Bad Apple

By Carol (Hussy)

It was a cold night in Dallas.  It had been a long hard day, and Walker and Trivette headed for C.D.’s to unwind  It had been an even harder month.   It seemed that everything was going wrong for Walker and Trivette that month, and it continued going down hill from there.  

Walker and Trivette were said to be the most effective Ranger team in the history of the Texas Ranger’s and the closest.  Everyone envied their relationship.   But now everything seemed to be changing, they were at each other’s  throats  They weren’t getting along..

A few days back, Walker was shot, and he blamed Trivette for not backing him up.  Things had just escalated from there.

“Hey Cordell, where’s Alex?”

“She’s on her way C.D.”  Just then Alex walked up behind Walker and threw her arms around his neck. 

“Hi Cowboy have a kiss for a tired A D A?”

“Well I think I can manage one” Walker replied as he put his arms around her waist, pulling her in close to get that kiss.”

“How is your shoulder Walker?”

“It’s okay Alex.”

“Hey Jimmy how are you today?”  Alex ask

“I’ve had better days.”

“Are you two still at it?”

“Just drop it Alex” Jimmy said with anger in his voice.

“Walker give Jimmy a break.  Haven’t you been a little heard on him?”

Just then Trivette’s cell phone rang.  Trivette!  Yeah,  Okay we’re on our way!!

Let’s go partner - a bank robbery just took place down the street.

Walker gave Alex a kiss, and they were on there way.  “Be careful Walker!!”


Walker and Trivette pulled in front of the bank, and another unit pull up 30 seconds behind Walker and Trivette.

“You two take the front, and Trivette and I will take the back.”  They went around the back slowly and quietly.  It was dark, and there was no sign of anyone.

“Trivette, do you think you can cover my back this time?”

“Yes, I think I can do that” Trivette replied.  “Walker!! It wasn’t my fault” Trivette said in a harsh voice!! 

“Yeah right!”

Walker tried the back door to the bank and it was open.  “Trivette, the door is open I’m going in cover me.”

“Okay got your back be careful!”

Walker went in a few steps and didn’t see anything, so he went in a little farther with his gun drawn, slowly looking all around.  He glanced back at Trivette, but there was no one there.  “Trivette!” Walker called.  “Trivette where are you?”  No answer.  Walker turned to go see where Trivette was.  He was concerned that something had happened.

All of a sudden, a shot rang out and Walker felt a sting in his side.  He turned and fired at the suspect that had shot him killing him instantly, then Walker fell to the floor holding on to his side where the bullet had ripped through him.

Trivette came running up to Walker just then.  “Walker! How bad is it?”

“It’s bad enough. Where were you?  That’s twice now in two weeks.  This is getting to be a habit with you.  Are you trying to get me killed or what?”

“Walker, I was busy.  I couldn’t help it don’t blame me for this one too.”

The shots brought the other officers in, and Trivette yelled “Get an ambulance!!!”  He looked back at Walker, who had lost consciousness.


“C.D.!!  This is Jimmy.  Is Alex still there?”

 “Yeah Jimmy, she’s here.  Do you went to talk to her?”

“No you better do that.”

“Why what happened?”

“Walker’s been shot.  He is on his way to the hospital.”

“Oh Lord, how bad is it?   He’ll live C.D.  Now tell Alex to get down here.”

“Alex, Cordell was shot.”

“Again!!!  C.D. what in the hell is going on!!”

“I don’t know honey but you better get going and call me will you.”


Walker woke up in the hospital a few hours later, and Alex was right there by his side holding his hand. “Welcome back Cowboy!” Alex said as she bent down and gave him as gentle kiss.  “Walker what happened?”

“I got shot again!  That’s what happened!  My partner wasn’t there to back me up again.”

“Jimmy, you want to tell me what happened?”

 “Alex, I was behind Walker and someone hit me from behind.  When I came around, Walker had already been shot.”

“Trivette, two times in 2 weeks?” Walker shouted.  “Don’t you think that line’s getting a little old?”

A nurse came in and said “Okay, you people are going to have to leave now.  Walker needs his rest and I won’t have you upsetting him.”

Trivette stormed out of the hospital

“I’ll be back to see you later darling,” Alex gave him a kiss on the cheek and left the hospital.


Trivette went to C.D.’s for a drink.  He was real upset, and all he wanted to do was have a drink and forget the whole day.  Alex came in right behind Trivette.  She was going to get to the bottom of the trouble between Walker and Trivette.

“Okay Jimmy, I want some answer’s and I want them now.  What is going on between you two?”

“I don’t know Alex.  For some reason, he’s blaming me for everything that has happened over the last few weeks.  We were so close, and now I feeling things slipping away.”

“You two have got to work this out, Jimmy” C.D. said.

“I don’t see it happening C.D.  Walker doesn’t trust me anymore, and once you lose that it’s hard to get it back again.”


A few day’s later, Walker was released from the hospital.  Instead of going home like he should  have, he had Alex take him to C.D.’s.  C.D. saw Walker come through the door and shook his head. 

“Cordell, shouldn’t you be at home resting?”

“I’m okay C.D.”

“Cordell, no you are not okay.  You haven’t been worth a damn for the last 3 weeks.  You two have to get this thing settled and now!”


“I tried to talk to him C.D., but you know how stubborn he can be.”

“Walker how are you feeling?”  asked Trivette.

“Fine! No thanks to you!!”

“Okay, that’s it!  I have had enough of this!!!”  Trivette got up and stormed out of  C.D.’s.  Alex ran after him, but he wouldn’t even stop to talk to her.

“I don’t believe this C.D.  He wouldn’t even stop and talk to me.”


The next day, Walker went into Ranger Headquarters to see the Captain.

“Walker, how are you feeling?” the Captain asked.

“I’ll live, this time!!  Captain, I want you to put Trivette with a new partner.”

“What?!  Did I hear you right!!  Walker do you know what you are doing?”

“Yes, I know, and I don’t want Trivette for a partner any more.  It’s just not going to work anymore.”

Well you better find a way.  I’m not going to split up the best team the Rangers have ever had.  You have no choice, Walker.  I’m the Captain here not you, and I say you too work it out!!!”

“Okay if you want it that way, I will tell you this.  You have two choices here one you put Trivette with someone else or two, if you don’t, I quit!!”

“You quit!!!  Oh right Walker, like I believe that.”

“Well Captain, what will it be?”

The Captain looked at Walker for a minute.  “You got my answer Walker.”

“Yeah I see that and you got you’re answer”, as Walker took off his badge and threw it down on the Captains desk, something the Captain never thought he would see - Walker quitting the Texas Rangers.  He didn’t think Walker would do it.  He was stunned for a minute, and then took off after Walker.

“Walker come back here,” the Captain shouted.  Walker looked at Trivette and then walked out of Ranger Headquarters.

Trivette got up and went over to the Captain.  “What was that all about” he asked.

“Trivette in my office now!!”  They went in the office and shut the door behind them.

The Captain picked up Walker’s badge from the desk.  “Trivette do you know what this is?” 

“What kind of a question is that?”

“Just answer the question?”

“It’s a Ranger badge.  Why?”

“It’s not just any Ranger’s badge.  It’s Walker’s badge.”

Trivettes mouth dropped open. “What?”  

“You heard me he just quit the Ranger’s.”


“He wanted me to break you two up, give you another partner, and I refused to do it.  So he quit.”

Trivette didn’t say anything for a minute.  “So you’re saying Walker quit because he didn’t want to be partnered with me any more?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying.”  You could see the hurt on Trivette’s face he couldn’t hide it.  As a tear made it’s way down Trivette’s face, he picked up Walker’s badge and started out the door.  “Trivette I’m really sorry but he wouldn’t listen to me.”

“Thanks Captain”

“Trivette where are you going with Walker’s badge?”

“I’m going to put it back where it belongs.  We will give Walker what he wants if he doesn’t want a partner any more so be it.”


Walker was at C.D.’s with Alex having a drink.  He didn’t tell C.D. or Alex that he had quit the Rangers.  Trivette walked in to the bar not saying a word to C.D.  He walked up to Walker.

“Walker!!  Stand up!” 

Walker looked up at Trivette.  He could see that Trivette was really mad.

WALKER I SAID STAND UP NOW!!!!”  Trivette shouted and the bar suddenly got quite.  The bar was full of people at the time, including 5 Rangers, and all eye’s were on Walker and Trivette.  Walker stood up, and Trivette pinned the badge back on Walker’s chest where it belonged.

“What are you doing Trivette?”

“I’m putting this back where it belongs.”

“I don’t what it anymore” and Walker started to take it off again, when Trivette hit his hand away.

“Leave it alone Walker!” 

“I told you Trivette I don’t want it.”

“No Walker what you don’t want is me!!  So if that’s the way you want it you got it.  You’re own your own from now on.”  Trivette turned around to leave and Walker grabbed his arm. 


Trivette turned around and let Walker have it right on the chin knocking him to the ground.  Then, he walked out of the bar.  Walker was stunned.  Trivette had a mean right hook, and Walker wasn’t expecting the blow so it knocked him for a loop.

“Walker!” Alex shouted “are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” 

Alex helped Walker up and back into to booth.  “I can’t believe what just saw.”


Two days later, Trivette was called into the office again by the Captain.  “Yes Captain?”

“Come in Trivette.  Trivette, you know Tom Cole?”

“Yeah we have met.”

“Well, this is your new partner.”

“Oh he is?”

“Yes do you  have a problem with that?”

“No Captain.  I’m just still getting over splitting up with Walker…”

“Well good, so you two get going and see if you can get along.”


After 3 weeks off from work, Walker was fit and ready for duty.  He hadn’t seen Trivette since Trivette punched him 9 day’s earlier..

He went to his desk, and Trivette was there sitting at his desk.  He didn’t say a word to Walker when he came in.

“You throw a mean punch Trivette” Walker told his ex partner.

“Yeah!  Well good you deserved it.” 

The first day back to work in the same office was tense for the both of them, but things went smoothly.


Four weeks had gone by since Walker’s return to work.  He refused a new partner.  He said he wanted to work alone, so he was granted his request.

Everything seemed to go okay between Trivette and Cole, but it would never be the same as it was between him and Walker.  No one could ever take Walker’s place and he new it.

“So Trivette, you and Walker really called it quits?”

“Cole I wouldn’t be here with you if Walker and I were still partners, would I?”

“Just checking.”

“Well, it was a stupid question.”

“Yeah I guess it was.  Sorry Trivette.  You going to C.D.’s after work?”

“I always do.”

“Well maybe I will meet you there after work, and we can have a few drinks and get together.”

“Sounds good.  Meet you there then.”


After work, Trivette and Cole met at C.D.’s to have a few drinks.

“Hello C.D.” Trivette yelled out as he walked in the door.

“Hey Jimmy.  How’s it going?”

“Not bad big dog.  Let me have a beer will you.”

“Here you go Jimmy.”

“Thanks.”  Trivette went to the table and sat down to wait for his partner.  Cole came in a few minutes behind Trivette.  They sat there talking and cutting up.  It looked like they were having a good time. 

Walker and Alex came in and sat in their booth in the corner.  “Hi Trivette” Walker said as he walked in the door.

“Hi Walker.”

“Jimmy how are you doing?”

“I’m doing okay Alex.  Thanks for asking!”

“You take care of yourself, you hear!!”

“I will Alex.”

Alex went over and sat with Walker.  She put her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss.  “Are you okay Walker?” 

Trivette and Cole were drinking and laughing and having a good time.  Walker looked over at Trivette  and Cole.  “Hey Walker remember me?”  Alex questioned.

“Well how can I forget someone as beautiful as you!!!”

“Now that’s better Cowboy!!!!”

Walker put his hand up and stroked Alex soft warm cheek.  Alex smiled at Walker, and he smiled at her.  He then put his lips to hers for a long passionate kiss.  “Lady, may I have this dance” the Ranger asked! 

“You sure may.”

Walker took Alex by the hand and led her to the dance floor.  It felt so good when he held her.  She didn’t want the song to end, but all good things must come to an end.

Walker and Alex went back to their booth, and Walker looked over at Trivette again and just stared at him.  Alex picked up on it and elbowed Walker in the arm, “Walker!!!”


“Walker, you’re jealous,” Alex said to Walker.


“You’re jealous of Cole and Trivette!!”

“Alex, what are you talking about?”

“You can’t fool me.  I can see it even if you can’t.  It’s driving you crazy seeing Trivette with another partner, especially seeing them getting along so good.”

“Alex you don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Oh yes I do, and you know it.”

“Excuse me Alex.  I need to go to the men’s room.”

Walker excused himself and left.  Alex went up to the bar to talk to C.D.

“C.D., I’m worried about Walker.  He just hasn’t been himself since he and Trivette broke up.”

“I know honey, but I don’t know if there is anything we can do about it.”

”I know C.D.”  Alex went back to the booth before Walker returned.  When he got back, Alex turned to him and said “Walker I’m sorry if I upset you.  I promise.”

Walker didn’t say a word he pulled Alex into him and gave her a kiss.  “Alex you have been really good through all of this.  I know it’s been hard on you too.  You’re friends with Trivette.  So I know it’s been rough, and I want to thank you for just being there for me.”

“You’re welcome Cowboy” and she kissed Walker.


The next day while Trivette and Cole were out in the car, a call came in from dispatch.  “Ranger Trivette are you there?   You have a silent alarm at the savings and loan.”

Trivette grabbed the mike from Cole.  “Dispatch call Walker for back up will you?”

“You got it Ranger Trivette.”

As soon as they pulled up in front of the savings and loan, there were shots fired at the Rangers.  They got out of the car and took cover behind the car.  Another suspect took off around the back, and Cole took off after him.  A few minutes later, Walker showed up. 

“Trivette what’s going on?”  Walker asked his former partner. “Where is Cole?”

“He went around the back after the other suspect.”

“Go after Cole. Trivette.  I’ll take care of this one.”

“Okay Walker.  Thanks!”

“Be careful Trivette!!!”

Trivette went to look for Cole.  Walker had his hands full with the gunman as he kept firing rounds at Walker.  Finely, he got a clear shot and hit the suspect in the shoulder.  He cuffed him and put him in the back of the Ram.  Then he called for an ambulance before going after Trivette.

A second suspect came out of the back of the savings and loan office with a hostage. 

“Texas Ranger!  Hold it right there.”  Cole yelled.

“Back off Ranger or she dies!  I mean it!”  He had a gun pointed at the girl’s head.

“There’s no place for you to go son.  Drop the weapon!!!!”

“I said back off or she’s dead.  I will kill her Ranger.”

“I can’t do that.”

It looked like the gunman was going to surrender his weapon as he started to lower his gun, but Cole didn’t see a third gunman with a gun aimed right at his back.  Trivette walked up just in time to see the third gunman with a gun ready to fire at Cole, but he couldn’t get a clear shot.

“Cole!!” Trivette yelled “Watch out!”  Trivette tackled Cole to the ground, and he hit the ground hard head first with Cole right on top of his head.  You could hear the thud as Trivette’s head hit.  Walker ran up and fired, hitting the gunman that had the gun aimed at Trivette and Cole.  The woman that was being held hostage put the pointed heel of her shoe down as hard as she could on her captor’s foot. It was just enough to give Walker a clear shot and his aim was true.  The gunman was dead before he hit the ground..

“Trivette!!!  Are you okay?” Walker asked.

“Walker is that you?”

“Trivette are you okay?”

Before he could say another word Trivette lost consciousness.  Walker looked Trivette over but couldn’t find any signs of blood. 

“What happened Cole?” 

“Walker he hit his head on the ground real hard and I fell right on top of him,  I’m sorry!!”

“There’s an ambulance on the way.  Go get them now!!!”  Walker yelled..  Walker sat by his friends side and put his head in his lap. “Trivette you’re going to okay partner.  Just hang in there.  Talk to me Trivette!”

Trivette came around a few minutes.  He looked at Walker. “Walker, hey there partner,” Trivette reached up and touched his friends face.  “I’m sorry Walker.”

“Don’t try and talk.  The ambulance is on the way!”

“I missed you Walker.  I want my partner back.  Please forgive me for getting you hurt.  I would rather die then let anything happen to you Walker!”  Trivette said to his friend.

“Trivette don’t talk.  You don’t know what you are saying.”

Trivette groaned out in pain, and it was just ripping Walker’s heart out to see his friend hurt.  He could tell his head injuries were bad.  Trivette looked into Walker’s eyes and started to lose consciousness again.  His eyelids started to flutter close.

Trivette no!!!  Stay with me”  Walker yelled “Please!!”  A tear made it’s way down Walker’s cheek as he held Trivette in his arm’s, praying that his friend would be okay.

Cole was standing right there behind Walker and heard everything that was said between the two.  He could see that the love, the closeness and respect that Walker and Trivette had for each other was still as strong as before.  He was at a loss to figure why they ever split up in the first place.

“Walker it’s obvious you two are as close as you ever were.  Why did you split up?” asked Tom Cole.

“Not now get that ambulance here now!!!”

“We’re here Ranger,”  called out one of the paramedics as he came running up.  “Let us in there Ranger.”

Walker got up to let the paramedics check Trivette out.

“We need to get him out of here.”  As soon as they had Trivette on his way to the hospital, Walker called C.D. and Alex.


“Yeah Cordell.  What’s up?”  C.D. asked.  “You sound up set what’s wrong?”

“It’s Trivette, C.D.  He’s been hurt.  He’s on his way to the hospital.”

“Oh Lord!  How bad is it?”

“I don’t know C.D.  He hit his head.”

“We’ll meet you that the hospital Cordell.”


Later at the hospital, they were all gathered in the waiting room awaiting news of Trivette condition.   Ranger Cole excused himself and went to get a cup of coffee.  Finely, the doctor came in.  “Are you folks here for Ranger Trivette?”

“Yes, we are.” Walker said. “How is he?  Will he be okay?”

“Sit down and let me explain.  Who was with him when he hit his head?”

“Well I was and so was his partner.”  Walker told the doctor “Why?” 

“Who is his partner? I thought you were his partner, Ranger?” 

“I was, but that’s a long story.  What is going on here doctor?”

“First answer my question.  Where is his partner right now?” The doctor asked again?

“He went down to get some coffee.  Why?”  

“Well Walker, I know you, and what kind of men you and Trivette are.  I know I can talk to you, because I know whatever happened to Trivette wasn’t any of your doing.”

“Doctor, you aren’t making any sense.”

“Ranger Trivette hit his head hard when he went down that’s true, but there are other head injuries.  Injuries that he didn’t sustain in the kind of fall he took.”

“But I was there.  I saw Trivette when he went down.”

Did you?  Were your eye’s on him for every second or were you fighting bad guy’s?”

“Oh my God.  Cole did this to him?  I’ll take care of Cole some how.  Tell us, will Trivette be okay doctor?”

“I’m sorry Walker.  We have done everything we can for him.  He’s on life support.  He had massive head injuries.  There’s no more we can do for him.”

“What do you mean no more you can do!!” Walker shouted.  “There has to be something you can do dammit!!!”  Walker clinched his fist so tight it cut off the blood circulation in his hand.

“I wish there was more I could do, but there is very little brain activity.  It won’t be long before he will be brain dead.”

“I want to see him,” Walker told the doctor.

“Sure Walker.  Right this way.”

“I need to be alone with him for a few minutes guy’s.” 

Alex took her hand and put it up to Walker face.  She could see how much he was hurting.  You take all the time you need Walker.  We will be right here.  Then, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks Alex!!”


Walker sat on a chair beside Trivette’s bed.  He took Trivette’s hand in his and looked up at all the monitors and machines that were keeping his best friend and partner alive. 

“Not you Trivette” Walker said, as he sat at Trivette’s side trying to get out the words.  “You can’t leave me.  This is my fault.  I blame myself for this.  I was there, and we knew what Cole was.  I should have protected you.  If you die on me, I’m turning in my badge for real this time.”

Walker couldn’t hold back the tears any longer.  They flowed down his cheeks like wine. 

Walker and Trivette’s secretary came in looking for Walker.  “Where is Ranger Walker” she asked. 

“He’s in with Jimmy.  Can I help you?”  Alex offered.

“I have to give him something.  It’s real important.”

“Well just give it too me and I will see that he gets it.  He can’t be bothered right now.”

“Miss Cahill I feel really bad about this, but Ranger Trivette gave me this envelope this morning and said to give it to Ranger Walker if any thing happened to him and he didn’t make it back, but I was really busy and I forgot.”

“Okay.  I will take it in right now and give it to him.  Okay?”

“Okay.  Thanks Miss Cahill.”

Alex quietly walked into Trivette’s room and put her hand on Walker’s shoulder.

“Alex what are you doing in here!  I said I needed to be alone!!”

“I know Walker, and I am sorry, but this is important.  I have an envelope that your secretary brought” she said.  “Jimmy gave it to her.  He instructed her to give it to you if anything happen to him and he didn’t make it back.”

Walker took the envelope from Alex then looked at Trivette.

“Why Alex?  Why Trivette!!”  He couldn’t keep the tears from Alex no matter now hard he tried.  They just kept falling.  Alex took Walker into his arms and comforted him as his wept in her arms.

“Why couldn’t be that son of a bitch Cole be on that bed instead of Trivette?” Walker said with anger in his voice.  After a few minutes, Walker felt as if the weight of the world was lifted off of his shoulders.  “Alex I’m sorry.  I just couldn’t hold it I any longer.  I didn’t mean to unload on you.”

“CORDELL JOHN WALKER!!”  Alex scolded.  “Don’t you ever feel you have to apologize to me.  You have to let it out sometime.”

“Yes ma’am!!”

“And don’t call me ma’am!”

“Okay Ms. Cahill.”

“Now are you going to open that envelope Jimmy left you?”

“Oh yeah.”  Walker open the envelope and couldn’t believe his eye’s when he sew what was inside.  “He didn’t,” Walker said.  “Damn partner!  You didn’t…It can’t be.  Alex do me a favor and go get C.D.!  Not Cole.  NO!  Alex wait.  I’ll do this myself, but you better warn C.D. because it’s not going to be nice.”

“Walker I don’t understand!”

“You will in just a minute.”

Walker went into the waiting room.  “Cordell, how is Jimmy,” C.D. asked, but Walker went past C.D. and didn’t say a word.  Alex warned C.D. just like Walker said she should.


“Cole, stand up.”

“Walker how is Trivette?”

“He’s dying you bastard!  What do you think!!  I said stand up or do we have to do this the hard way?”

Cole stood up.  “What’s going on here Walker!”

“You really want me to go into it right here in front of everyone?  Okay, you’re the bad apple Cole.  A dirty cop.  One of the worst.  And my partner is paying for that with his life.  It’s one thing to die in the line of duty while protecting the citizens of this state.  That’s hard enough to deal with.  But to die this way, because of scum like you!!  You make my skin crawl.  Cole, you’re under arrest.”

“For what?”

“I have a long list of charges, but the most recent is the attempted murder of Ranger James Trivette, and when he dies, it will be murder you bastard!”

“That’s crazy you can’t prove that!”

“Oh yes I can.  I have all I need to put you on death row.”

Cole turned and punched Walker in the face and tried to take off.  “ Good!” Walker said, “the hard way.  Now I can beat the hell out of you.”

Walker ran after Cole and tackled him to the ground.  Then he got up and Cole took a swing at Walker but missed.  Walker jumped and turned with a spinning kick, and let him have it right in the mid-section.  Then he picked him up by the collar and shoved him into the wall.

Walker punched Cole in the face several times.  He was losing control.  The image of his partner in there dying was burned into his mind, and he had to punish the person responsible.

“Cordell, easy buddy,” C.D. said trying to calm his former partner down.

“My partner is laying in there dying you bastard, and you did it.  It should be you in there not him.”

The police arrived and Walker shoved Cole at them.  “Get him out of here before I forget who I am and kill the s o b.”


Walker went back to Trivette’s room and took his place by his side where he belonged.  With the tears starting to fall he took Trivette’s hand again.  Alex and C.D. came in to be with Walker and Trivette. 

“Well partner we did it.  Or should I say you did it.  I don’t know how you managed to get the evidence, but you did and I’m proud of you.  I wish you could hear me!!!  You should have been there to make the arrest, not me.  I shouldn’t be sitting here by your bedside watching you life slip away.”

Walker’s tears fell on Trivette’s hand, as Walker held on tightly not letting go.  He put his head down on to Trivette’s shoulder and wept for his friend.

A few hour’s later, something happened that no one could explain to this day.  A little girl came in from out of nowhere.  No one saw her come in and no one saw her leave.  She walked up to Walker and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Mr. Walker, it’s going to be okay.  Don’t cry.  Your friend will be okay, and he will be at your side again!”

“Who are you?”  Walker asked the little girl.

“That doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you and your partner will be that team of Walker and Trivette once again.”  She put her hand on Walker’s heart and then the other hand on Trivette’s head.  Not a word was said.  All eyes were on the little girl.  Walker felt at ease and found her words comforting, but he didn’t know why.  Who was this little stranger. “It’s okay. He knows you’re here, and he heard everything that came from your heart.”

The little girl started to leave.  Walker got up and turned around, and she was gone.  He looked out the door, and she was gone..

“Alex, where did she go?”

“I don’t know.  She was just standing there a minute ago.”

Walker went to the door. “Nurse, did you see where that little girl went?”

“What girl Walker?  No one has come out of the room.”

“Sure she did.  She was just here.”

“Walker, I was standing here the entire time, and no one has been in or out of that room since you three went in.”

“I don’t understand.  What just happened C.D.”

Well Cordell.  There is a higher power here and maybe it is God’s work at hand.”

Walker went back and sat down at Trivette’s side again.  It had been about 45 minutes since the little girl had disappeared.  All of a sudden, the monitors started to go crazy.

Trivette!!”    Walker yelled.  “Alex get the nurse!”

The nurse came running in and checked the monitors.  She checked Trivette’s vital signs.  “I don’t believe this” she said.  She rechecked everything again.

“Trivette please don’t die on me!  Nurse what’s going on?” Walker asked her. 

“I don’t know.  I don’t….I don’t understand it.”

Walker was getting really irritated with the nurse, who wasn’t telling him what he wanted to know.

“Well Walker, I will tell you this”, and with a big smile was on her face as she said “He’s back.  Walker your partner is making a big come back.”

“What?  You mean he’s not going to die!!!”

“What it means is that he is stabilizing.  His brain waves are normal again.”

Walker was so excited he pick Alex up and twirled her around the room.  “He’s okay He’s okay,” Walker kept shouting.  Everyone embraced each other and cried tears of joy this time..


They gave Trivette 30 more minutes and then unhooked all of the monitors and life support system.  He wouldn’t be needing those things any more.

“He should be coming around real soon.  I can’t tell you now long, but I’m sure that you will all be in here when he does right?” 

“Right and thank you so much.”

“No thanks are needed.  Just seeing the look on all the happy faces in her is thanks enough.”

Everyone sat there in Trivette’s room waiting for some signs of Trivette coming around.  No one was going anywhere until he did.

“Come on Trivette.  Are you just going to lay there” Walker said to his partner in a soft voice.  Then he bent down close to Trivette and  touched his hand to the side of his face.  “Come on partner, we’re all waiting.”

Walker felt Trivette’s hand move slightly.  “C.D.!  Alex!  He moved his hand!!!  Look he’s squeezing my hand.” 

Alex look at Trivette and said “Come on Jimmy.  Time to wake up!”

Then they heard him moan and move his head.  They were all gathered around his bed waiting for the eyes to pop open.  And then finely, his eye’s fluttered and he slowly opened his eyes.  Just for a few seconds at first, and then closed them again.  After a few minutes, he opened them and looked around the room to see all his family there.

“Welcome back partner,” Walker said as a tears fell down his cheek. 

Trivette reached up and wiped away the tear that had fallen down Walker’s cheek.

“Did you say partner, partner?”

“Yes I did.”

Trivette smiled.  “I didn’t have you worried did I partner.”

“No partner.  I just don’t want to have to break in another partner, partner.”

“Did you two guy’s hear what he just said?  He didn’t want to break in a new partner.  Well partner neither do I partner. So we’re partners again, partner.”

“Yes Trivette, partners again.” 

“Okay you two knock it off with the partner jokes.  This is getting sickening,” and everyone started laughing.

“Hey Walker, what happened?  All I remember was that I was pushing Cole out of the way and looking up at you when lights out.”

“It was your partner, Trivette.  When you pushed him out of the way and hit your head, he didn’t want you waking up so he added to your injuries.  We don’t know what he hit you with yet, but he did a damn good job.  I’m sorry Trivette.  I should have kept an eye on him.  It was my fault that you got hurt.  I turned my back on him and you for just for 1 minute.”

“Walker now don’t start blaming yourself.  The only one to blame here is that piece of work I got stuck with.  But that’s all over now, and we’re back together again, but I may need a few days off.”

“Okay you two.  Just start explaining things right this minute.”  Alex demanded!!!

“Okay Alex.  It was all a set up.”

“Set up.  The whole thing was a set up?”

“Yes.  I’m sorry Alex.  We couldn’t let you and C.D. in on it.  We had to be real convincing or Cole would never have fallen for it.  He’s too smart.  He had to think we really did spit up and that we were on the out’s.”

“But you got shot Walker!  Twice !”

Walker and Trivette looked at each other.  “Go right ahead Walker and explain to the lady.”

“Yeah Walker explain.”

“Oh geez.  That was all planned too.”

“Your getting shot was a plan!!!  And who’s big idea was that?”

“It was mine Alex, but they were very carefully aimed shots Alex.  There was no danger.”

“I don’t believe this C.D.  He gets himself shot on purpose.”

“That’s one of the reasons we couldn’t tell you.  Don’t you see?”

“Yeah I guess, but what about Jimmy?  He was almost killed.”

“That was real.  That wasn’t planned.”  There was a silence in the room after that.

“You won’t believe what happened Trivette.  The doctors gave you up for dead.”

“Hey guys, can I talk to Walker alone for a minute?  Please!”

“Sure Jimmy.”  Alex bent down and gave Trivette a kiss on the cheek. “Welcome back Jimmy!”  Alex told him.

“Walker sit down I want to talk to you.”

“Oh oh, this sounds serious.”

Trivette took Walker’s hand. “Walker I know what happened with me.  I mean I was dying.  God told me it wasn’t my time.  I know about the little girl.”  Trivette squeezed Walker’s hand and looked into his eyes.  “The most important thing is that I heard everything you said to me.  You were sitting here holding my hand.”

“You know everything?”


Walker got uncomfortable and was embarrassed.  Trivette’s eye’s started to tear up as he talked to Walker.  “Please don’t turn away from me!!!”  Trivette pulled Walker’s hand and he turned around and looked at Trivette.  They then embraced each other and shed a few more tears.


Alex and C.D. poked their heads in the door.  “Can we come back in now,” Alex asked.

“Sure come on in.”

“Okay Trivette, there is something that I have to know.”

“Yeah Walker and what is that?”

“How did you get the evidence against Cole?”

Trivette laughed.  “Well Walker that was the easiest part of this whole damn mess.  Remember when we were coming into C.D.’s every night after work?”

“Yeah I remember.”

“Well once Cole started to trust me, he loosened up.  The more he drank, the more he talked.  I just made sure I got every thing on tape.  He was so drunk, he didn’t even know he told me.”

“Well Trivette, that’s were you made your mistake.  He did remember something, and it almost cost you your life.”

“Yeah I guess I got a little careless.”

“Yeah you did.”


After a few days in the hospital, Trivette was released with a clean bill of health.

On Monday, Trivette returned to work again and where there was a big surprise party waiting.  When he walked into in office, everyone yelled “Surprised”!!!

Walker grabbed Trivette around the neck and gave him a peck on the cheek and said ,  “Welcome home Partner!!!

The End