Warning: This story has to do with the gutterspur and Alex marring a man with no beard! Thanks Gabelle for this great idea!
Can I Count On You

By: Shawna

Alex Cahill woke up to the ringing of the phone. She glanced at the clock...5:00 AM. Now who would be calling at this time? She thought as she headed for the phone.
"Cahill! Hi! How have you been?"
"Cahill, I have something to say. Now just listen up. I know about you and Walker. Just give me a chance, and listen to what I have to say."
"Alright, Dalton. What is it?"
Alex sat down on the sofa, her mind going back to all those years ago when she first met Dalton, then that time that her and Walker protected him. Didn't he promise to come back to her after that?
"Cahill, You were there, the first time I stumbled. I remember the worry in your eyes, when that bull threw me. You hardly even knew me then. Will you be there each time I fall from now on? Will you care for me forever. Please, Darling, promise me you will love me most of all. You can count on me, I'll be true. Do you still feel the same way I do? When times get hard, will you see me though. What I need to know is can I count on you. When the years have turned my hair to silver, will you still wear my band of gold. Say you'll be here, always beside me. Do I still have your hand to hold? I know that I wasn't there, in all the times you needed me. I have left you down, Cahill. I just couldn't leave the rodeo that year. I have left now, Cahill. No more bulls, no more blood. I am yours from now on, if you will have me. Will you marry me, Cahill?"
Alex was silent as he said these things to her. Her heart was full of mixed emotions.
"Dalton..I can't."
"Sure you can. Do you still love me?"
Alex had to think about that..
"Dalton, I loved you then. And yes, I would have married you back then, but not now. I have moved on with my life Dalton. Walker is the only man that holds my heart. We're getting married today, Dalton. Nothing will ever change the way I feel."
Dalton was silent on the other end. He was too late. He missed his Cahill.
"So, you'll telling me it's best that I move on with my life, then?"
"Yes, Dalton. That's what I am saying. I am sorry, but I couldn't just wait for you to leave the rodeo. I found my true love. It wouldn't have worked between us anyway, Dalton. Walker is my love. My one love always for life. Good bye."
Alex gently hanged up the phone. Well, there went one bridge she burned from her past. How dare him. He doesn't even write in three years, and then expects to pick up where they started from.
She had four hours yet until the wedding.
Alex had just headed to the kitchen to put tea on when there was a knock at the door.
Peeking though the window, she saw Walker, dressed in his old western shirt, worn jeans, boots, and the black Stetson. He had his hands behind his back.
"Walker! What are you doing here?" Alex asked.
"I came to see my bride before the wedding!" He smiled, pulling a dozen roses from behind his back.
"OH, WALKER!" Alex gasped, looking at the flowers.
"What's in the bag?" She asked, noticing his gym bag.
"Oh, um, nothing. Can I use your rest room for a minute?"
"Yeah, sure. I'll fix the flowers in some water. "She headed back to the kitchen, stopping and to give a puzzled look toward the bathroom. What in the world was he up to?
Alex pulled two cups of hot tea, and brought them out to the living room, expecting to see Walker. It had been at least ten minutes..
"Walker? Are you alright?" She asked.
"Yeah, I am fine. I'll be there in a minute."
Alex sat down and began sipping her tea.
A few minutes later, the bathroom door opened, and Walker came out.
"So, what do you think?" He asked.
Alex stared at him in shock.
A new Walker stood in front of her. No beard. He was clean saved, A white T-shirt, with a Arrowhead necklace around his neck, black shorts, and tennis shoes. No more, Ranger look, cowboy look. All gone.
"Walker? Why?" She asked.
"Well, I wanted to show you I am making a new start. From this day on, I' am going to be nothing but your man. I shaved my beard as a sign of a new beginning. You said last week, when we went camping, that you wished I wore T-shirt, shorts, and shoes more often. I am doing this for you, honey!"
Walker picked Alex up and kissed her passionately.
As he was setting her back down on the sofa, Alex noticed a small white envelope by the door.
"What's that?" Alex asked.
Walker picked it up..."To My Love: Alex"
"Oh, that's the card from your flowers. It must have fell out." Walker handed her the envelope.
Slowly, Alex opened it, and pulled and a small card, with roses around the border. It read:

You've touched my soul, 

You've made me whole,
You're the passion,
That burns like fire,
Lifting me higher,

One love, always forever for life
With you by my side

With Love, always,

Alex had tears in her eyes as she read it.
"I love you, Alex."
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