By Leire,

  At last a family!

It was Friday, a hard week ended for everybody, and a great weekend was waiting for all of them.  They all were going to a lake; Walker, Alex, little Angela, Trivette and Erika, Gage and Sydney and C.D.  Tonight, all were going to meet at C.D.’s for dinner, Walker and Alex were getting ready at the ranch.

“Walker, honey, can you get ready Angela?  She’s messing up our bed!” “Give me a minute, I’m putting my boots”

“Mommy!! Can I wear the red dress?” Angela asked trying to get off of the bed. “Ok darling, go to your room and fetch it, then give it to daddy and tell him to help you to get ready” Before Alex finishes the sentence, the four year old little Angela is running forward her bedroom. Alex starts laughing when she sees her little girl running.

Meanwhile Walker gets out of the bathroom and he is wondering why his beautiful wife is laughing alone, and where his Angel is.

“Alex what are you laughing at? and where is my little Angel?” I’m laughing cause your “Little Angel has gone to her bedroom to fetch the new red dress, she’s gone running and you know the style of Angela running...” “Yes I know” Walker starts to laugh while he imagines his little lady running...” Seconds later, he appears again with a beautiful red dress. “Daddy! Mommy told me to tell you to get me dressed”

“Ok darling, sit on the bed...”

They all were ready by now, Angela and Alex are in the RAM waiting for Walker to come ,he is locking the doors. “Mommy, today aunt Erika came to the Hope Center!” “Really?” “Yes, and she gave me lots of sweets, we’ve been playing then.”

And then Walker entered in the RAM.

“So are we ready to have dinner?” Both girls nodded, and he started the car.

The drive to the center was quiet, everybody was hungry and willing to sit on the table.

Alex asked if everything was ready for tomorrow.  Which Walker answered that everything was settled down.

Finally they all arrived to C.D.’s Bar & Grill.  All their friends were there waiting for them.

Angela entered running through the door to her Aunts Sydney’s waiting arms seconds later Alex and walker entered hands together and with smiles on their faces.

While Angela hugged everybody and she received lots of kisses ,she asked for her grandpa C.D. who was in the kitchen, getting everything ready for dinner.

“Grandpa!!!” Angela shouted. “Honey, grandpa is getting ready the Chilli” her aunt Erika told to her little niece.

“Chilli? Mmmm I love the Chilli” They all laughed to the youngest expression. “Angela hon, I like very much your red dress” Gage told her. “Thanks, mommy bought me the other day” she told very loudly so everybody could hear the happiness she had inside wearing the beautiful dress, and then she gave a sweet kiss to her mom.

The dinner was great, but they soon were looking forward to go home to rest and be ready in the morning.

All the table was now cleared, and they were saying their goodbyes. Angela was already asleep in her daddy's arms.  And they headed to the Ram, to start their drive  to the ranch. Angela was in her moms arms that she too fell asleep  very fastly.

Walkers finally arrived to the ranch, and Walker silently woke Alex up.  They entered at home and Alex put her little daughter in bed, whom suddenly squeezed her hand like letting her know that she wanted her mom with her. Alex tried to leave her, but it was impossible because she was begging her to stay for the night.

Walker came in and Alex explained him what was happening.  Deciding not to argue at this time he took Angela is his arms and carried her to their bedroom.

She laid between her parents warm and finally fell asleep.


It was now morning, but they still had sometime before leaving for the trip.

Walker was the first waking up with the sunshine that crossed his features.  His "loves" were still sleeping he thought to fix a great breakfast and have it in bed.  He dressed and went down to get ready a tray full of food.

Her belly growing 'cause of her pregnancy, Alex felt the movement of the baby, and she woke up.

Looking down, she saw her Angel still sleeping.

She smiled to what she was seeing.

She was right now the happiest woman in all the world.  She was married to her life's love, Ranger Cordell Walker, she was the mommy of this beautiful little girl and was going to be again mom of another child soon.  She had lots of friends and her job was very important, what else could she ask?

Returning back from her daydream, she saw her Cowboy standing by the door, carrying a big tray full of food.  A big smile was what she had in her face seeing him.

"Good morning Cowboy" she greeted him, with a kiss in the cheek.

“Hey good morning to you too, how are you honey?”

“I’m fine ,and looking forward to go to that trip!”

“Well, we’ll be heading to the lake soon, so better start having breakfast”

Minutes later, Angela was waking from her sleep...”Hi mommy” and gave Alex a kiss, ”Hi daddy” and gave Walker another kiss.

“How did you sleep honey?” asked Alex, “very well, because the monster didn’t come when I was in your bed.”

Both Alex and Walker started to laugh, ”honey there is no monster in your bedroom, believe me”

“Daddy, I saw a monster last night!”

“Tell you what, let’s go and see if there is anyone there ok?” said Walker, while Alex started to laugh hardly.

Meanwhile Walker and his daughter were looking for the monster, Alex already finished her breakfast, so she went to the shower.

“Daddy, I think the monster go away, you scared it.” Angela said happily.

“Thanks God, let’s have breakfast little girl, it’s getting late, and everybody will be waiting for us.”

3 hours later, In the lake.....

Syd, have Trivette and Erica arrived? I can’t find them nowhere”

“I don’t think so, as always we are the first arriving here” Syd said.

“What about Walker, Alex and Angela?”

“I’m sure they will be arriving soon, you know, Angela can’t wait for this...” she laughed

“C.D. was coming with Trivette right?” “Yes Gage, can you please relax for a while! “

“Ok, ok I’m sorry, I’m so looking forward to spend a great time here...that I can’t wait!”

Moments later...

“Walker, there is Gage’s car, you can park next to them” Alex said.

“Yeah I will, You can get out of the car and go with them, look there they are!”

“Mommy, mommy come on I want to play with aunt Syd in the water...!!!!”

In Trivette's car

“Sweetheart, I think everybody is waiting for us, we are late as always” Erica commented

“Yeah Jimmy, can’t you go faster?” Cd asked

“No Big Dog, this is not a big road, and it’s quite dangerous” Jimmy replied

“Ok, I’m calling Alex to tell her that we will be arriving as soon as we can” C.D. said.


“Hello?” Alex answered

“Hi darling I’m C.D., sorry for not arriving yet, but Jimmy can’t go faster, so we’ll try to arrive soon ok?”

“Don’t worry, we are here waiting for you all. Just make sure everything’s ok” Alex replied.

“Sure. How about you, is the baby kicking hard as last night?” Cd questioned.

“ Well, less than before, but still yes it is.” Alex said

“Ok, hope  to feel that moving, see ya later ok?  Give a big kiss to my granddaughter, will ya?”

“Sure, she is playing with Syd and Gage”

“Talk to you later honey” Cd finished

“Ok bye bye” Alex replied.

“Jimmy, remind me to drive on the road back, cause everybody is waiting for us!” Cd told Jimmy.

Minutes later in the Lake:

"Hey the Trivette's and C.D. are here!" Alex said.

"Sorry guys, this man didn't know the road..." Cd said getting out from the car.

"Grandpa! Too much time, me waiting for you" Angela said trying to reach him.

"Well we finally arrived, so we aren't going to lose anymore minutes" Trivette said downloading everything from the car.

"Alex ,mind to go for a walk with me?" Walker asked his wife.

"That would be cool, but Angela?"

" Look at C.D., and you'll know the answer..."

"Do you think he would want to spend some time with that little monster of ours?"

"I think so"

"Ok, I'll tell him"

Alex and Cd....

"C.D., I was wondering if you mind taking care of Angela for a few hours, Walker and me are going for a walk...mind to stay playing with her. I mean all of you?" Alex asked.

"Honey, don't worry, we'll be fine, I can teach her how to catch some fish..believe me you two go ahead, and have a nice time together."

"Are you sure?"

"Go" Cd repeated about 4 times.

"Thanks, I love you! "

"I love you too"

And as it was said, Walker and Alex went for a walk, around the lake. Both were enjoying a great time together.

They spent the afternoon talking, but suddenly Alex silenced, and Walker asked her what was wrong.

"Alex, you ok?" Walker asked.

"Yes why?"

"You are in silence since 5 minutes ago."

"Sorry, I was thinking."

"Thinking in what?"

"In how to tell you that..I" and she silenced again.

"How to tell me what?"

"That, we are having another girl" she smiled.

" you must be kidding" he didn't realize she was saying the truth

"No I'm not kidding."

"Are you sure?"

"Walker, I went to the doctor yesterday ,and she did the sonogram, another girl"

"Oh really?" he smiled

"Yes another little girl"

"That's perfect"

"You sure? I thought you wanted a boy this time" she said worried.

"We can always think in the next one" he joked.

"You'll have to wait, although this one is being much better than Angela's, I need to recover..."

"Sounds Ok to me..."

"So are we going to tell Angela?" she asked.

"I would say that yes"

"Ok...maybe tonight when we put her in "bed"


"Honey, Mommy has something to tell you..." Walker told Angela while she changed into her pyjama.

"Walker, you are always making me say this things" Alex said

"I know, but you like it" he laughed and kissed her.

"Mommy, me waiting..." Angela said.

"Ok, You know, that Mommy is having a baby right?"

"Yes, me happy" she kisses her Mother.

"Ok, will you be happy if it is a girl?

"Me very happy Mommy"

"Thanks God" Walker and Alex said in unison.

And Angela woke everybody up, and let them know that she was having a sister...

This was going to be a long long night...