By: Shawna

Trivett's phone rang on his desk.


"Hey buddy! What's up?"

"Yeah, it sure has been a long time."

"Sure, my partner and I will be happy to."

Walker was at his desk listing to the one sided conversation.

"Right now is just great! I'll pick you up then!"

"Okay, buddy, see ya later!"

"What was that all about?" Walker asked.

"That was a friend of mine who I use to hang with in Baltimore. We use to be best friends, he saved my life a few times. Anyway, he's been in the gangs and drugs and now, he wants to set his life straight and get away form it all. He asked if we could set him up with a job. I am going to let him stay with me until he finds a place of his own. So, do you think we can find him a job?"

"Trivette, I don't mind helping him out, I'll call Rick, a guy at Am & S sercuity and get him a job, but don't be too trusting of him, okay." Walker warned.

"What! I can't believe you just said that. He's my best friend. He saved my life." Trivette told Walker.

"I am your partner and we save each other's butts everyday. I am just warning you that your friend may not have changed completely." Walker told him.

"Walker, your just jealous. That's all it is to it." Trivette said and left.


Jimmy was on his way to the airport to pick his best friend up.

'Sure has been a long time. I wonder if he looks any different?' Trivette wondered.

As the plane landed, Trivette saw his friend, dressed in a nice black suit and a clean cut.

'Boy, Walker sure was wrong on this one.' Trivette thought.

"Hey Trivette, you sure look different." he called.

"You too, Greg!" They embraced and shook hands.

"My partner, Ranger Cordell Walker, is finding a job for you. My apartment has plenty of room for you too." Trivette said.

"Well, that's great. Thanks so much, buddy!"

As they headed to the car, Greg looked at Trivette.

"Wow, James, you sure did come up, huh. Big Ranger now. Last time I heard you were on the Cowboys' team. I was surprised to find you were a ranger. What happened?"

"I busted a shoulder. They wouldn’t let me back on the team. Retired Ranger CD Parker helped me get started and then introduced me to Walker." Trivette said.

"I'd like to meet Walker."

"You will in just a minute. We are almost at headquarters."

"Wow, I just can't believe it. Old bad boy James a Ranger. You even got a new partner, and this fancy sports car. Remember the days we use to be partners? I saved your butt, you saved mine?" Greg asked.

"Yeah, I sure do. Walker and me are about the same way. He'd give his life for mine, and I'd do the same for him. The only difference is that we are working for the law, not against it."

"Sure sounds great, man."

"So, why did you decide to change your life around, Greg?"

"Oh, I don't know. I just was thinking one night and I thought 'Man, what's wrong with you. You here throwing your life away with drugs. You’re in and out of jail."

"You know, I always wanted a wife and family. My parents abandoned me when I was 17. I wanted a real family of my own. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I sure do. I would like to get a family of my own too, I just haven't found the right girl yet. Well, here we are, The Dallas Texas Ranger Headquarters. My partner should be in our office."

"Sure is a big place." Greg said. "Never thought I'd see the inside of one of these."

They headed up the stairs and to the elevator


"Walker, Hey Walker, Greg's here!" Trivette called.

Walker looked up from the case he was going over.

"Hello, Greg. Nice to meet you." Walker said shaking hands. "A buddy of mine said he has a security job lined up for you. You can start tonight if you want."

"Oh, yes, sure I'll start tonight. Thank you so much ranger."

"Your welcome Greg."

"Greg spotted Trivett's desk. Wow, that's your desk. Cool. You even have your own computer. How does that thing work?"

"You don't even want to know. It is too complicated." Walker said. Then turning to Trivette, he added, "See Trivette, I am not the only T-Rex."

"Well, I'll teach Greg soon enough. You wait and see." Trivette said.

"Let's go, Greg, I'll show you where my apartment is and you can get ready for your job."

"Meet me back here at headquarters and I will take Greg over to the job. I need to talk to Rick anyway." Walker said.

Jimmy and Greg left the building and headed for the apartment.


"Man, Jim, you and Walker sure seem to be close. We use to be that close at one time."

"Yeah, Walker and I are close. We are more then partners, we are best friends, but don't worry Greg, we are still best friends, too. I'll never forget the things you did for me. Maybe we can be close again too." Trivette said.

"You can't have more then one best friend, can you?" Greg asked.

"Heck yeah, Walker, CD, Alex, and  me are all best friends. Alex is more then a best friend to Walker, though. They are dating, rather serious if you ask me." Trivette said with a smile.

"Uh, so Alex is a woman?"

"Yeah, it is short for Alexandra. Some people just call her Cahill, her last name."

"Yeah, that sounds better then, Alex, What should I call her?" Greg asked.

"Alex. She likes that best, anyway, we all call her Alex."

"Okay, Alex it is. I would love to meet her."

"You will. Maybe before it's time to go to work we can all go to CD's."

"Isn't that one your friends. Yeah, CD is a retired Texas Ranger. He is Cordell's old partner, but he got a bullet in the knee, so that ended his ranger days. He still helps us out from time to time. Now he owns a restaurant."

"Oh. Well, I am looking forward to meeting them all."

"Well, here we are. My home sweet home."

"It sure is a nice looking place."

"Yeah, the window over looks over the Dallas sky line."


Trivette lead him up to the apartment and carried his bags in.

"I will leave these here, you can unpack tomorrow, if you want."

"Sure, thanks!"

Greg got freshen up.

"Okay, I am ready."


Trivette and Greg went back down to the car and headed to the Ranger headquarters.


Walker was still at his desk going though the files.  'I just don't know what it is about Greg, I just have this bad feeling about him' Walker was thinking.

Trivette walked in the office,

"Okay, partner, Greg is ready!"

"Oh, okay, Trivette, I am coming."

"Hey, What do you say we stop by and pick up Alex and all go to CD's before Greg has to work."

"Well, I did want to get there a little early. He has some paperwork to fill out and all." Walker said.

"We will have plenty of time. Greg wants to meet all of the gang."

"They aren't a gang, Trivette, they are our FRIENDS. There is a difference."

"Well, you knew what I meant Walker. I just though it would be nice to introduce Greg to everyone. He doesn’t know anyone here."

"Yeah, I would like to meet some people that Trivette and you are friends with." Greg added coming in.

"Alright. Why don't you take Greg down to the car and I'll go get Alex. Alex and I will go in the Ram."

"Can't we just follow you to Alex's house, Ranger. I mean, It will save time, rather then running back down here."

"Alex is in the DA's office. She is the Assistant DA."

"Oh, I am sorry, Ranger. I didn't know."

"That's alright, Greg. And you can call me Walker."

"Okay thanks, Walker. "


Alex was at her desk when Walker came in.

"Looks like you need a break."

"Oh, Walker, Hi."

She said getting up and wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him.

Walker told her about Trivett's friend.

"So, would you like to go to CD's?"

"Sure will."


Greg was watching as Walker and Alex came down the court house steps, talking and laughing arm in arm. Walker wasn't aware of anyone watching, so he scooped Alex up in his arms and kissed her.

"Man, Walker sure has everything. He has a very beautiful lady, a nice truck, a great job, my old buddy for a partner and best friend, not to mention other best friends. I bet he lives in a big apartment too, huh?"

"No, actually, Walker lives out in Springfield, about a hour from here on a ranch. He has some horses out there."

"Man, a real ranch. I never been near a ranch before. He sure has it all."

"Well, Walker has had a lot of hard times in his life too." Trivette began as Walker held the door opened for Alex , then got in the RAM himself and drove down the street. Trivette followed.

One the way, Trivette told Greg about Lucas, Uncle Ray, and Ellen.

"Don't mention to Walker I told you this, he is very privet and he doesn't like talking about his past."



Trivette, Greg, Walker, and Alex walked in CD's.

"Hey CD!" Walker and Trivette called.

"Hey Fellows. Who's our friend?" CD asked noting Greg.

"He's an old friend of mine from Baltimore. He wants to go straight now, so Walker and I are helping."

After they all ate some sandwiches and CD told Greg some stories, Walker got up,

"Well, we'd better be going Greg. There's a  lot to do before you start, and you don't want to be late."

"Okay, Walker. See ya guys later." He said.

Alex stood up to kiss Walker when Greg slapped her butt.

Walker quickly grabbed his hand and bent it back.

"AWWW, Walker, ease up your gonna break my wrist." Greg yelped.

Still holding his grip Walker said " You keep your hands to yourself, and off the lady."

"Yes, sir. I am sorry."

Walker slowly eased his grip.

Greg rubbed his wrist.

"I was just being friendly."

"Yeah, Well, that's not friendly to me nor the lady. You’re lucky I was in a good mode today."

"I am sorry Walker. Where did you learn those moves anyhow."

"Walker's a black belt in karate." Trivette marked, surprised by his friends actions.

Walker embraced Alex, "I will be back to take you home in about a hour. Stay here with CD and Trivette til I get back."

" Trivette, we have that warehouse to bust as soon as I drop Alex off, so you can ride with us when I take Alex."

"Okay, partner."

"Come on. Your gonna be late." Walker said to Greg and headed to the door.

Walker didn't say anything to Greg on the way to his job.


They pulled up in front of  Am & S Security.

"This is where you will be a nighttime security guard." Walker said heading to the door.

"Hey Walker, is this they guy you were telling me about?"

"Hey Rick, yeah, this is Greg, uh," Walker realized he didn't even know Greg’s last name.

"Greg Fisher, sir, pleased to meet you."

"Well, Greg, I'll start you tonight, but tomorrow you will have to go for a drug test and a background check."

"Uh, can we leave off the background check, sir."

"Why is that, you have something to hind?" Rick asked.

"No, it's just that I was in a gang in Baltimore and I am trying to set myself straight now."

"Well, as long as you’re straight now and not into gangs and drugs, you have nothing to worry about."

"Alright then."

"Do you need anything else from me, Rick?" Walker asked.

"No, Walker, thank you."

Walker got in the Ram and headed to CD's.


"I am going to trust you to do the graveyard shift alone." Rick said.

"Thank you sir, I'll do a good job of it."

"Okay, just patrol the area and make sure that everything is how it should be."

"Okay, I will, sir."

After Rich showed Greg around, Rick left and Greg went into the office to sit.

Walker arrived at CD's and picked up Trivette and Alex.


"Bye, CD, I'll see ya tomorrow." Walker called as they left.

Walker and Trivette got in the Ram and headed for Alex's apartment. As they pulled in the parking lot Walker said to Trivette,

"I am going to walk Alex up to her room. I will be just a minute."

"Okay, take your time."

Walker and Alex headed for her apartment. Walker followed Alex in the door.

"I am sorry about tonight." Walker said.

"That's okay. You protected me. Thank you cowboy." She said kissing him.

"No problem."

"I'll meet you for lunch at CD's tomorrow?"

"Sure, and try not to be late."

"I won't. Promise."

"Okay, see ya tomorrow."

Walker kissed Alex once more and headed back to the Ram. Once in the Ram, Trivette said,

"I am really sorry about what Greg did, that is what gangs do to ladies they are attracted to."

 "Well, it better not happen again."

"All units respond, there is a burgery at Am & S Security, all units respond."

"That's where Greg is." Trivette said.

"We're only about a block away, let's go."


Trivette pulled his gun and ran in the door. Walker, right behind. Walker glanced up the stairs as Trivette ran in a side door. Something hit Trivette over the head, Walker came though the door just as Trivette fell to the floor.

Walker glanced over to the window when a gun went off, hitting him in the head. Walker crumbled to the ground.

Sirens were heard coming to a stop in front of the building. Greg went running over to Trivette just as he was coming too.

"Trivette, man, are you okay?"

"Yeah." Trivette answered getting up.

Trivette saw Walker's limp body.

"What happened?"

Trivette asked running to Walker.

"Your gun went off when you fell. It must have hit him." Greg said.

"I felt something hit my head, what was it?"

"A man wearing a black ski mask was in here. I just saw him when I was at the top of the stairs. He had a 2 by 4 that he hit you with, then jumped out the window. Your gun went off. I ran over to see if you were alright, when you started to come to."

"Oh, Walker. Stay with me, partner." Trivette said, tears welling up. He couldn't believe he would be stupid enough to shoot his own partner, his best friend.

The medics ran in and headed for Walker. One checked him for vital signs.

"DOA" he said.

"What!" Trivette shouted, "Walker can't be dead, he can't be dead on arrival, NO!" Trivette said. He would never forgive himself if Walker died.

Trivette looked at the blood gushing out of Walker's head. 'It just can't be happening , it must be a nightmare.' Trivette thought.

One of the medics started CPR, they were finally able to get a weak response.

"Let's hook him up to a temporary life support system and see what happens when we get to the hospital."

Trivette watched as they hooked machines up to Walker and called out various signs. They rushed Walker out to the waiting chopper.

A officer came up to Trivette.

"Ranger, what happened here?" he asked.

"I...I...I don't know. Walker and I respond to the call, I rushed in this door and was hit over the head. When I came to, I saw Walker's body laying a few feet from me on the floor." Trivette said.

"Did you see anything?" the officer asked Greg.

"Yeah, I was coming from downstairs, I saw a man in a black ski mask hit Trivette. Trivett's gun went off as he fell. The bullet must have hit his partner." Greg said.

The officer took Trivett's gun and examined it.

"Ranger, your gun is hot and there is one bullet missing. Did you shot this gun when you entered the building?"

"No, I didn't shot it at all. It was fully loaded."

"Well, Ranger. Looks like it was your gun that shot Ranger Walker."

"We will have to take this to court in front of the captain, let's go."

"I need to go to the hospital with my partner. I have to see if he's okay."

"Not now, we have to report this to the captain first. You could be faced with murder changes if your partner dies."

"But, it was a total accident. I had no control over it." Trivette protested.

"We will just have to see what happens, ranger."


They got to the captain’s office.

"Come in Trivette."


"I have read the officers report, and I have no choice but to suspend you until the trail. You will have to hand over you badge and gun now."

Trivette handed over his badge and gun, then slowly walked out of the office and headed to the hospital.

Trivette arrived at the hospital to find Alex and CD in the waiting room.

"Trivette, hey, what took you so long?" CD asked.

"I had to go in front of the captain. He suspended me."

"For what?" Alex asked.

"Didn't you hear what happened?" Trivette asked.

"No, they just called us told us Cordell had been shot and that we had better get over here." CD said.

"What happened, Jimmy?"

Trivette choked back the tear. How was he to tell his friends it was his fault.

"Walker and I respond to a call for a break-in at Am& S Security, where Greg works. I ran though a side door and someone hit me over the head. My gun went off............and......."

"And what, Jimmy?" CD asked concerned about Jimmy's emotions.

".. and the bullet hit Walker in the head. He was DOA when the medics arrived. They had him on life support when they left. They said they would have to see what happens once they got here........... The officer who took the report... he said I may be charged with murder if Walker dies." Trivette was near tears as he finished.

"Jimmy, that's crazy, it was a accident. I am sure Walker will be fine." CD said.

"Jimmy, don't worry. If that comes up, I will do all I can to help you." Alex said.

"Has the doctor said anything yet?"

"No, Jimmy, he hasn't." CD answered.

Just then the doctor came out and motioned for them to follow him into his office.

"Well, I have some bad news and some good news. Where do we start?"

"The good." Alex said.

"Okay, he's stable, for now."

"Is that all doctor?"

"Yes, I am sorry, but that is the only upside."

"The bad?" Trivette asked.

"Well, who ever shot him, so must have had good aim. The bullet darn near killed him. If it hit less then a fraction of an inch closer, it would have. Right now, Walker is paralyzed as far as we can tell. He's in a stage four coma. He isn't breathing on his own. He has to stay on life support. If he comes out of the coma, chances are that he will be completely paralyzed. Which means he will have to be on several different machines 24 hours a day and a full time nurse. He has less then a 2% chance of walking again."

"Can we see him?" Alex asked.

"Yes, but only for a minute. Talk to him."


The three friends followed the doctor in the room. They were all shocked at the site they saw...Walker laid there ghost white, hooked to various machines and half of his head wrapped in badges.

"Oh, God, I am sorry Walker. I can't believe I did this to you." Trivette gasped.

"Walker, I am here for you, you got to pull though for us." Alex said, taking a hand.

"Cordell, your a tough one, don't you give up on us now. You hear." CD said.

"I remember the time Walker and I were up in the Utah Mountains" Alex started. "We had been up there for three days and two nights. The other officers were killed. Walker had been attacked by a bear and I was fixing the herbs for him. He looked right at me and told me how beautiful I was. He just couldn't say no to me when we were up there." Alex said.

"He can never say no to you. You are the light of his life, honey." CD said.

"Gosh, I remember that time you and Cordell went undercover as man and wife and I was the crazy old step-farther. Man, I didn't know how I was ever gonna get out of that old loony bin!" CD said chuckling.

"Yeah, and you sure did put on a good show!" Alex remarked, cracking a grin too.

"I remember that time Walker and I went undercover for the truck hijacking. I was complaining about not driving and I asked Walker how he knew our truck was going to be hijacked at that time. Just then those old hijackers hit and we kicked butt. To this day I still can't understand how Walker knew we were in the right spot." Trivette said shaking his head in confusion.

The doctor came in.

"I am sorry, but you all will have to leave for a while. You can come back in about two hours."

"Okay, doc." CD said.

"We will be back soon, Cordell. You better be awake and talking when we get back too!" CD said.

Alex kissed his cheek and gave his hand a squeeze, "I love you."

"See ya later partner." Trivette said and followed his friends out of the room.

The sun was already rising in the sky.


" I brought some cloths, I am going to go out to the car and get them." Alex said.

"Okay, honey, I will keep an eye on Cordell for you." CD said.

"I am going to call Greg. I haven't talked to him since last night." Trivette said.

"Okay, go on Jimmy. Tell him I said hi." CD said.

"Okay, will do, I am going to ask him if he can run some clothes down here for me." Trivette said and went off in search of the phone.


Alex was approaching her car when a black gloved hand grabbed her from behind and forced her into a white van. Alex tried to scream, but couldn't get the sound out.

The figure pushed her in a seat and tied her hands and feet.

"Who are you, what do you want?" Alex shot the questions at him.

"Shut up. Just shut up, would you."

"Why are you doing this to me?" Alex demanded.

"I warned you to shut up." The gloved hand slapped her face, the put duck tape around her mouth.

"Now you will keep quite."


Trivette listened to the consent ring of the phone, then hanged up.

CD was still in the waiting room when Trivette got back.

"Is Greg coming?"

"No, I guess he went out for a while. He didn't answer the phone." Trivette said.

Trivette sat down next to CD.

"Man, CD, I still don't know how all this happened."

"It was an accident, Jimmy. Stop blaming yourself. I am sure Cordell will be okay and everything will work out."

"I sure hope you're right." Trivette said, then looking at the clock, he asked,

"Shouldn't Alex be back by now? She didn't want to take too long?"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact Jimmy, she has been gone kinda long. Maybe she needs some help with the bags."

"I will run out to the parking lot and see if I can spot her."

"Okay, she parked in the fifth row, four cars down. Mine is right next to hers." CD said.


Trivette took the elevator down to the main floor and went to the parking lot. He found her car easy, but no Alex. The bags were still in the back seat.

"That's old. Alex surely would have headed straight for the car and back." Trivette said.

He scanned the lot only to find it empty. Trivette headed back up to the waiting room to inform CD.


Trivette saw the doctor talking to CD and he rushed over.

"Ranger, I had just started to inform Mr. Parker of Walker's condition."

"What is it doctor?"

"We had thought that he was stable enough to be taken off of life support, but we were wrong. We almost lost him, but, we do have him back. He is still on the respirator." the doctor said.

"Can we see him?" Trivette asked.

"Yeah. He is a little stronger this time, but don't say anything that may get him upset. He may pick up on any tension in the room."

As they headed toward Walker's room, CD asked "Where's Alex?"

"I don't know. She never got to the car." Trivette said.

CD got a worried look, but said no more in case Walker picked up on what was going on.

"Hello Cordell. Hear you had a close call. I was sure hoping you would be better enough by now for some of my Texas chili." CD said.

"Hey Part. You better get back to work. Those a lot of paper work that needs to be done."

The doctor came though the door.

"I am sorry, you will have to leave. We need to run more test."

"Doctor, is he stable enough that we can leave him for a while? We need to find our other friend. She seemed to have gotten lost." CD said.

"Sure. He will be just fine. He seems to be getting stronger."


CD and Trivette left the room.

"So where do we look for Alex?"

"I don't know. She didn't want to leave Walker. Her car was locked and the bags were still in the back seat." Trivette said.

"Let's go to the main desk and have her paged first. Maybe she got lost." CD said.

"It seems unlikely that Alex would get lost. It's been a half hour. Surly she would have found her way back now."

Trivette and CD passed a young doctor coming out of the elevator as they were getting in.

"Excuse me, gentlemen, I am looking for Ranger Cordell Walker's room."

"What for, doctor?"

"His doctor was called away on an emergency, I am to take his place for the rest of the day."

"It's room 18 in the ICU, doctor. And take good care of him, would you? He means a lot to a lot of people."

"Your family? Yes. Close enough. I love him like a son and this here is his partner and best friend."

"Well, I am pleased to meet you. I promise, he is in good hands."

The doctor went into Walker's room and CD and Trivette headed to the main desk.


"Hi! How may I help you?" A smiling face asked from behind the desk.

"We seemed to have lost our friend somewhere. Could you please page Alex Cahill to the main desk. She left a half hour ago to get some bags from her car. She was suppose to meet us up in the ICU, but never did. She has a loved on in the ICU, so she wouldn't be gone for long."

"Sure will."

"Alex Cahill, please come to the Main Desk.. Alex Cahill.."

Trivette and just sat down to wait for Alex when another announcement came.

"Dr. Burrows, please come to ICU, crash cart to room 18."

"Oh my God, that's Cordell!" CD said and they both rushed to the ICU.


They came to the door of Room 18 and peered inside. The saw doctors and nurses surrounding the bed. The heart monitor was flat lined. They were charging the paddles to get Walker's heart beating.

"What in the name of God's creation happened?" CD said as the doctor came out.

"Someone cut Walker's respirator line. The heart monitor stayed the same for a few minutes, then his heart stopped. We have just got him but, but he is doing worst now.

The trauma put a lot of strain on him. He can still stay off of the life support with supervision, but he needs to stay on the respirator. He is weaker now then he was, and we aren't sure about brain damage. We don’t' know how long it took for his heart to stop. If it was more then six minutes, it's possible he has irreverseable brain damage.

"What about that new doctor. He was in the room?"

"What new doctor."

"One our way down we passed a new doctor. He said he was filling in for you."

"No, no one was filling in for me."

"That means someone is out to take Walker's life." Trivette said.

"I want you to assign a 24 hour guard to Walker's room, now." CD said.

"Yes sir."

"I have to find Alex. I have this feeling that whoever cut that line, has Alex."

"You go get them, Jimmy. I'll stay with Cordell."

Jimmy left the hospital and headed back to the apartment. He wanted to see if Greg was there.


Trivette parked in the parking lot went up to his apartment.

"Greg, hey buddy!" Trivette called as he entered the room.

Trivette got in the apartment only to find Greg and his clothes gone. Trivette saw a note laying on the kitchen table. It read:

My Dear Friend,

Hello Jim! I now have what Walker has, all except

for my partner and best friend back. You aren't a

Texas Ranger no more, so even if Walker had lived,

you wouldn't be his partner. I will call you later, partner,

and see if you are ready to go back to our old life as

partners and best friends. Oh, and you won't be missing

Miss Cahill. She is mine now as well as everything else

Walker has. You have no reason now to stay away.

I'll be in touch soon.

Your Partner,


"Just then Trivett's phone rang."


"Jimmy, is everything alright?" CD asked.

"Oh, hi, CD, how's Walker?"

"That's why I called you. Walker is awake now. He wants to talk to you."

"I'll be there, but, CD, we have a problem."


"Greg has Alex. I think he cut the line to Walker's respirator. He thinks Walker is dead."

"Gosh Jimmy. Do you know where he's at?"

"No. I am coming over to the hospital first. And CD, is Walker mad at me?"

"Heck no, for what. I shot him. I am sure he will never trust me again. How can I be his partner now."

"James Trivette don't talk that way. What happen was an accident. It could have happened to anyone."

"Maybe, but it tears me up that it had to be Walker I darn neared killed."

Trivette hanged up headed out to the car. He had just gotten in his car when his cell phone rang.


"So Partner, did you make up your mind?"

"Greg, what do you want!"

"I want my partner back. I am so sorry poor Walker had to leave us so


"Walker's fine. Where's Alex."

"Alex is right here, but I am afraid Walker won't be."

"Let me talk to her!" Trivette demanded.

"Jimmy, oh Jimmy, how's Walker? Greg said he killed him."

"Walker's fine. He's awake now."

"Okay, when you see him, tell him that Amigo misses him."

"Okay Alex."

"So, did you think about it buddy?" Greg asked.

"I'll be Walker's partner again. I wouldn’t have a slim ball cheater like you for a partner."

That's too bad. I hope you will change your mind. I will be in touch." Greg's voice said and the line was dead.

Trivette floored it to the hospital. Walker was sitting up talking to CD.

"Hey partner! Where has Alex gone to. She has been gone for a long time."

Trivette looked at CD.

"Tell him, Trivette." CD said.

"Greg has Alex......."

"Greg?" Walker interrupted. "Didn't the police arrest him?"

"For what?"

"For shooting me!" Walker said.

"Greg didn't shot you. I did. My gun went off when I fell?"

"God Trivette, no. I saw him. Greg hit you over the head then used your gun to shot me. He framed you."

"That son-of-a- um,um gun! What til I get my hands on him" Trivette said.

"What were you saying about Alex?"

 "I just received a call from Greg. He left me talk to Alex. I told her you were okay. She said to tell you Amigo will be missing you. Greg wants me to be his partner again. I don't know where he has Alex, I couldn't get a trace. He said he will be in touch." Trivette said.

"She said to tell me that Amigo will be missing me?" Walker asked.

"Yeah, so?"

"That must be a clue! The ranch. He has her at my ranch!" Walker said jumping up and throwing on his clothes.

"No hold it, you can't leave here."

"Get out of my way!" Walker said and rushed out the door.

"Hold up, I am coming too!" Trivette said and ran after Walker.

They jumped in Trivett's car and raced to the ranch.

Walker kicked opened the door to the ranch and found Alex tied and ganged to a chair. Walker quickly undid her.

"Where is he?" Walker asked.

"In the barn. He said he was going out and setting the horses free. He had no use for them."

Walker rushed out to the barn and found Greg starting to open up Amigo's stall.

Walker made a flying jump landing a kick to Greg's chest and knocking him to the ground. Greg threw a leg up catching Walker behind the knee and sending him to the ground also. Amigo was prancing in his stall, wanting out.

Trivette was helpless. He didn't dare move in fear of hurting Walker. Alex came to the barn door next to Trivette.

Both men were back on there feet once more.  Greg took a two by four and hit Walker in the face, dazing him for a moment which Greg used to come up behind Walker and grab him around the throat. Walker struggled for air as he tried to threw Greg off. His vision was becoming blared. What heard a loud crash right before he blacked out.

Amigo came crashing though his stall rearing up and kicking at Greg. Amigo grazed Greg’s head with his hoof, knocking him out. Then Amigo went over and nudged Walker.

Walker opened his eyes to see Amigo and Alex standing over him.

The next morning Alex met Walker and Trivette at CD's.

"I got some great news guys! The court drooped all charges against Trivette and took him off of suspension. They're charging Greg with attempted murder, kidnapping, breaking and entering, and assaulting a police officer." Alex said.

"Wonderful, That means I got my partner and best friend back!" Trivette said patting Walker on the back.

"Do you mean me or Greg?" Walker asked grinning.

"You of course. I've decided that if it's in the past, it don't matter."

Walker and Alex laughed and shared a kiss.

"What?" Trivette asked.

"Nothing, Trivette, nothing." Walker said.