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        It was time for Walkers annual physical, Trivette could see Walker wasn’t himself the last few weeks although he kept saying he was just fine.  “I’m sure glad you are going to the doctor Walker, I don’t care what you say you haven’t been yourself lately and you have me worried.”

 “Will you stop that, there is nothing wrong with me.  I’m going to go see Alex then head to the doctor.”

 “Okay see you later.”

          “Hey there beautiful, you have a few minutes?”  Walker asked Alex.

 “For you anytime,” Alex said with a smile.

 “I just wanted to let you know I am going to my physical now, I will call you and let you know if I can have lunch okay?”

 “Okay Cowboy.”  Walker gave Alex a kiss and headed for him appointment.

          “Well Walker it’s that time again,” his doctor said. “How have you been feeling?” 

“Okay I guess.” 

“You guess?  It don’t sound like it.” 

“Its nothing really I just haven’t been feeling myself lately.”

 “We will see what’s going on with you, shall we get started?”   After the doctor was done he could see what Walkers problem was.  “Walker I know you are not going to like this but you need to cut out all the caffeine, you are drinking much to much coffee and its catching up with you.” 

“You are joking right?”

 “No I am not joking, I will have the results of the rest of the test by tomorrow but as of now no more caffeine.”

          That news put Walker in a bad mood right away. “I have to have my coffee doctor.” 

“Then drink decaffeinated coffee.  You will get used to it.” 

“This should be a lot of fun.” 

“Sorry Walker but it could be worse.”

 Walker left the doctors office in a bad mood and was still in a bad mood when he got to work. 

“Hey Walker what did the doctor say?”  Trivette questioned. 

“He told me I have to give up caffeine.”

 “Oh no that’s not good.  I think this will be a good time to take the vacation time I have built up,” Trivette said laughing.

 “You think you’re cute don’t you.” 

“I would rather not be around to see you go through caffeine withdrawals.”

 “Sorry Trivette you’re stuck with me like it or not.”

“I don’t think I’m going to like it and neither will anyone that makes you mad.”  Walker turned and gave Trivette a dirty look.  “Okay I will shut up now,” Trivette said laughing.

         The next day Walker came into the office in a grouchy mood.  

“Good morning Walker.” 

“What’s good about it,” Walker replied.

 “It's going to be a fun day, it’s starting already.  This is going to be a long day," Trivette commented. 

Walker picked up his coffee cup and headed to the coffeepot.  Trivette followed him to see what he was going to do.  Walker picked up the pot of coffee.

 "WALKER!  That better be the decaffeinated,” Trivette yelled.

 Walker didn't know he was being watched and jumped when Trivette yelled and spilled coffee all over the floor.  "Thanks Trivette."  Trivette started to laugh, as did the other Rangers in the room.

 "I can see you picked up the wrong pot by mistake, right Walker?"

 "Thanks for pointing out my mistake,” Walker said in a grouchy tone.  He poured a cup of decaf and took a sip. "Oh my god, did you ever taste this stuff?  How can anyone drink this crap?" 

"No I don't have to, the doctor didn't tell me to cut out the caffeine."

Walker went back to his desk and slammed his cup down on the desk.

 “Hey Cowboy, you having a bad morning?”  Alex asked as she walked into the room.

“No I’m doing just fine.” 

“Oh right we can all see that,” Trivette added. 

“Trivette you stay out of this.” 

“Did you come in here to give me a bad time or do you want something?”

 “I have the warrant you wanted.”

 “Great thanks Alex, I’m going to make sure this scumbag is put where he won’t be able to touch any more little girls.” 

“Be careful Walker this guy is a real nut case.” 

“I will see you at lunch Alex.”

 “Come on Trivette lets go.”

Walker and Trivette went to pick up Lester Perkins, a man convicted of child molestation, he had spent ten years in prison; but didn’t learn his lesson. He was only out three months and was back to molesting children again.  As soon as Lester saw Walkers truck pull up he headed out the back door as fast as he could.

 “Walker look he’s going out the back,” Trivette said. 

Walker drove his truck around the back, after Lester, who was trying out run Walker on foot.  They pulled up beside Lester and Trivette started to get out and jump him.

Walker yelled, “I’ll take care of him.”  Walker stopped the truck and went after Lester.  “Come here you scumbag.”  Walker tackled Lester to the ground then punched him in the face when he took a swing at Walker.  “You are just not going to learn to keep you filthy hands off of the kids are you?” 

“I didn’t do anything Walker you have no right to hassle me.”

 “I have witness, so you lose again.  This time you won’t see the streets again.” 

“You better hope not; because if I do you’re dead Walker.” 

“Yeah is that right?  Well you are going to have to wait in line. Now get moving.” 

Three different people picked Lester, out of a line up, as the one that was last seen with a little eight-year-old girl that was kidnapped and molested.  Alex was going to enjoy putting him away for the second time in ten years. 

Walker sat at his desk to do the paper work on Lester Perkins.  Trivette was off in another room so Walker picked up him coffee cup, went and got some coffee, then went to the restroom (where he thought he would be safe to sneak a few sips). 

“Give me that,” Trivette said, as he took the cup from Walker and dumped it down the sink. 

“Here’s your cup back.” 

“Gee thanks, you know you’re beginning to get on my nerves.” 

Trivette started to laugh. “I’m getting on your nerves?  That’s a good one Walker.  You’re the one that’s driving everyone crazy.” 

Walker left and went back to his desk to finish his paper work.  After awhile Walker sat back in his chair. 

Trivette was trying to get his paper work done when all the sudden he heard … tap, tap, tap, tap tap, tap, tap it was Walkers pencil on the desk. 


“Oh sorry Trivette.”

 “Walker I have a great idea, why don’t you go gee Alex?”

 “I can’t she’s too busy.’”

 “Oh great lucky me.”  Trivette mumbled. 

Finally it was the end of the day and time to go home.  “I’m finished thank goodness.  Walker I’m headed home I’ll see you tomorrow. 

Walker picked Alex up and they also headed home.

 The next morning Walker got his shower and when he started down stairs he could smell Alex’s coffee.  “Damn that smells good. 

Alex had breakfast all ready when Walker came in.  “It’s ready darling, have a seat.” 

Walker sat down and started to eat; but kept looking at Alex’s coffee cup. 

“Can I have one sip of your coffee Alex?”  Walker asked. 

“No Walker you heard what the doctor said. No caffeine at all.”

“What harm can one little sip do Alex?”  Walker shouted.  Walker tossed his napkin down on the table and went up stairs to finish getting ready for work. 

On the way to work Walker was quiet not saying a word.

“Walker are you going to stay mad at me and not talk all the way to work?” 

Walker didn’t answer her. 

When they got to work Alex headed to her office but Walker stopped her. “Alex I’m sorry I don’t mean to take this out on you, this is just going to take me a little time to get use too.” 

“That’s OK darling, apology excepted.”  Walker gave Alex a quick kiss and she headed to her office.  Walker headed out the door of the courthouse and to the vendor across the street.  “Could I get a cup of coffee please?”  Walker asked.

 “No, No sorry Walker I was told under no circumstances am I to give you any coffee.” 

“I don’t believe this, is there one person in this damn town left that I can get a cup of coffee from?”  Walker said as he walked off.

Everyone was watching Walker from the window knowing he would try and get coffee from across the street.  They all started to laugh but knew he was not a happy camper so they all scattered before Walker got in there. 

“Good morning partner, how are you this morning?” 

“You know damn well how I am, you guy’s think you are pretty smart don’t you?” 

“Walker we are just looking out for you.”

 “Well don’t.  I can take care of myself.”  Walker went to his desk and found a snickers bar on his desk.  “What is this?”  Walker asked.  “It will help you with your cravings Walker just try it.” 

“No thanks,” Walker said then he put the candy bar in his desk.

The next day when Walker got to work, he went to his desk and found a potted plant in his beloved coffee cup.  Walker picked up his coffee cup and gave it a funny look.  “Okay who’s the wise guy?”  Walker asked.

 Everyone in the office (including Alex) started to laugh.  Walker tried his best to be mad but started to laugh. Walker turned to Alex and looked her in the eye. “Alex this has you written all over it, you did this didn’t you?” 

Alex didn’t answer she just walked out laughing.  “I have to get to work see you at lunch.”

Walker and Trivette headed out to check out some leads on a car-jacking ring that had been operating in the Dallas area, for the last three months.

“Trivette I need something to snack on maybe a candy bar will help.  There is a 7-11 just up ahead I’ll stop there.” 

“Okay Walker that’s a good idea.”  

Walker pulled up to the 7-11 at the curb, instead of in the parking lot, got out and went into the store.  Trivette opened the door and headed inside 

“Trivette look out!”  Walker yelled pushing Trivette out of the way. 

A gunman that was robbing the store fired at Trivette.  Walker pushed Trivette to the ground and fired back killing the suspect.  Walker dropped to one knee holding his arm. 

“Walker are you okay?  You’ve been shot I’ll call an ambulance.”  After calling it in Trivette rushed to his partner’s side.  “How bad is it Walker?”

 “It’s okay Trivette he just grazed me.”

 “I didn’t even see him Walker if it weren’t for you I would be dead now. Thanks partner.”

 “You’re welcome Trivette.  Damn I didn’t think it would be this hard to get a candy bar.” 

“Oh your candy bar, let me get that for you Walker.” 

“Thanks you’re all heart.” 

The manger asked, “how did you know the store was being robbed?”

“We didn’t, we were just stopping in to buy something.” 

“Well I want to thank you.  Will your partner be okay?”

 “Yes he’s going to be fine sir and you’re welcome.  We were just doing your job.”

Walker was taken to the hospital to be treated.  As soon as Alex got the word she rushed to her husbands side.  She didn’t know how bad it was, only that he had been shot in an attempted robbery. 

“Jimmy how is Walker?  I was told he had been shot.”

“He is just fine Alex it’s just a flesh wound, he saved my life though.”

“Are you okay Jimmy?”

“Yes I’m okay.”  Alex gave Trivette a hug. 

Just then Walker came out.  “What is this?  You hugging my wife?” 

“Hey there partner how are you feeling?” 

“I’m okay Trivette.”

“Hey Cowboy.”  Alex said as she gave Walker a big hug and kiss. 

“Let’s get out of here.” Walker said. 

Alex drove Walker home. Jimmy drove Walkers truck home and drove it to work the next morning. Alex drove Walker to work; he refused to take the day off. Walker did some checking on the robbery suspect, he had been forced to kill at the 7-11.  Trivette came in with a cup of coffee and went to his desk but the Captain called him in the office.  Trivette sat his cup down on the deck and went to see what the Captain wanted.  Walker looked over at the coffee and noticed he was the only one in the office so he got up and went over to Trivette’s deck, he took one more look around then picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip.  “Damn that taste good,” he said to himself.  Then he took one more drink then put the coffee down and turned to go back to his deck but as he did; was Trivette standing behind him. “Oops busted.”

“Is there anything I can do for you Ranger?”  Trivette asked knowing darn well what Walker wanted.

 “Oh no I .. a .. I was just looking for some of those candy bars you have stashed away.”  It took everything Trivette had in him not to laugh.

 “Walker you are not going to find the candy in the coffee cup.  WALKER YOU JUST CAN’T BE TRUSTED.” 

“Well you’re not making it easy for me by leaving that coffee there for me to smell.” 

“I can’t believe this, the great Texas Ranger Walker brought to his knees by a little thing called caffeine.”   Then Trivette started to laugh; he laughed until tears were coming out of his eyes.

“Trivette it’s not funny.” 

“Yes it is Walker.”

Walker got Trivette in a headlock and wouldn’t let him go until he stopped laughing but the longer Walker held him the more Trivette laughed.

  Alex picked that moment to walk in.  “Why children, are you two having fun?”  She asked.

“No Walker is trying to choke me.

“Oh yeah I can see how much you are hurting.” Walker said 

“Hello Alex how are you doing?” Jimmy asked, while still in the headlock.

“I’m doing fine, I was just checking to see how Walkers feeling but I can see I don’t have to worry.”

A few days went by Walker took to eating candy bars, when ever he had a craving for caffeine or when he found himself becoming a grouch, it seemed to help.  The next morning Walker came in and there on his deck was a pile of candy bars.  The word got out that the candy helped; so everyone dropped off candy for Walker.  “

Very funny guy’s,” Walker said laughing. 

It had been a week since Walker stopped drinking Caffeine but to everyone that had to work with him it seemed more like an eternity. The phone rang at Walkers desk but he was out to lunch with Alex so Trivette took the call.

“Ranger headquarters may I help you?”

“Yes I would like to speak with Ranger Walker please.” 

“He is not here right now, this is his partner, may I take a message.” 

“Yes I guess that will be okay.  This is his doctor he was in to see me last week and I told him to cut out the caffeine.”

“Oh yeah I know and he has been hell to work with ever since doctor.” 

“Well then I have some great news for you.  I have another patient by the name of Carl Walker and he was in to see me the same day as Ranger Walker was.  Well there has been a mistake made and I am so sorry.”

“What kind of mistake doctor?”

“Ranger Walker can have his caffeine, it’s was the other Walker that has to cut out the caffeine all. Walker had a virus.” 

“OH THANK GOD! I will give him the news don’t worry and thanks for the call.”

Trivette was so happy you would have thought he won the lottery and he made sure everyone knew the good news so when Walker came in there were ready for him.  Walker came in about forty minutes later.

“Hey Walker how was lunch?”  Trivette asked. 

“Just fine Trivette.” 

“Walker I have a surprise for you close your eyes and don’t open them.”

“Why what are you up too?”

“Never mind just close your eyes.”

Walker closed his eyes as Trivette asked.

“Okay before you open your eyes I have a message from your doctor”

“What is it?” 

“He told me to give you something.  Okay you can open your eyes now.”

When Walker opened his eyes there were eight people standing there with cups of coffee.  They all yelled, HERE WALKER HAVE SOME COFFEE!!!!

                      THE END J