Be Mine

By: Lelani

Alex & Walker

It was always the same, Walker was a morning person and he rose with the sun. His wife, Alex, had no desire to get out of bed in the mornings and slept as long as her job and their daughter would allow. Nearly two years of marriage and nothing had changed that. But Alex went to bed on February 13th determined to surprise her handsome cowboy.

All of her carefully thought out plans rested on her ability to wake up, before her husband, without an alarm. She’d tried to think of some way she could rouse herself without also rousing him, but nothing had come to mind. So now it was going to be decided by sheer willpower—something Alexandra Cahill-Walker was never in short supply of.

She slept lightly the entire night. She would drift off to sleep and then wake, startled and anxious, looking at the clock on her nightstand. She did this at midnight and every hour or so after, until the clock read 5:00 a.m. Now it was time to put her plan into action.

She stole from the bed and headed into the master bathroom. After using the restroom and brushing her teeth, she slipped on the red satin and lace naughty nightie she had secretly purchased. She brushed her hair out so that it fell softly, in layers that framed her face and extended down to brush her bare shoulders. She hesitated for just a fraction of a second as she pondered whether the nightie was too much – or rather -- too little. No, it was perfect for this one occasion.

Alex crept back into the bedroom and slid under the covers. She turned and looked at her husband in the predawn light. His face was relaxed in sleep and she surveyed his rugged countenance. No one could ever call her man a ‘pretty boy.’ He was all male, his features bold and full. Her eyes traveled down his bearded chin to his muscular neck, taking in his Adam’s apple. She looked at his chest, that hard masculine chest that formed the ideal place to rest her head in slumber. Alex’s survey was halted by the sheet that was drawn across his body. It had slipped to his waist, but she knew what lay beneath.

He had come in very late the night before, exhausted from a stake out and hand to hand combat with six men, all younger than he. There wasn’t a mark on him, but his body had gotten a good work out. He’d hopped in the shower to wash away the dirt and sweat and then toweled himself off and climbed straight into bed. He had unknowingly aided and abetted her plan.

Alex laid her left hand on his abdomen and then slid it under the blanket. She reached down until she found the part of him that had given her countless hours of pleasure. It too slumbered, but she planned to wake it up, slowly and gently. She traced down his length until she came to the tip and she ever so lightly stroked the smooth skin, letting the pad of her index finger explore the tiny dent at the very tip.

Walker stirred slightly and sighed as he shifted his lower half so that it was tilted toward her. She smiled; even in the deepest of sleep, he encouraged her loving. She held the bell shaped head between her thumb and index finger and smoothed them down to where it tucked back up at the top of his shaft. Encircling him there with her two digits, she smoothed them back and forth, just under the head and then she let the palm of her hand rest against his length. In the short time she had been lightly touching him, he had grown to meet her hand as if he wanted to make it easier for her to find him.

Alex shifted his slightly engorged length, so that it lay on his left thigh, aimed towards her. She gently stroked the palm of her hand down to the silky sack and wiry hair that surrounded its base. Cupping his two testicles in her hand, she lifted and manipulated them, enjoying the contrasting textures; smooth, rough, soft, hard, they all blended to please the small area of her palm.

Abandoning the nest of his manhood, she circled all of her fingers around him. She slid her hand up to the tip, tickled the sensitive place just under the head, and smoothed back down again. She continued the motion at a slow pace, gently coaxing his body to respond, but not demanding.

Alex watched Walker’s face for any sign that she might be disrupting his sleep. It remained relaxed, but his expression changed slightly, indicating that his dreams were pleasant. They were about to get more so.

Alex used her elbow to lift the sheet without breaking contact with her husband’s manhood. She slid her body down under the sheet until her head disappeared beneath it. He was now aroused to the point that he stood up away from his body without the need of her supportive hand.  With a smile and a dart of her tongue, she moistened her lips. Placing moist kisses on the tip, she worked her way down, kissing to the base and back up again. She followed this same path with the tip of her tongue, tracing the bulging veins that ran its length.

Opening her mouth wide, she inserted just the bell shaped head into her mouth and lightly grazed it with her teeth. She used a vacuum seal to suck on it until it gave her the drop of dew that signaled that he was fully aroused.

Having accomplished the first part of her mission, she went to work, swallowing him as far into her throat as she was able. At full erection, Walker was a force to be reckoned with. She managed about a third and encircled the rest with her hand, sliding it up and down from the base to where her lips were, up and down, slowly increasing the tempo.

She used her tongue, rolling it over and around the top third of him and her mouth continued to gently suck, pulling him deep and swallowing periodically. She felt the veins bulge and then she felt a gentle quiver, a tightening and then a flooding that brought a shout from Walker who was brought instantaneously awake.

After catching her breath, Alex climbed back up his body to rest her head on her favorite pillow. Walker lay there gasping for breath and slowly realizing that what had seemed to him an incredibly erotic dream was, in fact, reality.

“Good morning, darling, time to wake up,” Alex said innocently.

“Wake up! My god woman! I thought you were trying to kill me!”

“Yes, darling, I was trying to knock you off so that I could be a wealthy widow. That was my plan all along when I married you.”

Knowing that her net worth was in fact more than his, at least on paper, he chuckled softly and stroked his fingers through her silky hair. “Every man should wake up that way at least once in his lifetime,” Walker decided.

“Well, it’s still early, I could go see if any of the neighbors haven’t been woken by their alarms yet,” Alex innocently offered.

Walker rolled suddenly, pinning her beneath his hard body. “I am a jealous husband and very, very possessive.”

“You are?” she asked in wide eyed innocence.

“And don’t you forget it!”

“Oh, the caveman routine, I love it. Pound your chest for me, darling,” Alex taunted.

Walker shook his head at her. “You know, you’re awful cheeky for this time of the morning, wife.”

“Well, I’m getting impatient waiting for my husband to reciprocate.”

“I don’t think I can, honey. You have drained every last drop of energy from my body.”

“There was quite a lot,” she said.

Walker narrowed his eyes at her. “Are you playing with me?”

“No, that was earlier,” she denied.

Walker lifted up so that his arms were straight, pushing his body away from hers. He looked at her innocent face and then let his eyes wander down to the lace bodice that encased, but did not cover, her luscious breasts. The spaghetti straps had to bear a lot of weight. He dropped lower to take in the silky nightie that stopped at the top of her thighs, giving flashes of blond silk that lay beneath it.

“Your face looks innocent, but I know better and your body, there is nothing innocent about this beautiful, sexy, body,” he said, rolling to his side and letting his hand trace up and down it.

He ran his hand down over the satin until he found the top of her thigh. His hand eased up under to play with the silky strands of hair he found there. Stroking lightly, and making sure that he didn’t make hard enough contact with her to satisfy her craving for his touch, he played with the curls that covered her mound.

Alex rolled her hips up to encourage his touch, but he limited his range to the outer skin and hair. Alex knew that he was planning to draw this out and bit her lip in an effort to stem her need to plead with him. Looking up at his wife’s closed eyes and tightly held mouth, Walker smiled to himself, glad that he had the power to do this to her and knowing that the anticipation would ultimately increase her pleasure.

Alex’s head began to move restlessly from side to side and Walker took this as his cue to continue his seduction. He used two fingers to spread her lips wide and slid his fingers up inside the outer lips. Once he reached the top, he spread her inner lips and slid up to the enlarged nub they housed.  He stroked it with the tip of his index finger, using the sensitive pad to lightly stimulate it.

Alex moaned, arching her back and pressing herself up to him, urging him to use more pressure. Walker kept his touch light, watching fascinated, as the moisture collected at her opening. He slid his finger down to dip into the pool of fluid and then traced back up to her most sensitive spot.

Walker’s resistance was put to the test as the sun rose and lightened the room, allowing him to fully see the pert nipples straining against the see through red lace, the tense expression on his lover’s face and the slick moistness of her womanhood. He wanted to taste her, but warred over what to taste first. His eyes flicking up and down her outstretched body, he finally made his choice and went to the heart of her, allowing his face to be enveloped in her heat.

His tongue replaced his finger, as he touched her with its tip. He stroked it back and forth, causing a squealing sound to emanate from his mate. He sucked her into his mouth and began sucking her in and spitting her back out so that her clitoris was all but raw. A crying sound could be heard and realizing that she was at the edge, he released her captive flesh and used his tongue to dip into her entrance. Alex’s hands clenched the sheets as she tried to keep her hips still. Walker was in command and she was completely enslaved to him and the sensations he wrought.

He curled his tongue and inserted it as deep as it would go. Then, he straightened it and laid it flat against her and pressed down hard. Alex’s whimpers could be heard as he established an in and out motion with his tongue. His fingers soon joined his tongue and he inserted three into her moist cavern and began a twisting pumping invasion with his hand, while his mouth went back to work on her clitoris. He flattened his tongue and pressed down, providing her with the pressure she had been craving. Moments later, she screamed out in ecstasy, as wave after wave of orgasm rushed through her and over her. Walker lapped at her fluids, drawing out her orgasm until she fell back onto the bed, spent.

Sitting up and surveying his handiwork, Walker decided that he had done quite a good job of ‘reciprocating’. The only problem with reciprocating though was that he was once again hard and ready for more. He knew that she needed a moment to catch her breath and gather her strength, so he climbed up to her breasts and bent to take one of her lace covered nipples into his mouth. He was halted at the last minute by a sound, coming from the nursery. His forehead slumped forward to rest on her bosom in defeat.

“Noooooooo,” he moaned. “Couldn’t she sleep just a little longer?”

Their angelic daughter let it be known that not only was she awake, but she was in urgent need of their attention.

“That’s what you get for tormenting me for so long. I guess now you’ll have to wait until we get home tonight to continue this.”

“Promise me you’ll wear this… nightgown again tonight?”

“Only if you’ll wear the red satin jockstrap that came with it.”

“No way, there is no such thing!” he denied hotly.

Alex looked at his expression and burst out laughing. It was a ‘His and Hers’ set, but she would never tell him. It would ruin his day and his pleasure in what she was wearing if he thought there was a male counterpart to her sexy nightie. The ABC catalog had only offered it as an ensemble; she wasn’t able to just order hers alone.

“Well, it was worth threatening, just to see your face. Cooled your jets too. Think you can wait until tonight?”

“Cold shower, that’s what I need, a cold shower. I’ll go take one while you cover up with a robe or something and get Angela. I don’t want to see you in that again until I can enjoy it fully.”

“Yes sir!” she said with a mock salute.

He glanced one last time at her and his look of regret was nearly her undoing… until her daughter cried foul. Walker tossed her warm flannel robe to her and exited hastily.

Walker came out of the master bedroom fully dressed and ready for work. They had a system for their morning routine. Alex got Angela up and changed her diaper and then nursed her. She was only nursing first thing in the morning and last thing at night. She was all but weaned and Alex was melancholy about the weaning process. It was hard to give up the special time with her daughter, but she knew that it was time and if she was going to consider another pregnancy within months, she needed to give her body a complete rest. Having nursed Angela, she held her and walked toward the hallway and nearly ran into her husband.

Walker lifted Angela from her mother’s arms and looked at his wife’s expression. He knew that this weaning process was hard on her. He bent forward and kissed her mouth lovingly while he cuddled his daughter to his shoulder.

“When the twins get here, you’ll be glad you had a rest from all of this breast feeding,” he told her.

Alex’s eyes widened, “Bite your tongue! Nursing twins! I can’t even imagine!”

“And since they’ll be boys, you know they’ll be hungry all the time.”

“Cordell Walker! You be careful what you wish for! It’ll serve you right if you have ten daughters!”

‘I’d be a happy man if they all looked like you and had your sunny disposition… especially in the morning.”

“Don’t you dare give me a bad time because I’m grumpy most mornings.”

Walker smiled to himself, his ploy had worked. Alex’s sadness over losing the precious time she spent nursing her daughter was replaced by attitude, as only his wife could deliver. “Darling, you can be grumpy three hundred and sixty four mornings of the year, as long as on the three hundred and sixty fifth, you wake me up the way you did this morning!”

This statement replaced the smile on Alex’s face. “You just remember to reciprocate and it could happen for all kinds of special occasions.”

“Was today a special occasion?” he questioned.

“Hey Cowboy, if you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you,” Alex stated and turned to sashay back to their bedroom.

Angela had watched the exchange between her parents with amusement, but now she had her daddy all to herself and she began jabbering away at him.

“You’re right Angela; your mommy has got spunk. Just remember, it’s great in a wife, not so great in a daughter, go easy on your old man.”

Angela thought her daddy was quite funny and laughed at him as he carried her downstairs to fix breakfast for all of them.

Alex descended the stairs to the smell of eggs, bacon and country potatoes. She rarely ate such a big breakfast during the week and she decided that her husband was ensuring that she had plenty of energy for the promised nighttime activities. She came to the table with her eyes fixed on her daughter who was wearing the majority of her breakfast – as usual. Walker had gotten accustomed to feeding her and was able to stay clean; Angela was another matter though. Usually after she and Walker ate, he went out to tend the animals, if he hadn’t at sunrise, and she headed back upstairs to wash Angela up and dress her for the day.

She smiled at Angela, who seemed determined to feed herself, and took her seat at the table. There was a bud vase with a single red rose at the top of her plate. There was a small card attached and a candy heart that said, ‘Red Hot!’

“Walker! You do know what today is!” she exclaimed as she jumped up to kiss him.

“Are you kidding? With Trivette and Gage moaning all week about how they were going to keep in the good graces of Ericka and Sydney? Not to mention the subtle hints you’ve been dropping!”

“I have not! I just wanted to make sure you knew what today was so I wouldn’t have to waste energy getting mad at you,” she contradicted herself.

Walker pulled her close and said, “Every day with you is a celebration of love.”

Alex’s eyes misted and she pulled his face to hers for another kiss. Angela, however, decided to toss her spoon to the ground and then quickly followed it with her bowl.

Alex looked at the mess and said, “Thank god for plastic!”

“Amen!” Walker responded.

They ignored the mess and sat down to eat their meal. After finishing, Walker went out to feed the horses and Alex went upstairs to change Angela.  Lying on the changing table in Angela’s room was a small package. There was another heart shaped candy on top of it that said, ‘Too Sweet.’ Alex opened the package and pulled out a tiny lapel pin that was in the shape of an angel with a tiny emerald, Angela’s birthstone. Alex pinned the gift to the collar of her blouse and blinked away the tears. Her Cowboy was getting awfully thoughtful in his gift giving. She dressed Angela in pink and headed down to see if Walker was ready to leave.

As she got outside, she looked around and didn’t immediately spy Walker. Her brow furrowed in consternation, he was usually hopping from one boot to the other trying to get her to hurry up on days they drove in together. She wandered on down to the barn to see what was keeping him.

“Walker?” she called.

“In here,” came the reply from down at the end of the stalls where Angel was housed.

“Is Angel okay?” Alex asked concerned.

“She sure is! She decided to give you a Valentine’s Day gift!”

“What? She foaled?” Alex asked stunned.

Angel was due within a few weeks time with her first foal by Ranger. Apparently, she decided to surprise them with the early delivery. Alex walked to the stall door in time to see a tiny black foal take its first wobbly steps. Angel stood, having completed the labor process and turned to sniff her newborn offspring. She began to lick him and he immediately went to her teat to nurse. His tail flicked rapidly in an expression of enjoyment.

“Well, that’s a good sign!” Walker said as he watched the foal take in the colostrum.

“Oh, Walker! He looks just like Ranger!” Alex exclaimed.

“Not quite,” Walker denied. The foal suckled a few more minutes and then Angel got antsy and moved to better lick him clean. That’s when Alex saw that he wasn’t completely black like his father; he had a small arrow shaped white mark right in the middle of his forehead.

“Oh my! Is he a boy or a girl?”

“A colt or a filly,” Walker automatically corrected. “And he’s a colt.”

“You know what we have to name him, don’t you?” Alex asked.

Walker looked at her puzzled. “No, what?”

“Cupid!” she exclaimed.

“Oh nooooooo,” Walker moaned. He couldn’t argue with her though, between being born on Valentine’s Day and an arrow shaped star, he had cemented his own name.

“If we geld him and he ends up with Angel’s temperament, he’ll be a great horse for Angela by the time she’s really ready to ride.”

Walker shook his head. “Next time, Angel, could you have twins for the boys we’ll be having in about a year?”

“Walker, stop talking like that! You’ll jinx us!”

Walker laughed at his wife’s superstitious nature and changed the bedding in the stall before rushing into the house to wash up and drive to work.

They stopped by HOPE House to leave Angela in the daycare. Everyone made over her pink outfit with the tiny red hearts and when Alex finally emerged, Walker was frowning.

“Alex, how can it take you so long to hand Angela and her diaper bag over to Josie?”

Alex chuckled, knowing that although he was irritated about running late to work, he was worse than she. “If you had gone in instead of me, we’d still be sitting in the driveway and you know it!”

He gave her a glare and then smiled in admission to the veracity of her statement. He always went in with good intentions of just dropping Angela off, but he found some reason to stay and get her playing or to talk to someone there. “Well, I guess we can blame the fact that we’re late on the new foal.”

“You’re having a hard time calling him Cupid, aren’t you?”

“Alex, how am I going to tell people I have a colt named Cupid?”

“Blame it on me like you always do.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Lets see… ‘Oh! The new colors in the guest bathroom? Yes, Alex picked those out. What? The Christmas cards? Oh yes, Alex chose those.’ You do it all the time Walker! Whenever there is something in our home or our lives that isn’t 100% macho, masculine and manly, you blame it on me. I distinctly remember asking you what you thought of the new color scheme for the bathroom and I showed you the Christmas Cards for your approval before I bought them.”

“Gosh, I guess we remember things differently. I remember you coming home from that interior decorating store saying, ‘Oh I found the perfect colors for the bathroom. Just wait until you see them.’ Now, how was I supposed to argue with that? And as for the Christmas cards, I think that conversation was something like… ‘Honey, do you like the little cherubs or this adorable teddy bear?’ I think my answer was, ‘whatever you think dear.’ What I really wanted to say was, ‘What’s wrong with the snow scene?’ Of course I have learned not to say these things within striking range.”

“Oh you rat!” Alex said as she punched his arm.

“See what I mean? I must just be a slow learner! I get more bruises from you than any bad guy I’ve ever encountered.”

Alex was openly laughing. She enjoyed their little verbal sparring matches. He always teased her about bringing the softer side to his life, but she also knew that he appreciated it, even if he wouldn’t admit it! “Well, this time, you can just say, ‘his name is Cupid, yeah I know, but Alex named him.’ That way your manhood will remain intact.”

“I don’t think I’ll have to explain that you named him. No one who knows me is going to believe I thought up that name.”

They pulled into the parking place and Alex hopped out, her eyes sparkling with laughter. The ride to work was certainly more enjoyable when she had her handsome husband to share it with.

They walked together up the stairs of the Justice Building; rode up in the elevator with several others and parted after the doors opened. Walker gave Alex’s hand a slight squeeze and he turned right toward the Company B Headquarters, while she made a left to her own office.

Alex entered her office and put down her briefcase, hung up her wool coat, and turned to sit at her desk to check her messages. She saw a pile of notes on her desk and began to sift through them, when something seemed different. She looked around her desk to see if something was out of place and that’s when she spotted a new picture frame. It was a natural wood color and had a name scorched into the bottom of it. It simply said ‘Walker, 2002.’ The picture in the frame was one that was taken just after the New Year while Gordon was still staying with them. He’d insisted on posing them in front of the fireplace. They were seated on cushions and a warm blaze glowed behind them. Walker was on the left and Angela was seated in his lap. Alex sat to Walker’s right, with her head leaning back against his shoulder and smiling into the camera. They each had on an expression of happiness and contentment, all the way down to baby, Angela, who was smiling for her grandpa. It wasn’t a posed studio photo, but a natural snapshot that her father had taken, showing them as they were, jeans and cable knit sweaters and comfortable.

Alex turned the framed photo over and found another candy heart attached to it, this one read, ‘Oh Baby!’ She smiled and sat gazing at the photo until her phone rang and refocused her attention on the task at hand. She made a mental note though to be sure and thank Walker later.

Walker and Trivette headed out after both apologized for their tardiness. Walker’s story of a new foal was at least more original than Jimmy’s tale of missing keys. He wasn’t lying, they were missing, but he failed to include the part about Ericka hiding them… or where he finally found them.

They rolled out on a call to investigate a possible connection to a double homicide they were working on. They checked out the story of the Mini Mart employee and decided that although the guy was a creep, he wasn’t directly related to the crime they were investigating.

Driving back to headquarters, they noticed a large crowd gathered in the street near the fountain. They pulled over to check out what was going on. It took some pushing and shoving, but they shouldered their way through to see a man standing completely nude, holding a bow and arrow with his entire body painted white. Next to him was a woman who was also without the benefit of clothing, but she was painted blood red and lying on the steps next to him clutching her chest, an arrow protruding.

Walker approached the man and ordered that he lay his weapon down. The man remained as stiff as a statue and Walker drew his gun. “Lower your weapon or I’ll lower it for you,” he said in an authoritative voice.

“It’s not a weapon, it’s part of my sculpture,” the man denied, having decided that Walker just may be serious.

Trivette ran over to check out the ‘fallen’ woman, only to find that she was not in anyway injured. “What the hell?” he said aloud.

The nude man said, “What’s wrong with you? You’re ruining our art!”

Walker’s eyebrows shot up. “Art? You call this art?”

“Yes! It’s a living sculpture depicting the power of love. One of my arrows has felled the heart of this woman.”

“Are you saying that you’re Cupid?” Jimmy asked in his open-mouthed, surprised voice that was his trademark.

“I am! And it is not illegal to create art!”

“You know Trivette; I used to think that Halloween was the worst. All sorts of weirdo’s climb out of the woodwork on that holiday, but I think Valentine’s Day takes the cake. God I hate this holiday!” He turned to the man. “Public nudity is illegal and you and your… partner here are both under arrest.”

“Uh… Walkman?”


Trivette held up his hand, showing Walker that it was stained red from touching the woman. “I don’t think you want these two in your truck man. How would you explain it to Alex?”

Walker played the scene in his mind. ‘Well honey, I was transporting a man and woman who were totally nude except for body paint…’ Trivette had a point.

“Okay, call in a squad car; we’ll let DPD handle this one.” He looked up and saw a news van approach, he tried to stifle his groan, but it was audible. “Trivette, you stay here, I’ll go get a blanket out of the truck.”

By the time Walker forced his way back through the ever increasing crowd, retrieved the blanket and came back again, the cameras were rolling and it was all being recorded for the evening news. It amazed him how the crowd parted for a guy carrying a microphone and a camera, but a man with a badge and a gun… forget it! He debated just staying on the fringes of the crowd and letting Trivette hog all the glory, but his sense of duty kicked in and he walked into the fray and wrapped a blanket around the woman’s shoulders and a workout towel around the man’s waist.

The man tried to drop the towel, but Walker whispered in his ear. “Anything the towel shows will be shot off!” Looking at Walker’s face, the man decided not to chance it.

Dallas PD showed up and arrested the two artists and loaded them into the back of the squad car. Walker and Trivette headed on back to headquarters talking about all the ‘Looney Tunes’ who came out at holiday time.

Alex heard the light knock and looked up to see her husband standing in the doorway. “Lunch?” he asked.

She smiled at him and said, “Sure, I guess I can be tempted away from all of this for a bit.”

She stood and grabbed her coat and greeted him at the door. He had stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He helped her with her coat and then as she turned to face him, he reached inside it and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her into his hard body. Alex wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “Thank you for all of my surprises today.”

Walker kissed her gently, just touching her lips with his. “And thank you for mine!”

Alex’s smile allowed him to deepen the kiss and probe his tongue into her mouth. He ran it inside her lower lip and then ran it inside her upper lip. Alex opened her mouth wider and sucked his tongue in, stroking it with hers and enjoying all of the feelings shooting through her entire body. She felt his response to her nearness pressing itself against her belly and moaned with wanting.

Walker slid his hands down from her waist to her hips and over her buttocks. He pulled her tightly against him, trying to ease the pressure in his groin. With a moan of his own, he pulled back from her slightly and breathed against her moist lips. “How is it that you still have this effect on me? I touch you and my hormones go all crazy and I react like a schoolboy.”

Alex let her left hand release his neck and trail down his bearded cheek, down his chest and taking a step back, she ran it down over the ridge beneath his zipper. “If this is how a schoolboy reacts, I missed out in school, big time!”

Walker laughed at her comment, but then groaned as his body swelled even more in response to the touch of her hand. “I don’t know if we’re going to make lunch. I’m tempted to just lock the door and devour you!”

“Okay,” Alex said with a wicked gleam in her eye. Her hand continued its torment.

“Alex…” he moaned and trapped her hand, pushing it hard against his erection.

There was a knock on the door behind him and the two leapt apart as if they’d been scalded. Alex smoothed her hair and pulled her coat together, while Walker ducked behind her so that her body would block the person’s view from his ‘condition.’

Alex reached out and opened the door to find a deliveryman standing there holding a vase filled with two dozen red roses. “Delivery for a Mrs. Alex Walker,” he said.

“I’m Mrs. Walker and thank you,” she responded as she reached out and took the huge vase from him. He nodded and hurried back out; pocketing the tip Walker slipped him. It wasn’t as large as it would have been had Walker not been so chagrined at being interrupted.

“You know Walker, you’re going to get very, very lucky tonight,” his wife promised as she set the flowers on her desk and picked up the card. There was nothing written on it, but there was a heart shaped candy that said, ‘Love Me’ on it.

“I’m counting on it,” her husband responded and grabbed her hand and pulled her from the office before he was tempted to forgo lunch and get ‘thanked’ right there in her office with her secretary right on the other side of the door.

“I’ll be back in about an hour,” Alex said as she was drug past her secretary and out to the elevator.

Walker took her to the Marina Café where he had planned a romantic lunch for two. They ate and talked and just enjoyed the opportunity to be together. Walker told her of his morning’s fiasco and Alex laughed, helping him to see the humor as well. Just before they left, Walker reached out his hand and covered hers. She looked at his hand and then up into his eyes. He gazed back at her and without saying a word, told her that he loved her. He gave her his special wink, the one that meant ‘I love you’ and that he used for public settings. When Alex turned her hand to clasp his, he deposited a small gift into it.

“What’s this?” she asked as she gazed down at the package that was the size of a silver dollar.

“Open it and see,” he said.

Alex carefully unwrapped the gift and began to laugh. It was a round refrigerator magnet that was a yellow smiley face that winked at her when she looked at it from different angles. On the back was another of the heart shaped candies, but this one said, ‘Love You’ “I love you too, Cowboy,” she said all smiles.

None of Walker’s gifts had been extravagant. Each was a small token of his love, but they each were thought out and planned and they meant more to her than any diamonds could have. She slipped her winking smiley face into her coat pocket and stood up to leave, her hand going into his as they walked back to the car.

Alex had an afternoon court appointment.  It was a case that Walker had teased her mercilessly for taking. She was to prosecute a man who had been arrested for destruction of public property. He had climbed up onto a freeway overpass to paint his proposal to his girlfriend on the bridge. The police who arrested him stated that he had endangered himself and others when he parked his car on the overpass and climbed over the side. A bystander had thought he was trying to commit suicide and had called the police. It wasn’t the type of case Alex usually prosecuted, but she was afraid an overzealous junior ADA would try to get the book thrown at him. She didn’t think the man deserved bonus points for intelligence, but his heart was in the right place and she wanted to make sure that his sentence didn’t include jail time. He and his soon-to-be wife were expecting their first child in late summer and she didn’t want the baby born with his father in prison. Just when the criminals in Dallas thought that the Deputy DA was a ‘no nonsense, tough as nails,’ prosecutor, she surprised them with a case like this one.

Walker fared a little better in the afternoon than he had in the morning. The forensics lab had come up with hard evidence that led to an arrest of a possible accomplice in the crime he and Trivette were investigating. He completed his paperwork early and went to watch his wife argue her case in court.

He sat in the back, watching Alex at work. She managed to get the judge to agree to probation for the young lothario and when she turned to walk out of the courtroom, she walked straight to him, having sensed his presence.

“You getting soft in your old age?” Walker asked her.

“Watch it mister, I’ll file charges against you.”

“I’m not worried, seems like criminals around here get off easy anyway,” Walker enjoyed teasing her about this case. He had known it was coming up today and he called it her Valentine’s case. She had told him that he didn’t have a romantic bone in his body and that he would never understand someone doing something foolish out of love.

“I might just throw the book at you!” she warned, but with little bite to her words. He had built up enough points with his little gifts to her that she was willing to give him some leeway.

“I’m off for the day, so if you want, we can leave a bit early.”

“Sounds wonderful,” she said as she opened the double doors to the courtroom and stopped in her tracks. There, spray painted on the wall right across from the courtroom, was a large red heart with an arrow drawn through it. It said, ‘C.W. loves A.W.’

“Oh my god, Walker! You didn’t!” She stood there stunned, unable to believe her Cowboy would do such a thing. Of course, she didn’t know that he had arranged with the building manager to deface government property and had paid to have it painted over after they left the building. Just the fact that he had made such a public statement of his love for her was more than she could absorb.

Only those few people who exited the courtroom at the end of the trial saw it and most didn’t know who it referred to, but they all grinned, believing it related to the case they had just watched. The defense attorney, Alan Brand, came up to Alex and said, “I guess your reputation as having a soft spot for graffiti perpetrators has gotten around.” He laughed at his own joke and headed on out.

Walker put his arm around Alex’s waist and urged her forward. “Come on darling, don’t stand there catching flies, let’s go finish up so we can go home.”

Alex allowed him to guide her back to her office, following along mutely. It was a rare occasion when Walker took away her power of speech, but he had certainly managed this time. He left her at the door of her office with a kiss on her cheek and a moist whisper in her ear, “Don’t forget that red nightgown tonight. I want a chance to fully appreciate it. How about a fashion show for me? Or maybe even a little… dance? We could stop on the way home and pick up anything else you think you might need.”

Alex blushed at the suggestion. She’d never done a striptease dance for him, but it had its possibilities. She decided that the heat in her cheeks could possibly be more of a flush than a blush. She entered her office to wrap up her paperwork, but her mind stayed firmly fixed on the nights activities… just as Walker had planned.

Walker went into HOPE House to get Angela and while he stayed and played with her, Alex ran a few errands. She picked the two up just after 6:00 and they headed home. Once there, Walker took Angela out to check on the horses, including the new foal. While he was out of the house, Alex prepared his favorite meal, Turkey Meatloaf, potatoes and garden salad. She opened a glass of wine and allowed it to breathe, while she went upstairs to shower. She pulled on a pretty, feminine, wool dress that molded her figure. It was cashmere and she knew that Walker loved the texture.

When Walker returned indoors, Alex had Angela’s supper ready and she took over feeding their daughter while he went to take his own shower. He returned wearing a black turtleneck sweater over black jeans. He knew that it was one of Alex’s favorite outfits. Alex had set the table with candles and Angela happily played in her mashed potatoes while they ate a companionable meal.

Walker took Angela upstairs to give her a bath while Alex finished up in the kitchen. Alex opened the refrigerator and found a bottle of champagne that he had put in there to chill. She didn’t know when he’d snuck that in, but it fit right in with her plans for the evening. A nervous thrill went through her. She was planning to try something totally different tonight with Walker and she didn’t know how he would react. They’d been lovers for quite some time now and she had no complaints, but she thought it was always good to stay open to new ways to spice up their love life. She placed her hands against her cheeks and felt the flush. She was as nervous as a school girl. Grinning to herself, she closed the refrigerator and finished wiping down the countertop.

The remainder of the evening passed as any other. Walker played with Angela while Alex watched and pretended to read. They turned on the evening news to catch up on the day’s events. Alex got to see for herself how Walker’s morning had gone, as they showed him wrapping a towel around a red painted nude woman. There were blurred out areas strategically placed. When he wrapped the man in the towel, Alex saw her husband whisper into his ear.

“What sweet nothings did you whisper into Cupid’s ear darling?”

Her question earned her a glare, but he answered her anyway. “I just told him that I’d shoot anything that showed if he dropped the towel.”

Alex laughed, knowing how her husband hated the media attention. She watched Trivette handle the reporters with aplomb, while Walker just glared at them. She laughed harder when she saw the woman try to return the paint smeared blanket to Walker. His face was nearly as red as hers as he insisted she keep it. The police officer had to intervene on his behalf and escort the woman away.

Angela watched her mother from the floor and decided to join in the laughter. She wasn’t sure what was so funny, but she like to laugh and her mother’s laugh was infectious. Her daddy didn’t think so though, until he too admitted it was a humorous episode and the entire family spent several minutes laughing. Their laughter fed on itself until they were all spent from laughing so hard.

Alex finally calmed down enough to get Angela nursed and settled. She then headed upstairs to get ready for her surprise for Walker. He went out to check once more on the foal. Cupid was doing fine all snuggled up close to his mother. Walker smiled, thinking that Angel was nearly as good a mother as her mistress. He paused a moment reflecting on his life. He had it all and he was smart enough to know it. He loved his job, had great friends and a wonderful home. He was close to his Indian ancestry, but he had made a place for himself in the white man’s world. The best of all though, was Alex. She was his soul mate and he knew it. And their love had produced Angela, who was the light of his life. Yes, he was a very lucky man. He felt a tightening in his jeans and smiled to himself. His wife had promised he would get lucky tonight as well. It was time to go in and let her keep her promise.

Walker headed into the house to get the champagne out of the refrigerator, but he saw that his wife had beaten him to it. There was a note on the refrigerator door. It read, “Ready to play, Cowboy? The game’s upstairs.” Walker was intrigued, but it made him even harder as he headed up to the bedroom.

Alex was standing in the middle of the room with her stomach in a knot. She wasn’t sure if Walker was going to go along with this or not. The room was well lit, but it was all indirect lighting. She had the lamps on dim and candles placed all around the room. The champagne was in an ice bucket and the glasses were next to it.

There was a box, just hidden under the bed, filled with all the items needed for her game. She had found it in an adult store that she had dared to enter while in search of something to use for the dance Walker had requested. It was made for Valentine’s Day and it was within keeping with what they considered ‘acceptable’ in their love play. She had investigated it carefully before making her purchase, neither she nor Walker were into any ‘kinky’ stuff. She had been surprised by the shop itself, it didn’t cater to the ‘rough’ crowd, but was designed to cater to couples who just needed some new twist on their love life. There were love potions and sexy negligees and massage oils, candles etc. It was an adult store, but not a porn shop. Alex wouldn’t have entered if she had thought it was.

Walker entered the room and looked at his wife standing in the middle wearing the red negligee from that morning. There was soft music playing in the background and when she saw him, she began to sway her hips and move her hands up and down her own body, smiling into his eyes. His response was immediate and standing still and enjoying the show, was not what his body wanted at that moment. He’d waited to sink into her warmth all day long and he was determined to make his fantasies come true. He began to unzip his fly as he approached her.

“Uh, uh, no touching, that’s against the rules,” she admonished him.

“What rules?” he asked continuing to advance on her.

“The rules of the game. If you break the rules, then you don’t get rewarded,” she told him.

He stopped, not sure what she was talking about, but unwilling to jeopardize being rewarded. “What’s the game?” he asked.

“It’s a card game, of sorts. You see the cards on the bed?”

Walker looked and saw three stacks of heart shaped cards lying on the end of the bed. “Yes…” he said.

“The red ones are for you and the pink ones are for me. You pick a card and you do what it says. Then I pick a card and I do what it says. I read enough to know that we’ll both enjoy doing what they say to do. There’s no adlibbing in this game. You have to follow the directions.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then you have to pick a purple card and do what it says. You don’t want to pick a purple card, Walker.”

“I don’t?”

“Uh, uh, trust me on this.”

“Okay, so how do we start?”

“First, you have to agree to abide by the rules.”

“Are there any other rules?”

“Just that if a card comes up that says to do something that you are opposed to, we throw that card in the trash and you go again. We both agree to be honest and not do anything we aren’t comfortable doing.”

“That sounds fair,” he said.

“And remember, if you agree to accept the card you draw, then you have to stick to what it says. If you touch when and where it says not to, then you pick a purple card.”

“What types of ‘punishments’ are there?”

“Oh, things like, you have to take an ice cold shower for two full minutes, or you have to redress and start all over again.”

“Oh, you’re right, I don’t want that. So no physical punishments?”

“NO! Nothing kinky, the game is just supposed to heighten our senses and our desires by making us go slowly and explore each other fully instead of losing ourselves and going straight for completion.”

“I’ve never heard you complain about us going too fast before,” he said.

“No, you get no complaints from me. I just thought this might be fun to add on occasion. If we try it and you don’t like it, I will throw it in the fireplace and we’ll make love on the rug while it burns.”

“Now you’re talking!’ he agreed.

“So, are you game?”

“I’m game. Who goes first?”

“Why don’t you?”

“All right, I will.” He reached to the end of the bed and picked up a card from the top of the red pile. He read the directions aloud. “Using only your lips, kiss your lover on her lips for one full minute. Remember, no tongue or teeth allowed!” He looked at the card. “I guess I can do that, but how do I know when a minute is up?”

Alex held up a small timer. “The game came with this. There’s a button for one minute and one for five minutes. It gives you a five second warning and if you don’t stop when the buzzer goes off, you have to draw a purple heart.”

“Okay, get ready to press the button,” he said as he drew her near and gently kissed her mouth. A minute seemed longer than usual as he wanted to deepen the kiss and open his mouth, but he restrained himself and when the warning sounded, he lightened his kiss and ended it at the buzzer. “Your turn,” he said as he stepped back.

Alex chose a pink card and read it aloud. “Using your beverage of choice, pour some in a glass and have your lover take a mouthful and then share it with you.” She looked at Walker with her eyebrows raised.

Walker pulled the champagne from the ice bucket and popped the cork and then handed it to Alex, “Be careful not to get any on yourself,” he warned as the towel he had wrapped it in absorbed the spillage.

Alex smiled and poured a few sips into one of the fluted champagne glasses. She held the glass up to his lips and allowed some to pour into his mouth. Then she lowered the glass, sealed his lips with hers and he let the liquid drain back into her mouth. Alex stepped back and smiled as she licked the drops from her mouth. “Mmm… good champagne, darling,” she said looking directly into his eyes.

Walker licked the spilled drops from his own lips and grinned at her. “Only the best for you, my love.” He walked over to the end of the bed and picked up his next card. “Remove an article of clothing.” He laid the card down and began to pull his sweater slowly up exposing his abdomen Alex watched and licked her lips as his muscular chest came into view. He slid it back down and then up again, teasing her as if he were doing a striptease dance. Finally, he pulled it over his head, leaving his chest open to her intense gaze. She so wanted to taste it with her lips and her tongue.

Once the sweater was discarded, Alex reached and picked up a pink card. “Nibble on your mate’s ear for one minute. Do not touch him with anything, but your lips, tongue and teeth. Do not touch anywhere except his one ear.” She picked up the timer, looked regretfully at his chest, and pushed the one minute button. She sucked his earlobe into her mouth and nursed it as if it was a teat and she was drawing sustenance from it. He began to groan and she bit it gently and then released it, blowing warm air gently into his ear and then traced the ridges with her tongue. She was concentrating so hard on her task, that she didn’t hear the warning beep and was startled by the buzzer. She leapt back as if scalded and Walker chuckled at her reaction.

“I hope this game speeds up,” he said, looking down at his erection, straining against his zipper. He reached for his next card and read, “With your back to your lover, remove any garment covering your bottom. If you have nothing covering your bottom, then wrap a towel around you and slowly remove it, taking a full minute.” Walker was glad that he was going to be able to get rid of his jeans as they were getting quite uncomfortable. He looked at Alex who picked up the timer and gave him the signal to begin. Walker undid his belt and dropped his jeans quickly. After stepping out of his jeans and shoes, he looped his fingers in the elastic waistband of his black briefs. He slowly edged them down, drawing out the moment until his firm buttocks were visible. At the five second warning, he pushed them down his legs and bent over to step out of them.

Alex was panting from the show. It was incredibly erotic to take things this slowly and to do things in the order dictated by the cards as opposed to the order they chose. She hurried over to the bed and picked up a pink card. “Have your lover lie down face up. Using only your toes, touch his body for two minutes.”

Walker spread out on the carpeting, fully participating in the game. Alex set the timer by pushing the one minute button twice and lifted her left foot, placing it on his chest and running it over the wiry hair there, letting her toes graze his nipples. Then she set it down and took a step towards his feet and lifted her other foot. She ran her toes up the length of his shaft that stood tall and proud, rubbing the head gently. Setting her foot back down, she went up to his head and ran her toe over his lips. Walker opened his mouth and sucked her toe into it, causing a gasp from Alex. The five second warning made him nip her toe and then release it. Alex backed away, trying to catch her breath.

 Walker sat up and picked up his card. “Use a feather to touch any exposed skin your lover has showing, you have five minutes.” Walker looked around and saw the shoebox of items protruding from the end of the bed. His eyebrows shot up at the contents, but he didn’t say anything as he picked up the fluffy white feather that looked as if it belonged on an old fashioned pen. He gestured to Alex to lie down on the carpet beside him and he set the timer and began at her face. Alex closed her eyes as the feather danced over her forehead and cheeks and then skimmed her nose and chin. Walker spent quite awhile on her face and neck and then headed down to her legs, running the feather down the outside of her leg and up the inside. Alex spread her legs slightly, drawing up the short nightie and exposing her womanhood. Walker softly tickled her there until the five second warning sounded and then with one last flourish, he stopped.

It took all of Alex’s energy to sit up and reach for her next card. “Stroke yourself intimately for one full minute while your lover watches.” Alex colored, but Walker grinned and set the timer. Lying back down, Alex let her hand drift down to the edge of her nightie. Emboldened by the look in Walker’s eyes, she reached for herself and ran her fingers over her mound, fantasizing that it was Walker’s hand. She spread her legs to give him a clear view and pumped slowly against her own hand. The warning sounded and both Alex and Walker moaned as she stopped and lay there panting.

Walker picked up his card and read, “Lie down on the ground face down and have your lover lie on your back, face up. Remain in that position for one full minute.” He took the timer and lay down, but he stopped and got up to get a pillow. He was too fully aroused to lie down on his stomach without one. He strategically placed the pillow under his stomach so that his hips were slightly elevated and then waited as Alex shifted to lie on his back. He then set the timer and lay there, feeling not only her weight, but the slide of the satin nightie and the warmth of her body. He decided that this game just might kill him.

After the minute was over, Alex got off of Walker and read her card. “Remove any remaining clothing while dancing seductively for your lover, while playing tract 6 of the enclosed CD.” Alex stood up and walked over to the CD player and turned it on. The words began to Sheena Easton’s ‘My Sugar Walls.’ She moved her body and brought the edge of the nightie higher and then dropped it. Turning her back to Walker, she again brought the nightie up to her waist and ground her hips and then lowered it again to turn and face him. Her hands ran up her abdomen to her breasts and she cupped herself and slid her hands over her breasts, pinching her own engorged nipples, while Walker all but drooled. As the song reached its climax, she pulled the nightie up and over her head. As the song ended, she tossed the satin and lace into his face and took a bow. She switched the CD off and looked at Walker who was panting heavily.

“My god, Alex! I almost came just watching you. And where did you get that CD?”

“It’s a special CD that was made to go with the game. It has several different songs on it.”

“I can imagine!” He said, reaching for his next card. “Tell your lover what it feels like to come inside of her, be descriptive and take a full minute.” Walker groaned, this was his downfall, he was a man of actions, not words, but Alex was intrigued by the idea of having him tell her how it felt to be inside of her. She gave him her full attention as he set the timer. He looked down and then back up again, not sure where to focus his eyes and finally coming to rest on the discarded nightie that lay on the ground. Taking a deep breath, he pushed the button and began. “When I sink into you, it’s like… coming home. You surround me in warmth and I know that I am exactly where I belong. I fit so snugly inside you, that I know you were made to fit me perfectly. And then, I begin to pump in and out of you, sliding up and down your silk walls. It’s the closest thing to heaven on earth, the feel of you, pulling me back deeper into you. The pressure builds and I can feel your cervix with my deepest pumps and you make these noises that just rip through me and make me shudder. And then you tighten around me and your whole body stiffens and clamps down so hard on mine that I can feel the vibrations of your orgasm transmitting itself to me and it’s like you give me permission to come inside you and then I lose all control and there’s this huge release as the pressure finally breaks through and I feel the fluid squirting into you.” The five second warning sounded, bringing Walker back to the present and he looked directly at Alex and said, “And that’s when I fall in love with you all over again. Each and every time we make love, you steal my heart again and I am so grateful to God for you, for us.”

The buzzer sounded and tears rolled down Alex’s cheeks. “You’ve never told me it was like that for you, I thought it was only me,” she said.

“No, I feel it too; we go there together Alex, that’s why it’s so incredibly wonderful.”

She smiled at him and walked to the bed and picked up her card. “Have your lover sit in a straight back chair. Sit in his lap facing him, cradling his manhood against your belly. Hold onto the chair back with your hands and glide up and down, not allowing him to enter you, for two minutes. Your lover’s hands must be behind his back, tying them there or using the enclosed handcuffs is optional.” Alex looked at Walker, “Can I trust you to keep your hands behind your back?” He shook his head ‘no’. “Do you want some added insurance?” she asked, picking up a scarf and the plastic handcuffs. He again shook his head ‘no.’ “Okay, then it’s on you if you touch me.”

Alex moved the desk chair into the middle of the room and had Walker sit down. She picked up the timer and sat on his lap, straddling him. She pushed the button twice and then tossed the timer onto the bed. Placing her arms behind him, she held onto the back of the chair and pulled herself up, letting her moist slit, rubbed against his full blown erection and then back down again. She continued an up and down motion, establishing a rhythm that had him bobbing against her belly as she sat on his lap and nudging her entrance as she came to the top.

It wasn’t only the lower half that was being stimulated. Her nipples rubbed against his chest and her breasts brushed the roughness of his chin at the top of the upstroke. Both were nearing climax when the buzzer sounded, neither had heard the warning. Alex stood and began to back away, when Walker reached for her breasts and pinched her nipples, tightly squeezing them between thumb and finger. “Walker, that’s not allowed,” she admonished him and when he finally released her bruised nipples, she walked to the end of the bed and picked up a purple card. Holding it up, she read it to him. “For not following the rules, you will suffer the following punishment. Stand in the shower and have your lover pour one gallon of ice water over your genitals.”

“Alex! I thought you said no kinky stuff! That’s sadistic!”

“You knew the consequences and I offered to tie your hands if you didn’t think you could hold out,” she taunted, secretly pleased that he hadn’t been able to resist touching her. She pointed to the bathroom and picked up the ice bucket, deciding it was about the right size. She filled it with water as Walker stood in the shower stall. Walking over to him, with a wicked gleam in her eye, she slowly poured the entire amount over his full erection. He shouted out as the cold water struck him and his eyes warned retribution.

“I would advise following the rules to the letter,” he told her in a warning tone of voice, as she handed him a towel to dry himself.

“Hey, look at it this way… at least now you’re cooled down and you’ll have more willpower.”

Walker looked at himself pointedly, “Does this look ‘cooled down’ to you?”

She had to admit that the ice water hadn’t seemed to have any affect on the size of his erection. “Your turn to pick a card,” she said as she headed back into the bedroom.

Walker picked up a red heart shaped card and read, “Have your lover lay down on a towel and pour the beverage of your choice onto her nipples and lap it up using only your mouth, no hands allowed except to hold the beverage and pour. Your lover must extend her hands above her head and leave them there. This should continue for three minutes.” Walker looked up at Alex, “Would you like me to tie your hands?” he taunted.

Everything in Alex screamed ‘yes!’ She knew that when he mouthed her breasts, her hands had a way of sinking into his hair, but she took up his challenge and bravely said, “No.” All the while, calling herself a fool. 

Walker got a fluffy bath towel and laid it on the carpet and had Alex lay on top of it. He picked up the chilled champagne and knelt beside her. “Hands up,” he ordered. Alex lifted her arms up over her head and dug into the carpeting with her fingers. Walker tipped the champagne bottle, remembered the timer, and set it down. Alex released the breath she’d been holding as he set the timer and then, she took another as he again poised the bottle over her right nipple. He slowly poured champagne over each of her nipples. It dribbled down her breasts and she gasped first at the coldness of it and then at the bubbles that fizzed on her super sensitive skin.

Walker placed the bottle on the ground and then went to work, lapping it up. He licked both breasts thoroughly and then he used a strong suction to pull her right nipple deep into his mouth. He pulled back off using the vacuum seal to make a popping sound as he released it. He moved to the left breast and repeated the motion. He picked up the champagne bottle and poured more onto her breasts. He repeated his previous actions and then began to flick her nipple with his tongue and nibble on it with his teeth. He teased and tormented her until her hands came down to hold his head in place, digging her fingers into the thickness of his hair and pushing him hard against her nipple, insisting he suckle it. When the buzzer sounded, Walker had to pry her hands from his hair to get her to release him. He gave her a purely evil grin and reached for a purple heart.

Alex closed her eyes as she listened to him read her punishment. He had done it on purpose, pushed her over the edge, but she knew that she had brought it on herself.

“There are two options here, one for the male and one for the female. Boy am I glad I don’t get the male option!” he said and then read the one for the female. “Lie in the bathtub and have your lover hold the showerhead aimed at your womanhood for a full minute. The water must be cold.”

“Oh god,” Alex groaned as she rolled on the towel and headed to the bathroom with her head hanging down. She picked the towel up and took it with her, laying it in the tub so that at least her bottom didn’t have to touch the cold porcelain. Walker frowned at her modification, but didn’t disallow it. He picked up the showerhead and turned the water on, turning only the handle labeled ‘cold’. He twisted the dial to pulse and then aimed it directly at her. She shrieked as the cold water hit her, but the pulsing action was painfully pleasurable. “You’re a sadist!” she told him as she gritted her teeth while he moved the showerhead up and down, covering her entire slit. At the buzzer, he shut off the water and handed her a dry towel.

“I have a feeling that neither one of us will need another purple card!” he said with feeling. She silently agreed.

Moving back into the room, Alex reached for her next card. “Close your eyes and touch your lover’s chest with the pads of your fingertips for two minutes. At the end of that time, use five descriptive words to tell your lover what turns you on about his chest.” Alex looked up at Walker and said; “Now this I can do!” He chuckled at the eager look on her face as she set the timer and stood in front of him. Closing her eyes, she reached out and lightly skimmed her fingers over his chest, causing him to shudder. She reached her hands up to his shoulders and arrowed them down to meet at a point in the middle of his chest.

Walker watched her face as she concentrated on her task. Her breath stirred the hairs on his chest as her fingers spread out to gently touch and massage his male nipples. She traced each of his ribs and ran her hands back up to his nipples as if they were her starting points. She made tiny circles around his nipples and then made slightly larger ones. As the circles grew larger, the wiry hair brushed against the pads of her fingers, feeling very different from the silky smooth skin surrounding his nipples. The timer went off and Alex reluctantly dropped her hands down and then drew in a breath. With her eyes still closed, she said, “Broad, muscular, pillow, yummy, traction.”

Walker laughed outright and made her explain. Alex opened her eyes and smiled at him. She took a precautionary step backwards before explaining why she’d chosen those words. “Broad and muscular are pretty self-explanatory. Pillow, because that’s how I think of your chest, as my own personal pillow that God made just for me, to rest my head on at night. Yummy, because even though I didn’t get to taste it in this exercise, I so wanted to and I love the taste of you on my tongue. Traction,” she giggled, “that’s how I think of your chest hair, as traction, so that I don’t slide off when we make love.” Walker was openly laughing by the time she reached her final explanation.

He walked over to the bed and picked up another card. Before he read it, he looked at Alex and asked. “Are these cards in any specific sequence?”

“No, you’re supposed to shuffle them each time you play the game. The ones that tell you to take off articles of clothing can occur at any point of the game and some of the purple cards make you put clothes back on. The game also came with a lot of blank cards, so we can add things of our own if we want to before we play again; if we play again. Do you like the game so far?”

“I like it,” he said simply and then read his card. “Turn the CD player on to track five and dance a striptease dance for your lover. You can use any type of props you like, but no touching.” He walked over to the CD player and looked at the song. It was Rod Stewarts, ‘IF You Think I’m Sexy’. “Alex, I can’t do this,” he said.

She shrugged her shoulders. “That’s fine. I’m sure there are men who would be more than happy to prance around to that song, but you’re definitely not one of them.” She walked toward him, plucked the card from his hand and tore it in two, tossing the pieces into the wastebasket. “Pick another card.”

He looked at her, “Thank you,” he said.

“It’s part of the rules, we both have to be comfortable with it, or we don’t do it.”

“But I know that you’re not comfortable touching yourself, but you did that.”

“If you just walked up to me and asked me to do that, I admit I would have trouble with it. But the look in your eyes was so… I didn’t feel ashamed, I felt sexy and erotic.”

“You are both of those things and watching you… I could have tossed that timer out of the window.”

“But that was one of the things that made it okay, knowing that it was for a specified amount of time.”

He nodded his head, understanding what she meant. If he had just asked her to pleasure herself while he watched, it would have seemed dirty and shameful; at least he knew that it would to her. It was something she would have been embarrassed about, just as he was embarrassed to do a sexy dance for her. It was odd, but this game wasn’t really teaching him things about her and their relationship so much as it was making him think about why things were as they were.

He picked up his next card and read it. “Have your lover sit on the end of the bed and then lie back. Place her legs on each of your shoulders. Use any part of your face to bring her to orgasm. No hands allowed.” Walker looked at Alex, “Finally! At least one of us will get relief!”

“Walker, my hands! You know I can’t not touch you. You have to tie them or something!” Alex said in near panic.

“Come here, I’ll think of something.” He set her at the edge of the bed and had her put her hands up over her head and then he clipped the plastic cuffs on her wrists. Telling her to lie back, he used one of the scarves and tied it to the middle chain of the cuffs. He tied this to the feather boa and tied that to the headboard. Alex was able to move freely, but her hands could not come down below her head. “Comfy?” he asked.

“At least I feel safer this way,” she told him.

Walker went to the end of the bed and knelt on his knees in front of her. He spread her legs and placed one over each shoulder. He reached for her hips and pulled her down to the very edge of the bed and then he put his hands behind his back and linked them together. Leaning forward, he asked, “ready?”

“Oh god, Walker, please!”

He bent his neck forward enough that he could inhale her scent. He blew softly on her heated flesh and then stuck his tongue out and licked her entire slit. Moisture flooded her and her scent permeated the air. He used his tongue to cherish the tissue that he had tormented with the cold water earlier. Licking her outer lips and then her inner lips, he had her moaning for release in moments. Walker plunged his tongue into her depths and drank from her. He used his nose to nudge the swollen nub that guarded her entrance and he tickled her inner thighs with his beard. It wasn’t long before she was pleading with him and he answered her pleas by applying pressure to the engorged nub and then alternately flicking it lightly, using his tongue. He nibbled on her labia with his teeth and continued the torment until she screamed out and clamped her legs, trapping his head with her thighs. Walker continued to lick and nibble until the last of the shudders went through her body.

“Walker,” she breathed.

“Good?” he questioned.

“Oh, yes, so very, very, good,” she answered.

He gently lowered her legs to the ground and then untied and uncuffed her hands. While she lay there panting and recuperating, he went to the champagne bottle and poured them each a few swallows in the two glasses. He brought her one and sat on the edge of the bed. She sat up next to him and they drank down the bubbly liquid, each regaining some composure.

Alex looked at the three piles of cards that Walker had shifted to the floor before placing her on the end of the bed. She reached for the pink pile and read. “Have your lover sit in a straight back chair. Straddle his lap and take him deep inside you. Without lifting up off of him, bring him to orgasm. You may use any part of your body, but he may not touch you.”

Alex looked at Walker and he reached behind him and picked up the handcuffs and dangled them in front of her. She laughed and got up to move the chair into position. Taking Walker’s glass from his fingers, she placed them both back on top of the dresser while Walker went and sat in the chair. She walked behind him and took the handcuffs from his fingers and clipped them on his wrists. She moved back in front of him and feasted her eyes on his proud erection that pressed flat against his abdomen. The thought of finally reaching orgasm had him at full attention.

Alex approached the chair and straddled his lap. She stood and walked herself as close to his body as she could get. She slowly sank down, feeling the head of his manhood probe her moistened lips. She gyrated her hips, getting him into position and then once he was lined up, she slowly sank down so that he slid neatly into her. Alex continued pressing down until she felt him touch her cervix. The words he’d spoken to her about how it felt to come inside of her played over again in her head. ‘When I sink into you, it’s like… coming home. You surround me in warmth and I know that I am exactly where I belong.’ She closed her eyes and imagined that he was home, deep inside her body.

Alex used the muscles at the opening of her vagina to close around Walker and squeeze. She’d had to do Keigel exercises during and after her pregnancy and Walker had benefited. She continued with the exercises while her mouth began to explore his. She touched and tasted his lips, delving her tongue deeply into his mouth. She released his lips and rounded her back so that her face was level with his chest. She sucked hard on his nipples, biting down hard enough to leave a faint mark and then licking them to soothe them. Rolling her hips forward, she plastered herself against him once again.

Walker’s head fell back as he was completely at her mercy and her tormenting brought him closer and closer to release, but stopped just short. Alex reveled in the feeling of power over her captive lover. Her hands went to his face and she tilted it back toward her and demanded, “Open your eyes. Look at me!” Walker complied, and fixed his eyes on hers. “I want to feel you come inside of me, I need to feel you come inside of me,” she said as she moved her hips in a circular motion, grinding his tip against her cervix and alternately clamping down and then releasing.

“Yes!” he shouted as he pushed up against her and flooded her with his release. His head fell forward onto her shoulder and he leaned against her and panted, desperately struggling for oxygen.

Alex waited until he had regained his breath and then eased up and off of him. She retrieved the champagne glasses, poured more into them and returned to Walker. “To our first orgasms of the night, may there be many more,” she toasted and then clinked the two glasses together, took a sip of hers and then fed him a sip of his, before going behind him and releasing the catch on the cuffs. She handed him his own glass and he drank to her toast.

Walker stood, walked over to the pile of cards and drew the top one. “Brush your mate’s hair for five minutes.” He looked at Alex’s silky tresses that were mussed from the evening’s activities. “A good one to catch our second wind with.” She smiled at him and moved to sit in the straight backed chair straddling it with her back to him. “Are you ever going to be able to sit in that chair facing forwards again?” he asked.

“Oh hush, you and get to work!” She smiled at him over her shoulder. He picked up the brush, set the timer and obeyed. Walker carefully detangled her hair and once the brush slid through it easily, he brushed hard enough to stimulate her scalp and used his fingers as much as the brush to slide through her hair. For her part, Alex just sat still, with her forehead resting on her hands that were folded over the top rung of the back of the chair. She loved having her hair brushed and she was thoroughly enjoying this respite, finding it as erotic as other more blatant activities. When the buzzer went off, Alex moaned, but dutifully got up to pick her next card.

“Play tract number 2 on the CD, while dancing with your partner.” She raised her eyebrows and went over to start the music. The smooth sounds of; The Righteous Brother’s ‘Unchained Melody’ filled the air. Alex stepped into Walker’s arms and they danced slowly around the room. Dancing without the benefit of clothing had its advantages. Walker held her close, his hand resting in the small of her back and his fingers stroking down to the cleft of her buttocks. Alex wrapped her arms around his neck and played with the fringe of his hair that lay on the back of his neck as she usually did when they slow danced. The position of her arms brought her breasts flat against his chest and the hair on his chest rubbed against her, causing her nipples to peak. “Traction,” she murmured against his shoulder as she laid her head against him.

Walker laughed and continued to lower his hands, cupping her buttocks and bringing her firmly against his body as his erection grew, trapped between their bodies. Alex swayed her hips, brushing her belly firmly against the trapped head as if trying to insert it into her navel. Walker was moaning in frustration by the time the song ended. He released her with regret and moved to read his next card, while Alex turned off the music.

“Have your lover get on her hands and knees on the end of the bed. Make love to her ‘doggie style’.”

“It does not say that!” Alex denied. She hadn’t read all the cards, but she’d read several and hadn’t seen that one.

Walker held the card up for her to see. “If you’re not comfortable with it, I’ll throw it away and pick another one,” he offered.

“No, I’m game,” she said and moved to the bed to get in position.

Walker moved up behind her and slid in to her in one smooth stroke. She was still lubricated from their last mating and as he established a rhythm, her body released even more fluids. Walker grasped her hips with both of his hands and pounded himself into her. He thrust himself so deeply into her that she was sure he penetrated her womb. “Tell me when, Alex!” he pleaded as the pressure built to an intolerable level.

“Touch me, Walker, I can’t come unless you touch me!” she cried out. Walker heeded her command and released one hip to slide his hand around and apply pressure to the part of her that screamed out for his touch. “Yes, now!” she cried as she crested the wave and plummeted into the depths of her climax. Walker’s answering shout was followed by three rapid pumps, as he emptied himself into her. Alex collapsed forward onto the bed and Walker collapsed on top of her. They lay there for several minutes, regaining their equilibrium.

Walker finally lifted himself up and off of Alex. He allowed her to get up and select her next card. “Have your lover lie face down and give him a massage using your lotion or oil of choice, for five minutes.”

“Only five minutes!” Walker complained.

“You’ll be lucky if I last that long, Cowboy,” she said with a smile.

Walker lay flat on his stomach on the bed, while Alex got up to get some massage oil from the bathroom countertop. While there, she took the time to clean the fluids from their recent couplings, so that she felt fresh and ready for more. She returned to the bedroom and climbed onto the bed, straddling Walker’s back and sitting on his firm buttocks. She poured the oil liberally onto his back and smoothed it in. “Oh, I forgot the timer,” she said and moved back off.

“That’s okay by me,” came his muffled reply.

“I’m sure, but we have to follow the rules,” she stated and set the timer for five minutes before resettling onto his buttocks. She kneaded his shoulder muscles and traced down either side of his spine, using her thumbs to loosen the muscles that lined his vertebrae. The card hadn’t given her any restrictions, so she slid backwards on him and smoothed the oil over his rounded buttocks. Alex loved his tight butt and she stroked and kneaded it for so long that the warning went off before she could move on down to his thighs. She had five seconds and she reached down between his thighs and gave the sac that hung there a quick massage. Walker had been drifting off, but her final move had him wide awake. When the timer sounded, she rolled off of him and he went to collect his next card.

“Using only your hands, bring your lover to orgasm. She must not touch you. Take as long as you need.” Walker smiled and waggled his eyebrows at Alex. “Looks like you get to get lucky again, and I get to have my evil way with you,” he said with a mock leer.

“You better use the cuffs again,” she decided, in self-protection mode.

“No, I have a better idea. Scoot up on the bed and lay down with your head on the pillow.” Alex did as he instructed and then he came to the head of the bed carrying two scarves. He looped one to one wrist and tied it to the headboard and then he did the same with her other wrist. “So much for no kinky stuff, now we’ve moved on to bondage.”

She laughed at him. “Hardly, you tied loops around my wrists, I can easily slip my hands out,” she demonstrated as she said it.

“I know; that’s the idea. I want you to be able to release yourself if you feel you need to. The scarves are just reminders.”

Alex was touched by his thoughtfulness, knowing that she had been tied by LaRue in the past, he didn’t want to ever do anything to remind her of that time. She trusted him fully, but that didn’t mean that she ever wanted to be restrained during their lovemaking. Even the plastic handcuffs were easily pulled apart with a strong tug. The soft scarves reminded her not to touch him, but did not prevent her from defending herself, if she felt the need.

“Hands only, huh?” he repeated to himself. He traced his fingers over her lips and smiled into her eyes. “Relax baby and just enjoy this,” he urged her as he touched her eyelids with feather light touches, urging her to close her eyes and to rely on her sense of touch. He feathered his fingers down her chin and stroked her neck. He reached her pulse point and paused there, smiling to himself as it accelerated beneath his touch. Stroking on down, he touched her clavicle and smoothed over her shoulder and back again to the other side. He mimicked her earlier motions, beginning at the aureole surrounding each of her nipples and drew tiny circles that enlarged. He watched as he nipples tightened and puckered, but he didn’t touch them.

Alex moaned at his torment and rocked her body from side to side, mutely pleading with him to touch her where she wanted to be touched. Taking both hands, he covered her breasts, splaying his fingers wide to cover them and cupping the tips in the heart of his palms. He rubbed his palms against those aching tips and watched her thrash her head from side to side and moan. He cupped, smoothed, pinched and soothed her breasts as they continued to swell in his hands.

Leaving the round throbbing globes, he traced his fingers down her ribcage, and ran the flat of his hand down the flat of her belly. There was no trace of the baby she had nurtured there. His finger dipped into her navel and then followed a straight line, over her silky curls, down over the sensitive nub and down to her slick entrance where he plunged into her as she arched up to meet him.

Walker shifted so that he came up the end of the bed between her spread legs. “That’s it baby, open yourself for me. Does that feel good?” he asked as he slipped two fingers into her and used his thumb to stimulate her.

“Yes, yes!” she cried as her hips rolled to urge him on.

“More?” he asked and she moaned in response. He slipped a third finger into her and twisted his hand, while his other hand came up to tend to her clitoris. He slipped his hand back out and then slid in a fourth finger, stretching her to her limit and beyond. He splayed his fingers deep inside of her as far as her silk walls would allow. Sliding back out again, he went back to the three fingers that fit her comfortably and began to pump in and out of her. His fingers dripped with her fluid and her hips thrashed in rhythm with his tormenting fingers. He placed the palm of his free hand against the top of her slit and pressed the heel down, sliding it up and down in rhythm with his fingers.

Alex had tears streaming down her cheeks as she cried out with the mind shattering orgasm he had brought her to. He proved that he knew her body intimately. He knew what she liked and just how much of it she could tolerate. She was as limp as a wet noodle when he finished with her. Walker looked up and saw her tears. He moved off the bed and walked into the bathroom and returned with a warm washcloth. He gently wiped her cheeks and then took the cloth down to the juncture of thighs and gently cleansed her there as well. After his ministrations, Alex gathered herself enough to slip her arms from the scarves and go to collect her next card.

Walker had returned to the bathroom to replace the washcloth and saw her smile when he returned. “What? What does it say?” he asked.

“The same as yours,” she answered and then read it. “Using only your hands, bring your lover to orgasm. He must not touch you. Take as long as you need.”

“Well it won’t take long,” he said wryly, looking down at his engorged penis. “But did you cheat? I can’t believe you drew that card right after I did.”

“I promise you, I didn’t cheat. This was the top card,” she said.

“Well, since you’re an officer of the court, I guess I’ll have to take your word for it,” he conceded.

“Lie on the bed. Do you want your hands in the scarves?” she offered.

“I’d better; touching you is addictive,” he confessed.

She smiled as she slid his hands through the loops of the scarves. “Now, just close your eyes and relax, baby,” she mimicked with a grin.

“Trust me, I will not be able to relax,” he said, but closed his eyes anyway.

Alex traced her fingers over his face and stroked his beard and full lips. His beard hid the fullness of his lower lip and she remembered being surprised by it the first time he’d kissed her on that New Year’s Eve so long ago. It wasn’t the only surprise he had in store for her though. The more she got to know him, the more layers were revealed. Now, she felt that she knew him intimately. She knew what he liked and she was planning to prove it.

Alex didn’t spend as much time on his chest as he had on hers, this was territory already covered. She did tease and torment his nipples though, she loved his chest and it wasn’t an area she could skip altogether. She moved on down to his abdomen and lightly skimmed it with her fingernails. His stomach contracted and rolled at her touch. She continued, fascinated by the movements of his stomach muscles. He had such strong abdominal muscles. All those reps on the Total Gym kept him in top form. Of course his sparring matches helped and then there were always their joint workouts. They managed quite a few reps of their own. She smiled at the train of her thoughts and then realized that Walker probably thought she was intentionally tormenting him. She decided not to tell him that her mind had wandered.

Alex trailed her finger down the line of hair that led to her favorite muscle. This was the one that got the most workout when she was around. She skated around it and instead cupped his ball sack and ran each testicle through her fingers, pinching gently and releasing just before causing pain or injury. She circled the base of his penis and tightened her grip until he moaned. His penis was almost purple it was so engorged. She saw the dew drop at the tip and had to bite her lip not to taste it. The card said hands only, but oh how she wanted a taste!

Alex looked around and realized that she didn’t have anything to catch his ejaculate with when he came. She knew that there would be plenty and since all her usual alternatives were restricted by the card, she needed a towel. “I’ll be right back,” she said as she released him and hopped off the bed to dash into the bathroom and grab a hand towel. Walker moaned in agony when she left him, but she quickly returned and took up where she left off.

Alex surrounded his length with both of her hands and strummed her fingers down its length. “Stop torturing me, Alex,” Walker gritted out between clenched teeth. “I need to come, now!” he said with a pump of his hips for emphasis. She knew he was right. Much more and he would be too far gone, too engorged, and it would become painful. She smoothed the precum down and over his tip and then gently laid him in one palm and circled her fingers round, pumping him up and down. Her other hand cupped his ball sack again as she manipulated him there. She felt the tightening and looked up to see the strain in his face. She released the silky sac and reached for the towel. He groaned and spewed up into the air. Alex just managed to catch it with the towel and continued to pump him into the soft terry cloth, draining him of every last drop he had to give. She gently laid his spent organ to the side and watched fascinated, as it slowly began to return to a normal color and size.

She looked up to see him watching her. “Enjoying yourself?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she responded. “I certainly am!”

“This game has certain possibilities, if I can survive it!” Walker stated.

“I know what you mean! Let’s go take a shower together and then come back for one more card each.”

He smiled at her and said, “Okay, you lead, I’ll follow.”

Alex took pity on his spent form and went in to run the shower water. Walker picked up the used towel and straightened the room a bit. He blew out a few of the candles and readied the room for bed. No matter what the cards said, he had maybe one more go round left in him and then he was going to have to get some rest!

He went into the bathroom to find it already starting to steam up and opened the shower curtain to find Alex standing under the spray. “Got room for one more?” he asked.

“Only if he’s a ruggedly handsome Cowboy!” she answered.

“Sorry, you’ve steamed up the mirrors, you’ll have to take what you get,” he answered.

She reached her hand out and pulled him in with her. “Get in here and scrub my back!” she commanded. He happily complied, but he insisted on scrubbing her front as well.

After a long hot shower, they got out and wrapped themselves in the fluffy bath towels Alex had laid out for them. Both were reinvigorated and ready to get back to the game. Alex toweled her hair dry and then combed it through and blew it dry so that it was just slightly damp. They walked into the room and looked at each other.

“Your turn,” Alex said with a smile.

Walker had turned back the covers and looked at the bed longingly. All he really wanted at that point was to cover her body with his and sink deeply into her until they both came and then fall asleep with her in his arms, her head pillowed on his chest. On the other hand, he hadn’t minded following what the cards had dictated so far, he decided he might as well go for one more. He lifted up the top red heart and looked at it. He showed it to Alex. “It’s a wild card. What does that mean?”

“It means you get to do whatever you want,” she answered. She saw the gleam in his eye and hastily added, “Provided I approve.”

He looked at her and said, “After we do what I want, neither one of us is going to be able to move, why don’t you go first this time with your last card?”

She reached and picked up the top pink card and showed it to him. He laughed as he saw the mate to his. “Two wild cards,” she said with an answering smile.

“What is it that you want to do?” he asked her.

“I want to go to bed, make love and fall asleep in your arms,” she decided.

“Great minds think alike,” he answered.

They picked up the remaining ‘game pieces’ and put them all away in the shoe box. Alex put the lid on it and slid it into her nightstand. They blew out the remaining candles and turned out the lamps. They each slid into the bed from their respective sides and met in the middle.

“Slow and gentle?” he murmured against her lips.

“Mmm hmm…” she said as she latched onto his lips and kissed him as if it had been hours. It had been. Other than the time she had brought him to orgasm on the straight back chair, they had only drawn one card early in the game that allowed them to kiss on the lips. Walker’s hand slowly explored her body as he deepened the kiss. Alex shifted so that she was under him as he rolled and covered her. She spread her legs and allowed him to slip between them. His kisses extended down to her breasts where he gently suckled and kissed her. Alex’s hands reached down into his hair and tugged him back up to her mouth.

Walker reached his hand down and was surprised to find that she was already slick with moisture. “Ready?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she breathed into his open mouth as she darted her tongue in to taste him.

Walker parted her thighs even more and positioned himself above her before gliding in to her depths. He paused at the bottom of the stroke and said, “Ah, I’ve come home.”

Alex giggled at his comment, but soon her laughter died away as he began a slow pumping motion that had her completely enthralled. She ran her hands down his chest and reached her head up to lick his nipples that moved above her in rhythm with the exquisite pressure his lower half created. Her breath became gasps and then with one last cry, she climaxed surrounding him with her spasms and pushing him over the edge to spill deeply into her. “I love you, Cowboy,” she uttered as she clasped his back with her hands and slid them down to grab a handful of firm butt into each hand.

“I love you too, honey. And I love the game. What’s it called?” he asked with a puzzled frown, just realizing that he didn’t know.

“Be Mine,” she answered.

“Always,” he responded and shifted so that she could pillow her head on his chest. They fell asleep like that, her head on its own personal pillow and his hand tangled in her silky hair.

The End