Christmas WAM
By Tammy

"Bye, thanks for coming. See you Monday. BYE!" Alex shut the door and leaning against it she sighed heavily. Closing her eyes she breathed in deeply enjoying the silence. For the past four hours, she and Walker had been entertaining people from the office, in the annual Christmas Party. Every other year they had held the party at the office but this year being they had finally gotten married they decided to open up the ranch and have the party away from the office. The turn out was wonderful, nearly everyone arrived, but neither her nor Walker had realized how much stress would be involved. Sure everyone had brought a dish, and Trivette and his "flavor of the month" had helped out a lot...but Alex hadn't been so stressed since that first time in court when she met Walker.

Suddenly she felt two powerful arms pulling her inward and without opening her eyes she laid her head on Walker's shoulder and allowed the stress to somewhat abate. "The party went well," Walker said as they walked to the living room and sat on the couch. Glancing down Walker smiled as he noticed Alex was quickly falling asleep. So bending forward he gently pressed his lips to hers, which brought a smile to her face.

"Sorry, I guess this party took a lot out of me."
"That's all can sleep...but not until I give you your present."
Hearing the statement Alex sat up. "Walker, you already gave me that sweater and took me out to dinner last night. You didn't have to get me anything else."
"I know Alex, but I love you and wanted to give you something. Okay I hadn't originally planned on getting you this but the other day I saw it and thought of you."
Alex's eyes began to tear at the words coming from Walker. Why at times could this man be so tender and yet at other times seemed to be as romantic as a rock. Looking over at him she held in a chuckle remembering that he indeed is a man and that that is the reason for most of his shortcomings.

Taking the small package from Walker's hands she tenderly tore the paper and found a black jewelry box. Pausing for a moment she wondered what on earth could have caused Walker to even think about entering another jewelry store, she had her engagement ring and wedding band...he had his...never in a million years did she think he would go back in there. They had spent hours trying to find her wedding band and a matching one for him. Afterwards he had sworn he would never set foot in another jewelry store.

"Alex, are you going to open it or just sit there and stare at the box?" Walker asked only because he was dying for her to see what was inside. The other day while he and Trivette had been out on a case they were sent to a jewelry store and while interviewing a witness to the heist Walker's eye had been drawn to a very special piece of jewelry and afterwards he bought it and had it engraved just for Alex.
Holding his breath for a split second while Alex opened the box and he watched as her eyes grew wife.

"Oh Walker, it's beautiful...where...why?" She asked a million more questions went through her head. Pulling the heart shaped locket out of the box her eyes began to tear.
"Turn it over, there's an inscription."
"You stole my heart so many years ago, and now I give it to you freely."

Tears flowed freely now from her eyes and as Walker fastened the necklace onto her neck he said, "This is so I'll always be near your heart."
Turning back around Alex wrapped her arms around Walker and then looking up into his eyes she pressed her lips to him in a passionate thank you.