Alex sat beside Walker in his truck as they drove to the ranch with her mind reeling. She had recently been sick at night and had also fainted leading Walker to insist that Alex see Dr. Stine who was their family doctor. Dr. Stine thinking that there was a possibility of Alex having fibroids had sent her to Dr. Bates who did a sonogram to locate the fibroids. Instead of confirming the presence of fibroids Dr. Bates had asked that Alex and Walker meet with her the next day, which they did. While there Dr. Bates explained that instead of doing the tubal litigation on Alex that she was supposed to have done she had been called away to another patient. That another doctor in her practice, Dr. Wilson was then  supposed to do the operation. Dr. Wilson informed the Walkers that he had decided that there was no medical reason for the tubal litigation so he didn't do the operation because it went against his moral beliefs. Dr. Wilson also didn't bother to tell either the Walkers or Dr. Bates that fact until they were all together in Dr. Bate's office. Dr. Bates at that meeting told the Walkers that Alex was pregnant but it was unlikely that she would carry the baby to term and was too far along for an abortion. That Alex's blood pressure was already too high and there was a good possibility of a miscarriage. That someone had to be with Alex at all times to watch for signs of hemorrhaging. When Walker mentioned suing Dr. Bates and Dr. Wilson, Alex had said that for now she would see another doctor. That they would worry about their legal options some other time.

Walker looked over at Alex who hadn't spoken since they left Dr. Bate's office and said to her “Honey when we get home we can figure out what to do about this.”  Looking at the scenery instead of him Alex asked her husband “Can we put off talking about this for awhile? I'm not ready to deal with it just yet." Walker answered his wife "Okay honey." They were silent the rest of the way home. After putting the kids to bed the Walkers retired to their room both deep in their own thoughts.

When Walker got to work the next day he called Trivette into his office and after closing the door asked him "Trivette I need to take some time off, can you handle things here?”

"Yes, what's wrong? Is Alex sick or something?”  A concerned Trivette questioned Walker who answered "Yes, it's Alex. The reason that she fainted the other night is because she's pregnant."

"But I thought that you said that the two of you weren't going to have anymore children? Isn't that what you told me, that you had decided no more babies because of the scare that you got when the triplets were born? That you couldn't take wondering if Alex would survive giving birth to your child again?” Trivette asked Walker who bitterly answered "Yes, that's what we decided but it seems that the doctor had other ideas."

"What do you mean by that?” Trivette asked his friend.

"I mean that after the triplets were born Alex decided that she wanted her tubes taken care of so that there would be no more babies and I agreed with her. We thought that Dr. Bates had done the operation while Alex was in the hospital recovering from the birth of the triplets but it turns out that she was called away to another patient and the doctor who was then supposed to do the operation didn't. Alex was in the operating room knocked out when Dr. Bates left her in Dr. Wilson's care. Dr. Wilson said that according to him there was no valid medical reason for it so he didn't do it because it was against his moral beliefs. He just never bothered to tell anyone that until it was too late." Walker explained.

"Now what?” Trivette questioned.

"Now we either wait for Alex to have a miscarriage and risk her life in the process or I find someone who will perform an abortion. Dr. Bates said that this is a very high risk pregnancy and that someone had to be with Alex at all times to watch out for signs of hemorrhaging. Dr. Bates said that it was unlikely that Alex would be able to carry the baby to term. Trivette that's the only reason that I'm even considering an abortion is to get it over with before something happens to Alex. She was devastated when she miscarried the twins and I don't want her going through that again." Walker said to Trivette who asked him "Why can't Dr. Bates do it?”

"Because Alex is too far along for one under Texas State law. Trivette I do want the baby but if losing the baby means saving Alex's life, I'll do it." Walker said.

Trivette sincerely told Walker "I'm sorry man, I'll handle things here. You worry about Alex." Then trying to lighten things up asked “Hey Walker how about I take Angela and Ray to a movie with J.W. tonight? It'll give you and Alex some time to decide things."

"If you're sure that you can manage the three of them together?” Walker asked and Trivette assured him that he could by boasting “A piece of cake."

"Okay, I'm going to make some phone calls then I'm going home." Walker said.

Chapter Two

Alex picked up the phone and called her friend Sydney Cooke "Sydney, it's me Alex. How are you doing?”

"Okay, thank god I never got morning sickness like you did. How did you deal with morning sickness and do your job at the same time? I'm having a hard enough time just doing my job even though I've been assigned desk duty because of my pregnancy." Sydney answered her friend. Alex answered "Well some days it wasn't very easy but it was worth it." Then Alex asked her "Sydney, if you're feeling okay could you come out to the ranch this evening? I need to talk to somebody."

“Alex, I'm feeling fine and I'll see you at the ranch about six, okay?” Sydney said to Alex who answered "Thanks, I'll see you then."

Walker called up his friend Sam Coyote and said "Sam, it's me Walker. I'm bringing my family up there this weekend. Do you happen to know if Dr. Storm will be there this weekend?” Puzzled by the question Sam asked Walker “as far as I know, why?”

"It's Alex, I need her to see a doctor that I can trust." Walker replied.

"Why, what's wrong with her?” Sam asked.

“Alex's pregnant even though she arranged an operation with Dr. Bates so that she couldn't become pregnant again. Needless to say the operation wasn't done." Walker explained to Sam who was still puzzled and asked him "What exactly do you expect Dr. Storm to help you with?”

“An abortion. Alex is a little pass the legal limit for one in Texas, that's why Dr. Bates won't do it." Walker answered.

Sam said " I know that you have a bunch of kids but why do you want your wife to have an abortion? Washo that doesn't sound like you.”

"I know that Sam but Dr. Bates said that it was highly unlikely that Alex would be able to carry the baby to term because it's a high risk pregnancy. That she would miscarry the baby. That someone had to be with Alex at all times to watch for signs of hemorrhaging and rush Alex to the hospital. That it could be life threatening, I'm not willing to risk Alex's life like that." Walker said to Sam who told him "Dr. Storm may not agree to do it but it wouldn't hurt to ask him because after all Alex donated most of the medical equipment that the clinic has. I'll see you this weekend."

  Chapter Three

When Walker entered his home he found Alex in the living room, looking really pale. Going to her he asked "what do you think about us going to the reservation this weekend? Will you be up to the trip?” Alex asked "why do you want to go to the reservation this weekend?”

"To take care of our problem." Walker answered his wife who protested "wait a minute cowboy, we haven't even discussed this yet."

"I know, we'll discuss it when Trivette takes Angela and Ray to the movies this evening along with J.W." Walker informed Alex.

"I wasn't planning on doing something that quickly, I need time to see what my options are. Walker, I want this baby as much as I wanted my other babies.”  Alex told her husband who then said to her “Alex, there is no sense in us putting this off any longer than we have to. So after we have our talk I'll pack some things so that we can go to the reservation this weekend and take care of it."

Getting mad at his attitude Alex snapped "I don't know why you're planning on us talking later, it seems to me that you've already made up your mind and don't plan on listening to me never mind the fact that I'm the one who's pregnant, not you."

As the triplets began fussing Walker said "we'll talk later honey but right now I have to see to the babies.”  He left the room ending the conversation.

Later Trivette had picked up Angela and Ray.  Walker had the nanny leave for the evening he then took Alex into the living room and seated her on the couch. Walker said to her "I've already talked to Sam and he said that Dr. Storm should be there this weekend so we'll just have him take care of it for us. You'll see Alex, after this weekend everything will be okay, I promise."

"I'm not ready for that step yet, at least not without getting a second opinion on this. I just can't do something like that so quickly. It just seems too cold-blooded to me to have an abortion. Besides I want to have this baby and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to see that it makes it.” Alex tried to explain to Walker who brushed her objections aside by saying “Honey we didn't plan on having another baby. Like I told you before, the sooner it's done the better. Now we are going to the reservation this weekend and taking care of it."

            Alex snapped at him "no, we're not." Walker not backing down snapped back at her "yes we are, it's settled."

            Getting to her feet a irate Alex yelled at Walker "I'm the one who's pregnant but you're the one who gets to decide everything, I don't think so. I am not going to the reservation this weekend or any other weekend to take care of this. This as you call it is a baby, my baby because you apparently don't want it. I'm keeping my baby. So there Cordell John Walker."

Getting to his feet also Walker said "yes we are Alexandra Erin Cahill-Walker so there.”  As he headed to the door Alex yelled at his back “how could you want to kill you own baby? Are you that cold-blooded?” Walker kept on walking away as Alex began to follow him but then she got dizzy and barely made back to the couch where she passed out from the pain.

Sydney who had just arrived to visit with Alex told Walker as he was heading to the barn "I'm here to see Alex, I'll just let myself in." Walker didn't say anything so Sydney entered the house to find Alex on the couch passed out. Shaking Alex's shoulder Sydney asked her when she stirred “Alex, are you Okay?” Opening her eyes Alex asked "Sydney when did you get here?”

"Just now, are you okay? You look really pale. Should I get Walker for you?” A very concerned Sydney asked Alex who could only nod her head yes and Sydney went to get Walker as fast as she could considering her own pregnancy.” Walker, there's something wrong with Alex. She's on the couch and I think that she needs medical attention." Walker ran into the house followed by Sydney.

When he got there he found Alex curled up in a fetal position crying.” Alex, what's the matter honey?” Looking at Walker Alex moaned and said "it looks like you're getting your way, I'm losing the baby."

"What do you mean?” Walker questioned  Alex who answered "I'm bleeding badly, happy?”  Then Alex fainted as Sydney picked up the phone and after calling an ambulance to get help for Alex called Dr. Bates "Dr. Bates, this is Sydney Cooke, I'm at the Walker's and Alex is bleeding and she passed out. I already called an ambulance but is there anything that I should do until it gets here?”

Dr. Bates Asked “how bad is the bleeding?” Sydney answered "bad, its soaking through Alex's clothes."

"Okay make an ice compress and place it between her legs, the bleeding needs to be slowed down because if it isn't there's the possibility that Alex could bleed out.  I'll be waiting at the hospital when they bring her in" Dr. Bates told Sydney who did as she was told to. When the ambulance came Sydney explained everything to them and as they were loading Alex into the ambulance she came to and said "I don't want him coming with me."

"Sydney, I'll stay with the children. Can you go with Alex to the hospital? I'll be there as soon as I can." Walker asked and Sydney went to the hospital with Alex instead of Walker.

Chapter Four

Walker quickly got a hold of Betty and explained the situation to her "Betty, it's Walker. You have to come back to the house Alex was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and I have to go there to be with her. How soon can you get here?”

"In twenty minutes." Betty assured Walker. When she got to the house he said to her “Caroline is on her way here to help with the triplets, Angela and Ray are with Trivette at the movies, they should be back shortly. Betty can you tell Trivette about Alex, but not in front of the children? I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Yes, I'll tell Trivette. You go ahead now." Betty said to Walker who left and went to the hospital where he saw Sydney and said to her "Sydney thanks for going with Alex in the ambulance. Have the doctors said anything yet?”

            "No they haven't. Walker, if you don't mind me asking how can Alex be having a miscarriage when she had a tubal litigation done to prevent pregnancies?”  Sydney questioned him.

"Because Dr. Wilson who was supposed to do it for Dr. Bates decided on his own that Alex didn't need it and he also didn't feel the need to tell anyone that until we found out that Alex was pregnant, that's why.  I swear that if Alex dies because of this I will make both of them pay with their lives." Walker vowed.

"Okay, I'd better go call Gage and tell him where I'm at so that he doesn't get worried." Sydney said ignoring Walker's threat against the doctors. Walker told her "Sydney go home. You shouldn't be on your feet too long in your condition. As soon as I find anything out about Alex I'll call you." Sydney answered "my back and my feet are starting to hurt but I don't want you to be here alone at a time like this."

            "I'll be fine. No doubt Trivette will come here after he drops off Angela and Ray at the house.  Please go home Sydney." Walker told her and she left. About an hour later Trivette showed up and asked him "Walker have you heard anything yet?”

"No, shouldn't you be home with your son?” Walker questioned Trivette who answered his friend "Betty and Caroline both said that he could stay overnight at your house, that way Ray and Angela won't be too upset about their mother not being home." Walker then began to pace the hallways and Trivette tried assuring him "Walker, she's going to be okay, you have to believe that." Walker didn't answer he just kept on pacing as Trivette found a chair and sat on it to wait for news on Alex.

About three hours later Dr. Bates came out into the hallway and after taking Walker aside said to him "I'm sorry Mr. Walker but Mrs. Walker had a miscarriage. There were complications and we had to remove her uterus."

Walker asked " What does that mean? Will she be okay?”

"It means that Mrs. Walker will never be able to conceive another child again. She should be fine physically but she may have problems dealing with the loss of her uterus. A lot of women who have this type of surgery feel as though they are less of a woman after it." Dr. Bates explained to Walker.

"That's good. Can I see her now?” Walker asked not listening to the part about Alex's potential self esteem loss. Dr. Bates led him into the room Alex was in. She moaned and Walker took his wife's hand and said to her “Honey, it's okay I'm here.”  Alex's eyes flew open and she removed her hand from Walker's and snapped at him "I don't want to look at your face, haven't you done enough damage?” Walker stood there stunned as Alex told Dr. Bates "I want him out of here, and if he doesn't leave right now I am."

"Mr. Walker perhaps it would be better if you left now." Dr. Bates said to Walker "I am not leaving my wife." Getting upset Alex started to get out of bed saying "Fine then I'll leave." Grabbing Alex to keep her in bed Dr. Bates pleaded "Mr. Walker please leave, you are upsetting my patient. It's not good for Alex in her condition."

      “Alex, do you really want me to leave?” Walker asked his wife who coldly answered "Yes." Walker left the room without looking back. He brushed right by Trivette who tried to ask him how Alex was. Coming out into the hallway Dr. Bates said to him "Ranger Trivette, I know that you are a good friend of the Walkers and I'm only telling you this because of it. As it is I'm violating doctor-patient confidentiality by saying anything to you. When Mrs. Walker had the miscarriage, there were complications resulting in the removal of her uterus, she doesn't know about it yet. Now Mrs. Walker will heal in time but for now she doesn't want to see her husband because of the miscarriage. A lot of women who go through a miscarriage take it out on their husbands at first because of the pain that there are in. In time Mrs. Walker will no doubt understand that it wasn't Mr. Walker's fault. Please for the Walker's sake will you try to explain that to him?  He left so fast that I wasn't able to."

"Okay Dr. Bates." Trivette answered her. Then he asked “Can I see Alex? There's no talking to Walker tonight in the mood that he's in. I'll do it tomorrow.” Dr. Bates nodded okay and Trivette went into Alex's room and visited with her for awhile.

Chapter Five

The next morning Walker was at the hospital bright and early, entering Alex's room he picked his wife's hand up and asked her “Honey, are you feeling any better?” Yanking her hand back Alex answered him "I'll be fine just as soon as you leave."

"Damn it Alex, stop talking that way. Look I'm sorry that you lost the baby and that you're upset about it but it was for the best." Walker told her. Getting mad Alex asked "It was for the best?  How can you be so cold-blooded about the death of our baby?  Didn't it mean anything to you at all?”

            “Alex I know that you're not seeing things clearly right now but in time you will understand that it really was for the best." Walker told his wife and then getting a chair sat down besides her bed and asked “How long will  you be in here?  I want my family to go to the reservation as soon as possible."

            “Losing a baby is never for the best, how dare you say something like that to me? Don't you have any feelings at all? And to hell with the reservation.”  Alex responded on the verge of tears. Growing impatient Walker snapped at her "God damn it, of course I have feelings but I'd rather that the baby not make it instead of you. After all Alex we had decided no more babies."

"If you hadn't fought with me I wouldn't have lost the baby. I wanted it and I was willing to do whatever I had to make sure that both the baby and I made it. But you decided otherwise didn't you?”  Alex questioned her husband who didn't answer her but looked away instead. After neither one of them talked for awhile Alex asked Walker "I want to see Angela and Ray, can you bring them by later?”

"Sure after I get Angela from school I'll bring them both here to see you. Then after they let you out we'll go to the reservation as a family." Walker told Alex who informed him "I don't want to go to the reservation with you. How many times do you have to be told that?"

"I'm going, the children are going and so are you." Walker stated. Getting mad at his insistence on a trip to the reservation Alex said "No. I'm not."

"Enough Alex, I know that you're upset by losing the baby and then having your uterus removed because of it but you can't turn your back on us. We're a family and we're going to the reservation as one so that means that you're going whether or not you want to." Walker said to Alex who was so stunned by what he had just said to her that she asked him in disbelief  "my uterus was removed?”

Realizing that Alex hadn't known about it Walker attempted to downplay it by saying to his wife “Honey, it doesn't make a difference to me because we weren't planning on having anymore children anyhow." Now crying Alex asked "it doesn't make a difference that I'm no longer a woman?”

"Will you stop it Alex, we have five children. There is no need to cry about not having anymore." Walker told Alex upsetting her further, at that point Dr. Bates entered the room and asked “how are we doing Mrs. Walker?”

"Make him leave, I don't know why I married such a cold-blooded jerk.”  Alex requested of Dr. Bates and Walker left the room without saying a word.

Chapter Six

Trivette who had been calling Walker from the time he had woken up had finally managed to get a hold of Walker by going to the ranch. Once there he said hi to his son J.W. and waited for Walker to show up. Once he did Trivette confronted him "Walker, where have you been? I've been trying to reach you all morning to tell you what Dr. Bates told me last night."

"If it's about Alex I don't want to hear it.” Walker told Trivette who said to him "too bad, you're going to hear it whether or not you want to."

"Nothing that you tell me that Dr. Bates said to you last night can excuse Alex's behavior toward me last night or this morning. There is no reason on this earth for her to treat me that way." Walker informed Trivette who sighed over Walker's stubbornness and said “look Walker, I don't know what Alex said to you last night or this morning but you have got to understand that it isn't her talking like that, it's the pain that she's in. Dr. Bates said that a lot of women who go through what Alex just went through blame it on their husbands at first and that eventually they see that it wasn't their husband's fault."

“Alex is my wife, not most other women and I will not stand there while she calls me cold-blooded and tells more than once to get lost. If Alex wants me gone; that's exactly what she is going to get as far as I'm concerned." Walker told Trivette.

“Let me get this straight, your wife who just had a miscarriage after fighting with you resulting in her uterus being removed hurt your feelings and you're going to what dump her?” Trivette questioned him in disbelief. Getting mad Walker snapped “Alex made it quite clear that she wants nothing to do with me."

"Will you stop being such a self centered jerk?” Trivette asked Walker who exploded "what the hell is that supposed to mean?”

"It means that you owe your wife some understanding, it means that Alex deserves your love and support until she gets over her pain." Trivette told Walker who then all but sneered "oh I see, I'm just supposed to wait around until Alex decides that she wants something to do with me again?”

"Yes, because you owe Alex big time for all of the times that you turned your back on her and she waited for you to come to your senses." Trivette tried again to get Walker to come to his senses. Walker protested "I will not be with someone who doesn't want me around. Someone who blames me for the death of their baby."

Having had enough Trivette snapped at Walker "fine, then throw your marriage away like a fool, or is that what you really want anyhow?  To be without your wife because from where I'm standing it sure seems that way to me." Trivette then got J.W. and left.

Back at the hospital after examining Alex Dr. Bates said to her "Mrs. Walker, there were complications during your miscarriage and we had to remove your uterus."

"I know Walker already told me. I'll bet that made him happy, no more babies because I'm no longer a woman.”  Alex bitterly said to Dr. Bates who said "Mrs. Walker, I am truly sorry for everything that's happened. Can I call someone for you?”  Alex shook her head no. ”Okay Mrs. Walker, you are going to stay here another day and then I'll release you. Now when you get home you'll need someone to help you because I don't want you lifting anything over five pounds for the next several weeks. Also no sex until after you're seen by me or another doctor and given a clean bill of health." Dr. Bates went to leave the room then stopped and asked "Mrs. Walker maybe you should think about talking to a professional about what you just went through, it couldn't hurt. I have some names that I could give you."

"I have a friend Sharon who's helped me in the past, I'll call her later. As for my checkup, I'll need the name of another doctor. You can have the nurse give it to me. Goodbye Dr. Bates.” Alex said to the doctor who left and Alex gave into her tears.

Chapter Seven

Josie Wells entered Alex's hospital room and said to her "girl you have got to stay out of hospital rooms.  So how are you doing?” Alex asked her "did Walker tell you that I was here?”

"No Jimmy did when he dropped J. W. off at the Hope Center. He didn't say what was wrong with you only that you were here and needed to see a friendly face.  So what are you doing in here?” Josie asked as she sat down in a chair.

"To make a long story short, I had a miscarriage and they removed my uterus.” Alex explained and Josie said " Oh, I'm sorry Alex. You and Walker must be devastated."

"I'm devastated, that jerk is happy about it.” Alex answered her and Josie not quite understanding who Alex was calling a jerk asked her "what jerk?”

"Walker, my so called husband. That's the jerk  I'm talking about.” Alex said.

Still Josie questioned Alex because she had never heard Alex talk like that about her husband "Walker, you can't mean him?”

"Walker, yes I mean him. How could he say that losing the baby was for the best?  How could anyone be that cold?” Alex asked.

Josie said “Alex, maybe Walker was afraid of something happening to you because of the pregnancy, was it going to be a risky one?”

"Very high risk but still I was going to do whatever I had to to see to it that the baby made it while Walker took it upon himself to arrange an abortion. Oh Josie, I could see the baby, a pretty little girl. She would look like my mother and I was going to call her Josie Erin Cahill.” Alex said as tears began rolling down her face. Getting up from her chair Josie said while patting Alex on the shoulder "I'm sorry Alex, is there anything that I can do for you?”

Drying her tears Alex answered "No, I'll be fine. I just wanted my baby so much." Just then Walker entered with Angela and Ray who said as he crawled onto the bed "Mommy, we're here. Your babies are here."

Angela said "I'm no baby, you are. Mommy when are you coming home?" Kissing Ray Alex answered her daughter "Soon honey."

Walker turned to Josie and asked her "would you mind taking them into the hallway for a minute?  Alex and I need to talk." Josie left the room with the children and Walker said “look Alex, I really am sorry that you lost the baby."

"Sure you are, that's why you were so busy planning an abortion. Damn it Walker, wasn't there even a part of you that wanted this baby?” Alex questioned her husband who replied "Yes there was. Alex please understand, when you fainted after giving birth to Cooper and Michaela and Dr. Bates made me leave the room I stood in the hallway wondering if you were going to survive giving birth to my children. It was the same way when Angela was born. Trivette was there when the triplets were born and I told him that I couldn't go through that again wondering if you were dying because of me, going through that two times were more than enough. It wasn't that I didn't want the baby I did but I wanted you more. Alex from the way Dr. Bates was talking I thought that there was no chance of the baby making it and I pushed for the abortion because I thought that it wouldn't be as devastating to you as when you miscarried the twins.  If I had to do it over again I would not have been so demanding about you getting an abortion.  I'm sorry about that but I'm not sorry that you're still alive."

"What about the fact that I'm no longer a woman?” Alex questioned him and Walker picked up her hand and said to Alex "you're a woman, my woman and when you feel up to it I'll prove it."

Just then Ray and Angela came back into the room and Angela said to her mother "Mommy, Daddy says that we are going to the reservation as soon as you're home."

"Sweetheart Mommy won't be able to travel that far for awhile, besides Mommy wants to spend some time talking to Miss Sharon.” Alex told her daughter who asked "why Mommy?”

Walker answered his daughter "because sometimes Mommies need to talk to other women and Miss Sharon is a good friend of Mommy's."  The children then spent awhile visiting with their mother. As Walker was getting the children ready to go home he asked Alex "if talking to Sharon doesn't help, will you consider coming to the reservation with the rest of us?”

"I'll think about it.” Alex answered as her eyes drifted shut.

Chapter Eight

It was now over a month later and Walker was worried about Alex, she seemed as though she was just going through the motions of life, not living them. As soon as Alex was home from the hospital she had demanded that Walker return to work because she said that he was getting on her nerves.  So Walker had reluctantly returned to work hoping that Alex's meetings with Sharon would help her.  To Walker they didn't seem to be helping at all, the woman that he had fallen in love with all those years ago didn't seem to exist anymore, at least not when it came to him. With the children at first Alex was her usual loving self but lately even with them, it was like a spark in her was missing.  Alex wasn't neglecting the children or anything like that but she was just not her usual self.  Walker had suggested going to the reservation several times and each time Alex had refused saying that her talking with Sharon was enough and for Walker to stop bothering her about it.

After spending yet another day with a listless Alex ,Walker put the kids to bed by himself and went into their bedroom to talk with his wife “Alex, you are going to come to the reservation with me. I think that we need to go as a family."

"I've already told you on several occasions that I'm fine and that I don't need to go, why can't you get off of my back about it?” Alex said to her husband. Picking her hand up and kissing it Walker answered "no honey, you're not fine. I'm worried about you, I want you to get better and I think that a trip to the reservation will help you get better."

Removing her hand Alex told Walker "well I don't think that I need to get better, I'm fine. The subject is closed as far as I'm concerned."  Walker got undressed and got into bed. Pulling the covers down on her side of the bed he said “come on Alex, you look tired. How about getting some rest?”

Getting into bed Alex turned her lamp off and kept to her side of the bed. Walker rolled over and pulled Alex into his arms saying “how about I show you that you're my woman?” Removing herself from his arms Alex answered "not interested."

Getting mad Walker snapped "when will you be interested again?”

Getting up from the bed Alex replied "when I'm a woman again and not a shell of one, goodnight." She then left the room. Swearing Walker got up put some clothes on and followed his wife downstairs where he found her sitting on the couch in the living room. Sitting down on the couch besides her Walker said “Alex please don't turn away from me. I love you."

"I just told you that I wasn't interested in sex, didn't I?” Alex questioned Walker who answered "I know Alex and that's not what I'm talking about. I will wait until you're ready to make love again. What I meant was you leaving our bed, even if we don't do anything we still need to share the same bed like we always have. Just sleeping, no sex I promise."

Finally looking at him Alex asked "just sleeping, no sex?” Pulling his wife up from the couch Walker vowed "just sleeping and no sex until you take it upon yourself to seduce me."

Smiling a little bit Alex said "what if it takes me awhile to seduce you?” Kissing her on the cheek he answered "then I'll wait because you always make the wait worth it. You are an incredible lady."

"I don't feel incredible, I feel like.... I don't know what I really feel, one minute I want to rip your clothes off and kiss every inch of your body, several inches in particular and the next minute I feel as though any second you are going to discover that I'm not woman enough for you and turn and walk away from me like I deserve.”  Alex honestly answered her husband who hugged her and said "baby, you always have been and you always will be woman enough for me. As for what you deserve; all I know is that I don't deserve you and I'm grateful everyday that you choose to become my wife. Now how about we go upstairs and get some sleep?”

Alex let him lead her to the stairs and as they were going up them she asked her husband "not that I'm agreeing to go, but why do you want to go to the reservation so badly?”

"Two reasons; One I want to catch up on things and two I think that the air would be good for the children, little Sam in particular. Plus I promised Sam that I would take his namesake up there so that he could see him soon." Walker explained and Alex questioned "when were you planning on going?”

            “As soon as you feel up to it, but I was hoping to go either this weekend or next weekend. Alex if you really don't want to go I won't insist on it, Okay?” Walker told his wife who sighed and said "Okay, I'll go so long as you don't insist on me talking to White Eagle or anyone else about what's happened."

Walker smiled and said "you have my word, you don't have to talk to anyone about anything that you don't want to.” Alex replied "Okay, I guess we're taking a trip then."

Chapter Nine

They went to the reservation and the first thing that Walker wanted to do after unloading the van was to show Sam Coyote his namesake Sam so Alex who was holding the child said to her husband "why don't you put Michaela and Cooper in the double stroller for me and then you can take our youngest son and show him off. Angela, Ray and I will walk around for awhile with them and then meet you at Sam's in about ten minutes or so, Okay?” Walker said "that's great." Then he put Michaela and Cooper in the double stroller took Sam and left.

Coming out onto his porch Sam asked "Washo, who do we have here?” Proudly holding his youngest son Walker answered "Samuel Eagle Walker." Walker then handed Sam the baby who after taking him asked “he looks good, how are his lungs doing, any problems?”  [Sam had been born early like the other two triplets but since he was smaller than them he had problems with his lungs not being fully developed] Walker answered his old friend “he's doing good, very good. Alex said that at the last doctor visit the doctor said that Sam's lungs appeared to be just fine. That in no time at all he would be doing everything that Cooper and Michaela are doing. He's already crawling like they are and Sam's teething too."

Handing the baby to his wife Sharona Sam asked Walker “How is Alex doing? Is she still upset about what happened?” Walker answered "I'm worried about her, that's why we came up here this weekend. I'm hoping that being here will help her, nothing else seems to be helping."

            Just then another woman approached them and seeing the baby in Sharona's arms asked as she reached for the baby "Sharona, who is this beautiful little Cherokee boy? Is he a relative of yours?”

Taking the baby back from his wife Sam answered her "This is my namesake Samuel Eagle Walker."

"Walker, I don't think that I ever met his parents, do they live here?” The woman asked as Walker took his son from Sam and said to her "No, they don't." Sam then said "Washo, this is Charlie 'Charlie' Maneater. Charlie this is Sam's father Walker also known as Washo."

Turning to Walker Charlie asked him “Are you married to a Cherokee?”  He answered "No, I'm part Cherokee."

"You are, is your wife part Cherokee too?  She has to be because no pure white woman could have given birth to child who looks like this without being part Cherokee herself and the father only being part Cherokee himself, no way.” Charlie said to Walker who replied unaware of Alex nearing them "my wife isn't a woman she's..." Walker stopped talking as he realized that Alex was standing there glaring at him.

Taking Sam from Walker Alex said to her husband “Angela and Ray wanted you to take a walk with us, are you ready to join your family?” Charlie Maneater then said to Alex assuming that she was Sam's mother "you have a beautiful baby boy. Are you sure that you're not part Cherokee?”

            "No, I'm not part Cherokee but I am this baby's mother along with the other four children and my husband is their father. Good day Ms.?” Alex said to Charlie who answered “Charlie Maneater and I'm sorry but there is no way that this baby is fully related to the other children if you're not part Cherokee and the father is. I'm a genetics professor and I know these things."

Getting more than a little mad at what she was implying Alex said to Charlie "well, I suggest that you go back to college and relearn your genetics because you obviously don't know what you are talking about. I am not part Cherokee, my husband is. I gave birth to all five of them and they are all Walker's children.” Alex started to walk away with little Sam and as Walker went to follow his wife Charlie put her hand on his arm and whispered loud enough for Alex to hear "If you want to know if I live up to my name, I'll be around." Shaking her hand off Walker started pushing the double stroller while Angela and Ray ran after their parents.

That evening when the triplets were napping and Angela and Ray were in the house playing Alex asked Walker while they sitting were on the porch "well, are you going to take her up on her invitation?” A puzzled Walker questioned his wife "who and what invitation?”

"You know who, Charlie Maneater and the invitation was for you to I believe see if she lived up to her name with you.” Alex said to Walker who told her "I don't believe you, you're jealous about another woman but you won't let me touch you. You can't have it both ways Alex."

"Fine, if you're that interested in her feel free to take her up on her invitation, after all you just told her and lord knows who else that I wasn't a woman. As far as I'm concerned you can do whatever and whoever you want to from now on.” Alex said to him.

"Will you just stop it Alex. You're carrying on for no good reason.” Walker snapped at her and Angela came out onto the porch and said "please Daddy, don't be mean to Mommy.  She doesn't feel good."  Throwing his hands up Walker started to walk away when Alex told her daughter “Honey, I'm okay and your Daddy wasn't being mean to me. Mommy and Daddy were just talking a little too loud, Okay?  You go ahead back in and I'll be in in a little bit."

"Okay Mommy.” Angela answered and then went back inside. Walker who had stopped walking away turned around and said to Alex "I promised Sam that I would help him with something, will you be okay with the children?”

"Yes, but try not to be gone too long. You know Angela and Ray look forward to you reading them their story before bed.” Alex said to Walker who assured his wife "I won't be gone too long I'll see you in two or three hours, no more than that." Then Walker left.

Chapter Ten

About five hours later Walker was headed to his house when he ran into Charlie Maneater who grabbed him and kissed him before he could stop her. She then asked him "So are you interested in finding out just how good I live up to my name? Your wife obviously cheated on you, so what's the harm in you getting a little on the side?” Moving away from her Walker said "I'm not interested. Alex has never cheated on me and I will never cheat on her."

"What I was saying before about the baby is true, there's no way that you fathered him if she isn't part Cherokee like you are. The only way you get a baby that looks like that is for either both of the parents to be part Cherokee or one of the parents to be full-blooded Cherokee. Since you're only part Cherokee and your wife isn't, I'm sure even you can figure it out.” Charlie informed Walker who told her “like my wife has already told you, I am the father of all of her children. Like my wife has also told you, you don't know your genetics like you claim to because Sam looks exactly like my father and his brother; my uncle Ray both of whom were full-blooded Cherokees." Walker wiped her lipstick off of his lips with his shirt sleeve as he walked away from her.

Entering the house Walker went into the kitchen where there was a note for him, picking it up he read it:

Walker darling,

Please forgive me for shutting you out,

that was never my intention and I am so

sorry that I've hurt you. Losing the baby and

                        then finding out that my uterus was removed

was so devastating to me. It got to the point

where I thought that I was no longer a woman

and unworthy of a man like you.

I now realize that it isn't about being worthy,

it's about being loved and that the only way for

me to heal from this was in the arms of the man

that I love, you. I just hope that you can find it in

your heart to forgive me for shoving you away.

I love you Cordell John Firewalker.

Your wife, Alex

P.S.  If you're interested I would like to seduce

you. I'll be in bed waiting for you.

Walker put the note down and all but ran up the stairs hoping that Alex was still awake. When he got to the bedroom she was sitting up in bed dressed in a beautiful negligee with several candles lit around the room sound asleep. After blowing the candles out Walker undressed and got into bed with her. This woke Alex up and she asked him "what time is it?”

“Late honey, go back to sleep." Walker answered.

"Oh Walker, I've shoved you away so much that you're no longer interested in me. I'm so sorry for doing that, please won't you give me another chance?  Please let me make it up to you.” Alex pleaded with her husband as she began running her hands over his chest.  Removing her hands Walker said “Alex stop, it's late and you need your rest."

"Will you ever be able to forgive me for destroying our marriage?” Alex asked Walker who told his wife “Honey, you haven't destroyed our marriage."

"Walker, if I haven't destroyed our marriage why aren't you interested in letting me seduce you?” Alex questioned. Pulling his wife close he answered "I am Alex but it is late and since you were already sleeping I didn't think that I ...uhm should wake you up and demand sex from you."

Smiling Alex said to him "well, since I'm awake, can you just let me seduce you tonight and then maybe some other night you can ...uhm wake me up and demand sex from me?” Walker answered “Hell yes." Then Alex seduced him and then some. When they were done Alex looked like she wanted to say something but didn't so Walker said "yes honey."

"I love you cowboy.” Alex said as she snuggled closer to her husband and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Eleven

The next morning Alex was picking up their clothes when she noticed that Walker's shirt sleeve had lipstick smeared on it. After looking at it for a minute Alex put it in the laundry basket. Then she went downstairs to start breakfast. As they were eating Sam knocked on the door and Alex invited him to eat with them. Sam said that he had already eaten but wouldn't mind a cup of coffee. As they were drinking their coffee Sam said to Walker "Thanks for helping me out last night, Thank god we got them so quickly."

Alex asked Sam "if you don't mind me asking, who and what were they doing?”

"Some rustlers, thanks to your husband here it only took us an hour to catch them. Sharona was glad about that because she wanted me home early last night." Sam answered Alex who raised her eyebrows at Walker but didn't say anything. Walker ignored Alex's look because he had been away a lot longer than that.

After Sam finished his coffee he said to Alex  “Alex, it looks like you're feeling better. Washo’s returning so quickly last night was a good thing, wasn't it?” Before Alex could answer one of the triplets began crying so she went to the baby while Walker said to Sam as he was leaving "I went for a long walk after helping you but Alex thought that I spent the entire time helping you."

"I'm sorry, it looked like things were better for you two and I just assumed that you had come straight back here and worked things out. I can tell Alex that I was mistaken about how long it took, if you want me to?” Sam offered and Walker replied "No, I'm not going to start lying to Alex but I wished that you hadn't said anything. We were doing better and now she's probably mad at me again. See you later Sam."

            Later on that day Alex was in the gift shop with Angela, Ray and Michaela while Walker had Cooper and Sam in the double stroller walking around when he ran into Sharona who glared at him. Noticing the glare Walker asked her "is there something wrong?” Sharona answered him "You men are all alike, thinking with only one thing."

Walker asked her "Sharona, what are you talking about?”

"I saw you kissing Charlie last night. How could you do that to your wife? You have no idea how devastating what she went through is to a woman. You should have been more understanding." Sharona told Walker who said "I don't know what you think you saw but Charlie kissed me and I turned her down. I would never betray Alex."

"Well you'd better tell that to Charlie because she has been telling anyone who would listen that she did in fact show you last night how good she is at living up to her name among the other things that you two did." Sharona said and walked away.

In the gift shop Alex was looking at something when Charlie entered and said to the clerk “Let me tell you that Walker was something else last night, what a man." The clerk coughed and Charlie spun around and seeing Alex standing there said "Mrs. Walker, I didn't know that you were standing there. I'm sorry that you had to find out this way."

Playing along Alex asked "find out what?”

"That your husband was with me last night.” Charlie answered as Walker entered the shop and Alex told her "no, he wasn't. My husband was helping Sam with some rustlers."

"For an hour maybe but after that we spent some memorable time together.”  Charlie taunted Alex who snapped at her "stop lying about my husband."

"If I'm lying why does he have my lipstick on the sleeve of his shirt?”  Charlie asked and when Walker went to answer Alex told him "don't say a word Walker, I'll take care of this." Then addressing Charlie she said “He has your lipstick on the sleeve of his shirt because that's what he used to wipe it off in disgust after you grabbed him and kissed him."

"Is that so? Tell me Mrs. Walker, if your husband wasn't interested in being with me why didn't he stop me from kissing him. If was so disgusted by it as you claim?” Charlie asked Alex who told her "because my husband is a gentleman and he would never raise a hand to a woman but I'm no lady and if you don't get out of my face I am going to knock you down on your fat butt.” Charlie then left the shop.

As Walker and Alex were going back to the house with their children Walker said “about last night, I can explain.” Alex told him " It's okay Walker."

“Alex, her lipstick is on my shirt sleeve." Walker said to his wife who answered " I know, I already saw it."

Walker then said "Oh." Forgetting that the children were listening Alex said "Walker, I inspected you last night, remember? You most certainly didn't have lipstick anywhere else on you, so drop it okay?”

Angela asked "Mommy, why do you inspect Daddy?” Trying not to blush Alex answered "To make sure that he's okay just like I do for you two after you and Ray have fallen."

"Okay Mommy.” Angela said.

Later on the triplets were sleeping and Sam and Sharona had taken Angela and Ray for awhile Walker said to his wife “Alex about last night." Placing her fingers on his lips Alex said to him "I already figured out what happened last night. After you were done helping Sam you took a long walk so that you could think about how best to help me and on the way back you ran into Charlie who grabbed you and kissed you. After turning her down for sex you then wiped the lipstick onto your shirt sleeve and came here to me."

Smiling Walker said "you know me pretty well lady."

"That I do darling and besides if you had had sex with her, either she wouldn't be able to walk straight this morning or she would have one hell of a sore throat.” Alex teased her husband who blushed slightly and said “Alex!"

"Just so you know honey, I am the only woman who can handle you and don't you ever forget it.” Alex said.

“After last night, there's no way that I'm forgetting that. But I'll tell you what, how about I wake you up tonight and demand something from you?” Walker teased Alex who answered "You're on darling, now behave until our children are sleeping."

After the children were in bed Walker said to Alex when they were getting ready for bed themselves "will you get into bed and get to sleep already so that I can wake you up?”  Alex got into bed and closed her eyes. Walker stripped, got into bed with his wife, then he kissed her awake and did some demanding among other things.

         I don't own Walker Texas Ranger: other entities do and neither I or this story is meant to infringe on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show, nothing more.