This is a short story that came to mind after On My Way. Enjoy

Circle of Life an add-on to On My Way
By Sissy (

They stand together, Alex close at his side, Walker's arm around her waist, looking at the two small bundles in the incubators. Their eyes are glistening brightly with tears at seeing their first two grandchildren. Twins! They had known that twins ran in their family but it had missed theirs and Jessie is the one that has been blessed with them.

When the others leave to follow Wade to Jessie's room, they linger to gaze lovingly at the beautiful babies that will soon be running roughshod over the MacPhearson household and the Walker's hearts.

Alex turns to face her husband, blinks the tears from her eyes, and with a soft smile on her face she murmurs, "Grandpa."

He pulls her close, kissing away her tears as he wipes at his own, "Doesn't seem that long ago that you called me Daddy."

"I know. Doesn't seem possible that she's grown up with babies of her own, now."

"They're all growing up so fast. It won't be long till Chrissy will be coming to us about getting married."

"And you know as soon as John graduates law school, he and Melissa will get married if not before."

They turn with arms around each other's waist and walk down the hall towards Jessie's room. "At least Jimmy is still just in the dating stage."

"For now. But he is like you in so many ways. And I'm not talking about looks, although he looks so much like you and even more so, the older he gets. It wouldn't surprise me if tries to grow a beard. Maybe he'll wait … awhile before he makes up his mind."

"That was a dig, I know. You don't know how much I regret not seeing what was meant to be and wasting all those years."

"No honey, it wasn't a dig. I don't regret our life for one second, it happened just the way it was meant to happen. We have four of the most beautiful kids who are starting out on the most exciting time of their lives."

He turns and faces her, "We do, don't we." He leans close and kisses her softly. "Come on, Grandma, let's go see our Jessie and the babies."

"Okay … Grandpa."

They enter a room where there are a lot of oohs and aahs drifting in the air. When Jessie sees her parents enter the room, she says, "Okay kids, move out of the way so Grandma and Grandpa can have a peek."

As she looks at the small babies, sleeping soundly in the incubator, Alex murmurs, "They're so small are they all right?"

"They're just fine, Mom, just small. They have everything, all their toes and fingers, and Dad look at this." She leans over and inserts her hand inside one of the cribs and tilts back the hat on the baby dressed in blue, showing thick fuzz of red hair.

She exclaims softly, "Oh, Walker, look. Redheads," gripping his arm. "I take it the girl is the same?"

"Yes, they are in all ways, except for gender."

Chrissy standing to the side with Josh's arm around her waist, "Jessie, you aren't going to dress them to look alike, are you?"

"No way, Chrissy, they're individuals and I want to keep them that way." Everyone nods their head in agreement as the conversations drift to the fun and problems that the new parents will encounter with everything having to be done in twos.


Some six weeks after the big day, Walker and Alex are asked if they would like to baby-sit the twins. "We wanted an evening by ourselves, maybe … go out to eat. It's just that … well … Wade and I … we haven't … I mean … it's been so long…"

"Yes, honey, we would be delighted. No explanations needed. When will you bring them over?"

"Oh … how about as soon as we can get there. We just got back from the doctors so they're all ready, we'll just put them in the car and bring them right over. If … that's alright with you?"

Alex laughs, knowing the situation, "Yes, that's fine." She hangs up the phone to find Walker standing behind her.

"Who was that?"

"Jessie. They just got the go ahead to resume marital relations and they want us to baby sit this afternoon and probably this evening as well."

Walker grins, remembering how it was with him and Alex when they were given the go ahead after Jessie was born. "I can understand that. Are they coming over now?"

"Yes, they're on their way."

Jessie and Wade arrive and after much todo about leaving their babies for the first time, are finally convinced that they are being left in good hands.

Sitting in rocking chairs, side by side, with Walker holding Amy Alexandra and Nathan Cordell nestled in Alex's arms.

Alex brushes her fingers over the soft red fuzz on Nathan's head, murmuring softly, "I see Grandpa's hair and Wade's chin."

"Hmmm … I see Jessie's eyes, and their Grandmother's nose.

"Honey, this is so wonderful. Instead of one, we have double the pleasure."

"Yes," he murmurs, as his heart fills with love for the sweet bundle in his arms. "It can't get any better than this."

The End

God… it's hard to see them having grandchildren when we can't even see them as aging!(JG)