This is another story of the Walker family. The two youngest this time. Hope you all enjoy.

Cherokee Encounter
By Vonnie (

Alex shuts the water off in the shower, pushes the door open and grabs for the towel on the rack, but grabs at empty air. Brushing her hair back from her face, she takes her hand to wipe the water from her eyes, and sees her husband standing just out of reach, holding her towel, with a teasing smile on his face.

"Come on, honey, give me the towel." She watches as his eyes begin a slow descent down her still shimmering wet body. When his eyes come back up to meet hers, they've turned dark with desire. "Cordell, the kids…"

His voice husky, "The bedroom door is locked," he turns, reaches behind him and turns the lock, "and this door is locked." He drops his towel to the floor and reaches for her hand, pulling her out of the shower, up against him.

She raises her hands and runs her fingers through his still damp, hair. His head lowers and his tongue spears into her mouth, retreats, "They'll hear…"

"Don't scream…" His tongue darts into her mouth again, to retreat again.

"Sometimes … I can't help…" She groans as he takes her bottom lip in his mouth, sucking gently. Her hands slide down his back, fingers dancing along his spine to his gorgeous tush. Cupping his cheeks in her hands she pulls him against her. Feeling his rock hard arousal pressing against her feminine mound, she grinds her hips against him. He lets loose a growl, which Alex quickly takes into her mouth, silencing it.

He cups her breasts, hot, swollen, filling his trembling hands, and as he rolls the nipples under his thumb, she trembles and cries out into the curve of his neck. His fingers lightly trace over her stomach; to drop down covering the soft curls, letting a finger slide in, then another, feeling her hot, wet, and ready to take him.

A feeble murmur, "Cordell … please … honey……" writhing against his fingers.

He lifts her and settles her over him, feeling the tip of him touching her, a sensation jabs through her. As he slides into her, her muscles tighten around him, pulling him deeper, until he is fully buried. She wraps her legs around his waist and matches him, thrust for thrust. He covers her mouth with his to muffle their cries of pleasure as he drives hard into her. Suddenly her legs tighten around him, and her body begins to shake as a trail of orgasmic shocks begin rolling through her, as one tapers off another one starts, going on and on. He braces her against the wall and gives one last thrust, their bodies undulating as spasms of impossible pleasure hurl through them, dropping them, gasping, over the edge.

As the grip of passion releases them, Walker's legs give, and he slides down to the floor, holding Alex in his arms. "God … that was ... good." He murmurs into her ear.

With her arms still holding tightly to him, wanting to relish the sensations as long as possible. Finally letting out a soft sigh, she kisses his cheek, "Why is it, that the stolen moments always seem the best." Reluctantly she scoots back, releasing him from inside her, "I would almost bet you, that we have children trying to decide whether to knock on the door or just wait us out."

"Hmmm … I imagine you're right. What's your plans for today?" He stands and helps her up.

"I promised Chrissy and Jimmy we'd go arrowhead hunting today. A joint class project. Can you come with us?"

"I wish I could but I promised John we'd go look at a car for him today. Or a truck, which is what he wants."

"He is his father's son. He has always liked trucks more than cars."

"I asked him if he was sure he didn't want a car, maybe a date would rather ride in a car. You know what he said?"


"He said he'd just have to find a girl like you, because you didn't mind riding in a truck."

"That's sweet. But it has more to do with who is driving the truck." She leans over and touches his lips, unlocks the door, and gently pushes him out of the bathroom. "Be a good boy, and let me finish my shower."

Before she can push the door shut, he slips back inside, wraps his arms around her, "I love you," and kisses her tenderly. And then, a muffled, "Dad, I'm ready, come on!"

A quick kiss, then he steps back, "I … have been paged." He backs out of the bathroom, then sticks his head back in, "Oh, go up to the north flats, you should be able to find what you want there. Is … Jessie going with you?"

"No, she's going to spend the day with Wade and his family. At their cabin."

"Okay, hon, be careful."


"Is this where we leave the horses and start walking?"

"Yes, Chrissy, it's too dangerous to ride them on the shale." She looks at the frown on her daughter's face, "Honey, it's not that far. Okay?"

"I know, I'd just rather be on horseback."

"So would I, baby, but I think we'll survive walking this time." She turns around and sees her son ride out of the trees. "Everything all right, Jimmy?"

"Yeah, I found an arrowhead." Hands it to Alex, "but it was broke."

"Well, let's tend to the horses and get started."


It lay on a boulder, his eyes half-closed, but definitely alert. He stretches out, enjoying the sun. The cat is large, maybe two hundred pounds. He's new to the territory, and finding the hunting good, has stayed. Suddenly the cat senses danger. Every muscle in his body tenses. Then when the small group come around the boulders, some hundred yards down the trail, he hunkers down, eyes narrow to slits … and waits.


"Mom, I think we have enough. We've already got a long walk back."

Alex keeps walking, her eyes to the ground, hoping to find something special for the kids' project. "You think so? It's still early."

"I know, Mom, but I think we ought to turn back. Something doesn't feel right." For the last ten minutes, when she felt the hair standing up on the back of her neck, her eyes have been searching the area around them.

"Jim, are you satisfied with what we've found so far?" Turns to look at her quiet son, following behind her, still poking at the ground with a stick, looking for arrowheads.

"I think so, Mom." Glancing nervously around them, "I agree with Chris, it's time to start back. Something's different."

Alex stands looking around the area, sees nothing wrong, but knows better then to disregard the Cherokee intuition of these two. She figures since all the kids are carrying Walker's Cherokee blood, that they would have his sixth sense, too. She had seen it at work when Chrissy had gotten lost in her first year at school and was brought home by a beautiful silver wolf.

"All right, I guess we have enough." Glancing at Chrissy standing a few feet in front of her, Alex sees the tawny shape come hurtling through the air, straight at her daughter. Alex screams, and dives at Chrissy, shoving her out of the path of the cougar.

The big cat strikes Alex, knocking her to the ground. The momentum of the cat carries it several feet beyond Alex. The two children react instantly, moving to stand over Alex. Jimmy positions the stick as a weapon, his eyes watching for the cat's return. The two children stand side by side, facing the large cat together, as he slowly makes his way toward them, a low growl coming from deep inside him. A snarl twists the cat's face into a menacing look intended to put terror in the hearts of his prey.

The cat hesitates, puzzled that he smells no fear. Suddenly he lifts his eyes to look above and behind them. A large silver wolf is standing in the spot the cat had just vacated a few minutes before. Not snarling, just staring intently into the cat's eyes as if he's conveying a message.

Chris and Jim had noticed the look behind them but never took their eyes away from the cougar until he finally turns, jumps up into the rocks, and vanishes as quickly as he appeared. They both turn then and see the wolf staring at them, then he too turns and walks back into the brush.

In awe, Jimmy turns to look at his sister, "Chris … is he the same…"

Chrissy nods than hearing a groan from their mother; they kneel down beside her to assess her injuries. "Chris, we've got to stop the bleeding." Alex had struck her head when she went down, but the cat had taken a swipe at her, the claws leaving deep furrows in her thigh.

"Chris do you still remember those plants that Dad had shown us how to use?" Seeing her nod, "See if you can find some." He cuts her pant leg away, and using water from their canteen, soaks his neckerchief then lays it over the wound.

Chris returns empty handed, "Jimmy, there isn't anything up here, it's too rocky, nothing but these mesquite bushes. We need to get back to the horses."

"We have to stop the bleeding first," he takes his shirt off and using it as a bandage wraps it around her leg.

Alex groans and tries to sit up, her voice shaky, "Chrissy, Jim, wha…" then as memory comes flooding back, "are … are you all right? Where's the…"

Gently pushing her back down, "It's gone, Mom, don't move. We have the bleeding almost stopped."

"Mom, we have to get you out of here, the smell of blood could bring all kinds of things out of the woodwork." Chrissy sits by her mom, making sure she stays still. Looking at Jimmy, "We need to find something to carry her out of here with."

"That's a good idea, Chris, but look around you. There's nothing up here, but rock and bushes."

"Damn, what I wouldn't give for my horse." Looks at Jimmy, smiles, "Sorry, that kinda just slipped out."

Alex grips Chrissy's hand, "I think we can overlook it, under the circumstances." Knowing that danger could still be close, "I want you and Jimmy to go back to the ranch and get your father, leave me the canteen, I'll be all right, it's not that far back."

"Mom, we can't leave you here, alone."

"We won't leave you here, alone." Jimmy adds.

"You two listen to me, and do what I tell you. Move me back into that rock overhang, I'll be fine."

They slide her back under the rock, but instead of leaving they sit down beside her. "Jim, we've got to get her out of here. She can't walk and we can't carry her. So ... since I'm the fastest runner, I'll go for the horses. You're bigger, you stay here, and take care of her"

"No! I want both of you to go. NOW!" She puts her hand to her head as a wave of dizziness sweeps through her.

"Mom, listen, there is no way we're going to leave you here alone, so you might as well quit arguing." Chrissy slides her arms around her mom's shoulder, squeezing gently, then kissing her on the cheek, "We're less than five miles from the horses, I should be back in an hour, maybe less. I'll bring Chance back with me, he's the best for rock climbing." She moves away from the overhang, stands and starts back down the trail.

"Chris … send the other horses home, that'll bring Dad on the run." She nods, and turns to leave, "And Chris … be careful."

Chrissy smiles at him and takes off at a trot, gaining speed as she hits her stride. Running like the devil himself is after her, she jumps over boulders, and twists around corners, covering ground like a frightened deer. Sliding on loose stones, she curls and goes into a somersault when she trips. Standing, she assesses her injuries, a scraped elbow, and a torn pant leg. As she reties her fallen ponytail, she catches a movement out of the corner of her eye. Turning her head quickly she sees the large silver wolf, watching her. Releasing a breath of fear, she smiles, brushes her hands on her pants and starts running again down the trail, catching sight of the wolf several times running off to the side of her. Stopping at a small stream to catch her breath, Chrissy notices the wolf pausing to take a drink. 'He should be with Jimmy and Mom.' Chrissy squats down, her eyes on a level with the wolf, just three feet from her. "I don't know if you can understand me or not but you need to go back." The wolf's ears flick forward at her words, "Go back to Jimmy … and Mom." She points back up the trail, tears beginning to glisten in her eyes. "Oh … please, go back. They need you more than I do." The wolf doesn't move for several long seconds, then turns, takes a few steps back up the trail, and when Chrissy smiles and nods her head, the wolf takes off running back toward Jimmy and her mom. Wiping her eyes she starts running again, knowing the horses are close.

When she breaks through the brush to the clearing where they had left the horses, she breathes a sigh of relief and throws her arms around the neck of her mustang pony, saying a silent prayer. Turning to the other horses, she ties their reins up on the saddle horn and slaps them on the rump, sending them home.

"Come on, Chance, we have to hurry." Swinging up on her small mustang, she turns him around, and starts back to where she left her mom and brother. She brings Chance to a sliding stop when she hears a shrill whistle behind her. Riding back into the clearing, she sees her dad and big brother riding up at a full run. Jumping off of her pony, "Dad!" and runs into his arms.

"Chrissy, where's your mother?"

"Jimmy's with her, she's hurt, a cougar, we have to hurry. Come on, I'll show you."

With his heart in his throat, "Let me have Chance, Chrissy, you take Ranger. Are they on the trail?"

"Yes, Dad, about 3 or 4 miles straight ahead." He turns the small mustang, gives him a light kick in the belly and they begin the slippery ride up the shale-covered path. Walker pushes the little mustang hard, worry etched deep in his face.


He had been sitting on the swing on the porch, smiling, watching John wash his new truck, when he heard the eerie howl of the wolf, causing shivers to run up and down his spine. He moved quickly off the porch and out into the yard, when he saw the wolf down by the corral, dread filled his heart. He yelled for John and took off running for the barn. The wolf ran back to the edge of the trees and stopped almost as if he was waiting on them.

Walker quickly saddled Ranger and moved out of the barn, John following right behind him. The wolf was still there, when Walker mounted Ranger the wolf took off running. That was the last time they saw him. But Walker had known where to go. When Alex and Jimmy's horses flew past him on the trail, he had urged Ranger faster. Riding into the clearing, he barely catches a glimpse of Chrissy, on her mustang, disappearing into the brush. Giving a shrill whistle, he pulls to a stop and jumps off, when Chrissy emerges in the clearing again. Catching her in his arms, he had felt closer to Alex. He had switched horses, because Chance could climb over the shale like a mountain goat.


After Chris leaves, Jimmy moves up closer to his mom, "Jimmy, you should have gone with her, I'm all right."

"Yeah, right. You're shivering Mom, in eighty degree weather," he slides her down to a prone position then wraps his arms around her, getting as close as he can, to share his body heat with her. At fourteen he's as tall and several pounds heavier then she is. With her head on his shoulder that's when he feels the lump on her head. He rolls her slightly and sees dried blood on his t-shirt.

He leaves her long enough to check her thigh, the bleeding has stopped but the wound looks ugly, and puffy. Infection! 'God, Chrissy, hurry!' He moves back up and pulls her back against him.

Listening to her soft even breathing calms him some, but he knows that it could change in an instant. In the quiet lazy afternoon heat, he dozes off.

He wakes, disoriented, but when Alex begins mumbling, he comes fully alert. Glancing around, he realizes that he had only been asleep, maybe thirty minutes. He looks at his mother's face, covered in sweat, fever, he takes his t-shirt off and soaks it with what little water is left in the canteen, then in frustration, throws it out into the brush. Wiping her face, and her neck, the worry shows on his face, 'Hurry Chris' he pleads silently. He leaves the small overhang and walks around to see if he can find any water, keeping his mom in sight. Nothing! To afraid to go very far, he turns back and that's when he sees the wolf, lying on the top of the overhang. "Wow. You're beautiful. You wouldn't have any water on you would you?" Chuckling softly at his remark, Jimmy moves back and sits with his mom.

Still wiping her face with the now damp shirt, "Oh, God, Mom, hang on." Jimmy jerks around when he hears the rustle of bushes. An expression of pure wonder covers his face when he sees the wolf appear carrying the canteen by the strap, sloshing water out with every step he takes. He stops, staring at Jimmy for a few seconds, then hesitantly moves forward till he's close enough for the boy to take the canteen. Then he backs up, sits down and watches as Jimmy soaks the shirt again, and continues to wipe his mom's brow and neck. With repeated cooling, her ramblings stop and, feeling her forehead, and finding it cool, knows the fever is down for now. He takes the canteen and dribbles a couple of drops into her mouth. When she licks her lips, he lets a few more drops drip into her mouth. He keeps this up until she relaxes in his arms. He shuts his eyes in silent prayer, and when he opens them the wolf is lying on the other side of Alex. His head is down on his paws, resting, but his senses are alert.

Jimmy sits staring at the beautiful animal, still finding it hard to believe that a creature from one of his father's stories is right here with him. When the wolf suddenly stands, drops his head down into a warning stance, Jimmy turns to look at what had brought the animal to his feet. Several minutes pass before he hears the rustling and the unmistakable sound of shod hooves on rock. A grin splits across his face, when he sees Chrissy's little mustang come into view with his dad on his back.

When Walker first sees the unbelievable scene, he's stunned. But seeing Alex lying on the ground, he forgets everything else. When Jimmy comes up to him he wraps his arms around his son, hugs him hard and turns to look at Alex.

"She's resting, now, Dad. The bleeding has stopped but we need to get her to a doctor. She has a fever and was been mumbling something."

"The wolf…?"

"He's been helping us."

Walker moves up to Alex, kneeling beside her, knowing it's going to take more than this wolf to keep him from her side. But the animal turns and moves off into the brush. Evidently deciding he isn't needed any longer.

By the time Chrissy and John arrive, he has checked Alex over thoroughly, and trying to decide the best way to get her down the trail.

"Chrissy, can Chance carry double?"

"I … don't know, Dad." The idea of what her dad is thinking, "You … you're going to carry her down … riding Chance?!"

"That's the only way I can think of to get her down in a hurry. I want both of you behind me, taking your time, Ranger and Bojangles aren't use to this shale. Don't push them. Okay?" His eyes slide from one to the other. "Jimmy, you ride behind Chris on Ranger, okay? But, please, take your time, I don't want any of you getting hurt trying to hurry. If it gets bad, get off and lead them." He brings up Chance, and mounts, "You boys bring your Mom to me now."

As he watches her head roll limply, his heart skips a beat. When she is safely snuggled into his arms, he leans over and places his lips to her forehead. The kids, seeing the pain in their father's eyes, move back silently when he prods Chance into a walk. The pony takes the extra weight in stride, and moves confidently down the trail. Walker releases the reins, letting them slip from his fingers to loop around the saddle horn. He lets the little mustang set his own pace, knowing he will get them home. Holding Alex gently in his arms, letting them act as a buffer from the jolts of the pony's steps. He vaguely hears chatter behind him, and the words wolf and cougar are mentioned numerous times. He brings the mustang to a stop once to readjust the bandage after noticing fresh bleeding. When Jimmy brings up the canteen he dribbles a few cool drops over her forehead, and into her mouth. When she calms he resumes the trip. It's taking too long, but he's afraid to prod the pony to move faster for fear of sliding on the slick shale. At this pace it will probably be dark by the time they get home.

The sun is almost down by the time they get to the clearing, and everyone is surprised when they see Angel, patiently waiting. "Chrissy, get on Angel and get back to the house. Call for a Medi-vac helicopter." After she takes off, he turns to Jimmy, "Swap horses with me, Jimmy. Ranger has an easier gait and I think Chris's little pony is tired. He'll make it just don't push him to hard, okay?"

"Okay, Dad. Chance is a stout little mustang, ain't he? I wish I'd seen him first."

"Yes, he is. Your sister has a good eye for horseflesh. Ask her to pick out your next one for you. She'd like that."

Jimmy smiles, "Yeah, I might do that."

With Alex nestled back in his arms, he clucks to Ranger and they move out into his smooth ground-eating gait. By the time he sees the house in the distance, he hears the whipping of helicopter blades, sighs, and then leans over, kissing Alex gently on the lips.

A flutter of eyelids, a soft whisper, "Cordell…?"

"Shh … it's all right, we're home."

"The kids…?"

"They're all fine, go back to sleep, honey." Feeling her relax in his arms, he blinks the tears back and hands Alex down to the para-medics. Handing the reins to Chrissy, "The boys will be here shortly. Call Jessie and then have John bring you into town in your mom's car."

He pulls her into his arms, kisses her forehead. "Mom's gonna be all right, Dad."

"I know hon. I gotta go, I'll see you at the hospital." He runs and climbs in the helicopter, joining Alex on the ride to Dallas.


Jessie moves back from the door of her Mom's room, watching her dad sitting at the side of her bed, holding her hand. She marvels at the strong love they still have for each other after over twenty years of marriage. Smiling softly she moves back to sit beside C.D., wanting to hear the story of what had happened out there.

Chrissy and Jimmy, tell the story together, one filling in the gaps when the other hesitates. No embellishment is needed, as the story itself is remarkable with just the bare facts. The two youngsters are still running on adrenaline, as their eyes are bright with excitement, very animated with the telling. When they crash, they'll need some comforting arms.

C.D. slides his arm around Jessie, pulls her into his side, and murmurs, "Jessie, when those two slow down, they'll fall hard. We need to be ready to catch them."

"I know, Grampa, I'm ready"


After Chrissy tells her story, she moves to the doorway, wanting to see her mom. Looking at her dad, she sees the pain in his eyes, and prays that they got her to the hospital in time. Her eyes shifting to her mom's face, she sees her eyelids flutter, she whispers, "Dad…"

He looks up at her then to Alex's face, and a smile slowly emerges on his face. A soft murmur, "Alex …?"

"The kids … Chris … Jimmy?

"The kids are fine," he looks up to see them entering the room. "There … see for yourself."

She turns her head slightly, and tears fill her eyes as she sees her children at her side. "You two don't listen very good." She shuts her eyes trying to blink back the tears. "But, you did good. I'm proud of you."

Chrissy picks up her hand, holding it tight, "Mom, you just rest, okay? Get your strength back so we can take you home." She leans over, placing a kiss on her forehead, then moves back as Jimmy takes her place.

"You won't believe the story we have to tell you, when you get home." He backs away as John moves up and whispers, "Wait till you see my truck, Mom," Then Jessie leaning over and whispering, "Rest good, Mom, so Dad won't be breaking you out of here."

C.D. and Jimmy, speak softly to her, telling her not to worry, they'll take care of the kids until she's back on her feet. "Cordell, we're going to take the kids over to my place and feed them, then we'll take them home." Touches his shoulder, "You stay here as long as you want."
"Thanks, C.D."

Trivette, seeing Alex relaxing into sleep, looks at Walker, "Been quite a day, hasn't it, pard?"

"It sure has, Trivette. A day I can do without."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. You've got great kids there, man. I'm not sure I understand their story but I sure don't doubt it, I've seen this stuff in action to much to doubt it anymore." He shakes his head in puzzlement, turns to leave, and as he passes through the door, Walker hears,

"A Cherokee Encounter of the third kind."

The End