Editor's note: I don't know about the rest of you Walker fans, but I always felt 'robbed' that we never got to see Walker hold his child. So, this is my version of how I would have liked to see that special moment unfold.

Cherish The Moment

            Walker is nervous, he can't recall ever being so nervous. He keeps walking back and forth to the door of the hospital room, looking down the hallway and slapping his hat against his pant leg. He keeps looking back at his wife and she's trying very hard to keep from laughing. She shakes her head slowly; finally she can't contain herself any longer.
                   "Honey-----would you please come over here and sit down, the nurse will bring our little girl in soon?"
            "I can't help it, Alex----what's taking them so long?"
            Alex pats the bed, "It hasn't been that long since Dr Hatton said they would be bringing her in---so please----come sit down."
            Walker takes one last look down the hallway and walks towards his wife's bed; he reaches over and kisses her tenderly.
            "Have I told you, Mrs. Walker----just how proud I am of you----and how much I love you?"
            Alex returns his kiss, "Yes---you have----but I don't mind hearing it again."
            Walker grins, "I love you, Mrs. Walker-----and I am so proud of you for giving me a beautiful baby girl!"
            Alex's eyes are tearing up, "She is beautiful----isn't she?---I only got to see her for a split second, and then I lost conscious-----she's going to be alright----isn't she?"
            Walker takes his wife's hand, "Yes honey----the doctors say she's going to be just fine----it was a little scary there for a few hours----but once I saw that vision around her-----I knew everything was going to be okay."
            Alex's hands close over her husband's, "It was a good vision----a good sign---right?"
            Walker starts to answer, when a soft voice asks, "May we come in?"
            The Walkers turn to see the nurse walking in, holding a pink bundle. Both Walker and Alex are trying to speak as the nurse walks towards them. She looks down at the little bundle of joy, "I think there's someone here that would like to say hello to her Mommy and Daddy."
            Alex is trying to sit up straighter, her arms reaching out. Walker just stands there, watching. The nurse gently puts the newborn into her Mother's waiting arms. Alex starts to cry, then she starts 'cooing', "Oooohhhhh----you are so beautiful----yes---you are."
            Alex looks up to her husband, he's saying nothing but his eyes are taking in the most beautiful sight he's ever witnessed, the sight of his first-born! He watches as Alex is kissing the baby, over and over. She turns to her husband.
                     "Honey----don't you want to hold your daughter?"
            Walker swallows, rubbing his hands on his pant legs, he tries to speak, and the words come out squeaky. He leans forward, "Yes------I mean yes!"
            Alex motions for her husband to come closer, "Come closer, honey----she's not going to bite----she doesn't have any teeth yet," she tries to tease him.
            Walker tries to laugh, as his and Alex's hands touch and their little girl is now in Daddy's arms .He stares down at the little life before him, "She's so -----small----I've never held a baby----so small.  Look at her Alex------she's so pretty---she looks just like you!"
            Alex smiles, wiping the tears away, "Oh, no-----she looks just like her Daddy," she turns to the nurse, "doesn't she nurse, doesn't she look like her Daddy?"
            The nurse smiles, she's been put in this spot before and knows all too well to stay neutral. "I think she looks like both of her parents, she has your coloring, Mrs. Walker----but it looks like her hair is trying to change to a light auburn----like her Daddy's."
            Walker smiles down at his daughter, "She could remain bald---and she would still be beautiful."
            Alex reaches up and pulls her husband gently down to the bed, "Sit down, honey, so we can both hold her."
            The Walkers are examining their daughter from head to toe. Walker is mesmerized at the tiny little nails. "For some reason----I never thought they had nails this young----Alex, look at her beautiful hands----and look at those toes!"
            Alex is giggling, looking at her husband's face, she has never felt so happy as she is at this moment. She turns to the nurse quickly, "Oh, nurse----would you please---take our picture----my camera is in that bag over there?"
            "I would be happy to take the first picture of you and your happy family."
            The nurse retrieves the camera and stands a few feet away, "Thank goodness, this is not one of those complicated cameras--the ones with extended lenses and such, and the focusing----"
            "It does have a button to push to bring us closer into the viewfinder---do you see it?"
            The nurse shakes her head, "Yes---I see all of you very clearly----now smile----this is a Kodak moment."
            Alex and Walker are all smiles as they hold their daughter up, "Please take several pictures, nurse----we got to make sure we get a really good one---to enlarge and to send to all of our friends."
            "You got it----how about a picture of each of you kissing your daughter on each cheek-----there----that's a good one!!!! ----Oh, she is such a beautiful little girl----have you decided on a name yet?"
            Alex smiles and looks at her husband, he smiles back at her, nodding his head. "Yes----we have a name for our little girl----her name will be---Angela.  Angela, because she's our angel from heaven-----and they were looking out for her."
            The nurse repeats the name, "That's a very pretty name for a very pretty little girl----if you're ready I will send someone down from records and they can fill out the birth certificate."
            "Yes----we're ready to make it official" Walker whispers, "right, hon?"
            Angela is starting to get fussy, her little hand is in a ball, her face is starting to turn a deeper shade of pink, and her little lips are making a sucking motion. Alex's mouth drops open, "She's getting hungry----Walker----I get to nurse our baby for the very first time."
            Walker is trying to scoot off the bed as Alex is reaching inside her gown for her left breast----"Should I leave," asks Walker?
            Alex looks to the nurse and then to her husband, "No, honey----you don't have to leave---does he, nurse?"
            The nurse laughs, "No, of course not-----Fathers are allowed to stay in the rooms now while their wives nurse----after all---they're not seeing anything now---that they haven't seen before!"
            Walker breathes a sigh of relief, "Good-----because I never understood that stupid rule in the first place!"
            Alex is trying to get the nipple into Angela's mouth, her hand is shaking, "Am I doing this right?  She doesn't seem to want to take it."
            "You're doing just fine Mrs. Walker----just keep putting the nipple into her mouth----gently----there----you see---she's nursing!"
            Alex's face is all aglow, Walker is straining to look over the bed, the nurse just laughs at both of them.
            "You know what, I think I will tell records to give you two a little extra time with your daughter-------this is definitely a "Kodak moment"---the first moments of "bonding" between parents and God's little gift to you-----how does that sound?"
            Alex is crying and nodding her head; Walker's eyes are also getting misty as he turns to the nurse.
            "Thank you----we appreciate the thought."
            The nurse walks over and hands the camera to Walker, "Here----you just might want to take some more pictures," and then she walks out.
            Walker sits back on the bed gently, reaches out and touches his daughter's cheek, Angela doesn't miss a beat at her Mama's breast, as she continues to suckle.
            "Wow----she's sure hungry----look at her go!"
            Alex grabs her husband's hand, "Walker-----you're not going to believe this."
            "What?  What's wrong, hon?"
            Alex is smiling and laughing at the same time, "Nothing is wrong----but Walker, I think I felt----I think I felt------"
            "What, Alex?  Does it hurt?"
            Alex shakes her head, "No, silly---it doesn't hurt----but I think I just felt an orgasm."
            Walker stares back at her, "An orgasm----Alex----are you serious?"
            "Yes---I've read that women sometimes get 'turned on' by a baby's nursing----and yes----I felt something----trickling down the inside of my leg."
            Walker smiles, "Well---honey---you know how you get turned on when I kiss your breasts."
            "Yes, I do," she purrs back at him, "and this was definitely the same feeling."
                   Walker's eyelids dance up and down as he remembers the camera, "Alex---I want to take a picture of Angela nursing----now just sit there and look pretty for me."
                   "Honey, you can't take a picture of my breast----don't you dare take it to one hour developing----they won't print it!"
            Walker starts fiddling with the camera, "I'm not taking it to any of those places, I'll have Zeke develop them for me."
            "Zeke? In the pathology lab---Walker---that's even worse----I don't want that man looking at----my breasts!"
            "Would you relax, hon----Zeke is a professional---he's seen women's naked bodies before."
            "Yeah---after they're dead!"
            "Darn this camera, why isn't it working----come on honey----just one or two pictures----remember---this is a "Kodak moment'!”
            Alex stammers and then she looks down at their daughter----"Oh---okay-----just a few----and hurry before someone comes!"
            Walker is nodding his head, and looking into the camera, "I can't see anything, Alex----what's wrong with this darn thing?"
            Alex sighs, "It might help---if you took your finger off the viewfinder."
            Walker tries to smile---"Oh---oh yeah----okay---here goes----the flash didn't go off---did you see a flash?"
                      "Honey---you have to turn the 'flash' button on----here----bring it here---I want to get this over with before Angela and I freeze to death ----I'm getting a draft from my open gown-----there-it's ready."
            Walker takes the camera and steps back, his finger hits the flash button and three consecutive flashes go off. Alex starts laughing, "Honey----you just took pictures of the floor, the end of my bed----and probably----my bed pan!"
            "Damn it----now I remember why I never liked to take pictures," Walker replies.
                   "Sweetheart----calm down---take a deep breath---and then please---take the pictures."
            Walker has Alex posing in every pose he can think of, constantly pulling the baby’s blanket down so he can get the perfect picture. Finally the light starts blinking and a buzzing noise is heard.
            "Now, what's wrong---don't tell me---I broke it?"
            Alex smiles at him, "No honey----you didn't break it---it's out of film and now it's re-winding, when the buzzing stops---you can take the film out."
                     "Whew! I was afraid after all of that---I had broken it---I got some good pictures---I think I did----at least!"
            Angela has stopped nursing and is sleeping soundly against her Mother's breast. "Oh, Walker----look at her----I don't care if I do sound prejudice, our daughter is sooooo beautiful."
            "Yep, she sure is-----just like her Mother," he kisses his wife softly.
            "Oh, look honey----she has a little dimple at the left side of her mouth----see it?"
            "Are you sure it's a dimple----yep---that's what it is all right-----a beauty mark."
            A loud tap is heard at the door, and Erika comes in pushing Trivette in a wheelchair. "Heyyyyyyyy----where's that goddaughter of mine----where is she?"
            The four friends embrace and Trivette is holding Angela----"Oh, wow----this is something, ain't it, Walk-man----you have a daughter---I have a goddaughter------I mean----she is going to be my goddaughter----right?"
            Walker goes over to the chair and embraces Trivette again, "You're damn straight you're going to be her godfather----and Erika is her godmother."
                 Everyone is laughing, Erika asks, "What did you name her?"
            Walker reaches down and takes his daughter, kissing her cheek---"Her name is Angela---Angela Elizabeth Walker----Daddy's little angel!"
            After Trivette and Erika have left, Walker and Alex are reflecting on the events of the day. Alex squeezes her husband's hand and looks into his eyes, "You know, sweetheart-----a lot of precious moments happened in this room today and they will forever stay in my mind----but you know what my most cherished moment was?"
            Walker kisses the side of her head, "What's that, hon?"
            The moment when you held our daughter and said "Daddy's little angel"---that will stay in my memory forever---THAT --is my Kodak moment!!!!!.”
                                                         The End    July 18, 2002