As the Lone Star Turns

Part 1


This is a soap opera type story based on the characters from Walker Texas Ranger.  Most of the characters belong to CBS and Norris Productions and we are really only borrowing them for the summer to help us all with the long wait until the next season.  The other characters introduced are our friends who are HUGE fans of Walker and the gang.  We mean no disrespect just wanted to do something completely different.  Hopefully you will all enjoy this story….and we will be sending it out throughout the summer as we get more written and edited….hopefully it takes all summer to get this done and keeps you all entertained…

By Tammy and Rebel


The afternoon was hot and sultry as the partners sat in the RAM truck watching the men on the loading dock.  It had been rumored that they were transporting guns and Walker and Trivette were watching and waiting for backup to grab them.  They had been sitting there for hours’ waiting for something to happen and the adrenaline was beginning to flow, as they knew it was going to go down soon.

            “Looks like we’re about ready to head in.” Walker said taking his gun off the seat and making sure the clip was loaded and the safety in the off position. 

            “Yeah, looks that way.  Are we still on for tonight?” Trivette asked remembering they were meeting at CD’s to prepare for the Big Dog’s return from the world cruise. He had been gone for months and would be back in town that night.  Giving him a little time to unpack and get some sleep the party had been planned for the next night. 

            “Yeah, I’ll be there…and…” Walker let the words hang in the air and Trivette knew what he was going to say.

            “You weren’t able to tell her no were you?”

            “She came up to me in the hallway outside the District Court how was I supposed to tell her she couldn’t come along tonight?” Walker replied frustrated that he had given in so easily.

            “It’s easy you just tell her no I’m sorry I already have plans for tonight.”

            “Well I’m finding it harder and harder to say no to her even though she has become a pain in my side.  Heck who knows maybe I’ll get shot tonight and won’t have to deal with her.” Trivette smiled and knew Walker was only half truthful.  Walker hated hospitals but he didn’t like the idea of spending the evening with Alex Cahill either. 

            “Looks like it’s show time.” Trivette said as back up arrived and they headed out to catch the bad guys once again.


            Across the city Alex Cahill was going through some paperwork as someone knocked on her door.  Looking up she found Sgt. Francis Gage was coming into her office.  Smiling slightly she tried to hide the fact that he was beginning to grow on her nerves.  But she needed him for the time being, at least until she was able to snag Cordell Walker.  Gage idolized her and that was something she loved in a man. Someday Cordell Walker would look at her the same way Gage did.

            “Good afternoon Gage, how are you doing?” She asked standing and going towards him.

            “I’m doing all right.  I was hoping we could get together tonight.”

            “Oh Gage, I’m so sorry, but I already have plans for tonight.” She noted the sad expression that began to form on his face and she had to hold in a smile.  Knowing how much he was in love with her helped her get through the slow time as she worked her plan to seduce Walker. 

            “Well, I will be home later tonight, if you want, stop by.” Gage said bending forward and brushing her lips with his.  In his mind they were a couple or at least dating and Alex was going to keep him thinking that for as long as possible. She watched him leave the room and went back to her desk thinking of a plan for that night.


            “Gage, I need your signature on this.” CC said as she watched her favorite Ranger leave Alex’s office.  She had no idea what he saw in her and had been heart broken when he refused to go out with her a week ago.  He had said he wasn’t feeling well and yet walking to her car CC had found Gage and Alex getting into the same car and driving off.  CC knew Alex, she was her assistant, and hated the idea that Gage was being led on by her.  But there wasn’t anything she could do except wait until Alex released Gage from her clutches, then CC would step in to comfort him.

            After he had signed the form CC watched him walk back down the hallway to his office.  She noted how his jeans always seemed to fit just right and wished she could spend just one evening with him.  He was so intelligent and had so many stories to tell.  One evening, at an office party, she had managed to be seated at the same table and he had told some of the most amazing stories about working together with Walker and Trivette.  It had been that night she had fallen in love with Francis Gage and wanted nothing more than to have him fall in love with her.


            “Well Walker, it looks like you made it out alive.  Guess that means you will be there tonight huh?” Trivette said as the last of the bad guys were cuffed and placed into cruisers to be taken to the jail. 

            “Yeah I guess so.  Maybe I could spend all night working on the paperwork and…”

            “Walker, you DO take all night getting the paperwork done.” The two chuckled and went back to the RAM and headed to the office.  Trivette was thankful that the bust was all right and took out his phone to make a call.

            “You know she has you wrapped around her little finger.” Walker said as he watched Trivette dialing the phone.  Six months ago his partner had met a woman who was his perfect match.

“Hey man this could be the real thing. “She’s beautiful, funny, and so intelligent.”

            “But isn’t it a little strange that she is always running around the country and for a film business.”

            “Walker, stop analyzing my relationship.  I think Tammy is the one for me and that is that.  We love each other and as soon as we get two minutes alone I’m going to ask her to marry me.” Walker nearly lost control of the RAM with that final statement.  His partner was actually thinking about settling down. 

            “Well just be careful there are crazies out there you know.”

            Chuckling Trivette nodded his head knowing whom his partner was referring to.  But he had done a background check on Tammy and had found nothing.  If she had anything to hide he would have found it his partner was just looking out for his best interest.


Sydney Cooke sat in her doctor's office anxiously awaiting news if there had been a match. She had recently been diagnosed with leukemia. She had been told that her only chance was if a bone marrow donor could be found. A search to find a match had been conducted. All of the Texas Rangers and many members of the Dallas police department had been tested. It was the results of that search that she now waited for.  However the chances of finding a match were remote. The most likely match would be from a blood relative. Her mother, Kathy was her only living relative. And she had already been found not to be a suitable match. She had never known her father. He had been killed in Vietnam before she was born.

        Lost in her thoughts of despair over her seemingly hopeless situation she nearly did not hear Dr. Lisa Woolley enter the room. "Ranger Cooke, I thought you told me your father was deceased."

        "He is. He was killed in action in Vietnam"

        Dr.  Woolley shook her head in disbelief. "Then this is truly amazing"

        "What is?" Sydney asked not sure what the doctor was trying to say.

        "I have never seen a DNA match like this except between a parent and child."

        "Does that mean you found a bone marrow donor for me?" Sydney asked almost afraid to get her hopes up.

        "Yes it does."

        "Can you tell me who it is?" "Was it someone in the search, a ranger?"

        "Yes as a matter of fact it is a ranger. His name is Cordell Walker. We will do the transplant next week"


            “CD, it’s just great.  Thank you even though you know you didn’t have to.” Crystal said looking down at the enormous diamond that now decorated her left hand.  At times she found it so easy to love this old man but also knew she had a job to do.  Her code name was Swoopes and CD Parker was her assignment. 

            “But my little darling I wanted to get you something extra special and at our last port I decided this was it.  I’ve spent all my life thinking I needed to be alone but after meeting you I have come to realize that I need more in my life.  Crystal will you do me the honor by becoming my wife?” Crystal had to control herself unsure how to respond. 

            “But CD don’t you think you are rushing things a little bit.  I mean we did just meet…”

            “No Crystal I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Since meeting you I have never felt more alive.”

            “Then how can I say no?” Crystal replied knowing this would allow her to gain even more of his trust.  Somehow CD Parker had come into a large sum of money and she had been sent to make contact.  Her and her partner worked out of the Dallas Office, which was why she had been chosen for this particular assignment. At first her partner had been selected but had refused the assignment.  Having just met a wonderful man she hadn’t been willing to leave for months on end.  The Agency had at first frowned until Crystal had stepped forward and accepted it thus saving Clarencefan from having to explain herself. 

            She was now two months into her assignment and had managed to get fairly close to CD, yet wasn’t able to find out where his money had come from.  When the information had been delivered to the Agency it was reported that money was being filtered down into CD’s bank account.  The problem was no one knew who was doing it or why.  CD was one of the most revered Rangers in the history of the Texas Rangers but it looked as though he was as crooked as they came. 

            Now she was engaged to him and hoped that this would allow him to open up to her.  He had told her so many stories about his adventures as a Texas Ranger, so many in fact he had put her to sleep many a time.  Yet when it came time to discuss his finances he clamed up.  He claimed the money came from winning a lottery, which was how he was able to take the cruise in the first place.  But Crystal didn’t buy that so she was going to stay close to him until she could prove that he was dirty.


        Sydney rushed home to call her mother and tell her the good news.

        "Hello" Kathy answered. She had been waiting by the phone to hear from her daughter with the results of the search.

        "Mom you won't believe this!" She said excitedly.

        "Did they find someone who is a match for you honey?"

        "Yes, the doctor said that she had never seen a match like this except between a parent and a child. This is just so incredible."

        "Oh I am so thrilled Sweetheart."

        "And even more amazingly the match is my boss."

 "This couldn't have worked out any better Sydney. I can't wait to meet him and thank him." Sydney knew how much her dangerous line of work worried her mother so she rarely mentioned her job or her co-workers.

"You will really like him Mom. His name is Cordell Walker and…"** THUMP**

"MOM, what was that noise? Are you okay?"

Her mother had dropped the phone as she fainted dead away.


            Dallas, she was finally in Dallas.  For months she had planned our how she was going to get the job done and now it was going to go down soon.  She had found a small hotel room in the metroplex close to where she had last seen it.  But a Ranger owned it and she was going to have to be careful.  Stealing a full sized RAM truck was not going to be an easy accomplishment.  But she had to have it, just had to.  The consequences weren’t of any concern to her she just wanted to borrow it take it for a spin and then would return it.  Now she just had to figure out when and where it was going to happen.                      

As The Lone Star Turns

Part 2


This is a soap opera type story based on the characters from Walker Texas Ranger.  Most of the characters belong to CBS and Norris Productions and we are really only borrowing them for the summer to help us all with the long wait until the next season.  The other characters introduced are our friends who are HUGE fans of Walker and the gang.  We mean no disrespect just wanted to do something completely different.  Hopefully you will all enjoy this story…and we will be sending it out throughout the summer as we get more written and edited…hopefully it takes all summer to get this done and keeps you all entertained…


“Trivette, you call that a banner?” Walker asked as he watched his partner holding five pieces of paper that he had taped together.  Not to mention the sloppy Welcome Back CD.

            “Will this work then?” Trivette’s face lit up when he heard her voice.  Turning his eyes to meet his beautiful girl and ignoring the banner in her hands.  He went to her and kissed her gently on the lips.  Draping his arm around her shoulders her escorted her to the table where his partner already say.

            “Tammy, that’s a great banner.  Where did you get it?” Trivette asked finally as she set it on the table.

            “Work.  It’s been a slow week so I made it up quick.” It was only a small lie but Jimmy would never know she had ordered it.  Getting rid of evidence was second nature.

            “Well you sure saved the day.” Walker replied with a warm smile on his face. He was still unsure of this woman who had claimed his partner’s heart, but Trivette was a grown man and could make his own decisions.

            “Thank you Walker,” Tammy said noting the approval in Walker’s eyes.

            “He really cares about you.” Walker said as Trivette moved to hang the banner.

            “Well he’s very special to me too.”

            “I just…” Walker stopped short as Alex came into the room

“Well I see your date is here.” Tammy said very cynically. Her and Alex had had more than one run in over the past several months and neither appreciated the other, which was really putting it mildly.  Tammy knew who Alex really was; her Agency had been keeping their eyes on her for years.  The only problem was if Cahill was doing something illegal they couldn’t catch her.

“You will excuse me.” Walker nodded as Tammy went to Trivette to give him her undivided attention.  This left Walker alone with Alex and the thought scared him to near death.  She was the last person he wanted to be with and yet here she was.

            “Good evening Cordell.” She said walking up to him and placing her arms around him in a hug.  He reciprocated only long enough as not to have her call attention to their meeting. 

            “Would you like something to drink?” he asked hoping to make it through the night as quickly as possible.

            “Is that all you’re going to offer me?” she inquired as she gently ran her hand up his arm feeling the muscles that were tensed.  How she loved this man, he was everything she wanted.  Well everything she wanted at this moment in her life. 

            “Look, it’s getting late and I’m heading home soon. If you want to stay fine, I’ll get us a drink, otherwise I’m going home.”
            “Fine. Wow, I guess a girl can’t joke around huh?” Walker saw right through the pout but escorted them to a table where they sat.  As Marta came over they each ordered a drink and sat talking idly.


            “Sweetie, what’s up with them?” Tammy asked as her and Trivette sat side by side in a booth after hanging the banner.

            “You know I’m not sure. The only thing I know is that Walker is not excited about being with her, but he can never say no to a pretty face.  Several years ago a singer came into town needing help from her husband, he was beating her and she was scared.  Walker took one look at he and was gone.  He was nearly killed trying to help her.  I guess you can say he doesn’t have very good luck with woman.”

            Leaning into his chest she laid her head on his shoulder.  She loved these short moments together.  Thankfully she had been grounded in Dallas for the time being.  Her partner was due back anytime and she was needed to help her out.  Never before had she turned down an assignment but Trivette wasn’t just anyone.  They had met at a party for the governor.  She and her partner had been asked to attend to keep an eye on things.  Thankfully nothing happened that had actually made them work that night.  Instead Trivette had caught her eye from across the room.  Standing before him in her black silky dress he said she had been irresistible.  They had spent the night dancing and as the party broke up he took her hand and they had gone for a walk through the night streets until the early morning, just talking.  Never had she expected to fall in love, but instead had found herself falling harder than ever thought before.  Yet one very large problem loomed in front of her, how would she ever explain to him that she didn’t work for a film company and was actually a federal spy working for the United States of America.  She knew not telling him was the safest solution yet the closer they became the harder it was to keep the secret. 

            “Honey…” Trivette brought her out of her daydream.

            “I’m sorry, were you saying something?” She asked placing a tender kiss on his lips.

            “I was just curious where you were a minute ago.”

            “No where, I am just a little tired I guess.”

            “Are you ready to go home?”

            She wasn’t really but nodded her head anyway. “Yeah, why don’t we go back and see if there are any old movies on.” Trivette smiled knowing that was her way of asking him to spend the night.  Just the two sleeping in each other’s arms, nothing more.  She had set that rule from the beginning and he respected her for it.


            CC looked around the half full restaurant as she sat alone in the back corner.  After leaving work she hadn’t wanted to go home so instead she went to her favorite place to eat and made her way to her table.  She had been to this Emilio’s so many times that the Hostess knew her by name.  Looking over the menu she selected something different than her normal dish and sat back thinking about her afternoon encounter with Gage. 

            For some reason she couldn’t get him out of her head, there was just something about him that made her heart sing out at the sight of him.  His eyes seemed to dance when he smiled and his voice was so sexy it made her heart skip a beat when he spoke.  She had heard about how generous he was and she just wanted to spend one evening to prove that she was someone special as well.  Just as she was about to be completely lost in her thoughts someone began speaking to her pulling her out.

            “Is this seat taken?” Gage requested pulling out the chair and sitting down.

            For a second she wasn’t sure what to say as she found herself looking into the eyes she had just been thinking about.  “No….go ahead.” She felt herself becoming flustered and wasn’t sure why.  Ever since she was a child she had always been able to remain calm yet now as she found herself sitting together with a man she had fallen for she wasn’t sure what to say or what to do.

            “I wasn’t expecting to find you here.” He said seeming almost nervous himself.  Gage wasn’t sure what was going to come of this, he knew CC liked him but he wasn’t sure what he wanted.  He had been pulled in by Alex several months ago yet from somewhere inside he felt their relationship maybe wasn’t worth hanging onto.  When CC had begun to show an interest he had first tried pushing her away yet something had clicked and he wanted to see who she really was.  Finding her that evening had been luck because he had hoped to be with Alex. 

            “Well I didn’t really feel like cooking tonight so I was just going to have a quiet dinner here instead.”

            CC found that after a few minutes her heart began to calm down and she was able to form complete sentences.  As their meals came they continued talking not about work but instead their hobbies and CC soon found herself hearing about Gage’s passions and why he had chosen to become a Texas Ranger. 

            “Oh my gosh, you know I have an early morning. Alex wants these depositions typed up before ten tomorrow morning I really need to get going.” CC said a couple hours later as she glanced at her watch.

            “That’s fine, I should turn in early myself I have a lot of work to catch up on with Sydney out of the office right now.”

            “How is she doing?”

            “She’s doing really good, they found a donor for her and she’s having the transplant in a couple of days.”

            “Great, I’m really glad to hear that.” CC said standing and grabbing her jacket and purse and Gage stood to escort her out.  At the entrance they found themselves at a very awkward moment, neither was sure what to do next. 

            “Thank you CC, I had a really nice time tonight.” Gage said finally bending down and kissing her on the cheek.  CC watched as he walked away as her cheeks became flushed and she slowly brought her hand up to touch the spot where his lips had met her flesh.  Turning she went to her car to drive home.

            Gage wasn’t sure what had just happened.  He felt so comfortable when he was with CC.  She was like something he had never imagined.  Every woman he had ever pictured was nothing compared to what CC was and the sudden emotions he was feeling were unfamiliar.  He also began thinking about Alex, she was wild and unpredictable and the type of woman he always found himself attracted to.  Going to his car he decided to just head home and sleep on it.  The answer would come to him eventually.                             


"I'm fine," Kathy said weakly coming to at the sound of her daughter's voice on the other end of the telephone. "I'm just so happy that a donor match has been found."

        "You're sure that's all Mom?"

        "Yes, don't worry about me. You just concentrate on getting well."

        "You are coming to Dallas when I have the transplant next week aren't you?

"Next week…yes of course I'll be there" Kathy answered.

        "That's great. I really need you to be there. Mom just hearing this news has made me feel better. So I think I'm going to go and get ready to go to a friend's house warming party that I was invited to a while back."

        "Okay Sydney. I'll call you tomorrow have a good time. Bye"

         Sydney hung up the phone and went upstairs to change. Trent Malloy and his "friend" Ronald, who owned the hair salon across, the street from Thunder Karate had bought a new house together. Carlos was supposed to be bringing his new girlfriend, Melissa and she was excited meet her.

        Kathy sat down stunned. What would it be like to see him after all of these years? The thought both frightened and intrigued her. Her mind started to drift back in time. It was her senior year in high school. She was working in the restaurant that her parents owned. Close by was a Marine base that had been used to temporarily station soldiers who were shipping off to Vietnam

It was a temporary station for those getting ready ship off to Vietnam.

        A lot of young men came and went through Kathy and her family's restaurant. Knowing they would only be around for a short time Kathy had never paid much attention to any of them. That was until one day when a particular young man walked through the door that immediately caught her attention. He had red hair and the most amazing Grey eyes that she had ever seen.

The attraction was instant and mutual. He told her that he was from Oklahoma and that he had grown-up on a Cherokee Indian reservation. They spent hours talking. He told her he had volunteered for his duty and dreamed of being the youngest officer in the history of the marines. The bond between them was evident almost from the beginning. He asked her out. But Kathy's parents didn't approve. They thought that the 21-year-old Marine was too old for their 17-year-old daughter and so they forbid her to see him. But her feelings for this man were so strong that she felt she had no other choice but to go against her parent's wishes. Sneaking out to see him they wanted to spend every minute that they possibly could together, since they knew that their time together was short. In 3 weeks he would be gone. On his last night before he left for Vietnam, they declared their undying love for each other. They made plans to marry as soon as he returned. They consummated their love that night.        

About a month later Kathy discovered that she was pregnant. Although she was frightened at the thought of having to tell her parents that she was pregnant she was thrilled at the thought of having the man that she loved child growing inside of her. She immediately wrote a letter informing him that he was going to be a father. She anxiously waited for his reply. Kathy was certain that he would be just as happy as she was. She waited and waited for his letter, but it never came. She was devastated. Her parents wanted her to give the baby up for adoption and at first she agreed to that. However after Sydney was born she changed her mind. She just couldn't part with her baby girl. Just as Kathy was remembering the first time she saw her beautiful daughter her husband, Aaron came through the door.

      Kathy had married Aaron when Sydney was five years old. Even though Sydney knew he was not her biological father, she considered him to be her father since he was the only one she had ever known.  After Kathy told Aaron the good news about a donor being found he suggested that they go to their favorite restaurant, McNeely's Irish Pub to celebrate. Their friends Dan and Terry McNeely owned it.


            “Walker, we’re heading out.” Trivette said as he and Tammy walked past his partner’s booth.

            “Is that so?” Alex said giving a sideways glance to Tammy.  Their animosity for each other was growing and Trivette noted it.

            “Yes that is so.  Isn’t it time you returned to your brothel?” Tammy threw back.

            “Well at least I know how to please a man.” Alex replied taking Walker’s hand in hers..

            Trivette put his arm around Tammy’s waist and guided her out. “Jimmy, Walker is a great guy I just don’t get why he’s with her.” Her thoughts went to her partner who had on more than one occasion expressed her true feelings for Walker. “My best friend Crystal is going to be in town tomorrow. What would Walker say if we fixed them up?”

            “He’s never been one for that but let me ask him.”

            “It can’t do any harm. The least that could happen is Cahill will leave him alone and who knows maybe something will come of it.”

“Well Cordell, should we follow suit and get out of here too?” Alex asked tracing a line up his arm with her finger.

            “You are a grown woman and can do what you want. I’m heading home.” Alex sat there with a disgusted expression on her face as she watched Walker exit CD’s.  She had just been made a fool of and wasn’t very exited about that.  No one treated her like that she would get revenge.

            Alex sat there watching Walker exit CD’s.  Looking around the room she wanted to make sure no one had heard or seen what had just taken place. No one treated her the way Walker had just displayed, she needed to go home and think.  Finishing her drink she slowly rose and putting her purse on her shoulder she left as though she were on top of the world.  She would go home and figure out what next with Cordell Walker, she would have him one way or the other.


            “I still can’t believe you live in Dallas.” CD exclaimed as the cab stopped at a small apartment in the stockyards.

            “It’s a small world isn’t it darling?” Crystal said taking her back. “I’d ask you in but I’m just exhausted.”

            “That’s understandable. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Kissing her quickly CD watched his fiancée as she slowly went up the stairs.  He was ecstatic that she had said yes, so happy in fact he couldn’t wait until the next afternoon when he got the chance to introduce her to Walker and Trivette.

            Entering her small and cozy apartment Crystal put her luggage down in the entranceway and walked into the living room.  Plopping down on the sofa she closed her eyes for a second to get her footing.  She had been gone now two months and things were finally beginning to move.  It had taken her awhile to get the old man’s confidence and now that she had it and was back in Dallas she hoped this case could be wrapped up in a couple of weeks.  The entire trip had drained her and after the case was finished she was going to take a LONG vacation.

            During her trip her thoughts had kept wandering back to one person, Cordell Walker.  One night Tammy had taken her into CD’s to meet her new boyfriend.  Just moments after Trivette had arrived and sat down his partner had arrive and Crystal had been gone.  He was absolutely gorgeous from his bulging biceps to broad chest she had wanted nothing else than to find a corner booth and get to know him better.            

            They had been introduced but it appeared that Walker was a shy individual because after shaking hands he had left the trio and headed for the bar.  Crystal had begun working up the nerve to go over and talk to him but just as she started moving in came Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill.  Alex had sat down next to Walker at the bar and it appeared that there could be something going on.  Unfortunately it wasn’t until after Walker had left that Trivette finally made a comment that there wasn’t anything going on.  But the next day Crystal left for the cruise to meet up with CD Parker and now she was engaged.  Thankful the engagement was only temporary she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep dreaming of the Ranger in black who had stolen her heart.


            “Pretty Woman again?” Trivette exclaimed as Tammy put the movie in the VCR.

            “What are you complaining about you fall asleep before Edward even meets Vivian.” He chuckled remembering the last time they had watched the movie.  For days he and Walker and been working on a stakeout and when he had finally caught a moment to get to her apartment he had fallen asleep moments later.

            “Before we get involved in this movie there’s something I would like to ask you.”

            Tammy stopped in mid-step with the bag of popcorn ready to be poured into the bowl. “Yes.” She replied as he motioned for her to sit beside him on the couch.

            “We’ve only known each other for a short period of time, but I feel as though I’ve known you my entire life.” He paused and moved as he was on one knee.  “Will you marry me?” There he had said it and awaited the verdict.

            It took a moment for the words to actually sink in, he had really proposed.  “Of course.” She exclaimed as Trivette finally exhaled the breath he had been holding.

            Pulling her close they embraced and it was then he remembered the ring he had put in his pocket.  Taking it out he placed the one-carat solitaire on her finger.  Gently bending forward he captured her lips in his and kissed her.

            They talked about initial plans and finally decided to settle into the movie.  Tammy couldn’t help but chuckle softly as she looked over and found Trivette asleep just as Vivian walked down the sidewalk to meet Edward for the first time. Turning off the TV and VCR she moved over and placing her head on his chest she too fell asleep.


            Pounding…someone was pounding on his door.  Bolting awake Gage grabbed his robe as he looked at the clock.  Three a.m., who was knocking on his door at this hour? Checking first he opened the door finding Alex standing before him in nothing but a sheer nightgown.

            “Gage, I’m sorry, I should have realized you were all I needed tonight.” Alex said moving forward into the apartment and going to where Gage stood. She had sat gloomily at CD’s for a few hours downing drinks until Marta refused to serve her.  She then had slowly gone home and changing into her nightgown she knew she didn’t want to spend the night alone.  It was then she realized how to snag Walker into loving her.  She would get pregnant then he would have to marry her.  It didn’t really matter if the child was his as long as he believed it was his.

            “Is that so?” He asked as she walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close for a deep and passionate kiss.  Taking her in his arms he carried her to bed where they spent the remaining morning hours making love.

As the Lone Star Turns

Part 3


This is a soap opera type story based on the characters from Walker Texas Ranger.  Most of the characters belong to CBS and Norris Productions and we are really only borrowing them for the summer to help us all with the long wait until the next season.  The other characters introduced are our friends who are HUGE fans of Walker and the gang.  We mean no disrespect just wanted to do something completely different.  Hopefully you will all enjoy this story….and we will be sending it out throughout the summer as we get more written and edited….hopefully it takes all summer to get this done and keeps you all entertained…


Crystal entered the Agency and started for her office.  There was some paperwork she wanted to start and she hoped her partner would be waiting.  Their office was smaller than the main D.C Branch but she didn’t really notice.  Going into the bullpen area she gathered several messages and sat behind her desk just as her bosses came in. 

            “Crystal, glad to have you back.” Lee Stetson said sitting down as his wife entered casually behind. Amanda and Lee Stetson were an old team that had begun in the D.C area.  There were many stories about how they met and Crystal was pretty sure only Amanda and Lee knew exactly what had happened.  What she did know was that they both had taken this new position after Amanda’s sons had grown and her mother had passed away.  Amanda had been divorced with two boys when she became an agent and then ultimately married Lee Stetson.  For years they had tried to have a child of their own but after awhile had decided it wasn’t to be so when the sectional director position came open their former boss selected them each and sent them Texas.  It had been tough at first especially getting to know Lee.  He was a quiet person and it seemed the only one who really knew him was Amanda. 

            “Thank you, unfortunately things aren’t going as planned.” She said frustrated and wishing she could drop the entire case. Yet she knew that could never happen, not with possible crooked funds being smuggled into a national election.

            “Why do you say that?” Amanda Stetson asked as she stood slightly against the near wall.

            “I just spent nearly two months on a ship with a former Texas Ranger. He loves to tell stories, farfetched stories at that, and now I’m engaged to him.  Where is my partner in all of this? She’s off being wined and dined by some cute Texas Ranger.”

            “Swoopes, we know the case has been tough and hope it’s over soon.” Lee threw some photos and reports on her desk and went to stand next to his wife. “Clarencefan has been able to do some surveillance so far it appears that this woman has been the one filtering money into his account.  From the background we’ve done she had been messed up with some drug money.  It seems a few years ago she helped out with an area bingo group as their accountant.  Unfortunately all the money was dirty drug money. They let her go but it was really suspicious and your partner seems to think this woman is the link.”  Looking through the papers she smiled realizing that she did have the better end of the deal.  Even though she was engaged to the “old man” it was only temporary and she had an awesome tan.

            “Well I’m hoping to have this wrapped up by the end of the week.  Was Tammy coming in today?” Crystal asked leaning back in her chair.

            “No she’s out for the day.” Lee and Amanda smiled and walked out the door, hand in hand.  Crystal smiled as they left and turned to her computer.  Turning on her laptop Crystal found herself thrilled they no longer had the ancient Apple computers.  The last fossil had been replaced only a couple of months earlier.  Thanks to her computer skills she was turning the Agency around.  Even though she hated getting bugged several times a day by someone trying to figure how to cut and paste something it was still a lot better than writing everything out or worse using those horrid ancient relics. 


Kathy was in her living room deep in thought. She was trying to decide how to handle the situation she never expected to have to deal with. Should she confide her worries to Aaron? She knew what he would want her to do. When the truth was revealed over two years ago he had wanted Kathy to tell Sydney immediately. But she just couldn't do it. After all what difference did it make now? Sydney was a grown woman and living in Texas. It would totally disrupt her life. She would be devastated to learn that her entire life had been a lie. Kathy knew exactly how it felt to find out that your mother had lied to you for years. So against Aaron's advice she decided to leave things as they had always been. She would not tell Sydney the truth about her father. But that was then. Now she was going to be forced to do what she had feared. How would Sydney react? Then another fear popped into Kathy's head. What if he didn't even remember her? After all it had been over 30 years, and they had only spent three weeks together. Maybe their time together hadn't meant the same thing to him as it had to her. The situation seemed to be getting worse the more Kathy thought about it.

 Kathy was startled back into the present as the phone rang. "Hello"

"Hi are you ready to go? I'm about to leave my house," said Kathy's friend Heather on the other end of the phone line. Heather was going to take them to the airport for their flight to Dallas.

"Yes I think so. Aaron has already put the luggage on the drive."

"Ok then I'll see you soon." Heather replied.

Coming down the stairs Aaron asked, "Was that Heather?"

Kathy didn't answer she had already slipped back into her agonizing thoughts. "Kathy? What's the matter with you? You've been acting strange since last night. What's wrong?"

She considered briefly telling him what was on her mind. But decided against it. She might later on but now was not the time. Heather would be there any minute. "Nothing is wrong. I'm just thinking about Sydney." Which really wasn't a lie she thought to herself.

"Sydney will be fine. I'm sure the transplant will work with no problems." "Are you sure that's all it is?" Just then they heard Heather ring the doorbell, putting an end to the conversation.

"Gage, thank-you so much for going to the airport to pick up my parents." Sydney said speaking on the phone to her best friend and partner who had become almost like the brother she never had.

 "It's no problem Syd. You need your rest." I think you've been over doing it lately anyway."

"As much as I hate to admit you are right I'm afraid you are this time. I probably shouldn't have gone to Trent's house warming party last night. But I had such a great time."

"Yeah me too.  I talked to Walker while I was there. He seemed really pleased that he was going to be the one to donate his marrow to you." I still can't get over what a coincidence it is that you and he are such a perfect match. I…"click "Oh darn that's my other line. Can you hold on a sec?"


Sydney waited a moment then Gage came back on the line. "Syd that was Walker he is going to ride to the airport with me."

"Oh that's good. I'm anxious for my parents to meet him anyway.

            “Well Walker, I think I’m heading out for the night.  See you at CD’s.” Trivette said grabbing his jacket and hat.

            “Yeah oh don’t forget I’m going with Gage to pick up Sydney’s parents at the airport. Then I’ll be over. It will be really nice to see CD after all this time.” Walker said placing a paper in the done stack.

            “It will be wonderful to hear about everything.” Alex said walking up to the two.  Walker grabbed a couple more papers trying to act extra busy as his partner made a fast retreat out the door.

            “Can I help you?” Walker asked as Alex sat on the corner of his desk.  Her long, slender legs were crossed and he couldn’t resist a look.  She really was beautiful but his mind was preoccupied with someone else.  Two months earlier Tammy had brought her best friend into CD’s to meet Trivette.  One look and Walker had been gone.  The only trouble was she disappeared afterwards and he hadn’t been able to find her.  Maybe he should give Alex a try.  Sure he had heard the rumors about who she really was, but they were rumors. 

            “So Cordell, are you heading to CD’s?” Alex asked smiling sweetly at the man she lusted over.

            “Yes, just as soon as I finish this paperwork.” He answered motioning to the small stack of papers sitting in front of him.

            “Well I would be honored if you would be my guest.” Alex said placing a hand on Walker’s and gazing deeply into his eyes, almost as if she were casting a spell.

            “Everyone is invited so I will see you there.” With that Walker returned to his paperwork.  Alex jumped up and left the room in a huff.

            Closing the door with a little more effort than necessary Alex headed back to her office.  Tonight was the night that was for sure.  Pulling out her briefcase she paced a few things and headed for her apartment.  There was so much to get ready and not enough time to get it done.


            “Coming!” Crystal shouted rushing down the hall to her front door.  Opening it she found CD dressed in a dark suit and a tie with a beautiful bouquet of red and white roses.  Her cheeks were suddenly a flame as she motioned for him to enter.

            “I’ll take those,” Taking the flowers she headed for the kitchen. “Why don’t you sit down.” She finished crossing the threshold of the kitchen looking for a vase.  Adding water she arranged them and headed back out.

            “They are very pretty, thank you.”
            “I’m glad you like them,” CD replied kissing her on the cheek.

            “I’ll be right back.” Crystal said going towards the back to her bedroom so she could finish getting dressed.  Running behind wasn’t really her style but knowing CD was coming to pick her up that evening she had to get rid of any trace connecting her anywhere.  As far as CD knew she was an orphan with no family.  All of her family pictures were boxed and shoved in the back of the spare bedroom.  Unsure how far the charade would go she would have them moved to Tammy’s or put them in storage.

            “Tanner, don’t look at me like that,” Crystal said going to the edge of her bed where her beloved Sheltie laid giving her his best puppy eyes. “You act like I’m leaving you forever.  I’ll be back in a little while. I promise. “  For the two months she had been gone Tammy had taken Tanner.  It had taken forever for the two to get along but Crystal was thankful they did.  Just the thought of Tanner being boarded with a vet for that long just didn’t excited her.  The largest problem had been Gus, Tammy’s cat.  He was the biggest baby either of them had seen and he hated dogs.  Knowing Gus would eventually tolerate Tanner and that tanner would not hurt Gus Tammy was all for having a dog, even if it was for a short time. Sure enough the two got a long with in a few days and now were actually missing the other.

            “Tanner, we will go see Gus tomorrow.” Patting him on the head she really loved that dog.  He was always there for her no matter what.


            Standing in front of the RAM she gently ran her hand down the front panel feeling the paint and sloping contours of the frame.  Slowly walking around she exhaled trying to remain calm.  Her emotions were in overdrive getting a rush from the experience of being this close.  For days she had envisioned this very moment praying it would happen.  Now that she was there she was unsure what to do.  Throwing caution to the wind the woman opened the driver’s door and slid into the seat.  In a matter of seconds the wires were crossed and the engine was roaring.  Closing the door she put the RAM in gear and headed out of the parking lot.

            “I think I’ll call you Henry.” She said to herself as they headed towards the outer city limits. “Yes Henry, that’s a perfect name for this truck.”


As their plane pulled up to the gate at DFW Aaron asked Kathy "When are you going to tell me what's on your mind? You've barely said a word since we left home.  That's not like you."

"It's fine really. I'm just anxious about Sydney's transplant surgery."

"Well OK if you're sure."

"I am please stop worrying about me."

As they stepped out of the Jet way into the terminal a young blond-headed man greeted them. "Mr. and Mrs. Cooke, I'm Sydney's partner Francis Gage."

            “Yes, Hi Ranger Gage she told us that you would be meeting us. I'm glad that you didn't have any trouble recognizing us," Aaron said.

"Well Sydney has shown me enough pictures of you two. And By the way most people just call me Gage" He replied.

 Just then another man walked up to the threesome, carrying two cokes. Kathy nearly fainted again. She couldn't believe it. She thought she would have at least one more day before she had to face this. She stood in a silent stare. The years had worn on him some and his once clean-shaven face now sported a handsome and close shaven beard. But she would know the face anywhere. Any fears she had about him not recognizing her were dispelled as soon as she saw the look in his eyes. Recognition was obvious.

"Oh hi Walker." Gage said oblivious to Walker and Kathy's reaction to each other. "Mr. and Mrs. Cooke I would like for you to meet Ranger Cordell Walker."

"Cordell Walker!" Aaron exclaimed not able to hide the shock in his voice.

"Yes I guess Sydney told you that Ranger Walker is going to be the donor."

"Well I haven't talked to her about it. But I have a feeling she mentioned it to her mother." Aaron said as he gave Kathy an accusatory glance.

"It's.. ah… Nice to…ah meet you." Walker said stammering over his words. "Oh Gage and I thought you might want something to drink." He said awkwardly remembering the two cups he held in his hands.

"Why don't we go and pick up your luggage?" Gage said. On the way to baggage claim Walker and Kathy carefully exchanged glances at each other, both not wanting the other to realize that they were looking. After the luggage was retrieved Gage offered to go get the car and pick them up right next to the terminal so they would not have to carry the heavy luggage all the way through the parking lot.

After Gage and Walker went to fetch the car Kathy and Aaron stood on the sidewalk waiting for them. Aaron turned to her and said in a tone halfway hurt and halfway angry. "Sydney did tell you that her donor was Cordell Walker didn't she? That's what's been on your mind. Why didn't you tell me?

"Well I wanted to wait."

"Wait for what?"

"I wanted to make sure it was the same Cordell Walker."

"Come on Kathy, just how many Cordell Walkers to you think there are in the world?" Before she could answer Gage and Walker pulled up to the curb.


The conversation on the way to Sydney's apartment consisted mostly of chitchat between Gage and Aaron. Walker and Kathy were both almost silent the entire trip. Walker was still in shock over seeing Kathy. The shock was not so much due to seeing her after all these years but mainly from finding out that she was Sydney's mother. What an amazing coincidence.

While Walker's thoughts were in the past and present Kathy's thoughts or more accurately her fears were firmly planted in the future. How am I ever going to explain all of the to Sydney? She thought distressfully.

After they arrived at Sydney's apartment Aaron quickly got out of the car and went round to the trunk to collect their suitcases. He took one and handed the other one to Gage. He then began to engage Gage in conversation and walked swiftly to the stairs. He was hoping he could put enough distance between the four of them to give Kathy and Walker some privacy. He hoped she would start things rolling. Aaron glanced back and saw them talking.

"Cordell you haven't changed much since the last time I saw you." Kathy said very awkwardly.

"You do remember me then? I wasn't sure that you did." Walker responded smiling.

"Of course I do." She said stammering slightly.

"I just can't believe that you are Sydney's mother. It's really an incredible coincidence."

"Yeah, it's incredible alright."

Sydney was waiting for them at them door. "What took you guys so long to get here from the car?" Kathy gave Sydney a hug but didn't answer her question.

However Walker did. "Your mom and I were talking. We know each other, or at least we used to. We…ah….are…ah … friends from a long time ago."

"You're kidding? That's amazing I can't wait to hear all about it." Sydney said excitedly.

"Well maybe later." Kathy said and received a look from Aaron that said It better be sooner than later.

“Yes, later, Gage would you mind dropping me off at my truck I need to get to CD’s”

Gage said, “Sure Walker, looks like I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


            Arriving at CD’s Trivette held open the door allowing Tammy to enter and then they slowly made their way towards the bar.  Everyone was supposed to be arriving in a few minutes with CD arriving in less than an hour.  Surveying the room Trivette noted a couple retired Rangers sitting at a table against the far wall.  Before turning back towards Tammy he sent them a quick wave.

“I made out my part of the guest list this afternoon. I think I only have about twenty or thirty people.” Tammy chuckled because she knew Trivette hadn’t even started to think about wedding plans.  “Don’t look at me like that. The wedding will be here before you know it.”

“I know, we’ll go over it this weekend. I promise. Is that a deal?” He asked pulling her close.

“Yes, I think we can wait until then.” She replied as he gently kissed her. Suddenly the door flung opened startling everyone.  Trivette turned around to find his partner coming in with the look of rage engraved on his face. 

“Can you believe, day of all days…” Walker said louder than his usual tone and adding confusion to his partner.

“What happened Walker?” Trivette asked hoping they would be able to solve whatever had happened to put his partner in such a foul mood.

“Can you believe someone stole my truck?  I leave it parked out front of the station like I always do…. same place. When Gage and I went to the airport to pick up Sydney’s parents we found it stolen.  I put in my 10 hour day most of it behind a stinking desk only to go out and find it stolen.”  Trivette stood their stunned, in all the years he had known Walker he had never known him to have his truck stolen.  That vehicle was his pride and joy something he cherished almost more than life itself. 

“I sent it out on the wire but I’m guessing that truck is long gone by now.  Really upsets me though…it was all broken in and…” Walker trailed off as he tried to calm himself down but wanting to hit something.

            “Walker, we’ll find your truck.” Trivette said turning towards his fiancée and trying to figure out what to say to help his partner through this.  They all knew that the chances of finding the truck were slim to none by now it was probably below the border and being torn apart.  They had seen it many times before and would see over and over again. 

            Just then the door opened and in came CD.  Walker stood stunned as he saw Crystal coming in on his former partner’s arm.  He had been searching everywhere for her and here she was stunning as ever.  He guessed she had been on the cruise because of the golden tan and as they walked up to him he was speechless.

            “Cordell!” CD said walking up and stopping directly in front of the trio.  “Jimmy, how are you?” CD stopped when he saw Tammy he wasn’t sure who she was.  He knew he had seen her around and assumed as close as she was sitting next to Trivette they were close.

            “CD Parker, I’m Tammy and I must say it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”            Tammy said extending her hand and shook the older ranger’s hand.  Introductions were made and the party got underway.  Walker had managed to slink down to the end of the bar hoping that no one would notice. Tammy made sure her and Trivette were never far from Crystal and CD who were telling stories about the trip. 

            “We have an announcement!” CD exclaimed standing up and reaching for Crystal’s hand.  Tammy noted that Crystal glanced towards the bar and was trying her hardest to appear to be happy as she stood also. “This little lady here and I are engaged!” 

            Tammy couldn’t believe her ears and then as soon as the initial shock wore off she realized it must be the case.  When Crystal had left for the cruise all she could talk about was Cordell Walker and looking over her shoulder she found Walker still standing near the bar and he too appeared to be in shock.  Somehow Tammy knew they were going to have to solve their case and get Walker and Crystal together.  It was times like these that she wished they worked normal jobs where they weren’t having to create new and alter personalities. 

            Walker had heard the news from across the room.  Hanging his head down he looked at the glass in front of him and wanted so badly to begin drowning his sorrows.  As everyone began congratulating the newly engaged couple he wanted to figure out how to get out without having to tell anyone he was leaving.  His heart was breaking and nothing was going to make him feel better. 

            “Hey cowboy.”

Walker heard the voice and couldn’t figure out why his life was going so badly at that moment. “Alex…” He replied without looking up.

“I…thhoought this was yyou…” Alex said slurring her words and he could tell she was getting drunk. “Scootch and vater.”  She said holding up her glass and nodding her head.

“You’re drunk.”

“I now see…how come they make you a Ranger.”

“Well I think you’ve had quite enough.” Walker took her glass and moved it just as she fell into the stool next to his. 

“AH come on Ranger Walker, I want a drunk.”

“I think you’ve had enough, in fact I think it’s time to get you home.” He wasn’t happy about the thought but looking back over his shoulder he also knew no one else was going to give her a ride home and it would be the best way to get out the door without having too many questions to answer.

            “Ooh home…bed…. sleep…” Alex slowly turned her head and looked up at Walker and taking her hand he helped her up as she lost her balance and fell back into his arms.  Waving goodbye to his partner Walker escorted Alex out of CD’s and taking her keys he helped her into the car.  Driving off they headed towards her apartment. 


Once at her apartment Walker helped Alex to the couch “I’ll go start some coffee.” Going into the kitchen Alex got up and made her way into the bathroom where she pretended to be sick.  Grabbing the tiny vile of sedative from the medicine cabinet she flushed the toilet and made her way out slowly.

“Are you all right?” Walker asked several minutes later as he brought the coffee into her and set it on the table.

“Yes, I think so.  Would you mind bringing me a cool wash cloth from the bathroom?” Alex asked quietly as she held her hand to her forehead. 

“Sure.” Just as Walker headed towards the bathroom Alex slipped a little of the drug into his coffee. Coming back into the room he handed her the wash cloth and sat down. Alex watched as he picked up his coffee cup and took a long swallow.  Sitting quietly it wasn’t long before the drug began to work it’s magic.

“Walker, you don’t look so good.” Alex said removing the drunken façade as she made her way to Walker who was trying to stay awake.  “Why don’t you come with me.”  Taking his hand she led him into the bedroom and helped him to lie on her bed.  Lying down next to him she began kissing him and in his drunken state he reciprocated.  She needed his final thoughts of their evening being of them together in a questionable manner in her bedroom.  As Walker drifted off to sleep Alex undressed him and then slipped into bed herself.


As the Lone Star Turns

Part 4


This is a soap opera type story based on the characters from Walker Texas Ranger.  Most of the characters belong to CBS and Norris Productions and we are really only borrowing them for the summer to help us all with the long wait until the next season.  The other characters introduced are our friends who are HUGE fans of Walker and the gang.  We mean no disrespect just wanted to do something completely different.  Hopefully you will all enjoy this story….and we will be sending it out throughout the summer as we get more written and edited….hopefully it takes all summer to get this done and keeps you all entertained…


Walker sat at his desk trying to do his paperwork but his mind wouldn’t cooperate. Instead his thoughts kept returning to the night before.  All he could do was picture Crystal on CD’s arm. Since the moment their eyes had met, that first time so many months ago, he had dreamt of being with her.  Now the dreams were shattered and only a faded memory.

            As Walker’s thoughts continued to play back over the previous night the memories only got worse as they led him to Alex’s apartment. He had been so grief stricken and had wanted to go home but unsure how he would escape without seeming rude.  Alex had been the perfect excuse, she had been drunk and he not having the Ram offered to take her home. His plan was to take her home and then ask to borrow her car and return it in the morning.  Once to her apartment she had asked him inside and against his better judgment had accepted a cup of coffee.

            That’s when everything went blank.  Then that morning he had waken up in Alex’s queen sized bed with his arms around her, the only thing covering their nakedness was the thin white sheet. He had moved outward slowly and getting dressed he had left without another word.  Since then he hadn’t heard nor seen Alex and he wondered if all it had taken for her to leave him alone was one night together. 

            Walker really didn’t care anymore his heart belonged to Crystal and knowing they would never be together life had become mundane.  He would somehow find a way to continue on without the wonderful woman who had entered his life only a few short months ago.  Now he would consume his life with work and helping Sydney hoping that would be enough to forget her.


             A few days before the transplant is to take place Walker and Sydney go into the hospital for more preliminary tests. Walker has finished with his tests but decides to stay and talk to Sydney for a while since she still has one more test to go.

  "So how are you feeling?" Walker asks

  "I'm fine, just a little nervous."

  "I'm sure everything will work with no problems."

  "I hope so. Walker I don't know how I can ever thank you for doing this for me."

  "There is no reason to thank me, Sydney. Just get well as soon as possible. We need you back at work" the bearded ranger said smiling.

  "I'm ready to get back." There was a brief pause and then Sydney said, So tell me about how you used to know my mother. I asked Mom about it. But she said she was tired last night."

  "Well…." Walker began unsure of just what or how much to tell Sydney about his long ago relationship with her mother. "I met her just before I was getting ready to ship out to Vietnam. She was working in a restaurant that I liked to eat at."

  "Oh yes my grandparents owned it" Sydney interrupted.

  "Yes, I think I do remember something like that." Walker fibbed a little. He remembered perfectly well that Kathy's parents owned the restaurant. "Anyway I went in there a lot and we got to be friends."

   And??? Sydney questioned.

  "That's pretty much all there is to it." He wasn't about to tell her that he and her mother had lost their virginity to each other. She must have married Aaron almost right after that and then you must have been born 9 months later." He said, mentally doing the math in his head, figuring quickly the date he left for Vietnam and Sydney's birthday. He remembered Sydney's birthday because she had just recently had one.

  "Well no actually my mom didn't marry my dad until I was five years old. Then he adopted me. My biological father was killed in action in Vietnam."

  "Really? I had no idea. You never mentioned that" Walker said surprised.

  "I guess it just never came up. I don't really think too much about it, since I never knew my father. When I was younger I asked Mom about him a few times. But she has never wanted to talk much about him. I think the whole thing is just too painful for her. So I stopped asking."

   Just then the nurse came into the room. "Miss Cooke, your father will need to leave now. We need to take you down to the other lab."

  "My father? He's not my father."

  "Oh I'm sorry I just assumed because…"she said as she glanced down at Sydney's chart. Oh well never mind."


             Walker sat on his front porch he began to replay in his mind the conversation that he and Sydney had earlier that day. He had naturally assumed that Aaron was Syd's biological father. She did after all have his last name and she called him Dad. He had been very surprised to find out what he had assumed was not true.

  "Who is Sydney's father then?" He said out loud. He began to go over the series of events that occurred in the weeks prior to him leaving for Vietnam. "I left for Vietnam in late Aug. 1968. Sydney was born May 1969. Her father must have been at the base the same time that I was. I wonder if I knew him? He and Kathy had to have gotten together almost immediately after I shipped out. Either that or she was seeing someone else at the same time." The thought that she might have been involved with another man so soon after he left was painful. But even more painful was the thought that she might have been seeing someone else at the same time. "Could I have been so wrong about her and what we meant to each other?" He thought. They had made so many plans for when he returned. Kathy was Walker's first love. He had been devastated when her letters were returned to him unopened. He then recalled the other letter that he got, the letter from Kathy's parents. He could still remember how it hurt to read what it said. They told him under no circumstances was he to have any contact with their daughter. The letter pointed out that he was 21 and Kathy was only 17 and therefore a minor. Walker knew exactly what was being implied would happen if he had farther contact with her. Walker had found comfort in the fact that his tour would end in 3 years and Kathy would be 20 by then. So her parents would have no say in their relationship. Then they could finally have the life together that they had dreamed about in the brief time that they spent together.

   He planned to find Kathy and marry her immediately on his return to the states. He moved up the ranks incredibly quickly. Everyone was surprised just how quickly. He was the youngest captain in the history of the Marine Corps. However the war took its toll on him. He was not the same person he was before he left. He suffered tremendous mental anguish over seeing the horrors of war. It took a long time and a lot of help from his Uncle Ray and White Eagle before he felt normal and sane again. By then though it was too late. Kathy had moved away and he could not find her. He finally decided that it was for the best. She would be better off without him. But he would always treasure his memories of their time together.

   Now though he wasn't sure what to think. "Could I have been so wrong about us and about her feelings for me?" He agonized once again. The sound of a car driving up brought him out of his reverie. Walker was glad to see the car belonged to Trivette. He was worried it might have been Alex. When Walker goes in the kitchen to get them some iced tea, Trivette stops in the living room and picks up the box of pictures that Walker had been looking at earlier. He glances through the ones of Walker in the Marines and a few of him on the reservation as a teenager. Then one in particular catches his attention. "Hey Walker who is this?" He asks as his partner reenters the room.

  "Oh that's my grandmother, my father's mother."

  "Wow she's a dead ringer for Sydney." Trivette said amazed.

   Walker looked closer at the picture. He had always thought Sydney reminded him of someone. But he could never place exactly who. "Yeah she sure does.."

            "Well they say we all have a double somewhere" Trivette responded with a shrug of his shoulders. He took a sip of the tea that Walker had just given him and reached into his jacket pocket. He handed Walker his pay stub. "I just wanted to drop this by. Since you left early today and didn't get a chance to pick it up."

  "Thanks Trivette"

  "You're welcome. How did the test go at the hospital this afternoon?"

  "Fine, they decided to go ahead with the transplant in the morning."

  "Oh I thought they weren't going to do it until later in the week."

   "That was the original plan. But they decided to move it up."

  "OK I hope it all goes well. Tammy and I will stop by the hospital tomorrow afternoon to check on you guys."

  "Well I may not be there. I will probably be released a few hours after they remove my marrow."

  "OK well we'll go see Sydney and if you've already been released we'll stop by here."

               "That sounds good." Walker answered with a sight smile. "How are things with you and Tammy anyway?"

   Trivette got a big grin on his face. "They couldn't be better. Walker I didn't know it was possible to be this happy. She is an extraordinary woman.  I hope you find somebody someday that will make you as happy as she makes me."

  "Yeah, whatever… I'm glad things are going so well for you. Thanks for dropping this off." He said pointing to his pay stub.

   After Trivette left Walker went back over to the box of pictures and picked up the one of his grandmother again. Shaking his head he thought 'he's right Sydney does look just like her. How strange'


   Kathy and Aaron arrived at the hospital early to be with Sydney the morning of her transplant.

  "How are you feeling?" Aaron asked as they entered the room.

  "Nervous, but glad that it's finally happening."

  "Everything is going to be fine. I'm sure of it." Kathy said bending down to hug her daughter.

  "Would you guys do me a favor?" Sydney asked.

  "Sure what" they both said almost at the same time.

  "Go check on Walker. He doesn't have any family. And he has already had his marrow removed earlier this morning."

   Kathy still wanted to avoid Walker as much as possible. So she said "But we don't want to leave you. I'm sure he's fine. There isn't that much to having marrow removed, at least not compared to what you are going to have to go though."

   Aaron realizing what his wife was trying to do and annoyed by it said, "Sydney doesn't need to be worrying about Walker or anything else right now. I'll stay with her and you go and check on Walker, like she asked."

            Well Okay" Kathy responded, knowing she really couldn't argue about it. “What room is he in?"



   "Come in." Walker called after Kathy knocked on the door of his hospital room.

  "Hi, how are you feeling?" She said walking over to his bedside.

  "Oh I'm alright. Just a little sore. How's Sydney?"

  "She is nervous. But it's not much longer now and then she'll be going into the O.R."

  "That's good." He responded. There were a few moments of awkward silence between them. Can it really have been over 30 years? Walker thought as he looked at her. She sure hasn't changed much.

   Kathy's thoughts mirrored Walker's. It only seems like yesterday that we were together. Her heart almost skipped a beat looking at him and remembering how he made her feel all those years ago.

  "How are YOU doing?" Walker asked finally breaking the silence. "I know you must be worried.

  "I'm very anxious about…ah… everything. But I'm sure it will be all right. I'm glad you were able to help her." She said smiling. After a moment she added. "Well I guess I had better be going. They will be coming for Sydney anytime now, and I'd like to be there when she leaves."

  "Kathy?" Walker said catching her hand as she turned to go.

  "Yes" she said looking into his eyes.

  "Ah..Oh nothing…never mind. Just let me know how Sydney is as soon as you can."

  "I will," she said holding his hand for just a few seconds longer.


   Kathy and Aaron were taking turns pacing in Sydney's hospital room as C.D. entered. "Hello, you must be Sydney's folks. I'm a friend of hers, C.D. Parker." He said extending his hand.

  "Yes I think we have heard Sydney speak of you." Aaron said.

  "Any news yet?" C.D. asked

  "No not yet. But we should hear something anytime now" Kathy answered. Just then almost as if on cue Dr. Lisa Woolley entered the room.

               "Hello, I'm Dr. Wooley." Pausing an extra moment to smile at C.D. "I just wanted to let you everything went well with the transplant. Sydney is in recovery and should be brought up within the hour."

  "Oh that's a relief." Kathy said smiling at Aaron.

  "Thank-you for coming to tell us." Aaron said as he put his arm around his wife.

  "Well I have another patient to check on so I'd better be going." Lisa said smiling at C.D. as she left.

  "They sure are making some fine looking lady doctors these days" C.D. said under his breath.


“CC, can you come here for a minute?” Alex asked stepping out into the foyer of her office.

            “Yeah just a minute.” Putting the finishing touches on the paperwork she put it in the proper basket.  Her thoughts raced with questions of what Alex might want.  Closing the folders and reorganizing her desk she rose and entered the elaborate office.


            “CC, I need you to courier these files to Houston for me.  The Rangers caught and escapee and he is being extradited.” Alex handed the papers across the desk and CC puked them up placing them in her lap. She really wasn’t happy about having to go down to Houston; the temperature was hot enough in Dallas. Now she was being sent even farther south. AS she continued in her thoughts she nearly missed what Alex was saying next.

            “Ranger Gage will be assisting you.” The words were music to her ears. CC couldn’t believe it she was going to be spending the next two days with Gage.  Suddenly a smile crept on her face as she stood.  “When do we leave?”

            “Go home and get a few things packed.  You are meeting Gage back here in 90 minutes.”

            “All right.” Turning CC briskly left the dim office and headed for the sunny outdoors.  The sticky humidity didn’t seem to faze her as she headed towards her and car and headed home.  She was going to be with Gage it was truly a dream come true.


“Walker, I’ve got good news.” Trivette said rushing into his room at the hospital. “We found the Ram.” The younger Ranger was thrilled to see the smile that found its way to his partners face.  The past couple days had been tough on him and he knew it was more than just the fact that his truck had disappeared.  He suspected that it had something to do with the fact that CD was engaged to Crystal.  Never before had he seen his partner fall for someone like he had for Crystal and he wasn’t sure how long it would be until he got over it.  He had hoped that finding the truck would alleviate some of the pain.

            “Where did you find it?”

            “Over on Old Dixie Lane.  The lady who took was just sleeping in the back as if it were her own.  We are having her checked out when we took her away she kept talking about some Henry.  Right now she’s in a holding cell down at County.”

            “How is the truck?”

            “Perfect, not a scratch on it.” The two continued to talk about the truck and Trivette inquired about how Walker’s surgery had gone and how Sydney was doing.  Before long though a knock came on the door and Crystal popped her head in.  She needed to get to the office but instead had decided to stop at the hospital for a moment to check on Walker and somehow find a way to tell him that things weren’t, as they seemed.

            “Hi,” she said stepping into the room as Trivette rose. “I just stopped to see how you are doing.”

            “I think I’ll head out,” Trivette said grabbing his hat and heading towards the door allowing his partner a few minutes alone with the woman he was in love with. “Nice to see you again Crystal.” He said as he opened the door and headed out.  He could only think about how happy he was that he had the love of his life with him and that they were getting married.  He had spent way too many years as a bachelor and it was time for him to settle down. 

            “How are you feeling?” Crystal asked sitting in the chair that Trivette had occupied only moments earlier.

            “I’m doing all right. A little sore but other than fine.”

            “That’s good.” As he spoke the words he found he wasn’t able to look at her.  He had fallen in love with her the minute he had met her and now knowing he would never hold her in his arms and that they would never take the moonlit walks he had dreamt of tore him up inside. 

            The silence hung in the air as they both searched for the words to express the thoughts that were coursing through their heads.  Finally Crystal found the courage to speak “Walker, I’m so sorry…I wish….I want to tell you…” She was having trouble putting her words together to tell him how she felt without telling him everything. “Walker…”


            “Please call me Cordell…”

            “All right.  Cordell…please remember things aren’t what they seem.  I can’t explain anything more than that…” She stopped not wanting to keep going with her thoughts for fear she would tell him her true feelings about him and even though her case was nearly over she didn’t want the truth to come out about her job.  “I need to go.” As she rose Walker grabbed her hand stopping her and she looked down at him.  She could see the pain that reflected from her eyes into his and knew that he was as torn as she was. 

            “Don’t go…” Walker said his voice barely a whisper as he tried to entice her to sit with him.  He was afraid if she left he would never have the courage to tell her what he needed to get off his chest.

            “I have to go…” Unable to control her emotions further her eyes began to tear and she knew she needed to remove herself from the situation before she broke down in front of the man that had stolen her heart.

            “Crystal, I love you…”

            “I….I love you too…but…I have to go…” Breaking away from his grasp she ran from the room.  Walker watched as she ran from the room and he wished he had the strength to go after her.  Laying his head back against the pillow he breathed in deeply out of defeat. 

            Rushing down the hallway Crystal wasn’t sure where she was going she just had to get away.  Her heart was pounding in her chest and she wished she could return to his room and tell him how very much she loved him.  Every part of her body wanted to return and wrap her arms around his muscular frame and hold him telling him that everything was going to be all right.  As she collected herself she left the hospital knowing that the case would have to be solved soon or else she would run the risk of losing him forever. 


            “All right, all right!” The woman said as the guard led her down the narrow hallway and to her new home for the time being.  As he opened the door she walked inside and found it already occupied by two other woman. 

            “Hi,” One of them said as she stood against the bars.  She was unsure of her surroundings and even unsure of the two women standing before her. 

            “Hi.” She responded noting that they looked just as frightened as she felt. 

            “What’s your name?” The same one asked sitting up on the narrow bunk that was suspended from the wall.

            “Michelle, but my friends all call me Froggie. How about you?”

            “I’m Mimi and this is my friend Jamie. What did you do?”  

            “Would you believe stole a truck? It wasn’t just any truck either it was a Dodge Ram and I guess it belonged to a Texas Ranger…guess that is why they were so upset when they found me.  I only wanted to borrow it….I named it Henry.  What about you two?”

            “Well we’re in here for unruly conduct…I think that’s what they called it.” The once silent Jamie said from her place on the higher bunk.


            “Yeah, it seems we were making too much noise in the street.” Mimi continued.  “Would you believe they don’t like it when you run through the streets of Dallas screaming, I mean all we did was come down here for a convention for our favorite show…you know Walker Texas Ranger?” Without waiting for a response Mimi continued, “Well we were all watching it and Jamie and I decided we needed to get some fresh air and we came down and started running through the streets even chased a couple Dodge Rams ourselves…anyway…after about fifteen minutes two cops came and arrested us and we are waiting to be released.”

            “Wow, sounds pretty intense.” The three continued talking and within a couple of hours when the guards came to release Jamie and Mimi a bond had been formed between them.  After exchanging numbers and addresses “Froggie” was sad to see them leave but she knew that one day they would see each other again.


   Several hours later Sydney lay in her hospital bed as Gage slightly cracked the door. Thinking she was sleeping he started to back away and leave. Then he heard a weaker than usual voice say. "I'm awake."

 So he entered the room. "How are you feeling?"

            "I'm Okay, just really tired."

            "Well I'm not going to stay long. I just wanted to drop by and check on you. I'm going to have to go out of town for Houston. I hate to have to leave you now. But I really don't have a choice."

  "Don't worry, I'm fine. Is anyone from the DA's office going with you? She asked hoping for the answer that she wanted to hear.

  "Yes C.C. is."

   Sydney had been trying to convince Gage for months to give up the obsession he seemed to have for Alex and seek out C.C.

  "Syd I have to say I think I'm starting to agree with you about C.C. I ran into her the other night at Emilio's. We had a nice conversation."

  "Good it's about time."

  "Well don't get your hopes up yet. We just had one dinner together."

               "Okay whatever you say." Sydney said but thinking to herself that there was definitely going to be a future for Gage and C.C.


“Okay…here is what we have so far.” Crystal said as her and Tammy sat down opposite Lee and Amanda at the conference table.  Together they pulled out pictures and reports that they hoped were the beginning of the end to their case. 

            “This is Elaine Portugal, a few years ago she met up with Mr. Parker when she was being investigated by the Texas Rangers. At the time she was working as an accountant for a local church helping out with their bingo games.  Her boss was smuggling drug money and she was put into protective custody.  After the ordeal it appears her and Mr. Parker discussed writing a book or something about their adventures during the case.” Tammy paused allowing her bosses to look over their reports.  They had been doing a lot of footwork over the past couple of days trying to put an end to the case and Crystal’s phony engagement. 

            “It appears that she is putting money into his account.  The reason it took us awhile to track it down is because of the way she has been transferring it.” Crystal had taken over the tale as she tried to speed up their debriefing and get back out into the field.  The only thing they had left to do was talk to Ms. Portugal and then she had to break the news to CD.  She wasn’t sure what was going to be tougher. 

            “See Ms. Portugal has been depositing money into an account here in Dallas and then that money is transferred overseas to Switzerland and then to the Bahamas where it sits idle for an average of 10 days until it is transferred back to Switzerland into a different account and then back here to Mr. Parker’s account.  I have been looking through Mr. Parker’s apartment trying to find any deposit slips or any knowledge of this money and so far I haven’t been able to find any documentation that he knows this is even going on.” Crystal finished with her report and sat back in her chair. Looking over at her bosses she wasn’t sure what they were thinking and could only hope that they would consider their assignment nearly over.

            “Great job, Tammy I want you to interview Mr. Parker and Crystal you go talk to this Ms. Portugal and see what she has to say.  I think we can get this wrapped up by tonight or tomorrow as long as we can prove that this is innocent which it very well sounds like.  So I plan on seeing the both of you in here at 7:00 tomorrow morning. That’s all.” Lee and Amanda gathered up their material and walked out of the conference room. 

            “Well that wasn’t too bad.” Tammy said as she placed her items back into the folder and signed heavily thinking of the early morning deadline they had.

“No not too bad at all.  I think Lee is right I don’t think there is anything illegal going on here but we need to finish this all up before we can make sure.”

“Right.  I’m going to get going and find CD before the bar gets too busy and talk to him.  I’ll call you when I find something out.” 

“Okay. I think I’m going to go home and rest for a little bit before I head on over to see Ms. Portugal.”

‘Late night last night with the new fiancée?” Tammy asked getting a glare from her partner.

“Don’t even ask about that.  I still have to figure out how to tell the poor man that we can’t get married. He really is a good guy.”

“Is that what kept you up late last night or were you pining away over Walker? You know after this is all over there is still a chance for you two…” Tammy said as they walked out the double doors and headed towards the elevator.

“We shall see.  I have a feeling he’s not going to want to date the ex-fiancée of his former partner and good friend.”  Together they headed up in the elevator and to the parking garage where they each got into the respective cars and headed out. 


“All right here we are.” Gage said as he parked the car in front of the hotel.  CC made her way to the trunk and she felt the humidity stick to her.  The sun bore down on them and reflected off the pavement.  She stood next to Gage as he grabbed the luggage and then they made their way to their room.

            “Here let me get the door.” CC said taking the key from Gage’s hand. As they entered the room a waft of cold air welcomed them. 

            “You know I’m sorry about the accommodations, I tried to get two rooms but this was all they had.” Looking around the room CC noted the lone double bed.  She knew it was only one night but she wasn’t really sure how she felt with the sleeping arrangements. 

            “It’s fine, we’ll manager.” She replied getting a few things out of her bag.

            “At least we have a television that works. I want to keep an eye on that storm.” Gage said turning on the small 13-inch monitor that sat on the dilapidated dresser. 

            “What storm?” CC asked as Gage’s words caught her attention.

            “Oh you were sleeping.  There is a tropical storm set to hit here late tonight early tomorrow.”

            “But we are supposed to leave here tomorrow.” CC said sitting down next to him on the bed.

            “I know that’s why I’m hoping it waits or it shifts directions.” Together they sat watching the television reports, which were looking promising.

                                    ****This is Tom Davies down here at channel 18 News Weather Center. The latest update shows that Tropical Storm Dixie has picked up speed and intensity. It appears that if it keeps on this course and picking up intensity as it has been it will reach full hurricane before it reaches us. We are expecting it to hit Houston within three to four hours.  We suggest that you seek shelter and any persons in low-lying areas should seek higher shelter. We will continue to bring you updated information as it comes in. This is Tom Davies out. ****

            “Gage what are we going to do?”

            “We are staying right here. This building is secure and we’ll be fine.  Nodding her head she went into the bathroom and put on a T-shirt and flannel pants.  A part of her was scared she didn’t care for thunderstorms and now here she was waiting for a hurricane to hit them.  Yet as she walked back out into the main room she found herself almost a little excited about being stranded with Gage.


            Back in Dallas Tammy had finished with her questioning and was awaiting her partner back in their office at the Dallas branch of the Agency.  It was early evening and she knew Crystal should have had more than enough time to get her interview done and be back at the Agency yet she was no where to be found.  If it had been any other case she would have been worried but she knew that her partners lack of appearance was due more to the broken heart she had ensued upon herself and that of Walker.

            “Sorry I’m here…I needed to take a walk and sort of lost track of time.”

            “That’s all right, Lee and Amanda aren’t back yet anyway.  Apparently they had some train anniversary today and left shortly after lunch.  The note they left said they should be back any minute.  So what is up with you?”

            “Nothing…what did you find out?” She said trying to change the subject.

            “Not that fast…I have been trying to find you and I know you are upset about something…it’s Walker isn’t it?”

            “Why would you think that?” She asked seeing the look in her partner’s eyes and knew she was busted. “All right yeah it’s him.  I hate lying to him you know? I stopped by the hospital today and saw him before coming in earlier…he told me he loves me.  How on earth do I respond to that? I mean here I am a federal agent and unable to tell him that the only reason I’m engaged to his friend and former partner is because I’m investigating funny money in that friend’s account.” 

            ‘Well after you find out what I did things will be looking up…I am guessing after we talk to Lee and Amanda this entire façade will be able to fall and you can talk to Walker.”

            “And what do I say?  Oh I’m sorry I led your best friend on?”

            “Tell him the truth.”

            “Like you have Trivette?”

            “That’s different…”

            “It’s complicated…” Getting the “evil” eye from her partner Tammy knew she was talking in circles and just as she was about to continue a knock was heard on their door and as Lee stuck his head in they welcomed their bosses inside where they discussed the case and were able to put everything to rest. 

            ‘Great so the money is just money funding their book?” Amanda asked a half hour later as Tammy and Crystal revealed the information they had found. 

            “Exactly.  It appears that several years ago when they first met they decided to write a book.  We still aren’t sure exactly why Ms. Portugal chose to send the money through so many wires but it’s legal and CD is off the hook.” Tammy said closing the file that sat on her desk. 

            “That’s great…well it looks like my best team has just solved another one.” Lee said as he and his wife stood shaking the hands of the female team.

            “Thanks Lee,”

            “Why don’t you both take a couple days off…we’ll see you back here fresh and ready to go.”

            They watched as the legendary team walked hand and hand out of their office.  Tammy watched as her partner sat down heavily in her chair.  “Go talk to him…you are off the hook, I know it’s going to be hard breaking this off with CD but you have to come clean now and then go talk to Walker.  Trust me Walker will understand.”
            “Only if you promise me that you will tell Trivette.” Tammy sat there for a moment she knew her partner was right she needed to tell her fiancée what she did for a living because sooner or later it would come out and lying to him would only make it worse in the end. 

            “Fine, I will…tonight.” Finishing up the last of the paperwork on the case the two signed their papers and putting them in the out basket they each got up and grabbing their purses they left the Agency for two days. 


            Down in Houston the hurricane was making it’s first real appearance as the rains started and the winds picked up.  CC sat on the bed watching the weather channel as Gage put towels down on the floor to soak up the water that was already coming into their room.  Coming back to the bed he sat down next to CC.  He could tell she was tired and yet he knew she wasn’t going to sleep until she felt safe. 

            “It’s going to be all right,” Gage said turning to her as she nodded.

            “I know,” She knew her words weren’t reassuring but she spoke them nonetheless.  She had never been in a hurricane and now here she was sitting on a double bed in a hotel room during a hurricane with the man she was in love with. 

            Suddenly a tree outside snapped in the wind and came crashing down cutting the power lines outside their building.  Everything went black and CC jumped landing in Gage’s arms.  He immediately wrapped them around her and feeling her shiver with fear he held her close.