Here is another joint venture by yours truly and Jennifer. ADULT Enjoy

Badlands Trip
By Sissy ( & Jennifer George

Jessie finishes up her homework and combing her fingers through her dark red tresses she starts down the stairs. Although she inherited her Dad's hair coloring and eyes, she took her body build and facial features from her mother. Slender, very well proportioned with full breasts even at the age of seventeen. In other words she could almost pass for her mother's sister which she enjoys because she believes that her mother is a very beautiful woman. Even her Father says so, as she has heard him say those very words to her mom many times over the years.

Moving toward the kitchen, she hears a slight whimper just as she turns into the doorway. There in front of the sink, are her parents, wrapped in each other's arms, kissing. She quickly backs out and stands back against the wall, not meaning to eaves drop, but hears the soft murmur, "Honey, the kids could pop in any minute." And then his husky reply, "I know." Remembering the warm picture of them, (her arms around his neck, lips devouring each other, one of his arms around her waist to hold her tight, the other up under her shirt), she smiles knowing that they still love each other very much. Her parents being very demonstrative with their affection, finding them in each other's arms is almost an every day occurrence. And all of her siblings except it and are warmed by it.

Jessie turns away and pushes the screen door open to the porch, letting it close silently. She sees John down at the corral, working his horse, Buddy, on the lounge line. Chrissy is on a weekend trip with her friend Amy Gooding, and Jimmy is spending the weekend with Sam Coyote at the Cherokee reservation. This would be a good time to get her Dad to take her and John on that promised trip into the badlands. The weather is, supposedly, going to be ideal. She yells out a warning as she pulls the screen door open. "Dad?"

Walker reluctantly releases his hold on her breast and draws his hand from under Alex's shirt, placing it on her hip. Their lips separate and their eyes meet and hold, as he loosens his arm around her, letting some space come between them. A whisper of "I love you" then they turn to see Jessie enter the kitchen.

"Dad, you have the whole weekend off, right? I mean, you don't have to go in to work, do you?"

He turns his head, his eyes meeting Alex's with a look of love, then facing his daughter, "Yes and no. Yes, I have the whole weekend off and no, I don't have to go in to work. Why?"

"Well, I thought that since Chrissy and Jimmy are away, this would be a good time for our trip to the badlands. You know, the one you promised to take me and John on … back in the winter?"

"Oh!" He had forgotten about the promise, he turns to catch Alex staring at him with an impish smile on her face, knowing what he had planned for the weekend. "Well, I … know I promised … but…" his eyes switch back to his wife's, "ah … I don't think…"

"Come on Dad, the weather is going to be ideal." Then she realizes that he won't leave her mother alone for the weekend. "Mom could come, too, the four of us. It would really be great."

Walker looks at Alex, she smiles at him, "I would love to go. We haven't been up there, in a long time. Sounds like fun."

"Are you sure Alex? I mean we can wait…"

"No, honey, I would like to join you, it's been a long time since … ah … we've been up there."

He looks at her with a soft smile, his arms tightens imperceptibly, for he knows she is thinking of their little hideaway, (of Firewalker Returns) of which it has been several years since they've been back, the last time being two years after Chrissy was born. Before that they had managed to return to their little patch of heaven, at least once a year, but with the children taking more and more of their time, the exquisite excursion has gotten put on hold.

Walker finally turns away from Alex, puts his arms around his daughter, "Okay, Jessie, if you and John can get everything ready tonight, we'll leave first thing in the morning."

Jessie turns and throws her arms around her Dad's neck, "Oh, thank you." A kiss on the cheek, "I'll go tell John." And she's gone out the door before he can catch his breath.

"Honey, you aren't going to show them our … 'special place' … are you?"

"No … not for a couple of years, yet." He pulls her back into his arms, "I'd like to try and go back up there sometime this year." He kisses her softly, "How about you?"

"Oh, darling, do you think we could. It's been so long and I really did enjoy the time we spent at our little Eden."

"Eden? Why are you calling it Eden?"

She touches his lips with light butterfly kisses, "Do you … remember what," her lips move to his ear, "Adam and Eve … wore," then down to nibble on his neck, "in Eden?"

Shivers run through his body, "Oh!"

She kisses him again, deeply, then steps back and with a look that promises more later, starts outside to help her children get their camping gear together.

After supper Walker and Alex watch their two oldest argue on what they need to take and what they want to take.

After listening to the 'I want,' and 'you don't need' he interrupts with, "All we take are the essentials. Nothing else! Sleeping bags, camp dishes, first aid kit, change of clothes, knife, rifle and hatchet."

"Dad!" Both cry out in unison. Then seeing the set look on his face, they quiet down, and then Jessie asks, timidly, "A camera, one camera … please Dad?"

He glances at Alex then back at Jessie. "One camera, and it's shared. Just remember that the horses are the ones who will be packing all of this stuff. So lets go easy on them, okay?"

Finally, the last bedroll is rolled and the saddlebags are packed. Alex shoos the kids off to bed then joins her husband on the porch, sliding her arms around his waist, her fingers sliding into the top of his jeans, her head laying against his back. "They are really wound up. I'll bet they don't get too much sleep tonight."

"Probably not. This trip will be good for them."

"Good for me, too." She murmurs as she brushes her fingers back and forth across his warm skin, feeling a light tremor run through him. "I know something else … that would be good for me, too."

His voice husky, "You do … do you?"

"Um … be good … for you, too."

He sucks in his stomach, letting her hands slip farther down into his pants.

He leans back against her, his breathing faster, as her fingers lightly caress his swollen manhood. Enjoying the teasing but knows that things are moving to fast, he pulls her hand from his pants and turns around in her arms, kisses her softly and murmurs, "We'd … better call it a … night, too."

Turning and walking into the house, he pulls the door shut, locks it, and pulls her in his arms again, kissing her deeply, as her hands pull his shirt open, letting her fingers comb through the soft hair, finding his nipples and rolling them under her thumb.

"Ah … Alex," he moans as his lips move from her mouth over her jawline, and down her neck, nibbling lightly.

"Shh … the kids." She murmurs, then turns and guides him toward the stairs. "Darling, don't…"

"Mmmm…" His hand moves up under her blouse, finds her breast, squeezing gently.

A whimper, a shudder, she stumbles, he whispers, "Shh…" and covers her mouth with his.

They slip inside their bedroom just as Jessie's bedroom door opens and sleepily inquires, "What…?"

Taking a deep breath, Alex mumbles, "It's … nothing, honey, … I just stumbled … go back to bed." She hears her door shut and turns, falling into Walker's arm, giggling. "We almost got … caught." He grins broadly and locks the door. Then turning he scoops her up into his arms and carries her to the bed, and standing her on the floor, with hands colliding they quickly disrobe, and fall back on the bed.

Giggling she says, "You sure are rowdy tonight."

"Rowdy and randy. Come here, woman." Pulling her under him he lowers his mouth to hers in a deep passionate kiss.

A breathless whisper, "Honey, we need to remember … that Jessie … may still be awake."

He pushes up on his elbow, his voice raspy, rough, "I've got other … things on my mind."

Her breath catches in her throat and he watches her eyes dilate. Her voice quivers slightly as she tries to speak. "What … other things?"

"Things … like this." He kisses her, then with no preliminaries, he covers her, pushing her legs apart, he runs his tongue up her warm wet juncture. Her eyes open wide for just an instant as she shivers at the sudden throbbing rush that pulses through her, feeling it deep inside. Then she feels a sweet pulling, as he suckles at her delicious center.

He wants to taste her, to drink her, knowing she is ready. His own excitement grows as he feels her respond and his loins ache with need as his large manhood swells to its fullest. He nuzzles, nibbles, suckles, then spears his tongue deep inside her, to taste and to savor it.

She feels the frenzy growing inside her, and she moans, then cries out as she feels the peak rising, almost to its crest.

She reaches for him, lifting up to meet him, as the violent storm within her rises, and then almost without warning, suddenly erupts. He feels her wetness and warmth, then raising himself and moving up, finds her entrance and with a strong surging push, fills her completely.

She cries out, "Walker" reaching for him, wanting him, arching to his push. He plunges in again and feels her walls tighten around him. Then shuddering and groaning, he backs out, feeling the exquisite sensations deep within him. Then suddenly he's at the edge, unable to wait any longer he pushes in again, and feels the burst of ecstasy explode within him. She cries out with him as her fierce orgasm follows.

He makes a few last strokes; then collapses on top of her, both of them resting from the exhilarating and tempestuous release. After awhile, he lifts his head, and reaching up to kiss him, she becomes aware of the smell and taste of herself, which always reminds her of the incredible feelings he brings out in her.

Sometime later, as his strength returns he pulls out and rolls to her side, and weakly whispers, "Do you reckon … we woke anyone?"

A soft murmur, "I … don't think so. We were fairly quiet don't you think?

"Umm…" He pulls her back into his chest, his face buried in her hair, one arm under her head the other lying across her belly. Sated and content, sleep creeping up on the two lovers.

All is quiet until drowsily she murmurs, "Honey, do you … know where … your hand is?"

"Um … sure do. Does it … bother you?"

"Yes … ah … very … much."

"Want … me to … move it?"

"No … it feels … ahhh … good." Her breathing quickens, and sleep is forgotten.


Walker wakes at 4:00 am in the morning, to the soft sound of a Tim McGraw/Faith Hill duet coming from the alarm clock on his nightstand. Disengaging one arm from around Alex's nude body, he reaches over to turn it off, then shifting slightly away from her, the gently turns her onto her back.

He stares down at his wife, her body covered by the sheet only from the waist down. His heartbeat begins to accelerate and his manhood begins to grow and harden as he gazes at her breasts, perfect round globes of creamy white skin. Unable to resist, he leans over her, sucking a breast deep into his mouth.

Alex quickly rises up from the depths of a deep slumber, eyes popping wide open at the onslaught of electric sensations she feels deep in her body. Moaning, she looks down, finding her husband suckling her breast like a babe. "Oh God ... Walker!" she moans as his hand reaches out to caress the other breast. She writhes underneath him as he continues caressing and tasting her breasts. His pulsing manhood pressing into her thigh, he brushes his fingertips lightly across her skin, moving his hand down the valley between her breasts, his lips following with butterfly kisses, stopping just underneath them as his thumb caresses the underside of her breast. Raising his head, he claims her lips again as he kisses her with a growing need, stifling that need to bury his steel hard shaft deep within her body, wanting to draw out her pleasure.

Alex whimpers at the urgency of his kiss, feeling an urgency of her own as his hand stalls under her breasts. Writhing some more, she moans "Lower ... please..." his hand begins to move, "...oh God ... lower..." His fingers circle her belly button...and circle it again. "Walker!" she whimpers, grabbing his hand and placing it between her legs as she kisses him with such intensity that it surprises even her. Her hips buck upward as his fingers explore her femininity, then she gasps as first one finger, then a second, delve inside the tight wet warmth, slipping easily inside, she is so ready for him. The knowledge of the effect he still has on his wife after all these years causes him to grit his teeth in concentration, that need to bury himself within her almost overpowering him.

Moving down her body he touches her tender bud with his tongue as his fingers move in and out of her warmth, then laps at the moisture, his fingers keeping up a rhythm. Her hands tangle in his hair as she cries out, thrashing her head from side to side as her climax takes root, then arching her back, screaming as her climax explodes wildly.

Moving quickly, Walker kneels between Alex's legs, bracing himself with one arm on either side of her trembling body. Then with a long deep moan, he thrusts home to the place he so loves to be ... inside his beautiful wife's equally beautiful body, Alex whimpering at the glorious feel of him filling her. Holding still for several moments, Walker savors the feeling, then withdraws only to thrust back home again and again. Bending down he kisses her deeply, clasping her body tightly to him as he continues his movements, her hips rising to meet his.

Soon Alex climaxes a second time, crying out "Oh Walker! ... Oh God ... Darling!" Feeling her feminine contractions around his manhood, he grits his teeth again to keep from climaxing himself. Withdrawing from her body, he turns her over. Knowing what he wants, Alex rises up on her hands and knees, pushing herself back against Walker as he thrusts home yet again. They resume the pace as Alex's climax wanes, then reaching out, Walker grasps her around the waist, bringing her body up against his, and moving in unison, never breaking the intimate contact, they move up to the headboard.

Grasping the top of the headboard, Alex braces herself as she arches her back. With a growl, Walker resumes pumping in and out of her tightness, his hands on her buttocks. Reaching down her perspiration slicked body, he slides his hands down her thighs, then back up and around to her feminine mound. He tangles his fingers in the soft hair there as she begins moaning at the pleasurable sensations he creates, her head falls back.

The thick haze of passion is broken and Walker freezes when there is a knock at the bedroom door. Alex whimpers, pushing her hips back against Walker, "Don't ... stop," she whispers.
"Dad, Mom ... its time to get up," comes the voice of John on the other side of the door.
Walker begins moving again, unable to stop
"We're ... we're up" Alex manages to speak, panting.

"You okay, Mom?" John asks, "You don't sound so good."

Alex is too far gone, incapable of speaking as her third climax begins. Walker answers for her as he slows his pace, knowing Alex is near the end, as he is too, "She's fine ... son. Go get ... dressed..." he trails off, resuming a quicker pace as he hears John going back to his bedroom. His hand moves upward, across her belly to cup her breast. Her head is thrown back, and her back arches as he squeezes it gently, while pumping furiously, sending them both careening over the edge.

Utterly spent and satiated, Alex leans back against Walker, and grasping her around the waist, he turns her as he lies back down on the bed, spent and satiated himself. Limbs entwined they lay still for several minutes, regaining normal breathing. Finally, leaning up, crossing her arms across Walker's chest, Alex sighs deeply. "I could wake up like that every day," she murmurs.

"Making love?" he whispers. "You already wake up that way."

"That too...but I meant the way you woke me."

Smiling tenderly, Walker reaches out and brushes his fingertips against the swell of her breasts, which are resting on his chest. Sometimes I can't help myself, hon. I see your breasts ... and ... I just have to taste them," he murmurs with a smile on his lips. Moving his hand to the back of her head, he brings her lips to his and kisses her.

Again there is a knock at the door. "Daaaaddd!" Jessie calls impatiently.

Breaking off the kiss, Walker calls out, "We're up Jessie, now go get dressed."

"I'm already dressed, and so is John. We're waiting on you and Mom."

Sighing, he sits up. Alex whispers, "They're gonna bust down the door, we better get going."

Reluctantly he lets himself be pulled up off the bed. "We're coming."

By the time the sun is fully up the group is on their way. The horses are loaded into the trailer and the gear is stowed in the back of the Ram. The first time that Walker and Alex had taken this trip, it was taken on horseback. But the years since then, they've taken the Ram partway, just like this time only then they took two horses in the trailer and now they are taking four.

When Walker stops the truck, Jessie looks around and exclaims, "Is this it? We're still on the ranch aren't we? We could have ridden the horses this far."

"Yes, Jessie, we're still on the ranch. The ranch does encroach on the badlands, but we aren't there yet. The rest of the way is to rough to go by truck, so … let's get the horses out and the gear divided." He takes Alex's hand, opens the door and slides out, pulling her with him.

In short order, the horses are unloaded and the gear spread among them and they're on the trail. Jessie ends up the last in line, looking around her at the desolate countryside that seems to stretch for miles. Mumbling to herself, "And I wanted to see this?" She glances at John who is excited to finally be on the long awaited trip to the badlands. When he smiles at her, she returns it with a weak grin, trying hard no to show her disappointment. She had pictured it all different by the stories her dad had painted in her mind. She sees nothing out here but rocks, boulders and a few scraggly bushes.

But John sees all kinds of interesting things, rodents scurrying among the rocks, a rabbit scrunched down under a bush, and even a rattlesnake stretched out on a rock, sunning. He has moved up at the head of the line, with his parents behind him and Jessie taking up the rear.

She watches her parents riding in front of her, holding hands, murmuring softly back and forth, totally oblivious to their surroundings, or seem to be.

Suddenly, Walker calls out, "John, watch it on your left. There's a rattlesnake by that rock."

"Yeah, I see it Dad. Thanks."

So her Dad isn't as preoccupied as she thought. How did he see that? I haven't seen a thing … probably because I've been pouting. Guess it wouldn't hurt to be more aware of what's around me.

Suddenly it dawns on Jessie that the rocks and boulders are slowly being left behind and the vegetation is getting thicker and greener. Looking up in front of her, she sees a few trees, and the farther they go the thicker the bushes and trees get until the hard barren plain has disappeared, and a lush green carpet has taken it place. Smiling broadly at the complete change in the scenery, she murmurs softly, "Guess we had to go through the ugly to find the beautiful."

"Dad, this is beautiful. Why didn't you tell us it was like this?"

"I thought I did, didn't I mention the beautiful part of the badlands?"

"Well … yes, I guess I wasn't prepared for it to look like this … it looks so … peaceful, like we're the only ones that's ever been here."

"Not to many people have, this is the ranches little bit of heaven, and we keep quiet about it because we don't want it to change."

In a voice softened with wonder, "Oh, I can understand that." Her eyes are busy now, trying to see everything at once. A deer and her fawn are sighted off to the side, an eagle sits quietly eyeing them, perched high in a tree, a raccoon peeking through an opening in a tree trunk, all these sights and more has her thinking this is must be Utopia.

"Which way, Dad, the trail forks here?"

"To the left, son."

Jessie looks up the trail that forks to the right, a trail that looks like it has been used more than the one they are taking, "Where does that one lead, Dad?"

Bringing her eyes back to her parents, she sees a look flash between them, then a warm smile, then his answer, "Just to a different … section. We'll show that to you at another time."

Jessie feels as if they are climbing but the area still looks flat. Some thirty minutes later she hears John complaining, "How much farther, Dad? I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry, but it's not to much farther. Just around that next bend."

"WOW! Is this it, Dad? This is … WOW!"

Jessie pushes her horse to the front and stops beside John. A large smile spreads across her face as she looks at the beautiful sight before her. A lush, grassy clearing with a clear, rushing, stream, where on the other side, it looks like civilization had never penetrated.

"Okay, lets get the horses unsaddled and camp set up. While I get a fire started, John, you and Jessie better get started on finding the food. Your mom and I will collect some firewood."

When they walk back into the clearing, Jessie and John hold up the fish they had caught in the short time they were gone. "This stream is a fisherman's paradise."

Walker shows the youngsters how to clean the fish and after Alex fries them up they all enjoy a filling meal.

Badlands Trip Part II
By Sissy & Jennifer

Sitting around the fire, eating the fish, "You both know how to leave signs in the woods so you don't get lost, so for our evening meal, I want each of you to find something to contribute to it. I will get the meat, this time. But tomorrow, Jessie will be in charge of supplying the meat. We'll come up with the rest."

Jessie gives him a look of astonishment, "You're kidding, right?" Receiving just a warm smile, "Ha … well, be prepared to go hungry then. Unless we can have fish again."

"Well, if fish is all you can come up with, I guess we'll eat fish. But I'm hoping you have more initiative than that."

Jessie looks at her dad with a somber face, determination setting in, "I don't know what yet, but I can almost guarantee it won't be fish." When her dad smiles at her, that's all the incentive she needs. She never did like to disappoint her dad and she isn't going to start now.

"Come on, Jessie, lets leave the men to themselves. I think I know where we can find something good for dessert tonight." She smiles at her husband and then putting an arm around Jessie's waist they move off into the woods.

Walker takes John with him and shows him how to set traps to catch a rabbit. John watches intently, even tries setting one himself. Then Walker stays with him while he hunts around for something to contribute to the evening meal.

Jessie and her mother find a large bush of Blackberries and while picking them, hears the gobble, gobble of a turkey and straightens up to see where it is. Jessie looks at her mother and smiles, "Dinner for tomorrow."

"Jessie, how in the world do you plan on catching it?"

"I don't know Mom, but I'll think of something. Just don't tell Dad, I want it to be a surprise."

Alex smiles, "I won't tell him, Jessie. But don't get your heart set on it. They're pretty hard to catch."

"I'll catch him Mom. Somehow, I'll catch him." Jessie looks after the turkey for a long time, watching the direction it's wandering, her mind mulling over how to catch it.

"Come on, hon, we need to be getting back." She touches Jessie's arm, and then exclaims, "Look, Jessie, wild onions."

"Wow, what a meal, wild onions and blackberries."

Alex laughs at the absurdity of it, "Well, we don't know what the other's will find." They dig up a handful and head back to camp.

When they arrive back at camp, Walker has two rabbits roasting on a spit and John has what looks like potatoes baking at the edge of the fire.

"What did you and Jessie get, Mom?"

"We got dessert, son, and Jessie found some onions. We could probably make a pretty good rabbit stew." Looking at her husband, "Been a long time since I've had rabbit stew."

Walker looks up at her and smiles. "We'll just have to fix that, won't we?"

After eating, Jessie follows John when he walks out to sit by the stream, and asks him to show her how to make a bow and an arrow. He promised he would and agreed not to tell their father about it.

Settling down into their sleeping bags, John and Jessie next to each other on one side of the fire, the kids talk quietly for awhile and then there is silence as they fall asleep. Their parents lay on the opposite side, snuggling together in their joint bag, whispering quietly, "I found a cave today…"

"You did."

"Um huh. Thought maybe you'd like to see it."

"Sounds … interesting." She murmurs as she runs her hands over his chest.

"Maybe we could … explore it … by ourselves, tomorrow?" His lips moving wetly over her face and down her neck.

"Honey, this is a family outing, remember?" As she tries to neutralize his roaming hands.

"I … know. Just trying to get comfortable," his voice husky as he pulls her back against him, spoon fashion, "so I can … sleep." She feels his hard arousal against her bottom, and wishes they were alone.

The next morning after a breakfast of left over rabbit stew, Jessie and John take off together and Walker, knowing Jessie is the cook for today, goes looking for his contribution to the meal. Alex tells him she knows where there are some wild strawberries and takes off to find them.

John helps Jessie make a bow and arrow and after an hour of teachings from John, takes off to the point where she saw the turkey the day before. As she moves through the brush, she hears the distant gobble of a turkey. She begins stalking the bird like her dad had taught her, moving quietly toward the gobbling sound. She sees the bird the same time that she notices the cabin almost hidden in the brush and trees. Forgetting the bird she moves closer to the rustic scene. As she moves into the clearing, wonder of it fills her eyes. The cabin, a stream flowing nearby, a deer drinking, small animals playing in the brush, a setting right out of a dream. She sinks down to her knees in the grass, her eyes moving rapidly trying to absorb all the sights. Suddenly, she sees her mom moving into the clearing from the side of the cabin. Surprised at seeing her, Jessie watches quietly as Alex kneels down in the grass, and reaching out her hand a large raccoon moves toward her. "Oh, my, you don't still remember me do you? It's been … at least four years!" Looking up Alex sees three little babies peeking at her from the brush. She looks back to the mother raccoon, smiling, "You've had babies since I last saw you!" Turning to the baby raccoons, she again extends her hand and watches as the babies come toward her.

From where she is kneeling, Jessie watches in awe as the baby raccoons move toward Alex. Her ears perk up at her mother's next statement.

Eyeing the mother raccoon, Alex giggles, "Seems this little Eden has the same effect on you as it did me and my husband!" Reaching into the small bag she is carrying, she pulls out some of the berries they had eaten that morning. Placing them on the ground in front of the baby raccoons, she sits back on her heels as they hungrily eat the treat.

Alex gazes wistfully at the cabin … visions of earlier visits flash through her mind, stirring up feelings of desire in her groin ... flashes of them making love by the fire … flashes of them lying naked in the lush green grass in each others arms, as they gazed at the stars and made love into the early morning … flashes of him striding toward her still dripping water, having just emerged from the river, and flashes of her husband pulling at her clothes as they entered the cabin on their last visit, before the door was even closed. A blush begins to creep up her neck at the thought of their "Eden-like" visits in which they brought very little clothes, preferring to be as they were in their first visit soon after they married.

Standing up, she moves toward the cabin door, picking wildflowers as she goes. She pushes open the door and stands inside the threshold as the sunlight splashes across the interior. Her breathing becomes heavier, her heart beats more rapidly as her gaze drifts over the small but cozy room. She steps inside and moves slowly toward the bed as her mind once again drifts, remembering times from before. A soft smile lights up her face as she runs her fingers lightly over the Indian blanket covering it. Oh, how she wanted to be here with Walker ... alone. 'Some day soon' she thought to herself, sighing.

"What's the sigh for?" Jessie asked softly, standing in the doorway.
Startled, Alex turns around quickly. "Ah...Jessie!" she exclaims, blushing. "I was just ... ah ... thinking."

"More like reminiscing, I'll bet." Jessie smiles, her eyes twinkling. She knew better than to believe her mother was thinking about something mundane. She'd seen her blush, had heard her mother's heavy breathing and knew her thoughts were of her father, and she remembered her mother's words to the raccoon, 'you've had babies since I last saw you'. "You've been here before." she stated matter-of-factly, her voice soft.

Caught off guard, Alex hesitates a moment. "Yes… your Dad and I have been here before," she replies. Lifting the dusty blanket, she sits down on the quilt underneath, patting the space beside her, inviting Jessie to sit down. "We've had some wonderful times here," she murmurs, a warmth in her voice.

Jessie looks around the cabin, noting with a smile how "homey" and cozy it seems, and how there is such an air of love in the small cabin that it is palpable. A sly grin lifts the corners of her mouth, "Is this where you and Dad used to go when you would leave us with Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Josie and disappear for a few days?"

Alex gazes at her wise daughter, the blush still staining her cheeks. Shifting her gaze to the small window and beyond, "Mmmhmm ... this is where we came," she smiles, a soft look on her face as she stares out the window, seeing the river beyond it, remembering the waterfall.

Jessie's heart pounds, knowing what her mother must have been daydreaming about. Her parents had a passionate marriage and were very demonstrative with each other, as well as with her and her brothers and sister. She knew her parents still made love frequently and with great passion, she sometimes heard them at night when she lay awake, secretly studying or reading a book. And while other kids said they thought it was gross that their own parents still had sex, she admired the fact her parents still loved each other so deeply. She admired her parent's relationship and hoped to have the same kind of love, one day.

"I think its really great that you and Daddy make lo ... that you love each other like you do after all these years."

Alex is jerked out of her reverie at Jessie's words. She eyed her daughter, wondering if she had heard her correctly, what she had started to say. She realized that at 17, Jessie was almost an adult, and while not wise in the ways of love and passion, she knew enough about it to be attuned to her parent's relationship. She reached out to smooth back a lock of her auburn hair, then cupped her face, "You're growing up so fast, honey." Smiling warmly at her, "Your father and I do love each other very much, have for a very long time, long before we were even married." Taking Jessie's hand, "You'll have a love like that one day honey..." she pauses, "…but not too soon!" she grins at her.

"Yeah...with Wade," Jessie whispers.
Alex hears her and smiles softly. "Wade?"

Now it's Jessie's turn to blush. She smiles shyly in return. "Yeah..." she drawls. "He's so handsome..." her face lights up as she talks, "... and so nice ... and he's smart ... and..." She stops when she sees the twinkle in her mother's eye. "What?"

"Nothing, honey." She envelops Jessie in her arms and hugs her tightly. "I love you very much."

"I love you too, Mom." She pulls back from the hug and takes another look around. "You know, you and Dad have a really great place to get away from everything. Can I show it to Wade sometime?"

"Sh ... show it ... to Wa ... Wade?" Alex stutters, unprepared for the idea of her daughter getting away with someone of the opposite sex. "Well, maybe sometime. It would be a nice getaway ... after you're married."

Jessie looks thoughtful as she digests it and a thought occurs to her. "When you were speaking to the raccoon, you called this cabin 'Eden'. What did you mean by that?"

Startled, and not ready to explain her and Walker's habit of spending most of their time there nude, she looks at her watch and stands up, "Would you look at the time! I need to be getting back so your father doesn't worry and you need to be seeing about dinner!"

They leave the cabin with Alex leaving first. Jessie pauses in the doorway and looks back inside, a dreamy look on her face as she imagines herself and Wade, in the future, sitting in front of a fire in the fireplace ... kissing ... Wade's hand unbuttoning her shirt...

Alex turns to see the look on her daughter's face, and taking her by the arm, pulls her away.

Alex leaves Jessie to hunt down the turkey and turns back toward their camp, hoping to find Walker. Maybe they still had time to explore that cave he found before Jessie gets the meal prepared.

She puts the strawberries in a pan, puts the lid on and sets it down in a shallow part of the stream, using a rock to hold it in place. As she turns, she sees Walker motioning her to follow him. Looking around and seeing neither of her children she rushes to go with him.

As he takes her hand, "Where is this wonderful place you found, darling?"

"Over this way, come on. I've been looking for you. Where did you go?"

"I remembered that strawberry patch by the cabin and went to get some for supper." Her eyes catch his, "and I ran into Jessie?"

"Jessie saw the cabin?"


"What … did she say?"

"She wanted to know if this is where we came when we left them with Josie and Jimmy."

"Did you …tell her?"

"I … couldn't lie to her."

"No … of course not."

"She also thought it was great that we still love each other so much after all these years."

"That won't ever change, honey."

"She thought it made a great hideaway. Asked me if she could show the place to Wade."

He stops and looks at Alex with alarm on his face, "Wade? She's not … you didn't…"

"That question threw me, too, honey, but, no she isn't. But I did tell her it would make a nice getaway after she was married."

"That girl is growing up just to fast."

"Honey," she lays a hand on Walker's arm, stopping him, "she isn't a girl anymore. She is a vibrant, warm and exciting young lady."

Walker stares at her for several long minutes, then his shoulders sag, "She is, isn't she. Maybe I ought to have a talk with Wade."

"Oh, honey, I don't think so. Your daughter has a level head on her shoulders, I don't think we have to worry about her. You know how she wants to become a Ranger and nothing is going to stop her." She kisses him lightly on the lips, "Now, show me this … fabulous cave of yours."

He slides his arm around her waist, "Right through here." He guides her around some bushes, "Here it is." He kisses her softly, "Shall we…?"

When they enter the cave, it isn't as dark as they thought it would be, discovering a hole in the top of the cave that is allowing the light in.

Alex steps a little ahead of Walker and is surprised when his arm grabs her around the waist and pulls her back, quickly turning her around. "Wha..."

Her word is cut off when his lips clamp down on hers, kissing her hungrily, ravenously, taking her breath away. She breathes in and out heavily when he releases her lips. "Well...that was nice!" she breathes, licking her lips.

"Been two nights, baby," he moans huskily as he reaches for the buttons on her shirt. He quickly flicks them open as he kisses her hungrily again, and after pushing the shirt from her shoulders he deftly works the catch on her bra, slipping it too from her arms. She whimpers when his large hands close over her breasts, cupping them, kneading them. Dragging his mouth from her lips, he leaves a hot trail as his tongue snakes down her neck to her swelling breasts, sucking one into the hot wet recesses of his mouth as his hand expertly caresses the other, bringing the nipple to a hardened peak.

Whimpering softly as his teeth gently nibble on her nipple, she feels a sudden wetness in her panties. "Walker!" she cries out, her hands gripping his shoulders tightly. His hands reach for the button on her shorts, flicking it open, dragging down the zipper. She cries out, "Oh God!" when his hand immediately delves inside her panties, cupping the mound between her thighs, and when his fingers dip inside the hot moist treasure the blond curls guard, her hips begin to buck wildly.

Walker's arousal now strains painfully against his jeans, the knowledge of the pleasure his wife is enjoying at his hands making his manhood throb with the need to be buried inside her. With his free hand he unbuttons and shoves down his jeans and shorts at the same time, then withdrawing his hand from her body, he quickly divests her of her shorts and wet panties.
Gripping Alex around the waist, he lifts her up and settles her down over his erection, groaning as she sheaths him in her warm moist tightness as her legs wrap around his waist. Backing her up against the cave wall, he begins to thrust in and out in a quick rhythm as she moves her hips against him. The hands holding onto her buttocks knead the cheeks sensuously as he pumps. Within minutes Alex's legs stiffen around his waist, she cries out at her powerful climax as with one last powerful thrust he spills himself within her trembling body, crying out himself, "Aaaaaallllllleeeeeexxxxx!"

Spent and sated, Alex's legs unwrap themselves from around Walker's waist and she attempts to stand. Her legs feel like Jell-O and as she begins to collapse, Walker's arms hold her up. With her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder, she murmurs, "I don't know what got into you, honey, but that was wonderful."

He pulls back to gaze into her passion-laden eyes, and shrugs impishly, "I told you ... it's been a long time ... since night before last."

"I love you," she murmurs, kissing his lips tenderly.

He smiles. "I love you too, hon, always have, always will." He looks down at the pile of clothing on the cave floor, then at themselves. He still has his shirt on, but his wife is completely naked ... just the way he likes her, he thinks to himself with a smile curving his lips. But... "How about we get dressed and finish exploring this cave?"

"Okay," she says, planting a quick kiss to his lips before letting go of his neck to retrieve her clothes.

After getting dressed, Walker leads the way into the large cavern wanting to make sure it is not occupied with any varmints or … larger carnivores.

"Doesn't look like anything has been in here for years, honey, so I think we're safe."

Alex sticks her head into the opening of a tunnel, "Wonder where this goes?"

"Alex, we don't want to go exploring down any of these side tunnels, hard telling where they would go, we could really get lost."
"Walker, I hear water. Do you hear it?"

He moves farther back into the large room, "Alex, come here. Look at this."

She moves up to his side, "Must come from the stream by our camp. Not a very big pool is it?"

"No, but I'll bet it's cold."

"Darling, it's … spooky in here, lets go outside and find a nice secluded place that has a mat of thick … green grass?" She giggles as she wraps her arms around his waist.

Well … there's no soft grass in here but I have something better." He says nuzzling her ear with his lips.


He releases her, "Stay here, I'll be right back." She watches as he goes out of the cave opening, to return minutes later carrying a bundle.
"Walker … you were planning on this weren't you?"

He spreads the sleeping bag out on the floor of the cave, next to the water, and strips his clothes off and looking at her with love in his eyes, he kneels down on it then, his hand reaching out for her to join him.

The cave is still except for the heavy breathing. Her eyes meet his, then drop to take in his ready and willing body. Just his desire for her is all she needs to be ready. Walker's tongue comes out to wet his lips. Alex wets hers and their eyes come together again, and she slowly, sensuously removes her clothes as well.

Keeping her eyes fastened to his, she slowly lowers herself to kneel down in front of him, the warm tingling in her breasts increasing and the place between her thighs melting with want, aching with need, pulsing with pleasure. "I need you, Cordell," she whispers. Her arms circle his neck, her mouth seeking his.

He moans and his breathing quickens as his eyes watch her lips lower to his. His arms slide around her waist, pulling her close. His mouth moves over hers, nibbling, sucking, then tasting as his tongue tangles with hers. He releases her lips, only to shift his mouth and cover them again.

Moaning softly, his lips leave a trail of fire as he grazes down her neck, tasting, sucking, and then licking at the bead of sweat that is slowly making its way down her throat. His fingers move tantalizing slow to brush across her nipple bringing it to a quick erection. His tongue licks over the sensitive bud, sending shivers racing through her body.

She drops her arms down, sighing deeply as she combs her fingers through the mat of hair on his chest, stopping when she brushes across a nipple, grinding it with her thumb. She gasps softly when his finger rubs her nipple then sucks in her breath sharply as he closes his lips over it and feels the loving of his tongue. She watches his jaw flex as he sucks tenderly and arches into him. She runs her fingers through his hair as she holds his head close, wanting the pleasure to never end.

He raises back up to cover her mouth with his again. His tongue parts her lips wider until it is nestled deep inside her mouth, where it explores hungrily.

She feels his kiss all over her body, in her breasts, which tighten and tingle, pressing against his chest. In her womanhood, where one hot rolling sensation of pleasure follows another until she feels as though she could explode. She aches to be pressed there, stroked, filled. She's hungry for his touch, his hands, his body, his mouth … his manhood.

Badlands Trip Part III
By Sissy & Jennifer

"Walker," she cries out, "Walker … I need you … need you."

His fingers leave her breast and travel down the length of her torso, over the smooth skin of her stomach, past her navel and mound to disappear between her thighs. Her legs part eagerly, waiting, then arching up as his fingers part the swollen flesh and press into her sweet warm treasure.

Melting against him, he tightens his arm and lays back on the sleeping bag taking her with him.

Moving down between her legs, he works his tongue over the small, hard node that is her essence, suckling and nibbling, she cries out again and again. Feeling her release coming, he tries to hold back, hoping to draw her out, but she reaches for him unable to wait. It comes closer, building, growing, she tightens with anticipation, and he hears her moans of pleasure.

Suddenly the powerful shuddering waves seize her, and with a convulsive cry, they crash over her. She explodes with the sweet force of release, and with it comes the desire to feel his manhood inside her. She reaches for him, trying to bring him to her.

He feels her spurt of wetness and sensing her need for him, raises up, and grips his eager shaft to guide it into her deep moist center. She feels him enter and raises up to meet him as he plunges deep. He pulls out and with complete surrender plunges in again and again and again with each stroke building higher.

She hears his strong breathing and her own, as their cries blend. Then he cries out her name, she rises to meet him, and then a rapturous explosion, sending them both into sweet ecstasy.

For an instant, his deeper throatier cries blend in with her breathless sobs, repeating his name as spasms of rapturous pleasures shudder through them. Then with a shuddering sigh he collapses on top of her.

Suddenly a light cloud of dust washes over them. Taking a deep breath to slow her breathing, Alex inhales a whisper of it and begins coughing.

Walker raises up, easing his weight from her, when the spasms finally ease, "Oh, baby, that was…" As he looks down on her he sees a light coating of dust in her hair and on her face. "What the…?"

"What is it, honey?" As he turns his head to look around, she sees dust in his hair also. "Walker, where did all the dust come from?"

"I … don't know." He pulls back from her and stands, grabs his jeans, slips them on and buttons them as he walks back to the cave opening. "Alex!" his voice echoing in the cavern.

"What?" She replies as she watches him walk back toward her. Alex feels an overwhelming ache of love and longing as he strides toward her.

"There's been a cave-in. The entrance is blocked."

"Blocked? I didn't hear anything. When…?" She stands, brushing the dust from her arms.

Walker comes up to her, brushes dust from her shoulders, then slide his arm around her waist, pulling her close. "We … were kinda preoccupied, honey, remember?"
"Oh, I guess we were." She giggles, "I do remember a … vibration. But I thought it was…"

"That good, huh?"

She kisses him softly, "It must have been very good if neither one of us felt it."

"We'd better get dressed and see if we can find a way out of here."

Alex shakes her head and dust flies everywhere. "Darling, I think I'm gonna take a dip in the little pond, see if I can get this dust off of me." She catches his grin, "And you should, too, honey, your … backside is probably covered with a good layer of this stuff."

Walker watches as Alex steps into the cool water and sits down, taking her hand and cupping water over her breasts. He's mesmerized by her actions, his eyes following every drop of water that drips from the hard tip of her breast. Married almost eighteen years and she can still turn him on just by looking at her.

He strips his jeans off and joins her in the water, sitting at her side. He slips his arm around her back, lowering her into the water, then swishes her hair in the water with his hand, washing the dust out. He sits her up and using his hands presses the water out of her hair.

She leans into him then, her lips covering his in a sweet tender kiss. He winds his fingers in her hair at the back of her neck, deepening the kiss.

"Mom! Dad! Are you in there?"

Alex and Walker part guiltily, he murmurs, "Guess we'd better get dressed, let them know we're all right."

He kisses her and starts to stand, but she stops him with her hand on his arm. "No, you rinse the dust off, I'll go tell them." She stands, letting the water drip and moves over toward where the entrance use to be. "Jessie … John … we're all right."

"Mom? Are you and Dad all right?"

"Yes, hon, we just need to find a way to get out of here. We'll check some of these tunnels in here, you look around out there, okay?" She turns around just as Walker steps out of the water, reaching for his jeans. She begins dressing, turns toward him, smiling, "I guess our little … diversion got us in trouble this time, huh?"

He grins back at her, "Well, maybe a little." He sits down and pulls his socks and boots on.

Alex finishes dressing and looks at her husband sitting on the sleeping bag, "Honey, we need to do something with that bag or they will know why we came in here."

"Hmmm … you're right." He kneels and rolls up the bag and deposits it just inside one of the side tunnels, out of sight.

Meanwhile outside of the cave:

"John, how long have they been in there?"

"I'm not sure. I heard the rumbling, but couldn't find the cave till just before I came and got you. I wasn't even sure Mom and Dad was in there. "

"That's been what, fifteen … twenty minutes?"

"Probably … about that. How did you know they were in there?"

"I haven't seen either one for more than an hour, it was a wild guess."

"John let's try checking out the area, maybe there's another way in." Leading the way, she starts exploring the area,

"God, Jessie, I wonder what possessed them to explore a cave without telling us?" He mumbles as he follows after Jessie.

A smile spreads across Jessie's face, and under her breath she murmurs to herself, "Yeah, I wonder." Remembering that her Dad's sleeping bag was missing from the campsite.

"Jessie … wait a minute. What this?"

She turns to see him peering into a dark opening in the rock. She moves up and says, "It might go into where they are, I don't know. But we can't go in there without marking our way." She turns to look at John, "Come on, let's go back to camp and see what we can find." She breaks a branch to show the spot and both hightail it back to camp.

"How about fishing line, Jessie?"

"Yea, and I've got a flashlight … of sorts."

"What are you doing with that, Jess, we weren't suppose to bring anything."

"Well … I did … just like you brought that pocket knife." She grins at him, "Well, we'll worry about these … 'sins' after we get Mom and Dad out. Come on."

Returning to the small opening, Jessie sticks her head inside the cave and shouts, "Mom … Dad … can you hear me?" She waits a long minute and shouts again. Silence

"Come on, John, tie that line to that branch and let's go." She steps into the opening with John right behind her, letting the line out as he goes.

"Jessie, turn the light on! It's blacker then night in here."

"Not yet. We'll feel our way as long as we can, I don't know how much life is in these batteries anymore. Be careful with that line, we don't want it to break."

"I'm watching it. Just go slow, we don't want to step into a hole."

Jessie stops, she hadn't thought of that. When she begins moving forward again, its with timid steps, feeling her way carefully, making sure there is solid ground before she puts her foot down. Suddenly Jessie sucks in her breath and stops.

"Jessie, what is it?" Whispering, her actions putting a knot of fear in his stomach.

"There's … another opening here." John moves up next to her as she turns on the flashlight, shining the weak beam down the tunnel.

"This can't be the right tunnel."

"Why not?"

"Because this one goes back that way. The cave in is in the opposite direction."

"You're right, let's keep going straight ahead."

After awhile, she turns the light on and flashes it in front, the beam is weak so she quickly shuts it off, and continues to move forward.

"Jessie it shouldn't be this far, maybe we're in a different cave all together. I think…"

"Sh … listen John. Hear that?" They both stand still listening. Talking, but very distant, "Mom … Dad? Can you hear us?"

A muffled "Jessie? We hear you."

They begin moving forward again, still being careful, then as they make a turn, they see light ahead of them and figures moving.

When they burst into the room they are both immediately pulled into hugs by their parents. Jessie takes a step back and looks them both over, "Are you two all right? You didn't get hurt from the cave-in?"

"Ah … no, Jessie we were … exploring at the back of the cave when it happened."

Noticing that both of them had wet hair, "How … did you get wet?"

"Huh?" Alex reaches up and runs her hands through her hair, giggles and says, when those boulders fell we got covered in a fine dust. It was irritating so we took a dip in the pool to rinse it off." She gives Walker a beseeching look, getting a weak smile and a shoulder shrug in return.

Jessie seeing the clandestine look between her parents, she smiles and says, "Are you two ready to go?"

Walker takes Alex's arm, "Yes, we're ready. How did you find this tunnel?"

"We went looking around to see if there was a second way in, John found it. We ran a line from the outside in case there were any side tunnels. Good thing, because there was one so I think we need to follow the line back."

"How did you know which one to follow?"

"The other one went in the opposite direction than the front of the cave so…"

"Good thinking. You and John lead the way and your Mom and I will be right behind you."

"Okay, lets hold hands to stay together." Jessie and John lead the way with Alex next and Walker taking up the rear. Alex feels Walker let go of her hand and looking back sees him bend over to pick up the sleeping bag. Hoping that the kids hadn't seen it.

When they reach the mouth of the tunnel, Walker drops the bag just inside the entrance, before joining Alex for the walk back to camp.

"What's that smell … Jessie are you roasting what I think you are?"

She flashes a brilliant smile at her parents, "Turkey! I told you it wouldn't be fish, Dad."

Walker takes his daughter in his arms for a warm hug, "I had no doubts at all, Princess. You can do anything if you put your mind to it." A kiss on the cheek, and turning to look at Alex, "Shall we eat, that little … excursion made me hungry enough to eat a bear."

Alex blushes slightly and to cover it, "Oh, the strawberries! I'll … get them."

By the time the meal is over its midafternoon, and with the long horse back ride they break camp and with everyone busy, Walker sneaks back for his sleeping bag.

Back at the ranch:

When Walker pulls into the lane at the ranch, he turns to look in the back seat, Jessie and John are asleep, leaning against each other. Alex's head is lying against his shoulder, dozing as well. Stopping the truck in front of the barn, Alex sits up and he hears groans and yawns coming from the back seat.

He brushes his knuckles down Alex cheek, murmuring softly, "Are you all right?"

A soft, "Yes, just tired."

She leans over and they kiss, "Why don't you and Jessie go on in, John and I can get the horses settled."

"Okay, we'll put something together for dinner, then."

He smiles at her, "Good idea." Another kiss, then he pushes his door open, "Come on, John, lets take care of the horses." He steps back from the door and John drags himself out, moving to the back of the horse trailer.

Alex reaches over the seat and shakes Jessie, "Come on, baby, let's go get dinner ready." Alex slides her arm around Jessie waist, pulling her close. "I bet you don't forget this weekend any time soon, honey."

"I … bet you and Dad don't either."

Working together in the kitchen, Alex is slicing ham as Jessie spreads mayonnaise on slices of bread. Looking up at her mom, Jessie asks, "How many sandwiches do you think we need, Mom?" Looking up at her mom, Jessie sees what looks like a scratch on her neck. Reaching out, she surprises Alex when she brushes back the hair from her neck, softly touching the mark. A soft grin touches her lips and there's a twinkle in her eyes. " that a...a hickey?" Alex's hand comes up to her neck, feeling the mark. A hickey, given to her by her husband in the cave. She feels the heat rising up her neck, and catches Jessie's eyes. "Jessie, I...this..."

"Mom," she murmurs softly, "it's a hickey. I know what one is … I've … um … had to hide one from you and Dad at one time.

She looks at her daughter, marveling again at how she's growing up for she no longer has to look down to look her daughter in the eye, "You've had ... a hickey before?" she asks carefully.

"One, I got it on my … birthday."

"Jessie … you're not…?"

Now it's Jessie's turn to blush, "Mom … no … just kissing, that's all."

Alex smiles at her, "Jessie, I…" Just then the front door opens and the noisy chatter of her younger brother and sister is heard.

Over the light meal, Alex glances at Walker and he smiles at her as they listen to their brood tell each other the adventures of the weekend. When the telling of the cave-in and rescue is told and all eyes look at them, Alex tries to keep the incident light, saying they had found the cave and wanted to explore then Walker takes the heat off of themselves by heaping praise on their rescuers.

The evening finally winds down and since the next day is a workday and school day, everyone says their goodnights and trek off to bed.

"Go on up, hon, I'll close up down here and be right up." He kisses her lightly and watches her go up the stairs.

When Walker comes into the bedroom, "Didn't take long for the kids to settle down, did it?"

"No, this has been a busy weekend for everyone." She begins removing her clothes as she moves into the bathroom. "Right now I just want to get rid of some of this dirt." She leans over and turns on the water into the bathtub.

Walker follows her and watches as she strips and slides down into the warm water. "Mind if I join you? I … feel kinda gritty, too."

Alex looks into his desire-laden eyes and murmurs softly, "Sure, why not." Walker strips and moves in behind her, stretching his legs out on each side of her body, pulling her back against his chest. She lays her head back against him, her hair cascading down over his shoulder, his arms wrapped over hers. The warm waters soothing caress relaxing their bodies.

Walker soaps a cloth and washes it over her shoulders, neck, and her arms. His hands move around in front of her moving the soapy cloth over her breasts, teasing the rosy tips.

Alex leans her head back and Walker nibbles on her ear. She turns her face to him to kiss him. He moves the cloth down over her stomach and between her thighs. She shifts to allow his stimulating action that is sending waves of desire pulsing through her.

She twists in the tub coming up on her knees. Taking the cloth from him, she lathers it again, and covers his neck, chest, shoulders and arms with suds. As she rinses him off, her eyes meet his.

Walker grasps her head and pulls her mouth down to his. She wiggles her legs on either side of him, between his hips and the tub. As they kiss urgently, she straddles him. With a strong need, she positions herself on his erect manhood.

Walker is eager to help her, but confined by the tub, he can do little to work with her. His mouth closes over her nipples, sucking strongly as his hands clasp her hips and he arches as best as he can to become part of the fervent movements.

The orgasm rises quick and violent as it rides through their bodies. Alex leans over and captures his mouth as the climatic turbulence smoothes out. Breathing hard, she rests her cheek on the top of his head, while his nestles against her breasts.

She pants out softly, "God, I needed that," as she straightens up, kissing him sweetly as she pulls back looking into his twinkling eyes, a grin on his mouth.

"Oh, you did, did you." He chuckles and she giggles.

"Yes, I did. Now hold still while I finish my bath." She climbs out and begins to dry off, letting him finish with his bath. While he dries she turns the blankets back on the bed and climbs in waiting for him.

He turns the bathroom light out and joins her in bed. Snuggled together in each other's arms, Alex murmurs sleepily, "When are we going to the cabin?"

Walker laughs softly, and kisses her hair, "God woman, I sure love you."

The End