Walker Texas Ranger 2: Crimeland




Fade In


On the streets of Fort Worth at night time nearby a dance hall. There is terrorist leader Harry Seamore with his gang present. There are men various races in the gang. Harry Seamore pushes the button on the bomb. The dance hall is blown up. Harry Seamore:We blew up the place. This should draw Cordell Walker the Texas Ranger to here. We are more powerful than Jerry Moss who Ranger Walker has killed.


Later on in the streets of Fort Worth. There is criminal master mind Ted Hesse with his right hand men Peter Rivera a Hispanic man, Victor Waters a white guy and Puchong Ling a Chinese American with the woman named Starr Reynolds a white woman. Harry Seamore with his gang shows up. Ted Hesse:You have done well Harry. Let’s be out of here before the police and Texas Rangers show up. Those gangs in league with Jerry Moss won’t work for me. They failed to waste Ranger Cordell Walker. Your next hit will be ranger headquarters.” Harry pulls out his suitcase. He has lots of coke in there. Harry Seamore:I have the coke right here Mr. Hesse. We’ll sell this once we blow away Captain Walker of Rangers of Company B.Ted Hesse:We’ll also spring those who worked for Emile Lavocat. Ranger Walker killed Emile Lavocat. 2 of the Texas Rangers incapacitated Graves and Chastain who hate the Texas Rangers.


The next morning at the home of the Walkers. In the kitchen. There is Alex Cahill-Walker packing lunch for Angela Walker. Cordell Walker shows up. Ranger Walker:Alex.Alex:I am packing Angela’s lunch. We are on the investigation of this criminal named Harry Seamore.Ranger Walker:You almost died one time in the court house from being shot. I put the Blazing Demons motorcycle gang with the leader Boris Simmons in Huntsville when you got out of the hospital. 10 years ago I took down those sadistic killers who killed Joey Galloway’s whole entire mob after my Huntsville assignment with Ranger Trivette. It’s the same who killed the Votos locos with their new leader after we arrested the leader Philippe. Even a Texas Ranger was killed.” The telephone rings. Alex answers the phone. Alex:DA Alex Cahill-Walker.” Pre teenage Angela Walker shows up in the kitchen. Angela Walker:Mommy. Daddy.Alex:It’s for you Cordell.” Cordell Walker goes over to the phone. Ranger Walker:Yeah I am on it. I will go after Harry Seamore. We will find out who hired him.” He gets on. Walker hangs up. Ranger Walker:A dance hall was blown up and the prime suspect is Harry Seamore.


Opening Credits. Walker Texas Ranger theme the Eyes of Ranger by Chuck Norris plays.


Over to Ranger headquarters later on in the morning. There is Ranger Walker driving his dodge ram to ranger headquarters. Trivette shows up his car. Rangers Walker and Trivette walk into the building. Ranger Walker:There was an explosion at the dance hall in Fort Worth. Carlos Sandoval will be there. You run Company B as I am retiring. I’ll retire when we take down Harry Seamore and his gang and those who hired him.Ranger Trivette:I will be promoted to Captain as you retire. I almost died in one car bombing.


In Ranger Walker’s office. There is Texas Ranger Walker with his former partner James Trivette. Ranger Walker:I am going to call Carlos. You Trivette run a search on Harry Seamore.” Ranger Walker goes over to a telephone.


Nearby the dance hall outside. There is Carlos Sandoval back on the Dallas Police Department. There is the bomb squad present. Carlos’s cell phone rings. Carlos pulls out his phone. He answers it. Carlos Sandoval:It’s Detective Sandoval present. Ranger Walker. I am at the dance hall in Fort Worth. I will come to Ranger headquarters.


Over to Ted Hesse’s penthouse. In the loft of the penthouse. There is Ted Hesse present along with his right hand people Peter Rivera, Victor Waters, Puchong Ling and Starr Reynolds. Ted Hesse:We’ll blow up the Texas Rangers.Puchong Ling:My brother Mark was arrested by the Texas Rangers. He worked for Jerry Moss. I know that Ranger Walker killed Jerry Moss as he tried to kill him and fired on a courthouse after the Texas Rangers killed Derek Gibbs. He tried to assassinate the DA and even targeted Ranger Walker and they were for years after him.” Harry Seamore shows up with his gang. Harry Seamore:I am here Mr. Hesse.Ted Hesse:Now you know where Ranger headquarters is. Captain Walker is 30 years now a Texas Ranger and he got inducted into the hall of fame 10 years ago. You can kill him and his long time partner James Trivette. He transferred some of his rangers to other parts of Texas. Rangers Kaye Austin, Rhett Harper, Sydney Cook and Francis Gage to other parts of Texas. The daughter of the late Cliff Jensen Alexandra just got out of prison as she was facing vandalism charges and she helped blow up some slaughterhouses. I will free most of the inmates of Huntsville.” Harry Seamore and his thugs depart for Ranger headquarters.


Outside of Ranger headquarters later on in the day. Rangers Walker and Trivette are coming out of the building. Ranger Walker:I think that Harry Seamore is targeting us. You are 20 years now on the Texas Rangers. Maybe soon you will be inducted into the Texas Ranger’s hall of fame.” Harry Seamore and his gang of terrorists show up. Harry Seamore:This must be Ranger Walker. There’s his partner James Trivette. They were partners for 10 years and they split up and than were partnered again when Jerry Moss has united gangs of this area.” Ranger Walker sees Harry Seamore with a package. Harry Seamore’s thugs pull out guns. Ranger Trivette pulls out his gun as does Ranger Walker. Ranger Trivette:Texas Ranger. You are under arrest. Harry Seamore. Get your hands up or we will open fire.” There is gun fighting. Rangers Walker and Trivette shoot down Harry Seamore’s gang. Trent Malloy shows up in his car. Trent throws some ninja stars into members of Harry Seamore’s gang. Trent:I have come to help.” Harry Seamore throws a kick onto Ranger Walker. Harry Seamore:You should be easy to kill as you are getting too old to fight me.Ranger Walker:I am in good shape and am stronger than you think.” Ranger Walker throws down his gun. Ranger Trivette aims his gun at the members of Harry Seamore’s gang. Ranger Trivette:All of you hold it right there.” Many of the other Texas Rangers come out of the building. Carlos Sandoval shows up next in his car. Ranger Walker throws a punch onto Harry Seamore. Ranger Walker next jump kicks Harry Seamore as he throws a kick onto him. There are martial arts fighting going on. Ranger Walker round house kicks Harry Seamore. Carlos Sandoval pulls out his gun. He aims it at Harry Seamore. Carlos Sandoval:Hold it right there Harry Seamore. You are under arrest.


Later on in the day at Ranger headquarters in an interrogation room. There is Harry Seamore there. Ranger Trivette comes in. Ranger Trivette:Could you tell us your leader? You’ll get a reduced prison sentence and immunity from prosecution if you tell us.Harry Seamore:It was Ted Hesse. I don’t know which is his main quarters. Ted Hesse has 4 people working for him. They are Peter Rivera, Puchong Ling, Starr Reynolds and Victor Waters. You arrested Puchong’s brother Mark when Jerry Moss was killed. Ted Hesse wants to create a statewide crime syndicate and rule Texas and over run Texas with criminals and shut down the Texas Rangers. Your partner Ranger Cordell Walker has taken down so many criminals here and he took down even Neo Nazis with devil worshippers.Ranger Trivette:The devil worship leader calling himself Lucifer was killed trying to kill Captain Walker and we arrested all of his surviving followers and I arrested the woman calling herself Belial.


In the penthouse of Theodore Hesse. In Ted’s loft. There is the television on. On the television there is Carlton Cross. Carlton Cross:This is Carlton Cross for KGBX News. Ranger Walker and Company B have arrested terrorist leader Harry Seamore and his gang. It appears that crime lord Ted Hesse is behind this.” Ted Hesse is sitting there. Also present are his right hand people. Ted Hesse:Let’s spring the inmates of Huntsville. I hope that Harry Seamore didn’t give this location away.” They head off to the roof top.


On the rooftop of the penthouse of Ted Hesse. There is Ted Hesse and his right hand people present. Ted Hesse’s right hand people pull out their guns. Ted Hesse goes into the pilot’s seat. 3 others board the chopper. Starr Reynolds:I was picked up by the leader of the Blazing Demons Boris Simmons. We broke up when he got arrested. Maybe we’ll get back together.Ted Hesse:I am hiring him too.” Ted Hesse takes off.


Outside at Huntsville prison. There is an assortment of criminals there. There are guards on the tower. There is gang leader Antonio with his thugs present. Also there are Jonas Graves and Chastain present. Chastain:Our old leader did this to us.Graves:Ranger Walker killed Lavocat when we got put back there. Ranger Walker killed Shilts and one of his rangers killed Dollarhyde.” Also there is motorcycle gang leader Boris Simmons of the Blazing Demons with his gang. A helicopter shows up. Ted Hesse’s right hand people fire on the crowd. The guards fire back. Puchong Ling shoots and kills Antonio a Dallas gang leader. Puchong Ling:You failed my brother to kill Texas Ranger Captain Cordell Walker.” Members of Antonio’s gang are shot and killed. There are guards shot down and killed. The gate locks are shot by the villains. Many of those thugs are fleeing just as Graves and Chastain get into the helicopter. Peter Rivera:I am recruiting you all. Come with us if you want to be free.” Boris Simmons with his gang head out to the gate. Boris Simmons:I will with my gang get our motorcycles back.Victor Waters:Follow us to our place.” They all leave.


At Ranger headquarters later on in the day time. In the office of Ranger Walker. There is Cordell Walker at his desk. Also present are Ranger Trivette and Carlos Sandoval with a detective named Trent Malloy. Ranger Trivette:I think that I have background on Theodore Hesse.” The phone rings. Ranger Trivette answers it. Ranger Trivette:James Trivette of the Texas Rangers here. I am going onto files of Ted Hesse. We’ll find them.” Ranger Walker gets onto the files of Ted Hesse.


At night time at the penthouse of Ted Hesse outside. There is Boris Simmons with his biker gang on their motorcycles. They go over to the penthouse.


Inside the upper part of the penthouse. There is Ted Hesse at his loft. There are also present Peter Rivera, Victor Waters, Puchong Ling and Starr Reynolds. Ted Hesse:We’ll have the Texas Rangers wasted. Spike with his gang are inside so we didn’t get him. We managed to get Antonio and his gang who were taken down at Ranger headquarters.” Boris Simmons and his bikers show up. There is also a band of convicted criminals along with Chastain and Graves. Ted Hesse:Follow me to my loft.Starr Reynolds:I was working with him all that time and Captain Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers didn’t know this so he couldn’t arrest me.Boris Simmons:We picked you up on our bikes. When Ranger Walker arrested me his wife came out of the hospital and almost died in a shooting. The Rangers first suspected Derek Gibbs did it before they killed him as he tried to kill a ranger for his son. That ranger transferred.” They go into Ted’s loft. Ted Hesse:I think that you know where Ranger Walker lives Chastain. Go to his house and kill him.” Chastain departs with some thugs carrying guns.


At the home of the Walker’s at night time. In the living room. There is Alex Cahill-Walker on the pc. Ranger Walker shows up with Carlos Sandoval and Ranger Trivette and Trent Malloy. Trent Malloy:I heard that you once got shot.Carlos Sandoval:I knew that Rhett Harper of the Texas Rangers was framed for murder and he killed someone in self defense. The father fired on him and was suspected of shooting your wife Ranger Walker. You killed that guy who tried to kill your wife.Ranger Walker:He tried to kill me. I tried to arrest him and not kill him. I was going to put my hand out of to save him but he let go.


Outside the Walker household. Chastain shows up with other thugs. Chastain: Ranger Walker’s wife was shot in between the heart and lung at a court house and she almost died. Maybe we’ll kill them both.” They fire on the house.


Back to the living room of the Walker residence. Ranger Walker goes for his gun. So do Ranger Trivette and Carlos Sandoval. Ranger Walker:Stay here Alex. You almost died in the court house when we found out who framed Rhett Harper and I arrested him.” They head off to outside.


Back to outside of the Walker residence. Ranger Walker shows up with Ranger Trivette and Carlos Sandoval. Carlos Sandoval:This is Detective Carlos Sandoval of the Dallas Police Department. You are under arrest for firing on people and for prison breaks.” Chastain with the thugs’ fire on the cop and Texas Rangers. Walker and Trivette shoot down some thugs. Carlos shoots and kills Chastain. The gun fighting is going on. The other thugs are being shot down by Carlos and Trivette. Ranger Walker:I will go back inside to my wife and daughter.” They go back to inside of the place.


At the penthouse of Ted Hesse outside the next day. There is Ted Hesse standing there. There are also biker thugs along with their leader Boris Simmons. Ted Hesse:A Texas Ranger semi retired named CD Parker owned a bar and grill and he was killed by an inside criminal leader thought to be dead and he poisoned CD and made it look like he died of a heart attack. I know that Texas Ranger Captain Cordell Walker doesn’t smoke and he sometimes drinks and it’s said that he never smoked anything. Go find him at the bar. You Boris can waste him.” Boris Simmons with his gang head off to CD’s Bar and Grill.


At CD’s Bar and Grill outside. There are cars parked out there. The Blazing Demons show up with the leader Boris Simmons. They all get off of motorcycles. They go into the bar. Boris Simmons:I heard of this CD Parker. He was the head of Company B on Captain Walker’s rookie days.


In CD’s Bar and Grill. There are many people seated there. Boris Simmons and his biker gang show up. There is a male bartender there. He goes to pick up the phone. Boris Simmons:I think that he’s going to call the pigs. Let’s go kill Ranger Walker.” The bikers start bailing out.


At the Texas Ranger’s Hall of Fame. There is Ranger Walker with a bunch of kids on a field trip and there are teachers there too that are 5th grade. They are by the Ranger Walker display. Ranger Walker:This is me there. I was inducted when I took down a sadistic serial killing family who has killed members of criminal gangs that I arrested and killed innocent people. One of my rangers murdered and I killed his killer was survived by a wife and daughter. One of my rangers had a daughter that became an animal rights activist and blew up some meat companies and saved the animals from slaughter for food. I was a Texas Ranger now for 30 years. I served in the Marines in the Viet Nam war.” Ranger James Trivette shows up. Ranger Trivette:Walker. DPS spotted The Blazing Demons at CD’s. They found Boris Simmons. I will go after them while you go on the tour. You are up for retirement. I take your place and Carlos takes my place in the slot.


At CD’s Bar and Grill later on outside. There is present Trent Malloy with Carlos Sandoval. There are other Dallas cops. Ranger Trivette shows up in his sports car. Ranger Trivette comes out of the car. Carlos Sandoval:I have found any of the bikers here. They must’ve escaped and someone said something about them heading off to Fountain Park.” Ranger Trivette goes over to Carlos Sandoval. Carlos’s cell phone rings. Carlos picks up. Carlos Sandoval:It’s Detective Sandoval. I was reinstated one year ago now to the Dallas Police. I am heading off to Fountain Park.” Carlos hangs up. Carlos:The bikers are heading off to the park making meth deals.” Carlos gets into his car as does Trent. Ranger Trivette goes into his car. The Ranger and the police head off to the park.


At a park in Dallas. There are many people there. The bikers are there with their leader Boris Simmons. Boris Simmons with the gang has bags of meth and heroine. Boris Simmons:We should make sales here.” The police show up. There are Texas Rangers Santiago Perez and Bobbie Hunt a woman with blonde hair from their cars. Ranger Trivette shows up along with Carlos Sandoval and Trent Malloy. Ranger Trivette:Texas Rangers. You are under arrest.” The cops and Texas Rangers pull out their guns. The Texas Rangers and cops aim their guns at the biker gang. Bobbie Hunt:Hold right there or we will shoot.” The bikers pull out guns. Others have chains. Carlos with the 3 rangers open fire on the biker gang. There are bikers shot down. The bikers with the chains on their bikes go by Trent Malloy. Trent sends kicks onto the biker thugs. Boris Simmons now takes on Trent Malloy. Boris Simmons:What are you? A vigilante?Trent:I place you under citizen’s arrest on charges of escaping Huntsville and dealing illegal drugs.” They are throwing punches at each other. Boris Simmons throws a punch onto Trent Malloy. Trent throws a punch back onto Boris Simmons. A few more bikers are shot down by the Texas Rangers. Ranger Trivette aims his gun at the surviving biker gang. Santiago Perez:Hold it right there. You are under arrest.Trent high kicks gang leader Boris Simmons on the face. Carlos goes over to the biker gang leader. Carlos puts a pair of handcuffs onto the biker gang leader. Carlos Sandoval:I am sending you back to Huntsville. You will testify against Ted Hesse. I am going into the Texas Rangers.” Later on the surviving bikers with their leader are being loaded into a prison transport van. Carlos is standing there with 3 Texas Rangers. Bobbie Hunt:I heard that you left the police.Carlos Sandoval:I got back into the police last year. My brother was killed by a drug dealer and Captain Walker killed my brother’s killer.Santiago Perez: “I got into the Texas Rangers after my captain and the DA had their daughter. I replaced Cliff Jensen and his daughter just got out of jail for destroying meat plants.Ranger Trivette:Alex is picking up Angela. We’ll be going after Ted Hesse.” They all get into their cars.


At Ranger headquarters outside. There is a school bus parked out there. Ranger Walker comes out with the classes. The students and teachers get back onto the school bus. Ranger Walker:I will soon retire. My wife will retire DA and take another job soon.” Ranger Walker goes into his dodge ram. Ranger Walker departs for his wife Alex’s office.


At the office of Alex Cahill-Walker. There is Alex at her desk. Ranger Walker comes into the office. Alex: Cordell. Ranger Trivette re apprehended Boris Simmons and the Blazing Demons.Ranger Walker:Soon I will retire. Our team will be going after Ted Hesse. You are picking up Angela.” Ranger Walker gets seated.


At Texas Ranger headquarters later on in the day time inside the office of Ranger Walker. There is Ranger James Trivette present. Also there is Carlos Sandoval. Ranger Walker shows up with his wife Alex Cahill-Walker. Alex:I should get the evidence to prosecute Ted Hesse. We prosecuted the bikers. They were also suspects of shooting me after Rangers Austin and Harper killed Derek Gibbs.” They go over to a computer.


At the interrogation rooms. There is leader Boris Simmons of the biker Blazing Demons. Alex Cahill-Walker with Ranger Walker comes into the room. They go over to the biker gang leader. Boris Simmons:I don’t have the key location of Ted Hesse. He goes all around Texas as Harry Seamore should’ve told you. You still have Jonas Graves standing.Ranger Walker:Alex. You take Angela home and I will meet you later at home and we’ll find Ted Hesse and put him behind bars.Ranger Walker:Who else is working for Ted Hesse? We also have Mark Ling’s brother.Boris Simmons:My ex chick is Starr Reynolds. As long as we have long broken up I’ll give her up for you.


At the Texas Ranger office. There is James Trivette at the computer with Carlos Sandoval and Trent Malloy looking at it with him. Ranger Trivette:Still haven’t found anything on Ted Hesse. Starr Reynolds the ex girlfriend of Boris Simmons is in on it too.Carlos Sandoval:We should soon and I know that a vicious killer almost killed you when Alex was pregnant. I heard about CD Parker.” Ranger Walker shows up. Ranger Walker:Alex is picking up Angela. We have Jonas Graves to hunt down still alive along with Mark Ling’s brother Puchong.


Outside of the Middle School in Dallas later on in the afternoon. There is Alex Cahill-Walker in her Chevrolet. There is the school patrol and there are school buses parked outside. Angela Walker comes out with many girls and boys. Angela Walker:Mommy.” Angela Walker goes over to Alex’s Chevrolet. Angela gets into the car. Alex drives off. Alex:Daddy is going after a criminal mastermind. I must take you home and than we’ll take you to grandpa. I am on the case of Ted Hesse.


At the penthouse of Ted Hesse. There with Ted Hesse with the remains of his gang and his right hand people. Ted Hesse:Find Alex Cahill-Walker the wife of Captain Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers and District Attorney. They have a little girl. Let’s take her too.” Many thugs leave going after Alex Cahill-Walker being accompanied by Jonas Graves.


On the road. There is Alex driving down the turnpike. A van shows up. There is Jonas Graves with some other thugs. Alex:We took him down when you were born.Graves is driving the van. A thug comes out with a gun. Alex stops the car. Alex with Angela Walker comes out of the car. Graves:You are coming with us.Graves:A woman Texas Ranger knocked me out. The Rangers of Company B put me back in Huntsville. Now you should soon die. You almost died in the court house.” Another thug comes into the car. Alex and Angela are thrown into the back of the car. They are tied up. Graves:Take them to Ted Hesse’s place.


Later on at the penthouse of Ted Hesse. Alex’s car with a van show up. Ted Hesse shows up with his right hand people. Ted Hesse:You will die DA. I know who you are and you’re married to the Texas Ranger captain Cordell Walker.” Starr Reynolds finds Alex’s cell phone. Starr takes Alex’s cell phone. Starr Reynolds: I found this. Maybe we’ll get this to find Cordell Walker. He’s the famous Texas Ranger and is in the hall of fame. We hate Texas Rangers. They took the bikers down again.


Inside of the penthouse on the upper floor. Ted Hesse with his gang shows up along with Alex and Angela Walker taken hostage. Ted Hesse:Load them under my loft. You Graves with some of you go to the house of Ranger Walker. Find him.” Ranger Walker’s wife and daughter are being loaded under Ted’s loft. They are taken at gun point. Jonas Graves departs with his thugs after Ranger Walker.


At the home of the Walkers. There is Ranger Walker driving his dodge ram. He comes to the house. Ranger Walker pulls out his silver berretta. Ranger Walker goes into the house.


Inside the Walker’s house in the lower hall way. Ranger Walker shows up with his gun drawn. Ranger Walker goes searching the house.


Outside of the Walker’s house. Jonas Graves shows up with a band of thugs. Graves:I see Walker’s dodge ram. Let’s take him.” Ranger Walker comes out of the house with gun drawn. Ranger Walker: Texas Ranger. You are under arrest.Jonas Graves:There’s the Texas Ranger who busted me 19 years ago. Kill him.” Jonas Graves and the thugs fire on Ranger Walker. Ranger Walker shoots down those thugs killing them. Ranger Walker shoots at more who fire on him. Ranger Walker shoots them down randomly. Ranger Walker in the gun fight shoots and kills Jonas Graves. The others throw down their guns. Ranger Walker:You guys will give up the location of Ted Hesse. He has my wife and daughter and you’ll get immunity from prosecution by my wife.” Ranger Walker has his gun aimed at the surviving thugs. Carlos and Trivette show up along with Trent following each other’s cars. They all come out of the cars. Trivette, Carlos and Trent go over to Ranger Walker. Trent:I will work on the case finding your wife and daughter Ranger Walker.Carlos Sandoval:Take those surviving felons to my headquarters. We’ll interrogate them and find Ted Hesse with the remains of his gang.Ranger Walker:Let’s go to police headquarters.” They all go into their vehicles.


At the Dallas Police station. At the office of Carlos Sandoval. Rangers Walker and Trivette show up with Trent and Carlos. There are many cops there present. Ranger Walker addresses the police. Ranger Walker:We found Ted Hesse. He has my wife and daughter. My former long time partner James Trivette will be coming with us as will Trent and Carlos. If we all survive we should have Carlos inducted into the Texas Rangers. Let’s go nail him and than I will retire from the Texas Rangers. I need you officers to wear body armor. They could be dangerous.


At the penthouse of Ted Hesse inside of the upper part. There are thugs holding Alex and Angela Walker hostage. Ted Hesse shows up with Starr Reynolds, Peter Rivera, Victor Waters and Puchong Ling. Ted Hesse:We’ll kill you and than Ranger Walker will really be after us and we will kill him.Puchong Ling:I want Ranger Trivette who beat up my brother.


Outside of the penthouse. There is Carlos Sandoval with the SWAT team. A police helicopter shows up. Also present are Texas Rangers Cordell Walker and James Trivette. They all pull out guns. Trent Malloy shows up next. Ranger Walker:This is Captain Cordell Walker of the Texas Rangers. My former partner and the Dallas police have you in sight. Come on out with your hands up and release my wife and daughter.” They break into the place.


In Ted Hesse’s loft. There are many thugs sitting there. The Texas Rangers show up with the police. Ranger Walker spots his wife and daughter under the loft. Ranger Walker:I need you officers deal with the release Huntsville inmates while Trent and Carlos with my partner James will deal with Ted Hesse.” Trent, Carlos and Trivette appear behind Walker’s back. The police and thugs fire on each other. One thug fires on the police helicopter. Carlos shoots that thug down. The Texas Rangers with the Son of Thunder go to the dining room in search of Ted Hesse. Ranger Walker:Ted Hesse. You are under arrest.” Carlos takes on Peter Rivera. Carlos Sandoval:You are under arrest.” Ranger Walker jump kicks Ted Hesse. Ted Hesse:I should kill you all and than I kill your wife and daughter.” Ranger Trivette takes on Victor Waters. Trent takes on Puchong Ling. They are throwing kicks and punches at each other.


Over to the loft. There are cops and thugs firing on each other. A few cops are shot down. Other cops shoot down those thugs. There is gun fighting going in. The cops and thugs continue firing on each other.


Back to the dining room. Ted Hesse throws a punch at Ranger Walker. Ranger Walker throws a punch back at Ted Hesse. Trent and Puchong Ling are fighting each other with martial arts moves. Ranger Trivette and Victor Waters are throwing punches onto each other. Starr Reynolds goes for a knife. Alex breaks free. Starr Reynolds:I will kill you 2 just as your husband Mrs. Walker will die.” Alex throws a kick onto Starr Reynolds. The knife falls out of her hand. Angela Walker next breaks free. They remove the gags. Alex kicks the knife away. Starr Reynolds goes after Ranger Walker’s wife and daughter. Starr Reynolds:I will kill you both.Alex:You Angela had lessons from your father.” Angela Walker throws a punch onto Starr Reynolds. Alex next sends a kick onto Starr Reynolds. Alex:You stay down. I will indict you.” Alex picks up the knife. She aims it at Starr Reynolds. Carlos and Trivette throw Victor Waters and Peter Rivera into each other. They throw punches knocking them out. Trent Malloy sends an uppercut knocking down Puchong Ling.


Back to the loft. Dallas cops and Texan criminals are firing on each other. One thug is shot down by a Dallas cop. Those thugs throw down their guns. Hesse Thug:We give up.Dallas SWAT team officer:Hold it right there. You are going back to Huntsville.” They put hands on top of their heads. The SWAT team comes over to them with guns aimed at them.


Back to Walker vs. Hesse. The Ranger and criminal mastermind are beating each other up with kicks and punches. Ranger Walker round house kicks Ted Hesse. Ranger Walker pulls out his gun. He aims it at Ted Hesse. Ranger Walker:Hold it right there Ted Hesse. You are under arrest. Don’t move or I will shoot.Ted Hesse:One day we’ll be out and you will pay for this.Ranger Walker:I am retiring now. You are the new Texas Ranger Carlos.


Later on outside of the penthouse. There are Ted Hesse, Peter Rivera, Puchong Ling, Starr Reynolds, Victor Waters and other thugs being loaded into a prison transport in handcuffs. There are Alex Cahill-Walker, Angela Walker, James Trivette, Carlos Sandoval and Trent Malloy standing there along with Cordell Walker. Ranger Walker:I am now retired. Alex is moving on with her life.Angela Walker: I do dad want to be a Texas Ranger when I grow up.Carlos Sandoval:I had a partner killed and that’s when I left the police but that killer is dead now.” They all get into their vehicles.


Many days later at CD’s bar. There is Ranger Walker present. Also there are Angela Walker and Alex Cahill-Walker. Others present are Trent Malloy, Ranger Santiago Perez, Ranger Bobbie Hunt, Ranger James Trivette and Ranger Carlos Sandoval. Carlos has on his ranger badge. They are all chatting. Santiago Perez:Ranger Hunt and I were once candidates to take the place of the murdered retiring ranger Walt Cobb. You are now our ranger Sandoval.Ranger Walker:My long time partner James Trivette is now the Captain and runs Company B. You are Ranger Sandoval back to working with James Trivette.” They all gather together. The adults are all standing there with glasses of wine. Ranger Walker:My wife’s successor is your boyfriend Ranger Hunt. We have cleaned up crime in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolis.


Fade Out