by  Sasquaw

The blonde attorney has just had another run in with the defense attorney of Tarrant County. She's stomping back to her office, muttering under her breath and almost runs the little boy over in the hallway.

She quickly reaches out and grabs the little boy from falling just as a young woman is running towards them.

The young woman is muttering apologies and reaching for her little boy, "Sweetheart----are o.k.---you have to watch where you're going----I'm so sorry, miss"!!!

Alex Cahill tries to smile, but the thought of the little boy running the hallways of the courthouse does not set with her disposition of the day. She nods to the young woman and continues on, as she feels her right heel start to wobble and then it breaks.

She again starts mumbling under her breath as she looks back at the woman and her small boy. The woman is looking around at all of the signs on the wall, pulling the boy gently behind her. The woman stops a man and Alex can hear the woman asking for directions to the Texas Rangers' office.

Alex watches as the man points down the hallway and the woman starts in that direction. Alex sighs as she looks down at her broken heel. "Damn it!!! These were my favorite heels---why can't people control their kids?----Now I have to buy new heels----again"!!!!

Alex goes to her office and puts her flat shoes on, then she heads for the water fountain, she can feel a headache coming on.

"Ms Cahill----here are those papers you were wanting for Ranger Walker-----do you want me to run them down to Ranger Headquarters?

Alex takes a deep breath as she looks at her watch, she can feel herself getting hungry, "No----that's o.k.----I'm going to take my lunch break, I'll drop them off".

She's walking to Ranger Headquarters as she sees the young woman coming out of the women's restroom, and trying to snap the button to on the boy's jeans. The boy is laughing, making it difficult for the woman to do her job.

Alex smiles as she observes the little boy, he's about 3 years old, rustic colored hair, a lot of freckles, and is trying to keep a cowboy hat atop his head.
The woman sighs as she sees Alex looking back at her, "The terrible twos----sometimes I think it's like having twins"!

Alex laughs and touches the boy's hat, he grins back at her. Alex turns to the woman.
"I heard you asking for directions to the Texas Rangers' office, did you not find it?

"We were heading that way when nature started to call----and we had to make a 'pit stop'!!!

"I'm going that way, I can show you" Alex smiles.

The women and the little boy are walking towards the Ranger's office, when they see Rangers Walker and Trivette stepping off the elevator.

The woman turns to the little boy and whispers, "There he is, Cordell----that's him"!

Alex turns quickly to the little boy at the mention of his name, and the little boy is running to Walker.

Walker seems surprised at the little boy running to him, but he scoops him up----"Hey partner-----where you off to?
The bearded Ranger stops and looks at Alex and then to the young woman, he says softly--"Jessica?

The woman is running to Walker and throwing her arms around him, "It's been a long time, Cordell!

Both Alex and Trivette are watching the scene, and Alex can feel her stomach doing flip flops. Walker is staring back at Alex and then to Jessica as he hesitates to answer.

"Yes----it's been awhile----is this Cordell?

"YES-----this is Cordell---your namesake!

Alex is staring back at the Ranger, she smiles faintly as she looks to Trivette, "I think I'm going back to my office!

Walker is trying to say something to Alex, but she keeps walking, and Trivette is just staring at the young woman and the boy.

It's almost an half hour later as Walker and the young woman are going to Alex's office. The boy is riding on Walker's shoulders and they are all laughing. As they enter Alex's office, Walker has to bend over to keep the boy from banging his head, causing the boy to squeal with joy.

Alex is fighting her anger as she looks to Walker, shooting him daggers.

The woman hesitates and then she approaches Alex, "Ms Cahill, my name is Jessica---and this is my son, Cordell.
Walker is nervously watching the reaction on Alex's face, "Alex----you got the wrong idea.
"Have I? Alex looks at the little boy and she can see how much the little boy looks like Walker. "A beautiful young woman comes in here, looking for you and she has a boy that has your name---what am I wrong about?

Jessica looks back to Walker, "I'm sorry I didn't handle this better----but, Cordell and I were looking forward to seeing you again---I wanted him to meet his godfather!

"Godfather? Repeats Alex-----"You're this boy's godfather?

Walker reaches up and brings the boy over his shoulders and stands him up, tousling his hair.

"Yes----this is Cordell Darren Kurtz and this is Jessica, his Mother. Alex---you remember when I was up in Utah about 3 years ago and was involved in that plane crash with Charlie Brooks as a witness?---Remember, I told you that I delivered a baby---well---this is the baby---this is him!!!

Alex's mind starts racing back to the time in question and Walker had told her about a pregnant woman being on board when the plane went down, the woman went into early labor and Walker delivered her child. The woman was so grateful that she asked Walker if it would be alright to call her baby, Cordell.

She can feel herself becoming so embarrassed, "I'm sorry-----I just wasn't thinking straight-----I am so sorry.

Jessica is reaching out for Alex's hand, "It's o.k.---it was an honest mistake.

They talk for a good hour, and Walker has given his 'godson' a badge, and has reshaped his cowboy hat to that of a bull rider's.

"I have enjoyed this visit so much" replies Jessica, "and I'm so happy to have met you, Alex!

"Same here---again---I'm so sorry for jumping to conclusions.

Jessica looks to Walker and then back to Alex, and she smiles. "Don't be, when I first met Ranger Walker, I knew he had a certain person in his life, and I knew he was a good person too. I just wish that my husband, Darren, could meet all of you---but he's back in Afghanistan now----and I'm heading back to my home town in Kansas.---I just wanted my son to meet the man that brought him into the world.

Jessica and young Cordell are on their way back to the airport and Walker and Alex are having lunch at C.D.'s.

Alex is shaking her head back and forth as she looks into the Ranger's eyes.
"Honey----I am so sorry for jumping to conclusions---but when I heard the little boy's name and the way he ran to you---and his resemblance to you----oh my God----I acted soooo jealous!!!

Walker takes her hand and gently kisses it, "It's o.k. hon-----you didn't know.---But, you do remember me telling you about all of that, don't you?

"I do now----but at the time----oh Walker-----""""""""

"Alex, you're tired---and I know you well enough that when you're tired----you get----just down right----grumpy, irritable, sassy---''''

"Watch it, Cowboy---I also want to throw things" Alex smiles.

"Yeah, I know" the Ranger kisses her softly, "and I also know that after you get over your little fits of frustrations---that you can give one hell of a back massage.

"Hmmmmm", sighs the blonde attorney, "and, what about your massage with the toes?

The Ranger looks at his watch, "When do you have to be back in court?

"I've got the rest of the afternoon off---I lost my case-----and I'm feeling so ---mistreated.

Walker is standing and pulling her up to him, he whispers in her ear and she giggles.

"Ohhhhhhhh----Cowboy-----I like it when you talk dirty!

The End