watches as the Ranger comes back through the wall, and approaches him slowly, he has anger in his voice.
            "The 'Darkman' is very angry---the woman has gone too far--and now we will pay for it."
            Walker is turning around to look at the wall, running his hands over every inch of it. "Well, at least she brought me back to the right place----and I'm sorry if you have been punished. Ben----you have got to tell me everything you know about the 'Darkman'--you have got to learn to fight him."
            "You do not understand--we can't fight him--he will cast our souls into the hells of fire forever and we will never find our peace."
            Walker's anger is rising, "And, where do you think you are now, you have to tell me about him---and also the trucker that was badly burned in that accident. You know a lot more than you are admitting---tell me, Ben--I want to try and help you."
            Ben stares back at the Ranger, "How do you know about that, the accident, I mean?"
            Sarah and her husband are approaching the two; Sarah has hot coffee for Walker. He takes it from her and nods to her and her husband.
            "Thank you---all of you have been kind to me and to Alex.  I'm not wanting to hurt any of you, I'm just trying to get to the truth.  Ben----there have been books written about the murders in Amityville--and even movies made. There was something in one of the books that was told about a trucker being badly burned---what do you know about him?"
            Sarah's husband looks back to Ben, "Tell him, Ben---what have we got to lose?  He's been the only one that has ever expressed an interest in what happened that horrible day---he wants to help us."
            The others are approaching, the old man from the garage speaks up, "Seth is right----we have nothing to lose--even if we spend the rest of eternity trapped in these bodies--at least our minds will be free of the guilt---tell him."
            Ben motions for everyone to sit down, he turns to the ranger and replies.
            "I will tell you everything I know about----Virgil Cain!"

Amity – Part 12 

            Walker has listened intently to the story Ben is telling him about Virgil Cain. The Ranger watches the eyes of all the people of Amity, the sadness rules out any fear.
            "Virgil Cain was the name of the demon that walked beside Ronald DeFeo," continues Ben, "he was a cruel and heartless person, he hated us more than DeFeo or just as much. But, he wasn't always that way----in the beginning he was friendly towards us, but only if DeFeo wasn't around.---He was a trucker, down out of Canada---he was out of work, looking for a job. DeFeo had a trucking business, and Virgil Cain ended up working for him.  Right from the start, DeFeo poisoned Cain's mind towards us, he called us horrible names, inbreeds, idiots, slobbering retards----DeFeo enjoyed torturing us."
            "What happened to change the way Virgil Cain was towards you?" asks Walker.
            "Even though Cain and DeFeo were friends in the business, Cain was not allowed to come to the DeFeo mansion. If he did--he was to use the back door, just like all of the other delivery people. That was how I met him for the first time, he was making a delivery."
            "What kind of delivery?"
            "I don't know," answers Ben--"but I assumed it wasn't good, because most of the deliveries were made after business hours. Cain would sometimes be in the mansion for several hours, and when he would leave, he would have the eyes of a crazy man. His whole character would change, we all knew to stay out of his way when the evil spirits were inside him."
            Walker takes another cup of coffee from Sarah and sips it slowly. "Ben----are you talking about liquor---or drugs?"
            "Both," replies Ben, "the smell was all over him, there was no mistake about that. He would be ranting and raving when he would storm out the back door and all the way to his truck, that waited outside the gate. Sometimes DeFeo would come storming to the door after him, cursing him and yelling that he would put the curse of the devil on Cain. This went on for several months. The elder DeFeo was trying to make his son leave the mansion, and they would get into horrible fights and the younger one would beat his father very bad."
            "Was this along the time that Alex's Dad was hired as DeFeo's attorney?"
            "Yes, it was soon afterwards. Ronald DeFeo was furious with his father, the arguments got worse and he threatened to get rid of all the patients that were being 'housed' on the  DeFeo property. We lived in an old building that the townspeople of Amity called an insane asylum, I saw many of my ancestors die there."
            "Why did the elder DeFeo keep your people there, I read that later an enclosure was put on the property and some of your people were buried there. The reports came out that your people were buried on unconsecrated grounds."
            Ben looks to the people that have gathered around them, the old mechanic grunts, and then he spits. "The old man wasn't completely innocent, he was paid by the state to take care of us--no one else wanted us---not in their hospitals, nor their institutions! Our people were a disgrace, they were not good enough for the white man's doctors."
            Walker looks back to the old man, "You don't have to try and explain to me about the white man's treatment of the Redman--I've been through it---more than once."
            The old man nods his head, "We know---that is what makes you 'one of us' that is why you have been chosen to stay--you and the blonde headed woman that carries your child. Your son will take us----I mean what is left of us---out of these bodies. Your child will re-produce and go forth--children will walk in our shadows."
            Walker sighs, "That's not going to happen, as soon as I can find a way out of here, I'm taking Alex and our child --and we will leave---go back to our own world."                                   

Everyone starts talking at once; the anger is flying back and forth, Seth pleads with the Ranger. "Please don't leave us---you and Alex are the only ones that have ever cared about us---haven't we treated you good?"
            "It's not a question of how we've been treated, except for the 'Darkman' --Alex and I have been treated like royalty--but we can't stay in this world. We have family and friends that must be worried sick about us, we want to be in our world---and to raise our son---in "our world!”

"The 'Darkman' will not allow you to leave, your son is our key to opening up this terrible curse that has been on all of the men for 22 years! He will not let you leave."
            Walker's anger is rising, "Does he intend to kill Alex and me---because that is the only way he will stop us from leaving--and taking our son."
            Ben shakes his head sadly, "Please don't fight him, he's too powerful---and he will indeed kill you and Alex---but the child he will not harm."
            "I'm not so sure about that, that he's so powerful, no one can stop him. What about the Angel what is her hold over the 'Darkman', that he fears her so much?  Is it because she is an angel, and that she's one of God's children--tell me, Ben----he fears God---doesn't he?"
            Everyone starts looking around them nervously and Ben tries to quite the ranger's voice, "Please---do not speak his name here---or we will be punished."
            Walker nods his head, "I'm right, aren't I?  The 'Darkman' is in between heaven and hell, he can't go forward till the baby is born-----and someone or some 'thing' is stopping him from going backwards---he's in purgatory---isn't he, Ben?"
            "Please, my friend---no more questions."
            "I have to ask questions, Ben---what happened to Virgil Cain to make him change so drastically, and why was he the one that walked beside DeFeo while DeFeo killed his entire family?"
            Seth and the others encourage Ben to continue with his story. Ben looks at Walker sadly.
            "Once in awhile I would talk to Cain, he was alright as long as DeFeo wasn't around. He talked about his wife that lived somewhere in Canada, and all he talked about was bringing her to New York, and being a family again. He took other odd jobs to send her the money to come, finally she did--and that's when Virgil Cain began to change---thanks to Ronald DeFeo. DeFeo would taunt Cain, saying that his wife was like all the other women that she would end up lying and cheating on him, and DeFeo made sure that happened. Cain's wife was very pretty---in fact---she looked a lot like-----like Alex."
            Walker shifts uneasily on the cold cement floor, "What happened to her?"
            "By this time Cain was drinking and into the drugs pretty heavily, DeFeo kept sending him out on long delivery hauls, and in the meantime he made sure that Cain's wife was kept occupied."
            "Was DeFeo interested in Cain's wife?"
            "No way," replies Ben----"DeFeo was never much of a woman's man, he had been spurned several times by them, he grew to detest them and everything they stood for---including---breeding. No, he paid other men to call on Cain's wife----she ended up pregnant by one of them.  When Cain returned and he found out, the woman----disappeared."
            Walker takes a deep sigh, "Do you think he killed her?"
            Everyone becomes quiet as Ben hesitates--"Oh, there's no doubt that he killed her, he took her for a ride in his semi----and drove it over a cliff, she was burned alive, somehow he escaped----badly burned."
            "And that's when he ended up in a burn unit—right?"
            "Yes, some say he was the walking dead that he wasn't really alive anymore. Strange things started happening at the DeFeo house, more arguing---and there was a strange smell, and flies----always lots of flies--even in the dead of winter! The DeFeo’s were always burning candles, trying to get rid of the smell, they had priests come to the house and bless it--nothing would get rid of the smell. I heard some of the servants say that the walls bled, and crucifixes would turn upside down and even become projectiles."
            "Wait a minute, are you saying that Cain was taken out of the burn unit and ended up in the DeFeo house?"
            Ben nods, "He was kept in the basement, later he was moved to the cellar--right here, my friend. This was his home, he had very little medical care, but DeFeo made sure that he had plenty exposure to the cult and all of it's teachings. DeFeo brainwashed him so much, that pain was the least of his worries. Then, our hell started, DeFeo was threatening to get rid of us all---and that's when Alex's Dad was hired to represent us."
            The old mechanic grunts, "He only hired an attorney because he was forced to, he would lose money if we were taken away from him, he couldn't chance that."
            Seth turns to the old man, "Be quiet, old man, and let Ben finish---before the 'Darkman' gets wind of our gathering."
            The room becomes quiet as Ben continues. "Yes, what the old man is saying is true, but the elder DeFeo gave us shelter and food, and medical care. He wasn't perfect, but he was the only hope that we had. Your friend's Dad came to the house several times to discuss our rights---but he was never alone--he had the devil sitting on his shoulder---in the form of bottled spirits. Ronald DeFeo saw his weakness and worked on it. He made a complaint to the authorities and had him taken off the case. It was soon afterwards that the murders occurred, and our world stopped turning."
            "How was Cain involved in the murders?"
            "Some say that Cain died that night, before the murders began---others say--afterwards. In the early morning, DeFeo had been drinking and into the booze. He entered his parents' room first, shooting each of them in the back of the head as they slept. He then went to his brother's rooms and shot them, the sisters' were the last to die. They were all shot and each of them were laying on their stomachs."
            "The reports say that the neighbors' houses were only 40 ft apart, but no one heard the shots---did you hear them, Ben?"
            "Yes---we heard the shots--but we said nothing---and that has been our punishment for keeping quiet, DeFeo had threatened us---we said nothing."
            "But, DeFeo never denied the shootings, what good was served in threatening you?"
            "That is true, my friend--nothing we could have said would have made any difference----we were questioned, but we were not worthy witnesses.  Our minds were not worthy of testifying in a white man's court---so therefore, none of us were ever called to appear in court."
            "And, what about Cain---was he the one that walked beside DeFeo, was he the one that DeFeo called Satan?  If so, why was the curse of sterility put on him and your people?"
            "Some say that Cain was forced to accompany DeFeo while he carried out his deadly deed and others say he was so far into the cult that he acted on his own accord. But, no one could ever prove there was 'another accomplice'---some say that the oldest daughter was in on the killings, but it too, was never proven! The spirits say that Cain was trying to get away from DeFeo, and that he threatened to testify against DeFeo---but again---this was never proven."
            Walker sighs as he drinks the last of his coffee, "Yeah--there were so many things that were written about what happened that it was hard to keep the facts straight and what was written to make the books sell better.  And, then there was always that infamous movie----what a crock that was."
            "Did any of these movies ever mention us?" asks Seth.
            Walker smiles faintly, "No---which is probably a good thing, knowing the news media and all, they would have accused you of the murders--even knowing that DeFeo had confessed."
            Ben nods his head, "Yes, we've had dealings with the news people and the way they twists things."
            "I've never seen a movie," whispers Seth, "what are they like?"
            "Some of them are good and entertaining, but personally, I prefer a good book.  Which is why I guess I picked up that book on my return flight from Nam, I didn't particularly care for the story, but it helped to pass the time. I guess I would have more interested in it had I known that I would end up in one of it's unwritten chapters.  Ben---what happened next, why the curse?"
            "I suppose in some cruel reasoning that DeFeo believed he would be acquitted!  When he wasn't he cursed everyone that was involved, mainly Virgil Cain. He knew that Cain blamed him for his wife's betrayal so DeFeo delivered the ultimate of curses on a man that was the walking dead.  Then he cursed us, saying that from that day forward we would stop producing, there wouldn't be any more 'of our kind'---he believed that the insanity and our illness was hereditary, he appointed Cain to carry out our curse---and he complied. So, for some twenty years--we have not been able to have children--- Seth was our last male child to be born to us--but he too--has barren seeds."
            Sarah is pulled closer to Seth as the couple looks to Walker with pleading eyes. "We never meant to hurt or embarrass you---we have feelings too--we just wanted the chance to know what it feels like to have a child. You're going to be a father soon---I can only imagine how that must feel to you."
            Walker sighs softly, "To be truthful with you, Seth--I never wanted to be a father this way. I'm afraid---I'm afraid for Alex and our baby---none of this is normal, especially the way that Alex's pregnancy is progressing. In our world, a woman has 36 wks to deliver---and in that time, a man and a woman have time to grow with the idea of parenthood. There's an anticipation between them that only the two of them can explain."

Sarah's eyes become bright, "Please---please tell us more---how does it feel to have a life growing inside---tell us ---please?"
            Walker laughs as he looks to Ben, the man smiles softly----"You would have to ask a woman that question---Alex could explain it a lot clearer than I'm trying to explain---I just know that it's a very special feeling---if that child is conceived between two people that---truly have feelings for each other. There's no other feeling in the world like it."
            The couple becomes quiet as Seth turns to his wife and kisses her softly. "We're very much in love, and we have intimate moments---but always in the back of our minds--we know our love has limitations--like a wall is between us and we can never be ''complete". Are we wrong to be bitter?"
            Walker shakes his head, "No--- I would be bitter too--if I thought I'd could never have a family-----"
            Walker is stopped in mid-sentence as a loud noise is heard coming from the other side of the wall. Ben and the others scramble to get to the other side of the room as the 'Darkman' makes his appearance. The form appears and the eyes are a fierce red, he stomps towards Walker, hissing loudly.
            "You have betrayed me---you will stay away from the woman---heed me---mortal one!"
            "I will see Alex any chance I get-----I'm worried about her---she needs a doctor----the baby is growing too fast."
            The 'Darkman' reaches out and sends Walker flying across the room, the Ranger slams into a wall.
            "I have told you for the last time---she will be taken care of---and my son is fine!"
            Walker springs back up to his feet and charges at the form, and again he passes through him. The Ranger grits his teeth, "He's my son---not yours---and you will not lay one finger on him---fight me---you son-of-a bitch. Face me-man to man---and when I look at you, I use that term of 'man' lightly."
            The 'Darkman' stares back at the bearded one, "The only reason I have not killed you is that you are a brave warrior, I see my son's strength in you--that is good."
Walker balls up his fists, "And, I see nothing in you---but cowardice. The time is coming 'Darkman'---once my child is born, you will be released from these shackles that you're in--and once and for all you will face me, you will have no choice. I know you are afraid of the Angel--so therefore--you fear God as well."
            "I fear no one---your God is a false idol--and when the child comes-I will have even more power--Satan will grant me the power I need to get rid all of you. And, I will start with you, mortal one, you will beg for my forgiveness, you will give your soul to me."
            "That will never happen, 'Darkman', I would rather put a bullet through my head than to serve you---but my God looks down on suicide---and knowing this, I will fight you till I can't stand any longer! I have something in my God that you do not have in your Satan---and that's 'faith'!”
            "Faith?" The ‘Darkman’ snickers, "where was your God's faith in you when you were sent to bleed in the fields of a foreign country? Where was your faith in him, when you sat in those bamboo prisons and tortured?"
Walker glares back at the form, "I still had my faith, or I wouldn't be standing here today---arguing with your ugly, smelly, face! We all have challenges to face in our lives and wars to fight to keep our freedom and our faith keeps us from falling from grace. The war was being fought for a purpose, a purpose that we might not all agree on, but men on both sides were fighting for a reason---at least I could see my enemy there and could fight them. But not you, you hide behind the evil of the devil---but I wonder--just how much tolerance does the devil hold for you?"
            "What do you mean, I am a trusting servant!"
Walker smiles, "Careful, 'Darkman' the word 'trust' is very close to being misunderstood as 'faith'---you know your leader looks down on such descriptions that are used in the same sentence with GOD."
            The 'Darkman' starts hissing louder, as he stomps around, Walker is being careful to stay out of his reach. The 'Darkman' stares back at him.
            "Tell me something, mortal one---is your God a man or a woman?"
"I assume that he's a man, it says in the bible that man was created in His image, but there are many who would challenge that theory--and that's their right to do so."
            "When I walked beside your kind, the woman was always put on a pedestal, to be treated as the weaker gender, but they still had rights that equaled them to a man---why is that?"
Walker takes a deep sigh, "I don't care to stand here and answer your questions on why and how a woman should be treated, if you want to know the answers to that, check out your nearest library on equal rights for not only the woman, but all races as well! You have made these people suffer for too long---and all because their skin is a different color from yours, and maybe some of them are not as smart---but you have given them the utmost injustice of all--not to bear children."
            The 'Darkman' remains silent, but his eyes burn through the Ranger. He looks towards the wall, his voice lowers
            "You can leave, mortal one---you're free to go!"
            Ben and the others stare back in shock, Walker's brow arches, "And, Alex?"
            "She stays!"
            "Then I'm staying too--I'm not leaving her behind."
            The 'Darkman's’ voice rises in anger, "I am giving you your freedom--you are refusing me because the woman can't join you--you are foolish!"
"Call it whatever you like, but, I'm not leaving Alex--or my child."
            The 'Darkman' starts chanting and throwing his hands up in the air---"Again, a woman rules--or rather 'her body rules'--you mortal men are slaves to the virtues of the woman's body and the pleasures there. You will learn, mortal one, how to survive without her---and her kind!"
Walker watches as the cloud appears and the 'Darkman' disappears, the Ranger takes a deep breath and turns to Sarah.
            "Could I please have another cup of coffee?"


            The stranger is enjoying the food and the wine and the warmth of the big truck. He stretches out his six-foot frame and swigs the bottle of wine down. He belches as he rubs the back of his hand over his mouth, as he feels her 'presence'.
            He looks up at her, grinning.
            "Well---hello sweet thing--where did you come from?"
            The woman with the long, raven, black hair moves slowly towards him, the dress clinging to her every curve. Her long claws retract and long, manicured nails take their place. The long tail is vanishing, the full pouty lips of "Marilee" decrease to that of a smaller, but sensuous shape. The woman purrs, "Welcome---welcome to Amity--my name is Raven."
            The man is drooling as he drinks more of the wine, reaching out for the woman's hand. "Raven, huh?  Are you the welcoming committee?"
            The woman's eyes look back in puzzlement, she repeats herself, "Welcome, welcome to Amity---my name is Raven." She commences to rid her clothes and the stranger is only too happy to help her. He lies back down on the cot, pulling her with him, their embrace heats up and soon the man is shedding his clothes also. The woman is lying on her back; motioning for him to come to her, he smiles and whispers, "I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I'm sure not going to question it.  Woman---It's been a full 3 days since I've felt a woman under me---and I'm damn horny."
            The woman reaches up and brings him down to her, spreading her legs eagerly. They are both breathing hard and the woman is meeting the stranger's every thrusts. He's trying to pull way from her.
            "Easy--doll--we got all night and there are so many ways I want to mold you---but right now I have to take another quick trip to see Mother Nature."
            He starts to withdraw, but the woman won't release him, her legs go tighter around the back of his buttocks, drawing him deeper inside her. The man tries to laugh, then his eyes show fear as the tempo of the woman increases, he can feel his member being drained, his legs going limp, his heartbeat paces faster.
            At the other end of town, Walker has been told he can go outside for a breath of fresh air. The Ranger is slowly walking around in circles, flapping his arms together to keep warm, then he hears the loud piercing cry of a big cat--followed by a man's scream. The Ranger stops and looks towards the semi.
            "What the hell was that?  Sounded like it came from the truck?"
            Walker walks slowly up to the truck and around it. He tries the door handles, and just as he had tried opening it before, the doors are locked. He tries looking in through the glass, he sees nothing, as the curtain is pulled on the loft where the cot is located. Walker jumps down from the running board and looks around the truck one last time.
            The Ranger shakes his head, "I know I heard something---but what?"
            The Ranger starts to go around the truck a third time and then he hears Alex's voice calling out to him. He turns to see her walking slowly towards him, her hand at the small of her back, her body moving side to side, like a duck's wobble. He grins as he starts running to her.
            "Alex---what are you doing out here in the cold?"
            She goes into his arms eagerly, "I just wanted to see you--to feel your arms around me--Walker--I feel like the time is near-I don't know how much longer I can go."
            He holds her tighter to him, kissing her softly, "Okay, hon---calm down---does the 'Darkman' know that you’re out here?"
            Alex looks back to the house, "Oh yes--he knows---he knows everything!!  Walker, please ask him if I can stay with you tonight, I want to be with you when the time comes for our baby to be born."
            "In the cellar?  No, Alex---no honey--it's too cold down there for you! You have to have a warm place for you and the baby---I'll ask him if I can come to you!"
            Alex nods her head and puts her arms around Walker's waist, "Okay---let's go now---Walker--you are freezing---won't they give you any blankets?"
            "I don't need them---not now---you're all I need---let's get you inside---does the Angel know?"
            "I haven't seen her since you left--she said she had something to take care of."
            "I'm sure she's around somewhere--I haven't seen Marilee or her counterparts either--I wonder what they're up to."
            Alex sighs as she squeezes Walker's body to her, "Probably devising another plan to lure you to her---were there really three of her? My God---one was plenty."
            Walker tries to laugh, "One was a big cat, you believe that-----"
            Walker stops and looks around them, he looks back towards the big truck.
            "Walker, honey---what's wrong?"
            "Nothing, hon---I just thought I heard something----it's getting colder out here-I see snow flakes."
            The couple continues walking up to the big house, under the watchful eyes of the 'Darkman'.
            The stranger in the semi is looking down at his mangled body. His member is swollen and bleeding. His heartbeat is beating so fast and loud that he swears his chest will explode. He looks back to the woman and he keeps blinking his eyes as she goes back and forth from a woman to that of a big cat. She licks her body slowly, watching the stranger. He keeps watching her as she moves towards him again, slowly purring.

Amity - Part 13
By Sasquaw

            The 'Darkman' has refused to let Walker remain with Alex, forcing him back to the cellar. Alex continues to plead to join the Ranger there, the 'Darkman' hisses back at Alex.
            "Do not argue with me woman, that is all you women are good for--to argue and produce---you are worthless!"
"What if something should go wrong when it's time for the baby to come---Walker has delivered babies before--he knows what to do, he will help me."
            "You do not need the meager abilities of a mortal--Satan will bring the child into the world---you do not need anyone--but HIM!"
Alex sobs harder as she looks around for the Angel---"Then at least, let the Angel help me-----where is she?"
            The 'Darkman' continues to rant, throwing his hands up in the air----"Causing trouble--no doubt!  Another thing you women are good for---between all of you women and your complaining---my pain between my eyes get worse--but soon--the pain and all of you will be dealt with----beginning with the Angel!"
Alex turns and goes back to her bed, she can feel the baby moving inside her. She rubs her belly and lies down, then she rises and starts pacing. She looks back at the 'Darkman' and pleads again.
            "The pain is getting worse, I'm going into labor---please--let Walker come to me---or at least get the Angel to help me."
            The man in black continues to be adamant------"You pretend to be weak---it is a woman's place to bear the children---stop whining, woman!"
Alex picks up a pillow and throws it at the 'Darkman', it passes through him, he doesn't even blink. "You sorry son-of-a-bitch------if anything happens to this child---it will be your fault! Don't you want to have a healthy son?"
            "My son will be healthy in his mind to serve Satan---that is all that matters in this world."
Alex starts to cry harder as she is pacing the floor, holding her backside, and whispering Walker's name. The 'Darkman' has had enough and disappears.


            The Angel has watched the big cat slither down from the cab of the truck, and starts back to the other end of the cellar. The shape of the cat turns back into Marilee and she glides down the cellar steps, humming to herself. The angel follows and is waiting as Marilee comes down the steps. Marilee stops and cautiously takes the remainder of the steps, one at a time.
            "And, what are you up to now, Marilee?"
            The redhead smiles as she is taking her last step. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't see the low beam hanging down and her head slams into it. Marilee screams and curses at the Angel.
            "What the hell did you do that for--I'm not bothering the bearded one."
            Ellen smiles, "I didn't do anything---it was your pre-occupation of your mind going elsewhere, and maybe the thought of trying another little scheme to get the bearded one."
            Marilee smirks, "What's the matter? Are you jealous that I can touch him and you can't? His body is firm, and he feels so good with my flesh pressed up against his---I could have had him----if you hadn't interfered."
            Ellen's eyes glare back at the redhead, "You didn't have him, he was tricking you---and I would have thought with your experience---you would have seen that."
            Marilee's eyes go wide as she tries to pull the scarf from around her hair, clumps of red hair fall out. She grimaces, "What do you mean my experiences----what did you mean by that?"
            The Angel sighs, "Never mind---I keep forgetting that you are no longer in control of your mind and can't think unless the 'Darkman' thinks for you."
            Again, Marilee looks back at the Angel in confusion, then she throws the scarf at the Angel and more of her red hair falls to the floor. She screams back at the Angel.
            "You better watch it--you---you---little innocent little----"
            Ellen smiles, "Go on, keep trying to describe me---you're doing great----for someone who doesn't have any respect for someone's else's morals. Now, let's see--how many times have you crossed the holy bonds of matrimony---is it six---no wait---you married that last husband twice. What's the matter, you didn't take all his pride the first time around?"
            Marilee smirks, "At least I was woman enough to have a man---and to give birth---that's more than you can say. Yes, I've had plenty of men in my life---and I haven't regretted it---I love being with a man---making love to them---like I did the bearded one.  That night at his ranch in his bed, he said he had never known a woman like me---your name was mentioned---know what he said about you?"
            Ellen takes a deep breath, her voice remains calm, "I know Cord---he never spoke my name, he never would talk about such personal matters with someone like you. He's an honorable man---our time together was personal, he respected our relationship---the short time we had together."
            Marilee nods her head in a sarcastic way, "Yeah, you're right---he never mentioned your name---he just said that 'what's her name' and the blonde 'bimbo'!"
            Ellen laughs, "That blonde 'bimbo' is carrying his child----something you couldn't accomplish—right?"
            Marilee kicks at the floor nervously, "Well, there wasn't that much time---we only had the one time together and besides---I was on the pill!  What was your excuse, you were engaged to the man?"
            Ellen's eyes become sad, "It wasn't meant to be that we share a child---my Father called me home---I wouldn't have wanted to leave Cord with a child to take care of----he grieved enough---he was in enough pain."
            Marilee smirks, "Yeah, right---you just keep believing that---the 'Darkman' has told me  the real reason---you could not get pregnant---and in time the bearded man would have tossed you aside for someone who could give him children. You were just someone to pass the time with, I don't believe he ever had any intentions of marrying you."
            Ellen smiles to herself, and she replies softly. "And, you don't know him---you never knew him, or else you couldn't say those things about him. Cord was an honest and loving man---he had something you never saw before in all those other men that you shared the sheets with---morals! You would have never been able to hold him, because you couldn't be truthful to him or yourself."
            "Doesn't it bother you that Alex has him now?"
            "Are you admitting that she does have him--are you finally admitting that he will not come to you---willingly---without the trickery of the 'Darkman'?”
            Marilee smiles wickedly, "Maybe---I don't need him anymore---except for maybe a variety."
            Ellen nods her head, "Variety, huh?  You're referring to the man in the truck---what wicked spells did you cast over him, or should I even ask?"
            Marilee prisses around the room, "Let's just say, I didn't have to use too much persuasion---the stranger was all too willing. He just didn't know or realize how much of a real woman he was getting."
            Ellen shakes her head slowly, "The poor man didn't have a chance to deny you---after all, there were three of you working on him."
            Marilee smirks, "It gives a whole new outlook to the phrase of "a threesome"--right? Oh, wait---you're so sweet and innocent---do you even know what a 'threesome' is?"
            Ellen starts walking back to the wall slowly, she turns around and says firmly-----"I'm keeping my eye on you, Marilee and your counterparts---leave Cord alone---that's my final order! Oh---and by the way---Cord never needed a 'threesome'--I was more than enough woman for him."
            The Angel passes back through the wall, and Marilee smirks. "We'll just see how much of a threesome it will be with the stranger, the bearded one---and me."
            Marilee starts dancing around the room, all of a sudden she feels a weight pulling her down, she stops and looks down at the metal going around her midsection. The lock fastens and Marilee screams out in horror.
" A chastity belt?"


            Walker is pacing back and forth as he keeps rubbing the back of his neck and looking towards the wall. Ben approaches him.
            "You are worried, my friend."
            "Hell yes, I'm worried!! Alex says the time is near---she could give birth any day now--I want to be with her."
            "Try not to worry--the women of our ancestors have given birth alone for many years---your ancestors as well."
            Walker shakes his head, "Ben you don't understand! The women of the Cherokee tribe have given birth under many conditions---but not like this! It's only been a matter of weeks since Alex became pregnant-----and now she's due to give birth?  Things like that don't happen in 'our world'---and for Christ's sake--don't keep reminding me that we are not in 'our world'--I'm well aware of it."
            Ben backs up at Walker's sudden burst of anger, "I'm sorry for your worry----but the baby will be fine."
            Walker takes a deep sigh, "It's not just the baby I'm worried about--what about Alex?  In our world---the baby grows gradually, giving the Mother's stomach time to grow with it, things happen inside a woman' body, the proper nourishment that a woman gives the life inside her, but Alex has had no pre-natal care. The size of the baby coming out could cause Alex tremendous pain--- because her uterus hasn't had time to accommodate the extra weight----she could be ripped apart."
            Ben stares back at the ranger, "The 'Darkman' will help her-----''
            "To hell with the 'Darkman'," yells Walker, "He knows nothing about bringing a child into the world---he thinks all he has to do is chant to his damn Satan---and everything will be fine---That might work in his hell and with his kind---but Ben---that child is a mortal----- and it will endure the pains of a mortal---can't you understand that?"
Ben turns and motions for Sarah to bring the bearded man some coffee. She is standing before them in only seconds, coffee in hand.
            Walker waves her away, "I don't want any coffee, I'm so full now--I think I could sink a battleship."
            Sarah sets the coffee down and replies softly, "I talked to Alex earlier, she is fine."
            "You did?  How is she feeling---is she okay?"
            Sarah smiles and sits down beside the Ranger, "She said for you not to worry---and she talked to me----about how it feels to have a life inside her. She says the same thing that you said earlier about how special it is to conceive a child with the person you love."
            Walker sighs, "I'm sure that Alex never in her wildest dreams thought she would be having a baby this way---she's got to be so scared.   Sarah---will the 'Darkman' let you go back to her---to help her--I don't want her to be alone at this time."
            "I'm afraid not---he was very angry that I stayed longer than he gave me permission. He was upset about the Angel and the woman they call Marilee---the Angel and Marilee were having words again and the Angel put a metal belt around Marilee's abdomen---to keep her from ----you know?"
            Walker reaches for the coffee cup as he tries to picture a metal belt and it's purpose, he almost chokes on the hot fluid as the picture comes to him.
            "A Chastity belt?  You can't be serious!  The Angel doesn't have to worry about me going near Marilee---''
            "It's not just you that she's concerned about----it's the stranger."
            "What stranger?"
            "There's a stranger in Amity---Marilee has him trapped in the huge truck."
            Walker sighs, "I knew I heard something---who is he---do you know?"
            Ben motions for Sarah to leave them, and Ben replies---"No one knows who he is----apparently he stumbled in on his own, and somehow he got trapped in the truck."
            Walker stands up quickly, "How did he get here, if he came into Amity with no help----then maybe he can leave---and Alex and the baby and I can join him. Is he still there?"
            Ben smiles, "He's not going anywhere, but you are not allowed to go outside."
            Walker drinks the last of his coffee, "Watch me!  I'm going Ben---and nothing is going to stop me."


            Alex watches as the 'Darkman' and the Angel argue back and forth. The Angel is not backing down as the man in black gets up in her face.
            "I have enough to think about without you women arguing all the time, Marilee has been screaming so loud, I can't think straight---why have I been cursed being between the two of you?"
Ellen smiles and replies softly as she looks at Alex--"I think the chastity belt was a nice addition to Marilee's wardrobe---I could change the color to a bright green---would that make you happy?"
            Alex tries to keep from laughing, and the 'Darkman' turns on her.
            "You are not helping--now I have three of you putting the pain between my eyes!"
Ellen winks back at Alex---"They're called headaches---remember?  And if they keep getting worse---they could turn into a migraine."
            The 'Darkman' screams as he starts picking up things and throwing them, Ellen stands in front of Alex to shield her. The 'Darkman' stomps up to them, and points his bony finger at the Angel.
            "Soon!! I will be rid of you soon---and you and this pain between my eyes will be gone--but first I will watch as the skin peels from your body and----"
"OH, my God---the baby is coming---help me!"
            Both Ellen and the 'Darkman' stare back at Alex as she is grabbing the sheets on the bed and screaming louder. Alex's mouth drops open as she stares down at her stomach, and the water is pouring out, mixed with blood.
            "Oh, my God---something is wrong-----I feel the baby moving---but in the wrong direction."
"The baby has turned," replies Ellen.
            "Then do something, woman--that's what you're here for!"
"I can't," replies Ellen---“she needs Walker---let him come to her."
            "NEVER!!! He will not touch my son!"
            Ellen's voice is firm, "Then the child will die, if it's not turned---send for Walker-----now!"
            Alex is screaming louder and begging for Walker to be brought to her, finally the 'Darkman' disappears.


            Walker is halfway out the entrance, fighting to hold his breath in the thick air. The air is getting colder, his vapors are so thick, they are pushing him back. He can feel himself getting light headed as he takes another deep breath and tries to move faster.  He falls to the floor, hardly able to breathe, as he stumbles backwards, and back into the cellar.
            He collapses on the floor, fighting to catch his breath. Ben's face turns to horror as he watches Walker's face and hands turn blue.
            "Blankets!!! Bring him blankets---hurry----and some coffee to warm him inside----hurry."
            Walker is shaking so bad that he can hardly hold the coffee cup.  Ben holds it for him as he drinks. Sarah and the others start rubbing his arms and legs. They don't see the 'Darkman' floating up to them, Ben finally sees him and he draws back in fear.
            The 'Darkman' stares at all of them and then to Walker---he hisses.
            "She calls for you---the child is in trouble."
            Walker is scrambling to get to his feet as the 'Darkman' shoves him towards the wall and Walker disappears. He then turns to Ben and the others.
            "I will deal with all of you---later!"


Walker goes stumbling through the wall and lands in the middle of the floor. Alex calls out to him, and he runs to her bed.
                He stares down at all the blood and the way that Alex's stomach is  pulsating uncontrollably. Her eyes plead with him.
                "Walker---something's wrong---help me."
                The angel has moved to the far side of the room, and watches quietly. The 'Darkman' has returned and he's looking back and forth at Walker and then to Alex.
                "Do something, mortal one---if my son dies---so do you!"
                Walker glares back at the figure, "Get out of the way--I know what to do----get the hell away from us."
                Walker kneels down on the floor, taking Alex's hand.
                "It's okay, hon---the baby is turned around---and I'll have to turn it back---there's going to be a lot of pressure---and it's going to hurt-----bear with me---okay?"
                Alex nods as she's looking around for the Angel, "She can help you, Walker----please--help him."
                Walker looks around the room, "Is she here, Alex?"
                Before Alex can answer, a voice replies, "Yes---I am here--I can help you, if you want me to."
                "Walker screams out, "Yes---please help me---I need your help."
                Walker can feel a presence coming as he watches the form materialize, his eyes grow wide, his mouth drops open, as he whispers.
                Alex's eyes go from Walker to the Angel, she looks back to Walker; his face is white. She repeats Ellen's name, and the Angel reaches out and takes Walker's hand. He stares down at the soft hand caressing his, he feels a warmth go over him, and a calm that stills the whole room.
                Ellen takes his other hand and puts it up to her face and gently rubs it. Her eyes are misty, "I have watched you from afar-- I have wanted to feel your touch---but until now--I could not."
                Walker is trying to speak, he stammers---"Are you really here?"
                The 'Darkman' is starting to get impatient---"The baby---stop this foolishness and bring me my son!"
Ellen takes Walker's hand and places it on Alex's stomach, and then she turns to Alex and says softly, "Push, Alex---your baby is waiting."
                Walker feels a pulsating movement as he encourages Alex to push. "Push, honey---I can feel the baby turning around---give it one big push, hon---you can do it."
                Alex grunts as Ellen takes her hand, "You can do it, Alex--God is with you."
                The 'Darkman' grunts as he watches the procedure take place, "Women----they are so weak!"
                Walker is reaching for the baby's head, Alex screams as it starts to come through. "I can see the head, Alex----the baby has beautiful blond hair---just like yours----push--honey---he's almost out."
                Alex is pushing harder as she looks up to see a strange look on Ellen's face, a look of content. The Angel smiles as she looks towards the 'Darkman', she nods her head slowly, looking up at the ceiling.
                "The head is completely out---come on Alex---just a little more--push honey---one more push-------"
Walker stops in mid-sentence as he looks down at the tiny form, "Oh, my God," he whispers.
                Alex is screaming back at Walker, "Is he okay, is our baby okay---Walker talk to me."
                Walker and Alex's eyes meet, and Walker shakes his head back and forth---"It's a little girl, Alex----a beautiful little blond headed girl."
                Alex is speechless as the 'Darkman' moves closer to the bed. She looks back to Walker.
                "A girl----are you sure?"
                Walker is laughing as he's cutting the umbilical cord, then wraps up the baby and hands her to Alex.. "Yes, hon---I'm damn sure! A beautiful little girl that looks just like you."
"A girl child???---No---No---I can not be cursed with a girl child!"
Ellen looks back to the 'Darkman' as he is screaming and ranting, holding his fist up and swearing. She smiles softly.
                "I warned you not to underestimate my Father's power! You have lost 'Darkman'---your powers are no more---and now you will decide which Father you choose to follow.  Satan has denied you, make your choice before he comes for you or you will forever be lost."
                Walker and Alex are holding their daughter, as the conversation between Ellen and the 'Darkman' is of little importance to them now, their daughter has top priority.
                "Oh, Walker----she's beautiful----she's going to have your hair---I think it will turn to a light auburn."
                Walker kisses his daughter, "Yeah, maybe---but she's definitely got your eyes--look how blue they are."
                The two continue to 'coo' over their baby, the 'Darkman' continues to rant and rave, screaming he's being cursed by another woman. He screams back at Ellen.
                "Is this the migraine you warned about?---A girl child can not lift the curse---it has to be a male child!"
Ellen's shape is starting to dim as she turns back to Walker and Alex. "The curse has been lifted---you can leave now---he can't stop you."
                Walker is eagerly trying to lift Alex from the bed as she holds their daughter, and then he looks to Ellen.
                "How do we get out of here---what about the fog?"
                The room begins to deteriorate as Ellen urges them to leave. "Go out the front door, Cord---freedom awaits you--the fog exists no more---go quickly."
                Walker is carrying Alex and their daughter as fast as he can. Ellen is 'floating along beside them, keeping a watchful eye on the 'Darkman'. He is making no movement to follow as he is still screaming that he's been cursed.
                Walker and Alex can see the outside and the fresh snow that has fallen. He sees Ben and the others exiting the cellar, they are all laughing and Sarah and her husband are running towards them. Sarah takes the baby as Walker and Ben help to get Alex to the little convertible. Walker stares back at the car, there's not a scratch on it. Ben hands the car keys to Walker and smiles.
                "Thank you, my friend--may your journey home be fast."
                Walker gets Alex seated in the little car and Sarah hands the baby to her. Walker is sad as he looks to Ben.
                "Thanks for what---all of you still have to remain here---a male child has to break the curse."
                Ben nods towards the semi, "It might not be as long as we thought-----even though Marilee can't get out of her 'curse'---the stranger has given his seed---there may still be a chance for our people."
                "I hope so, Ben," Walker replies shaking his hand. He then sees Ellen waiting a few feet away----she's starting to dissipate. Walker walks up to her slowly and reaches for her hand.
                She smiles back at him and then looks to Alex. "You have someone that truly loves you, and your heart is free to give. Don't let her get away."
                Walker nods his head; he can feel himself choking up as he holds Ellen's hand tighter. "I never stopped thinking about you---I still take fresh flowers to your grave---I wish you could stay------"
                Ellen shakes her head, "You know that's not possible----I was sent back for a purpose and I've fulfilled that purpose. You must not think of my memory anymore, Alex is your future."
                "I don't want you to leave----I died when you were taken from me----I can't lose you again."
                Ellen's eyes are soft as she withdraws her hand, "I'm no longer yours to lose. I know how you grieved for me and it made me sad to see the tears in your eyes.  I don't want to see you sad, I see the love you have for Alex and I know you love her deeply. She will bring you happiness and you will laugh and you will cry together--- go--Cord----and when you do think of me---be happy."
                Walker starts to walk away and then he turns back to her, "I loved you Ellen, I never stopped---and you will always have a special little place in my heart. You're right, I never thought I could ever find another woman that I loved as much as you---and then Alex came into my life. She's my life now, but I will never forget loving you."
                Ellen fades away, and a voice is heard---"You were my one and only love----be happy Cord."
                Walker walks slowly back to the convertible, and climbs in, reaching out to take Alex's hand and kisses it.
                "Are you ready to leave this town, now? Can we take our daughter and get back to own world?"
                "Yes," she whispers. "Walker---guess what?"
                Alex looks back to Sarah and smiles, "Sarah is pregnant!"
                Walker stares back at everyone, they are all laughing and Seth is grinning from ear to ear. "It's true----the Angel has intervened---she has said that Sarah is with child---to be born in the spring."
                The Ranger reaches out to shake Seth's hand,  "Congratulations---I hope you're blessed with many children."
                The little convertible pulls away from the crowd and starts heading for the highway. They pass by the semi and Walker looks at it curiously, and sees the stranger banging on the windows. The convertible continues down the road past the remains of the gas station, where they see the old camper.
                Both Walker and Alex stare at the camper, and Alex turns to the ranger. "Honey----does that camper look familiar to you?"
                Walker nods his head and then looks back to the semi---he smiles almost deviously.
                "If I didn't know better---I would say that was Dalton's old camper! No---no way---it can't be Dalton Reed trapped inside that semi."
                They stare at each other and shrug. When they get to the highway they take one last look--the town of Amity disappears. The old sign at the end of the city limits reads:
You are now leaving Amity----we enjoyed your visit!"                      
                                The End by  Sasquaw