Chrissy’s Birthday Party

                                                                                                By Vonnie (

Pulling her robe tighter across her breasts, Alex pushes the screen door open and steps outside onto the porch. Taking a deep breath of the crisp morning air, she moves up to the railing, and wraps her arms around the support post, watching the sun peak shyly over the horizon. 

Being the first up in the Walker house is a rarity for her, since her husband has always held that distinct honor. Until today. She smiles as she remembers the ‘special promise’ she had kept last night.  Feeling just a little decadent after her actions, she blushes slightly, still amazed at the way she had behaved with him. But she knew he had enjoyed it, every excruciating minute of it.  Which is probably why he is still in bed this morning. She had made sure that every nerve in his body was tingling with raw desire throughout the ‘promise’. She hadn’t made out too bad either. Watching him moaning and writhing on the bed, from her administrations, had brought her close to release several times. But when she had finally let him enter her, he had brought her to the most incredible orgasm that she can ever remember. It had gone on forever, it seemed, as she had still felt the spasms pulsating through her when she had finally fallen asleep in his arms.

She sags against the post as she feels the beginnings of desire stirring from deep within as she remembers that climax. She jumps slightly when she suddenly feels arms slide around her waist, then relaxing, she leans back against his chest. Feeling his lips against her neck, she murmurs, “Good morning.”

“Hmmm … it’s a glorious morning, honey.” He tightens his hold, pulling her into him, letting her body melt into his, a perfect fit. “Have I thanked you … for last night?’

“Oh, yes … if you enjoyed it that’s all the thanks I need.” She turns her head enough to accept his lips on hers. “You … did … enjoy it, didn’t you?”

“God, Alex, where did you come up with all of that stuff, especially all those veils?  No … don’t tell me.” He buries his face in her hair. “But the … cherry … was the best. Maybe we should keep a jar of them in the bedroom.  I’ve thought of a few uses for them myself.” His voice drops to a murmur, “like I could maybe put one…” he whispers into her ear, “and then I could…” more whispering.

She feels a jolt of heat in her nether regions and her knees buckle as his suggestion flashes in her mind. She whispers, “Cordell, stop it. Or I’m going to drag you back up to that bed, right now.”

“Maybe we’d better wait till tonight, give me time to build my … strength back up.” He turns her around to face him. “It’s a good thing today is Saturday, because, baby … there’s no way I could concentrate on work today.” He kisses her and pulls her into a tight embrace.

“There was only one thing that I missed last night.” She moves her hands up through his tousled hair. Then looking in to his eyes, she flashes an impish smile, “Your screams, and your moans of ecstasy; maybe we could sound proof our bedroom, ummm?”

“Alex, you are something else. How would we explain that to the kids?”

She laughs heartily at that and says, “Speaking of which, we need to start planning for Chrissy’s seventh birthday. It’s not that far off, you know, just two weeks.” She sighs and lays her head down against his chest. “Our baby is growing up pretty fast.”

“I know. It’s scary how grownup she sounds sometimes.” Touches his lips to her forehead, “taking after her Momma, she is.”

“Think so, huh?” She places a light kiss to his lips, pulls back out of his arms, “I think I’m going to get a shower, by then, the girls will probably be getting up and it will be time to start breakfast.”

He releases her, “Okay. I’ll feed the horses, get my shower, then help you in the kitchen.” He starts down the steps as she opens the screen door, “The boys will be back about noon, right?”

“That’s what John said.” After seeing his nod, she enters the house and goes upstairs for her shower.


Alex hears the two girls moving around in their room as she comes out of the bedroom, dressed in jean cutoffs and a tank top, knowing the day will be another warm one. As she starts down the stairs, Walker comes in the front door and starts up the stairs, giving her a kiss as he passes her on his way to the shower. “Breakfast will be served within the hour, girls,” she hollers over her shoulder.

Alex has bacon sizzling in one skillet, sausage in another, and the third standing by to accept the eggs, when Jessie and Chris walk into the kitchen. “What can we do to help, Mom?”

“One of you can get the juice and the other can start the toast. How do you two want your eggs?”

“Scrambled for me, Mom.” Chrissy answers as she fills the juice glasses.

“Me, too.” Jessie tosses two slices of bread into the toaster, and turns to get the butter and jelly from the refrigerator. “Mom, did Dad hurt himself last night? Coming back from the bathroom, I thought I heard him holler.”

“Umm … no … Oh, that must have been when he … ah … stubbed his toe. Yeah, that was it.” Alex turns her back to Jessie, feeling the heat rise up her neck into her face. I was afraid of that. But I just didn’t get his mouth covered fast enough that time. Oh, darling, you did get away from me once.

Just then Walker comes into the kitchen, “Boy, it smells good in here. And I’m starved. I’ve really … worked up an appetite.”

“How’s your toe this morning, Daddy?” He gives Jessie a puzzled look, then glances at Alex.

Alex turns to look at him with a wary eye, “You remember … you yelled …when you stubbed your toe … on the leg of the bed … last night?”

“Huh? …  Oh … yeah. My … toe. It’s fine. It hardly hurts, now.” The red creeps up his neck as well, and he quickly changes the subject. “So … what are you girls going to be doing today? 


After breakfast, the girls disappear upstairs to clean their rooms, and Walker helps Alex with clearing the table and cleaning up the kitchen.

A quiet murmur breaks the silence as they work together, “Stubbed my toe, huh?”

“Well … I had to think fast.”

“I wonder … if the soundproofing would take more than a day?”

Alex giggles and gives him a nudge with her elbow, “We’ll just have to behave ourselves, honey.”

Walker turns then, and pulls Alex into his arms. “You know that will never happen.” He kisses the tip of her nose, “Besides, I … might get another ‘special’ promise sometime soon.”

She pulls back, searching his eyes, “Cordell Walker, after the way you were swearing at me last night about getting even…”

He pulls her back into his arms, eyes sparkling, “That was in the heat of the moment, honey. But you’re right.”

She feels his lips on her neck, moving up to her ear, a tingling sensation runs through her, joining with the other sensations that are pooling in the bottom of her belly. “Walker, this is definitely not the time nor the place, to be stirring up…”

His mouth covers hers, cutting off her words, then mumbles against her lips, “Getting even … that’s a good idea.”

Alex backs away from him, “Walker, don’t you dare.” Seeing the devilish glint in his eyes, a tremor runs the length of her body, and she opens her mouth to protest, but it goes unsaid as Chrissy comes bounding into the kitchen.

“Mom, Jessie wants to know if you want her to clean your bedroom for you this morning?”

A frantic look of horror crosses Alex’s face as she remembers some of the paraphernalia that she might have left lying around their room. She rushes out of the kitchen, heading for the stairs, “Jessie, I’ll take care of my bedroom, you … need to start getting ready if you going with Wade and his family this morning.”

“Okay, Mom.”

Walker joins her at the foot of the stairs, slides his arm around her waist, feeling the tension leave her, he whispers, “I put everything away after my shower, even stripped the bed.”

“Walker, why didn’t you tell me. I could just hear some of the questions she would ask.” She turns and sits down on the step. “I can’t believe I didn’t put that … stuff … away.”

“There wasn’t that much out. Just the veils on the foot of the bed and … the jar of cherries on the nightstand.”

“That’s enough. How would you explain a jar of maraschino cherries on the nightstand?”

“Midnight snack?”

She looks at him and when she sees the smile on his face, she collapses against him in a fit of giggles. “Well, it was that, wasn’t it?”

“What’s so funny, you two. Tell me so I can laugh, too.” They look up to see Chrissy standing in front of them.


That night and every night for the next week, Alex is on pins and needles, wondering if Walker is planning a ‘get even’ night for her. Delivering exquisite pleasure is one thing, but being on the receiving end is entirely something else. Oh, they’ve made love every night and sometimes more often but nothing comes even close to the ‘special’.  So by the end of the week she decides that it is all threats on his part and has really thrown herself into the planning of Chrissy’s birthday party.

One week before her birthday, Alex pulls Chrissy into the kitchen, “I need your list of kids you want to invite to your party, honey, so that I can get the invitations for you to fill out.”

Chrissy hems and haws around for several minutes, “Can I just tell the kids at school instead of invitations?”

“Well, you could, but wouldn’t it be nicer if you gave each one an invitation?”

“I guess. I’ll get all their names and we can make them out this weekend, okay?”

“That’s fine. Do you know how many you need?”

“Hmmm … thirty-four, I think.  I want to ask the whole class.”

“That’s nice. No one likes to feel left out. If they don’t want to come, that’s all right. We’ll put RSVP on them, that way we’ll know how many to count on, okay?

“Okay, but what’s RSVP mean?”

“It means they should call to let you know if they can come or not.”

“Oh!” Suddenly Chrissy jumps up, “There’s Daddy! He promised to take me riding when he got home today!” Upon hearing the Ram pull into the driveway, she is out the door in a rush.

Alex stands and moves to the front door, watching Chrissy run up to Walker. He bends over and picks her up, and gives her a hug and kiss before putting her back down. Alex’s heart always swells when she sees Walker show his tender side with the kids. Pushing the door open, she moves outside to the porch when he begins walking toward the house.  With her love for him shining in her eyes, she waits till he ascends the steps then moves up to him and they wrap their arms around each other, and consummate their greeting with a warm, tender kiss. A sight the kids have seen many times and would probably think something was wrong with their parents if this didn’t happen when they had been apart any length of time.

“Hi, Cowboy,” she murmurs as she kisses him again.

“Hi.” After a warm embrace he steps back with his arm still around her, “want to go riding with us?”

“No … this is Chrissy’s time with you. I’ll let her have you all to herself … for a little while.”

He smiles, “Okay, we won’t be gone long, I promise.”

When he says that ‘word’ she turns to look into his eyes and seeing nothing suggestive, she relaxes again and watches as he walks to the barn with Chrissy.


 After the children have all gone to bed, Walker and Alex relax in the swing on the porch, enjoying the quiet time before they turn in. With Chrissy’s birthday right around the corner, they find themselves still discussing a gift.

“Darling, have you thought anymore about what to get Chrissy for her birthday? I know what she’s wanting but do you think she’s old enough for a horse of her own?”

“I know, hon, but Chrissy is pretty level headed. I don’t think she’ll try to take on more than she can handle. If we get her a yearling, it’ll be awhile before she can ride it.”

“Well, if you think she can handle it, I’ll agree. I trust your judgement on something like this.”

He nuzzles his face into her hair, “Just on something … like this?”

Alex turns her head, letting her lips find his, a lingering kiss, then murmurs softly, “I trust you with my life and everything that involves.”

The statement warms his very soul, “As I do you. We’re bound together for all eternity, hon.” He shifts her from his lap and stands, pulling her up, “Come on, lets go in … and … get bound together upstairs.” He wraps his arm around her and gently steers her into the house.


The closer the day gets for her birthday party, the more nervous Chrissy becomes. She is dreading the ‘birthday kiss’ but she has promised Josh and he has been true to his word and has not pestered her that first time since she had made the offer. But now the time is getting close when she will have to follow up on her promise.

Walker has noticed her jumpiness but decides not to say anything, afraid it would make her feel worse. 

When the morning of the party arrives, Chrissy forgets all about Josh and the kiss because her parents have told her she could have a horse as a gift from them and they will go to pick it up right after breakfast.  Getting her to sit still long enough to eat breakfast is almost impossible.

Jessie understands her sister’s joy and volunteers to clean up the kitchen. “I’ll do it Mom, she’s going to be in little bitty pieces if she has to wait much longer.”

Chrissy throws her arms around her sister, “Oh, thank you, Jessie. I owe you big time.” She turns to face her parents, “Can we go now?”

When they arrive at the MacPearson ranch, Wade greets them as they drive up. He watches as the car unloads and the smile on his face disappears. “I’m sorry Wade, Jessie didn’t come with us today.”

He shuffles his feet, a light blush creeping up his neck, “That’s all right, ah … I’m to show you the horses that we have for sale. You’re in luck, we have some really nice ones on hand now.”

They all move up to a corral with several yearlings milling around. Chrissy moves up to the pen, looking through the railings watching the playful antics of the young horses. But she notices one in a pen by himself, stocky but not as fancy looking as the ones in the larger group.  She walks over and stares at the lone horse.

Walker moves up and takes her hand, “Come on, Chrissy, time to make a choice.”  She walks up to the pen and climbs up and sits on the top railing. “Which one, Chrissy?”

“Wade, what’s wrong with that one over there?”

“Nothing, but that’s a mustang, chances of making him a good riding horse are slim.”

“Is he for sale?”

Wade glances at the Walkers, “Well, yes he is, but these horses here would be a better choice for you.”

“Daddy, I want that one.” She climbs down and moves over to look at the lonely mustang, her Mom and Dad following but hesitant to agree to her choice.

“Wade is he healthy?”

“Yes sir, he’s been checked out thoroughly. But he’s going to need a lot of TLC. He’s an orphan, so he’s had to fight to survive.”

Walker kneels down in front of Chrissy, “Honey, why do you want this one, those over there are a lot prettier and friendlier.”

“Yes, I know. But it won’t be hard for them to find good homes, what will happen to him if no one wants him?”

“I don’t know honey, but I don’t think…”

“Well, I want this one. He needs a chance to find a happy home, too. I want this one, please?”

“He’s going to take a lot of work, honey, are you real sure?”

“Yes, Daddy, I’m sure.”

“Well, okay … honey, on one condition.” She turns to looks at him then, “If he proves to be dangerous, or unpredictable we can’t keep him.”

“She stares at him hard for several long minutes, “Okay … but he won’t be. He just needs a chance to prove himself, you’ll see.”

Chrissy is in seventh heaven when the papers are signed and the little mustang is loaded into their horse trailer. She is a bubbling fountain of happiness on the ride back home until some one mentions that her guests should start arriving at around 1:00 o’clock, so she wouldn’t have to much time to spend with the horse until late afternoon.

The party is a huge success and when Josh finally arrives he gives her a small gift, tells her Happy Birthday then goes to play with the other boys that are there. Good, maybe he’s forgot. Everyone asks about her new horse so she takes them all down to the corral. After several minutes of polite comments about him, everyone moves back to the games and food tables, but when Chrissy turns to follow, she bumps into Josh.

“I like your horse Chrissy.  He’ll make a good one for you.”

“You think so?”

“Yep, sure do.” He stands at Chrissy’s side, “Can I get a kiss, now?”

“I … guess. A promise is a promise.” She shuts her eyes and puckers her lips. She feels a warm touch to her mouth, then it’s gone. She opens her eyes and looks at him, not believing it’s over so fast. “That’s it? That’s all there is to it?”

“Yeah, did you like it? I sure did. You’re the first girl I’ve ever kissed.” He turns and starts walking back to join the rest of the kids. “I’ll be back for another one your next birthday.”

“Hey, I just said one on my birthday!”

“That’s right, I only kissed you once, next year I’ll kiss you, once, again. Bye.”

She stands staring after him, not sure what to make of all this fuss over a kiss. There was nothing to it. Shrugging her shoulders, she takes off to join the party.


The following week, things fall back into routine, the kids are back in school, and Alex and Walker get caught up in their work, again. The heat wave that has had Texas in it’s grip the last days of summer finally lets go as autumn slips in with a slightly cooler touch.

Alex has forgotten all about Walker’s comment on ‘getting even’ but he hasn’t. The biggest obstacle is finding a way to empty the house for one weekend, or even just for one night.  Because he definitely doesn’t want to silence Alex’s screams when passion consumes her or her moans of delight when she is partaking of the pleasures he intends to bestow upon her. Just sitting at his desk, supposedly doing paper work, he can feel himself getting hard just thinking of what he has planned for her. Everything will fall into place, I just have to bide my time, beside the longer it takes, the more of a surprise it will be.

Then, it happens, without any help from Walker at all. The second week of October, Jessie is invited by Wade’s family to join them on a horse-buying trip to Oklahoma for the weekend, the boys have a camping trip with the scouts from Friday after school till Sunday afternoon at Lake Ebby. And Chrissy, bless her heart, is spending the weekend on the Cherokee reservation, leaning about the care and training of mustangs under the guidance of cousin, Sam Coyote.

At the dinner table on Wednesday night, it’s all Walker can do to hide the joy he feels, when each child comes forth with their plans for the coming weekend. Keeping the grin off his face, and his voice non-committal, and his body from reacting to the news is definitely an Oscar winning performance. But the hardest part is not letting his exuberance carry over into his lovemaking for the next couple of nights.


After Walker helps Sam load Chance, the name chosen for her little mustang, into the horse trailer, and then kissing Chrissy goodbye, he joins Alex on the porch, watching the last of the kids leave home, for the weekend.

He turns to Alex, takes her into his arms, kisses her softly on the lips, and then pulls her with him to sit on the swing. The evening air is a little crisp, but still warm enough to enjoy watching the sun close out the day.  Cuddled back in his arms, Alex feels at peace with the world. She closes her eyes, letting her body relax after the stressful day she had had in court. She can feel melancholy creeping in and his hand creeping up under her shirt, resting against her skin.  His touch is always welcome, and as his fingers begin to caress her breast, a soft sigh escapes her lips. His mouth begins to nibble at her ear, his tongue lightly licks across it bringing forth another sigh and a slight tremor. Her body becomes more pliant in response to the subtle petting, as little tingles of desire begin to tease her senses. It doesn’t register when he unbuttons her jeans or pulls the zipper down.

But when his hand slips under the waistband of her bikini panties and she feels his fingers brushing through the curls, tickling at her most sensitive area, she gasps and her hips respond instinctively, thrusting up against his hand, bringing her out of her trance. A whisper, “Ahh … Cordell … not … here.” Her hands grip his arm tightly, trying to keep from giving in to the rush of desire, but as his fingers plunge deep inside her, her hips moving frantically trying to keep pace with his working fingers.  Suddenly, her fingers dig into his arms, as her body shudders violently, and she stiffens against the onslaught of spasms that rocket through her.

Walker smiles, holding her tight, knowing this is the first of the many that she will have before the sun comes up in the morning.

When her body goes limp, he turns her head and touches his lips to hers, whispering softly, “Getting even will be so sweet, my love.” Her eyes fly open and she struggles to sit up but with his arms wrapped around her, she’s unable to move.

A feeble cry, “Walker, noooo … please. You’re not being fair. At least I gave you warning.”

His mouth, resting at her neck, he mumbles, “Yes, a warning, but it did nothing to prepare me for what was to come.”

“But you … said you enjoyed it.”

“Oh, I did, honey, as I’m sure you’ll enjoy tonight and … tomorrow … and tomorrow night. A full weekend. And you can scream to your hearts content.”

A moan, “Oh … Walker … I’m sorry.”

“Apology is too late. Besides … none is needed.” His hand creeps up to cup her breast, gently caressing, “When you came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but those veils … swirling, twisting, … the way you were touching yourself, I thought I’d go mad with watching you, and not letting me touch you.”  Her breathing becomes ragged as he remembers her dance.  “You kept bringing me close, like this, only to back away and leave me wanting.” His hand slides down over her belly, “but I don’t,” moving inside her jeans again, “intend … to back away,” inching lower caressing her thighs then his fingers are brushing over the crotch of her panties. “Do you like this honey,” A moan, and a shudder is his only answer.

When he starts withdrawing his hand, she tries to fight him, “Yes, oh … God … Cordell … Please don’t … stop” 

His voice raspy, hoarse, “Oh, I won’t stop, baby, just tell me what you want.” His hand slips inside her panties again, his fingers tracing circles in the nest of curls hidden from his view by her jeans and panties. His mouth pulls on her lower lip, sucking gently, “This, or maybe…” his fingers slide into the already moist sweetness, “this!”  Alex cries against his mouth as his fingers stroke her, and his other hand caresses her breast, pinching the nipple bringing her exquisite pain.

Desire is running amok through his body, but unlike Alex’s sweet torment, he doesn’t intend to deny himself of any of her pleasures.  He shifts her body slightly, just enough to move her off his throbbing erection.  He unbuttons his jeans and quickly slides the zipper down, then taking her hand, places it on top of his arousal. His voice barely audible now, “Touch me, Alex, yessss …like that.”  She caresses him as he caresses her, both are clearly nearing the jumping off point. Suddenly Walker pushes Alex up and deftly turns her around to face him, straddling his hips. As he lifts her, she guides him into her hot, moist center. As he fills her, she moans softly and wraps her arms around his neck.  Their hips begin moving in unison, working quickly toward the same goal. Release! When it comes, it sends enormous spasms careening through them, leaving them both weak and … very satisfied.

Walker cradles her bottom with his hands, then stands and carries her into the house and up the stairs into their bedroom, never loosing their connection.  He sits down on the bed, rolls over with her on top of him. “Alex,” a soft whisper, “what was in those jars?”

She didn’t try to pretend she didn’t know what he meant, and lifting her head from his chest, she looks into his eyes, “Nothing really, just cream. It wasn’t what was in them, it’s what you thought was in them. Aphrodisiacs, right?” A slight nod of his head. “Darling, you don’t need them, I’m all the aphrodisiac you need, I can make you … rise to the occasion … anytime … I want.”

“Is that so?”

“Mmm … pay attention, now.” She reaches down between their bodies and touches him where he is joined with her. She can feel him growing inside of her, smiles at him and murmurs, “See!”

He smiles and wrestles her beneath him, and begins plying kisses and soft touches to every part of her body that he can reach without leaving her. She begins moaning and arching her hips up, desire filling her senses to the breaking point.  A breathless whisper, “Honey … don’t just … lie there … do something!” and she accentuates the request with frantic heaving of her body.

Even though he is wound as tight as she is, he continues to lie still. His voice is husky, “What would you like … me to do, baby?”

“Walker,” a pleading whine, “please move with me.” Slowly he begins to withdraw then a slow plunge follows, the ebb and flow is frustratingly slow, and it take all of his will power to maintain that pace. But that changes dramatically when she wraps her legs around his waist bringing him in deeper. Then she sets the pace and he doesn’t have the will power to resist any longer and they are soon galloping at full speed for the edge of heaven. They both plummet simultaneously into that blissful abyss.

Alex slowly opens her eyes to the darkness, the only light coming from several candles placed around the room. She raises up on her elbow looking for Walker but he’s no where in sight. Sitting up, she groans at the soreness of strategic parts of her body. It’s been a long time since they have indulged in this much lovemaking in so short a time.  At least since the kids started arriving. Groaning, she gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom, hoping to get a quick shower before Walker returns and starts tormenting her again. She smiles, and turns the water on in the shower, adjusts the temperature and steps in. She is lost in the healing spray of the warm water as it washes over her body.

Feeling a draft, she opens her eyes to find her husband standing in front of her. Conversation is useless, Alex knows what’s coming, and that knowledge alone has her blood starting to heat. But he doesn’t touch her, except to take the nylon scrub, lather it with soap and begins to move it lightly over her body leaving the tantalizing smell of lilacs lingering on her skin. She stands still as he bathes her; front and back, returning to the front before dropping his hand down to wash between her legs. The touch is so light she can barely feel it, but the light touch is all that is needed as sensations begin building. She looks down, watching his hand move gently back and forth, the sight strangely erotic. But what’s more erotic is the sight of his manhood. It is enormous. She watches as it throbs against her belly, little drops of semen oozing from the tip. Unable to stop herself, she starts to kneel down in front of him, but he catches her under the arms and holds her up. Turning her around under the water to make sure the soap is rinsed off.  She looks up in his eyes, and he just smiles, shuts off the water and moves her out of the shower. Wraps one towel around her then takes another and gently dries her hair before carrying her to the bedroom.

Discarding the towels he lays her down on the bed, wanting to resume what he had started in the shower, but Alex has begun something she can’t stop. She moves out of his grasp and begins to nibble her way down over his chest, and his stomach, until her lips nears the core of his maleness. With her hands she begins to fondle him, cupping, gently squeezing, never realizing that he’s shifted her until she feels his breath between her thighs.

Holding him in one hand, she caresses him lower, using her tongue to explore the silkiness of his shaft. Intoxicated by the sensuous act, she instinctively seeks more.

She barely feels his hand as he bends her knee up. She slowly becomes aware of the kisses on her thigh, high on her thigh. She moans her delight when his fingers move into the source of her heat, slowly, tenderly opening her wide. Then, as his lips find her moistness and sucks gently, his hands shift to cup her buttocks, bringing her intimately closer. She struggles to maintain her own gentle touch with him, against the demand that is building, filling her with nearly unbearable need.

She strokes him as he strokes her, matching the deep plunge of his tongue with pulling him deep into the hot recess of her mouth. She tries to consume him as she is being consumed, merging together to become as one

With every muscle straining against the explosion, Walker suddenly twists, rises over her, and comes down to take her lips in a kiss of heavenly bliss. At the moment he enters her, his hips surge forward, grinding her into the mattress, plunging deep, to fill her completely.

Then as he feels the tremendous quickening in both their bodies, he holds himself above her. “Alex,” he gasps in a hoarse whisper. She opens her eyes to the wealth of love he offers, “I love you,” he mouths, withdrawing nearly completely, then slowly, ever so slowly filling her again.

As she mouths the words in return, she feels a powerful crescendo begin in her body, climbing higher, burning hotter, until it finally explodes with a cry from her lips.

Walker holds himself in tight control in an effort to prolong the glorious sensation of her contracting around him. Eyes bright and filled with passion, he drinks in her beauty as she arches in the throes of her climax.

On trembling arms be bows his back, withdraws one last time, and then drives forward into a climax that clears every thought from his mind but one, and that one is on his tongue at the supreme moment. “Alex!”

His body pulsates violently, for what seems an eternity of indescribable pleasure. “Ahh, Alex…” It is a hoarse moan muffled against her hair. “That was … you can’t believe what that … was…”

“I … think … I can.” Her voice whisper soft, as she tightens he arms around him, feeling languid and sedated.

They lay snuggled into each other’s arms, not asleep, but lying very still, as the aftermath of their lovemaking continues to send delicious tingles throughout their bodies.

“Well, darling, what have you got planned next on your ‘get even’ list? I’ve really enjoy myself, and you, so far.”

“Hmmm … I’ve got a confession to make. Nothing has gone like I planned. The night has been more or less an ad lib type of thing. It was fun teasing you about getting even, and more fun having an evening to ourselves. But having you in my arms makes my world complete.

“My ‘special promise’ was more a mind game than anything else. All I really had were the veils and the jar of cherries. Everything else was a prop. The dance, the teasing, the play, touching that’s what turned you on.” With her fingers playing through the soft hair on his chest, she raises up and kisses him softly on the lips.

“But … you sure did look beautiful dancing with those veils flowing around you. But you’re right it’s the touching and teasing that pushes the buttons.” He rubs his face through her hair, then suddenly stops, turns her face up to look into her eyes. “But this weekend doesn’t end … until we use up the maraschino cherries.”

Alex tries to sit up, “Walker, no … you can’t be serious. You just said…”

“I know, but it doesn’t hurt to add a little spice to our life once in awhile, does it?” With a look of pure lust on his face, “Where are they, Alex, what did you do with them.” He jumps out of bed and start opening the drawers in the nightstand, “Ahh … here they are.”

“Honey … please…

“Come here, Alex … come on honey…

“Oh … God…

The End