By Katie 59

Chapter One

It had been a month since Walker appeared to have backed off of investigating Brian Dante after a federal agent had killed his son's colt. In that month's time Dante was growing bolder with his illegal activities. His attorney Joseph Watson who was running against Phil Holland to replace D.A. Moody had taken to asking Alex obnoxious questions whenever he saw her in addition to telling her that as soon as he won the election she would be fired. Today was no different because Alex had the misfortune to be stuck in a elevator with Watson and her new secretary Kayla Swanson. Watson asked Kayla "Haven't we met before?" After Kayla shook her head no he added "Young lady how about coming to work for me after I fire your boss? You're much prettier looking than Cahill is so I'll be glad to keep you employed, so to speak."

"What are you talking about? You're not the D.A." Kayla replied causing Watson to boast "Not yet I'm not but the election is as good as in the bag. So that means I can and will fire your boss. So how about it? You're a pretty young thing, you would look good in my office and you won't have to do anything except keep me satisfied."

"You're a creepy and ugly little man so get lost jerk." Kayla told him.. Getting mad Watson said "I can see that you're going to be losing your job in a couple of months too unless you learn how to play nice with me and I mean real nice."

Alex spoke up "That's quite enough Watson Miss Swanson doesn't need someone like you trying to sexually harass her. Now I suggest that you shut your mouth before you regret your words." Watson laughed "Yeah who's going to make me regret my words? That wimp husband of yours? Please he couldn't even stop Agent Kroger from killing your son's colt, could he? Walker still hasn't caught the man who called you that day and told you to get him to back off, has he? But then again he has backed down to Brian Dante, hasn't he? So maybe he's too scared to even look for the man who threatened your children. Really Cahill what do you see in that loser anyhow? Once a wimp always a wimp I say."

"What do you know about the man who called me and told me to get Walker to back off? That wasn't released to the public so the only way you would know about the phone call is if you were the man who called me and threatened my family." Alex questioned Watson who said "So what if I did, it worked didn't it? By the way you should tell your secretary here that if she tells anyone about our conversation I'll deny it. It will be my word against yours and everyone knows that you'll do just about anything to help Holland win so that you won't lose your job. I'll just tell everyone that you had your pretty little secretary lie for you, just like you are yourself."

"Whatever Watson just remember what goes around comes around and the people who are close to Brian Dante seem to end up dead, you know like his father and agent Kroger who did his dirty deed for him. I can only imagine what he has planned for the man he had call me and threaten my children. After all everyone knows that Dante doesn't leave any witnesses behind, at least not living ones. Think about that Watson." Alex told Watson as the elevator opened and they started to get off but Watson said to her "Not going to happen to me, I know a secret about Dante or shall I say his love child that even the child itself doesn't know. Hell Dante himself might not even know it come to think of it. Bye now Cahill."

After Watson walked away Kayla questioned "What was that creep running his mouth about? Does he really think that he's going to beat Mr. Holland and become the next D.A.?" Alex answered "Yes he does think that he's going to beat Phil in the election but if I have anything to say about it he won't. As for the rest of it, Walker will get Watson and Dante in the end. Kayla I don't want you telling anyone that last part, including your aunt Nicky okay?"

"Okay boss lady." Kayla replied as they entered Alex's office to find Ranger Swanson there so Alex said "Since your aunt's here you can leave now Kayla."

"Aunt Nicky can you do anything about that creep Watson? He was just hitting on me and saying some ignorant things to Mrs. Walker." Kayla asked her aunt but Alex told her "Watson was just running his mouth a little too much, nothing major. You two go ahead now."

Ranger Swanson said "Come on Kayla your grandma is expecting us for dinner and you know how she gets if you're late." Kayla moaned "Do I ever, grandma acts like I'm twenty months old not twenty years old." After they left Alex's office Alex went into her private office and went over some of her paperwork. As she was getting up from her desk a man slid his arms around her waist causing her to jump. Walker said to his wife "Sorry about that, I didn't mean to startle you."

"If you didn't mean to startle me why did you sneak up on me? What else did you think would happen?" Alex questioned Walker as she closed her briefcase and turned off her computer. Walker asked his wife "Honey did something happen?"

"Besides Watson being his usual obnoxious self? No nothing happened Walker but how I hate hearing that you caved in to the likes of them." Alex replied.

"Alex I know that it's hard but just hang in there. I will get them for what they did to Cloud. You must know that. Honey if there is anyone that can hang in there it's you lady. After all look how many years you hung in there waiting for me to realize that we were meant to be." Walker said to his wife who answered him "You have a point but enough about them, what do you say we head home to our family?"

Walker replied "I'm just waiting for you. So come on finish locking up so that we can leave."

Chapter Two

When the Walkers got home they noticed that the vet Doc Mitchell and Cal were standing by the barn talking so they went over to where they were standing at and Walker asked them "Cal, Doc Mitchell, what's going on?"

Doc Mitchell answered "Nothing major Walker, Angel is going to have a foal."

Alex said "Angel is going to have a baby? Are you sure? I mean I've had her all of these years and she's never foaled so I just assumed that she couldn't."

Mitchell told Alex "Well she is, Cal called me today because she was in his words acting funny and seemed to be getting fat. I know she's a little older now but everything should be fine, I'll come out every so often to check on her myself and before you know Angel will present you with a foal."

Walker said "Okay thanks for coming by Doc Mitchell." After Mitchell left Alex turned to Cal and asked him "Are you okay now Cal? I was worried about you there for awhile."

Cal answered "Yes Ma'am, I am. If you'll excuse me I have a dinner date with a friend."

Alex questioned him " With anyone that we know?" Before he could answer Walker said Alex I think that's his business.."

"Sorry about that Cal but I just wanted to make sure that you're okay." Alex replied as Walker said "More likely you want to do some match making. See you Cal. Come on Alex, I'm sure that by now your children have worn out Betty."

Cal said "No they haven't.  When Betty, I mean Miss Stone was feeding me lunch they were well behaved." Alex simply smiled and headed to the house leaving her husband to follow behind her. When they got to the house Alex teased "So Betty how did lunch go?"

Angela answered "It went nice Mommy, Mr. Cal ate with us and Miss Betty. They do that a lot lately." A blushing Betty said "I hope you don't mind but after what Cal, I mean Mr. Jones went through last month I just want to make sure that he's okay."

"That's fine Betty because we were worried about him too. Since we're home you can take off now if you want to." Alex told Betty who answered "I'd like that, I have a dinner date with a friend."

Alex couldn't stop herself from asking "Would this friend happen to be Calvin Jones by any chance?" Again Walker intervened "Alex will you stop with the match making? Who Betty goes out with is none of our business."

"Okay dear I get the hint." Alex told her husband as Nanny Betty left the ranch house. Ray then asked his father "Daddy is Angel going to be going home to her Mommy and Daddy like my Cloud did? Is she homesick too? I saw Mr. Cal talking to Doc Mitchell who is the doctor for the horses."

Walker answered his son "No she's not, as a matter of fact Angel is going to have a baby horse." Ray then asked " When her baby horse gets here can I have it? That way it will be with it's Mommy and won't cry to go back home like my Cloud did."

Alex replied "We'll see honey." At the same time Walker told his oldest son "Yes the baby horse will be yours son."

Ray said "I'm getting my own horse again. But Daddy did the birds know to put a baby boy horse inside of Angel? Because I don't want a girl horse like Angie has." Angela told her brother "Raymond John Walker, how many time do I have to tell you that my name is Angela, not Angie?"

Ray cheerfully answered "A lot Angie because Daddy says that I'm as stubborn as Mommy is and that it takes me awhile to listen." Angela glared at her brother while Alex told them "That's enough you two. I want you to go into the living room with your father and your younger siblings while I make dinner."

"Yes Mommy." Angela replied and left the kitchen but Ray stayed behind to ask "Mommy is the baby horse's daddy from here?" Walker answered "The baby horse's daddy is Thunder. Now come on let's go into the living room before your younger siblings get into something that they shouldn't."

"But Daddy they already did that when Miss Betty and Mr. Cal were in the kitchen after we ate lunch. They put a roll of toilet paper into the toilet then flushed it and the water went all over the place. Mr. Cal got it working again and Miss Betty said that you can't turn your back on the three of them ever." Ray told his father who took his oldest son into the living room.

That night after all of their children were asleep Alex and Walker were relaxing in the living room when Alex said to her husband "Please tell me that you're getting close to nailing Brian Dante and his worm of a attorney Joseph Watson."

"Alex what did Watson say today that upset you so?" Walker questioned his wife who replied "He was just being his usual obnoxious self when it came to me but he was hitting on Kayla. He told her that after he won the election he would keep her employed if she kept him satisfied. When I pointed out to him that people close to Dante have been known to die Watson told me that wasn't going to happen because he knew something about Dante's love child that Dante himself might not even be aware of. Walker do you suppose that Dante does have a child out there?"

"It's possible but how about we go to bed?" Walker asked Alex as he pulled her up from the couch. Alex wrapped her arms around her husband and told him "Okay by me Cordell."

Chapter Three

The next morning Alex again brought up the subject of Dante and his possible love child by asking "Walker do you want me to see if I can find out if Dante does have a child out there? I mean if he has one maybe the child's mother will be able to tell us more about Dante. That way we can back trace his steps and maybe the mother knows what he's done there and be willing to talk. Then we'll have enough evidence to nail him."

Walker answered "Didn't you say that Watson said that Dante himself might not even be aware of the child? If that's the case maybe the mother kept it hidden from Dante, most likely to protect it. Listen Swanson has been getting close to one of Dante's inner circle, Howie Trapper and she said that he's been letting some things slip. She's been taping their conversations and we now have enough evidence to at least think about arresting Dante but we're going to have make a plea deal with Howie Trapper in order to get a conviction. I'm going to have Cooke and Gage bring him later for questioning that way Howie Trapper won't know that Swanson is involved."

            "Okay, I just want that lowlife and his attorney behind bars where they belong and the sooner the better. But I think right now we'd better get up and get dressed for the day." Alex said as she started to get out of bed. Walker however pulled his wife back into the bed as he asked her "What's your hurry lady? The children aren't up yet." No sooner than Walker had finished talking than there was a knock on the door. Alex opened it to find Ray standing there.

"Is there something the matter?" Alex questioned her oldest son who asked her "Mommy how long before my horse gets here?"

"It will be awhile honey." Alex answered as Walker got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom. Ray then said "Mommy, how long is awhile? Because I want a new horse while I'm still young, not when I'm old like Angie is."

"Ray, you are to call your sister Angela, not Angie, okay? As for your horse it will be here before you know it. Now young man I want you to go and get yourself dressed for the day, in your school clothes." Alex told her son who left the bedroom. After locking the door Alex went and joined her husband in the shower.

When Walker got to work there was note from Mary Jenner the coroner requesting that Walker meet her in the coroner's office so Walker went there and asked her "What can I do for you Mary?" Jenner answered "It's more like what I can do for you Ranger Walker. I got some of the toxicology tests back on Agent Kroger's body and there was a muscle relaxant in her system, at a much higher level than there should have been if she was taking a prescription for it."

"What are you saying Mary, that agent Kroger didn't kill herself?" Walker asked her.

"With that much muscle relaxant in her system there was no way that she could have even looped the cord around her neck not to mention being able to tie it to the shower head. There is no way it was suicide so I'm changing the manner of death to homicide." Mary replied.

"Mary I don't understand the autopsy was a month ago. Why am I just hearing about this now?" Walker questioned getting a little upset. Mary said "Because my office screwed up, we assumed that it was a suicide because it had all the indications of one so we back burnered the toxicology tests because we were swamped with murder victims. I take the responsibility for it, it won't happen again."

Walker said "Sorry about jumping on you when you're swamped. There has been a lot of murders recently, that turf war that the drug gangs have been conducting is most likely the cause of most of them. By the way have you released your findings yet?"

"We released one shortly after Kroger's death that said the manner of death was suicide by hanging but we're going to have to change it to homicide." Mary answered Walker who told her "Could you hold off on that for awhile?"

"How long do you need Walker? Is a month okay?" Mary questioned Walker who replied "That should be enough time for me to get enough evidence to make an arrest in Agent Kroger's murder."

"A month it is then." Mary Jenner said and Walker left the coroner's office. On the way back to Ranger headquarters Walker decided to drop in and to see how Alex's day was going. When he entered the office Kayla looked up and told him "Alex is in her office, no one else is in there with her."

Walker then slipped into Alex's office hoping to catch her unawares, something that he liked to do however Alex without turning around said to him "Don't even try it Cordell Walker." Walker pulled Alex into a hug as he asked her "How did you know that I came in?"

Alex replied "I heard Kayla tell you that I was in here all by myself and that's when you like to sneak up on me. So what brings my husband by?"

Walker said "Kroger didn't kill herself, Mary Jenner said that there was so much muscle relaxant in Kroger's system that there was no way she could have looped the cord around her neck or tie it to the shower head."

"It had to have been Dante's work and we have to find a way to prove it. I can't wait until he faces what's coming to him." Alex told Walker then pulled away from him and added "I hate to cut this short but I have a hearing to attend to, see you at home." Walker kissed her then left the office. Back at Ranger headquarters Walker asked Sydney "How's the questioning of Howie Trapper coming?"

"It isn't, Watson was here before we could even get started. Someone must have called him right after we left the Cell Block bar with Howie. Watson is demanding that we release his client. What do you want us to do?" Sydney said to her boss who answered "Cut him loose and as soon as Swanson gets here tell her that I want to see her in my office."

"Okay, I'll tell Gage to release Trapper. Swanson had to step out for a minute she'll be right back." Sydney informed Walker who nodded okay and went into his private office.

Chapter Four

Ranger Swanson was on her way back to Ranger headquarters when she ended up in the same elevator as Watson and Alex. After seeing Swanson there he asked her "Haven't we met before? You look so familiar, like I've seen you before." Swanson replied "No we haven't."

Watson then turned his attention to Alex and told her "Hey Cahill you had better tell that husband of yours to stop bothering my client Howard Trapper if he knows what's good for him." Alex answered "Watson if you want to tell Captain Walker something I suggest that you go to Ranger headquarters and tell him it to his face. Or are you planning on going down to the courthouse lobby to call and threaten me and my children from a payphone yet again? You know like you did the last time right before Dante had agent Kroger kill Cloud? If that's what you're planning on doing I suggest that you forget about it if you know what's good for you."

            Watson then sneered at Alex "Cahill like I told you the other day, so what if it worked and it did. So like I just told you tell you husband to stop bothering my client or else."

Alex answered back "Watson if you want Walker to stop bothering your client go see Captain Walker and stop bugging me about it because if you don't knock your obnoxious behavior off you're the one who's going to regret it."

Watson replied as they got off the elevator "Is that so Cahill? How about I go to your office and check out that pretty young thing that's currently working there? I'll bet that she's really hot in bed. Did she learn that from you or did she already know how to do it?" Swanson became furious and started to swing at Watson but Alex grabbed her arm as she said to her "Ranger Swanson, aren't you due at Ranger headquarters?"

When Swanson hesitated to leave Alex told her "Ranger Swanson please go to Ranger headquarters I will take care of this matter myself." Watson then asked Alex "How are you going to do that Cahill? Are you going to get down on your hands and knees and beg me to please be nice to you? I'd love to see you try that one, it might be fun and then again it might not be because you're not nearly as pretty as that hot young thing in your office."

In a no-nonsense tone Alex informed him "No what I am going to do is to make sure you learn your manners and if I have to relieve you of that which supposedly makes you a man so be it." Watson tried bluffing his way out by grabbing Alex's arm and saying to her "I'll bet you'd like the knees part of it, a lot." Before he knew what hit him Watson was floored by Alex delivering a right hook to his jaw.

After picking himself up off the floor Watson hurried away from Alex as he yelled over his shoulder to her "You will pay for this Cahill." Alex yelled back at him "It's Walker you little worm."

Swanson who was still there questioned Alex "Where did you learn how to punch like that? Did Captain Walker teach you that? You dropped him with just one punch." Rubbing her hand Alex replied "No Walker didn't teach me, I learned how to throw a right hook when I was working my way through law school and college. Swanson, I shouldn't have let him get to me like that, I should be better than that."

"Mrs. Walker from the way he was talking about Kayla I should have done it myself, she's my family not yours." Swanson told Alex who replied "And then you would have been up on police brutality charges in a manner of minutes. Besides I owe him for the things he's been saying." Swanson nodded and started to walk away when Alex muttered half under her breath "If only I could find out whether or not Dante has a love child out there."

Swanson stopped and asked "Mrs. Walker, what are you talking about?" Alex replied "Nothing important, the other day when Watson was bugging Kayla he said something about Dante having a love child that he might not even be aware of having and that the child itself might even be aware that Dante was it's father. I was just hoping that if there was a child out there that it's mother might be able to tell us about Dante's past and that we might then find something to nail him with. Forget I said anything, Watson was probably just spouting stuff like he has a tendency to do."

Ranger Swanson then said "If there was a child out there I doubt that the mother would want the child to know that an animal like Dante fathered it, the child would be better off not knowing him."

"You sound just like your boss, did you know that?" Alex teased Swanson who answered "And my niece Kayla is starting to sound just like her boss. See you around Mrs. Walker."

Swanson went onto Ranger headquarters where she asked Sydney "Ranger Cooke, how's the questioning of Trapper going?" Sydney answered "Watson made us release him before we could even get started. Walker wants to see you, he's in his office waiting." Swanson took the hint and went into Walker's private office.

Chapter Five

Swanson entered Walker's office and asked him "What did you want Captain Walker?" Walker replied "Take a seat Swanson, what I want is for you to go undercover as a waitress in the bar that Dante has over on Lime Street, Devil's Spawn. He's been known to drop in there every evening. Since he owns the place he'll be more likely to let his guard down and talk freely about his activities with his associates. You will of course wear a wire while there to record everything that's said. Ranger Cooper has already gotten a job there as the bartender. As for Trapper knowing you Cooper says that he has never stopped in there so you don't have to worry about him blowing your cover. Do you have any questions?"

Swanson took a deep breath then answered "I'm sorry Captain Walker but I can't do that." A puzzled Walker asked her "Care to tell my why Swanson? Cooper is more than capable of backing you up."

"No sir, I don't care to tell you why I won't do it just that I won't do it. Was there anything else Captain Walker?" Swanson said to her boss who sat there for a minute before he answered "Swanson you are well aware of the fact that Dante needs to be brought to justice before anyone else ends up dead, aren't you?"

            "Yes sir, I'm well aware of that fact but I can't help you with investigating Brian Dante." Swanson stood her ground frustrating Walker who informed her "Swanson you will do as you're told to, understand?"

"Captain Walker I am willing to do my job but I will not go undercover in the Devil's Spawn, no matter what you say or do." Swanson said.

"Are you refusing a direct order Ranger Swanson?" Walker questioned Swanson who answered "Yes sir Captain Walker I am."

"Consider yourself on leave then Ranger Swanson." Walker told Swanson who nodded and left Walker's office without a word.

Alex looked up from showing Kayla something when Swanson entered her office and told her niece "Come on kiddo, let's go."

Kayla asked her aunt "Go where Aunt Nicky?" Swanson replied "I was just placed on leave by Captain Walker and I'm sure that his wife is going to let you go because of it."

Alex objected "Ranger Swanson I do not know what happened between your boss and you but I would never fire a relative of yours in retaliation. We're not that sort of people." Swanson scoffed "I'll bet, I refuse one undercover assignment and I get placed on leave. So don't tell me that you and your husband aren't that sort of people. I can't and I won't go undercover in Dante's bar Devil's Spawn. So come on Kayla get your things and let's go."

Alex held up her hand and said "Kayla will you please take that brief I just had you print to Judge Hernandez's law clerk?" When Kayla hesitated Alex told her "Listen I think that your aunt and I need to get a few things straightened out between us. It'll be okay." Kayla picked up the brief and told her aunt "Listen to her Aunt Nicky, she really is a nice person."

After Kayla left Alex's office Swanson asked her "If you're so nice as Kayla thinks you are will you get Captain Walker to assign someone else to go undercover and get the goods on Dante? Because I'm not doing it and I shouldn't lose my badge over it." Alex replied "Give me a good enough reason to and I'll talk to Captain Walker about assigning someone else."

Swanson snapped "Just forget it will you? I don't know why I even bothered talking to you. You're just like him, you want justice no matter the cost to anyone else." Alex tried again "Ranger Swanson you're acting like you're scared to death about something and that's not like you. Now what or who has you so scared?"

Swanson didn't answer so Alex began to think aloud "You know Watson thought that he had met both you and your niece Kayla before and I'm beginning to think that he did." Swanson broke in to say "You leave her out of this, she has nothing to do with this."

"That's it, for some reason you think that either Dante has a hold over you about Kayla or that he knows you from somewhere." Alex said to Swanson who told her "Dante has never met Kayla and it's going to stay that way."

"But he has met you before, hasn't he Nicolette Swanson?" Alex questioned Swanson as her door opened and Walker entered the office. Alex took a quick look at Swanson who was growing paler by the second then she told her husband "Captain Walker, can you please go see if your receptionist Jenna Renee has those transcripts that I sent to your office earlier today?"

"After I talk to Ranger Swanson A.D.A. Cahill-Walker." Walker replied.

"That can wait Captain Walker because I need to know if your office received those transcripts. So can you please go back to Ranger headquarters and see if they are there?"

Walker questioned "Is that an order A.D.A. Cahill-Walker?" Alex answered "Take it however you want to Captain Walker." Walker nodded and left Alex's office. Alex then asked "So Ranger Swanson how well do you know Brian Dante? Does your niece know him?"

"He's Kayla's father and I'm her mother." Swanson replied. Alex said "From the way Watson is acting it's just a matter of time until he puts it together, if he hasn't already because the other day he was saying something about Dante having a love child out there that he wasn't aware of. Swanson you need to at least think about telling her because if you don't they have a hold over you and they'll use it." Swanson shook her head no so Alex added "Walker doesn't give up and he wants Dante brought to justice so we'll have to think of something to explain why you refused his order without involving your past with Dante. I can as an A.D.A. order a Ranger Captain to assign you elsewhere."

"But won't Captain Walker get mad at you? I don't want to cause trouble for you but I have to protect Kayla from ever knowing about Dante." Swanson asked Alex who told her "I'll take care of Walker. Swanson, I'm a good listener if you want to talk about it but it shouldn't be done here. I think that you need to tell someone who'll help you sort things out."

"How about in the conference room?  I don't want Kayla to ever find out, I gave my word that she would never know and I intend to keep it." Swanson suggested so Alex nodded and they went to the conference room where they locked the door.

Chapter Six

After they had locked the door Alex asked "Are you ready to tell me how it is that Kayla thinks she's your niece when you gave birth to her?"

Swanson started her explanation "When I was fourteen I kept bugging my mother to be allowed to go to the mall with my friends, my father was against it. Anyhow one day after having enough of my badgering her my mother agreed that I could go to the mall with my friends but I was to leave when my brother Douglas and his wife Karen arrived to get me at nine o'clock. I was so happy about being allowed out with my friends that I kissed my mother goodbye after telling her that she was the best mother in the world. Once we got to the mall by friends took off with some older boys they had arranged to meet there leaving me on my own, I didn't know this beforehand. After wandering around the mall for an hour I got bored and called home to see if my father would come and get me, he said that since I had badgered my mother into letting me go to the mall that I would stay there until Douglas arrived. So I went to the food court and got a soda to drink. As I was sitting at the table by myself an slightly older sat down at my table uninvited. When I asked him to leave because my friends would be coming back shortly he laughed and told me that was the first time anyone had told the Devil's son to get lost. Curious I asked him why he went around calling himself the Devil's son he said that was because his father headed a criminal empire. When I asked him what his name really was he told me just to call him 'B'. After that we talked a little more then I left to go to the ladies room.. When I returned to the table he had ordered me a new drink, after checking to make sure that it was a soda I drank it. After that everything is pretty much a blur until I was tossed out of a stretch limo by it's driver who told me that if I knew what was good for me that I would forget ever meeting Dante. Then he threw a quarter at me and told me that I had better call my parents because you never knew what might happen to little girls who were out by themselves." Swanson paused in her explanation.

Alex handed her a tissue as she said "You don't have to tell me the rest I can figure it out." Swanson wiped her tears away and said "I have to if only to get it off my chest. My father was a police officer with the Houston police department at the time and he tried to have the Dante’s brought in for questioning but they produced witnesses that were willing to testify that the younger Dante was out of town the two days I was missing. My father was livid but my mother told him that all of it was her fault anyhow because she had let me go to the mall against his wishes. My father began to drink after work causing my parents to get into fights. After a couple of months of this I began to get sick every day and when I was taken to the doctor's it was discovered that I was pregnant. My parents were opposed to me having an abortion but I threatened to kill myself if they made me keep the baby. My brother Douglas and his wife Karen came to the house one day and found me with a bottle of sleeping pills in my hand ready to take my life. Douglas started to call my parents but Karen stopped him and after having him leave the house sat me down and pleaded for the baby that I was carrying, it turned out that she was unable to have children of her own. We must have talked for at least three or four hours before I agreed to give them the baby. Shortly after that my parents came in with Douglas. Karen told them that after the baby was born she and Douglas would be raising it as their own. My father asked me was I sure that was what I wanted to do and I told him that I didn't want the baby, that it would only cause me problems. My mother told me that I had made the right choice and I told her that I was still going to follow in my father's footsteps and be a cop in Houston and that I wasn't going to have Satan's Spawn around to slow me down."

Alex questioned "But how did Watson know about the baby?"

Swanson replied "My mother removed me from school because of the pregnancy and one day the elder Dante's attorney, a man by the name of Watson showed up at the house to tell my mother that if my father didn't stop telling people that Brian Dante had gotten away with rape that the Dante’s would make him regret it. I was the one who answered the door that day and the slimeball said something about the younger Dante becoming a daddy. My mother told him to leave us alone and he said that he would be glad to keep his mouth shut about my condition if my father backed off. My mother agreed and Watson left the house. When my father came home from work that day my mother explained to him that the attorney knew that I was pregnant but agreed to keep quiet about it if my father shut up about Dante. My father said that for the sake of his grandchild that he would keep his mouth shut and also stop drinking, he never touched another drop again. Douglas by this time had gotten a promotion to the San Antonio office so I moved there with them. When the baby was born I was admitted to the hospital as Karen Swanson. When it was time for the nurse to hand me the baby I refused to take it so Karen took it saying that she looked like a Kayla. I returned home to my parents, my brother and his wife took their baby home with them."

Alex asked "And that's all you've ever considered Kayla to be, your niece right? That she was truly your brother's child?"

Swanson answered "Yes, it a lot easier to think that then to remember being held for two days and raped repeatedly by that animal. I look at her now and all I see is my mother's grandchild, Karen's child and my niece, nothing else."

"I can understand you thinking that." Alex told Swanson who replied "How can you understand that? You were never held and raped repeatedly, were you?" Alex nodded yes. Before Swanson could say anything else there was a knock on the door and Trivette said "Hey how about unlocking the door?  Walker has a task force meeting scheduled for this room."

Swanson said "There's more Mrs. Walker and I think you should know the rest of it." Alex called out "Jimmy give us ten more minutes, okay?" Trivette answered "Just ten Alex, I'll go tell Walker."

After he walked away Swanson said "Ten years after Kayla was born my father was killed by a drunk driver who ran a red light and hit his cruiser head on, my mother moved in with Douglas and Karen to help care for Kayla because by then Karen was just starting a five year fight with cancer, which she lost."

Alex asked her "Where's your brother Douglas at?"

"After Karen died he had a rough time of it and my mother took over raising Kayla. During that time Douglas got into drugs and after trying to get him to quit several times my mother threatened to take custody of Kayla from him, he told her to go ahead because Kayla was better off with her grandmother than living with a druggie father. By this time I had become a member of the Dallas police department and I told my mother that she and Kayla could come live with me until Douglas straightened himself out. That seemed to wake Douglas up and he agreed to check himself into a rehab center, it was only supposed to be for a couple of months but Douglas stayed in the rehab center for four months. After he was clean he moved to Dallas to be with his daughter and they got a house together with my mother. Before we knew it he got back into drugs again so my mother told him that he wasn't allowed to see Kayla until he had been clean and sober for at least six months, that was the last time we saw him. As far as I know Douglas is still a druggie and the rumor has it that he now sells them for none other than Brian Dante." Swanson ended her explanation.

"Okay Swanson you and I are going to Ranger headquarters and I'm going to have Captain Walker assign you to see who's behind the attacks on the elderly at several of the high rises in town, at least four of them have been killed and several more have received broken bones, these people need to be caught and they need to be caught now." Alex informed Swanson who said "Mrs. Walker I want your word that you won't tell anyone what I just told you."

"You have it, now we'd better unlock the door before Trivette comes back." Alex answered.

Chapter Seven

Alex opened the conference room door to find her husband standing there. Walker told her "Before either one of you say a word, I have decided to assign Ranger Swanson to investigate the muggings of the elderly in the high rises. Ranger Swanson go back to headquarters tell Jenna to cancel the task force meeting then tell our trainee Brighton that she's going undercover as a elderly woman in one of the high rises. Any questions?"

"No sir Captain Walker." Swanson answered her boss and left. Walker turned to Alex and asked her "What were the two of you talking about in there?"

"Walker I can't tell you that, I gave Swanson my word that I wouldn't tell anyone what we discussed. I'm sorry about what happened earlier but Swanson is the wrong one to be going undercover at Dante's bar." Alex replied.

"Is Kayla Dante's child?" Walker asked Alex who answered "Walker I can't tell you that, but I will point out that Ranger Swanson is only fourteen years older than Kayla is. Please drop it for her well being and Ranger Swanson's sake." Walker nodded okay and then changed the subject by asking "So lady when are you planning on going home to your children?"

"About five, how about you cowboy?" Alex questioned back.

"It will be a lot later than that, Cooper said that something big is going down this evening at Dante's bar. That Dante told one of his men that he was going to show everyone that he wasn't anyone to mess with and that he was going to start with Howard Trapper for being dumb enough to go back to the Devil's Spawn after he was released this morning. Cooper thinks that Trapper is being held in a locked back room that's being guarded by several men and that Dante intends to kill him to make a point. Anyhow I plan to be there if Dante tries to do that and when Cooper alerts me we'll move in and arrest Dante." Walker answered his wife.

"Do you have anything on him that we can use to get search warrants? Because you might not get there in time to stop Dante from killing Trapper. We need to arrest him before someone else dies." Alex said.

"All we have right now are the recordings that Swanson made of Trapper saying that Dante had watched when his father was killed by a hitman. Trapper also said that he was there that day too." Walker answered.

"How about I see if I can get Judge Falco to issue you a search warrant on the grounds that Dante is threatening the life of a material witness? That way you can go serve it on Dante before he kills Trapper and then we might get Trapper to turn on Dante." Alex suggested to Walker who replied "Okay but make it quick because Cooper said that Dante plans to go to the opera this evening with Teddy Langston and that starts in a couple of hours, doesn't it?"

"More like an hour and a half. Captain Walker I think you have probable cause to go raid the Devil's Spawn right now. While you're there I'll be explaining to Judge Falco why I felt you had enough probable cause and sent you there without a warrant and hopefully get him to go along with it. That way we will be able to charge Brian Dante with something that should stick." Alex said to her husband who kissed her on the cheek as he said "I knew that there was a reason that I think you're the best A.D.A. there is."

Walker walked into the Devil's Spawn followed by Trivette, Gage and Cooke. He barked at Cooper "Where's Dante at? Tell me now or I'll take you downtown." Before Cooper could answer several men came out of the back room and the leader sneered "Why Walker, isn't it? Why don't you tuck your tail between your legs and crawl back home to your Mommie?"

Walker said "My truck's outside, I suggest that you and your men go place yourselves in the back of it while I arrest Brian Dante." There was a yell of pain from the back room so Walker said to the others "Take care of them, I'll handle Dante." Trivette and the others squared off against Dante's men while Walker broke down the door to find Dante breaking one of Trapper's fingers. Dante looked at Walker and told him "Well if it isn't Captain Walker. To what do I owe the honor of your visit? Have you come to beg me to invite the Walkers to my wedding? It's going to be a high society event and I know that your wife is dying for an invitation to the social event of the year. But I don't allow chicken littles anywhere near me so the invitation is out of the question. By the way does your son know that his horse was killed because of you?"

            "Brian Dante you are under arrest, turn around and place your hands behind your back." Walker told Dante who replied "The hell I will, I'm going to beat you senseless Walker." Walker smiled as he took a stance "Go right ahead." It was a brutal fight but Walker wore Dante down and near the end of the fight Walker said as he kicked Dante in the sternum "This is for Cloud." Dante collapsed onto the floor as he begged "No more, I quit." Walker cuffed him then read him his rights. Trivette entered the room and said "The others are secured. When Sydney called it in Alex was in our office and said for Sydney to tell you that Falco went along with it, whatever that means."

Walker released Trapper from his bindings as he answered Trivette "It means that we got Dante right where we want him. Trivette drag this scum out with the others will you?" Trivette got Dante to his feet and took him out of the room. Walker turned his attention to Trapper and told him "You can either testify against Dante or rot in jail with him, it's your choice. I want an answer as soon as your fingers have been splinted."

Trapper answered "I'll testify, I know a lot more than Dante thinks I do. I've been recording everything he's done since the death of his father. It's all in a safety deposit box in a bank, I'll take you there myself. I vowed on his father's grave that I would watch his every move and I did. Call it an insurance policy because I knew one day that Brian would get rid of me too. Young Dante has a blood lust and you shouldn't have that if you want to run a criminal empire."

Chapter Eight

Alex was home getting the children ready to eat dinner when the phone rang so she answered it. It was Walker who told her "Dante is in jail and Howard Trapper says that he has everything that Dante has done on record in a bank's safe deposit box. Trivette is on his way to the bank as we speak to get the contents of the box. But we have another problem." Alex questioned her husband "What problem is that?"

"Watson is claiming that you punched him out earlier today and wants you arrested for assault and battery." Walker said to Alex who replied "I did and that little worm deserved it."

"Alex haven't we had this talk before? You know you can't go around hitting people, don't you?" Walker questioned his wife.

"Walker you hit people all of the time and when I say anything about it to you tell me that you didn't have a choice. If you had heard the way Watson was talking about Kayla and me you would have punched him out yourself. As it was I had to stop Ranger Swanson from hitting Watson because I didn't want her up on police brutality charges and you know Watson would have filed them in a heartbeat." Alex explained to her husband who asked "What things did he say about you?"

"Walker I took care of it myself besides don't you have more pressing things to worry about besides someone saying bad things about me? You know like writing the paperwork up on your bust of Dante so the D.A.'s office can get started on prosecuting him?" Alex asked.

"Yes A.D.A. Cahill-Walker, see you later honey." Walker said and hung up the phone. Going into the outer office he found Swanson there with Ranger trainee Brighton so he asked her "Swanson aren't the two of you supposed to be at a high rise finding out who's been assaulting the elderly?"

Swanson answered "We did Captain Walker. When we got to one of the high rises where the muggings were taking place we spotted a member of the sixth street gang entering the building with a key. We followed him in and found him assaulting a resident. It turns out that the muggers were getting into the high rises with pass keys that there were able to get from one of their girl friends who works as a home nurse's aide for the elderly. Dallas P.D. raided the sixth street gang headquarters a little while ago and found some of the property from the victims there along with the girlfriend who supplied the pass keys to the gang members. As she was being hauled away she said that there was nothing wrong with they had done, after all these were just old people being mugged and who cared if they died anyhow."

Walker told them "Okay Brighton you're done for the day. Swanson I would like a word with you." Brighton walked away.  Walker then said "Brian Dante was arrested earlier this evening and Howard Trapper who claims to have kept a record of Dante's deeds has agreed to testify against Dante."

"Why are you telling me this Captain Walker? Did your wife tell you what we talked about?" Swanson questioned Walker who answered "No she didn't, when Alex gives her word she keeps it. But I can put two and two together Swanson and while it's your business I just think you ought to know in case Watson also puts two and two together and tries to blackmail you about it."

"Someone really needs to do something about that man." Swanson replied.

"The rumor has it that A..D.A. Cahill-Walker punched him out earlier today, did she?" Walker asked Swanson who told him "Did she ever. Watson was running his mouth about Kayla being hot and did your wife teach her that. I went to hit him but Mrs. Walker stopped me. That's when Watson made a crude remark about Mrs. Walker getting onto her knees for him and how he might or might not enjoy it because Kayla was younger. Anyway that's when Mrs. Walker hauled off and punched him out. After picking himself off of the floor Watson scurried away but he did tell your wife that she would pay for it."

"Okay do your paperwork on your bust Swanson then call it a day." Walker told her.

"What about me being placed on leave, is that still going to happen?" Swanson questioned Walker who told her "No, you'll be paired with Cooper on a new assignment in a couple of days. Both you and Cooper will be off until then."

Shortly after that Trivette came in and said "We've got him Walker. Trapper recorded everything that he could on D.V.D. Man he has everything neatly labeled, including the hanging of Agent Kruger and it turns out that Dante himself strung her up. Wait til you see these D.V.D.'s yourself."

"Does the D.A. know about them?" Walker questioned Trivette who said "He sure does, Moody himself will be here in a little bit along with Joe Prine to watch them. The only bad thing is that the federal government might take over the case because of Kroger's death."

"As long as he ends up in jail and is no longer a threat I don't care." Walker replied  as D.A. Moody entered Ranger headquarters with Joe Prine who headed the local F.B.I. office.

Chapter Nine

Around midnight Walker entered his house and after checking on all of his children went into his bedroom where he found Alex asleep so he went into the bathroom and took a shower. When Walker returned to his bedroom he got into bed with Alex who rolled over and turned on her lamp. "Is everything okay?"

Walker pulled Alex close as he answered "Everything is fine, we'll talk about it in the morning." Alex snuggled closer as she said "Okay, goodnight then." Walker teased her "My arresting Dante doesn't even deserve a kiss?"

Alex teased "I guess you deserve a kiss but you know that I can never stop at just one, don't you?" Walker took the lead and started kissing his wife until she moaned "Oh God Cordell keep on doing that."

Walker said "And a whole lot more lady." When they were done they fell asleep in each other's arms. The next morning Walker awoke before Alex so he went and made them some coffee. Bringing it back to the bedroom Walker waved the coffee under Alex's nose as he told her "Come on wake up."

Alex woke up took the coffee and after drinking half of it questioned him "Are you ready to tell me what's going on with Dante now?" Walker sat in the chair that was in their bedroom as he answered "Trapper was in the habit of recording as much as he could about Dante, some of the things Dante insisted that he record and some of the others Dante was unaware of. Since one of the things that Trapper recorded was the death of Agent Kroger by Dante himself the feds have taken the case over."

"I was hoping that our office could be the ones that finally nailed him to the wall." Alex told her husband who asked her "How about your office settling for Watson going to jail? How would you feel about that?"

"I'd love it but we have nothing on him." Alex answered.

"Yes we do, it turns out that one of the recordings was taken at the Devil's Spawn and shows Agent Kroger telling Dante that she would be glad to kill Cloud for him. It also shows Watson sitting right there besides Dante when she told him of her plan to get a truck from Bailey's Tractor and Feed Company so that she would be able to get onto our property without anyone noticing." Walker explained.

"At the most he'll only get a slap on the wrist because Dante is his client." Alex objected but Walker said "You're too impatient, there's more. Watson is shown telling Dante that he would call you himself and threaten you and the children, then Watson tells Dante that if that doesn't work he'll arrange it so that Dante can get you alone and take you out if I didn't behave myself and back off. Then it shows Dante handing Watson a pile of cash and Watson joking that cash was good because the I.R.S. wouldn't be able to get any of it for taxes. So the feds wants Moody to arrest Watson and hold him until they have time to go over his financial records and see if they can get him for income tax evasion. Watson is going to be arrested at his office this morning."

"I love you Cordell Walker." Alex exclaimed as she kissed him. Kissing her back Walker said "Me too lady, now how about we get a shower?" Alex got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom with Walker but the phone rang. Walker answered it and after listening for a couple of minutes told the caller "Okay, I'll be there in a couple of hours."

"What happened?" Alex questioned her husband who answered "Apparently Dante tried to escape and was killed by a fed."

Alex raised her eyebrow as she said "Really?" Walker nodded yes so Alex added "Well if he's dead Swanson won't have to worry about him anymore and neither will anyone else. Now I believe that you promised to take a shower with me?" They took their shower.

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