By  Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex was going over the brief that she wanted to present in the upcoming Beason case when the phone rang so she reluctantly answered it even though she had told her temporary secretary Susie to hold all calls "A.D.A. Cahill-Walker, what can I do for you?" The male caller told her "What you can do for me lady D.A. is to get your husband to back off because if you don't you'll be sorry. Very, very sorry and sooner than you think. Or should I say that you and those brats of yours are going to be hurt if your husband doesn't learn to mind his own business?"

Deciding that this might be an real threat instead of someone just trying to scare her Alex stalled for time "Who are you and what business is it of yours what my husband does? Where do you get off calling my children brats and then threatening them?" The caller replied "Nice try lady but it's not going to work. Now like I just told you get your husband to back off or else."

Alex tried again "Get him to back off of what? Can you be a little more specific? Because let's face it he has a lot of criminals running scared, so how do I know which one you want him to back off of?"

"Lady. I'm not going to stay on the line long enough for you to trace this call. What I am going to do is to prove to you that I can get to you and your brats. Be sure to check on the colt that your husband bought for your oldest son when you get home. You'll know when you see him that I can and will get to you and those kids of yours if your husband doesn't learn how to behave himself." The caller then slammed the phone down in Alex's ear.

Alex got her cell phone out and called the deputy who was in charge of courthouse security "Deputy Darren, this is A.D.A. Cahill-Walker I just had someone call me and threatened me and my children on my office phone and I would like to see if your office can possibly trace it. The caller said that if I didn't get my husband to back off he would hurt me and my children. He also said for me to check on my oldest son's colt when I got home and that I would know then that he would be able to get to me and my children if my husband didn't behave himself. It sounded like the caller was trying to muffle his voice or something."

Deputy Darren answered "We'll get started on it right away, as soon as we know anything we'll call you, okay? However A.D.A. Cahill-Walker it's most likely someone trying to upset you by threatening your family." Alex replied "Okay call me on my cell phone because I want to keep this line open in case he calls again. I hope that you're right about it being someone trying to upset me but I have a bad feeling about this, I think it's for real."

"Okay, I'll be in touch as soon as I find anything out." Darren told Alex and hung up. Alex then called Ranger headquarters again using her cell phone "Jenna, this is Alex, is my husband there by any chance?"

Jenna replied "No he isn't Mrs. Walker, did you want to leave a message?"

"No, I'll just see him when he gets home." Alex told her. Before Alex could even put her cell phone away it rang, it was Betty the nanny and she sounded pretty upset. "Alex, something has happened to Cloud."

"What?" Alex questioned Betty who answered "He's not himself right now. Look the children are right here listening but I think you should know that Sheriff Daimon is out by the barn right now to preserve the scene, if you know what I mean? Cal called him when he couldn't get ahold of Walker."

"Okay, I'm headed home right now. I'll call Walker on the way and let him know what's going on but in the meantime don't let any of the children leave the house. I had a phone call from someone and they told me to check on Cloud. They threatened the children and me and I guess that they just hurt Cloud to prove that they could get to us. Betty, I'll see you shortly." Alex said.

As Alex was going to her car she tried Ranger headquarters again "This is Alex, is Walker there yet?" Jenna Renee answered "No, he's not. Do you want to leave a message this time?"

"Yes tell him that I received a threatening phone call a little while ago. The caller threatened me and the children if Walker didn't back off and he then said for me to check on Cloud when I got home. Cloud has been hurt and Sheriff Daimon is at the ranch to preserve the crime scene. Tell Walker that he has to get home as soon as he can. I'm headed there myself." Alex informed Jenna.

Chapter Two

When Alex arrived home she pulled up in front of the barn and went to where Sheriff Daimon was standing, Alex asked him "How is Cloud? Do you know if Cal called the vet?"

            Daimon replied "Ma'am I hate to tell you this but the vet wasn't called because he wouldn't have done that colt any good." Alex started to enter the barn when Daimon told her "Mrs. Walker you really don't want to see that."

"Okay Sheriff Daimon, Walker should be on his way home by now. I think that you should know I received a threatening phone call earlier today in which the caller threatened to hurt my children or me if Walker didn't behave himself and back off. The caller then told me to check on Cloud when I got home, that when I did I would know that he would be able to get to me and my children. I have Deputy Darren seeing if his office can trace the call and he said that he would get back to me as soon as he could." Alex said to the Sheriff who started to say something but stopped when Alex's cell phone rang. Alex answered the phone "This is Alex Walker."

"A.D.A. Cahill-Walker, we were able to trace the phone call you received to a pay phone in the courthouse lobby and since there are cameras in there we might be able to get a picture of whoever called you." Darren told her.

"Thank you for getting back to me so quickly Deputy Darren. Any evidence that you collect Walker will want to see because someone just killed my oldest son's colt Cloud. Sheriff Daimon is here handling the investigation as we speak." Alex informed Darren who responded "Okay A.D.A. Cahill-Walker we will be glad to let Captain Walker see any evidence that we collect. Tell Sheriff Daimon that I'll call him just as soon as we get a picture of man who called and threatened you."

Alex ended the phone call and said "Deputy Darren said that he would call you just as soon as he got a picture from the courthouse lobby cameras of the man who called me. Also Sheriff, Walker is going to want to be personally involved in this case."

"I wouldn't expect anything less from him. I've already arranged for him to receive a copy of the report from the crime scene technicians. And speaking of the devil, isn't that your husband's truck heading this way?" Daimon asked as Walker's truck headed to the barn in a hurry before the brakes were slammed on. After Walker got out of the truck he questioned the sheriff "What happened to Cloud? Where's Cal?"

Daimon suggested to him “Perhaps it would be best if Mrs. Walker didn't hear the details. As for Cal he was so upset about what he saw that I had to have someone take him home after he gave his statement." Walker said "Just tell us what happened to Cloud and get it over with so that Alex can go into the house with the children. Sheriff Daimon my wife is used to those sorts of details, after all she's the leading A.D.A. for Tarrant County."

"Okay Cal called me when he couldn't get ahold of you and said that your oldest son's horse had been killed. When I got here and asked him how did he know that Cal told me to go into the barn and that I would see for myself. Well he was right, I went into the barn to see that the colt's throat had been slit." Daimon was explaining when Alex held up her hand and said "I've heard enough, I'm going into the house before any of the children spot your truck and come out." Alex headed to the house as Walker and the sheriff went into the barn.

Daimon told Walker "I have to tell you Walker that I've seen a lot of things in my time but this really turned my stomach, all that blood." Walker looked around before he said "It's pretty sickening all right but I'm telling you right now I will find the person responsible for this and they will pay. No one will stop me from doing that either. You have my word on that."

            "I know that Walker and you'll have my and my office's full co-operation. Not to change the subject but do you need any help to remove the colt? The crime scene guys said that they didn't find any evidence except for the knife that was used and that it had been wiped clean but they did say with all the blood that was spilled whoever did this had to have gotten some of it on their clothes and that we should be able to tie them to the scene if we caught them. So the colt can be removed whenever you feel that it's best." Sheriff Daimon was saying as Walker knelt down and picked something up. Looking at it Walker said "They missed the calling card that was left for me."

The sheriff took it and carefully put the card which had six tombstones on it with Alex's and all of the children's names on them into a evidence bag then he told Walker "Well that card leaves no doubt that someone wants you to back off of something. Investigating anyone interesting?"

Standing up Walker answered "Brian Dante and this looks like the thing that he would do. However he picked the wrong man to mess with." Daimon agreed by saying "You've got that right. Now when Cal gave his statement he said that he saw a delivery truck from Bailey's Tractor and Feed Company drive away from here and didn't think anything about it because they've delivered things here before. He also said that he didn't get a good look at the driver's face so I'm going to stop there after I leave here and see if they can account for their trucks whereabouts. Listen Walker, how about Deputy Darren and I meet with you tomorrow so that we can go over everything?"

"Around ten okay? I'll be home then." Walker replied and the sheriff nodded then got in his car and left. Walker shut the barn doors, locked them and went to the house.

Chapter Three

Alex went into her house to find Betty by the back door with ahold of Ray's hand to stop him from going out. Alex said to her oldest son "Ray weren't you told by Miss Betty that you're not to leave the house?"

"Yes Mommy but since you and Daddy are home I was going to the barn so that I could ride Cloud." Ray answered his mother who took him by the hand and led him away from the back door as she said "Now Ray you know that you have to wait to ride your horse until Daddy says that you can and your father hasn't told you that yet."

"But Mommy my leg is all better now and I want to ride my Cloud." Ray protested so Alex decided to see if she could distract him "Ray, weren't you going to show your little brothers how to turn their army men into navy men?" Ray shook his head yes so Alex told him "Why don't you take them into the downstairs bathroom and show them how to turn their army men into navy men now? Just be sure not to get too much water on the floor, okay?"

"Okay Mommy but after dinner I'm going for a ride on my horse." Ray replied and left the kitchen in search of his younger brothers. Alex turned to Betty and told her "Cloud was killed in the barn, Walker is going to take care of it later."

Betty replied "I was afraid of that by the way Cal looked when he stopped by the house to warn me not to let the children anywhere near the barn. Do you have any idea who could have done something like that?"

"Walker and I will figure that out later but for now since I'm home why don't you call it a day?" Alex said to Betty who replied "I think that I will do just that, see you tomorrow Alex." Betty left and Alex got started on dinner.

Awhile later Walker came in to find the three boys in the downstairs bathroom with the floor soaking wet so he asked them "Who said you boys could make such a mess in here?" Ray answered for them "Mommy told me to show Coop and Sam how to turn their army men into navy men."

"Okay I think that you very good of a job of that Ray but you guys had better clean this mess up before your mother sees it. You know how she is about keeping the house neat." Walker told them. Ray pleaded "Daddy, we're too little to clean all of this mess up by ourselves, can you help us?"

Walker grabbed a bunch of towels and started helping the boys clean up the bathroom. As they were eating dinner Ray questioned his father "Daddy can I ride Cloud after we're done eating? My leg is all better now, the doctor said so."

"No you can't, it's going to be dark soon." Walker answered then changed the subject by asking "Angela, what did you learn in school today?" Angela then spent about ten minutes telling them what she had learned in school that day. After dinner Walker sent the children into the living room while he went into the kitchen to talk to Alex "Alex whoever did this left a calling card. It had six tombstones on it with your name and the names of the children on them. Now tell me about that threatening phone call you received."

"The caller said for me to get you to back off and that if I didn't I would be sorry. The caller also said for me to check on Cloud when I got home, that I would know then that he would be able to get to the children and me if you didn't behave yourself and back off. Deputy Darren said that the call was traced to a payphone in the courthouse lobby and that they might be able to get a picture of the man who threatened me from the cameras in the lobby. Walker I think that we should have cameras installed that cover the outside of the house and the barn, how would you feel about that?" Alex said to her husband.

"I'll call them myself the first thing in the morning but for now I'll make sure that the gates are kept locked, also if you have anything on order I want you to cancel it because Cal in his statement said that he saw a truck from Bailey's Tractor and Feed Company drive away from the barn and didn't think anything about it because we sometimes get things delivered. Now Alex I want you to go about your normal routine tomorrow because I'll be home with the children. Sheriff Daimon and Deputy Darren are going to come out here and brief me.." Walker told his wife who nodded okay.

They went into the living room to hear Ray trying to get Angela to take him to the barn "Come on Angie take me to the barn so that I can ride Cloud before it gets dark." Angela informed her brother "My name is Angela, not Angie and Daddy told us that we aren't allowed to ride our horses without him or Mommy being there."

Walker spoke up "Ray did I or did I not tell you that it was going to be dark soon and that you couldn't ride your horse?" Ray answered "Yes Daddy but."

"No buts about it young man you will listen to what I tell you." Walker told Ray who stuck his chin out and replied "Yes Daddy but I'm going to ride Cloud in the morning before I go to school, it will be light out then." Walker sighed and looked at Alex who smiled and said " Don't look at me, he's your son."

Later on after they had gotten the children asleep Walker told Alex "I'm going out to the barn and remove Cloud."

"Okay do you want my help?" Alex questioned Walker who answered "No, I'll get some of the hands to help me, why don't you go ahead to bed?"

"You don't want me to wait up for you?" Alex asked.

"Only if you're going to be dressed in that new nightie you bought last week and haven't worn yet. I think that you should wear it for me tonight." Walker told her.

"I was saving it for a special night but if you want me to wear it tonight for you I will. But are you sure that you'll want to do that tonight?" Alex questioned.

"Honey any night with you is special and yes I'll want to do that tonight." Walker replied and left the house. Alex went upstairs to get ready for bed knowing that there were times that her husband needed nothing more than to be with her. Walker returned several hours later and went to his bedroom where he found Alex dressed in her nightie awaiting him, he quickly stripped and got into bed with her where they made love. After they were done Alex snuggled close and fell asleep while Walker laid there thinking over the fact that his family was being threatened yet again because of the job that he held.

Chapter Four

Alex came back into her bedroom after her shower and noticing that Walker was still asleep decided to let him sleep some more because she knew that he hadn't gotten that much rest last night. When she was done getting dressed Alex was heading to the boys' bedroom to check on them when she heard the back door open so she went down to the kitchen expecting to find Betty there but she wasn't. Alex then looked out the back door to see Ray heading to the barn. Alex hurried out of the house after him, spotting Ray near the barn Alex told him "Stop right there."

Ray took off running towards the barn. Alex caught up to her oldest son in the barn by what had been Cloud's stall. Ray asked her "Mommy why did Daddy send Cloud away? It wasn't his fault that I got hurt trying to ride him." Alex said "Come on let's go back into the house and start breakfast." Ray shook his head no so Alex tried to take her son by the hand but he grabbed a side rail in the stall and wouldn't let go so she told him "Raymond John Walker let go of that rail, now."

Ray released his grip on the rail as he cried "Mommy you have to make Daddy bring Cloud back, he's a good horse." Picking her son up and wiping the tears away Alex said "Honey, your Daddy did not send Cloud away."

"Yes he did. Mommy I saw him and some men put Cloud in his truck then Daddy drove away with my horse. Mommy, aren't I a good boy?" Still crying Ray questioned his mother who replied "You're a very good boy sweetheart."

"Then you should make Daddy bring Cloud back." Ray said as they left the barn. Taking her son into the kitchen Alex was washing his face up when Walker entered the room, Ray looked at him and said "You're mean Daddy and I don't like you anymore. I want you to stop being mean to me and bring my horse back. I'm a good boy, Mommy said so." Ray then ran out of the room crying as Alex told her husband "Ray saw you and some men put Cloud into your truck last night and he thinks that you sent his horse away because of when he fell and broke his leg trying to get on him."

"Alex we're going to have to tell Ray about Cloud being dead." Walker pointed out but Alex asked him "Walker he's so young, don't you think that it might be better to let him think that Cloud is elsewhere for the time being?"

"Alex right now our son thinks that I sent his horse away and wants me to get him back. We have to make him understand that Cloud isn't coming back." Walker said.

"I know that and we'll figure something out but do we have to do it today? Can't we for now just tell Ray that Cloud won't be coming back?" Alex questioned her husband who nodded okay.

As they were eating breakfast Ray said to Angela "Sissie you'd better not get hurt trying to ride Baby Princess because if you do Daddy will send her away like he did my Cloud." Alex told him "Ray, your father did not want to send Cloud away but he had to because.." Unable to think of a reason why the horse was gone Alex stopped talking. Walker took over "Ray, I didn't want to send Cloud away but I had to take Cloud away last night because he couldn't stay here."

"Why Daddy? Was he sick? Is that why he was laying down on the ground before you and the men put him in your truck?" Ray questioned his father who replied "Ray, Cloud...well Cloud was...well."

Alex stepped in "Ray honey Cloud needed to go to... uhm.."

Ray asked his parents "Did Cloud go back home to live with his Mommy and Daddy?" Alex quickly answered "Yes he did honey."

"Okay but when you get me another horse you have to make sure that he's old enough not to miss his Mommy and Daddy." Ray told his parents who breathed a sigh of relief as Angela offered her opinion. "Yeah Daddy, he should be at least eight years old, my friend Brynn said that's when you're old enough not to miss your parents anymore. Ray needs a colt that won't cry until it gets to go back home to it's parents."

"We'll keep that in mind." Walker replied and they finished eating breakfast. When Alex was heading to her car to leave for work Walker followed his wife outside and told her "I'll have the cameras installed today while you're at work."

"Okay, call me later if anything comes up." Alex replied and started to get in her car when Walker took her by the arm to stop her. Alex was stunned when he asked her "Alex, do you want me to quit the Rangers because of this latest threat?"

"Of course I don't." Alex answered but Walker questioned her further "Why don't you? If it wasn't for what I did for a living Ray's horse would still be alive and you wouldn't have to worry about your children's safety. Can you honestly stand there and tell me that you don't want me to quit the Rangers? That you don't blame me for what happened to Cloud?"

Alex looked her husband straight in the eye as she firmly said "Yes. Walker honey you and I both decided that we were never ever going to back down. The man that I fell in love with and married doesn't believe in backing down and he's not about to start now. Have you got that my cowboy?"

Walker pulled Alex close kissed her soundly then said "Okay, I'll see you after work and don't be late." Alex kissed Walker back then told him "Judge Gregson is hearing the Beason case and he likes to let the court sessions run late so most likely I won't get home until after seven at the earliest."

"I guess that means I'm stuck with your stubborn children all day long?" Walker teased his wife who teased him right back "Serves you right for being so hard-headed." She then got in her car and drove away.

Chapter Five

When Sheriff Daimon and Deputy Darren showed up to meet with Walker he was outside making sure that the security cameras were installed the way he wanted them installed. Sheriff Daimon said "Captain Walker, are you free to talk?"

Walker replied "Yes I am, how about we go over by the fence." They walked over to the fence and Deputy Daimon told Walker as he handed him a picture "Captain Walker we have the picture of the man who called your wife yesterday. As you can see the man in the picture making that call is none other than Joseph Watson. He appears to have something held up to the mouthpiece to disguise his voice. I wanted to bring him for questioning but Sheriff Daimon says that's not a good idea at this time."

"You can't do that because the minute that you bring Watson in for questioning he'll claim that it's politically motivated because he's running for the D.A.'s office and has vowed to fire my wife if he's elected. No what we need to do is to get more proof of his involvement with Dante and then nail the both of them together." Walker replied as Sheriff Daimon looked at the men who were installing cameras on the outside of the barn and remarked "I see that you're installing outside cameras and as much as I hate to say it that's a good idea because if Dante is behind this he is more than capable of carrying through on the threats that were made against your family. Now back to our investigation; Bailey's Tractor and Feed Company said that one of their trucks went missing for several hours yesterday. We're going to bring the driver in for questioning and see where all the truck was when it was missing and where he was, the trucks have onboard tracking devices that let the companies track their every move. Hell some of them even have cameras installed so that they can see who's driving the truck and when. By the way, where's your wife at?"

"In court with the Beason case, don't worry I have one of my Rangers looking after her." Walker answered the sheriff who assured him "I know that you'll make sure that she's protected but I was hoping that she was here because I wanted to see a pretty face for a change. Come on Darren let's go."

Deputy Darren protested "Aren't we going to stay here until someone gets here to protect the Walkers? We have to because if they were able to get onto the property and kill a horse what's to stop them from hurting Walker's wife and children?" Sheriff Daimon laughed as he said "Darren, the first thing you'll learn about Walker is that he can take care of things by himself.. When and if he needs help Walker will call us but in the meantime the best thing we can do for the Walkers is to keep investigating Dante and Watson and see where that leads us. See you around Walker."

They got into their car and drove away, about an hour later Brad the man in charge of the crew installing the cameras said "There, it's all done. I've hooked the exterior cameras to the ones that cover the interior of the house. I've also had them put on the hookup to the computer monitoring system that way you can monitor them anytime you want to. Also since I dealt with Mrs. Walker the last time I was here I sent her a detailed e-mail about them. Do you want me to give you a run through?"

"No." Walker answered and the men gathered their things up and left the ranch.

Alex sighed to herself as she finally left the courtroom at two o'clock for what was Gregson's idea of a lunch break. Deciding that she didn't feel up to going somewhere for lunch Alex went to the courthouse break room and got a few things and took them back to her office to eat. After she ate Alex called up her husband and asked him "What did the sheriff say?"

"That it was Watson who called you." Walker said to his wife who replied "And we don't dare bring him in for questioning either because he'll start screaming that politics are behind it."

"You got it. The cameras are installed and Brad said that since he had dealt with you before he sent you an e-mail explaining things. How's your day going?" Walker asked Alex who said "Not good, I'm on my lunch break right now. Hold on a minute Susie is in the outer office yelling about something." Alex went into the outer office where Susie who was her newest secretary was saying "How can you expect me to look at such sick things?"

"What are you talking about?" Alex questioned Susie who pointed to a legal envelope that was laying on the floor as she answered "That, you may be the best A.D.A. that there is Miss Cahill-Walker but there is no way that I'm going to keep on working for you if I have to put up with seeing those sorts of things. I want to work for another A.D.A.."

Alex picked up the envelope and said "Go see Madge who's in charge of the secretaries and put your request in to be reassigned." Alex took the envelope into her office picked up the phone and asked "Walker you still there?" Walker answered "Yes what was the matter?"

"Susie wants to work for another A.D.A., she said something about me exposing her to sick things. Oh my god..." Alex voice trailed off as got a look at the pictures inside the envelope. Walker becoming concerned yelled "Alex are you there? What's the matter?"

Recovering her composure Alex answered "Yes and these things are sick. Walker I was sent several pictures of Cloud after he was killed and let me tell you they are gruesome." Walker snapped "Stay right there, I'll be there before you know it."

"No you can't. Walker if you come here who's going to protect the children? Swanson can follow me home, after all she's been shadowing me all day. As for these pictures: I'll have Trivette take them to the lab and see what they find, okay?" Alex told Walker who replied "Okay but make sure that you don't take any chances on the way home."

"I'll be careful but I'd better warn you that most likely I'll be getting home late because Gregson will run court late today because tomorrow we have to file briefs pertaining to the defense attorney claiming grounds for a dismissal of charges against his client. We won't have court tomorrow but I will have to go to my office to work on that brief and then file it." Alex told her husband. After getting off the phone with Walker Alex called Trivette who came to get the pictures himself, after looking them over he said "This is one sick person."

"Tell me about it. Walker and I think that Dante is behind it but right now we don't have enough proof to arrest him." Alex said.

Trivette responded "I'll get proof on whoever did this if it's the last thing I do."

"I know that. Thank you Jimmy for being a good friend to us. However right now I'd better get back to court, Gregson doesn't like it if you're even a minute late." Alex said as she gathered up her things and left her office. Ranger Swanson fell into step behind Alex and followed her to the courtroom door.

Chapter Six

Alex was finally able to leave court at seven and she decided to stop by Ranger headquarters on the way home to see if Trivette had found anything out. Alex was surprised that Ranger Swanson wasn't waiting outside the courtroom for her like she was supposed to be. Cooper who was at Ranger headquarters told Alex "Ranger Trivette told me to tell you that the lab didn't find any fingerprints on the envelope and that the pictures were most likely printed from either a computer or a home photo printer."

"Okay Cooper thanks for telling me, by the way where's Ranger Swanson at? I thought that Walker assigned her to shadow me." Alex asked the Ranger who replied "I don't know, I thought that she was waiting outside the courtroom for you. Want me to call her and see where she's at?"

"Would you? Walker doesn't want me taking any chances right now." Alex said to Cooper who picked up his phone and called Ranger Swanson who didn't answer her phone so Cooper left Swanson a message for her to call him on his cell phone. After hanging up Cooper offered "Mrs. Walker, I was getting ready to head home myself I can follow you home to make sure that you get there safely."

"Okay let me call Walker first and let him know that I'm on my way home." Alex told Cooper and picked up a phone to call her husband but Teddy Langston the local reporter and also the girlfriend of Brian Dante entered Ranger headquarters and stuck a microphone in Alex's face as she questioned her "I hear that there was an incident out at your ranch involving that colt Captain Walker got for your son Ray, care to comment? How did you son take the news by the way?"

Alex snapped at her "Why don't you go ask that lowlife boyfriend of yours why he had someone kill my son's colt? Then ask him about threatening to harm my family because my husband is investigating him for the hit on his own father? And then when you're done doing that why don't you ask him about sending me gruesome pictures of his dirty deeds?"

Teddy paled but insisted "You're lying about that. Brian would never do something like that, he loves horses." Alex scoffed "Am I? When are you going to come to your senses and see Dante for the criminal that he is? Before or after he's had someone else killed? The deaths of his father, two federal agents and a witness aren't enough to bring you to your senses?"

"My Brian is a decent honorable man who couldn't help the fact that his father was in organized crime until his death, which my Brian had nothing to do with. Brian is a reputable and honest business man who has never broken the law. How can your husband continue to hound him when he's done nothing wrong?" Teddy questioned Alex who said "Well I guess in your case love is not only blind but deaf and quite possibly dumb too. Now I suggest that you leave Ranger headquarters before you're escorted out Miss Langston."

"I can't wait until Watson wins the election and you lose your job Mrs. Walker.." Teddy Lanston spat out then left in a huff. Cooper and Alex were getting ready to leave Ranger headquarters when Swanson came in and after seeing Alex there asked her "Mrs. Walker, what are you doing here? Didn't you go home with Ranger Trivette?"

"Ranger Swanson, I've been in court all afternoon and you would know that if you had waited for me." Alex replied.

"But Special Agent Kroger said that court had been cancelled and that Ranger Trivette escorted you home himself." Swanson told Alex who questioned the ranger "When did she tell you this?"

"About an hour ago, why?" Swanson replied.

"Never mind, we'll deal with Special Agent Kroger and why she would lie tomorrow but in the meantime Ranger Swanson I want you to follow me home. Ranger Cooper will be riding in the car with me, any questions?" Alex informed them. Ranger Cooper answered "No Mrs. Walker let's go." Cooper rode with Alex in her car while Ranger Swanson followed them there. After Alex parked the car she told them "Ranger Cooper, will you wait here for a minute?" After Cooper agreed Alex said " Ranger Swanson would you mind telling Walker what you told me about Special Agent Kroger? I'll have him come out here and talk with you. That way the children won't know what's going on."

"Okay Mrs. Walker, I'll wait right here with Cooper." Swanson said and Alex went into the house where she told Walker that Cooper and Swanson were waiting outside and that he needed to talk with them. Walker went outside and Swanson told him "Captain Walker while I was waiting outside of Judge Gregson's courtroom Special Agent Kroger offered to take over so that I could make a quick trip to the ladies room. I know that I shouldn't have left my post but this was an F.B.I. agent offering to watch out so I ran to the ladies room and returned as quick as I could. When I came back not more than five minutes later Kroger told me that court was over with for the day and that Ranger Trivette had already escorted Mrs. Walker home. About an hour later I went to Ranger headquarters and Mrs. Walker was there, she had me follow her and Ranger Cooper here in her car. I'm sorry Captain Walker."

"Ranger Swanson I understand why you thought it was okay to leave your post but in the future you aren't to leave your post until either Trivette or I say you can, understand?" Swanson nodded her agreement so Walker added "Swanson I'm going to need you to sign a statement the first thing in the morning about what you just told me. Special Agent Kroger was the only agent that wasn't killed when our only witness against Brian Dante was taken out. Also I want you to be ready to shadow A.D.A. Cahill-Walker tomorrow morning after I bring her to Ranger headquarters. She'll be in her office most of the day but she will have to leave it to file a brief, make sure that you're able to be with her at all times. Cooper have Swanson take you to get your car then the both of you can call it a day." Walker told them and turned to go into the house but Cooper told him "Teddy Langston asked Mrs. Walker about the colt."

"We'll deal with that ourselves, goodnight." Walker said and went into his house while the younger Ranger's got into Swanson's car and left the ranch.

Chapter Seven

After putting the children to bed Walker went back downstairs to the living room where he just sat there thinking about how best to protect his family until Brian Dante was behind bars and wondering yet again if he had done the right thing when he had asked Alex to marry him. Awhile later Alex came into the living room sat down beside Walker and asked her husband "Honey are you okay?" Walker looked at the fireplace while he answered his wife "Shouldn't I be asking you that question? You had to look at pictures of what was done to Cloud and then you have to worry about someone hurting your children because of me. What was I thinking when I asked you to marry me? If you had married someone else you wouldn't have to worry about your children."

            Alex placed her hands on Walker's shoulders turned him around to face her and then she answered "I'm fine and no I don't have to worry about someone hurting my children because of you. Walker, you are the only man on the face of this earth that I want to be married to. We had this talk years ago, we both decided that we wanted children and that we were going to have them and that we would never ever let a criminal get away with trying to threaten them. That any criminal who so much as thought about threatening our children would regret it, you would see to that. We will not back down to Brian Dante or any other lowlife that thinks they can scare us off. We don't get scared and back off, we're Walkers. We are both going to stand for justice like we always have, got that?"

Walker pulled Alex into a hug as he replied "I got that lady, besides I would never do anything but make them pay for threatening our children. I promise you that Watson and Dante will pay for what they did to Cloud." Alex kissed Walker then told him "Good, you're learning to listen to me. And about time I might add."

Trying to lighten the mood Walker said "Alex, I've been listening to you for years." Alex questioned "You have? Since when? Name one time that you've listened to me about anything." Walker pulled his wife close and whispered into her ear "How about last night? You know when you told me to keep it up."

"Okay you may have a point there but I think you ought to listen to me again tonight when we get upstairs so that I'll know that it wasn't a one time thing." Alex teased Walker who got up from the couch picked Alex up and as he headed to the steps told her "No way lady, tonight it's your turn to listen to me and the night after that too."

Alex wrapped her arms around Walker's neck as she said "Okay but you'd better be worth it." Walker replied "I'm always worth it." Then he started kissing his wife but the doorbell began to ring. Alex moaned "God, who's got such bad timing?" Walker put her down and answered the door.

Sheriff Daimon was there so Walker invited him in, after they were seated on the couch the sheriff said "Sorry for coming out here so late Walker but I thought you would want to know what we found out about the truck that was spotted by Cal right before Cloud was killed. During questioning the driver kept insisting that he had been ordered to hand his truck over to a federal agent who was going to use it in a sting operation. The driver a James Scott said that the agent that took his truck told him that he should call her Smith and when we pointed out that his truck was used in an attack at your ranch Scott told us that his truck had an onboard camera on it and that we could see that it was used in a federal operation. After getting the permission of Mr. Hextall at Bailey's Tractor and Feed Company we pulled the video to see who was driving the truck when the colt was killed. Also the locator on the truck show that it was here at your ranch right before Cal entered the barn and found the dead colt. I have a picture of the woman who was driving the truck at the time and I need you to look at it to see if you know her."

Sheriff Daimon handed Walker a picture who after looking at it handed to Alex as he told the sheriff "That's Special Agent Kroger, she was the only F.B.I. agent to survive when the only witness against Brian Dante was taken out. She also told Ranger Swanson who was assigned to shadow Alex that Trivette had taken my wife home when he hadn't causing Ranger Swanson to leave her post placing Alex in danger earlier this evening."

Taking the picture back Sheriff Daimon asked him "How do you want to play this? Do you want me to bring her in for questioning or do you want me to wait until we can tie her to Dante?" Walker answered "Bring her in for questioning, I can't take the chance that she'll try again to get to Alex. However we should hold off on Watson and Dante until we get more proof on them."

"Okay, I'll have Deputy Darren take a swat team and bring her in tonight. I'll let you know what she has to say for herself. We'll just let Watson and Dante think they are in the clear for now." Sheriff Daimon told Walker then left the house. After the house was locked up Alex turned to Walker and asked him "Cordell, how about we carry through on our plans?" Without a word Walker picked Alex back up and they headed up the steps again.

Chapter Eight

 The next morning the Walker household was in an uproar because they were trying to get all five of their children ready to leave at the same time they themselves were going to leave the house. Alex questioned her husband "Walker, I know that you want to make sure that the children are okay but don't you think it would be better if one of us stayed home with them today instead of taking all five of them with us? I mean who's going to watch them if you have to do some fieldwork? I can't take any of them with me when I file that brief objecting to the defense's motion to dismiss. Gregson would probably dismiss the case for that alone."

"Relax Alex, I'm going to have the triplets with me at Ranger headquarters while Ray will be with you at your office. When you have to file that brief you can bring him to my office and I'll watch him." Walker answered causing Angela to ask him "What about me Daddy? Am I staying home by myself?"

"No, you're not Angela, you will be going to school like you always do but instead of the bus bringing you home after school Daddy will pick you up himself, how does that sound?" Walker said to his oldest daughter who replied "Okay Daddy."

After taking Angela to her bus stop and making sure that she got on the bus Walker drove the rest of his family to Ranger headquarters where Ranger Swanson was waiting for him. Walker told her "Ranger Swanson you are to escort A.D.A. Cahill-Walker to her office and go wherever she goes until I or Ranger Trivette tells you otherwise, understand?"

Swanson answered "Yes Captain Walker. Are you ready to leave A.D.A. Cahill-Walker?" Alex kissed the triplets then told them "You guys behave yourselves for Daddy." Then she took Ray's hand and told him "Come on young man, you're going to spend the day with Mommy." They left Ranger headquarters and went to Alex's office where Madge was waiting for her with a young woman. Madge said to Alex "A.D.A. Cahill-Walker, as you know your latest secretary asked to be transferred to another A.D.A."

Alex said "Yes I know, do you have a replacement for her?" Madge answered "Yes I do and I'm hoping that this one will work out because let's face ever since your regular secretary won the lottery and quit you've been going through secretaries on a pretty regular basis." Madge then turned to the young woman and told her "Well Kayla you all but begged me to be assigned to A.D.A. Cahill-Walker and you're going to get your wish. Mrs. Walker this is Kayla Swanson. Good luck you two, you'll need it." Madge left Alex's office as Kayla said "Hi Aunt Nicky."

              Swanson replied "Hi yourself Kayla." Alex looked at the two of them then said "I take it that she's your niece Ranger Swanson? Don't bother to answer that question. Now Kayla it is true that I do go through secretaries because I can seem to be demanding of them but I have a standard that I keep to and I expect my staff to do the same. While I only work part-time there are times when I put much more than forty hours into a week and I'll expect you to do the same, any questions?"

            Kayla answered "Just one Miss Cahill-Walker, I'm going to law school in the evenings and I don't want to miss any of my classes, what happens when there is a conflict between my class schedule and the hours you expect me to work?" 

Alex replied "Tell me your class schedule ahead of time and we'll work something out. Now as to your duties, when I'm here you won't have much to do unless I tell you that I don't want to be disturbed. Those times you will screen all of my calls and make sure that I'm not disturbed unless it's really important. When I'm in court you will answer the phone and see to it that any thing that needs printed gets printed, you will also be taking legal papers to my legal aide Keith Thomas and sometimes to Ranger headquarters. I will give you a list of the people who's calls I'll take no matter what I'm doing. That list includes Captain Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers and Ranger Trivette, also if Rangers Gage, Cooke, Cooper or Swanson calls and says that it's important you are to put the calls through. Now since I'm going to be in my office most of the day you can go into the outer office and get to know your way around. My legal aide Keith Thomas will be arriving shortly, you are to let him in but only after Ranger Swanson has told you that it's him. Ranger Swanson if you would be good enough to go to the outer office and take up your post?"

Ranger Swanson said "Yes A.D.A. Cahill-Walker. Come on Kayla let's go." They left Alex's private office as she turned her attention to Ray and said to him "Did you bring your army men to play with?" Ray pulled his army men out and started to play with them.

            At Ranger headquarters Walker had the triplets in his private office trying to keep them out of things when Jenna Renee the receptionist stuck her head in Walker's office and told him "Captain Walker, Sheriff Daimon and Deputy Darren are here to see you." Walker told her "Send them in Jenna."

             Sheriff Daimon and Deputy Darren entered Walker's office and the sheriff suggested "Is there anywhere else that we can talk? You might not want them to hear what I have to tell you." Walker turned to the triplets and told them "Okay you guys Daddy has to step outside and talk to these men. You guys are to sit at Daddy's desk and color, have you got that?" All three of the triplets looked at their father,  nodded then took out their coloring books and crayons. In the outer office Walker motioned for Trivette to come over and after he did so Sheriff Daimon said to them "When we went to bring Agent Kroger in for questioning we found her dead in what appeared to be a suicide. We'll know more after we get the autopsy report. Walker you should know that Kroger left a note in which she confessed to killing your son's colt and that she acted alone. Also we found bloody coveralls in her hotel room and the lab has them now seeing if the blood matches that of your son's colt."

"Dante covered his tracks pretty good this time. Sheriff Daimon how about you release a report to the media that Agent Kroger acted alone and that you found she had no ties to Brain Dante or anyone else? I'll have my office release a statement saying that as far as we can tell Brian Dante just happened to have the misfortune to have a criminal for a father and that there would be no more investigation of him or his activities." Walker said to Daimon who replied "You got it Walker, see you around." After they left Trivette followed Walker into his office and questioned him "You're not going to let Dante get away with what he did to Ray's colt, are you?"

Walker answered "No but right now we don't have anything on Dante and I want him to think he got me to back off. I'll bide my time and get him for what he did to Cloud and my family, no one does that to them."

Trivette nodded then suggested "Hey Walker maybe you ought to tell the triplets that they should color in their book and not on your desk?" Walker looked at his youngest children who were scribbling on his desk so he told them "That's enough, you guys stop." Mikey said "We make pretty Daddy.." Coop added "No Daddy we make nicer." While Sam just smiled and kept on scribbling on Walker's desk. Walker took the crayons off of them and told them "Come on you guys, we're going to see Mommy."

Kayla looked as Walker entered Alex's outer office with his children and told him "Sir A.D.A. Cahill-Walker is busy, you'll have to wait awhile." Walker sat down with his children as Swanson said "A.D.A. Cahill-Walker is meeting with Keith, she shouldn't be much longer."

Walker nodded as the triplets began to get into things so Kayla told them "You guys can't get into anything that you want to.. Please sit still." Walker laughed then said "You must be the newest secretary, these are A.D.A. Cahill-Walker's youngest children and they are too stubborn to listen to anyone just like she is."

"Well shouldn't her husband be watching them if she has to be at work and they don't behave themselves?" Kayla questioned Walker but Ranger Swanson answered her "He is, this is Ranger Captain Walker. A.D.A. Cahill-Walker's husband and my boss by the way."

Walker told Swanson "Ranger Swanson your assignment has been changed, go back to Ranger headquarters and Trivette will tell you what you'll be doing."

Kayla decided that she had better say she was sorry but didn't get the chance to because Alex's private office door opened and Keith came out followed by Alex who teased Walker "Hey cowboy are your stubborn off-spring too much for you to handle?" Walker replied as they headed into Alex's private office "No I just have some news for you."

After the door closed Kayla told her aunt "I might as well forget about working for Cahill-Walker ever again, I mean I just more or less called her children brats in front of her husband." Swanson assured her niece "The Walkers aren't like that. Mrs. Walker won't hold that against you and neither will her husband. They both have high standards but they both also understand that there are times you say and do things you regret, they'll give you a second chance if you deserve it. Just try to do your job the way Mrs. Walker wants you to do and you'll be okay."

Chapter Nine

After making sure that the triplets were coloring in their coloring books and not on Alex's desk Walker said to his wife "The one who did the deed was found dead in her hotel room. Sheriff Daimon has agreed to release a statement that she acted alone. So for now I've pulled Swanson from shadowing you." Alex replied "Okay for now but please tell me that you know who isn't going to get away with what he had done?"

Walker vowed "He won't, I promise. But for now we'll let him think that he did. When do you have to file that brief?" Alex answered "I was just headed to Gregson's office to file it and then after that I'm free for the rest of the day."

"Okay you go file that brief and after you're done I'll take my family home.." Walker told Alex who gathered up her papers shoved them into her briefcase and left her private office. Kayla was putting her things back into her purse so Alex questioned her "Have I driven you away already Kayla?"

Kayla replied "No Ma'am but since by now your husband has to have told you that I all but called your children brats I was getting my things together for when you came out and let me go."

"Walker didn't say anything to me about you calling them brats so exactly what did you say about them?" Alex questioned Kayla who answered "Well when they started to get into things I told them that they couldn't get into anything that they wanted to and to please sit still. I'm sorry A.D.A. Cahill-Walker I didn't know that they were your children. Then Mr. Walker said that they were your children and didn't listen any better than you did so I asked why wasn't your husband watching them then if they didn't know how to behave themselves. That was when Aunt Nicky pointed out that the man with the children was actually your husband and her boss. I'm sorry."

            "I'll admit that they can be a handful at times, mainly when their father is watching them so no harm done. Now I'll be filing that brief with Judge Gregson then I'll be headed home for the day. I want you to get to know where everything is at, if you need any help give Keith a call and he'll show you around. I'll be here tomorrow morning at ten so be here ready to go then. Any questions?" Alex said.

"No Ma'am." Kayla answered causing Alex to tell her "It's Alex, okay?" Kayla nodded okay so Alex left her office. A little while later Walker came into the outer office with Ray, Sam and Cooper and asked "Kayla I have to take the boys to the men's room would it be possible for you to keep an eye on Mikey? I can't take her with me and the two younger ones have to go before they have an accident."

"I'll watch her Captain Walker." Kayla agreed but Walker told her "It's Walker by the way, thanks for agreeing to watch Mikey. Come on boys." Walker took the boys to the men's room. Alex came back in shortly after that and noticing that only Mikey was there asked " Where's Walker at?"

"Walker said that he was taking the boys to the men's room so I agreed to watch Mikey. I hope you don't mind me asking, but why do you call your daughter Mikey?" Kayla asked Alex who answered "Mikey is short for Michaela. Kayla make sure that you lock up the outer office when you leave, here's your set of keys. I'll lock up my private office." Kayla took the keys and said "I'll leave about four that way I can go straight to the university, is that okay?"

"That's fine." Alex said and then locked up her private office. When Walker and the boys came back he asked his wife "How about we take our children home lady?" Alex took Coop's and Sam's hand then told Walker "I'm ready when you are." Walker picked up Mikey took Ray's hand and they left.

That night Walker and Alex were sitting in the living room when Walker said "Alex I'm going to issue a statement that I now believe that Brian Dante had the misfortune to have a criminal for a father and that there would be no more investigation of him on my behalf."

"That means you're going to bide your time and get him when he least expects it. But Walker are you sure about letting people think that he got you to back off? What about your reputation?" Alex questioned her husband who replied "Alex I don't care about my reputation, what I care about is my family. Alex you have my word that Brain Dante and Joseph Watson will not get away with what they did. I will get them for it, no matter how long it takes."

"That's the man that I know and love. Not to change the subject but did you know that Kayla was going to leave because she thought I was going to let her go for what she said about the triplets in front of you?" Alex said as she snuggled closer to her husband who teased "Was she referring to when she told them to sit still or when I told her that they were like you, never listening?"

Alex replied as she got up from the couch "I don't know about that dear, after all I did promise to listen to you tonight in our bedroom but now I don't know if I should after you said that about me." Getting up himself Walker said "You should besides you know that you want to."

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story was meant as an infringement on their rights, it was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing more.