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                                                                     BY LISA    (wlykyoti@uswest.net)

     Walker had been planning all week and tomorrow night it would all come together.  He'd overheard Alex talking with Trivette and C.D. about Valentine's Day. They were saying he was about as romantic as a rock. Alex did her best to defend him but in the end she had to admit she wasn't expecting much from him for the holiday.  That was when he made up his mind to go all out for the occasion and surprise the ever-livin’ daylights out of her.  He'd decided it should be an intimate evening with just the two of them.  He was brought back to reality by the sound of Trivette's voice.  "Earth to Walker?"  "Oh, sorry Trivette. I was just thinking."  "Are you ok, man?  You've been acting funny all day."  "Yeah I'm fine."  At that moment Walker's phone rang.  "Walker," he answered.  He listened for a minute. "It is?  Good.  I'll pick it up after work. Thanks." He hung up and sat back in his chair with a grin plastered all over his chiseled face. "What was that about?" asked Trivette. "Nothing " replied Walker.  Trivette shook his head and went back to his desk.

     The day went as usual with them, chasing down a few leads to a drug ring in the area.  They took in a suspect who was willing to tell them anything they wanted to know as long as he could get a reduced sentence.  They finished taking down all his information and decided to call it a day.  As they drove to C.D.'s Walker's mind wandered again.  He was trying to decide what to make for Alex for their special dinner.  He finally decided on filet mignon just as he pulled in the parking lot.  They went into C.D.’s and saw Alex sitting at the bar. "Hey there, Cordell. Jimmy." greeted C.D.  "Hi, Big Dog. Counselor, how was court?" asked Trivette.  "Oh, you know. The usual defense tactics. We've got him dead to rights though." Walker had moved in next to her and he bent his head down to kiss her.  They all ordered dinner and moved to sit in a booth.  They talked about Alex's case until dinner arrived. C.D. joined them in the booth and ate with them.  Trivette told of the drug ring they were going to bust.  Alex listened but was watching Walker. He seemed to be in another world.  He was trying to think if he'd forgotten anything for their special night. He was pretty sure he'd covered all the bases.  "Hey Cordell? You still with us?" asked C.D.  "Huh?  Oh, yeah. Sorry, I was just thinking C.D."  "Well you haven't eaten much. Are you ok?" asked Alex, concern written all over her expression. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine" They talked awhile longer when Walker decided he'd better get going. He had a lot to do before their night together.  "Well, I think I'll call it a night." He says as he stands up.  Alex gets up too and walks with him to get his hat. "Good night Cordell." "See you tomorrow Walker."  He turns to Alex and leans in to give her a kiss.  She puts her arms around him and they hold each other.  He finally pulls away.  "Are you sure you’re ok?" she asks. "Alex, I promise, I'm just fine."  He gives another quick kiss and puts his hat on.  "I'll see you tomorrow," he says on his way out the door.  Alex goes back to sit with Jimmy and C.D. while she finishes her coffee.  "I'm not sure what's up with Walker but he's been acting strange for a couple of days now." says Trivette.  "How so?" asks Alex.  "I can't really pinpoint it but he seems to be pre-occupied with something." "I'm sure it's nothing." replies C.D.  "Well, he's promised me that he's ok, so unless I find out otherwise I'll just have to believe him."  She stands to go and says she'll see them both tomorrow.  "So has Walker said anything to you about Valentine's Day, Alex?"  "No. I don't think he even knows it's tomorrow. I'll be in court most of the day anyway so we wouldn't really have a chance to do anything special." 

     Walker picked up his special package for Alex on the way home and stopped by the grocery store too.  He picked up everything he needed for his meal, including the dessert.  He quickly took care of the horses and went back to the house. He started in the living room and cleaned every inch of the house.  Finally he went to bed and dreamt of them together. 

     He was running late and called Trivette to tell him he'd meet him at the office. When he arrived Trivette was just grabbing his jacket. "What's up?" asks Walker. "Just got the arrest warrants for the leaders of the drug ring."  "Good. Let's go pick them up."   The arrest went fairly well with only Juarez trying to make a break for it. Walker tackled him on the run and came to his feet quickly.  Juarez took a swing but missed and Walker hit him in the jaw.  Juarez stumbled back and fell. He was slow getting up and Walker took hold of his collar to help him.  Juarez hit him on the cheekbone with a hard blow.  Walker kicked him in the gut and knocked the wind out of him.  Two sheriff's deputies took him away in cuffs.  Trivette came over to Walker and saw the bruise starting to form under his eye.  "You ok? He asks.  "Yeah, better than him."

They entered the office and Trivette fired up his computer to begin the paperwork.  Walker sat at his desk and started on his share of the gutwork too.  They'd been working for about an hour when Walker stepped over to Trivette's desk.  "Hey, Trivette? I have a favor to ask."  "You’re asking me for a favor? This has to be a first. Anything. Name it."  "Could you wrap up the paperwork on this one?  I need the rest of the day off." "Yeah, I can finish it.  Is anything wrong? I mean, are you ok? You took a pretty good shot from that guy."  "Well I do have a bit of a headache but I think I'll be fine.  Thanks for doing this Trivette. I appreciate it."  He grabbed his hat and headed out the door.

      He'd stopped at this little flower stand on the way home.  Picking out a dozen gorgeous American Beauty roses, he paid for them and had the flowers wrapped. He headed for the ranch.  He put the roses in water to keep them fresh for later and started getting ready for Alex's surprise dinner. He'd  finished the mousse and was putting it in the fridge when he realized the time.  It was after 4pm and he needed to start on the steaks. He'd decided on filet mignon because it was the only fancy dish he could make.  Being a bachelor he'd never really learned how to cook much.

     Alex was finished with court and the judge had recessed for the weekend. She headed into the Ranger office to see if Walker wanted to have dinner tonight. She saw Jimmy switching off his computer and asked where Walker was.  "He left early Alex."  "What?  Walker never leaves early. Was anything wrong?"   "Well, he mentioned a headache but said he was fine. He was in a pretty big hurry though".  "She headed to her office. She needed to review some papers this weekend and she'd left them on her desk.  Her secretary was just leaving when she saw Alex.  "Ms. Cahill, Ranger Walker called for you. He said he needed you to meet him at his place after you were finished in court." "Did he say why?" "No. I'm sorry. He didn't." "OK, thank you."  Alex grabbed her paperwork and went down to her car.  She wondered what could be going on. Was Walker hurt?  Or sick?  She couldn't imagine him leaving work early for anything unless it was serious.

     He'd gotten dinner going and went upstairs to shower and change clothes.  He put on a pair of black Dockers and a black Henley shirt. He splashes on some of the Stetson cologne Alex had given him for his birthday. He hurried downstairs to check on the food. He was just about ready.  He went back to the dining room and set the table for two. He found the candles and lit them.  He went to the living room and started the fire and lit some candles he'd placed on the fireplace mantle.  He was just finishing that when he heard her car coming up the driveway.  He turned off the lights except for a small lamp in the corner and the one in the kitchen.

     As she got out of the convertible she noticed that the house was rather dark.  She went up the front steps and knocked on the door.  After a couple seconds he answered and she is taken aback by the sight of him.  He takes her hand and leans in for a passionate kiss. He hands her the roses that were sitting on the entryway table. "They're so incredibly beautiful, Walker." He then leads her into the hallway.  She sees the candles and the fire burning.  He pulls her into a soft embrace and whispers in her ear  "Happy Valentine’s Day, darling."   "Oh, Walker," she sighs. "This is just the beginning. Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes."  "Dinner? You cooked too?"  "Sure did.  Make yourself comfortable Alex, I'll be right back." He takes the roses from her to put them in water. As he went into the kitchen she sat on the couch and looked after him as he walked.  He returned with 2 glasses of wine.  "I thought this would start the evening off right,” he said handing her a glass.  He sat beside her and looked deeply into her eyes.   "I can't believe you did this Walker. How did you keep anyone from finding out?"  "It wasn't easy. Especially with Trivette. He has to know everything."  He lifted his glass to her and they sipped their wine. He set his glass on the coffee table and reached to take hers too.  Pulling her closer to him he cupped her chin in his hand and gave another passionate kiss. "I love you." he said. "Oh, Walker, I love you too."  They were kissing again when the timer went off for dinner.  "We can continue this later" he says, smilingly, as he gets up. Taking her hand they go to the dining room. He seats her and goes into the kitchen to prepare their plates.

She sips her wine and soon he returns with dinner.  She's amazed. "I didn't know you could cook like this."  "Well, I must confess, it's not often I do this." She took a bite. "This is just wonderful, Walker."  They eat and talk. Alex mentions that she has the weekend off and is looking forward to some relaxation.   She asks about his bruised cheek and he tells her about the arrests. They finish the meal and Walker asks if she's ready for dessert. "You're full of surprises tonight."  He brings out the mousse and they go into the living room to eat it by the fire.  He takes the spoon and offers her the first bite. As he feeds her he gets it on her nose. She giggles and he takes his finger and cleans it off.  Laughing, he says "Sorry, Alex."  They take a few more bites and Walker goes to get more wine. He sets the bottle on the table and reaches behind a pillow to retrieve a small package for Alex. Handing it to her, he watches to see how she will react. "What is this?"  "Well, open it and see darling."  She tears the paper off and sees a little black jewlery box. Looking up at him she opens the lid.  Inside is a silver locket. She takes it out of its box and opens it. Inside is a picture of them together. "Oh, Cordell. It's beautiful." She leans over and gives him a kiss.   "Does this mean you'll be my Valentine, Alex?"   A tear starts from her eye and he reaches over to wipe it away. "I love you so much, Walker."  He pulls her close to him and they begin to kiss.  She begins to run her hands through his hair and he moves to nibble on her ear. The fires in their hearts are burning as bright as the fire in the hearth. She claims his mouth again and their tongues battle for control.  She reaches under his shirt and rubs his back.  "Let's go upstairs," he whispers. She nods and he picks her up in his strong arms and carries her up to his bedroom. He uses his foot to close the door behind them

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