By Katie 59

Chapter One

Alex was in her office when her secretary told her that there was a phone call for her from Chicago.  "This is Alex Cahill-Walker, how may I help you?"

"Is this Alex Cahill?  Do you know a Gordon Cahill?” The caller asked her and she replied "Yes this is Alex Cahill and yes I know a Gordon Cahill."

"Ma'am, this is Captain Hendrikson of the Chicago Police Department. I'm calling you because you're listed as next of kin for a Gordon Cahill." He told her.

"Yes Gordon Cahill is my father, what's happened?” Alex questioned Hendrikson knowing that it was bad because he was calling her. Hendrikson replied "I'm sorry Ma'am but there's been an accident and your father is in the hospital in critical condition. I think that you should make arrangements to come here as soon as possible."

"What about his wife Madeline Stowe-Cahill, is she okay?” Alex asked Hendrikson who told her "I'm sorry to say that she died in the accident. Your father is at Hope Memorial Hospital in the intensive care unit.”

"I'll be there as soon as I can. Thank you for calling me." Alex said and then hung up the phone. After taking a minute to collect herself she called her husband "Walker, dad is in the hospital in critical condition. I have to go to Chicago to be with him as soon as I can."

Walker said "Alex. I'll go with you." She questioned him "Can you take off just like that? This may take awhile, I don't know what shape he's in or how long it will take for him to recover."

"Yes I can take off just like that and I'll be with you there as long as you need to be there. Alex, you just hang in there while I make the arrangements for our flight, okay?” Walker told Alex who replied "Okay, I'll feel better if you come with me."

Walker decided that all of them needed to go so he made arrangements for them to get a hotel suite and then packed up Angela and Ray and met Alex for their flight. When she noticed the children Alex asked him "Walker, what am I going to do with the children when I'm visiting my father in the hospital?”

"I'll be with them in the hotel suite that I booked. Honey, we will stay in Chicago for however long you need to be there, leave everything to me." Walker assured his wife. In the airplane on the way to Chicago the children were a little restless so Walker said to Alex "You go on ahead to the hospital and I'll take the children to the hotel."

"Are you sure?” Alex questioned Walker who kissed her on the cheek and said, "I'm sure, now go." Alex went to the hospital while Walker took care of getting them checked into the hotel.

Chapter Two

Hendrikson was waiting at the hospital for Alex along with another man. After the introductions were over Hendrikson said "Miss Cahill-Walker, your father was blindsided by a drunk driver, we have her in custody right now because your step-mother died. As to your father, perhaps it would be better if Dr. Kline explained things to you."

Dr. Kline then said "Ms. Cahill, your father has shown no signs of any brain activity since being admitted to the hospital. He will never recover from the trauma that he suffered during the accident."

Stunned Alex asked him "Are you trying to tell me that my father is brain dead?”

"Yes. I am. Now your father signed an organ donor card and we would like to get started on that as soon as possible. So if you will just say goodbye to your father now, we'll be all set." Dr. Kline told Alex who replied "My husband is with my children at the hotel, I have to talk with him before I give you permission to do that."

"Ms. Cahill we don't need your permission but if it would make things easier for you we have enough time to wait until your family can get here to help you say your goodbyes." Dr. Kline said realizing how cold he had just sounded.

Once Walker got to the hospital Alex fell into his arms saying "I don't know how to say goodbye to my father." Hugging her Walker answered, "We'll do it together. Come on honey." They went into the hospital room where Alex kissed her father on the cheek and started to cry.

Seeing her mother crying Angela asked her father "Why is Mommy crying?” Walker replied "Her Daddy is going to heaven and Mommy's sad about that because she's going to miss him."

Angela kissed her grandfather on his hand and said "Grandpa, Daddy says that you're going to heaven and Mommy's going to miss you. I'll make Mommy feel better, I promise." Walker picked Ray up took Angela by the hand and then asked his wife "Do you want us to wait outside until you're done?”

Wiping back her tears Alex nodded yes so Walker took the children out of the room. Hendrikson was still there waiting and Walker said to him "I'm Walker, Alex's husband. What happened?”

"The Cahill's car was broadsided by a drunk driver who ran a red light while doing at least eighty miles an hour. Mrs. Cahill died on impact and her husband was pulled from the wreckage. Mrs. Wilcox who was the one driving drunk is in jail right now. There's some minor paperwork that your wife as next of kin will have to sign because we are doing everything by the book so Mrs. Wilcox doesn't get away with this, she's a repeat offender. That's why I'm here; to get Dr. Kline's statement that Gordon Cahill was declared brain dead because of the accident. The Cahill’s had no chance." Hendrikson explained to Walker.

"I don't think that my wife will be up to anything like that tonight. Can she come by tomorrow and sign the papers?” Walker asked Hendrikson who agreed. Awhile later a very shaken Alex came out of her father's room and told the nurse that she had said her goodbyes. The Walkers left the hospital.

Chapter Three

At the hotel Walker took charge of the children and after he put them to sleep he returned to the living room of their suite. Alex was standing by the window crying, going over to Alex Walker pulled her into his arms and said, "Come on honey, how about you trying to get some sleep?”

"Not yet, I just want to be held like this by you for awhile. Oh Walker I can't believe that my father is gone." Alex replied and then resumed her crying. "I know Alex, here why don't we go sit on the couch?” Walker said as he led her to the couch where he sat Alex down then sat down besides her and wrapped her in his arms again.

After awhile when Alex hadn't said anything Walker told his wife "Alex, I know that it's hard right now but try to remember that your father had finally gotten some happiness in his life. The way you accepted his marriage to Madeline made him very happy."

Alex replied, "You had a lot to do with that Cowboy." Walker asked her "I did?”

"Yes, you did. You helped my father overcome his drinking problem and as a result of that we were able to grow closer. Thank you my darling." Alex said as she kissed her husband on the cheek. Pulling her even closer Walker responded "Alex you had a lot more to do with your dad's happiness than me." About an hour later Alex got up off the couch and after taking Walker's hand said to him "Walker, let's go to bed."

 In the bedroom Alex stripped off her clothes and got into bed. Walker questioned her "Alex aren't you going to at least put a nightgown on?” Alex implored her husband  "Please Walker, I want to sleep in your arms tonight without anything between us."

Walker hesitated "Alex, your father just died, are you sure about this? I don't want to take advantage of you at a time like this." Alex replied as she turned back the covers on his side of the bed "Walker, I don't want to make love, I just need to feel you next to me. If that's too much to ask of you, I'll understand."

Stripping his clothes off also Walker got into bed pulled Alex into his arms then assured her "It's not too much to ask of me, I love you Alex. Here just try to get some sleep, I'll hold you all night long." Walker held Alex as she cried a little more before drifting off to sleep. Later on that night Walker awoke to Alex running her hands all over his chest. Grabbing Alex's hands to stop her because he was becoming aroused Walker said "Alex you have to stop doing that."

"Please Walker, I need to be with you." Alex pleaded with her husband who pointed out "Alex, you're upset about your father and you don't realize what you're doing to me."

"Walker, I know what I'm doing to you but I need to feel alive. Please I really need you." Alex told Walker as she resumed running her hands over his chest. After looking into her eyes for a minute Walker pulled Alex close and then gently made love to her.

Chapter Four

The next morning when Alex noticed that Walker was awake she said to him "Walker about last night, I'm sorry that I pressured you into making love with me." Walker replied "Alex, you didn't pressure me into making love with you. I knew what you were going through and that you needed to feel alive, it's okay."

"Yes but when your Uncle Ray died you didn't demand that I sleep with you to make you feel better." Alex pointed out.

"I wanted, god how I wanted to but instead I took off to the badlands to bury the pain. If I had it to do all over again I would have told you about Uncle Ray instead of backing away from you like I did. Maybe if I had we would have been married a lot longer." Walker told Alex who then snuggled closer to her husband. When they heard the children they got up from bed and started their day. They stopped at police headquarters and took care of the paperwork that was involved.

Then they headed to Gordon’s law firm where the senior partner informed Alex about the provisions in Gordon Cahill's will "Mrs. Walker, first of all let me tell you how sorry we are about your father's passing, you have our deepest sympathies. Now as to your father's will, he amassed quite a fortune through skillful investing and he left it mostly to you with two exceptions. The first was that he left some money to keep the legal aide center that he founded in your name going. Secondly he left a million dollars for each and any children of Alex Cahill and Cordell Walker to be given to them on their twenty-first birthdays. Now as to the funeral, your father left instructions as to how he wanted it handled and we will follow his wishes in this matter. The funeral is planned for three o'clock on Thursday afternoon and after that will be the official reading of his will which leaves you around ten million dollars to do with as you wish. Any questions?”

A stunned Alex shook her head no but Walker asked the attorney "Are you saying that our two children will each get one million dollars when they turn twenty-one?”

The attorney replied "Well the way the will is written it could mean that any children either one of you had separately or together. For instance Mr. Walker if you had fathered a child prior to your marriage to Miss Cahill, the child may be eligible for the million dollars when it turned twenty-one. We can discuss this in more detail Thursday afternoon after the reading of the will, which per Gordon Cahill's instructions follow right after his funeral. Gordon stressed that he didn't want a wake since he was a reformed alcoholic. His instructions said to donate any money that would have been used on a wake to the local A.A. chapter." The Walkers then left the law firm each deep in their own thoughts, Walker about Alex becoming rich and Alex thinking about her father's death.

Chapter Five

After the funeral was over they went to Gordon’s former law firm where his last will and testament was to be read. Gordon left a letter to Alex that he wanted her to read before the reading on the will so Alex read it aloud: 

          Dear Alex,

          If you're reading this, I'm gone. Now I want no tears.

          I can't tell you how much it meant to me that you were

          able to forgive me for the harm I caused you and your

          Mother with my drinking. Walker, I know that you are

          sitting there right besides my daughter. I know how you

          feel about earning money but I want my grandchildren to

          have this money. As for the money that I've left for my

          daughter, It's the least I could do for her after I left her

          and her mother when I was drinking forcing Alex to

          pay her way through college and then law school all

          by herself. Alex, know that once I stopped drinking I

          realized that I had almost thrown away the most precious

          thing in my life; you. Goodbye until we meet in heaven.

                                                            Your father:

                                                            Gordon Cahill

After she was done reading the letter Alex wiped away a few tears and the attorney then formally read Gordon’s will, it stated that all of his money was to be given to his daughter Alexandra Erin Cahill-Walker with the exception on the money for the legal aide center and the trust fund that was to be set up so that the children of Alex Cahill-Walker and or the children of Cordell Walker would receive one million dollars on their twenty-first birthdays. After the reading of the will Alex went into another room with several attorneys where she took care of the paperwork surrounding the will and where the attorney in charge of the children's trust fund explained to her how it would be handled per Gordon Cahill's instructions.

The Walkers then headed back to their hotel. Later on that night as they were getting ready for bed Alex said to Walker "Now I know what the attorney meant when he said that either one of our children would get one million on their twenty-first birthday."

"What do you mean Alex?” Walker questioned his wife who replied "Well our children will get the money but if either one of us had any previous children or if we have any children later on they would also get the money on their twenty-first birthdays just like Angela and Ray will."

Walker then asked her "Alex, are you trying to tell me that you've had children before?”

"No, you're the only man that I've been with without a condom and you know that. Walker, honey you are the only man whose children that I've ever wanted. What about you? Any Walkers running around that you haven't told me about?” Alex said.

"None. Alex, you are the only woman who's children I have ever wanted to be the father of." Walker answered his wife and then led Alex to the bed where he told her as he pulled back the covers "Here try to get some sleep. We have an early flight tomorrow."

"Yes, we do. Then on Sunday we have Angela's fifth birthday party, not to mention our sixth anniversary two days later.” Alex replied as she snuggled into her husband's arms where she fell asleep.

Chapter Six

It was now Sunday and they were having Angela's fifth birthday party. After she had opened all the presents from the guests but not her parents they were eating cake and ice-cream when Trivette pulled Walker aside and asked him "Walker, have you seen today's paper?”

"Not yet, we were too busy why?” Walker replied and Trivette informed him "There was a long article in it about Gordon’s death and his will. It was a very detailed article and it said that Alex had inherited ten million dollars from her father. The article also went on to say that your two children would get one million on their twenty-first birthdays but the article didn't stop there. It also said that if either you or Alex had any previous children or have any more children later on; they would also get the money. I thought you should know about just in case someone tries something."

"Alex already pointed that out to me about the children, I know that she has no hidden children running around. But they shouldn't have let people know that Alex was now rich. That's all she needs now, someone causing trouble because of it." Walker replied.

Trivette then teased him "Yeah we know about Alex and children, but what about you? Are there any little Walkers running around that your wife doesn't know about?”

"Not as far as I know Trivette." Walker answered right before Alex came up to them and said "Okay, that's enough shop talk. I think that it's time to give our daughter her pony."

"How did you know about the pony?” Walker questioned his wife because he knew that she had been opposed to Angela riding a pony at such a young age. Alex told him "I know you Walker, you want her to ride at an early age and while I'm not real crazy about the idea I do trust your judgment on it. That's why I got her a really nice saddle and some pretty pink ribbons for the pony, which by the way I've already put on. So let go show Angela her pony, okay?” That's what they did and Angela was so excited about the pony they had to put her on it. Walker led her around for a while while a very nervous Alex kept a close eye on them.

Later on as they were leaving Erica and Trivette asked Walker if he still wanted them to watch the children for them because of the Walker's anniversary and the plans that he had made in regards to it.  After Walker told them that his plans were still on and he still wanted them to baby-sit the Trivettes left. When questioned by Alex about his plans Walker told her "First we're going to dinner and then I thought the opera. How does that sound to you?”

"Oh Walker, you are so sweet. Doing all of that for me. How can I ever thank you?” Alex said as she threw her arms around her husband's neck and kissed him soundly. Teasing Walker replied, "By doing some more of that when we're home after our night out." Alex answered, "You can count on that my darling."

Chapter Seven

Tuesday morning Alex was back at work, after spending the morning updating her files Alex was more than ready to go to lunch when her secretary buzzed her and told her that a Merilee Summers was in the office and wanted to see her. Alex reluctantly told her secretary to send Miss Summers in even though Merilee's actions the previous year had played a part in Alex miscarrying her twins. Not to mention before that Alex had walked into her living room to find Merilee kissing her husband Walker on his chest, this had led Alex to flee her house in a state of shock not noticing the animal who then kidnapped her and raped her for several days before Sydney Cooke found her. Getting up from her desk when Merilee entered Alex got straight to the point by saying to her "You have a minute to explain what you want to see me about."

A smirking Merilee replied "It's quite simple, I want a million dollars from you and I want it now." Alex asked her "And why would I give you a million dollars when I can't stand the sight of you?”

"Well the way I see it is that I'm entitled to it." Merilee answered Alex who stated, "Cut the crap and get to the point."

"Fine, if you want to be that way. Either you give me a million dollars or I will have to tell your husband all about the son we had together. You know after he protected me from my ex-husband and we made love all night long, that's when we conceived our son." Merilee said stunning Alex who questioned "What son? Walker never said anything about a son and he would have if he knew about him."

Merilee pulled a picture out of her purse handed it Alex and told her "Cordell Walker Summers; my and Cordell's love child, he's eleven years old now. Now are you going to give me that money or not? I read that article in the paper about your father's will and according to it Walker's previous children were entitled to the money and since my son is his son I get the money."

"On his twenty-first birthday if he turns out to be Walker's son." Alex replied and Merilee smiled and said "Your husband showed me a picture of himself when he was eleven, our son looks just like his father at that age. You have until six o'clock tonight to give me your answer. Meet me at LaMancha's and don't be late, because if you are I will then be forced to tell Walker that you knew all about his son for years but didn't tell him. You know, the letter that I wrote you right before you finally got Walker down the aisle in which I told you about his son Cordell Walker Summers."

Alex protested "I got no such letter because you never wrote me to tell me about Walker's alleged son and you know that."

"That's true but who do you think Walker will believe? Me when I tell him that I wrote you and told you about our son but you were afraid of losing him to me so you didn't tell him or you who had everything to lose if the truth came out right before your wedding?” A spiteful Merilee Summers questioned Alex who replied "I don't even know if you actually have a son and if he's really my husband's."

"Tonight at six." Merilee said and then strolled out of Alex's office. After composing herself Alex called Trivette and told him "Jimmy, hi it's me Alex. I'm calling you to tell you that there's been a change in plans, we won't be going out tonight after all. Something came up, bye Trivette." Then Alex hung up before he could say anything.

Chapter Eight

Needless to say when Walker got home from work he questioned his wife "Alex why did you call Trivette and tell him that we won't be going out? Why did you change our plans without talking to me first?”

After taking a deep breath Alex answered "Because I had a visit from Merilee Summers in my office today." Puzzled Walker asked, "What does a visit from Merilee have to do with you canceling our plans?”

Making sure that her children weren't listening Alex told her husband "Merilee said that she wanted a million dollars from me." Still puzzled Walker again questioned Alex "Merilee asked you for a million dollars, why?”

"She said that if I didn't give her a million dollars she would then be forced to tell you all about the son you had with her, Cordell Walker Summers." Alex answered Walker who sat down stunned. Taking the picture of a boy that she had been given by Merilee Alex handed it to Walker and said "He does look like you somewhat and he appears to be the right age to possibly be your son but didn't you tell me that you had practiced safe sex with her? Isn't that what you told me, that I was the only woman other than Ellen that you had been with without wearing a condom. Although I suppose that it's possible that it broke, given your size."

Walker replied "I never said that to you about her."

"Yes, you did. Walker don't you remember after you got Pike back in prison and we had that talk about love, jealousy and ghosts? That's when you told me that you wore a condom whenever you were with a woman except for Ellen and me. Are you saying that you lied to me then?” Alex questioned Walker.

"Not lied, not exactly. I don't really remember much about that night, all I know is that I had a few beers and one thing led to another." Walker told Alex who realized that there was now a very good chance that Merilee had indeed given birth to Walker's son years ago since apparently he hadn't worn a condom that night like he told her that he had.

"What did you say to her about the money?” Walker asked Alex who answered her husband "Nothing, she wants me to meet her at LaMancha's at six tonight but I have no intention of doing that. I think that you should be the one to meet with her to find out if she really did give birth to your son years ago like she is claiming."

Walker then asked "What if Merilee is telling the truth? What happens if he turns out to be my son?"

Alex replied "He'll receive the money on his twenty-first birthday just like our children will. Not a minute before then and little Miss Summers is most certainly not getting one red cent from me ever."

"I guess that I'd better go and see Merilee. If he's my son how will the estate know that he's mine?” Walker asked Alex who answered him "Blood tests and I believe a D.N.A. test since he isn't my child. The attorney in charge of the trust fund for the children told me that any children of mine are automatically on the list but any children of yours that you had with another woman must be proven to be yours by a blood test and a D.N.A. test. If he's proven to be yours then his name will be added to the list by the attorney and he will receive his money on his twenty-first birthday just like my children. One last thing Walker, Merilee is going to tell you that she wrote me a letter right before our wedding and told me about your son. Walker she will be lying, if I had known about him I would have told you no matter what might have happened from that point on. I never got a letter from her, you have to believe me."

"I do Alex, I know that if you had received a letter from Merilee about him you would have told me because that's the type of person that you are. Now, are you sure about me going to meet her?” Walker said to Alex.

"Yes, you need to find out if he is your son and if he turns out to be you need to become his father." Alex assured her husband who then left while Alex stood in her kitchen wishing her father had worded his will differently. Alex didn't know if she could take it if it turned out that Merilee had given birth to Walker's firstborn and not her.

Chapter Nine

Merilee was sitting at her table waiting for Alex to show up when Walker sat down instead. Showing Merilee the picture that she had given Alex Walker asked bluntly asked her "What's this about you giving birth to my son years ago?”

Stalling for time Merilee questioned him "Alex told you? I must say that I'm surprised that she finally let you know about him."

Walker snapped back "Yes Alex told me about your little visit to her office today and your attempt to extort a million dollars from her."

"It wasn't an extortion attempt, I was just trying to make sure that my son Cordell Walker Summers receives the money that he's entitled to as your son. I just don't think that he should have to wait until he's twenty-one though. I must say that I am shocked that Alex told you about my visit today given the fact that she's known about him for years. As a matter of fact I wrote her about young Cordell right before she finally managed to drag you down the aisle." Merilee snidely told Walker who informed her "Well if he turns out to be my son I intend to be his father in every sense of the word. Now where is he? We'll need to do some blood tests so that I'll know if he's is mine or if you're lying trying to get some money."

"His blood type is the same as yours, mine is different. That should be enough for your wife, shouldn't it?” Merilee questioned Walker who replied "It's not good enough for me, not after the things that you've done. I want proof that he is my son before I'll allow you to get your hands on Alex's father's money. Also why now Merilee? You have had plenty of opportunities to tell me about him in the past if you had really wanted to. Hell you've been in town four times in the last two years alone, you could have said something any of those times."

"It never seemed to be the right time to tell you that we had a son together and that your wife knew about him but didn't tell you. Although I was planning on telling you that night Ranger Trivette showed up and dragged you back to Dallas. Also like I just told you I don't want Cordell to have to wait until he's twenty-one to get that million dollars like your other children." Merilee answered Walker.

"Why shouldn't he wait? Angela and Ray won't be getting theirs until they are twenty-one." Walker said to Merilee who then told him "Yes but their mother is now rich, isn't she? I'm not and I want my son to have a better life like his half siblings are going to have thanks to their mother's money."

"As for them being rich that depends on the meaning of the word because Alex plans to spend most of it on our charities. She does not plan to splurge on our children and buy them things that they don't need. We are raising them to respect hard work and earning what you get. They are being taught to value honest living." Walker responded causing Merilee to say "You are raising them to value honest living, really? Walker how can you do that when your wife has been lying to you for years about your son? Alex didn't tell you about him because she knew you would have married me because of our son and she would have lost you forever, how honest is that?”

Getting mad Walker said to her "Enough Merilee, Alex did not know about him because if she had she would have told me even if it meant that she lost me because of it. That's the difference between the two of you; Alex has always placed my happiness first unlike you who have always placed your happiness above everyone else's. I love and trust Alex. I do not trust you and I never will. I want the blood tests done so that I will know if I fathered him and if I did he will receive the money on his twenty-first birthday. Now when can you bring him to town for the blood tests?”

"This weekend on one condition, I only want a blood test taken nothing more. He's living with my parents in Ohio and I can have here on Saturday, is that soon enough for you?” Merilee asked Walker and after he nodded yes she left the restaurant.

Chapter Ten

Walker drove around for a while before he went back home hoping that his wife would have gone to bed by the time he returned. However when he got there Alex was waiting up for him. After locking up Walker sat down besides his wife on the couch and told her "Merilee is going to bring Cordell here for tests on Saturday to see if he is my son. Alex, I'd like to meet him and get to know him."

Alex replied "Okay." Walker then asked her "Are you upset about this? If you are we can do it another time."

"Yes I am upset by it but if he's your son I do want you to be a father to him. He deserves no less than his father's love even if he is Merilee's son. Walker, you are a great father and I can't hold his mother against him." Alex answered her husband.

"I'm sorry about all of this. I never thought that I made her pregnant that one night we spent together. Do you want me to tell you about it?” Walker asked Alex who moved away from him on the couch and said "Hell no, I know what happened. She came to town and you fell for her like a ton of bricks, shoving me aside like I was a piece of garbage. Then you jumped right into bed with her, something that you were too good to do with me."

"I didn't realize at the time that you had feelings for me." Walker started to explain but Alex broke in to say "I was in love with you, I was waiting for you to be ready for a physical relationship because I thought that you too had feelings for me. Boy was I ever wrong. I never thought that you weren't interested in me sexually until she came to town and you took her to your ranch and your bed so quickly. So I figured that it was me who wasn't sexually desirable to you. I then thought that you would never consider me as anything other than a colleague so I took up with Dalton and you know the rest."

Pulling Alex to him Walker told her "Alex, I did care for you then but you weren't the kind of woman to have a fling with, you were the kind to marry and I wasn't ready for that level of commitment yet." Walker then kissed her on the cheek and added "Alex, I want to meet him before the tests results are in but if it makes you uncomfortable I can hold off meeting him until we know for sure that he's mine. Whatever you want honey."

"No Walker, I think that you should get to know him as soon as possible. You can bring him here while you await the results of the tests. It's just that this was not the way I pictured us spending our anniversary, first my father dies and then Merilee claims that she's the mother of your firstborn not me. it's just been a rough week, that's all." Alex replied as she laid her head on his chest.

"Well, it's still our anniversary do you want me to kiss it and make it all better?” Walker asked.

"I thought that it was my job to kiss you and make you feel better?” Alex asked her husband who pulled her close and replied "My turn lady." Then he tenderly kissed Alex. After being held in Walker's arms for a while Alex told him that she wanted to go to bed so they went to their bedroom where Alex stated "I want you." After looking into her eyes Walker kissed her and began to really make her feel a lot better among other things.

Chapter Eleven

Saturday Merilee brought her son to town for the tests and after they were done Merilee followed Walker out to the ranch. Alex greeted them and Merilee told her son "Cordell, this is Miss Cahill."

"Hi there, I'm Alex. So nice to meet you." Alex replied as she put a smile on her face because the boy looked like he could really be her husband's son. Angela then ran and threw herself in her father's arms while asking him "Daddy, Daddy, can I ride my pony baby princess?”

"Not right now honey, maybe later." Walker answered.

Young Cordell than asked Angela "You have your own pony?”

"Yes Mommy and Daddy got her for my birthday, do you want to see her? She's real pretty." Angela replied and Cordell looked at his mother who nodded okay. Angela then began to run to the barn to show off her pony but Alex was afraid that she would try to ride it so she went along with them.

With Cordell, Angela and Alex in the barn Merilee looked at Ray and said to Walker "This one looks just like my Cordell did when he was at that age." Walker answered her by saying "Alex has always said that Ray's the spitting image of me, I don't see it myself."

"He is; just like your other son Cordell Walker Summers." Merilee said and then changed the subject by asking Walker "How long is this going to take? I want to get my son back to the hotel." Walker told Merilee "Look I want to get to know him, thanks to you not telling me about him I missed out on a lot of his life."

Meanwhile in the barn as Angela was showing off her pony Alex questioned Cordell about his name "Cordell Walker, that's the name of Angela and Ray's Daddy, did your mother ever tell you why she named you after him?”

"My mother told me that she named me after her hero, Cordell Walker. She said that he saved her from a evil man." Young Cordell replied. Alex then said to him "To a lot of people Cordell Walker is a hero."

"Is he your hero too?” Cordell asked Alex who smiled and replied, "No, he's my cowboy." Then changing the subject Alex told the child "How about we go back to the house and eat some lunch? I fixed up some real Texas style food." So they went back to the house where young Cordell asked to eat some real Texas style food and Merilee agreed that they could stay for lunch. After they were done eating Merilee insisted on helping Alex clean up the kitchen and as they were doing so she wasted no time by taunting Alex "So how does it feel to know that I'm the mother of your husband's first born son and not you?”

"My feelings don't matter in this, what does matter is that you've kept Walker from his son and rest assured that Walker will do whatever he has to do to get to know his son." Alex answered calmly considering that she really wanted to wipe the smirk off of Merilee's face, preferably with a fist.

After they had gone back into the living room Ranger Kay called to say that the test results were in and that she was on her way to the ranch with them. Alex told Walker that she would take Angela and young Cordell to the barn while Kay revealed the results. Once she got there Kay opened the report and read it aloud "The blood tests show that there is a strong possibility that Cordell John Walker is the father of Cordell Walker Summers because their blood types are the same.”

Merilee broke in "See I told you so, now do I get my million dollars or not?” Ignoring her Kay then finished reading the report "Even though the blood test appears to show that Cordell Walker fathered Cordell Summers, the D.N.A. tests shows that there is no possibility that Cordell John Walker is the biological father of Cordell Walker Summers."

Merilee then said, "You're lying. How much did they pay you to lie?”

"The tests were witnessed by a impartial observer who has no ties to Captain Walker or anyone else involved in this case." Kay stated and then handed both Walker and Merilee a copy of the report and left the ranch. Walker then told Merilee "One thing no one knows about Gordon Cahill's will is that in the event a woman other than Alex claims that she had my child a D.N.A. is mandatory to prove the claim on the estate. Now who exactly is his father?”

Merilee yelled at Walker "Go to hell Cordell Walker and take your family with you." Then she got her son and left the ranch. 

Chapter Twelve

After Merilee took off in a hurry Alex came back into the house and Walker handed her his copy of the test results, after reading them over Alex told him "I'm sorry Walker.” A puzzled Walker asked her "You're sorry, for what?”

"I know that there was a part of you that wanted to be his father, he seems like a really nice young man in spite of his mother." Alex replied. Walker then got his truck keys and told his wife "I'm going to get some straight answers from Miss Summers about what she tried to pull."

"Okay but be careful, she seemed really upset. She may have really thought that you were his father." Alex told her husband who then questioned her "Alex, if you were pregnant, wouldn't you know who the father was?”

"I didn't know who had fathered Ray until several months after he was born." Alex pointed out.

"I remember but you were hurt by that animal while I was off helping Merilee instead of being at home with you like I should have been. Alex, I'll see you when I get back." Walker said and then left the house. Going to the hotel Merilee was staying at Walker knocked on her door, which was answered by her son. Walker said to him "Hi champ is your mother here?”

Instead of answering him young Cordell questioned Walker "Are you my father? Is that why my mother named me after you?”

"No, I'm not your father. The blood tests that we took today were to see if I was, I'm sorry but I'm not your father." Walker answered as Merilee came into the room. She had her son leave the room and then said to Walker "I guess that you're here for some answers?”

"Yes starting with why did you say that I was his father? Did you think that I had fathered him?” Walker asked Merilee who answered him "No, I knew that you weren't his father but I so wanted you to be his father."

"Well, who is his father?” Walker then asked.

"My ex-husband Waylon." Merilee replied and Walker said "I'm sorry, did he force himself on you? Is that why you named your son after me and not his father?”

"No he didn't. It happened during one of our good periods right before I came to town and I had promised him that I would stop touring and we would be getting back together. Waylon went a little crazy when he figured out that I had no intention of giving up my career and resuming our marriage. You know the rest, you helped me out with him and we spent that night together after we both had a few beers." Merilee explained to Walker.

"You had to know that there would be some kind of test to determine whether or not I had fathered him." Walker said to Merilee who replied "I was counting on Alex giving me the money to get rid of me. I never thought that she would tell you about it because there was no way I would ever have told any husband of mine that his old flame claimed to have given birth to his child. I didn't think that you would ever know but once you did I counted on the fact that he looks like you and had your blood type. That you would then accept him as yours and make Alex give me that money without any other tests being done. Money was the very least that I deserved from her after the way she took you from me after you rescued me from Waylon." Merilee told Walker.

"Alex never took me from you, you never really had me." Walker stated causing Merilee to snap at him "I know that. That night after we made love you fell asleep and as you were holding me in your arms you said her name. I was lying in bed with you, not Alex and I can't forgive her for that."

"I don't remember that night too well. I'm not much of a drinker and I had more than I should have. I never meant to sleep with you that night. If my calling Alex's name in bed with you upset you that doesn't explain why you later returned to town several times and tried to get me back those times." Walker said to her.

"I wasn't trying to get you back so much as trying to hurt your precious Alex the way you hurt me by saying her name right after being with me. Goodbye Walker, I hope to never see you again." Merilee said as she showed him out and then slammed the door.

Chapter Thirteen

When Walker got back to the ranch he found Alex getting the children ready to go out. Spotting her husband Alex said "Ty called when you were out and said that he had been hurt and was wondering if you could replace him in a charity bull riding event."

Remembering his recently broken promise of no more bull riding because he had been injured by a bull before they were married Walker questioned his wife "What did you tell him?” Alex replied "I told him that you would be happy to replace him, is that okay?”

"Are you sure about this Alex? I was only doing the bull riding last time because of the case that I was working on otherwise I never would have broken my promise to you." Walker said to Alex who assured him "Yes, I'm sure about this honey. I packed your gear; it's in the living room. You just have to put it in the truck and then we can be on our way to the arena."

"Why did you change your mind about my riding a bull sometimes?” Walker questioned her.

"Because the man that I fell in love with loves to ride bulls for fun, why I don't know. Walker, I realized something after that last case. That I took away something that you loved to do out of fear for your safety. While I admit that I will never be thrilled with you riding bulls sometimes, I will not stop you from doing it. What I'm saying is that you are free from that promise of no more bull riding that I badgered you into before we were married. Now can we please go? Ty said that he wanted to see you beforehand and I have to get our children seats so that they can see their father ride a bull." Alex said to her husband who pulled her close and whispered in her ear "I love you Mrs. Walker and later I'll show you how much."

"I know cowboy and that sounds good." Alex said as she hugged him back. As they were driving to the arena Alex told him "Darling we can discuss Merilee and her little stunt after we get back home tonight. For now I want you to think only about riding that bull and getting off of it in one piece, okay?”

"But what if I get a boo-boo?” Walker teased Alex but before she could answer Angela said from the backseat "Daddy, Mommy will kiss it and make it better. Won't you Mommy?”

"You bet I will honey." Alex answered. They went to the arena and Walker rode the bull and got off in one piece, the children were thrilled when they realized that everyone was clapping for their Daddy. As they were riding back home Walker told Alex "Thanks for tonight."

"You're welcomed dear." Alex replied.

Chapter Fourteen

After the children were in bed Alex and Walker were in their bedroom getting ready for bed when Alex asked him "Well did you get the answers that you wanted from Merilee?”

"Sort of." Walker answered and the Alex replied "Okay I take it that you don't want to talk about it with me, after all I'm only your wife."

"Merilee said that she only attempted to blackmail you because it never occurred to her that you would tell me about it." Walker told his wife who then said to him "I figured that much out. But once I told you she had to have known that there would be some kind of test to prove paternity. Why did she even bring him here and put him through that?”

Walker explained, "Merilee told me that once I saw him she had hoped that his resemblance to me would be enough for me, that and us having the same blood types. That I would then tell you to give her the million dollars. She wasn't counting on a D.N.A. test being performed." Alex answered Walker as she got into bed "Okay."

Also getting into bed Walker pulled Alex into his arms and further explained "Merilee also told me that she wanted some money from you to pay her back for you taking me from her." Removing herself from her husband's arms Alex replied, "She got that a little bit wrong. I never took you from her, she took you from me."

"Alex, I need to tell you about that night we spent together.” Walker was saying when Alex informed him "Oh no you don't."

"Yes Alex, I do. Please listen and don't say anything until I'm done, Okay?” Walker asked Alex who reluctantly nodded her agreement so he then said "That night that it happened for some reason I had a few beers and one thing led to another. Anyhow we ended up having sex and after it was over I fell asleep. When I was sleeping with Merilee in my arms she said that I called out your name, that's why she hates you so much. Merilee said those times she returned to town she wasn't trying to get me back so much as trying to hurt you the way I hurt her by saying your name after being with her."

"Walker, I don't know what you want me to say to you." Alex replied.

"Tell me that you forgive me for bringing her into your life and letting her cause you so much pain because of my actions." Walker told Alex who after thinking it over said "Walker, there's nothing to forgive. It's Merilee who's at fault here not you. I guess that a part of me feels as though I should be happy about it because it means that you really did want me then." Alex then snuggled closer to Walker who teased "So does that mean you want me to show you how much I love you then?”

Teasing back Alex answered "Sure do cowboy, now get on with it." Walker didn't reply with words instead he showed his wife how much she meant to him. Several hours later Walker was awakened by his wife doing a little more that kissing him where his birthmark was located. When she was done Walker exclaimed, "Good god, are you trying to kill me lady?”

Smiling wickedly Alex replied as she moved back up the bed and into his arms "No my darling, I was just waking you up the way I had planned on doing on our anniversary. However if you really didn't like it, I guess that I can promise never to do that again."

"No, I really enjoyed it and you can wake me up that way any time you want to just as long as you remember that I can wake you up that way any time I want to, okay?” Walker replied and Alex answered him "Fine by me." Then they fell asleep in each other arms.

I don't own Walker Texas Ranger, C.B.S. and other entities do. Neither I or this story is meant as an infringement on their rights. It was written as a tribute to a good show, nothing more.