Birthday Promises
By: Shawna

Cordell Walker was standing up on the chair, stringing a "Happy Birthday" banner across the ceiling of the living room in the ranch. His beautiful wife of 3 years came out of the kitchen smiling, carrying a birthday cake that read "Happy Birthday John" and had two little candles.
She smiled up at her handsome husband as she set the cake on the table which held little boxes wrapped in pretty blue paper.
"Little John is going to be so surprised!" Alex grinned as her husband got down off the chair and wrapped her in his arms.
"Yeah, he sure is."
Walker glance at the gifts. He thought he had got everything little John had wanted, including a black pony who was waiting in the barn. He went over the things he heard little John talk about. A fire truck, a pony, talking bear, action figures, PUPPY!
"Oh no! I forgot!" Walker turned sharply to face Alex..
"What is it honey? We got everything didn't we? Even a little three wheeler he can ride around the house.."
"I forgot the puppy!" Walker said.
"Yeah, I had John out in the park last week, and he saw a girl playing with a small puppy. He said he wished he could have a puppy to play with. I told him maybe someday. I had planed on surprising him with it today. Gosh how did I ever forget it!"
"It's okay.. You can get it for him tomorrow." Alex smoothed.
"No, I have to get it for him today. What time is Jimmy suppose to bring him over?"
Jimmy and Josie were watching John while Walker and Alex prepared for John’s birthday. Jimmy married Josie just last year, and they were already expecting their first child. Josie always looked after John while Walker and Trivette were working, and Alex was in court.
Alex glanced at the clock. "Two O' Clock. You only have about two hours, Walker."
"You stay here, just in case it takes me a little longer. I saw an ad in the paper that was selling Sheltie puppies. That is the kind John saw in the park, and it would make a perfect pet."
"You have to get the puppy today, don't you?" She asked with a loving smile.
That was just like her husband. Always had to go out of his way to please everyone. He just couldn't stand to see anyone disappointed, especially kids."
Alex wrapped her arms around her husband's neck and kissed his lips..
"If you don't behave yourself I am never going to go get the puppy. I'll just stay here and work on making us another little bundle of joy!" Walker smiled.
"Oh? I like the sound of that!"
"Just wait and see what I have for you tonight after John is tucked away!" Walker whispered, planting a kiss on his wife's lips, and brushing her hair back.
"I should be back in a hour, but if I am late, tell John I am on my way."
Alex kissed her husband once more before he headed out the door to his Dodge RAM. The same RAM he has had for years now. He loved that truck. it had seen him though more high speed chases then most police cars.
Alex stood at the door with a smile on her face as she watched her husband drive off to get yet another gift for their son.


Her mind drifted back to the time when they first got married. Walker was so nervous that day. She still laughed to think of the look on his face. It surely was a time they would never forget. Only a year after, Little John was born. She had never in seen Walker look so happy. It was his dream come true. Ever since the day they brought John Ray home, Walker had spoiled him. They had decided to call him John Ray. John after Walker's farther, and Ray after Uncle Ray.
Walker had added on a room to the ranch, and he had taken a few days off to fix the room up. He painted the walls blue, with white border that had blue horses galloping across it. Light blue curtains hung in the windows, and stuffed animals covered the room. Baby clothes filled an old oak chester drawer and the closet. Alex had decided to find out the sex of the baby so they could prepare the room.
As John got older, Walker got more toys. Bouncing balls, and talking toys, newer clothes, and toy cars. Now he got a pony and is getting a puppy. Walker made sure John got everything he wanted.
Alex remembered the day Walker first held John. Walker looked into the baby's eyes and said.

"I'll never leave you, and you'll never be alone. You can call on me when you're feeling blue. Just call me and I'll talk to you, I'll help you though. I'll always be there for you."

Walker bowed his head as a single tear drop fell.
Later that night, Alex asked what made that tear. Walker said. "My dad. I remember I used to go up in the highest tree on the reservation, and talk to him. I always thought he would come back to me. I knew he was in my heart, and his spirit always helped me when I needed him the most. I just wish I had more time to spend with him. He said those same words to me. I came home crying one day after school. The kids always picked on me for being a half-breed. My dad sat me down and said those same words to me. That was a little song he sang."

Alex was pulled away from her thoughts by the sound of a car in the drive. It wasn't the RAM. Jimmy must be early she thought, glancing at the clock. She was surprised it was already 1:30.
Where was Walker?


Alex hurried to the door with a smile on her face to greet her son, but it wasn't Jimmy with John. It was two Dallas Police Officers.
"Ms. Walker?" One asked.
Fear filled Alex. "Ye..Yes, That's me. Is something wrong officers?"
One of the officers was holding a little Sheltie puppy with a blue ribbon around it's neck.
"May we come in?" The officer asked.
The officer stepped in the living room and looked around.
"Someone's birthday?" He asked, trying to avoid the real reason he was there.
"Yes. Our son's. My husband went to pick up a puppy for his birthday."
"I am sorry. Your husband, Cordell Walker, was killed today in a car crash. I found this little puppy at his side. "
"How did it happen?"
"We aren't sure. Appears like he lost control of the truck. It crossed four lanes of traffic, and hit a tree head long. Walker's head hit against the steering wheel, and we believe that is what killed him. It looked like he had protected the dog. His hand was loosely wrapped around the dog."
"Would you like us to call somebody?" the other officer asked.
"No. His partner is bringing John over in just a few minutes."
"Okay. He'll be down at the morgue if you would like to come on down later and make sure it's him."
"Yeah, okay, thanks."
Alex sank down on the sofa as the officers left. It just couldn't be. Walker couldn't be dead. And of all days, on little Johns birthday. How is she going to tell him daddy won't be back home. A little whimper came from the floor, and Alex looked down at the Sheltie.
"Hi there boy." She smiled.
Walker's last gift to his son.


Alex heard another car in the drive. She knew this time it was Jimmy. Quickly she wiped the tears from her eyes and put on a smile for her son.
Little John jumped from the car and ran toward his mom.
"Happy Birthday, Honey!" Alex scooped the boy up in her arms. He looked just like Walker. Well, all except the beard. Bright blue eyes, and lots of reddish brown hair.
"Hi Mommy!" he smiled.
Jimmy and Josie followed Alex in the house.
"Wow! Is all this for me!" John asked.
"Yea. And look what daddy got you!" Alex showed John the puppy.
"ALRIGHT!" They boy hugged the little dog next to him and ran over to his gifts on the table.
Alex handed him one gift to open.
"Daddy..Where is daddy?" The boy asked, suddenly realizing his daddy wasn't there.
"Oh, honey. Daddy can't come home right now. He said to tell you he loves you, and Happy Birthday."
"Why isn't he coming home?" the boy asks, dropping his present as tears came to his eyes.
Alex had hoped this wouldn't happen. She had a hard time now holding the tears back.
Trivette and Josie looked at Alex. They knew something was wrong.
"Want me to talk to him?" Josie offered, seeing how upset Alex was.
"Yes, please."
Alex motioned for Jimmy to follow her outside.
"What's the matter Alex?"
"Walker went to get John the puppy he wanted. He was killed in an accident. Two police officers came to tell me just before you came. They found the puppy sitting next to Walker. They said it looked like Walker protected the dog from the crash."
"What? Alex, I am sorry!" Jimmy pulled Alex into his arms and held her while she cried.
"What am I going to tell John? Now every year I'll be reminded of this day. On John's birthday, he lost his daddy." Alex sobbed.
"Shh..Alex, it'll be okay. Josie will talk to him. We'll be here for you Alex."
"Jimmy, I don't know what to do..CD died right before my wedding, my father's dead, White Eagle died last year Cordell has no family but me and little John. He was all the family we had." Alex sobbed.
"Alex, Josie and I are still here. We'll always be here for you. Now dry your tears and lets go in there and give little John one heck of a party!"
Wiping the tears from her eyes, Alex shook her head..
"Yes, your right. I have to be strong for him.


Alex stood at Walker's grave site. She was wearing a heart shaped necklace. On the back, was carved "Cordell and Alex Walker-Forever Love"
They found it in Walker's pocket. She knew that was what he had planned for her that night. She held back the tears as she lifted a piece of paper up, and read her last words about the man who still held her heart, the man that she would forever love:

Once in a while,
Someone comes along,
That one in a million heart,
So pure and so strong.

They can face up to the tears,
And somehow still find a smile
But we only get them,
Every once in a while.
Once in a while,
Someone has the eyes,
That one in a million look,
That never tells lies.

They can get you on your feet,
To walk that extra mile,
But we only see them,
Every once in a while.

That's why we called him a hero,
That's why we knew his name,
And once you heard his story,
You never were quite the same

The best thing he ever did,
Is point to the best in us all,
And say If I can,
You can too.

Once in a while,
I still hear his voice,
That one in a million sound,
Like two laughing boys.

He would hate it if we cried,
That never was his style,
We will miss him, every once in a while,
But my love for him, will never end

Walker was that one in a million person.
The person you see, every once in a while.
He was never much with words,
But I always knew how he felt.

We will always remember him,
His spirit will live forever in our hearts
And we can never find another
Who could ever fill his shoes.

I'll always love you, Walker.

The End

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