Daddy Knows Best
By Sissy and Jennifer G.

Jessie sees the advancing threat of the shadowy figure and runs as hard as she can for the corner, so terrified that they were going to catch her. She didn’t know what they would do to her, but she just knew it would be bad. Just before she turns the corner, she looks back and sees them just steps behind her. Fear strangles the scream in her throat as she turns the corner and, seeing her daddy just steps away, she cries out, “Daddy!” and wraps her little body around his legs and closes her eyes in silent prayer. Knowing that she is safe in her daddy’s arms.

At the collision with his legs, he looks down and sees Jessie hanging on for dear life. He reaches down, pulls her arms from around his legs, and hoists her up against his chest. Feeling the trembling in her little body, “Jessie … what is it?”
Still unable to form words, she can only point and this she does with a shaky hand, toward the corner of the building that she has just come from.

“What’s back there?”

When he starts walking back to where she is pointing, Jessie’s fear of what is around that corner bring a sharp cry, “No … Daddy … they’ll get me!!”

Walker stops and turns Jessie around in his arms, to look into her eyes. What he sees, fills his heart with rage; his little girl should never feel that much terror, ever! “What will get you, Jessie? I would never let anyone ‘get’ you, baby, now lets go see what frightened you, okay?”

Jessie slowly nods her head and chokes out, “Okay,” but she doesn’t loosen her arms from around his neck.

Walker strides with purpose towards the corner, vowing retribution to whom ever has put the terror in his little girl. As he makes the turn Jessie buries her face into his chest as her arms tighten around his neck. Then her daddy stops.

“Jessie? I … don’t see anyone,” he says waiting for her to turn her head around.

Jessie slowly raises her head and looks out in all directions, nothing. Not a living soul can be seen anywhere. Her little body relaxes as she lets out a long sigh. Thank God for daddies. He scared them away.

Walker kneels down to the ground, letting her stand in front of him. “Jessie, what where you afraid of?” Seeing her hesitation, he tilts her head up, and smiles softly, “Can’t you tell me?”

Not wanting him to think she’s a total crybaby, “It was just some boys … chasing me.” Figuring that was enough of an explanation, her eyes light up, “Yeah, that’s what it was.”

He can tell, even without his Cherokee intuition, that Jessie is not telling him the whole truth. “Jessie, are you sure that’s all it is?”

Not wanting to put words to her small lie, she just nods her head.


When Walker stops his truck in the front of the house he sees his beautiful eight months pregnant wife and their little blonde three-year-old son, sitting in the swing. Getting out of the truck, he turns and catches Jessie as she takes flying leap from the seat, that he has just vacated, right into his arms.

Alex is reading to John, but the little boy has lost interest in the story and is clamoring to get down. He sees his daddy coming. Alex helps the eager boy down and watches with a warm smile as he carefully makes his way down the steps then runs as fast as his little legs will carry him straight to his father.

Walker squats down and, still holding Jessie, scoops the blonde headed waif up into his arms, and with total ease carries them up to the porch, where he gives each a kiss and sets them down on the floor. As they turn and run into the house, Walker sits down beside Alex, and an arm around behind her pulling her up against him, as much as he can with her belly between them, and kisses her softly, sweetly.

Slipping his hand up under her maternity smock, he lowers the elastic band that’s stretched across her swollen stomach, slides his hand beneath the waistband of her panties and softly caresses the large mound that is housing his third child.

“You look tired,” he murmurs. “You been behaving yourself and taking it easy?”

“Yes, dear, I’ve done nothing today but take care of John,” she says, covering his hand with hers.

Walker chuckles, “That’s a full time job right there. I wish you’d let me hire someone to help with him; he can be a handful even for me.”

“No! As long as I’m able I will not have someone else care for my children … unless it’s their father.” She softy caresses his cheek with her fingers and whispers, “Walker … the children.” His hand has moved up under her shirt to her swollen, sensitive breast, and begins to caress it gently, his thumb rolling over the nipple until it too, is swollen and hard.

“The kids are upstairs, I can hear them.” He lowers his lips to hers, just barely touching, “I’ve missed you, I want to make love to you, but … I’ll settle with this for now.” Then firmly presses his mouth against hers, deepening the kiss, his tongue caressing hers.

When Alex had seen Walker’s truck pull into the drive, a prickling sensation had begun in the deepest sweetest part of her and has continued to grow. This ‘phenomenon’ began long before they were married and has continued through the years. Today had been no different. Her emotions were spiraling out of control with just his caressing of her breast. Alex moans softly into his mouth as her body demands more. Her tongue duels with his as her body tries to move against his.

Walker’s heart, mind and soul are centered on Alex but his ears are attuned to the sound of his children, whom he hears now, stomping down the stairs. He pulls his hand reluctantly from beneath her smock, Alex groans, breathing, “No.”

“The kids, honey, we’ll finish this later, I promise.” He straightens her shirt and presses her head into his neck and sits quietly, waiting for his two small tornados to appear.

They come bounding out of the screen door to stand in front of the swing. “Mom, can we have a Popsicle?”

Knowing that his wife is coming to grips with her emotions, he fields their question. “Yes, but take them outside, okay?”

With a loud, “Yippee,” the two Walker children dart back into the house returning a few minutes later with the prized Popsicles. John goes out into the yard but Jessie pauses at the swing.

“What’s wrong with Mommy?” Alex’s quiet demeanor has puzzles the little girl.

“Ah … nothing, sweetheart. She’s just … resting.”

Satisfied with that answer, Jessie darts off the porch chasing after her little brother.

When Alex is able to breathe easier she lifts her head and looks into his face, “You are so bad,” she murmurs.

He lowers his head to gently touch her lips then smiles softly, “I know, but I can’t seem to help myself where you’re concerned. And I promise to finish this later. I love you.”


After supper, Walker helps Alex clean up the kitchen and tells her about Jessie’s trembling in fear when he went to pick her up after karate classes at the school. And the quick answer she gave about kids chasing her.

“Honey, maybe you’re reading more into it than need be. You know how adrenaline can kick in when you play a game of chase. Maybe that’s all it was.”

“Well, you might be right, but I don’t think so. She was really scared, even after I picked her up.”

“Maybe, when you put her to bed, you can get her to tell you what really happened then.”

“Hmmm … I might try.”

Later that evening, Walker notices the yawns and droopy eyes of his bride, “Honey,” he whispers, “Why don’t you go on up and get to bed. I’ll take care of John and Jessie’s bath and get them ready for bed.”

“Okay,” she yawns, “maybe I will. That’ll give you a chance to talk to Jessie.” He helps Alex upstairs to their bedroom and then returns downstairs to prod his youngsters to clean up their play and get ready for their baths.

He gives John his bath then run a fresh tub for Jessie. While he is settling the boy into bed, Jessie climbs into the tub. As she scrubs away the soil accumulated from the day of play, she suddenly stops when the leering faces of her tormenters looms up in her memory. Next time they’ll catch me! I’ll fight them. But they’re so big! Bet I could beat Tommy, he’s littler than me. But his brothers …I could tell Daddy, he’d take care of them. But he might think I’m a big sissy … no … I can’t do that. I’ll … I just won’t go anymore.

“Jessie, don’t forget your ears.”

She jumps at her dad’s voice and begins scrubbing again, this time harder, trying to scrub away the tormenting jeers of the three boys.

When Walker comes into the bathroom to help Jessie, she has already dried off, has her pajamas on and is brushing her teeth. He stands behind her until she finishes and then walks with her to her room. Settling her down under the covers, he opens his mouth to ask her about the earlier incident, when she speaks first.

“Daddy … I don’t want to go to karate classes anymore.”

Walker is too stunned to speak for several minutes and when he does he notices her eyes are looking down at her twisting hands in her lap. “I … Jessie, I thought you like the classes.”

“I do … I did … but they’re no fun anymore and … so … why do I haveta go?” She looks up then, into her father’s eyes, “I don’t have to … do I?”

“Well, no, if you really aren’t enjoying them, you don’t have to go.” He knows that Jessie loves those classes so whatever has scared her … “Well, when you go on Thursday, you can tell your sensei that your quitting, okay?”

He sees her body stiffen in fear, and her eyes widen, “No! … I can’t! I mean, can’t you tell him, why do I have to go back, just to quit?”

He wants her to tell him why she is so afraid of going back. He knows it isn’t the classes that she is afraid of, but what happens after the classes. “I think if you want to quit, that’s the honorable way to do it. Don’t you?”

She slowly nods her head, then slides down under the sheets, hardly noticing the kiss her father places on her cheek.

“Good night, Jessie.” When she doesn’t answer, “Goodnight, Jessie,” just a little louder.

“Oh, Goodnight, Daddy.”


Alex looks up with sleepy eyes, from her warm cocoon of blankets, to see her husband coming into the bedroom. She watches him with a wanting that has never diminished in their six years of marriage.

“Aren’t you asleep, yet?” he asks softly.

“No,” she murmurs, “I was waiting for you. Is Jessie and John asleep?”

“Yes, finally.” He unbuttons his shirt and drops it on a chair, and begins to strip out of his trousers. “Well, I’m here now, so you can go to sleep.” He sits down beside her on the bed and caresses her face with his fingertips. “You need your rest, honey.”

“Make love to me, Walker,” she says in a sleepy languid whisper.

“Wanton,” he teases. “You’re too tired and too pregnant.”

“Too ‘fat’, you mean,” giving him her best pout. “Besides, you promised.”

With a sudden motion and a comically evil laugh, Walker stands by the bed, leering. “Too fat, is it?” He cries out, and then he flings back the covers, baring her nude pear-shaped form, and kneels to kiss her satiny knees tantalizingly, first one, and then the other.

Alex moans, lulled by the soft, insistent passion from earlier, by the delicate scent of his aftershave, by the feel of the smooth sheets and the soft caress of his hands, his mouth.

Walker’s lips travel up one thigh to the small mountain that is her stomach, scaling it with a series of soft, whispery, butterfly kisses.


His hands stroke her stomach gently, possessively, “No,” he says.

“You made me want you,” Alex argues, “How do you expect me to sleep now, you brute?”

Walker laughs gruffly, but one of his hands is already caressing the silken vee between her thighs. “Too much lovemaking is bad when you’re so tired.”

Alex tilts her head back, wordless with need, and, of their own accord, her hips rise and fall in rhythm with the motion of his hand.

Walker swears hoarsely and with gentle fingers, bares the pulsing bud hidden from all eyes but his. Alex cries out and entwines her fingers in the thickness of his hair as he pleasures her. Moving down between her legs, he slides his hands under her buttocks and lifts her, then buries his face in the sweet moist core of her femininity, his tongue teasing, tasting and caressing the swollen nubbin of her desire before plunging deep within her, again and again, until she is writhing deliciously in his hands. Then suddenly her body stiffens and he feels a gush of wetness and the pressure of her hands on his head holding him in place.

As her body quiets he moves up to lay along her side, pulling her into his arms. For several minutes she is still, then her hands begin roaming over his body, slowly at first then with more purpose. Her hands move steadily down his hard frame to the even harder part of his anatomy.

“Alex…” he moans.

“Shush … now it’s your turn.” Her lips follow the trail made by her hands, until her breath is caressing the steel shaft that is jutting out from the apex of his thigh. As her mouth and tongue and lips move over the throbbing of his manhood, her hand is cupping and massaging the twin orbs in the sac below. When she takes him in her mouth his hips begin to pump, ever so slightly, then as he feels the moment of release coming closer, he pumps harder. But then she pulls away from him and before he can react, she is straddling him and drops down, taking him deep within her.


But she is not listening; her body begins to rock over him, he steadies her with his hands on her hips, as he begins to rise and fall with her. Suddenly, she cries out and stiffens, tightening her inner muscles around him. He breathes out her name, and he surges against her one more time, then he too, cries out, as he spews his seed deep within her.

He lifts her to gently disengage their bodies and brings her to his side.

The two of them merely stare at each other, so dazed with passion they aren't quite sure what, if anything, they had heard.

Then Jessie screams again.

Walker jumps out of bed, grabs his pants from the chair and is hobbling from one foot to the other trying to get them on. Grabbing her robe, Alex slips it on and is out the door before he can pull his pants up. But by the time they reach Jessie’s bedroom door he is right behind her. When they sling open the door, they see Jessie buried under her covers, kicking like crazy.

Walker, holds Alex back, not wanting her to be hit by Jessie’s flying feet, and grabs the blanket, yanking it back off the bed. Jessie quits her struggles when she sees her parents and sits up, sobbing, and reaches up for her father.

Walker picks her up and sits down on the bed. Alex sits down beside him and they both console her with soft words and gentle caresses. When she begins to quiet, Walker says, “Bad dream?”

With her head against his chest, she nods, and murmurs, “Uh huh.”

“Can you tell us what it was about?”

She looks from her daddy’s face to her mother’s eyes, then buries her head back against his chest. “Can’t member.”

“Is it all gone now? Do you think you can get back to sleep?” She nods again and Walker tucks her back under the covers, kisses her goodnight and moves away, leaving Alex to calm her fears.

When Alex returns to their bedroom, he’s sitting up, waiting, “Jessie…?” he asks, as he lifts the sheet up.

“She’s asleep, finally. But she wouldn’t tell me what the dream was about.” She slides in beside him.

He gathers her in his arms, “I think I know.”

“The thing at school?”

“Yes, and she told me earlier that she wants to quit the karate classes.”

Alex rises up on her elbow, “What? She must really be frightened if she wants to quit karate, she loves that stuff.”

“I know. Her next class is on Thursday and I intend to be there to see what happens.”


Thursday afternoon, Walker is at the school early, watching the door that Jessie will come out of after her karate classes, but unseen, from a distance. Determined to find out why his little girl is so afraid that she would give up an activity that he knows she enjoys. He had talked to the sensei to see if he had any ideas, but he knew nothing that would help. He had told Walker that sometimes, other kids will tease the karate students but it isn’t something that happens with regularity, and he has never seen any one student singled out. So Walker sits in his truck, parked in the trees, at the side of the school.

The students begin straggling out one by one, and then finally the door opens just a crack and he sees the red hair of his daughter, as she pokes her head out, cautiously looking around. Seeing that the coast is clear she makes a dash for the corner and the front of the building where she knows her father will be waiting.

Suddenly, three boys materialize in front of her, coming out from behind some bushes. Jessie screams and stops, unsure of what to do. They are blocking her path to safety, to her father.

The instant he sees the boy come out from behind the bushes he is out of the truck, striding rapidly toward his daughter. The oldest boy reaches out and grabs Jessie, picking her up off the ground but when he see Walker coming at him with fire in his eyes, he drops her and shouts at his brothers.

“Hey, here comes her old man! Lets get out of here!” They turn and take off in different directions.

Walker, wanting to make sure Jessie is all right, stoops down and pulls her up into his arms. “Jessie … baby are you all right?” He brushes the few tears that have seeped from her eyes, then kisses her softly on the cheek.

“Y-Yes. I … I think so.”

“Do you know who those boys are, honey?”

“I know one, he use to be in my class.”

“Do you know his name?”

“Tommy … Tommy Clayton.”

A name … now he has a name to work from. Find out what these boys have against Jessie. “Come on, honey, lets go home.”


The next morning Walker is at work early, calling the school to get information on Tommy Clayton. He finds out that the young boy did indeed go to the school but has since dropped out, that he has two older brothers, Todd and Bryan, Bryan being the oldest at fourteen. The school has been unable to locate any family members to talk to and the boys never seem to be home.

Further digging into the name of Clayton, Walker is surprised to discover that a little over four years ago, he was a witness for the prosecution of Elmore Clayton. Now he knows why the name of Clayton sounded so familiar. Elmore was one of three men arrested for an attempted bank robbery. The more he reads about it the clearer the case becomes in his mind. Thinking back on the trial, he remembers that Clayton was very remorseful over his part in the robbery.

On a whim he goes to Huntsville and asks to see Elmore Clayton, and leaves, confirming his suspicions.

Determined to find the Clayton boys, Walker goes on a stake out at their house. But at midnight there is still no light in the house. Moving silently across the street, staying in the shadows, he creeps up to the side of the dark house. Only … the house isn’t dark. He discovers that the windows have been covered with blankets. Finding one window that is cracked he stops as he hears voices, the boys, they’re in the house.

He moves around to the back of the house looking for a way in, when the back door opens and a figure steps out. He sneaks up behind the boy, holds him in a firm grip, places his hand over his mouth, and whispers in his ear. “Bryan … I’m a Texas Ranger. My name is Cordell Walker, the father of Jessie, the little girl you’ve been terrorizing and the man who testified against your father.

The boy begins struggling to get free, but Walker’s hold is unbreakable, he just clamps down tighter. “I know why you were after Jessie; it was because of me. You tried to get back at me through my daughter.”

Hearing the rage in the voice of the man holding him, he begins to shake, fearful of what he might do to him for scaring his daughter.

“Please, mister, we weren’t going to hurt her … just … scare her is all.” He mumbles as Walker loosens his hand on his mouth.

“Come on, we’re going to talk to your mother,” and drags the boy to the back door, pulling it open, he shoves Bryan into the kitchen of the house. The other two boys come quickly to their feet when Bryan is shoved into the room. The only light in the room is from a kerosene lamp.

They all stand, and turn, facing the Texas Ranger. “Bryan…?”

“Where’s your mother? One of you go get her.” Walker looks from one boys face to the next but not one of them makes any attempt to leave the room. “Well…”

“She … she isn’t h-here,” stammers Todd.

“She’s … at work,” volunteers Tommy.

Walker searches the faces before him and gets the feeling that they are lying. He looks around the kitchen, sees the clutter from the makings of a meal, but seems to be reasonably clean otherwise, but still the feeling persists that there is something that just doesn’t fit.

“Where does she work? I’ll call her.”

The boys look nervously to one another; Bryan finally turns to face him. “We don’t know.”

“I want to see the rest of the house … and don’t try making a break for it, I know who you are and it wouldn’t take much to catch you.” He takes Tommy’s hand in his, “Bryan, you lead the way.”

Bryan picks up the oil lamp and leads the way through the almost bare rooms. It’s a small house, two bedrooms and bath. After a thorough search of the house, Walker finds that the only furniture is one double bed and the table and chairs in the kitchen. The house is clean … but empty.

Returning to the kitchen, Walker is silent, waiting till Bryan sets the lamp down on the table. “When did your mother leave?” he asks quietly.

Tommy cries out, “She’ll be back, she’s at … work.” Bryan moves over to the boy, touching him on the shoulder.

“Tommy … he knows.” He looks at both of his brothers. “He knows.” He turns defiantly to face Walker. “So … what now?”

“Good question. How long have you guys been living here by yourselves?”

“Since you put our father in jail,” Bryan snarls at him

“How long have you been in charge? Where’s your mother?”

“She died right after Tommy was born.”

“In other words you’ve been living here alone for almost five years?” Walker asks incredulously.

“We have … so what? You try sending us to an orphanage and we’ll just run away, again.”

“I’d like to avoid that, if I can.” Glancing around the kitchen, he sees the meager morsels on the table that he figures had to have been their dinner. “Sit down, I’ve got to do some thinking.”

Moving over by the back door, he pulls out his cell phone, dials and speaks softly for a few minutes. Hangs up and redials again, this time his voice takes on a firmer tone, sometime getting loud as he argues with the person on the other end of the line. Hanging up, he begins to pull down the blankets from the window, first in the kitchen then the front room.

By the time he finishes with that, there’s a knock on the front door. The boys all make a dash for the back door. “Hold it!” Walker yells. All three stop in their tracks and turn three sets of defiant eyes on him. He opens the front door to a man holding a package. Walker gives him some money, takes the package and shuts the door.

As he walks toward the kitchen, the aroma from the package has all three boys following him. He sits the box down and opens it, “Dig in, we can talk better on a full stomach.” He stands to the side of the room as the pizza is quickly devoured. As the last of the pizza disappears, the lights come on.

Tommy cries out at the sudden brightness, and all three look at Walker. “I want to make a deal with you.” The boys are listening now, “I’ll leave you here, tonight. I have some calls to make and some people to see tomorrow, but I want your word that you won’t try to run. When I come back tomorrow morning, I expect to see all of you still here. If not … then I guess the only alternative will be a foster home.”

Bryan glances at his brothers and turns back to face Walker. “We’ll be here. At least for a while.”

“I’m leaving now but I’ll be back first thing tomorrow morning.” He turns and goes out the front door, leaving the boys staring after him.


When Walker gets home, the house is dark. After checking on Jessie and John, giving them each a goodnight kiss, he moves silently into the bedroom he shares with the love of his life. He quickly removes his clothes and slips into bed, snuggling into Alex’s side, his hand coming to rest on her swollen belly.

She stirs, turns her head to accept his kiss, and mumbles sleepily, “Walker? Everything all right?”

“Fine, I’ll tell you in the morning. Go back to sleep.” He snuggles his face down into her hair and shuts his eyes, feeling his body relax and his mind drifting off to dream of his wife.


The next morning Walker explains to Alex his plan. “Honey, I think that’s great. But you have to let me help. I know a good lawyer that can start what you want. This kind of thing is right up his alley. And … I just happen to know the person running the HOPE Center, so that will be taken care of too.”

“Okay, as long as you don’t start running all over town, trying to get it done.”

She moves up close to him, sliding her arms around his neck. “I promise, the only exercise I do will be my finger punching buttons on the phone.” She reaches up to plant a kiss on his lips, and mumbles, “I’ll be glad when the baby gets here and this belly is gone, so I can get close to you again. I miss that.”

He brushes her hair back and tenderly kisses her nose, then her eyes, before settling his lips on hers, kissing her deeply. “Me, too.”

The kids bounding down the stairs, curtails any more thoughts of amorous attention, so he brings his hand out from under her smock with out ever touching her soft skin.

He smiles down into her face, “I will take up tonight where I stopped…” He pushes back from her just as his little tow-headed son grabs him around the legs.

He picks him up, making a game of kissing all over his face and neck, sending little tingling shivers through his small body.

“Daddy … stop!” he giggles, “that tickles!”

Laughing Walker sets the boy down on a chair at the kitchen table then turns to Jessie, picking her up before she can sit down. He sits down at the table, holding her in his lap. “Jessie, I found the boys who were scaring you.”

“You did? Did you tell them to stop? I never did any thing to them, why were they being mean to me?”

“Their father did a bad thing, and I was the one responsible for putting him in jail. And they were taking their anger for me out on you.”

“Was he a really bad man?”

“He tried to rob a bank with two other men. He did it because he needed money to take care of his kids.”

“Why did he do that? He could’ve asked you, you would’ve given him money, wouldn’t you Daddy?”

“No, but I would have helped him get a job so he could take care of his family. I guess he didn’t think anyone cared.”

“Are you gonna help them now, Daddy?”

“Honey, I’m gonna try.” He kisses her cheek, then stands, placing her on the chair he had just vacated.

“And I’ve got to get started, now.”

Alex walks him to the front door. “I’ll call you as soon as I find out anything.”

“Okay.” He turns and takes her in his arms. “Promise me that you will take it easy, I’ll take care of the heavier work tonight.” He kisses her softly on the lips, “Promise?”

“I promise.”

He kisses her once more and leaves the house, eager to put his plan into action.


After calling several people and then seeing Judge Palmer, he drives to the Clayton home, he finds the boys waiting as promised. The first thing he does is takes them to McDonalds for breakfast then begins the long trip to the prison.

There is a happy reunion between father and sons while Walker stands, misty eyed, by the door.
The father explains to his boys why he tried to rob the bank and tells them he is glad that the Ranger caught him.

Then Walker sits at the table, telling them of his plans. “Elmore you have less then six months on your sentence. I’ve talked to the judge and he has agreed to commute your sentence to time served so that you can get back to taking care of your boys.”

There is a lot of jubilation all around, with tears filling Elmore’s eyes. “God, Ranger Walker, I … I don’t know how to thank you.”

“You can thank me by getting a job and staying out of trouble. And if you ever find yourself over your head, ask for help, don’t do something stupid again.”

“Ranger, you have my word. I just … hope I can find a job … when I get out.”

“Well, I think I can help there. You’re a carpenter, right? Well, I know several people that have projects that call for a carpenter, and they’re yours if you want them.”

The ride back to Dallas, Walker explains to the boys just exactly what will be expected of them in the coming days. They will be required to attend school … every day, starting on Monday, and go to the karate class at least twice a week, starting on Monday as well.

When he stops in front of their house, there are several cars parked in front, and Bryan inquires, “What are all the people for?” Then upon entering the house, he sees that some very nice used furniture fills the rooms, a second bed, a couch, 2 armchairs, and even a small television. There is even clothes for each of the boys.

Bryan turns to face Walker, and standing tall, he speaks his piece. “We don’t want charity Ranger. You can take this stuff back.”

“This isn’t charity, Bryan, you and your brothers will work after school at the HOPE center, until it is paid for.” He sees the stiffness and the chip on the shoulder slowly disappear. “Reckon you guys can do that?”

“Yes, sir, Ranger. I … think we can.” Then he shoves his hand out to Walker, as if binding the agreement.”

Walker leaves the boys with their promise that they would be in school the next morning. As he returns to his office, he smiles, enjoying this side of being a lawman. And now Jessie can continue with her karate classes.

That night, lying in bed with Alex, his hand caressing her belly, begins to tell her what had transpired that day.

“I really enjoy being able to help this family, Alex. This is one of nice perks of being a Texas Ranger. Now, I think I understand the feeling you get whenever you walk into the HOPE Center.” His hand begins a slow descent down over the curve of his sleeping unborn child and, as he nuzzles his face in to her neck, he whispers, “And this is a nice perk … of being your husband,” his fingers combing through the soft curls at the apex of her thighs he begins to explore her with his fingers. Gently probing, he is surprised to find her already moist and ready for him. His fingers, slick with her dew, easily slip inside. Walker hears her gasp and feels a shudder reverberate through her body.

He begins to explore deeper, easing his fingers further inside her, she gasps against his lips, rocks against his hand. He covers her lips with his, thrusting his tongue between her teeth and increasing the stroke of his fingers.

In seconds she forgets everything but the sensations his fingers are creating. Clinging to him, she digs her fingers into his shoulders, moving her hips to match the rhythm of his touch. He keeps up the deep caresses until she begins to whimper softly and then moan low in her throat. Finally breaking the kiss, she throws back her head and cries out when her release comes.

He holds her close as her body rocks with pleasure of fulfillment and smoothing his hand along her spine, he whispers, “Shh … shh…” Gradually she calms and lays her head on his shoulder, her body flaccid against him, sated and sleepy. But her hand begins to move down his body seeking that which she knows is still unreleased heated desire.

Walker attempts to thwart her quest, “Alex … don’t. I’m all right. You need your rest.”

“What I need … is to take care of my husband. Now … lie back and let me … please?”

Since her fingers are already stroking his massive erection, he gives in to her wishes. “Okay … do what you will with me, lady, it won’t take long.”

Moving her gaze to his manhood, to the shaft that is thickly engorged, her heart begins to pound as she runs her hand lightly down his torso, following the feathery trail of hair over his belly. Although married for six years she is still fascinated by the sinewy hardness of his stomach, the velvet steel of his manhood … and the downy softness of the sacs beneath. He jerks slightly when she touches him there, the heavy testicles tightening as she cups him lightly.

“Alex…” he gasps.

With trembling fingers she moves upward, rimming the engorged crest of his arousal, teasing the sensitive ridge. When he shivers at her touch, she begins stroking the throbbing length, so swollen with heat.

Eventually her fingers fold around his manhood, enclosing the velvet-sheathed hardness in her hand and squeezing lightly. The thick length surges in her hand, swelling to fit her grasp. She draws her hand slowly downward, then up again, crating an exquisite friction.

He’s so hard under the hot, silky skin, so magnificently erect. Yet, she is finding that stroking him is stroking her own desire. She is beginning to feel hot all over, her nerves, her skin, her pulse feel incredibly alive, while a sweet ache begins to throb between her thighs.

Shivering with anticipation, she bends her head to taste the male shaft that has given her so much pleasure. When her mouth touches his distended tip, he seems to stop breathing altogether, and glancing up, she sees that Walker’s eyes have closed. Holding the base of his rigid length, she slides her tongue gently around the pulsing head.

Walker stiffens, feeling as if he could come apart in a hundred tiny pieces when he feels the soft tendrils of her hair against his thighs. Then he knows for certain he’s going to shatter as his hands tighten fiercely in her hair, and he groans beneath the sweet, worshipful caress.

She feels his hand touch her hair, guiding her lightly as her tongue circles the smooth, glistening crest but his powerful body has gone rigid, his hips straining to keep from moving as she explores him with her mouth and tongue. She takes him fully in her mouth, enveloping the thick bulbous tip with her lips. The shocking pleasure of it leaves her weak. He is scalding hot, pulsing with life, and her gentle suckling makes him surge ever larger and longer.

Alex hears his groan and looks up to see his hard virile face taut and rapt with ecstasy. Smiling she bends to him again, her hair spilling around him, over his stomach and groin as she renews her sensual assault. His body clenches harder, and he arches against the bed as his hands move to clutch deeper into her hair.

Alex realizes that he’s actually shaking. Excitement courses through her, her own desire has returned, her secret flesh is wet and pulsing for him again.

Fire raging through her senses, she feverishly steps up her assault, her fingers fondling his stiffened sacs as she torments him with suckling caresses.

His breathing is harsh and ragged. He is nearing climax, she can feel him shuddering deep in her throat.

Suddenly he pulls her up to straddle him, setting her down over his erection. He stills his raging desire, not wanting to hurt her, and lets her take him as deep as his comfortable for her. It doesn’t take long, but he manages to control his release until he feels her tighten around him, and as shudders begin to rack her frame, he stiffens and cries out loudly, shouting her name over and over as he finally releases his seed and the pent up passion he'd felt since she wrapped her lips around him, and if not for his hands on her hips she would have been tossed to the floor, as he joins her in the plunge over the edge.

He brings her to his side, both still quivering, kisses her softly and closes his eyes as he feels her body soften against his.

The Walkers spend the weekend helping Alex with the household chores since all Walker will allow her to do is sit in a comfortable chair while folding laundry or reading books to Jessie and John. And when its time for the barn chores, she sits in a lawn chair in the shade of a large tree and watches as her shirtless husband performs the chores and her children play nearby. Though she has an open book in her hands, she doesn't turn any pages in the two hours he spends working hard, for her eyes are constantly on him and the children, well...more on him, watching the muscles in his broad shoulders and chest move as he works, occasionally licking her lips.
When he finishes with the chores and puts everything away, Walker strolls over to his wife, his gaze locked with hers as he moves. Stopping at her side, he bends to give her a light kiss, not wanting to get too close to her, having spent the last two hours sweating. But she has other ideas, and wraps her arm around his neck, pulling his head down for a deeper kiss. With their kids nearby, they keep it chaste and shorter than usual. Winking as he backs away from her, he turns to kiss each of his children before turning to go inside for a quick shower while Alex, Jessie, and John go inside to prepare dinner.

After the children are bathed and put to bed, Walker and Alex retire to the hammock in the back yard, and lying in each other's arms they talk about the previous week's events and the plans for the following week. Before long, the closeness of their bodies begins to affect them and hands begin to roam, lips devour, and clothes are discarded. With the moonlight bathing their bodies in its glow, Alex sits astride Walker and rides him with a wild abandon as his hands move between her breasts, her expanded belly, her hips as he guides her thrusts, and the center of her desire. Grasping her hips, he brings her down hard onto his throbbing erection one last time and erupts. Alex's head is thrown back, her hands grip his thighs behind her tighter and her back arches as she hurtles over the precipice of ecstasy, their cries of completion mingling in the cooler night air.

Sunday morning finds Walker up with the sun as usual, needing to see to the horses before breakfast and church. And as usual, Alex and the children sleep on ... except this morning. With the previous night's loving on her mind, Alex moves to snuggle into Walker's side, only to find him not there. Rising from the bed, she peeks out the window and sees the barn door open. Slipping her robe on and holding it together over her belly, not bothering to tie the sash, she padded quietly down the stairs so as not to wake the still slumbering children, and made her way out the back door to the barn. Sensing her approaching, Walker drops the pitchfork and takes off the gloves as he makes his way to the door. He smiles at the sight coming toward him. Her hair is still mussed from sleeping, her robe flutters around her legs in the slight breeze, and she yawns as she sees him. She smiles at him as her arms drop to her side, her robe falling open, baring her nude pregnant body to his gaze. He drinks in the sight of her beautiful body, full with his baby, as she approaches his side, a bulge beginning to form beneath his jeans.

“Good morning, Beautiful,” he murmurs as he wraps his arms around her as best he can, and kisses her tenderly.

“Mmmmmm, good morning, Cowboy,” she replies when the kiss ends.

“Why aren't you still in bed sleeping?” he questions, his eyes narrowed with concern, his hand dropping to cup her derriere. “You should be getting all the rest you can.”

She wraps her arms around his neck, moving closer, her lips mere millimeters from his. “I couldn't sleep ... I woke up ... wanting to be with you.”

“You did?” he asked huskily, the bulge now straining against the zipper.

“Yeah, but you weren't there, so I came looking for you.”

“Well,” he murmurs, kissing her deeply, “you found me.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” a huskiness in her own voice as her fingers find the button and zipper on his jeans, and before he knows it, his jeans and briefs are being pushed over his hips. He kicks them to the side, and reaching down, he grasps one of her thighs and moves it up to his hips, and taking his cue, Alex hangs on to Walker's shoulders and lifts her other leg up to his hips. With his hand holding her bottom, and the other supporting her back, her very pregnant belly between them, Walker carries her over to the picnic table and sets her down on the end.

Alex lays back as Walker positions her hips at the edge of the table, moaning and writhing with the need to feel him inside her body. Walker reaches out with this thumb to test her readiness, grinning when he sees how wet and ready she is for him, yet knowing she would be ... she always is. With his hand on her hips, he plunges deep inside as she cries out at the exquisite feeling of his arousal filling her so completely. He moves in and out of her writhing body as the birds sing their morning song, her soft moans and his low grunts adding to the music. Minutes later Alex cries become louder as her legs wrap around his hips and stiffen, her orgasm gripping her with its intensity. As her muscles contract around his engorged manhood, Walker thrust one last time and came with a shout of release, holding his groin as tightly to her body as he can, his body still shaking as his seed empties into her body.

Finally spent, Walker takes her by the arms and pulls her into his embrace, holding her as their breathing returns to normal. Her head on his shoulder, Alex murmurs, “I think we should do this every Sunday.”

“I agree. So ... do we have a permanent Sunday morning date?” he asked, pulling back to kiss her sweetly.

"Oh yeah, definitely," she murmurs.

“Sunday morning before the kids wake ... its a deal,” he smiles as he helps her down from the table and closes her robe around her. “Why don't we go get a shower before the kids wake?”
Walker swears he sees a twinkle in her eye when she murmurs, "Okay." And minutes later, as the steam from the hot shower surrounds them, when their sighs and murmurs of love once again fill the air around them, he knows for sure he'd seen that familiar twinkle.

Two hours later, the entire Walker family files through the wide church doors. When Alex touches his arm, he looks in the direction she pointing, and there, in a pew to the right sits the three boys, cleaned and groomed for church. Smiling, Walker takes Alex's hand in one of his, Jessie's in the other, and with John taking Alex's other hand, they take their seats, right next to the boys.


Monday afternoon, right on schedule, Walker leads Jessie to her karate class, her small hand in his right, a bag in his left hand. When they enter the building, Walker finds the boys waiting outside the class, as they promised. Seeing the boys that terrorized her, Jessie sticks close by his side, wrapping one arm around his leg. Unwrapping her arm from around his leg, he whispers down to her, “Its okay, Jessie. They won't hurt you, I promise.”

Jessie, knowing her Daddy's promises were as good as gold, relaxes her grip on his hand and smiles tentatively at the boys when they stop right in front of them.

Walker smiles at the boys, “I'm glad to see you three here.”

“We promised, Ranger Walker...and we keep our promises,” Bryan says proudly.

“Good,” he says, “that’s one of the values that are taught here, so you've already got a head start.” He looks down at Jessie and wraps an arm around her shoulders. “This is my daughter, Jessie. I think you already know her,” he stated matter of factly. At their nods, he looks down at Jessie again and gestures toward the boys. “Jessie honey, this is Bryan, Todd, and Tommy. They're going to be starting in the class today.”

Jessie looks up wide-eyed at her father, momentarily frightened at the thought of them joining her class. “Its okay, Sweetheart, they're going to be your new friends.” He looks pointedly at the three boys. “Right boys?”

“Yes Ranger Walker ... we sure are. Aren't we?” Bryan asks as he looks at his younger brothers.

”Oh yes, we sure are,” Todd said looking wide eyed at the formidable Ranger.
Tommy rose from the bench they were sitting on and took Jessie's hand. “I'll be your friend, Jessie.”

“Yeah, Jessie...I think he may need some pointers from you,” Todd comments jovially, laughing at his younger brother. “Ouch!” he yells when poked in the ribs by Bryan's elbow.

Chuckling, Walker reaches into the bag he'd brought. Out came three brand new gi's, which he handed to each of the boys. “Go get changed so you're not late to class ... that would be starting off on the wrong foot.”

Not wanting to cross the Ranger's wrath ever again, all three boys run to the boys bathroom to change as Walker grins and leads Jessie into class. Two minutes later he stands by the door and watches as Bryan, Todd, and Tommy begin their first karate class. He watches as Bryan is placed next to a pretty girl and grins at his sudden shyness, and after making sure they are fitting in well and taking it all in with good attitudes, Walker silently leaves. As soon as he gets in the Ram he places a call to Alex on the cell phone to tell her the good news. After talking for a few minutes, Walker's stomach growls and he asks what is for dinner that night. Upon hearing that they are having lasagna, one of his favorites, Walker then asks what is for dessert. After a moment of silence, he hears his wife's voice again and a feeling of desire begins low in his gut at the huskiness he hears in her voice, and when she tells him just what is for dessert after the kids are in bed, that feeling of desire spreads like wildfire through his body, and he reaches down to adjust himself so that his jeans don't fit so darn tight. He swears that he hears a giggle as she hangs up the phone. That woman, she is always getting to him, knows just what buttons to push. But that’s okay, because he'd push her buttons tonight.

An hour later, Walker sits in his truck as Jessie walks out of class, surrounded by Bryan, Todd, and Tommy. His heart swells with love as he watches Jessie happily converse with them, and he smiles when the three boys wave goodbye as she turns toward the Ram and they go toward the HOPE Center. Jessie runs to the Ram and jumps into the cab, bursting with excitement, news of her class bubbling from her lips. She tells him how Todd asked her to help him practice the form he was now learning, and how Bryan and Tommy were fighting for the chance to have her help them, too. Walker has to fight back the laughter when Jessie tells how she told them not to fight over her, that she'd help all three of them and to be there 15 minutes before class next time. But he’s fairly shaking with suppressed laughter when she puts her little hand on her hip and asks, “Do boys always act like that, Daddy? Fight over girls like that?”

“Only when trying to win the attentions of a pretty girl,” he replied. He has to cover his mouth with his hand and turn toward the steering wheel when Jessie shakes her head as if to say boys are the dumbest creatures on earth. Oh Lord, he has to tell Alex about this ... but maybe he'd wait until after the baby was born. Laughing as hard as he knew she would, will surely set her into early labor. A guffaw finally escapes him as he starts the engine, and out of the corner of his eye he catches Jessie's questioning look his way, the look that says he'd better not be laughing at her ... a look he's seen so many times on Alex's face.

He really lost it when he heard Jessie mutter, “Boys!”

The next morning every thing is back to normal. Jessie is all bubbly and smiles again as she kisses her mother, listens to her belly, then runs to her daddy for a kiss before running out the door to catch the bus.

Watching as Jessie climbs into the bus, he feels Alex move up behind him and slide her arms around his waist.

“All’s right with our daughter again, Alex. Her problems have been solved.”

“Yes, she’s found that Daddy is always there for her.”

Alex’s hand slips lower, and he quickly brings it up above the buckle of his belt. “Alex, don’t.”
He turns around to face her, “You know it only takes a touch for me to want you … and it wouldn’t do for me to be late to the meeting with the mayor this morning.”

“Maybe just a little late…?” she murmurs as she brushes her lips across his, and pressing her body as close as possible to his.

“Alex…” but the matter is taken out of their hands as a rebel yell comes from the stairway. They turn to see John on the banister sliding down toward them, butt first. Walker quickly turns and catches his blond haired son, as he slides off the end of the rail. Bringing him up between them, Walker admonishes the boy on his daredevil behavior and makes him promise not to do it again. Getting a slight nod, he gives the boy a hug and a kiss before sitting him on the floor.

He turns to Alex, kisses her softly, “You promise me that you’ll take it easy, too.” She gives him a nod also, and watches as her goes out the door and getting into his truck, heads for Dallas.
Later that day:

“Mom, I’m home!”

“I’m in here, Jessie.”

The little redheaded, hazel-eyed girl runs into the kitchen with the exuberance of a typical six-year-old.

Alex sits down at the table as Jessie comes running up to her, throwing her arms around her mother’s neck.

Alex returns the hug and kisses her on the cheek.

“Where’s Daddy?”

“He isn’t home yet, honey. How was school today?”

“Fine. I got an “A” on my writing and reading. We didn’t do math today.”

Jessie stands back and gently pats her mom’s stomach. “Has he been a good baby today?”

“Pretty good, although he has been kicking quite a bit today.”

Jessie leans down and kisses Alex’s belly saying, “You’d better be good in there, or I’ll tell Daddy.”

“You’ll tell Daddy, what?” Walker comes through the door and scoops Jessie up into his arms for a hug and a kiss.

He leans over, still holding Jessie, and kisses Alex tenderly on the lips. “Hi” he says softly.

“Hi yourself, Cowboy.”

“Now, Jessie, what were you going to tell me?” He asks as he sits down in a chair by the table and places Jessie on his lap.

“I told the baby if he didn’t stop kicking Mommy, I was going to tell you.”

But this is another story…