Double Trouble

By Carol  (

         Walker slept through the alarm.  He and Trivette were out late on a case the night before.  Walker jumped in the shower then got dressed.  One quick cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice was all Walker had time for.  Walker drank his juice and headed out the door.  I better call Trivette and tell him know I am running late.”  Walker rushed back inside and picked up the telephone.  After dialing Trivettes number he started feeling dizzy.  Walker shook his head in an attempt to shake it off.  Then Trivette answered the phone. “Hello this is Trivette?” “Trivette?” “Walker where are you?  Is everything okay?” Just then Walker clasped to the floor. “Walker are you there?”  “I’m here Trivette.”  “What’s going on Walker?” “Nothing I’m not going to be in today Trivette, I’m not feeling well. I’ll see you tomorrow.”  “Is there anything I can get you?”  “No I’ll be okay. You can do me a favor.” “What’s that Walker?” “Tell Alex I can’t make our lunch date.  Tell her I’ll make it up to her.”  “Okay I’ll tell her.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

         After hanging up the phone a man stood there looking down at an unconscious Walker. 

“What a shame Walker.  Your own partner didn’t even know it wasn’t you he was talking to.  You are at my mercy so far so good.” He said to himself.  He picked Walker up by the arms and dragged him to the truck and put him in the back. Who is this mysterious man that kidnapped Walker?  Where was he taking him?  What did he have in mind for the Ranger?

      When Walker woke up he was chained to a pipe in what looked like a basement.  There was no light and it was cold and damp.  Walker had no idea where he was or who had him.  Walker heard someone coming downstairs.  He couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked up at the man who had taken him.  It was like looking into a mirror.  “I see you’re awake.”  He said to Walker. “Who the hell are you?”  Walker asked. “You have no idea do you?”  “All I know is you have my face.”  “I also have your blood.”  “What are you talking about?”  “I’m your brother Walker.”  “That’s a lie, I don’t have a brother.”  Walker replied.  “Yes you do Walker, you just didn’t know it.  Our mother had identical twins.” “That’s a lie. I don’t believe it.  My mother would never give up a baby.”  “She didn’t give me up.  She didn’t even know she gave birth to twins.  The doctor knew it and didn’t tell her or our dad so when she had the second one he kept me and sold me to some people that paid a lot of money.  My life ended up a living hell while you had everything.”

“I had to work for everything I have it wasn’t handed to me. If what you say is true why this?  I didn’t do anything to you.”  “I’m going to take your place Walker.  I will have everything and you will have nothing.”  “That’s insane.  You can’t get away with something like that.  If you are my brother lets get to know each other.  I would gladly share everything with my brother.” “I don’t want to share I want it all.  Including your girlfriend.”

“You leave her alone.  You will never get away with it.  My friends know me too well.”

“So do I.  I have spent almost a year studying you and your habits.  You just didn’t know it.  No one will ever find out.”

          Walker struggled to get free from his bonds but it was no use. “Don’t bother trying Walker you will never get loose.  I made sure there was no way you will ever get loose.  Tomorrow will be the big test.  We shall see if your partner and your girlfriend can tell us apart.” “If you touch her I’ll rip your heart out.  He just laughed at Walker. “You are in no position to threaten anyone.” “How long do you think you can keep me locked up in here?” “I can keep you here forever if I want to.  I need to get going I’m going to the ranch and familiarize myself with everything on the ranch.  I will be back in a few days.  There is enough food and water to last you that long.”

          He went to the ranch and spent the whole day going through everything.  Getting to know the ranch.   But there was one thing he didn’t count on.  The horses would have nothing to do with him.  He couldn’t fool the horses.  The next day would be the real test.  Could he fool Trivette then there was Alex.  Was he good enough to fool her?”

          “Good morning Walker how are you feeling today?” Trivette asked,  “I feel great Trivette.”  Just then Alex came in the door. “Hey their Cowboy how are you today?”

“I’m better now that you are here.”  He told Alex as he gave her a kiss.

“You stood me up at lunch yesterday again.  So now you have to make up for it and not at C.D.’s, some place really nice.” “Yes I do, you just name it.”

“Oh I will don’t worry.”  “I tell you what Alex, let’s have a light lunch and I will take you out to a nice dinner tonight.  What do you say?” “You’re on Cowboy.  Where are we going?” “Any place you want.  Within reason of course.” “Of course my dear.”  Alex said smiling.  I have to get to work so I will see you at C.D.’s later okay?” “Okay sounds good.”

“Walker you lucky dog, what a fox.”  He said to himself.  He spent that day and the next with Alex and Trivette and they didn’t suspect that the man they loved and called their friend was not Walker but his twin brother. “Jimmy is it my imagination or is there something different about Walker?” “What do you mean Alex?” “I don’t know I can’t put my finger on it but something is not right.” “Alex I think it’s your imagination.”

“I don’t know Jimmy maybe you’re right.  I’m going to get going I’ll see you in the morning Jimmy.” “Okay Alex bye.”

          After the day was over he went to check on Walker.  “Good evening brother how are you doing?” “Let me out of here, you can’t keep me here forever.”

“Why not?  I just spent two days with your partner and girlfriend and they didn’t suspect a thing.  You sure have good taste Alex is one fine lady and quite a kisser.”

That was the wrong thing to say to Walker, he was so mad he was seeing red.

“You better hope I don’t get loose because if I do God help you.  You keep your dirty hands off of her.”

“You look cold Walker.”  “Gee you’re smarter then you look.  I guess asking for a coat or a blanket is useless.”

“You guess right.  If I’m lucky you will freeze to death and save me the trouble of figuring out what to do with you.”

“I can’t believe we are of the same blood. I am glad my parents can’t see this.  If this is all true.”  Walker said to himself.

      “I have to get going Walker.  I will bring you some more food and water tomorrow.  It won’t hurt you to do without for one day.  I have a hot date with Alex.  We are going dancing and who knows what after that.  Don’t worry Walker I promise to take good care of her.” “No you leave her alone.”  Walker yelled. “Struggle all you want Walker it won’t do any good, you can’t get loose.  See you later brother I’ll make sure I come and give you a full report.”

          He left and went back to the ranch to get ready.  After getting dressed he headed to C.D.’s to meet Alex.  “Hello there beautiful.” “Hey yourself handsome.”  Alex replies back.   “Hi Trivette.” “Hi there Walker.” They sat at the bar and had a few drinks.  “May I have this dance?”  He asked Alex. “You sure may.”  Alex replied with a smile.

The man Alex thought to be her beloved Walker escorted her to the dance floor.  He held her close as they danced.  “This is nice Walker I can stay like this all night and let you hold me.” “I have all night long Alex we can dance as long as you can stand on your feet.” “Oh really?  I usually have to drag you out on the floor, why the change?”

“No reason I’m just looking for a reason to hold you in my arms and I can’t think of a better way to do it.” “Walker that’s so sweet. I can’t think of a better way either.”

After the song was over they kept dancing right into the next song.  Halfway through the song he stopped dancing and looked at Alex. “Walker what’s the matter.”

He grabbed his chest. Unable to talk he collapsed to the floor. “Walker!”  Alex yelled.

“Jimmy help me!  Call an ambulance hurry.”  Alex cried. Trivette ran over to Walker. Alex what happened?” “I don’t know.  He grabbed his chest and just fell.”

“Alex I’m not getting a pulse.” “Jimmy help him please.”  Trivette started CPR on Walker. They could hear the ambulance coming.   “Hurry damn it.”  Trivette said.  “Come on Walker don’t leave us.” 

Trivette continued CPR until the paramedics arrived.  They took over Walker’s care.  They checked Walker and couldn’t find a pulse.  They worked on Walker for several minutes and still couldn’t get a pulse so they rushed him to the hospital.  Trivette and Alex waited outside in the waiting room for news.  They worked on him for an hour.  They got him back only to lose him again. “Time?”  The doctor called.

Sixty-five minutes doctor.” “Okay that’s it let’s call it.  Time of death 9:46 pm. Damn I hate losing him.” “You did everything you could doctor.” “Yeah I know but it just wasn’t good enough.  Now I have to go out there and tell his loved ones he’s gone.”

     “Alex, Ranger Trivette.” “Doctor how is he?”  Trivette asked.” “We did everything we could but it just wasn’t enough, I’m so sorry.” “No it has to be a mistake he can’t be gone.”  Alex cried. “What happened?”  Trivette said with a shaky voice. “He had a massive heart attack.” “Heart attack?”  But Walker was in great shape.  Did he have a heart problem.”  Trivette told the doctor. “None that he know of.  I think he was born with it.  A lot of times people don’t know they have a problem until they do have a heart attack but in Walkers case it was fatal.  We will know more when we do an autopsy.” “I want to see him doctor.” “Are you sure Alex?” “Yes I have to see him.”

“Okay we need to clean him up first then I will take you in to see him.  Are you okay?”

“No I’m not.”  Alex told him. “Is there anything I can get you?”  “No I just want to see Walker.” “Okay it will be a few minutes.”

“Nurse I need you to make Ranger Walker presentable they want to see him.” “I will doctor.”

          After they were finished Alex and Trivette were taken in to see Walker.

“I’ll be right outside if you need me.” “Okay thank you doctor.”  Trivette said

Trivette and Alex stood there a few minutes before pulling the sheet back from Walkers face.  Trivette slowly removed the cover.  Alex took one look at Walker and fainted. “Alex?”  Trivette picked Alex up and took her outside. “What happened?”  The doctor asked. “She fainted.” “Bring her in here Trivette.”  The doctor told him.

They took Alex in one of the rooms and laid her down on one of the beds.

“She’ll be ok Trivette the shock of seeing Walker like that was to much for her.” “I’ll stay with her until she wakes up.”  Trivette said. “I’ll be right out side if you need me okay?” “Okay thanks doctor.” A few minutes later Alex woke up.  “What happened?”  Alex asked. “You fainted Alex.  Are you okay?”

“No I’m not okay I just lost Walker.” “Come on Alex I’ll take you home.”

“No I can’t just leave Walker in there like that.” “Alex, Walker’s gone you have to let go.  I miss him too.”

      Alex started to cry.  Trivette drove Alex home and made sure she went to bed.  Alex cried herself to sleep.  Trivette stayed awhile to make sure Alex was okay.

      Walker’s doctor sat at his desk going over the events leading up to Walker’s death.

Did he do everything possible?   “There must have been something else I could have done.”  He said to himself. He went over everything in his mind that happened in the emergency room.  Then all of a sudden it hit him like a ton of bricks.

“Where the hell is the scar.”  He said to himself as he jumped up out of his chair. He hurried down to the morgue. “Diane where is Walker’s body?”  He asked

“It’s over here doctor.  What’s wrong?”  He pulled back the sheet that was covering him and looked at his chest. “The scar is gone.”

“Doctor what are you talking about?”  Diane asked

“Diane I took a bullet out of Walker’s shoulder about two months ago.  Where is his scar?” “There is no scar doctor.”

“Exactly my point he should have one.  I would be willing to bet a weeks pay that this is not Walker.  I want you to run a DNA analysis on him right away and I need fingerprints.  I want to know who this is it’s not Walker.  I’m not going to say anything to Trivette or Alex until I know more.” “If he is not Walker who is he.  He didn’t have any kind of surgery did he Diane?” “ No he didn’t doctor.” Then why does he look like Walker’s twin?  I want answers as soon as you can get them to me.”

“You got it.  Even if I put a rush on the DNA tests it will take a few days.”

“Okay hurry and thanks.” “I’ll let you know as soon as I fine out.”

       For Walker another day was coming to an end.  But he couldn’t tell day from night.  There was no light coming in from outside just dark.  Walker couldn’t tell how long he had been down there.  All he knew was how he was freezing and he was hungry the needed water.

        The next morning Diane came in with some news for the doctor.

“What do you have for me Diane?” “Plenty doctor.  You were right it’s not Walker, but what you don’t know is that this was Walker’s brother.  Identical twins” “Diane are you sure?  Walker said he was an only child.” “He wasn’t and it’s up to Trivette to get the answers.  He was also born with the same heart condition that killed his brother.  It means that chances are very good that Walker has the same thing to put it short he is a ticking time bomb and if he is still alive he won’t be for long if we don’t get him in here.  It can be corrected with surgery.”  “Thanks for everything Diane.  The doctor rushed down to his office to call Trivette.

     “Ranger Trivette this is Doctor Travis can you and Alex come to my office right away?” “I will have to check with Alex, what’s wrong?”

“Not on the phone.” “Okay then we will be right there.”  Trivette went to Alex’s office to see if she was free. “Alex, Walker’s doctor called he wants to see us right away.”

“What about?” “He wouldn’t say on the phone, he wants to see us right away can you go?” “I have an appointment but nothing I can’t get out of.  I am taking a few weeks off work. Give me a few minutes and I’ll meet you in your office.” “Okay see you then.”  Forty-five minutes later Trivette and Alex were in the doctor’s office.

“Why did you want to see us?  Did you find out something about Walker?”

“Did I ever.  Are you ready for this?”  “Are we ready for what doctor?”

“The body in the morgue is not Walker but his twin brother.” “What?  That’s impossible he is an only child.” “No he is not.  He had an identical twin. We have the DNA tests to prove it.  Here are his fingerprints maybe you can get a name and find out something.  He suffered a massive heart attack brought on by a birth defect.  Walker has to have the same heart defect.  If he is still alive his heart is like a time bomb.  If he gets upset or does anything to strenuous he will suffer the same fate as his brother.  But it can be corrected with surgery.” “Jimmy Walker is still alive I know it.  We have to find him.”

“We will find Walker doctor you just be ready for him when we bring him in.”

“Let’s go Alex we have a lot of work to do.”

       Trivette and Alex headed back to the office to get started.  Trivette ran his fingerprints and came up with a name. “I don’t believe this they named him John.  John Jones.  We need to find out where he was living Alex.” “He had to be staying at the ranch for at least a few days let’s start there.”  Trivette said. “Jimmy we don’t even know how long Walker’s been missing.”

“Yes we do, the day he reported in sick, that had to be it.”  “That was five days ago Jimmy.  If he is alive where is he?  What is happening to him?  His brother is dead and if Walker is locked up somewhere and we can’t find him he will die Jimmy.” “Alex we are going to find him I promise.  Come on let’s go to the ranch.”  They went to the ranch and checked everything but found nothing.  They checked Walkers truck and nothing their either.  “Alex he had to be driving something before he took over Walker’s truck.  And he has to have some personal affects here somewhere damn it.” “You’re right Jimmy but what could he have done with them.” “Where is that bag they give you of Walkers personal affects?”   “It’s on the kitchen table.”  Trivette opened the bag inside was everything he had on him at the time.  Trivette and Alex went through everything.  Inside they found a key. “Alex have you ever seen this key before?”

“No I have no idea what it’s for.” I think we should check around the ranch real good and see if he stashed his car around here anywhere.”  “Good idea Jimmy.”  They took Walkers truck and drove around anywhere a car could be hidden.  Again they came up empty. “Jimmy I just remembered something.  There is an old barn on Walkers property, it’s about two miles from here.” “Great lets check it out.”  It didn’t take Alex long to find the barn. “I sure hope we find something in here.”  Trivette said.

They opened to door to the barn and inside they found the car Walkers brother had hidden. “Oh great now pray that it belongs to him and that we find something inside.”

The car was locked so Trivette tried the key he found and it was to the car door.

“Bingo, the key fits Alex.” They opened the door and went through everything.  So far nothing with an address on it. Then he opened the trunk and went through everything.  Alex picked up a jacket and went through the pockets and inside she found a rent receipt.

“Alex this is a rent.  We have the name and address of his landlord.  Lets go.”

         Meanwhile Walker got more and more angry because he couldn’t break free when all of sudden he grabbed his chest. “Oh no, now what?”  Walker asked himself.  It took Walker a few minutes to realize what was happening.  He couldn’t understand why he was having a heart attack when he has always taken such good care of himself.  Walker’s body was still numb from the cold. The pain in his chest made him forget all about the hunger pains and how thirsty he was.

        Trivette and Alex arrived at the land lords house.  Trivette knocked on the door.

A man answered the door. “Yes may I help you Ranger?”

“I sure hope so.  My name is Ranger James Trivette and this is ADA Alex Cahill is this your receipt?” “Yes I gave this to a tenant of mine.  Is there a problem?”

“Yes there is I need to know where he was living.  He died of a heart attack and he kidnapped my partner and if we don’t find him soon he is going to die.  We need to check out the place he was living in and see if there is anything there.”

“Oh my god I don’t believe it.  He seemed like a nice man.  He has been living there for ten months now.”  “Where is this place?”  Trivette asked.

“It’s five miles outside of town.  I’ll give you the address and I have a spare key.”

The landlord gave Trivette directions and the key and they headed there as fast as they could.  It didn’t talk them long.

        Walker had another chest pain and it had rendered him unconscious.  He had no way of knowing there was help on the way.  Trivette unlocked the door and went in.

“Okay Alex check everywhere in all the rooms.  The house had two bedrooms Alex checked one while Trivette checked the other one. “Nothing here Alex.” 

“Here either Jimmy.  Where the hell could he be?”  “What’s in there?” Trivette said pointing to a door.  “It’s just the kitchen.  Damn it.”

“Jimmy there’s another door over there.” They went over to the door and opened it.  It was pitch black. “I can’t see a thing.”  Trivette felt around and found the light switch and turned on the light. “Alex it looks like a basement.  Let’s check it out.”  They walked down the steps slowly until they reach the bottom. “Damn it’s cold down here.”  Trivette told Alex.   “Do you see anything?”  “No Jimmy not a thing.  Where can he be?”  Trivette turned and looked behind him in the far corner of the basement.  It was dark and he couldn’t see because the light didn’t reach that corner.  “Alex it’s Walker!”  Trivette yelled. “Walker can you hear me?”  “Jimmy is he alive?” “Yes but he is in bad shape.  Stay with him, I’m going for help.”  “Hurry Jimmy.”  Trivette ran up the stairs and call for the Medivac chopper.  Then he hurried back to Walker. “It’s on the way Alex.”

“Jimmy he is so cold. I can hardly hear his heart beat.  How can his own brother do this to him?” “I don’t know Alex but Walker will be okay.  The Medivac should be here any minute I’m going to show them in.” Trivette went to wait for the chopper while Alex sat at Walkers side. “Hold on Walker please!  Help is on the way.”  Alex said to Walker.

Finally help arrived and they took over Walkers care. “How bad is he?”  Alex asked.

“He suffered a heart attack, we need to get him out of here.”  They called ahead so Walkers doctor could be ready for him.  They loaded Walker into the chopper and rushed him to the hospital.  Alex and Trivette drove to the hospital. The chopper landed on the roof of the hospital where they were standing by to receive him.  Then rushed to the emergency room.  Alex and Trivette arrived thirty minutes later.  A few minutes after that Walkers doctor came out to talk to them.

    “Hello Trivette. Alex.  I can’t believe you did it.  How did you ever find him?” 

“It wasn’t easy.  Trivette said.  How is he?  Will he be okay?” “It’s too early to say right now but knowing Walker and the circumstances I would say the are greatly in his favor.  After we get him stabilized we will be taking him up to surgery.” “I don’t understand something doctor.  Walker had a heart attack when he was alone and we don’t know how long it was before we found him and his brother died and got help.  Why is Walker still alive?” “Walker is still alive because of where you found him.  The cold basement actually is responsible for his being alive.  The extreme cold condition’s slowed his heartbeat way down and that is what saved him.” “That is incredible.  Alex said.  That means Walkers brother saved his life without knowing it.” “That’s right Alex.  I need to get back to Walker.  Why don’t you two get out of here for awhile?  Walker will be in surgery for several hours.” “I can’t leave.”

“Alex the doctors right, we can go grab a bite to eat then come back.” “Maybe you’re right, but just long enough to get something to eat” “Good I will come out and talk with you as soon as I am done with the surgery.” “Okay thank you so much doctor.” Trivette and Alex went out to eat but as soon as they were done Alex wanted to get right back to the hospital.     Finally after several hours in surgery the doctor came out. 

“Hello you two.”  The doctor said.  Everything went very well for Walker, he’s going to be just fine.” 

“Oh thank God.”  Trivette said. “We corrected the problem and he will be his old self in no time.  After he is out of recovery we will be taking him to ICU for a few days.  I’ll let you know when he is in ICU and you can go in and see him.”

 “Thank you so much.”   Alex said as she put her arms around the doctor’s neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  “Thank you for saving Walker’s life.  There are no words that can describe how we feel.” “Words are not necessary Alex just the look on your faces says it all and that kiss of course.” “Jimmy, Walker must have an angel on his shoulder.” “You’re right, I agree.”

      “Okay you can go in now, but only for a short time right now.  He will be out of it most of the day.  He will only be awake for short periods of time.  Try and not let him talk.” “Okay we can try.”  Trivette said.  The doctor took Trivette and Alex to Walkers room. Alex took a deep breath as she entered the room.

“Jimmy he looks so helpless.” “He is going to be okay Alex.”

Alex sat at Walker side as she had done many times before.  She took his hand in hers and gave it a few kisses. “I’m right here Walker.  The doctor said you are going to be okay darling.” After awhile Walker started to open his eyes.  Walker had a puzzled look on his face at first.  He didn’t know where he was or what happened but he did recognize the beautiful blonde sitting next to him. “Alex?”

“Yes it’s me. Everything is going to be okay Walker.” Alex and Trivette could see the pain on Walkers face.”  He tried to talk but Alex put her hand over him mouth.

“Walker don’t try to talk. The doctor said you are not to try and talk today.  You need to stay calm.  We will explain everything later okay?”

Walker nodded yes then closed his eyes and went back to sleep.  Walker drifted in and out all day. “Alex its getting late, I’m going to head home and get some sleep I think it would be a good idea if you do the same.” “I will in a little bit, you go ahead Jimmy.”

“Are you going to be okay?” “I’ll be fine Jimmy, Walker is going to be okay.”

Alex gave Trivette a hug and he headed out.  Alex on the on the other hand wasn’t about to leave Walker.  It was reaching ten p.m. and still Alex refused to leave Walkers side.  Then the nurse came in. “Miss Cahill are you still here?”

“I just can’t bring myself to leave him.”

“Well you have to it’s late and I am afraid you are going to have to leave.  Go home and get some sleep.  We are going to take good care of him I promise.”

“Okay just give me a minutes okay?” “Okay but I will be back to check on you.”

The nurse left and gave Alex a few more minutes.  After she left Alex hid in the bathroom.  The nurse returned ten minutes later to see if Alex was still there.  Not seeing her she thought Alex went home and left the room.  Alex came out of the bathroom and returned to Walkers side.  Around eleven o’clock Alex fell asleep with her head on the side of the bed still holding onto Walkers hand.  When the nurse came in to check on Walker she found Alex asleep next to Walker.  She shook her head and smiled.

“I should have known.”  She didn’t have the heart to wake Alex so she just let her sleep and covered her with a warm blanket.

       Walker didn’t wake up until the next morning and found Alex asleep at his side.  As bad as he felt he couldn’t help but smile. “Hey there sleepy head are you going to sleep all morning?”  Walker said in a very low voice.”

      “Walker you’re awake.” “Yeah and why are you here instead of home in bed?”

“I just couldn’t go home and leave you.  How do you feel?”

“I hurt like hell.  What happened to me?”  Walker asked after looking at his chest.

“Then it started to come back to him.  “Alex there was a man.  He said he was my brother.” “We know Walker.”

“You do how?”  Where is he?  He just left me to die.  I think I remember having what felt like a heart attack.” “Walker slow down you can’t get excited you just had surgery.”

“What kind of surgery?”  Alex was afraid to say anything to Walker for fear he would have a set back.  But just then the doctor came in. “Oh doctor its good to see you.”

“Its good to see you too Alex.  How is my star patient this morning?” “He is asking questions I don’t feel I can answer.” “Is that right?”

“Walker are you giving this lady a hard time?” “I just want to know what is going on.”

“Do you think you are up to hearing it?” “I’ll be okay I want to know what happened.”

“Okay Walker there is a lot you don’t know.  First of all you had a heart attack. You will be okay.  We had to do heart surgery on you too repair a heart defect you were born with.  You had no way of knowing you had this until the heart attack but that’s not all.”

“A man I remember a man, he said he was my brother and he looks just like me.”

“He was your brother Walker I don’t know the details about what happened when you two were born but I am sure you will find out.  Your mother gave birth to twins Walker.”

“My god he was telling me the truth.  Where is he?  He just left me there to die.” 

“Walker he didn’t leave you to die.” “Then why didn’t he come back?”

“He is dead Walker.  He had a heart attack, as did you.  I’m sorry we did everything we could.  I can see you are in a lot of pain I’ll get you something for it I’ll be right back.”

“Walker I’m so sorry, I know there must be a lot going through your mind right now.”

“Alex did he touch you at all?  Tell me the truth, I’m sure you thought he was me and that was his intention.” “Walker no he didn’t. I’m sure thankful for that.”

“That is a big load off of my mind.”

      Alex bent down and gave Walker a kiss on the lips.  Walker returned the kiss and added one of his own.  It felt so good to feel Alex soft lips again Walker thought to himself. “Easy Cowboy you have to take it easy.  The doctor doesn’t want you to get excited.” “That’s impossible Alex, I always get excited when I see you.”

“Then maybe I should leave.” “Don’t you leave me alone.” “I wouldn’t dream of leaving you.  I can see you are in a lot of pain Walker the doctor should be back any minute.” “I sure hope so.”  Walker replied.

“Speak of the devil, look who just walked in.” “Who are you calling a devil Alex?”

“Oh no one.  I’ll just get out of your way before you use that one me.”

      “There you go Walker this will help you a lot.  I want you to get some rest.”

“Alex I don’t want you staying here all day Walker will never get his sleep.” “I’ll be back later to check on you.” “Okay doctor thank you.”  Walker said.

“Alex I want you to go home and get some rest.  I have some thinking to do.  I need to be alone for awhile.” “Are you sure?”

“Yes I am, go get some sleep I’ll be fine.”  “Okay darling I’ll see you later.” Alex gave Walker a good-bye kiss and went home to get some sleep.  The nurse came in and gave Walker something to help him sleep but he gave the nurse a bad time.

“I don’t need anything to help me sleep.  I have some things to think about and I can’t do it full of drugs.” “Okay Ranger you listen to me.  It’s doctor’s orders whatever you have to think about will wait a few days you need rest and that means all of you including your mind. Is that clear?  The nurse said quite firmly.” “Who died and left you boss?”  Walker asked “This is not Ranger headquarters here I am boss do we understand each other Ranger?” “Yes Ma’am we sure do.” “Now here take your medicine like a good Ranger.” Walker didn’t dare argue with her again he just took his medicine.

“Okay now open up and let me see that you swallowed it.” “You don’t trust anyone do you?” “No I have been here too many years to fall for that one.  Lots of people try it.  Now let me see.” Walker opened his mouth so she could see that he took his medicine.   That’s good now get some rest.

         Walker lay there resting thinking about his brother and what things could have been like if he and his brother had grown up as brothers together.  He felt cheated and knew that when he was better he had to find out about his brother and the people responsible for kidnapping him.  Then the drugs took over and Walker fell asleep. 

       Trivette came by to see Walker but didn’t want to wake him up so he sat with him awhile then headed back to work. “I’ll be back after work partner.”  Trivette said as he was leaving. After a few days Walker was more alert and not in as much pain.  Later that evening Alex and Trivette came to visit Walker.

“Hi there Cowboy how are you feeling?”  Alex asked giving Walker a kiss. “Doing better each day.” “I see they moved you out of the ICU.”

“I have a question for you. If everyone thought I died of the heart attack what made you look for me?” “It was your doctor Walker.  You can thank him.  It was a few days after you had died. Or who we thought was you.   Everything had happened so fast it didn’t hit him until then.  He was going over everything in his mind.  Did he do everything he could and that’s when it hit him.” “What did Trivette?”

The bullet wound, he remembered the bullet he took out of you a few months ago but didn’t remember seeing the scar.  So he jumped up and ran down to the morgue and looked at the body again.   There was no scar.  That’s when he had Diane run a DNA test and he took fingerprints. After he found out it was your brother and not you that’s when he told us.” “Trivette I didn’t even know his name.”

“We know his name Walker and you won’t believe it.  They named him John.  John Jones.”

          Two weeks later Walker was released from the hospital.  It would be several weeks before he could return to work.  After Walker was feeling better he was planning on investigating his brothers kidnapping and find out everything he could about this brother.   Walker do you want help?” “No Trivette I have to do this alone.”

“I understand but if there is anything I can help you with don’t hesitate to ask.”

“I won’t and I may need you but just not right now.  Thanks for being their partner.”

     Later that evening Walker and Alex were sitting on the porch swing at the ranch.  Walker seemed to be a million miles away. “Walker I was just thinking about something.  It seemed like nothing at the time.” “What’s that Alex?”  Walker asked.

The day before your brother died, we spent that whole day together. That evening we went back to my place I made some coffee and sat down next to you, him or who I

thought was you.  I kissed him, one thing led to another.” “Alex you told me he didn’t touch you.”

         That’s just it Walker he didn’t.  Just as he started to he backed off.  He said he wasn’t feeling good, that he didn’t want to start something he couldn’t finish.  Then he said could I take a rain check?  Sound familiar Walker?  I remember you saying that to me a few times.  He was a perfect gentleman at all times.  There is a lot of you in your brother I can see that now.  He could have taken advantage of me several times Walker and I would not have resisted thinking it was you.  But he didn’t.  I also think that he would have let you go if he hadn’t of died.” “Thank you Alex that makes me feel a lot better.” Alex hugged Walker tight and kissed him.

“You also know how to make me feel better.  Alex there is something I want to do.” “What’s that Walker?” “I want to have my brother buried next to out parents, that is where he belongs.” “Walker that’s is a great idea and I think your parents would want it that way.”

       Walker did have his brother laid to rest next to the parents.  There was a small service just a few friends.  He also gave his brother his rightful name the same as their mom and dad. Firewalker.  After the service Alex and Trivette left Walker alone with his brother to say his good-byes.  “I don’t know what happened to you my brother but I promise I will find out.  Then we can have a talk.  I guess I can understand part of your anger, I want to understand it all and what happened to you all these years.  So you rest in peace my brother and I will be back.”

       Trivette and Alex were waiting at the truck for Walker.  Walker joined his friends and they left and went back to the ranch.   “Walker are you okay?”  Alex asked.

“Alex right now I don’t know how I feel or how I should feel.  But I do know I’m going to get some answers.  I just thought of a place I can start.”

“Where is that Walker?”  Trivette asked.

“Back at the ranch.  I have my birth certificate and some other things in there my mother kept.  Maybe I can get some names from there, let’s go.”

      Walker went back to the ranch and pulled the trunk from out of the closet where he kept it.  They sat down and went through everything in the trunk.  He found his birth certificate and on it was the name of the doctor that delivered them. “Look at this Walker.  It looks like a baby book.”   Inside Walker found out the name of the nurse that help deliver them and also the name of the doctor was also in the book. “Trivette do you still want to help?” “You know I do, what is it you want to do?”

“Try running these names and see if you can come up the some addresses and these two will you?”

“That I can do partner.  I will get on it the first thing in the morning.  I will call you when I get something.” “Thank you Trivette I don’t know what I would do without you two.”

         The next morning Trivette went to work to see what he could dig up on the doctor and the nurse.  It only took Trivette a few hours to get information on the doctor and the nurse.  Trivette went out to the ranch to give Walker what he had so far. “Hi Walker.”

“Hi Trivette do you have something for me?”   “Not all of it but I do have the address on the nurse.  I am afraid the doctor died about five years ago Walker.  I am still checking on the couple that adopted John.” “Well so much for the doctor.  What ever he knew was buried with him.” “Don’t give up.  There has to be someone out there with the answers maybe the nurse.  She lives with her son in Houston.  Here is the address Walker.”

“That’s something anyway.  I’m going to take a ride out there and talk to her.  Let Alex know will you?  I’ll come by when I get back.” “Okay Walker I’ll tell her.”

      Walker headed out the Houston to talk to the nurse that helped deliver them years earlier.  He knocked on the door and an elderly lady answered the door.

“May I help you?”  The lady asked.

I hope so I am looking for Rose Hillman.”

“I am Rose what can I do for you?”

“I hope so my name is Texas Ranger Cordell Walker.  I need to talk to you about something.”

“Come in Ranger.  Have we met before Ranger you look so familiar.”

“No but you maybe thinking of my brother that is why I am here.  You worked for a doctor years ago, he delivered a set of twins.  My bother and myself.”

“Oh my god.”  The lady said. “Then you know who I am.”

“Yes I do.  You want to know about Johnny.” “Yes I do, what can you tell me?”

“There was this wealthy couple they were patients they asked the doctor about adopting a baby.  They said they would pay whatever it took if they could have a baby. After your mother gave birth the twins that gave the doctor an idea.  I remember like it was yesterday, it still haunts me to this day that I didn’t do anything.  Your mother gave birth to twins but they had no idea until you were born that there was a second baby.  After Johnny was born he was having breathing problems and the doctor took the baby and worked on him.  Well the baby lived and was fine but the doctor told your mom that the baby had died.”  “Go on what happened next?”

“Your mom decided not to tell your dad that they had twins, she knew he would take it real hard.  So she thought it best not to tell him.  After all they did have a healthy baby boy.  He called the couple and told them he had a newborn and his mother wanted to get it a good home because she couldn’t give him anything.  He told them that they had to pay the doctor bills and give the girl some money so she could relocate.  They were thrilled.  They gave they doctor $20,000.  That was a lot of money back then.  They had no idea what the doctor had done they were good people.  I keep in touch the your brother as long as I could.  He was a good boy very well mannered and very smart.

    When he was nine years old his parents were killed in a car accident.  He was shipped from one family member to another until he ended up in one foster home to another and he became very bitter.  I lost track of him after awhile but I thought about him all the time.  I’m so sorry I didn’t go to the police.  I guess I was afraid.  How did you find out about your brother?” “He came looking for me and as you said he was a very bitter man.  I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to help him.  Thank you very much for the information good-bye.”

      Walker did some further checking found some of the foster homes his brother had lived in and after talking to several people in the towns where he lived.  He discovered his brother had been badly abused by one of the families he was in.  After finding out everything he needed to know Walker became very angry.  It was so long ago that everyone involved was either dead or too old to bring charges against.  The only thing Walker could do was return home.   Walker went straight to his brother’s resting-place to talk to him. “I know now why you were so angry my brother and I don’t blame you.  I just wish you had come to me when you found out about me.  We could have gotten to know each other.  I feel so angry over what happened I want to hit someone but there is no one to hit.  I hope you are at peace now.  Good-bye brother.”

       Walker went home, it was late and he was very tired.  He was still recovering from surgery.  He called Alex and Trivette to let them know he was back and that he would talk to them tomorrow he was too tired and angry to talk tonight he told them.

       The next morning when Walker woke up he was still angry. “I have to do something to vent this anger or it will get the best of me.”    Walker said to himself but little did he know that was exactly what was about to happen.  Walker had gotten a new load of hay that still needed to be stacked.  So he decided to stack it against the doctor’s orders but doing anything strenuous. Walker went to the barn and started stacking the hay and thinking about his brother.  With his anger he wasn’t paying attention to his job like he should have.  When Walker turned to pick another bale of hay one of the bales came toppling down on top of him, knocking him down.  As Walker started to get up the rest of the bales came down on top him trapping him.  Walker ended up under all the hay he had just stacked.  He was on his stomach.  He couldn’t move and was having trouble breathing.   “Oh this is just great Walker.  Real smart.  Not only do I get myself trapped I break some ribs in the process.”

    Walker couldn’t call out of help. He didn’t have the strength and he had two broken ribs.  All he could do was lay there and hope his friends come looking for him.  Then all the sudden Walker hears a voice. “Well my dear brother it looks like you got yourself into some trouble here.” “John?”

“Yes brother it’s me.  You should not have gotten this angry over what happened to me.  I am happy now and I and with my real mom and dad now.  They say hi.  I am sorry I didn’t go about this all different and get to know you.  Can you forgive me?  I am proud to call you my brother.  “I have already forgiven you my brother.  John I can’t breath I need help fast.” “Everything will be okay I will get you help just hold on.”  Walker looked and his brother was gone.  Trivette had just gotten up and was about to step in the shower when he realized he had company. “Walker?  What the hell are you doing in my bathroom?”  Trivette asked.

“Trivette I’m am not Walker I am John. Walker is in trouble he needs your help fast. He is in his barn trapped under several bales of hay.  You have to hurry.  Before be could say a word John was gone.  Trivette ran to the phone and call 911 to get help to Walker then he called Alex. “Alex this is Jimmy get out o the ranch right away Walker is in trouble he is hurt I’m headed there now.” “Okay Jimmy I’m on my way.”

        First to arrive were the paramedics.  They checked the house and found nothing then they went to the barn and there they found Walker trapped under the hay.  By the time they got to Walker he was unconscious. “In here hurry.”  They checked Walker.  He is barely breathing get this hay off of him he is being crushed.  Alex and Trivette arrived a few minutes later and found them in the barn trying to get he hay off of Walker.

“Ranger give us a hand hurry.”  Trivette and Alex helped remove the hay.  Finally they got all the hay off of Walker so the paramedics could work on him.  Alex was horrified when she was Walker. “Okay turn him over real gently. They opened up Walkers shirt.

“My God he just had surgery?” “Yes he did.”

“What the hell is he doing in here stacking hay?  He has two broken ribs.  We better hope it did puncture is heart.  Let’s get him out of here fast.  They gave Walker oxygen to help him breath and flew him to the hospital in the Medivac chopper.  They took Walker to surgery to repair the damage done.  After Walker was back in his room they went in to see how he was doing. “Hey there Cowboy.  How are you feeling?” “Don’t even ask.  Who found me?” “We didn’t Walker your brother found me.   He told me you were hurt and in trouble that I needed to get to the ranch fast so I called the paramedics.  I swear he did Alex, don’t look at me like I am crazy.” “He did Trivette he paid me a visit too.  He said he was going to get help for me.  He is with mom and dad now and he is happy.”

“That’s good Walker do you feel better about it?” “I feel better after talking to him but I am still angry over what happened to him.” “Walker man what the hell happened in the barn and why were you out there in the first place?”  Trivette asked. “I was so angry over what I found out I need to blow some steam so I went to the barn and started to stack the hay but it fell on top of me.  It was my fault and it almost cost me my life and it would have but my brother came back and save me by getting a hold of you.  I wish I could have known him.” “I wish you could have too Walker I’m sorry.”  Alex said as she gave him a kiss.  “Boy the doctor is going to give me hell when he sees me.”

“Yes he is.”  The doctor said as he walked in the door. “Oh doctor how are you?”  Walker said. “Walker do you have a death wish?  Do you have any idea how close you came?” “I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking.”

“No kidding.  You will stay in here until I say you can get out and don’t try and talk me into going home early it won’t work this time.”   Walker spent three days in the hospital and went back to work four weeks later with a clean bill of health.  Thanks to the brother he didn’t know he had.

                                                      The end J