“Barn Games”


Kara and Patty



Walker eased back in the saddle, stretching his legs to relieve some of the ache he was starting to feel in muscles that had seen too long since their last ride. Hard to believe it had been almost three weeks since he and Alex had been able to take the time to go riding; but with him on a two week stakeout and her swamped at the office they just simply hadn't been able to get away. Tonight was the first evening both had been home and Alex had suggested they take a short trail ride down to the river and back. A nice chance to relax and give the horses some much needed exercise at the same time. Walker grimaced slightly as he shifted again, settling himself into Amigo's easy rhythm. They had only been out for a couple of hours, but he could tell he was going to pay for it.

He glanced over at Alex and Angel, moving steadily along beside him, Angel easily keeping pace with Amigo. Alex sat her horse with the relaxed ease of a natural rider, at one with her mount as she walked along the trail in the fading evening light. The soft rays of the evening sunset glimmered off her blonde hair, turning it to shimmering gold. She glanced over at Walker with a teasing grin. "What's the matter, cowboy? Losing your riding muscles?

"I'll show you who's losing their muscles! Race you to that big oak up ahead." As he spoke he leaned forward over Amigo's neck and kissed to the big Paint. The horse exploded into a run and hit full speed in three strides with Angel hot on his heels. He felt a rush of exhilaration at the sensation of the powerful animal between his thighs. Hard, well conditioned muscle, sinew, and bone along with a champion's heart mingled in perfect coordination as the stallion's strides lengthened beneath him. The steady thunderous pounding of hoof beats matched in perfect rhythm with his own heartbeat. Walker gloried in the feel of being one with such a magnificent animal, the wind whipping tears from his eyes and rippling his red gold hair behind him as the ground flew by at dizzying speeds. The horses raced across the field, Angel only behind by half a length and gaining ground.

He glanced back at Alex, her silken gold tresses flying, her blue eyes sparkling as she shouted encouragement to her mount, racing to catch him. But Amigo still held the lead as they thundered past the old oak, it's branches casting long shadows across the prairie in the dimming evening light. Both laughed as they pulled up their horses, slowing them to a walk to allow them to cool down before reaching the barn.

"Now who's losing their touch?" laughed Walker as they settled into stride beside one another again.

"Yeah, yeah. Another few strides and I would've caught you. You just had a head start. But it was fun!" she giggled. Walker reached between them and took her hand.

"What...no victory kiss for the winner?"

"Well...I suppose I could probably be talked into just a teeny one." Alex smiled teasingly as she leaned over and brushed his lips softly. "Maybe if you're really good you can work your way up to a bigger one later."

"I'll have to work on being good if that's the reward." She heard his low chuckle as they rode on toward the barn in companionable silence, her hand in his as they rode side by side.

They pulled the horses up in front of the barn and dismounted, leading them into the crossties to unsaddle and give them a good rubdown. They worked silently, each intent on their own mount. As Walker finished with Amigo, he turned to watch Alex as she groomed Angel, brushing away the dust and sweat on her mare with firm brush strokes. The material of her light blue cotton shirt pulled taut across her full, firm breasts with each motion of her arm. Every so often it would gap slightly; drawing his attention to her silky, lace bra beneath. He continued watching as Alex bent to wipe down Angels legs, her slim backside enhanced by the tightness of the dark blue jeans that she wore. Suddenly, Walker began to smirk as images of his wife's beautiful body without her clothes beginning to run rampant through his mind. With a half smile, he flipped the rub rag in his hands a few times and snapped it at her Wrangler clad butt. The rag met its target with a loud crack as Alex shrieked and whirled to face him with fire flashing in her eyes.

"You!...I'm gonna get you for that! You're losing that kiss by the minute mister!" She ran toward him in an attempted tackle as he took off through the barn. Alex gave chase; the sounds of their happy laughter filling the night air. Walker managed to just stay out of her reach for several minutes, before he unexpectedly found himself cornered on the wash rack. Turning slowly Walker saw the satisfied smile of victory on Alex's flushed face.

"I got you now Cowboy." she said teasingly as she bent down, grabbing the bucket full of sudsy water she had prepared to wash Angel with.

"Alexandra Walker...you wouldn't dare." Walker laughed as he saw the devilish gleam appear in her blue eyes. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he indeed would end up being wet before she was done.

She laughed mischievously, slowly stepping a little bit closer as she continued to threaten him with the water. "Oh wouldn't I? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't." she stated.

"Because you love me." Walker said, giving her a innocent smile and one of his little winks he reserved just for her.

"Ah...Well...I do love you and I guess that is a good enough reason not to throw this at you." she replied as she pretended to sit the bucket down, before suddenly changing directions and heaving it at him. As soon as the water left the bucket, Alex took off running in the opposite direction.

Walker had ducked, managing to avoid part of the soapy water, but still came up quite wet. As he wiped some of the water off of his face, he took off after Alex; using the sound of her laughter as his guide.

Alex slipped hurriedly into the darkness of the back stall. Placing her hands over her mouth, she tried to keep her giggles muffled and at bay. Waiting and watching until she saw Walker move by her hiding place, she emerged hoping to catch him off guard, as she tried to tackle him once again. Walker caught her easily in his arms and whirled her around, pulling her against his soaking wet chest as she squirmed to free herself.

"Walker...you're getting me all wet. Ahh..." she laughed as she continued to struggle half heartedly in his strong arms.

"It's payback time" Walker chuckled huskily as he rubbed his wet body against hers, before pinning her tightly against the stall wall. Ever so slowly, he dropped his head and caught her lips in a hard kiss, effectively silencing her protest.

"Mmmm" Alex ceased struggling and wound her arms around his neck, sliding her fingers into the soft wet hair at his nape in a gentle caress, no longer caring that she was getting wet too. The kiss deepened and changed swiftly from playful teasing to smoldering passion. Her lips brushed his and claimed his mouth again as his hands began a slow, sensuous trek from her waist to her tight, denim clad bottom. Walker pulled her closer to him with a soft moan, letting her feel his growing arousal as their tongues danced an intimate rhythm. She felt the slow hot lick of desire begin deep inside her as his firm, callused hands wandered down her body. Alex broke the kiss, dropping her head to gently nuzzle him, placing butterfly kisses against the muscled column of his neck, before following them with her tongue. She stroked the sensitive cords of his neck; teasingly lapping away the water that she found there.

"If this is what I get for misbehaving, I'll take it over that victory kiss anytime" he chuckled, brushing a kiss against her temple.

Alex drew back slightly and looked into his eyes, warmed by the depth of love and desire she saw reflected there. No matter how many times he held her in his arms it was the same. That warm, almost giddy feeling of tenderness and love mingled with the heated flames of passion. Sometimes she regretted that it had taken them so long to finally get together.

"Well...maybe we could work on that victory kiss too." she whispered, stroking his beard with her knuckles and kissing his cheek. "But if we keep this up we're going to have to go somewhere besides out here on the wash rack. Besides, the horses are still in the crossties and probably wondering what happened to us."

"Maybe we should let them out for a stroll and we should go in for a roll." he grinned with a teasing leer.

"Walker you are so bad.......but I love you when you're bad." she slapped at him playfully. Walker tried looking insulted.

"And here I thought you loved me all the time."

She placed a quick kiss against his lips and whirled, racing back to the horses. "Help me get these horses finished and you might find out!" she called playfully over her shoulder.


Walker slipped the halter off Amigo, giving him a slap on the rump as the horse trotted out the door into the paddock for a nice roll. He smiled as he felt Alex's arms slip around his waist and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, giving her an easy hug. She grinned up at him and turned into his arms, putting her hands in his rear pockets. The soft denim was warm with the heat of his body and molded to him like a second skin. She placed small, seductive kisses against his chest in the open vee of his shirt, teasing him gently with her tongue against his warm flesh, admiring the ripple of bronzed skin over well toned muscle.

Walker drew back slightly and looked down at her, confused by her sudden mischievous giggle. "What?"

"Remember what you said about letting the horses out for a stroll and going in for a roll?"

"Mmm hmm..." He had a sudden idea where this question was leading to.

"Well...we are alone. And there's all that nice soft hay up there in the loft just going to waste..."

"You're serious!"

"Well, I've never made love in a hayloft before. Have you?" She pulled his hips closer against her, her thumbs drawing sensuous circles above his jeans pockets. She felt the hard length of his arousal against her stomach, straining against the confinement of his jeans. She then removed her hands from his pockets, letting them glide down over his tight, muscled rear; grasping it firmly with them.

"No...I have to confess that I never have." he shook his head, grinning and trying to slow his breathing.

"Then think of it as an adventure!" Her tongue traced trails of fire across his chest and up his neck as her arms slid around him encircling his waist and stroking his back. He tipped her head up with gentle fingers, claiming her mouth in a sensual, possessive kiss.

"Lead the way..." he whispered against her lips. Alex took his hand and headed toward the ladder that led up to the loft. As they passed the tack room Walker hesitated, grabbing a clean Navajo saddle pad. "Hay is a lot more prickly than most people think" he laughed in response to her raised eyebrows. He placed his hands on her waist, steadying her as she began her ascent up the ladder, then followed quickly behind her. As she reached the top rung, he reached up and took advantage of the opportunity to pinch her bottom. She jumped and whirled with a surprised shriek.

"Walker, you are going to pay for that!..." Her laughter flowed like warm honey as she grabbed him and tackled him backwards into the hay, landing on top of him with a muffled thud. She held him pinned by his wrists as he pretended to struggle with her. Then their playful wrestling came to an abrupt stop as Walker suddenly looked up into her eyes, then reached up to stroke her cheek tenderly with the back of his hand. Her skin was silken soft beneath his touch, and slightly flushed from their play. He felt her slight tremble as she released her hold on his wrists and reached to return his caress. The flames of desire rose inside him at the exquisite touch of her fingers against his beard, the look of tenderness and soul deep love in her eyes.

"I love you" he whispered softly against her lips as he drew her head down to meet his. The depth of his emotions reflected in his eyes like a mirror image of her own. "More than you will ever know..."

"And I love you. With all my heart..." her reply was muffled as their lips met in an ardent, soul searching kiss. She opened her mouth against his as their tongues met and mated, mimicking that most intimate of dances. She shifted, straddling his muscular body at his hips as their kiss intensified, their breathing becoming more rapid, the tempo of their heartbeats rising. She heard Walker moan softly as he moved slightly beneath her and felt his growing arousal straining against the soft worn denim of his jeans.

She smiled against his mouth. "In a hurry cowboy?" She trailed her fingers down to his chest and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt, then the next and the next until his muscular, tanned chest lay exposed. Alex brushed the faded cotton shirt aside and then slid down his body, tracing a path with her tongue across the hard, heated ridges of muscle. Her hands followed, massaging the tensed muscles beneath his bronzed skin, tracing circles around his erect male nipples.

Walker growled in response, reveling in the feel of her satin touch against his heated flesh, his pulse racing as desire consumed him.

Wanting...No...NEEDING to return the favor, Walker tried to reach for the top button of her shirt. Before his hands could reach their destination, Alex grasped them with her own; stopping them in mid air. Their passion filled eyes met as she slowly shook her head no. Bringing his hands up to her waiting lips, Alex first kissed each callused palm. Starting with the thumb on his left hand she let her tongue lick it's way to the tip of it before drawing it gently into her mouth. Sucking on it briefly, she removed it to place a kiss on the very tip, before she repeated the same thing for each of his other fingers. When she finished, she once again kissed his palms before she tenderly placed them by his sides on the hay.

Smiling wantonly, Alex watched Walker's face for his response to her next actions, as she began a seductive game of strip tease for the man that she loved.

Ever so slowly she pulled at the bottom of her shirt, removing first one side then the other from the top of her jeans. After she had freed the back of it, her hands slid sexily across her flat stomach. Undoing the button of her jeans, she finished pulling the front of her shirt the rest of the way out of it's confines. Her hands then began to move tantalizingly slowly up her sides and up and over her breasts before they stopped at the top button of her shirt. One by one she undid the buttons of her shirt; pausing several heart beats before moving down to the next one; making sure that her shirt stayed closed until she was completely finished. When the last button was undone, she slowly opened it the rest of the way letting it fall off of her shoulders and down her arms before she discarded it onto the hay beside them.

Walker inhaled deeply before surprising her with a deft move. He twisted, quickly reversing their positions. "Turnabout is fair play." he whispered softly as he took her lips in a possessive kiss. His callused hand trailed softly down her neck to tenderly stroke the curve of her breast. He cupped her gently, feeling the hard bud of her arousal already swelling against the fabric of her bra as he teased it with his thumb. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly beneath his touch as the fires of passion within her built to an inferno.

Alex squirmed beneath him, settling him more securely between her thighs as she whimpered softly. Her hands moved more quickly over him, stroking, massaging, drifting downward till she reached the button of his jeans. Walker felt the sudden race of his heart and the twist of his gut as his body responded to her heated touch. Nuzzling along her neck and the smooth curve of her shoulders with his mouth, he lifted her willing body slightly in his arms as he released the catch of her bra, freeing her breasts to lay softly against his chest; heated flesh to heated flesh. "You are so beautiful....." the sound was half whisper, half moan.

The metallic sound of the zipper slide broke the silence as she undid his jeans and then slowly, sensually slid them off, freeing his flesh from the now almost unbearable constraints of the soft black denim. "Mmmm...so are you..." He trembled as her hand stroked the taut muscles of his buttocks, and over the hard sinews of his muscular tight thighs. His heart slammed in his chest and he felt the blood rushing in his ears as his hunger for her became almost overwhelming. Every cell of his body screamed for release...for the feel of her woman's moist, heat wrapped around him.

Walker reached between them and released her jeans. With an almost reverent look deep in his eyes he held her gaze as he slowly removed the last barrier between them. Alex's arms encircled his neck as he settled himself between her thighs once more, brushing her face with tender kisses and softly whispered words of love.

Never in his life had he felt closer to another human being than he did at this moment. An emotion and a need far deeper than physical desire consumed him. It was as if she had become a part of him, the best part of him. The one person for whom he had been searching for forever to make him complete. And as he claimed her love swollen lips in gut clenching, heated passion and sheathed himself inside her body he knew he had come home.

He held her close against him as they began love's dance. Their bodies and mouths moved together in a rhythm as ancient as time itself, one completing the other. Their breath quickened, their hearts pounding one cadence, they melded together body and soul. They neither heard nor felt anything but their all consuming ache for one another. Time slipped away, meaningless, as the boundaries of their world shrunk to this one small place, this one single endless moment. He heard her cry his name...Cordell...again and again, as it mingled with soft words of love and adoration. He whispered his love for her between soul stirring kisses as they climbed ever closer toward the pinnacle of release.

Walker reveled in the feel of her woman's heat wrapped around him like liquid fire, his breathing becoming deep and rapid as he buried himself ever deeper inside her. Her soft whimpers and moans drove him ever closer to the edge. She felt him throbbing inside her, heard his deep growl of release mingle with her own feminine cry as they reached the summit as one. Then, suddenly, the world stopped and there was nothing but the glorious, mind numbing, heart stopping moment of completion. That moment when nothing was left between them and they became one body, one mind, one heart. No longer two separate people, but one, whole and complete and perfect.


Alex slowly felt herself coming back to earth. She kissed Walker's beard softly, and brushed back the sweat soaked hair from his forehead basking in the warm afterglow and delighting in the feel of his weight still atop her, their bodies still intimately joined. "Hmmm...have I told you how much I love you, lately?" she smiled against his cheek.

He raised his head to look at her, leaving their sated bodies entangled. "Not in the last thirty seconds or so at least." he caressed her beautiful face and then lowered his head to hers. Their foreheads touched as he looked into her eyes, still languid with the afterglow of their lovemaking. Her love for him shone brightly in their crystal blue depths and he wondered what in his life he had done that the spirits had blessed him so. "Maybe we should make love in the hayloft more often." he grinned. "We even forgot to use the blanket."

"I didn't notice...did you?"

"Not one bit...guess something must of distracted me..." his teasing chuckle was lost as she pulled him back into her loving embrace.

"Wanna see if I can distract you a little more?..." she purred, as she began to move seductively beneath him once again.

"You want more barn games...your wish is my command." Walker whispered as his lips claimed hers with passion once again.


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