Desire Run Rampant

by Jennifer

It was a warm summer evening as Walker and Alex strolled hand in hand out of the house to the Ram. They were headed to meet some friends for a movie, and dinner at their friend's house afterward. Ever the gentleman, Walker walked with Alex to the passenger side, opening the truck door for her.

She began to slip in, but stopped suddenly. Reaching inside she picked up the single yellow rose that lay on the seat, and turning back to her husband, saw the broad smile on his face. A beautiful smile curved her lips as she breathed in the scent of the flower. Rose still in hand, she wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly to her. "I love you, too!" she exclaimed happily. Leaning back she kissed him tenderly, then looked into his eyes as she whispered "I'm so sorry I've been so mean lately.", her face flushing with embarrassment.

Kissing her lips, he murmured, "No need to apologize, hon. And you haven't been mean...", he chuckled, "...a little testy maybe, but not mean."

Walker smiled as he embraced her, grateful his plan worked. He had put a smile back on her face. He didn't mind the moodiness that affected her some months, for he loved her more than life itself. The only problem he had with her monthly cycle was not being able to make love to her during those days. It was a matter of Alex's personal choice that they did not make love during her cycle, and he respected that. Though they enjoyed almost everything but the actual act of intercourse during that time, by the end of her cycle, he ached with the need to feel her tight moist woman's heat wrapped around him.

He was brought out of his reverie when Alex softly intoned, "Well, you won't have to put up with me any more since my uh…testiness…is over."

Walker arched his eyebrows. "Over, huh?" He could feel his desire for her start to grow, and placing his hands on her hips, pulled her tighter against him. "Why didn't you tell me this before?" he whispered before claiming her lips in a bruising kiss.

Alex broke off the kiss, coming up for air. "Not my fault someone didn't get home earlier." She groaned softly when his hands dropped from her hips to her bottom, squeezing her cheeks, pressing his growing erection against her. "Uh uh Cowboy, we're late already!" she laughed as she broke free of his embrace and slipped quickly inside the Ram.

Walker stared forlornly at Alex for a moment, cursing the idiot he and Trivette had to go track down and arrest that morning and afternoon. Blowing out a long breath, he adjusted his arousal in his jeans, then closed the door to the truck, to the sound of Alex's giggle.

Walker had hoped the movie would calm his desire for his wife. Part of his plan to make her happy was to agree to seeing a romance movie, the type of movie he wasn’t interested in. Well, it was a romance alright, and a hot one at that. It had been rated R, but Walker thought it came close to a higher rating. The couple in the movie made love passionately, not once or twice, but three times, and each time all Walker could think about was making love to his beautiful wife. It didn't help that she wore an outfit he loved, the same short lavender skirt and somewhat tight fitting lavender shirt she wore as they left for their honeymoon. He loved the way the outfit fit her beautiful body, and thought the color complimented her. His eyes drifted over to her shapely legs, then moved quickly away as his arousal began to grow again.

The movie was having the same effect on Alex. She had hoped he would get home early enough from work for them to be able to enjoy each other before their planned date with friends. As the movie progressed she found her thoughts straying from the movie she had wanted to see, to her husband's body and what she'd like to do with it. To her chagrin, instead of seeing the characters making love on the screen, she saw herself and Walker making love.

As the movie ended, Walker and Alex both turned to gaze at each other, the desire they held in their eyes for each other very apparent. Slowly, as if in a trance, they moved toward each other, their mouths meeting in a kiss. The kiss broke off suddenly when their friend, Nicholas Wilson clapped his hands near their faces and drawled, "Break it up!".

They looked up sheepishly as his wife, April, muttered, "Geez you two, don't you get enough of each other?"

Good naturedly Nicholas hurried them up and out of the row of seats. "Come on, come on! Time's a wasting!" With the agreement that Walker and Alex would meet them at their house, they parted after exiting the theater.

It was dark as they walked back to the Ram and Walker was glad he hadn't parked under a light. As he opened the truck door for Alex his gaze drifted down to her derriere, and unable to help himself, as she moved into the doorway, he got close behind her, cupping her bottom in his hands and squeezing gently.  Alex stood immobilized as she felt his strong hands on her bottom, and gasped when his hands moved to her front, cupping her between her thighs. The wetness between her thighs was immediate and she groaned softly, knowing they couldn't go home yet. She turned quickly in his arms and kissed him passionately. Breathing heavily they broke apart, and with their foreheads together, paused to gather their wits before heading for their friend's

As they parked the Ram in front of their friend's home, Walker turned to Alex. "We don't have to stay here too long, right?"

"Mmmhmm, a couple hours then we go home, huh?" she smiled knowingly at him, eyes darkening with desire yet again.

"Deal" he whispered before giving her a quick kiss and exiting the truck.

A short time later they are on the back deck of the Wilson home, cooking steaks on the grill. Alex excuses herself to use the ladies room, and as she is exiting the bathroom, Walker enters the house to refresh his drink in the kitchen. They pass each other in a narrow hallway. Walker sees the stark desire in Alex's eyes as her gaze drops below his belt. His gaze drops to her breasts and he sucks in air at the sight of her excited nipples protruding from the fabric of her shirt. He reaches out to thumb them as they graze across his chest, blazing a hot trail as she moves past him. She closes her eyes, moaning softly as she passes and just before clearing his body, unable to help herself, she reaches out and cups his hardening manhood, squeezing gently. The ice in Walker's glass rattles as he chokes and nearly drops the glass. Walker swears he sees a smile on Alex's face as she turns the corner toward the back deck.

As Walker and Nicholas stand at the grill, finishing up the steaks, Alex and April sit at the small tablecloth covered table, drinking wine and snacking on hors d’oeuvres - french bread cut into pieces with an artichoke dip.  Alex remarks that the dip is to die for and taking a small piece of french bread, dips it generously into the dip.  She rises from her chair and walks over to Walker and holding the small piece of bread between her thumb and finger, offers it to him. 

“Try it honey, you’ll love it.”  She requests.

Walker grasps her hand in his as he takes the bread into his mouth, but instead of stopping at the piece of bread, his lips draw in her fingers as well, sucking on them erotically.  Alex’s lust filled eyes gaze into his as she feels the warmth spreading through her already excited body.  As he watches her eyes glaze over, Walker runs his tongue suggestively over her fingers, but as he feels his manhood spring to life again, he quickly pulls her fingers from his mouth, not wanting to embarrass himself.  Seeing that familiar look in his eyes, Alex smiles knowingly and returns to the table.

Just as the steaks are finishing, as if on the same wavelength, Walker turns his head to look at Alex, just as she is seeking him out. Walker's body temperature begins to rise again as Alex gives him a sultry look. Not to be outdone, Walker makes sure Nicholas and April aren't looking, and sticks out his tongue suggestively, in imitation of an intimate act that never fails to bring his sexy wife to orgasm. Alex's mouth drops open in surprise, and the moisture is back between her legs, in anticipation of what was to come later that night. She closes her eyes for a moment, and taking a deep breath tunes back into what April is saying.

The steaks done, Nicholas flips them onto a plate as Walker brings the salad and potatoes to the table.  Alex catches his eyes as he places the bowl and plate on the table, and their gazes hold as Walker sits down across from her.  Nicholas and April carry much of the conversation, with murmurs of agreement now and then from Walker and Alex. They are too busy sending signals of desire to each other as they slowly eat. 

As the meal gets under way, Alex slips off her shoes, and hidden from view due to the tablecloth, reaches up with her leg, placing her foot directly between Walker’s legs.  Walker doesn’t have a clue as to her activity until he feels a foot touch him intimately between his legs. So startled is he that he almost chokes on a bite of potato.  Recovering quickly, he looks up at Alex, seeing a sultry look on her face and knowing it is her foot resting on his manhood.  As she curls her toes around the head of his hardening member then begins to rub her foot slowly up and down his crotch, he clears his throat and turns to ask Nicholas a question, trying his best to play off the fact that Alex’s actions are beginning to drive him wild. 

Not only are Alex’s actions driving Walker wild, they’re having an effect on Alex as well. As she feels his erection growing, hardening, the warmth of love she feels for her husband begins to flow through her, she feels the warmth pool in her center, feels the moisture accumulate and the passion throb. As her foot continues its slow massage, Walker’s heartbeat quickens and he finds it harder to concentrate on the conversation. He downs his glass of ice tea quickly, trying to quell the growing arousal with the chill of the tea.

Unbeknownst to Walker and Alex, April is very aware of what is going on under the table. Having done the very same thing to her husband before, she knows the signs. She sees Walker struggle to keep his demeanor normal, and sees the passion not only in Alex, but in Walker too, though she knows he’s trying hard not to show it.  She notices Walker empty his glass of tea. Normally she would have gotten up to refresh her guest’s drink, but she wanted to see how he would handle it, knowing very well what state his body was in.

“There’s more tea in the pitcher in the refrigerator, Walker.” She smiles innocently at him.

“Uh….that’s okay, I’m…” Walker chokes out, afraid to stand, knowing his rock hard erection would be very evident to all at the table, including his playful wife. 

“I’ll get it for you, Darling.” Alex smiles, rescuing him since she knows he is in no condition to stand up.  She quickly slips her shoe back on and stands. Going around the table to Walker’s side, she bends over behind his shoulder to pick up his glass, rubbing her breasts against his shoulder, inadvertently of course.  With the excited state she was in, her nipples are once again hardened to peaks, and protruding against her shirt. Walker takes a deep breath as he feels her nipples sear his shoulder. He wonders to himself if they’ll even make it home tonight, or if they’ll end up stopping on one of the deserted country roads on the way to the Ranch.  The need to bury himself inside his beautiful, desirable, and very playful wife is threatening to overwhelm him.

When Alex returns to the table his eyes follow hers, begging her not to continue. She sees the look in his eyes and understands his silent request.  But, she has already decided not to continue her pleasurable actions, wanting him to be able to leave as soon as they can get away.  In short order they both finish their meals. 

Walker backs his chair from the table. “I’m sorry to be leaving so soon Nicholas, but um…Alex

…ah…she’s been tired lately…so ah, I need to get her home.”

Nicholas stands up with Walker as April and Alex back away from the table. Nicholas shakes his hand, whispering “I’ll just bet you do!” in his ear, smiling knowingly as Walker blushes furiously.

Alex stands, yawning hugely. “He’s right April, I really am beat. Court has been so taxing lately.”

April hugs her friend, whispering in her ear, “You don’t fool me, Alex Walker. I know exactly why you want to get home!”

The two women giggle as April links her arm with Alex, walking with the men to the front door  of their home.  Nicholas opens the front door and stands back to let Walker and Alex pass. As they pass through the threshold, Walker shakes his hand as they both thank their hosts for a wonderful evening. 

As they reach the Ram, Walker gathers his wife in his arms and leans close to her ear. He whispers huskily, “This is what I’m going to do to you…all over”, running his tongue slowly over the inside of her ear, and along the outer edge.

Alex’s body melts as she feels his warm breath in her ear, and she is set on fire when his tongue touches her. The wetness between her legs moistens her panties, the hair on the back of her neck stands up, her scalp tingles, and she shivers right down to her toes.  His tongue leaves her ear when he feels her tremble, and claims her lips in a passionate kiss.  When his hand cups her breast, she breaks off the kiss, murmuring breathlessly, “Lets get out of here”.  Walker ushers her inside the Ram, then quickly gets in himself, almost peeling out of the driveway.

Twenty minutes into their journey home they are driving down a dark lonely country road, still a good fifteen minutes to the Ranch.  They’d held hands during the drive, Walker’s thumb absently  caressing hers.  The air between them was thick with longing, Alex would occasionally rub his muscular thigh, reaching over to kiss his cheek and whisper that she loved him.  His hand would occasionally reach up to caress the side of her face as he smiled his love back at her. 

Walker lost all control when Alex turned to him, whispering “I want you”.  That was all he needed. With his foot on the brake, Walker pulled the truck to the side of the road.  He quickly shoved the gear into park and slid his chair as far back as it would go, as Alex unbuckled her seatbelt.  It was pitch black dark outside, no one else on the road, which was good because he wasn’t waiting any longer to claim his wife.   In one swift fluid movement, Walker reached for Alex, pulling her across the center console onto his lap.  Their lips met in an all consuming crushing kiss, his hands tangling in her hair. She whimpers as she rubs her hot dripping center over his erection, her hands unbuttoning his shirt. Shirt undone and pushed open, Walker’s hands reach for the hem of her skirt, pushing it up to her waist.  His fingers find the elastic of her panties and he slips a finger in at the crotch, rubbing the sensitive nub at her center, and inserting his finger.  He quickly withdraws that finger to the sound of Alex’s whimper, and hooking his finger in the damp crotch, yanks them down and over her hips. With her help they slip her panties off and he discards them between the seats.

Walker fumbles with his belt and when he finally gets it open, Alex hurriedly unbuttons and unzips his jeans. He sucks in air when her fingers make contact with his erect shaft, pulling it out of his shorts.  With one quick thrust Walker enters her tight heat, and they cry out in unison at the supreme pleasure of it.  He thrusts up again and she matches his thrust, they move together in a frantic pace, needing desperately to reach the completion of their longing for each other.  Within a minute Walker feels Alex contract around him as she arches her back, crying out. He thrusts in one last time as he spills himself into her, groaning loudly as he arches his back.  Trembling he falls back against the seat, Alex collapsing limply against him, her heart beating wildly. 

As she catches her breath, she leans up and places small kisses on his chest, still intimately joined.  His hands reach under her shirt to caress her back.  After a moment Alex feels him harden within her.  She gazes into his eyes, eyebrow raised in question.  He kisses her tenderly then whispers, “Lets continue this at home.”  Walker withdraws and zips his jeans back up as Alex puts her skirt back in place and settles herself back into her seat, buckling her seatbelt.  After leaning over to kiss her again, Walker fastens his own seatbelt and starts the Ram, not bothering to button his shirt.

Uncharacteristically when not on duty, Walker breaks a few speed laws in his quest to get home as soon as possible.  The activity in the Ram quenched his thirst for his wife, but only momentarily.  The seemingly insatiable need was quickly rising to the surface again, figuratively and physically.  He stopped the Ram and opened his door, grabbing Alex’s hand and pulling her out his side.   They didn’t quite make it to the porch steps before they heard Ranger and Angel voicing their displeasure at having been ignored that evening. 

Walker looked at Alex, then toward the barn, a look of indecision on his face.  Wrapping her arms around him, Alex leaned forward and kissed him. “Go on…” she said, then her voice deepening as her eyes darkened, “…I’ll be waiting for you.”  Walker watched as she sashayed up the porch steps, and licked his lips as he caught her slipping her shirt over her head as she entered the house.  Shaking his head to clear the haze of desire, he sprinted toward the barn to take care of the horses needs as quickly as possible.

A short time later, Walker entered the house and started up the stairs to their bedroom, but stopped when the flickering firelight caught his eye.  Looking toward the den, the sight before him immediately took his breath away. Before his eyes lay his beautiful wife, her naked body bathed in the soft glow of the firelight as she lay on top of pillows piled onto a blanket on the floor.  His eyes stayed glued to beautiful sight as he slowly made his way back down the few

steps he had climbed and into the den.  Forever engrained in his memory would be the way she looked laying there…her blonde tresses glowing as the firelight bathed the soft smooth skin on her back, her rounded buttocks just begging to be caressed, and the glow from the firelight as it played across her long shapely legs, slightly spread.

Alex turned her head to look at him as she felt him at the doorway, knowing from the way her body was reacting that he was standing there taking in the sight of her.  “Hi Cowboy,” she murmured huskily, “Care to join me?”

“Always” he murmured as he entered, taking off his boots and socks, discarding his shirt and jeans as he walked toward her body.  He stood gazing at her for a moment, then whispered “You’re so beautiful” before he lovingly cupped her buttocks and squeezed gently, then straddled her hips and began to slowly knead her shoulders with his strong capable hands. 

While his hands expertly kneaded her shoulders and back, he licked his way over her excited body as promised.  Where his hands touched, his tongue soon followed.  Alex’s body writhed under his gentle ministrations, the fire in her building from the first touch of his tongue on the back of her neck, to the trail of smoldering desire he blazed across her shoulders, and down her spine.  Her soft moans delighted him to no end and served to excite him, and by the time he reached her lower back, she could feel his pulsing erection against her inner thigh. 

Her body trembled as the molten fire of Walker’s tongue reached the small of her back, and his hands reached lower to cup and caress the buttocks that had looked so inviting earlier.  His tongue continued on its journey around each cheek of her bottom, finally reaching down to her inner thigh as she writhed under the hands that still caressed her bottom.  She cried out when his tongue touched her dripping center, her fingers gripping pieces of blanket as the pleasurable sensations gripped her body.

As he lapped at the moisture between her legs, Walker inserted first one finger, then another. Her body continued to writhe back against his hand, her soft cries mingling with the snapping of the fire that blazed not only in the fireplace, but also in their bodies.  Walker’s tongue and finger worked together in a perfect rhythm, bringing Alex to the brink of ecstasy and back twice before she pleaded for him to join his body with hers. “Walker please!” she groaned as his finger and tongue brought her to the brink again.

In one smooth motion he withdrew his finger and gripped her hips in his hands, pulling her bottom back against him, plunging easily inside her as she screamed with the climax that hit her senses, his throbbing manhood filling her to the hilt.  Her feminine contractions gripping his shaft, combined with the feeling of being buried so deeply inside her, almost served to be his undoing. He closed his eyes, gritting his teeth, as he struggled for control, not wanting it to end this lovemaking as quickly as their encounter in the Ram.  Alex recovered from her climax and reached underneath her body to cup the soft sack that lay behind his throbbing member, snapping him to attention. He began to move in and out of her body, thrusting in a slow and easy rhythm. 

Alex met him thrust for thrust, moving her bottom backward against him. Though they had enjoyed various positions in their lovemaking, this was a new one for them, and the sensations it brought, the deeper penetration it gave her husband, made it one she knew they would enjoy many more times in their blissful future.  Quickening the pace, she turned her head to gaze at him, and felt another climax begin to take root as she saw the look of complete rapture on his face.  Turning back around she rose up on her hands, moaning softly as the climax continued to grow.

Walker felt the electrical pulses from deep within her body and bracing himself with one arm, leaned forward to cup her breast in the other hand.  He took two more driving plunges before he felt Alex’s climax burst forth. Squeezing her breast gently he thrust deeply one last time and spilled his warm seed deep into her again and again.   They collapsed as one onto the pillows, breathing heavily, Alex’s feminine contractions still sending impulses against his quivering member.  When he slipped free, he gripped her around the waist and turned them over, tucking her into his side.

Tangling her fingers in the hair on his chest, “God, Walker….that was incredible.” Alex breathed deeply, still trying to calm her wildly beating heart.

“Mmmmm, I agree” he murmured in reply, tightening his grip on her. One hand rest heavily on her bottom, the other lazily caressed the soft skin on her back. “Maybe we should see R rated movies more often.”

Rising up slightly, she gazed into his eyes, “Darling, if the past few years are any indication, I don’t think we need R rated movies to entice or spice up our lovemaking.”

Grinning widely, he pulled her head toward his lips. “I think you may be right” he whispered before claiming her lips in a tender kiss, his hands seeking out her breasts as they began to prove to each other that they didn’t need a movie to entice their lovemaking.


It wasn’t quite 8:00 a.m. before Walker and Trivette were on a stakeout, waiting patiently for Donna L. E. Incarnate to emerge from the suspected bordello she operated on a ranch south of Fort Worth.  Paper and pen in hand, Trivette was busy making notes on the information they had gathered on this infinitely stupid woman as Walker commented on the horses that freely roamed the ranch. 

“You know, Trivette. The horrible condition of those horses really sickens me. Look at them!” he practically yelled, pointing at a few horses nearby. “They’re frothing at the mouth, their manes are all matted,  and look like they’ve been relying on Ms. Incarnate’s inept grooming skills!”

“I agree pard.  We’ll get the horses taken care of as soon as we bust this moron.” Trivette replied, shaking his head at the scene before him.

When finished making his notes, Trivette leaned over between the seats to lay the pen and paper down. He was about to straighten up when his eyes caught sight of white lace.  Reaching out with his finger, he moved the lace a little closer, then realized it was a pair of women’s panties. It quickly dawned on him that they must be Alex’s and he hurriedly dropped them, straightening up in his seat.  Looking sideways at his partner, he began to snicker, trying not to conjure up the images that threatened to spring forth. 

Glancing over at Trivette, Walker grinned. “What’s so funny?”

Continuing to snicker, Trivette replied, “Nothing, man” then burst out laughing.

Perplexed, Walker asked again. “Trivette?”

“Never mind, partner” he choked out. Grabbing the door handle he managed to get out, “Lets go case the joint” as he exited the Ram, trying his best to stop laughing.

Shaking his head, Walker leaned over to grab his hat, spying the panties Alex left in the Ram from the night before.  A quick blush suffused his face as Walker realized why Trivette was laughing.  “Oh Alex!” he muttered, moving the panties under the seat. Very red and very embarrassed, Walker exited the Ram, knowing he’d take a lot of ribbing from his partner before the day was over.