Big Cat

By Katie 59

Chapter One

Walker and Alex were having a hard time settling their children into bed because Angela and Ray were still wound up from their trip to the reservation. After finally getting Angela and Ray to sleep they started on the triplets, they were nearly done getting them asleep when the phone rang so Walker told Alex "I'll get it, why don't you see if you can get Sam asleep?"

"Okay, then I'm going to bed I'm tired." Alex replied as Walker got the cordless phone and went downstairs as he answered it. Trivette said "Hey Walker, I know that you wanted to take a couple more days off but Sydney went into labor a little early and Gage took her to the hospital."

Walker replied, "Okay, I'll be in tomorrow."

"Walker about tomorrow, I would like the day off also.” Trivette said to Walker who objected "Trivette, we're shorthanded, even more so with Gage and Sydney at the hospital."

"I know but Erica is coming to town to sign the divorce papers and she begged me to let her see J.W., her father Eric Johnston is coming with her and wants to visit him also. I want to be there in case she tries anything.”  Trivette pleaded because Erica was his soon to be ex-wife who had filed for divorce demanding that Trivette name Alex as the other woman. Trivette had refused to do so because it wasn't true. Trivette had cheated on Erica with other women only after Erica refused to have sex with him for a number of months. Erica had left their son behind and moved to New York to be with her boyfriend whom she was pregnant to.

Walker answered, "Okay Trivette, you take the day off too and be careful. Call us if you need anything.” Trivette then hung up and Walker turned to Alex who had come back downstairs and told her what was going on. ”Sydney is in labor, Gage is with her at the hospital. Trivette is taking the day off tomorrow because Erica is coming to town with her father to sign the divorce papers and to see her son. I thought that you were going straight to bed after putting Sam in his crib because you were tired?"

"I was but I can't sleep without you. As for Sydney, her baby should be okay; it's only a couple of weeks early. As for Erica, I don't care to discuss her or her father." Alex replied as Walker pulled her close and questioned, "Are you okay Alex?"

"Yes dear, I am happy for Sydney and Gage. They will be really good parents, they deserve to know the joy of being parents like we do." Alex was answering when one of the triplets began crying.

Walker said as they headed upstairs to take care of the baby " Not to mention the sleepless nights.” Smiling Alex said as she picked up Sam who was fussing and sat in the rocker with him "Thank god, these three are pass that stage." Alex then rocked him until he was asleep again and put him back in his crib then they left the nursery.

When they were in their bedroom Walker again asked, "Alex, are you really okay?"

“Yes I am Walker. We have five beautiful children, honey you once told me that everything happens for a reason. I have to believe that there was a reason for this last miscarriage, while we would have welcomed this baby just like all the others it just wasn't meant to be." Alex answered her husband.

"Yes but it's hard to feel that way right now. Alex I swear that the only reason I pushed you so hard for an abortion was because I truly thought that there was no chance of the baby making it, that it was just a matter of time until you had a miscarriage.  Alex, I couldn't risk losing you like that. If I had thought for just one minute that the baby would be able to make it I would have done whatever I had to see that it survived. I did want the baby Alex, almost as you did but I wanted you more.”Walker said as he recalled his pushing Alex to have an abortion out of fear of her having a miscarriage and bleeding to death. Which had almost happened after they had fought about his insistence on an abortion.

      "I know Walker, you were worried about me. I understand now, it's okay." Alex replied, as they got ready for bed. Getting into bed Walker said, "I love you lady." He pulled her into his arms where she fell asleep.

Chapter Two

About five o'clock in the morning the phone rang. Walker turned his lamp on and picked it up “Walker, what is it?"

“Walker, it's Gage. I have a son, you should see him. He's perfect, such a big boy and so handsome." Gage all but shouted in his excitement.

“That's good Gage, how is Sydney doing?“ Walker asked him.

“Oh she's fine.  Man Walker you have no idea what it feels like to have such a good looking son and how great it feels to be a father." Gage said to Walker who replied, "Yes, I do. I have three good looking sons, not to mention two beautiful daughters that I'm the very proud father of."

“Oh yeah that's right, you do have some children." Gage answered Walker.

“So Gage, what's your son's name?”  Walker questioned his fellow Ranger as his wife Alex stirred besides him in their bed. Gage answered "Matthew Alexander Gage."

Putting his arm around Alex, Walker said "Matthew Alexander Gage, that's a good name. Is he named after anyone that we know?”

"Matthew was my father's name and Sydney picked Alexander for the woman who in her words showed her that she could do a tradionally male job and still be a woman. I think that Sydney meant your wife Alex." Gage replied and then Walker questioned him “When can I expect you back at work?”

“I can come in today if you really need to but I have to tell you that I think Sydney broke my hand when she squeezed it during a contraction.  Why do woman squeeze your hand like that when they're in labor? I mean it can't be all that painful, after all women have babies all the time."  A clueless Gage told Walker who laughed and said, “I don't know how painful labor is and I don't want to find out. Gage I suggest that you never tell your wife that you don't think labor is painful because you will never father another child if you do. Besides Gage, a sore hand is a small price to pay for a baby. As for work, take the rest of the week off and spend it with your family."

Hanging the phone up Walker turned to Alex and teased, “Sydney and Gage have a baby boy that they've named Matthew Alexander. The Matthew is for Gage's father but I can't figure out the Alexander. Do you have any idea who's he named for?”

“They named their son in honor of me after I threatened to kill Gage on New Year’s Eve?”  Alex asked her husband.

"Gage said it was Sydney's idea, probably to thank you for not killing him. She told Gage it was for the woman who showed her that she could do a traditionally male job and still be very much a woman. She was right about that, you are still very much a woman to me and you always will be.”  Walker replied as he pulled her close and then said, " Now we have some time before the children wake up, what should we do about it?”

“Take advantage of it.” Alex declared as they began kissing and took advantage of their time.

Chapter Three

Alex was sitting in her living room relaxing while the triplets were taking a nap when the doorbell rang. Answering it Alex was stunned to find Erica's father standing there because he had once called her an adulteress. Holding the door with her hand Alex asked him “What are you doing here?”

“I came here to apologize, if you'll let me. I'll understand if you won't.”  Eric Johnston replied. Alex let him into the house and showed him into the living room; after they were seated Eric said, "first off, I am very sorry for what I said to you that night. I was going by what my daughter had told me, that you had broken her marriage up. I have since learned that Erica cheated on Trivette first and that you had nothing to do with the marriage ending. Please accept my sincere apology."

“I accept your apology because I understand that you said what you did that night because you were trying to look out for your daughter. As for Erica, I'm not sure if I can forgive her for lying about me like that. I thought that we were friends and then to have her name me legally as the other woman and with Trivette no less. Jimmy and I have never been anything other than friends, I've always considered him to be like a brother to me." Alex answered and then asked Eric "Mr. Johnston, why did Erica do that? It’s not like the woman that I remember."

Eric replied "You and me both.  Mrs. Walker can I say something?”

After Alex nodded okay Eric added "My daughter has become a different woman, it's like I don't know her anymore. At least ever since she became involved with that jerk boyfriend of her's, Frank 'Big Cat' Winslow. Erica is not behaving like my baby girl that I remember. I don't know how to help her anymore and it's gotten to the point where I think that J. W. should be kept away from her boyfriend at all costs even if it means that Erica can't have visitation. There's something about him that really bothers me."

“Why do you feel that way?  He hasn't said anything about hurting J. W. has he? From what Trivette told Walker, Erica's boyfriend doesn't want her son around."  Alex questioned Eric who told her "No he didn't want him around at first, that was until he found out that Erica is carrying a girl and he decided that he needs a son. I'm worried about Erica; she keeps saying that J. W. needs to learn how to be a man from Winslow and not a wimp like Trivette. The few times I was around the both of them Winslow constantly put her down and belittled me but the way he talked about J. W. not being manly enough really worries because my grandson is just a child."  Eric stopped and then pleaded with Alex "Mrs. Walker, I've seen bruises on my baby girl and I know that you help women get out of abusive relationships, will you please help my daughter?  I know that's asking an awful lot but I am worried about Erica's well being."

“She has to want help first and from what you told me I'm not sure that Erica wants it. But if she asks me for help, I'll do it for J.W.'s sake." Alex answered and Eric thanked her and left.

Later on that night Alex explained to Walker what Erica's father had told her and that she Alex would put her feelings aside and help Erica if she asked for it. After she was done telling Walker that he told her “I can see if Rosetti knows anything about him off the record. I would like to know for our godson's sake if this Winslow is just running his mouth or is real trouble."

“That would make me feel better, I don't want our godson getting hurt." Alex answered as they got into bed.

Chapter Four

Several days later the nanny brought both Angela and J. W. to the house from their respective schools. An excited J. W. ran into the living room and said "Aunt Alex, my grandpa is moving to a place near my house, so that he can be close to me. Grandpa said that he wants my Mommy to move in with him and my Daddy wants her to move in too."

“That's good honey." Alex answered him and then J.W. asked her "Aunt Alex, my Mommy has been crying a lot lately, why is she so sad?”

"Mommy just has a lot on her mind with the baby, that's all." Alex replied but he still questioned her "How come my Mommy says that Grandpa's being mean when he's moving to Texas to be close to me?”

“I don't know sweetheart. I think that maybe your Mommy needs to talk to someone. Do you when she's returning to New York?” Alex asked her godson.

“Tomorrow but both my Grandpa and my Daddy want her to stay and live with Grandpa so that I can visit the both of them. Aunt Alex, can you ask her to stay? I really miss my Mommy, please Aunt Alex." J. W. pleaded with her so Alex replied, " Do you know her phone number?”

Handing her a piece of paper J.W. said " Daddy said to give this to you." He then went upstairs to play with Ray. Alex opened the note to find a plea from Trivette and a phone number.


Please try to talk some sense into Erica.  There's something wrong with her, the way she talks about letting her boyfriend down by being pregnant with a girl and not a boy.  That's not like the woman that I remember.

She has no self-esteem anymore and I swear that there are bruises on her. She said that she wants to take J.W. with her so that Frank 'Big Cat' Winslow can teach him how to be a man and not a sissy like Eric

and me. Erica has never disrespected Eric like that. Alex, please at least call her.


Folding the note up Alex called the number and when Erica answered the phone said, “It's me Alex, listen J.W. is here at the ranch and I thought that you would like to visit with him."

Erica questioned her “What game are you playing Alex?”

"No game, J.W. said that he missed you and I thought that you might like to see him before you returned to New York tomorrow but I guess that I was wrong. Sorry to have bothered you." Alex told her former friend.

“Sure you're worried about my son, let me guess that wimp Trivette and my loser of a father they’re waiting to ‘in their words talk some sense into me’. They want to talk me out of going back east with the only man who has my and my son's best interests at heart." Erica snapped at Alex who got mad and replied "Listen Erica, I don't care what you do but my godson was crying for his mother, now do you want to see him or not? Trivette and Walker are at work because Sydney and Gage's son was born and they are taking time off. As for your father, I neither know nor do I care where he's at. J. W. will be here until eight o'clock when Trivette is supposed to pick him up. So what's your answer?”

“Okay I want to see my son but I don't want you bad mouthing my boyfriend Frank 'Big Cat' Winslow, understand?” Erica replied.

Alex responded “I've never met the man so I have no opinion about him one way or the other, okay?”

Erica said, “Okay, I'll be there in a half an hour to see my son."

Chapter Five

Alex called her husband up at work and told him "Hi honey, it's me. Listen I want you and Trivette to stay at work a little later tonight."

“Why should we stay later at work, do you have a boyfriend that I don't know about?  Are you finally getting tired of me?” Walker teasingly asked his wife who replied “Seriously Walker, Erica is on her way here to see J.W. and I thought that if you stayed at work later I might have enough time to see if Erica needs help and more importantly if she's ready to accept help."

“Okay, how much time do you think you'll need?”  Walker questioned Alex who answered him "How about coming home after eight?”

“Okay, Trivette and I won't get there before eight.”  Walker said and hung up the phone as Trivette entered his office. Trivette then asked him “Where won't we get before eight?”

“The ranch, Alex said that Erica is coming over to see J.W. and that she needs the time to see if Erica needs help and is ready to accept it.” Walker explained to Trivette.

“Thank god, maybe Alex can talk some sense into her because her father and I have gotten nowhere. It's like she's been brainwashed or something.” Trivette was saying when Cooper stuck his head in the door and said "Captain Walker, there's a Captain Rosetti from New York here who says that he wants to talk with you."

“Send him in Cooper.”  Walker told him and he showed Rosetti in who got straight to the point “Walker, what is your interest in Frank 'Big Cat' Winslow?”

It was Trivette who answered "My soon to be ex-wife is his girlfriend and her father's worried that he's been abusing her and I'm worried that he presents a danger to my son."

Rosetti then questioned Trivette “Is her name Erica Johnston and is she pregnant?”  Trivette nodded yes and Rosetti told him “Then I advise you to do whatever you have to keep her from returning to New York with him, he's very bad news."

Walker then asked, “So Rosetti, what's your interest in him?”

“We've been trying to get him for awhile now, he's a major player in the dog fighting business. It's a very well paying but illegal business." Rosetti answered and Trivette said, "Dog fighting is that why you're after him?”

“There are millions of dollars involved in dog fighting, so yes that's why we started after him but the deaths of his former girlfriends after they've given births to daughters and not sons like Frankie wants is why I'm going to personally nail the slime ball." Rosetti replied.

Becoming concerned Trivette asked him "How many are we talking about?”

“Three so far, within a month of giving birth to daughters each one died with no witnesses around. All three supposedly had the 'baby blues' and killed themselves; none of them had any family around either. Dear sweet Frankie denied that he had anything to do with the deaths and produced witnesses who swore that he was with them when the women died, different witnesses for each women. I hope for your son's sake Trivette that Erica Johnston is carrying a boy because Winslow has vowed that he will have a son to raise no matter what he had to do." Rosetti said and a shaken Trivette replied, “It's a girl."

Rosetti then asked him "Do you know where your son is at now?”

"At my house and Erica is on her way to visit him.”  Walker replied as he picked up his gun and clipped it on. As Walker headed to his office door Rosetti told them "Frank Winslow is in Dallas and our sources said that he purchased three airplane tickets for tomorrow."

Walker yelled, "Cooper, call my house and tell my wife not to let anyone in, including Mrs. Trivette. Tell her to check the alarm also."

“Okay, should I have the police go to your ranch?” Cooper asked Walker who told him "No, we'll handle this." Rosetti said, “I'm coming along in case Frankie's there.”  They all left Walker's office.

Cooper called Alex "Mrs. Walker, this is Ranger Cooper, Captain Walker told me to call you and tell you not to let anyone in and to check the alarm."

“I understand that Walker and Trivette will be late tonight but I'm not alone because I'm visiting with J. W,'s mother. Thanks for calling." Alex said and hung up the phone. Cooper called Walker and told him that Erica was already at the house.

Chapter Six

After Alex hung the phone up Erica said to her “I think that my son should meet the man that will be his father and raise him properly. I'll just take J.W. with me now so that they can meet, then I'll bring him right back. Jimmy doesn't have to know about it."

Alex replied "J.W. isn't going anywhere until Trivette, his father says that he can."

Getting up Erica went to the steps and yelled up them "J.W., get down here right now." Alex also got up and told Erica "Don't do this Erica, Trivette has custody which you gave him.  Please think about your son, he doesn't need to be put in the middle of a custody battle."

“Trivette can just start being a father to his other son. My son is coming with me right now to meet his new father." Erica said as J.W. came down the steps. He asked his mother "Mommy, me and Ray are still playing army men’s, can we finish?”

Alex quickly replied before Erica could "You sure can honey, go back upstairs and finish playing army men’s. I'm sure that Mommy doesn't mine." J.W. went back upstairs and Erica glared at Alex asking her “Isn't it enough that you already have Trivette's son, do you have to take mine too?”

Totally puzzled Alex questioned, “What are you talking about? The only sons that I have are Walker's just like my daughters are his."

“Oh come off it Alex, I know that Sam is darker than the others because he's really Trivette's and not Walker's like you have been telling everyone." Erica informed Alex who then said “Sam is darker than the others because he looks like Walker's father and uncle both of whom were full-blooded Cherokee, not because he's Trivette's. Damn it Erica I haven't been with anyone but Walker since I took him on that white water rafting trip years ago, you know that. Where did you get the crazy idea that Sam was Trivette’s?”

"Frank told me the truth, that you slept with Trivette last year when you were mad at Walker and then you and Walker made up. When you found out that you were pregnant you and Trivette decided not to tell anyone about it, after all you were both married to other people then." Erica explained to Alex who still questioned Erica’s sanity "Have you lost your mind? Sam has the exact same birthmark as Walker does and in the exact same place."

Erica then snidely asked “What just some little freckle that you're trying to pass off as a birthmark?”

"No, it's star shaped. Sam is Walker's just like the rest of the children. Erica I have never slept with your husband because that would be like sleeping with my brother." Alex said.

"Yeah then explain the picture of you and Trivette coming out of that hotel together, can you do that? It was taken last year on Valentine’s Day, you know the day you said the triplets were conceived." Erica said as she showed Alex a picture of her and Trivette exiting a hotel. Looking at the picture Alex answered, “This was taken recently, this year as a matter of fact after I gave birth to the triplets. Erica if you look closely you'll see that I'm wearing the charm bracelet that I'm wearing now. You know that Walker got it for me this past Christmas. As for this picture, Trivette was making sure that I got to my car okay after they arrested that nut for drugging Walker. Erica just when did Frank show you this picture? How exactly did the two of you meet?”

"He showed me this picture just recently because he was trying to spare my feelings about the two of you, this was months after we met by accident. He bumped into me right before you gave birth to the triplets in October. Frank was new to the area and needed directions so I helped him; he was so charming that one thing led to another. That was all it was supposed to be until I found out about you and Trivette. Besides it doesn't really matter when this picture was taken because Trivette has always been interested in you and you let him have some every so often." Erica said stunning Alex.

Getting mad Alex responded, “Trivette is not interested in me and I'm certainly not interested in him. Trivette considers me to be his sister, nothing more."

“Then explain that night Trivette spent at your apartment years ago. He said that he spent the night and you fell asleep in his arms. That's doesn't sound very brotherly to me." Erica demanded.

“That was the night I cried in his arms because of that tramp Merilee. Jimmy held me as any brother would. I was devastated by Walker and Merilee having a one nightstand when I thought that Walker and I were getting closer. Trivette came to my apartment to make sure that I was okay and listened to me while I cried over Walker's breaking my heart, nothing more. Surely Trivette told you that's what happened?”

Alex said.

"He did but Frank said that he was lying and that you two had slept together that night just like the two of you did right before this picture was taken. Why else would Trivette had been so involved in your life all these years if nothing happened between the two of you like you claim? I know this and no one can tell me otherwise, Frank has my best interest at heart unlike Jimmy." Erica answered Alex who then questioned her former best friend " Erica, have you been listening to yourself? You sound like you've been brainwashed or something, whatever happened to the strong willed woman that I knew?” Alex then pleaded with her "Erica, you must know that you've been lied to. I already proved that Frank lied about that picture. Let me help you before it's to late, please for J.W.'s sake think about what you're doing before you put your son in harm's way. Erica, I can help you get away from him if you want me to. Your father and Trivette are worried sick about you and so am I.”

Erica started to answer when her cell phone rang; answering it she said, "Yes Honey, I know that I'm late." Alex could hear a man telling Erica “Take him and meet me now."

"Frank honey, maybe tomorrow." Erica answered and Alex heard him say to her "You'll pay if I don't get the son that I deserve, do you hear me?”  Then the phone call ended and Erica ran out of the house past Walker who was entering with the others.

Looking at Trivette Alex told him “We have to do something, Erica and J.W. are in trouble and she won't realize it. It's like she's been brainwashed. I also think that he's abusing her."

“We will.”  Walker vowed as Trivette went upstairs to check on his son. Rosetti spoke up to say “I'm staying in town until we take that slimeball down."

Alex offered, “We have a guest room, you're welcomed to it."

“Okay." Rosetti answered as Trivette came down the steps with his son followed by Angela and Ray who told their parents “The babies are fussing."

“Okay honey, your mother and I will take care of them. You older three stay down here.” Walker replied as he and Alex headed up the steps. Rosetti asked “Trivette, how many babies?”

A smiling Trivette replied “Triplets." Rosetti then said “Three crying babies just great, hey Trivette maybe I ought to stay at your place instead?”

Ray said “The babies are very good, they don't cry all night anymore."

Trivette laughed and told Rosetti "J.W, is staying here tonight because I promised Erica's father that I would help him with his new place. So you're stuck here, have fun Rosetti."

Chapter Seven

Later on after the children were all sleeping the four adults were in the dining room drinking coffee and trying to come up with a way to get Winslow. Alex said, “I don't think that the meeting between Erica and Winslow was a accident. It happened last October, is there any way to find out what he was doing in town then?”

“What time in October?” Walker questioned his wife who answered, "Right before I gave birth to the triplets. She said that after he bumped into her one thing led to another. Erica also thinks that Sam is Trivette's and not yours Walker because he's darker than the others. Erica is convinced that I slept with Trivette last year when I was mad at you just like all those years ago."

"Alex, exactly what are you saying?” An unsure Walker asked.

“That time you fell for Merilee Trivette came to my apartment and spent the night making sure that I was okay. He held me while I cried about you breaking my heart with that you know what, anyhow Erica must have told Winslow about it and he told her that Trivette and I slept together. Which as you know isn't true. Winslow also gave her a picture of Trivette and me outside the hotel where that nut drugged you but he told Erica that Trivette and I slept together then and that it was taken last year and not this year. I tried to point out the facts to Erica but she was determined not to hear them. He called her right before you got home and I heard him tell her to take J.W. and leave. When she said maybe tomorrow Winslow told her that if he didn't get the son he deserved she would regret it. I know this sounds strange Walker but what if this is part of a plan to get revenge on Trivette? What better way to do it than get Trivette's son from him? Also Winslow knows that Erica already has a son and he may have thought that she would automatically become pregnant with a boy again, a lot of people don't know that the father really determines the gender of the baby. Therefore he would have his son and revenge on Trivette at the same time." Alex explained.

"But why me? I don't think that I ever met the man.” Trivette said.

"Last September Frank left New York to set up a dog fighting operation here for his brothers but returned quicker than we had expected him to. Do you remember busting any dog fighting operations back then?” Rosetti asked.

“We busted one but it was run by the Rampones, two dimwits if ever there were ones. Walker, you weren't a part of it. Sydney, Gage and I handled it while you dealing with something else.” Trivette said.

"Rampone is his mother's name and she's from Texas. His half brothers go by that name. I'll bet that's who you busted, Curt and Shane Rampone, they really are dimwits." Rosetti told Trivette who said "Yeah, that's who we busted but they plea bargained and got off with probation, six months at that. So why come after me because of it?”

"Payback and what better way to get it that by taking your wife away from you? Winslow has this thing about being a man and by arresting his half brothers you showed him up and Frankie doesn't take too kindly to that. In order to redeem his sense of pride he has to take your son too." Rosetti explained.

Trivette said "Just great, now what?”

“Tomorrow, you and Walker go to work like always because that's when he'll try to take J.W. If he tries it then we'll then have something that we can arrest him on. Please Trivette, I really think that when it comes down to it Erica will choose her son's well being over Winslow." Alex explained and Trivette objected, “What if Winslow shows up and Erica goes along with taking J.W.?”

Alex then said “That's where Rosetti comes in, if he does show up and Erica goes along with it Rosetti will then take him out and I'll get Erica to see what he's been up to. She is just so confused right now because of his lies along with the pregnancy. You have no idea how insecure you can get when you're pregnant, you start to question everything, even the love of the people who care for you. You are also determined to be a good mother and do right by the baby. With her leaving her son behind for Frank, Erica is trying to make up for being a bad mother to him by making Frank his father. Erica is already feeling responsible for not giving him the son he expects and with Winslow hounding her about it she thinks that taking J.W. will make things right but deep down inside Erica does know that it's wrong. I just have to get Erica to see that before it's too late and I think that I can."

Trivette told her "You had better be right Alex because if anything happens to my son I will never be able to forgive her or anyone else."

“We know that Trivette and you have my word that nothing will happen to your son while he's in my house.” Walker vowed.

“Okay, I'd better get going. I'll see you at work tomorrow Walker.” Trivette replied and left the house.

“Well I guess I'd better get some rest, tomorrow sound like it's going to be a fun day." Rosetti said and went into the guest bedroom. Getting up and heading upstairs themselves Alex said to her husband “I'm really worried that Winslow may kill Erica if she brings him J.W. Walker, we have to stop him here."

“We'll stop him Alex. Now let's get some sleep ourselves." As they neared their bedroom Walker looked at her like he wanted to ask her something but didn't so Alex said, " Just for one minute near the end of my first pregnancy and I quickly came to my senses. Walker, Erica has been vulnerable for a while now. She doesn't love Trivette the way I love you, she never has. She thought that she was really deeply in love with him when they got married but Erica soon realized that Trivette wasn't the love of her life. I think that she was more in love with the idea of being in love than actually being in love, the same as Trivette was when they got married so quickly. Erica fell for Winslow because she wanted to feel that sense of love if only for a minute. I have no doubt that he was very charming in the beginning until he had her hooked and then Erica felt trapped with no way out other than to give him a son one way or the other. Erica left her family for him and she'll have a hard time admitting to anyone that was a mistake."

“Okay but tomorrow I want you to be extra careful, understand?” Walker told Alex who replied “I will, now how about a kiss?”

Pulling her close he teased "How about a dozen of them?”  Then he began kissing his wife.

Chapter Eight

The next morning after Walker left for work Rosetti teasingly asked Alex "Mrs. Walker, are you trying to have a child for each year that you've been married? Walker said that you guys were married seven years and you only five children, so where's the other two?”

Alex sadly replied, “I miscarried the twins." Rosetti winced and said "Me and my big mouth. I'll just go take a look around to see if anything's up."

Awhile after he left the doorbell rang, answering it Alex found a recently beaten Erica standing there shaking. Alex quickly got her into the house and said to her “I'll call Walker and Trivette then I'll get a doctor here for you."

"No, no doctor, it's my fault for upsetting Frank like that by not getting J.W. last night like Frank wanted me to. I'll just get him and we'll be on our way." Erica told Alex.

“I'm sorry Erica but J.W. is staying right here until Trivette says otherwise. Erica, if he beat you when you're carrying his child what do you think he'll do to another man's son? You must know deep down inside that he will hurt J.W.  Please Erica let me get you some help before it's too late." Alex pleaded with her and Erica began to cry, "No, it's already too late, if I don't bring him J.W. Frank said that he will kill my father. Alex please let me take J.W. with me, Frank won't hurt him. He promised me that he wouldn't hurt my son. Frank just wants a son so bad and I let him down by getting pregnant with a girl."

"He also promised you that he wouldn't hit you again, didn't he?” Alex questioned Erica who nodded yes so Alex said "Please let me call Walker and he'll get someone out to your father's place to protect him."

Still crying Erica replied, "Damn it Alex, why did you have to sleep with Jimmy? If you hadn't done that I wouldn't be in this mess. We could have worked our problems out for our son's sake. Jimmy is an okay guy and we care about each other, a lot of people are in marriages like that. Once you slept with him I had to leave him because he would have resented being married to me when he wanted you."

"Erica for the last time, I didn't sleep with your husband and I can prove it. As for Trivette having feelings for me, they are sisterly. Please come up to the nursery with me and I'll prove what I just told you." Alex requested of Erica who followed her upstairs and into the nursery.  Picking Sam up Alex took him over to the changing table as she said to Erica “On our honeymoon in Paris I discovered that Walker had an interesting birthmark in a unusual place. Sam has the exact same birthmark and in the exact same place." Alex then undid the baby's diaper and showed Erica the birthmark and she blurted out “It looks the star on the ranger badge."

Rediapering the baby Alex turned a little red and said “That's what I told Walker when I noticed it in Paris. Erica this birthmark is hereditary and Trivette doesn't have it, does he?”

Erica said, "No Jimmy doesn't."        

"Erica please let me help you. I don't think that you know how dangerous Winslow really is, his last three girlfriends died after giving birth to daughters. Each one of them supposedly killed themselves because they were depressed. He may not be able to father a son; the man determines the gender of the baby. Some men can only father sons while some can only father daughters but most men can father both. Erica, I can hide you out until Frank is arrested, please for J.W.'s sake." Alex urged her and really starting to cry Erica answered, "Last night Frank told me that either he gets a son or my father dies. I've already lost my husband and son I can't lose my father. Please help me Alex."

Taking Erica into her arms Alex vowed, “We will help you. The first thing you need to do is to calm yourself down while I call Walker and have him get someone out to your father's place, okay?”  Erica nodded okay and Alex called up her husband “Walker, it's Alex. Get someone out to Erica's father's place to protect him, Winslow told Erica that he would kill her father if she didn't bring J.W. to him. Erica is going to let us help her, she's been beaten.  Walker, Erica needs to see a doctor; can you call Dr. Bates and see if she'll come out here to look at Erica? Call me after you do that."   

After Alex hung up Walker told Trivette what Alex had told him and Trivette said “I know where Eric's place is, I'll go there and get him then meet you at the ranch.” Trivette left Walker's office and Walker then called Dr. Bates up and after explaining the situation to her she agreed to drive out to the ranch to check on Erica.

When Walker tried calling Alex back on the regular phone she didn't answer so Walker called his wife on her cell phone and his oldest daughter answered it saying, "Mommy's busy with the kitty’s daddy. Bye now Mister.” Then Angela hung up.

Ripping open his office door Walker spotted Ranger Cooper and said to him “There's a situation at my house and I need your help Cooper.”  Then Walker told the receptionist "Call Dallas P.D. and tell them that there may be a hostage situation at my house and to wait there until I arrive.”  Then Walker and Cooper hurriedly left.

Chapter Nine

After calling Walker, Alex gathered all the children in the nursery handed Angela her cell phone and said to her "Listen honey, I want you older children to stay in here and keep an eye on the babies until your father or I knocks on the door and tell you that you can come out, understand?” After Angela answered "Yes Mommy.” Alex then added, "Angela if your father calls tell him that Mommy is busy with the kitty's daddy. Then say goodbye mister and hang up. When you do that Daddy will know to come home, okay sweetheart?” Angela nodded okay and Alex left the room and locked the door behind her.

Going into her living room Alex saw a man standing there who asked her “Where is Erica?” Alex replied, “That's none of your business."

Getting mad he approached her and said, "You think that you're tough, don't you? Maybe if that wimp Rosetti was actually coming to your aid the tough stuff might work but he's old cold in the barn, thanks to me. Now one last time, where is Erica?”

"Right here Frank, come on let's go." Erica answered as she entered the living room. Frank then questioned her “Where's the boy? Bring him here now."

"He is not coming with us, J.W. will be staying here in Dallas with his father so that he can be close to his grandfather, my father. Please let's go Frank, we can have a son next time." Erica told him as she tried to get him to leave.  Frank backhanded her across the room as he told her “There will be no next time, I want a son and I want him now." Erica hit the wall and fell to the floor where she laid holding her belly. Frank then turned to Alex and demanded "Get him now or you're next."

Alex vowed “Over my dead body."

" Fine, if that's the way you want it. I'll just have to teach you how to obey a real man."  Frank Winslow told Alex who laughed at him and said, "Please my husband is more of a man than you could ever hope to be and I don't obey him."

As Winslow went to hit her Alex sidestepped him and kicked him in the shin making him mad. He came at Alex again and she avoided him while punching him in the head. Now really mad Frank lunged at Alex grabbed her and sneered “I've got you, what do you plan to do about it?”

Smiling Alex replied “This.”  Then she stomped on his foot with her heel and when he yelped Alex quickly nailed him between the legs with both of her fists. Frank crumbled to the floor in pain and Alex quickly handcuffed him then shackled his legs together. Going over to Erica, Alex told her "Hang in there, Walker has Dr. Bates on her way to see you.”  Still holding her belly Erica could only nod.

Awhile later a groggy Rosetti entered the house and spotting Frank Winslow bound on the floor whistled and asked “Walker was here all along, wasn't he?”

Alex answered "No but he should be here shortly. In the meantime, can you please take out this piece of trash?”

"You took him out?” Rosetti questioned Alex who told him “I have children upstairs and there was no way that scum was going to get near any of them." Dragging Winslow up Rosetti laughed at him “Well Frankie, just wait until your fellow inmates hear that a mother of five took you out and so quickly too.”  Then Rosetti dragged him outside as Dr. Bates hurried into the house and tended to Erica.

Walker drove up and seeing Winslow taken care of said, "Good work, thanks Rosetti."

“Tell your wife that, he knocked me out in the barn and got into your house where Mrs. Walker kicked his butt, ain't that right Frankie?” Rosetti said and Winslow growled, “That skank cheated."

With a deadly smile on his face Walker questioned “She nailed you where the sun don't shine, didn't she?”  Winslow nodded and Walker added, "By the way, her name is Alex Walker, not skank and don't you ever forget it.”  Walker then punched him out causing Rosetti to groan "Just great Walker, now see what you've done. I have to pick him up again."

"Let him lay there, the police department is on they're way here, they can pick him up. Cooper, you stay out here with Rosetti while I make sure that everything is okay in the house.”  Walker told them and went into the house where Dr. Bates said, “She needs to go to the hospital, and do you know where her next of kin is? I had Mrs. Walker call for an ambulance."

"Her father is on his way here, he can ride in the ambulance with her. Thanks for coming out here today Dr. Bates.” Walker told the doctor who answered, “I owed the both of you."

Alex said "Not anymore Dr. Bates.” Then she and Walker went upstairs to the nursery where they let the children out and told Angela how proud they were of her. Erica was taken to the hospital, her father went with her and Trivette decided that he would go there to for his son's sake. Frank was taken off to jail; Rosetti was given a tape by Alex who told him that it was a recording of what had happened in the living room. Rosetti was then driven to headquarters by a squad car to see what Frank Winslow would be charged with.

Chapter Ten

At the D.A.'s office Winslow's defense attorney was loudly demanding that his client be released because he was worried about his baby that Erica was carrying. That Winslow didn't trust Eric Johnston not to harm the baby because he disapproved of Erica's involvement with Frank Winslow. Moody told Rosetti "Did you see what happened at the Walker residence?  Without some sort of proof, it's their word against his and he is involved with Ranger Trivette's soon to be ex-wife. Eric Johnston did side with Trivette when it came to custody."

"No, I didn't see what happened because I was knocked out cold in the barn but before I came here Mrs. Walker handed me this and told me that it was a recording of what had happened at her house today." Rosetti replied as he handed Moody the tape.

“Okay, let's just play it now and see what's on it." Moody said as the tape was played. It showed Erica and Alex in the living room talking about who had fathered Sam and whether or not Alex had been with Trivette, also Alex pleading with Erica to let her help her and Erica revealing that Winslow had threatened her father's life. It then showed Alex telling Erica that she could prove that Walker fathered Sam and to come up to the nursery. Then it showed them leaving the room. Awhile later it showed Winslow entering the living room and then Alex entering it. When Erica came back into the room the tape clearly showed Frank Winslow backhanding her across the room after she told him that J.W. was staying. Then it showed the confrontation between Alex and Winslow, which ended with him on the floor in pain being shackled. The tape ended with Erica being placed on a stretcher and her father pleading with her to hang in there that he was going to help her and his unborn grandchild any way that he could.

Taking the tape out Moody said to the defense attorney  “We did plan to fight bail for your client but things have changed. The feds are taking over this case from my office because of the attempted kidnapping of a peace officer's son with the intent of taking said child across state lines. Have a good day gentlemen.”  Then Moody left the room as Rosetti said to no one in particular “This is going to look great on the six o'clock news, Frank 'Big Cat' Winslow being taken down by a housewife who's the mother of five." He left as the feds entered.

Joe Prine who ran the local F.B.I. office said "Mr. Winslow you will be charged with the attempted abduction of a peace officer's son, assaulting a peace officer's wife. Since the divorce wasn't final Erica is still legally a peace officer's wife. You will also be charged with assaulting a peace officer that was on loan to the F.B.I. making it a federal offense. Officer Rosetti was temporarily assigned to our office at the request of the D.A.'s office and the Texas Rangers. As for the attempted assault on Mrs. Walker we are still weighing what federal charges to bring against you on that one."

Winslow said “She should be charged with attempted murder, she tried to kill me by nailing me between my legs for no good reason."

Prine responded, “If Mrs. Walker had tried to kill you, you would be dead. No she was just protecting her children in her house from an intruder when she subdued you, as was her legal right to do so. The federal prosecutor will inform your attorney when you will be formally charged, in the meantime you will be in federal custody."

Rosetti went to the Walkers where he told them what was going on and that he would be leaving sometime tomorrow so Alex offered to let him stay overnight again and he agreed. As Rosetti was getting ready to head into the guest bedroom he said " Mrs. Walker, you really gave it to Frankie. I almost felt sorry for him because it looked painful."

“It is, believe me I know. Don't I Alex?”  Walker teased and a blushing Alex answered "Yeah, so you've said but you're still walking okay."

A unsure Rosetti questioned her "You uhm... hit your husband there? Man you weren't kidding when you said that you've never obeyed him because the first rule of a relationship is to never ever hit a man there."

Hugging Alex, Walker said "Alex has never listened to me and besides when she nailed me there she thought that I was someone else so it didn't count. See you tomorrow Rosetti." He just looked at the Walkers as they headed upstairs and then Rosetti said, "People in Texas are crazy, I'll be glad to get back to New York where people aren't lunatics."

Chapter Eleven

At work the next day they were sitting in Walker's private office and Trivette told him  "Erica has to be on bed rest for awhile so she'll be staying with her father and I've agreed to let J.W. spend the weekend."

"Are you sure about doing that?”  Walker questioned his friend who answered "Yes, Erica and I had a long talk last night after her father took J.W. home. We both realized that we got married too quickly, that we were more enamored of the idea of being in love instead of being deeply in love. We do care for each other and we've agreed to get along better for J.W.'s sake and this should be made easier by the fact that Erica is going to stay with her father until after the baby is born. Once she has the baby Erica is going to find a place near her father's place, which isn’t too far from mine, and J.W. will be spending time with the both of them. As for Winslow, he had Erica claim his laptop when they went through the screening at the airport because according to him it was women's work to carry a laptop. Anyhow the feds said that since Erica claimed it she was then able to give them permission to go through it, which they did. As we speak they are busting his operations, apparently Winslow detailed his former girlfriends deaths on it too and he'll be up on three murder charges in addition to all the other charges. Changing the subject, where's Rosetti?”

"He should be around here somewhere.”  Walker replied as the door opened and Rosetti came in saying, “Well now that Frankie is taken care of, I'll be returning to New York. I got to tell you though I can't get that image out of my mind, him being taken down by a mother of five and so quickly. From what I hear it's a hit on the internet." Rosetti headed to the door paused and asked “Walker last night, you and Mrs. Walker were joking about her nailing you the same way she did Frankie, right?”

A smiling Trivette answered “That really happened, I was driving Walker's truck and Alex nailed him there thinking that he was someone else who by the way would have deserved it."

"Yeah right, like Walker would ever let you or anyone else drive his truck." Rosetti scoffed and Walker told him "Actually Trivette did drive my truck. This was about a month before the triplets were born. Alex had been kidnapped by Garrity and taken to Baker who threw her under the floorboards of a shack near where the feds had been hiding Baker. After we got her out of there Trivette drove my truck as we rushed Alex to the hospital. She was half out of it and thought that I was Baker, in an effort to free herself she clawed my face and nailed me there. I had trouble walking for a week. Any other questions?”

"No me and my big mouth. See you around Walker, Trivette." Rosetti said and left.  Trivette then told Walker “Why don't you take the rest of the day off? After what happened at your house yesterday I think that your family needs you at home."

“Sounds good to me.” Walker replied and he too left.

After Walker got home he and Alex spent some time with their children. That night after they were asleep Walker told Alex about how things were going and then he teased her "Rosetti didn't believe me when I told him that I knew how much pain you left Winslow in after you nailed him between the legs because you had done the same to me."

“Oh Walker, will you ever forgive me for doing that? I really thought that you were Baker and I was trying to get away from him. I'm so sorry Walker." Alex answered not realizing that her husband had been teasing her. Pulling Alex to him Walker said, "No hon, I'm sorry. I was just trying to tease you, not upset you. I know that you didn't do that to me on purpose."

 “Well I must admit that it was easier to nail you there than him." Alex said and Walker asked "Alex, what do you mean by that?”

Wrapping her arms around his neck she replied "Darling you were a bigger target to hit so to speak. With him I wasn't sure that there was enough there to actually hurt him when I hit him.” Turning slightly red when he figured out what his wife meant Walker told her "Mrs. Walker, for a mother of five you are so naughty."

Smiling she answered, “Sure am cowboy and you like me that way."

“I sure do, as long as it's with me.” Walker replied as he began to undress her. Starting to unbutton Walker's shirt Alex said “Only with you my darling, always and forever. Now I want to see your birthmark to make sure that it's the same."

Saying nothing Walker dropped his pants to the floor took off his briefs and got into bed with his wife who checked out his birthmark while he checked her out. Then they went to sleep.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither this story nor I was meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a very good show.